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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  November 13, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. police raids will continue in baltimore city's war against the black guerilla family gang. >> why dozens of arrests made this week are only the beginning. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> putting the pressure on gang crime. the mayor promises to bring more heat against the gang responsible for drugs and violence on the streets. we have new details on the dozens of people charged so far this week. >> reporter: these are the faces baltimore city police say are responsible for some of the crime on city streets. one of them is a confirmed member of the black guerilla
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family gang. hill was arrested yesterday during a police raid. our cameras are there as police go into action. >> hands up! hands up! >> reporter: seven people were taken into custody. police also found heroin and cocaine. one of the gang's many moneymakers. >> they use some of that money to help with their day-to-day activities. in another instance, they pay a tax to the command structure. >> reporter: raids like this are happening all over the city. >> i want baltimore to be a safer city. we've had these things in the works. this is simmer. we haven't even gotten the heat started yet. >> reporter: 68 indictments in the last week. and where no plans to pull back on these police raids, more are
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coming. the bloodshed on the street and the fear saturating the communities of baltimore city is because of these ruthless gang members. >> we'll focus on them and continue to get them. >> reporter: they're being blamed for much of the crime and dismantling their organization is key to bringing back safety on the streets to baltimore. >> some gangs that run sex and smuggling operations from behind bars, we've investigated this corruption at the baltimore detention center. tonight, secretary gary maynard speaks out. one person is dead after a boating accident in baltimore county. chopper 13 was over the scene on the back river in essex. maryland natural resources police say a 12-foot fishing boat capsized with three men on
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board. two of the men were rescued. the third pronounced dead at the hospital. the situation in the philippines grows more dire tonight as people struggle to find food, clean water, and even shelter after the typhoon. an estimated 600,000 people are homeless, taking shelter wherever they can. the official death toll is 2300, but it is expected to rise. a massive international aid effort is under way. tonight, some people in maryland are preparing to go into the hardest hit islands. we are live and we have more on their missions to help. >> reporter: it's a big mission, indeed. the baltimore county church whose members are filled with philippine americans is working around the clock to send supplies and hope back home. an assembly line of hope is operating in white marsh baltimore county at the international christian fellowship. members are collecting supply toss the send to the survivors
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in the philippines. >> we are collecting clothes, dry goods. >> reporter: with each passing day, the situation in the philippines is moving from dire to desperation. has it been difficult for you to watch those images on the television? >> oh, yeah. you would cry. your heart would be, you know, break. yeah, it's really so devastatingment. >> reporter: water, food, shelter, and medicine are all in short supply. the city of baltimore is sending members of its emergency management team to help some of the 600,000 people with no place to live. >> i'm going to be there in a planning function. so that's going to be figuring out what resources we have and the patient s we see in terms of injuries and stuff like that. >> reporter: they'll continue collecting supplies until
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november 22nd. if it's true the little things count, then this 12-year-old has made a big impact. she broke her piggy bank to donate to the philippines. >> i wanted to donate as much money as i can. >> reporter: they will hold a benefit concert on this sunday. that money will be used to help those in the philippines. members of baltimore's emergency management team will be on the ground doing all they can. >> if you would like to help, the red cross is one of the agencies taking donations. call 800-red-cross or go to its website a developing story in california. four marines are killed in an accident at camp pendleton. it happened during a range maintenance operation. the marines were clearing unexploded weapons off of the range. it is not a live firing range.
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the victim's identities have not been released. investigation after several vehicles are burned. fire officials say multiple cars, buss, and vans were found burning in a parking lot. the fire may have spread from a stolen vehicle dumped and burned at the park. no one was hurt. anyone with information is asked to call police. tax revolt. cab and limo drivers are firing back refusing to pay a new per passenger tax that started last month. city officials say they need the money. it could eventually come out of your pocket. >> reporter: that tax, which started october 1st, would charge an extra 25-cents per passenger. it's a move that company owners say have blind sided them. >> we can't pay this tax. it's simply not possible.
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>> reporter: owner of freedom car says he had no clue about the per passenger tax until 9 days after it took effect. he says complying would take months. >> none of us have any way to track which vehicles we send into the city and how many passengers those vehicles are carrying. >> reporter: one says the tax will hit him hard. >> if i got a $3 ride fair, i make $2.75. if i have four, i make $2.00. >> reporter: they estimate the new tax could raise $1.3 million a year. >> the general fund takes care of our fire, our police. it goes toward renovating our schools. >> reporter: councilwoman clark is proposing legislation to delay the tax implementation to give companies a chance to comply. >> it's all about how do you keep count of all the people when you have so many vehicles
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and drivers and trips going on? is. >> reporter: the extra fees could eventually be passed along to passengers. >> if it's 25-cents, it's no big deal as long as the cabs are clean and safe. >> reporter: for now, drivers say they won't pay. clark will introduce her bill to delay the tax on monday. live in downtown baltimore for wjz, eyewitness news. >> thank you. the companies are required to pay the taxes for last month by november 25th. if they don't, city officials say the companies will be referred to the bureau of revenue collections. ambitious new plans for baltimore's crown jewel to connect both sides of the waterfront, a pool, even a beach. the project announced today will come at a cost. what will it take to make the plan a reality? >> reporter: you're looking at what the mayor calls a softer, greener inner harbor with ambitious plans including a pedestrian bridge from harbor
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east to federal hill, all to improve the city's crown jewel which some say has been a bit tarnished. >> i think they need to bring the people back. whatever they can do to do that, i'm all for it. >> reporter: while leaders aren't talking about the cost, they talk about how vital the harbor is to the economy. visitors spent an average of $207 each trip raking in $102 million in state and city taxes. >> come down to harbor place, the greatest place in the united states. >> reporter: the goal is to explain on the old excitement connecting the harbor from fort mchenry. >> what does it do? it connects us. >> reporter: they want to put a stage here, outdoor cafes, even a beach. underground they want to make a new parking garage. there are reservations. past development plans like one from 2011 that included a movable bridge, new convention center, and vegas-style light show have yet to become reality. and the cost?
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it would be paid between private, city, and state funds. >> they could use that money for other things. >> reporter: one is putting a swimming pool on a barge near rash field. >> the waterfront partnership says the inner harbor supports 21,000 jobs. coming up, more trouble for toronto's mayor. >> i really messed up, and that's it. >> he's already admitted to smoking crack, but that's not the only illegal thing he's done. the new admission from mayor rob ford. a five-day warm up on the way. i'll have the complete forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is clear, 32 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a chilling scene caught on camera as firefighters were
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working on an apartment fire in arizona. watch the fireman on the balcony. he will fall backward and the charred railing gives way. he is left hanging by his legs. the other firefighters quickly came to his rescue and safely got him to the ground. widespread investigation is under way in pittsburgh after three high school students are shot near school. the attack took place outside of the high school. the victims all suffered nonlife threatening injuries. they believe the shooting stems from a drug-related fight. six people are in custody for questioning, but no arrests have been made. tonight we have more on how a dangerous gang took control of the baltimore city jail with sex and smuggling behind bars. now, maryland's top prison official is speaking out about the widespread corruption and the aggressive moves he's making in this wjz exclusive, we get answers from the man at the top. >> reporter: a notorious gang
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runs an elaborate sex and smuggling ring behind these prison walls a. federal indictment charges corrections officers smuggled in contraband. some have sex with inmates. tayvon martin say he got four inmates pregnant while behind bars. >> the relationship between inmates and corrections officers clearly was a major problem. >> there's no question about it. if you have 13 corruption officers in a jail, it's a problem. it's against the laws, it's against our policies. >> reporter: federal wiretaps record tayvon white proclaiming his power behind bars. this is my jail. my word is law. >> if he said he's running the jail, that's not true.
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he was running a racket within the jail with some corrupt correctional officers. they had a little segment of the business going. they did not run the jail. >> reporter: it was a fairly large enterprise. >> there was no way that white or anybody else was in control of that jail. >> reporter: how embarrassing was it for you or how personally did you take it that this type of action was happening under your watch? >> it was embarrassing for me, but it was nonetheless something that i felt like i needed to take responsibility for immediately because anything you take responsibility for, you have power over it. >> reporter: how much better is the facility now compared to 6 months ago? >> every new offender that comes in, we run a background. if they're a bgf member, we find out what rank they had. if they are a player, they move. they're not in the jail.
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the population we have in the jail now is far better than the population that was here five years ago. >> reporter: what promise can you make to the public? >> that today this jail runs as good or better than any jail its size in the country. >> what improvements have they made? for the first time in months, they're allowing reporters access inside the detention center. we'll have that story tomorrow. more trouble for toronto mayor rob ford. one week after admitting he smoked crack, he stood before city council to plead his case. >> if you want to carry this on, i can't stop you. i'm moving on. you guys can do what you want. i apologize again. i'm sorry. that's all i have to say. >> now during questioning, the mayor admitted to buying illegal drugs. the council voted for him to take a leave of absence, but they have no power to remove
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him from office unless he is convicted of a crime. and ford reiterated he will not leave office. well, it's kind of a big deal. a very classy exhibit from san diego makes its debut at the museum in washington. >> stop what you're doing and listen! cannonball! >> the museum welcomes anchorman. ron burgundy's jacket joins the artifacts. they may have to expand if exhibit as the new anchorman movie opens up next month. >> well, the anchorman jacket was on display there, but now it's on bob. >> thank you, veronica and vic. >> keep it classy.
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i did not steal this jacket, i promise. it's 32 degrees right now. it's freezing out, folks. but there's not a whole lot of wind. the barometer still rising 30.14 inches. the dew point has come up a little bit. 21 in oakland. that's not in california, that's maryland. 37 d.c. and easton. 29 at the ocean city airport. that's away from the beach. around the local region, upper 20s to mid-30s. by the water, much, much warmer. this morning the airport got to 26. downtown stayed at 33. they still yet to have their freezing temperatures. they probably will tonight. the airport 44, 26. the record 77 and 22. around the united states this evening, we have clear skies on the east coast. clouds over south florida. a weak system across the rockies. eastern half of the country
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cold. that's going to change radically over the next couple of days as a lot of warm air building in the central portion will be heading in our general direction. a big warming trend begins tomorrow. back up in the low 50s. it goes higher than that, after that you'll enjoy the weekend. this trending milder 56 is eventually mid to upper 60s by the weekend. a very mild weekend on top. southwest winds at 10-15. the bay temperature around 52. clear, frosty, some neighborhoods down to 20. 52 degrees tomorrow, sunshine, and not much wind. will be a pleasant fall day tomorrow afternoon. even warmer on friday. 65 on sunday. some clouds, maybe some shower activity here monday. but a high of 68 degrees. amazing stuff. >> that is amazing.
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thank you, bob. coming up, the ravens have been going in reverse. >> ray rice wants to get the offense headed in the right direction. we have more coming up next in sports. ,,,,,,,,
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more of the work in progress. ray rice certainly tired of talking about his struggles, but he did patiently answer all questions again today. he says he's healthy. soon he says he'll show he has the burst for a breakthrough game. rice also says he hasn't had room to run, which sounds like an issue related to the ravens offensive line. that's another aspect of the team that's been constantly questioned this season. as far as his ability, rice says you'll see. >> i know i'm able to make them plays. i leave the doubt and the nay sayers out there because like i
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said, when there's opportunity and you see it and we get that opportunity, you know, you'll definitely see it. we just haven't had the opportunity to show it. >> now rice may get to show it against the chicago bears defense that's one of the worst at stopping the runs. kick off sunday at 1:00 followed by our special post- game show. college basketball in college park. home ohm opener for the terps. they played a terrible first half. maryland trailed with 14 minutes to go. then they shut out abaleen the rest of the game. maryland out scored them 29-0 to finish off a 67-44 win. mt. st. maries with a tall task. the wide cats ran wild in the first half waiting patiently the to pull off the back door
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alley oop. a cold night for college soccer at umbc. retrievers ranked 6th in the nation playing host to albany. umbc and the home white on the attack. harris puts it past the keeper into the net. they play host to hartford for the conference title saturday night. any fan at that game gets an award for being out in the cold. coming up, a little boy makes a big impression. >> how he ended up serving as a high school dr,,,,,,
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ready? happy birthday! it's a painting easel! the tide's coming in! this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru.
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an auction in new york city, the bidding cap ended up going into the record books.
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this three-panel painting broke the bank. it was expected to sell for $85 million. instead, it fetched $142 million. that's the most ever for a single painting beating out the screen. a 5-year-old steals the show at a big high school football game in florida. he put on a dazzling performance as the drum major for glade central high school. he went to band camp last summer and has been practicing his high-stepping routine. the band director says he catches on faster than a lot of the other older students. ,,,,,,
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