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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 14, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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a fumbled rollout. president obama admits that to americans losing their health insurance. >> what he's doing to get it fixed. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> president obama says he hears americans whoa are losing their health insurance loud and clear. and is offering a fix. but is it enough. for nearly 5 million americans who got cancellation notices from their healthcare provider, the white house has a fix. >> i said i would do everything i can to fix this problem. and today, i'm offering everything i can to help do it. >> reporter: the white house is afterring plans that would have otherwise been canceled through 2014. providers will also have to make clear what the plans do not include.
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and let consumers know what other options are available in the federal exchanges. >> now, this fix won't solve every problem for every person. but it's going to help a lot of people. >> reporter: president obama spoke and took questions for nearly an hour. and took blame for the problem. >> we fumbled the rollout on this healthcare rollout. >> the white house policy change comes as house republicans move to provide their own fix. >> the only way to fully protect the american people is to scrap this law once and for all. >> reporter: speaker john boehner will introduce legislation on friday, allowing consumers to keep their current insurance plans, permanently, not just for one year. danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. and as for the state-run exchanges, the white house left the decision up to the individual state insurance commissioners to make the call on whether people can keep their old policies. a worker for the state highway administration is dead. another coworker in the hospital, after they're hit, while working on the shoulder
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of the beltway. linh bui has more on what happened. >> a fatal accident brings traffic to a standstill. two state highway workers were repairing a sign, when a volvo suddenly left the road, striking and killing one of the men. the other worker was taken to shock trauma with injuries. >> all of it, men and women were with the family. and our thoughts and prayers are with the employee who is still in the hospital am. >> reporter: we've learned the man who died was a veteran employee, with the department of transportation, with some 20 years of service. the man who was injured was fairly new to d.o.t. >> reporter: it's a tragedy that could have been prevented. state police workers say the workers did everything right. >> if the driver had moved over and gave those workers a safe work area to work, i don't believe this tragedy would have happened. they were on the right road. they had their lights flashing. and they were in a safe area. and they should have been able to do that job without any
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concern. >> reporter: unfortunately, accidents like this happen so often, the state passed legislation, putting speed cameras in work zones to keep crews safe. >> our crews are out there, every day, risking their lives. and this brings it home that it is a dangerous job. >> reporter: it's a somber reminder for all drivers, be alert while on the road. >> reporter: the driver of the volvo was also injured and taken to the hospital. now, anyone who witnessed the crash, should contact state police. reporting live in towson, linh bui, wjz eyewitness news. >> linh, thank you. maryland state police shut down the outer loop of the beltway for approximate two hours as they conducted their investigation. three people arrested for a convenience store robbery in towson could be responsible for at least a dozen other robberies that have put the college community on edge. vic is in the newsroom with more on these arrests. >> the three suspects were caught just moments after allegedly robbing a 7-eleven on sherwood road. they committed a ring of recent
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but commercial robberies. the group is responsible for recent robberies of towson university and goucher college students. during the robbery, that person was also stabbed. he remains hospitalized. mary, back to you. >> much more on the arrest in the towson robberies, coming up new on eyewitness news at 5:00 and 6:00. >> a woman staying with friends at a harford county apartment is being credited with saving lives, as flames sweep through a complex. mike schuh reports from bel air, her timely return from an errand, allowed her to finally spot the fire and take action. >> it's 4:00 in the morning. 24 people are alive today. because of actions of erica dicky who -- >> i grabbed him and just ran out. >> tim would be -- "him" would be her 2-year-old boy. >> once she realized she and her son were safe, she went into the hall to wake up other outs. >> some of the occupants were
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on a late-night run. they came back and assisted multiple people inside. >> reporter: good thing, too. the fire moved quickly from erika's ground floor apartment. >> they think it started in the laundry room. >> your laundry room? >> yes. my laundry room. >> i rushed over here and i was scared to death. >> reporter: upon his arrival, erika's dad saw her safe had a truck. >> when you first saw her in the truck, what was your reaction? >> i cried. >> reporter: fire broke in, heat breaking windows as it moved higher. >> it's almost like a chimney. >> comes out and then goes back in. >> it does. >> an open roof brings sunlight into rooms earlier lit only by flame. >> she lost everything. but at least she's still alive and everything is safe. >> reporter: some of the units with lesser damage have been allowed back in to retrieve small items as thoughts here return to the action of the friend who, when it mattered,
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got everyone out. >> what did you say to your friend who woke you up? >> thank you. my dad actually went up and said, thank you so much. like i can't thank you so much. if she was still there, i would have still been asleep. >> reporter: in bel air, mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. >> the fire marshal's office believes that those living in the less damaged apartments could be back in their homes within a day or so. >> reporter: emergency responders identify the man who died after a fishing boat accident in baltimore county. 24-year-old james bills of essex tied after being rushed to the hospital. -- died after being rushed to the hospital. he was with two other men in a boat that capsized in the back river. another boater pulled the two men out of the water. no word on their conditions. the dawntdzing task of burying thousands of victims of the super typhoon is under way in the philippines. tina kraus is live with the latest on the tragedy. >> reporter: workers in the devastated town of tacloban say these are a grim reminder of
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the storm that hit the philippines. hundreds of unidentified victims of typhoon haiyan are being buried in mass graves. but many are still searching for the missing. >> reporter: ron said he scient find his patients -- parents or three siblings. he said, dead or alive, i need to see them. >> reporter: those injured in the disaster are being flown to the capital, manila. u.s. soldiers are on the ground. the uss george washington aircraft carrier has arrived in the region to help deliver relief to desperate victims. the storm left nearly 600,000 people homeless. security concerns are growing, as victims fight for food and shelter. a moment of happiness came inside a church in tacloban. a mother gave birth to her 8th child. a baby girl. the family says they may name her after the typhoon. known in the philippines as
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"yolanda." tina kraus, wjz eyewitness news. >> wow. those are the littlest things there, folks. if you would like to help, the red cross is one of the agencies taking donations. you can give them a call. 1-800-red cross. you can also go to the website, which is a beautiful fall day across head -- maryland today. lots sun on this mild thursday. meteorologist tim williams is live at the inner harbor, with the wjz mobile weather lab. but we begin with bob turk, updating our conditions. bob? >> quite a hard day to decide what to wear, when it starts off below freezing, and goes up by afternoon. high clouds at 56 now. the dew point is about as low as you ever see it. 12 degrees. 52, ocean city. 43 the cold spot in oakland. 57 over in cumberland. and we have a 15-degree increase in temperature. right now, from where we were
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yesterday. 20 degrees warmer in cumberland. and 10, warmer in -- d.c. this morning, however, we bottomed out at 25 degrees. so it went from 25 to about 58 this afternoon. that's rare for this part. country. just really amazing change. and looks like that change will continue into the weekend. tim is live. has a look at how much warmer it's going to get. tim? >> it's definitely, bob, going to get warmer. we're here at the inner harbor. 58 degrees now. while the sun is up. although we know that with the early sunset now, around 4:52. the temperatures drop very quickly. pretty calm wind from the west. it's a delightful evening. we're down here, of course. there are a lot of things going on. but the norwegian tall ship, from the royal norwegian navy. it is down here for a while. part of a year-long tour of tall ships into the inner harbor. you can come down. and if you plan on being out and about, as bob mentioned, there is going to be a warmup.
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milder temperatures are on the way. trend is pretty much 60 degrees heading into sunday and monday. could be a few showers along the way. tomorrow, no such luck. we have maybe the shower late friday night. into saturday. and that will taper off early saturday morning. but then it looks like a pretty nice weekend, with temperatures a little above the normal high, which is now about 57 degrees. of course, there are a the loof important things going on. lot of important things going on. none more important than my conversation with my two little friends from d.c., that's alex and evan. they're from washington, visiting baltimore. and we have been talking about sponge bob. of course, you can't talk about maritime areas and of course, you know, the harbor and the sea, without talking about sponge bob. but our bob will have your forecast coming up in a few moments. taking it back to you now on television hill with bob turk. >> all right, tim, thank you. and i'm sure our bob will have a crabby patty for us when he does talk to us. thank you very much. let's check on the roads
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now with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. hi, kristy. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. well, we have a couple of accidents to start off the rush hour. if you're traveling northbound 95, we have an accident at whitemarsh boulevard. that's blocking the left-hand lane. watch for park heights avenue. that's going to tie up the drive just a little bit. top side inner loop. heavy there from stevenson road to dulaney valley. with an average speed about 22 miles an hour. traveling on the west side inner loop, watch for brake lights there, southwestern past 70. and a couple of delays as well. northbound 95 on the southwest side. from 32 to 100. we also have delays on a northbound 295. same area, basically, from 32 to 195. let's now take a live look. as you can see, not too much to talk about there, at old court road. looks like traffic is moving at the suggested speed. this traffic report is brought to you by bge smart energy savers program. running errands this weekend? don't forget your cfe and
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energy bulbs. visit bge back to you. >> kristy, thank you. former ravens' super star, ed reed, signs with a new team with a familiar head coach, after being cut by the houston texans earlier this week. reed has signed with the new york jets. the jets are coached by rex ryan. the former defensive coordinator for the ravens. jet comes to baltimore to play the ravens in just 10 days. but before they take on the jets, the ravens have to prepare for the bears in chicago. watch the game this sunday, 1:00, live on wjz. then, make sure to stay tuned, after the game for the special wjz post game coverage. we'll bring you highlights, reaction, and analysis. it is a full day of football, live here on wjz. >> any stats for former raven or any other nfl player, leaving their team and coming back to their home stadium, two times in one season. >> you're right.
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>> for different teams. >> could be a first, you think? >> i don't know. it will be interesting to find out. we'll get calls now. >> mark viviano. >> mark will tell us. or mike pupa. >> the three of them will know. wall of fire. a massive pipeline explosion in texas. why a nearby community is evacuated. and the earth moved. a massive sinkhole threatening the neighborhood. how many homes could be lost? >> this thing. caught on tape. a police officer drag racing on duty. the punishment he's facing. and a really thursday afternoon. as we look at that nor weegz ship there, one of the tall ships. stick around for the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,
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a shot of the visitors
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center in do you want baltimore. it is partly sunny and 56 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. >> homeowners in florida, had to rush out of their homes because of a sinkhole. so far, the sinkhole swallowed two parts and the boat in dunadin, which is about 25 miles west of tampin. the sinkhole is 35-feet wide. and 30 feet deep. a police officer in alabama, busted after someone posts a video of him, racing his motorcycle, owned by the department, online. >> want to race? >> i got a turbo. >> let's see. >> reporter: the montgomery police department says the officer was also wearing his uniform at the time, which we see in the video. the officer resigned and could face several charges, including drag racing. >> i'm paying attention to the light this time. >> reporter: can wall street build on wednesday's record close?
4:18 pm
[ stock bells ringing ] all the markets are up. the dow is up 55. the s&p is up 9. and nasdaq is up 7. let's go to new york, where alison harmelin has tonight's cbs money watch update. janet yelen, nominee to federal reserve, spent the day testifying at her confirmation hearing, in front of the senate banking committee. she said while the economy has regained some of its ground, the u.s. still needs support from the reserve. her remarks is she would stand by the lower interest rate. america's biggest retailers came back with reports on profits. kohl's failed to meet expectations as did wal-mart. cisco systems is reporting weaker sales, pushing technology stocks lower. defense contractor lockheed martin says they're cutting back on their work force.
4:19 pm
the arrow space -- arrow space -- aerospace giant says they plan to cut back. and volkswagen is issuing a global recall. the vehicles can suffer electrical malfunctions that cause the lights lights to fail without warning. that's your money watch. for all your business news, log onto in new york, i'm allison harmel willin. -- alison harmelin. ancient artifacts are discovered in a spring in western florida. they're on display now. archaeologists had an aerohead, along with a fish hook that dates back to the ice age. and a bowl that is 2,000 years old. crews found it while cleaning out the spring to improve. >> did i tell you i found some? >> i'm sure they're worthy of being in a drawer somewhere,
4:20 pm
right? in your house? >> exactly. coming up at 4:00. companies are giving out personal information that belongs to you. how they do it and who they're giving it to. i'm alex demetrick. coming up. harbor side companies trading asphalt for nature. that story as eyewitness news continues. and if you have big plans for the weekend, will the weather cooperate? stick around university update -- around for the updated first warning weather forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories on cbs. com ,,,,,,
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meteorologist tim williams, in the mobile weather lab. outside the baltimore inner harbor, just down from the norwegian tall ship. how would the weather cooperate. bob has details. >> looks like a great weekend. to spend a little time at the inner harbor? mild temperatures compared to what we've seen the last couple of days. big improvement today, which has been crazy. take a look now. 56. north winds at 5. humidity, at 17%.
4:24 pm
this is bone-dry air. dew point 12 degrees. barometer, 30.25. holding steady now. around the region, 43 in oakland. and 54 in d.c. easton -- ocean city, 52. locally, temperatures in the low to mid-50s. close to the water, low 50s, away from the water, with sunshine this afternoon. got up into the mid and upper 50s. right now, most areas having a southerly wind for some areas a little north here at 5. i think it's just an anomaly. generally, over the next 24 to 48 hours. wind out of the southwest. chicago, 49. minneapolis, 49 now. bismarck. there were 8 degrees. like two days ago. up to 50. denver, 55. phoenix at 80. so these milder temps, mid- to upper 50s. and eventually, we'll even get into perhaps we think the low 60s. maybe by the end of the weekend. ma'am senice at 77 down there. all the reason, high pressure gave us really cold air has
4:25 pm
kind of sunk down to the south. they had cold mornings the last two days in the south. that's moving offshore. basically what happens is the winds go back to the south and southwest. a weak front to the northwest of us may bring us a little rain here. may get showers. but mild temps here on sunday and maybe monday. then it turns cold again. so we're going to go way up temperature-wise and head back down again by tuesday. just a few high clouds in the region now. high pressure is moving off. allows that warm air to come back. as the high builds, some clouds along the eastern shore. maybe a little drizzle in southern maryland along the east coast. as this high brings some of that moisture in from the atlantic ocean. we don't expect to see anything in the baltimore region. but there will be clouds from time to time. south winds on the bay. 5 knots. bay temp, dropped a little bit to 52 degrees. overnight tonight. clear. not as cold as last night. in fact, 5 degrees warmer. but still frosty at 30. tomorrow, back up to 59.
4:26 pm
mild afternoon. normal high, 57. clouds, high clouds. still some sunshine. so nice, milder end to the week. compared to what we've seen the last two days. >> so nice. thanks, bob. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup at 10:00. it's elementary, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the terps are looking for that elusive fixed win to become bowl eligible. you can see maryland take on virginia tech saturday on wjz. and still to come on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. a frightening ride on the plane, headed for baltimore. everybody is looking around like is this a joke? and then when you felt the nose dive? >> why the plane suddenly dropped 25,000 feet. and reaction from passengers on board. sentenced. convicted mob boss, whitey bulger learns how much time he'll spend behind bars. plus, a member of president obama's security team is now off the job.
4:27 pm
the allegations he's facing. the allegations he's facing. eyewitness ,,,,,,
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it is 4:30. mixture of sun and clouds. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> another scandal for the agency regarding president obama and his family. two secret service supervisors are being investigated for inappropriate behavior. marlie hall reports for wjz with more. >> reporter: a secret service supervisor, responsible for protecting the commander in chief is no longer on president obama's security detail. >> reporter: people familiar with the investigation tell cbs news, ignacio zamorra, jr., went up to a woman's room at the hay adams hotel in washington, d.c. last spring. while in the room, the agency removed it from behind. he left when the hotel security
4:31 pm
asked him to leave. zamora allegedly attempted to reenter the room to retrieve the bullet. the washington reports another investigation reveals zamorra and another supervisor, timothy bariquasent suggestive e-mails to another coworker. bariquaw resigned. a scandal rocked the agency last year. some agents were fired after they brought prostitutes back to their hotel in columbia. the agents were preparing for president obama's visit to cartagena. marlie hall, wjz eyewitness news. >> the secret service is not commenting on the investigations. convicted mob boss, whitey bulger, will never step out of prison a free man. >> just hours ago, in a courtroom, bulger was sentenced to two life sentences. the 84-year-old winter hill gang leader, was defiant to the
4:32 pm
end. he called his trial to racketeering charges a sham. and refused to testify preparing for a sentencing report for the judge. a jury convicted bulger in august, in a broad racketeering indictment in august that included murder, extortion, and money laundering charges. >> bulger promises an appeal. a gas pipeline explosion forces the evacuation of a nearby town. this is the scene in milford. you can see the flames, shooting dozens of feet in the air. police were going door it door, asking people in the town of 700 to leave until the fire is under control. there are no reports of injuries. terrifying tales for a passenger on a flight eventually bound for baltimore. the plane suddenly began dropping out of the sky. and the pilot said over the loudspeaker, quote, we're going down. heather spoke with one of the passengers on the flight out of raleigh, durham. >> i was going to die. and that's what everybody on that plane thought. that we were all going to die.
4:33 pm
just by one word of the captain. >> shelly wills was on her way home from a birthday to tampa. dramatic drop midair. >> he said, we're going down. and everybody is looking around, like, is this a joke? is he serious? and then when he felt the nosedive. >> reporter: passengers went into panic mode. wills, a nurse, tried to help the passenger seated next to her, clutching her chest. >> i thought, oh, my god, she's going to scare herself into having a heart attack. >> she said passengers reached for cell phones. wills typed this message for her daughter. >> it says, i loof love you. the plane going down. >> the plane leveled out and went on to make an emergency landing. >> and the last words were thank you for hanging with us. >> reporter: in a statement, they experienced a maintenance alert as they were on dissent.
4:34 pm
the captain descended the aircraft, where the alert was resolved. throughout the remainder of the event, the flight landed uneventfully. just one hour. wells said the terrifying thinking twice about flying with the airline again. >> that alert went off, due to irregular cabin pressure. a former county baltimore employee, suspected. stealing a hard drive, containing personal information is back maryland. courtney calvert was extradited this week. he was arrested in florida, on an unrelated case. police are trying to determine if calvert used the employees' information for identity theft. you may not know this. but there are a host of new background check agencies that do much more than check your criminal and financial history. some dig into your health, even your personal life. kristine johnson has more. >> reporter: who hasn't bounced
4:35 pm
a check? got a speeding ticket? or taken a prescription drug? but would you want your boss, your bank, your landlord, or strangers to know these personal details? >> it's just not necessary to dig up someone's history. >> reporter: but that's exactly what new consumer reporting agencies are doing. getting paid to dig up dirt on people, more than just your credit history. >> definitely too much. it's definitely too much. how do they do it? they comb through public records everywhere. from homeowner and auto insurance claims, to court records, divorce proceedings and mortgage and tenant records. all that to find information on you. >> ii find that crazy. >> reporter: they can even get their hands on your private medical history that is supposed to be protected. health information, for example, you may have once wanted on an application for life or disability insurance. >> i don't think most people realize there's so many different agencies in data collection services out there now. >> reporter: whether you're
4:36 pm
looking for a job, applying for a loan, or shopping for car insurance, more and more companies are paying for these detailed reports on you. >> i had no idea. >> reporter: like many consumers, lauren can tour said she's always worked hard to maintain extracredit and checked her report. she was shocked to find out there was something out there. >> i should really know what kind of information out there about me. and if there are mistakes. >> reporter: the organization that represents these consumer reporting agencies insists it's for the consumer's benefit, as well as the businesses that hire them upon. >> the data in these databases helps us as small business owners to manage risk and make good decision. >> reporter: experts say you should always be very careful about what you put online. so much warmer temperatures today, compared to the last few days. a live look outside now. will things continue to warm up as we head into the weekend? wjz is live with the first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams is
4:37 pm
live with the wjz mobile weather lab. but we began with bob turk. >> started off still cold. and frost is amazing. about 10:00, 11:00, started to really warm up. activelies started jumping. cool spot, oakland at 43. ocean city at 52. the dew point is very low. this is very, very dry air at 12 degrees. right now, we are running 15 degrees warmer than yesterday at the same time. 20 degrees warmer in quum ber land. 18 degrees in oakland. they have been below freezing for about the last four, five days. len 11 degrees warmer in ocean city. this morning, we started out at 25. ocean city airport was 21 degrees this morning. the same as oakland. 21 and 28 up in cumberland. we've got a big warmup on the way. look like it's going to stay with us. tim is live at the inner harbor with a look at your friday forecast. tim? >> well, hey, bob. we're down here at the wjz mobile weather lab. about 57 degrees now.
4:38 pm
the winds are pretty calm. coming from the west. it's breezy now. starting to go down. we're feeling the breeze go up just a little bit. but it's comfortable down here. seasonably so. it's a little cool. but let's look at that graphic. we're looking at at mild trend. high pressure sinking to the south. and with that, we're going to see the wind shifting to the east and from the north and the northeast to the west and southwest. going to bring in warmer air, heading into the weekend. we'll be aiming for a temperature of about 60 degrees, heading into sunday and monday. for now, we're down here. it's a nice evening. got some folks down here. riding their bicycles. heading down, taking a look at the norwegian tall ship. if you're down here, say hi to everybody. there they go. all right. well, there they go. so it's a nice evening to be down and out about and. -- and about. if you are out, bob will have your forecast ahead. for now, meteorologist tim williams, sending it back to you on television hill. >> thank you, tim and friends. let's check on thed red cross now with kristy breslin.
4:39 pm
>> hi, denise. hi, everyone. things have gotten a lot heavier on the beltway. watch for delays. with an average speed of about 35 miles an hour. the top side inner loop, really jammed up there, from stevenson road to harford road. around harford radio, the average speed, only about 14 miles per hour. as far as 95 goes, and a northbound direction, delays stretching from 32 to the beltway on the southwest side. we still have that accident, northbound 95, on whitemarsh boulevard. blocking the left-hand lane. that is causing delays at eastern rave. also causing traffic in the southbound direction. we still have that debris on the owrtz loop at park heights avenue. just want to tie up your drive. and an accident baltimore city. let's take a live look. as you can see, things are clearing up there. 95 south of campbell boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by erickson living. for fun, maintenance-free living, let's look at charles
4:40 pm
tonville. visit. back to you. progress usually means something new. but around baltimore's harbor, it also means getting rid of something old. businesses are beginning to dig into the idea. baltimore rigs its harbor with a lot of hard services. >> buildings, roads, sidewalks and alleys. it's about 45% impervious right now. at that level, aquatic life struggles. >> reporter: because when it rains, runoff doesn't go into the ground but instead goes into the harbor, with pollutants with it. >> reporter: people are working -- >> to capture that water and treat it. >> it's what nature does all on its own through atlantas. butchers-- plants. bumpers have been placed. now, good old dirt is back in
4:41 pm
some places. industrial companies scattered around the harbor, like the sherwin williams paint factory, have joined efforts to re-green and return cleaner water to baltimore. >> while this is the goal, securing cooperation from companies has come as a pleasant surprise. >> i have been astounded at how the corporations have really understood this, want to do it, and try and help, you know, figure out how to do it. >> reporter: and while it's a strip of land here, or an unused lot there, nature has a way of filling things in. after all, dumps and scrap yards once boarded -- bordered this part. and there's plenty of room for expansion. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> the efforts to reclaim industrial land around the harbor is viewed as a potential harbor for other cities that developed along waterways. straight ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. a blind man and his guidedog, kicked off a flight. how passengers in the airline are reacting tonight. what the suspect told
4:42 pm
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the investigation continues after four marines are killed at camp camp pendleton, california. the marines were clicking unexplodedordenances during range maintenances yesterday. one of thoseordenances exploded, killing the marines. the families are still being notified. the cause is under investigation. we're learning more about the possible motive and a shooting in a school in pittsburgh. mary is in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: investigators say a 16-year-old shot three other students because he says they assaulted him during a robbery inside the school last month. antonita willet jr. could be arraigned on several charges.
4:46 pm
including homicide this afternoon. the three victims are expected to survive. police investigating -- investigated a robbery. but couldn't filed -- file charges. >> mary, thank you. >> police are charging willet as an adult. a school bus driver helped almost 50 students get to safety, just beforetheir bus caught fire. the bus said she noticed a bad smell and a little smoke while on her route in minnesota. not long after she told everyone to get off the bus, it caught fire. >> i'd just like to thank her. she took that responsibility and got everyone out safely. >> i'm happy i did decide to do what i decided to do then and not second guess myself. >> in the end, no one was hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that fire to start. a blind man isn't the only one upset after she says-- he
4:47 pm
says a flight attendant kicked him and his service dog off the flight. other passengers got angry, too, forcing the airline to cancel the flight. >> reporter: albert and his service dog doxology are back home in new york, after a flight attendant kicked them off a flight. >> she got very adamant. like the dog has to be seated or i'm going to turn this around. >> reporter: ridley, who is blind, said he let his dog stretch his legs. but the airline claims the dog was walking up and down the aisle. and when a flight attendant asked rizz to control his animal, he became abusive. >> i'm like, wait a second. why am i getting off? >> are the passengers got upset, causing the crew to be uncomfortable and cancel the flight. >> we made a stink about what was going on. and they didn't like that, apparently. >> reporter: instead, the passengers took a 3 1/2-hour
4:48 pm
bus ride with rizzy and the dog. >> i was satisfied that i 35 people who did the right thing, who stood up and said no. >> reporter: rizzy said he is humbled to stand up for the rights of the disabled. >> reporter: u.s. airways says its policy says service dogs must be kept at the passenger's feet or under the seat for safety reasons. police say they thought dispatchers were crazy when the call came n. but not long after that, they were chasing a kangaroo down the highway. the owner offered it a treat. grabbed it. deputies say the owner won't face any fines. >> okay. well, britain's prince harry is joining wounded war veterans from the u.s. in a race to the south pole. as alphonso van marsh reports, everyone wants to prove wounded veterans can still achieve their dreams. >> reporter: former u.s. air
4:49 pm
force lieutenant, terese frens is gearing up for a race to the south pole. a suicide blast nearly killed her nine years ago, when she was deployed in baghdad. now, friends are joining other disabled veterans for a 200- mile plus trekking team. prince harry is part of the british team, nicknamed wounded warriors. >> if you've lost an arm or leg, whatever the illness may be, you can achieve pretty much anything. >> reporter: the american service members in blue will be competing with other wounded warriors from canada, britain and australia. >> reporter: the four-week competition aims to raise money and awareness for wounded vets, returning to civilian life. former u.s. army officer, mark weis, wants to inspire others after nearly losing his life in a bomb attack in afghanistan. >> everything from head to toe on my left-hand side, has had some sort of surgery or reconstruction. >> competitors say they can
4:50 pm
relate to prince harry, because he served in the front lines too. >> he was easy to talk to. >> reporter: they also got to meet the queen. before the race begins to the south pole monday. in london, alphonso van marsh, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the walking with the wounded charity treks started in 2011 wa journey from the-- with a journey to the north pole. much warmer day here in baltimore. >> will temperatures keep climbing through the weekend? bob turk has the updated first warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
meteorologist tim williams here, outside the wjz mobile weather lab. here at downtown inner harbor. we are here just down from the straud. it is a norwegian royal tall ship. and if bob make its cold like it did before, we're going to have him doing that job. have him walking the poop deck. bob, sending it back to you on tv hill. >> that's not what i want to do. [ laughter ] that is a tough job. but it has to be done. let's take a look at temperatures and conditions
4:54 pm
around the region. at least it's a mild day for those folks. and everybody else. 56 degrees right now. we got pretty warm this afternoon, compared to what we've seen. nerkt winds at 5. the barometer, right now, holding steady. 30.25. humidity very dry air. and 17%. right now, 43 had n loakand -- in oakland. and easton as well. locally, temperatures low to mid-50s. later tonight, it will get back in the 30s, probably around 30. but it will be 5 or 6 degrees warmer than it was last night. right now, we have a light north wind. but most areas experiencing the south and eventually southwest wind. that is going to bring in somewhat milder air. mid-50s, some 60s. even to the northwest. look at this. 50 degrees in bismarck. a couple of days ago, they were 8 degrees. mild air in the middle. country is going to head our direction. all up and down the east coast is going to get a lot warmer the next couple of days than it
4:55 pm
was the last few days am so big, big improvement. clouds out there. some of the warmer air. a few showers. may see some very light sprinkles, maybe in southern maryland. oh, maybe tomorrow night into saturday. we could see a shower, primarily, i think, on sunday and monday. then after monday, another cold front comes through. and that will drop temperatures once again. in the meantime, enjoy the mild temperatures. because here in the weekend, high pressure moving off the east coast, means that much milder air coming in, all up and down the east coast. now, along the shore there, maybe ocean clouds coming in. could be a little drizzle down there. but don't expect it to get to the baltimore, d.c., annapolis crar. in the meantime, much milder air for the weekend. south winds, 5 to 10 knots. overnight tonight. not as cold as last night. but still 30. maybe some areas upper 20s to probably 40 inner harbor, where tim is. two degrees above normal. sunshine and high clouds. all and all, very nice end to
4:56 pm
the week. >> wonderful. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news. fatal accident. two men working on the side of 695. struck by a car. i'm linh bui. new details coming ,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
deadly road construction on the beltway. what police think happened. taken offer the street. -- off the street. police make several connections. only on wjz, the video of their last crime. we'll tell you how police caught them. the president offers to fix part of his healthcare law, but
4:59 pm
doesn't go far enough for republicans. i'm danielle nottingham on capitol hill with the latest. >> check in for more on these stories. and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now. roadside tragedy. >> two state highway workers, struck by a car on the beltway. how the accident could have been prevented. >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bull about but -- bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. routine work turns deadly. a car veers off i695, striking two state highway workers. linh bui has more on this tragic accident. linh? >> reporter: mary, police have released the names of everyone vo


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