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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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>> now at 6:00, car break-ins, dozens happening in central florida. what detectives say you can do to protect yourself. >> also tonight, it's hard video to watch but a daycare worker is caught on camera, appearing to drop a 4-year-old boy. tonight that director is facing criminal charges. this is news 6 at 6:00. i'm matt austin. >> i'm ginger gadsden. lisa bell is on assignment tonight. it happened at a lake county daycare in clermont. news 6 reporter troy campbell is live outside that daycare tonight. you spoke with police today. what are they saying about this disturbing video? >> well, they're saying that they had an investigator with d.c.f. here who called police after seeing that video. the director of the daycare being arrested here on friday. but today, take a look at this sign. it says closed for business. saying they're going to come back with new ownership. police telling us they closed down on their own and were not forced to. the video you're about to see,
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>> clermont police say this video shows the daycare director walking up to a 4-year-old boy, striking him with stuffed animals several times and then picking the child up and dropping him on the ground. >> it didn't appear in the video if you watched the video that he was doing anything, just laying there and that's when she walked over to him. >> law enforcement arresting the woman for child abuse. she's also on probation for welfare fraud and grand theft out of orange county. >> i wouldn't want anybody to bring their kids here now. >> she says she toured the daycare facility last month, looking for a place to take her 4-year-old daughter. she says she got a bad feeling when staff seemed rude and couldn't get ahold of the center's director. >> hoping she'll have a good day and you're going off to work hoping she's safe and she's not. >> clermont police saying it rarely responds to the daycare center, but a few years ago, someone made claims of child abuse by another employee.
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your children and let them know it's not okay for this kind of behavior to happen. >> and we also noticed this surveillance monitors sitting facility. police investigators have not received any extra video from the center other than that cell phone video and police also say thankfully that child they do not believe him to be seriously harmed. news 6. >> thank goodness the child will be okay. thank you, troy. right now, detectives across central florida are working to solve a crime tracker alert. cars are getting broken into while you sleep at an alarming rate. it happened again this weekend. 70 cars at three tourist area hotels. news 6's erik von ancken is live on international drive tonight. any leads in this so far? >> not so far, ginger. but police tell me tonight they're doing things differently to try and get results, to try and stop these guys from doing this and hopefully catching
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they won't tell me exactly what that is, though. they do tell me it's a simple thing you can do to protect yourself. it's all about what you've got inside your car. >> basically, we're coming out of the hotel room and someone was like, you know, 20 or 30 cars got broken into. my heart literally stopped. i ran out. >> he and his wife were sure their car would look like one of these, splintered glass everywhere. >> i ran out, a bunch of cars, windows all smashed in. glass on the floor and, to my surprise, mine wasn't broken into. we got lucky. >> this is why says the man. he puts everything in the trunk or takes it with him and makes sure his wife does, too. >> i've had experience in the past. for. >> i was freaking out. there's glass everywhere. on the floors and stuff. >> still the couple felt very
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mostly visitors to this country inn and suites on universal boulevard who did get hit. and just down the road, 20 more cars were targeted at two other hotels, mostly belonging to tourists. orlando police say the single best thing you can do to protect yourself, no matter where you are or how safe it feels is to take it with you. >> i know that people know this. is that they're forgetting? you now. if you saw something, if you heard these guys, anything suspicious, maybe they're starting to brag, ginger, they
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if you know something. coming up at 7:00, by the way, i'm asking if any of these latest crimes are connected to the ones last month in brevard and flagler. >> let's hope they get some kind of lead in this case. erik von ancken reporting live. thank you. >> the threat of a possible mass shooting at an ocala high school kept more than a thousand students home from school today. marion county school leaders say the trouble at the high school started with a fight. the fight was caused by three students who brought a confederate flag to school last thursday. they say over the weekend, the video right here went viral of that fight and the stories surrounding it got out of hand. then postings showed up on social media about a mass shooting. many parents are angry they were not told about the threat. >> can you understand why parents are a little irritated today they didn't get a call from the school district? >> sure, i can understand that. you have to consider the fact that we want to share factual information. >> the district says police
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weekend. so they thought there was no it. >> new information tonight about this arrest caught on video. an investigation report is out explaining why the officer involved will not be charged with excessive force. deidre reed filed the complaint saying the deputy used excessive force while arresting her, dislocating her arm. the cell phone video of the arrest was taken last july outside the retreat apartments near ucf. she and her friend were being arrested for trespassing. the charges were dropped last month. today the orange county sheriff's office released a report saying the deputies used force necessary to arrest reed and her friend. the report says the officers were justified because they were resisting. also, they say reed never provided medical documents showing her arm was dislocated. >> new developments tonight about the driver who plowed into a horse with a rider in the saddle. he entered a no contest plea
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now he faces a possible sentence of 35 years in prison. last february, the 22-year-old christopher todd killed a horse and hurt the owner. to do todd was in his car and got into an argument with a group of riders along the st. johns river in de land. one of the riders made a racial slur so he sped off and made a u-turn and drove straight for the riders and their horses. the woman was thrown off her horse and her horse was killed. todd will be sentenced on a later date. >> right now, we're waiting to find out more about a suspicious death investigation. sky 6 flew over a home in melbourne today where police tell us they found the bodies of sandra cook and her estranged husband, ricky cook, on chaparral drive. police are not saying how they died but they were the only two people involved in this. they say they're not looking for a killer. we did learn cook was a math teacher and gifted coordinator
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the school district released a statement saying they're saddened by the death. >> putting an end to smoking. brevard county school district says it's eliminating all forms of tobacco on school grounds. the new policy includes parents, vendors, students and employees, anywhere on campus, including parking lots, playgrounds, plus off campus district events. the brevard county school wellness manager points to the trend of smoking devices. she says it's the next generation of nicotine. >> and candace campos has been driving all around central florida today from brevard to volusia county. she joins us live from daytona beach. how does it feel out there right now? it sure looks beautiful. >> isn't it gorgeous? i really just don't like my job. i said that at 4:00, but i mean talk about a beautiful set-up. it's actually very busy.
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t-shirts, even me, a florida girl. it's so nice out here. the weather is not too hot, not too cold, just right, i was pinpointing the forecast down to the street level. you can do it at home. all you need is the news 6 weather app. it's showing 70 degrees, a light breeze. it's picture-perfect. if you want to enjoy the sun and sand for your lunch break tomorrow, we're in store for another beautiful day. let's pinpoint your forecast for those who live in daytona beach. temperatures for tonight, dropping into the mid-60's. so near average when it comes to the overnight lows but warming tomorrow back into the upper 70's. it looks like we could be topping off at 77 degrees. still plenty of sunshine ahead for your forecast. so you might need the sunglasses thankfully and leave the sweater and the rain gear finally back at home. at least until later on this weekend. tom will be talking about that
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back out here, a beautiful afternoon, a nice road trip from cocoa beach to daytona beach. >> i'm starting to think you choose these locations based on restaurants. you have joe's crab shack behind you there. >> you caught me. >> heads or tails, it's the question asked before all football games. flip in the air is made right here in central florida. a closer look at this year's super bowl coin, coming up. >> and we're learning brand-new details about a police-involved shooting.
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>> we're learning some brand-new details of what happened before
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connection to a carjacking. >> today the orlando police department released a report explaining what happened on friday. >> police say the 34-year-old danielle evans asked 66-year-old norris hicks for a ride. evans claimed her car had a flat tire and she needed a ride back to it. hicks gave her a ride to a nearby complex but found no car there. that's when they picked up a man and evans and that man asked hicks to give them both a ride to a gas station. before they got there, the woman and man asked hicks to stop at a cvs on curry ford road. that's when police say they carjacked hicks and took off with his vehicle. then, a couple hours later, police spotted the car, eventually cops cornered evans in a parking lot but they say evans tried to escape crashing into patrol cars. she accelerated toward officers, when three officers shot at her, hitting her in the shoulder. evans was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, charged with attempted murder, carjacking and among
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>> two men were also in the car with her. they have been questioned but not arrested. the three officers involved are on administrative leave, which is normal during an investigation. >> coin toss, an important moment in football, right before the game begins. now tonight we're seeing the super bowl 50 coin that will be flipped before the big game. you might not know this, it's made right here in central florida. cool, huh? highland in melbourne makes the coin. on friday they stamped and packaged the coin to be sent to the super bowl. it's the first year of the super bowl logo with the heads side and the teams' logos are on the tail side. >> flip a coin, 50/50 chance heads or tails. in the past 49 years, it's been heads, like 24 times. >> it's been tails -- yeah, heads 24, tails, 25. this year, based on statistics, it should be heads.
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the past six teams that called the coin toss correct ended up winning the super bowl. >> yep. >> we'll have to watch the coin toss and not have to watch the rest of the game, right, since it's a given? >> no, that's not right at all, sir. the company makes 10,000 coins with the super bowl, but the one with the serial number 1 is the one actually flipped at the game. >> wow, no pressure. >> pretty cool. i'm sure you can gamble on heads or tails in vegas. >> the coverage begins at 6 a.m. on sunday, super bowl sunday, and at 8 a.m., we'll bring you an hour of super bowl coverage with ginger, julie, justin and candace. i just found that out. >> i'm surprised i'm here. >> you're coming in that early on a sunday? all right. the coffee will be flowing.
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colbert" with the news 6 at 11, followed by lisa and myself and tom will join us. >> imagine my surprise. >> it was a showdown, weeks in the making. >> homeless ordered away from camps at a county building. tonight at 7:00, we have an update for you. >> if you refuse to go, then i have no other alternative than to make an arrest. >> three nights after being ordered to pack up, move out or be arrested, we are checking on the homeless at the heart of the showdown in daytona beach. did the forced exodus get results? at 7:00. and an exciting announcement from nasa as its newest orion capsule arrived at kennedy space center. how it helped make space history and shatter the glass ceiling, it's the guppy. >> it's a great name, cool thing. chief meteorologist tom sorrells, whoa, the warmth came
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>> tomorrow is even hotter. people think 85 is just warm. it's 2 degrees within the record. it's hot. >> and the second of february. >> it's hot. did you miss the 5:30 news cast? look at this storm pin. >> oh, my gosh! >> you found it. >> it's my cough drop. >> i made her laugh. >> that is not a denture. that is a cough drop. >> >> go ahead. with friends like these -- >> who needs enemies. she said even when you're spitting out your cough drop, you're beautiful. >> that's very true. >> i'm sorry, ginger. i had to do that. >> this one is not as pretty. >> pretty sunset shot there. this one from daytona beach is the >> download storm pins right now in your app store. we'd like to see what you're seeing in central florida. >> radar is dry. temperature today, we rocked it. 82 was the daytime high. it's not a record.
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back in 1985. man, did we crush it compared to normal. 10 degrees above normal. kind of hot for february 1st. other daytime highs, 81 in ocala. 73 in palm coast. we tagged 80 in leesburg for the high. 78 in cocoa beach and 80 out at the cape. where are we now? holding at 77 degrees here at news time. we are all starting to cool down just a bit. 24-hour temperature change compared to yesterday at this same time, we're 10 degrees ahead of the curve. today was really warm. tomorrow is going to be downright hot. we're going all the way to the mid-80's tomorrow. the wind support has been good throughout the day today. satellite and radar showing how cleaned up we are. there's the next big system, the big low cranking in denver tonight pushing a cold front to the south. that cold front will eventually march across the country and
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not tonight, though. tonight our big worries is going to be fog tomorrow morning. patchy to dense fog throughout the day. we'll stay dry. the rain chances are big oversold on the modeling. you have to hang on until thursday before the rain shows up. lows tonight, 50 and 60's all over. calling the low in orlando, 62. partly cloudy early, fog late. here's tomorrow. >> we're smoking it. 78 by noon tomorrow. 85 is the daytime high tomorrow. low tomorrow night is 65. then wednesday, the high is 81. thursday, 73. so much cooler. and then really chilly. below normal for friday, saturday and sunday. >> the way it should be. >> all right, tom. e-mail me that picture of ginger. >> it's on storm pins. >> i'll download it off of storm pins. >> i think if the magic win tonight we're all going to spit out cough drops, right? >> right. >> they ended their long losing
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back at it tonight against the spurs, of all teams. they will be the big underdog tonight. but an underdog can have its day. the 6-8 hockey player carried
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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>> one streak ends and another begins. i can feel it. you've got to believe. >> a tough one tonight. the good news for the magic is the brutal month of january is over. they won two games in 31 days. the bad news, though, they begin a tough february in san antonio tonight. >> the magic tip with the spurs at 8:30 eastern time. san antonio is probably the second or third best team in the nba. it's 25-0 at home. >> wow. >> oh, no. the magic ended their eight-game losing streak last night, coming back to beat boston 119-114. six guys stored in double figures. that's what it will take to upset the spurs. here's what the head coach scott skiles said this.
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any talent, but that's not the case. we're a hustle team. like a lot of teams in the league. we don't have one guy who can bail us out of situations. we've got to be flying around all the time. >> they've got to be flying around tonight. check out the magic's schedule leading up to the all-star break. they're at san antonio tonight. on wednesday, they visit oklahoma city and friday night, home against the clippers. back-to-back games with the hawks and finally one more against the spurs. that is a tough, tough stretch. >> well, as the nfl season comes to an end, news 6 is happy to announce we'll remain your home for thursday night football. the nfl extended its broadcast agreement with cbs for the next two sons. cbs and news 6 will carry five thursday night games next year. and, of course, we've got the big one this year. watch super bowl 50 sunday on
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6:30 kickoff at levi's stadium outside of san francisco. it's a hodgepodge media event. those are not $25 pants. they're reportedly $900 versace. they're sold out online. i'm sorry, tom. >> panthers are the super bowl favorites. vegas says they should win by 6. perhaps you've heard of jon scott, an nhl all-star. >> he stole the show last night. he got split time between the nhl and minor leagues. he was voted an all-star by fans as a joke.
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he's a defenseman who you would call a goon in hockey. >> he was carried off the ice by his all-star teammates. the nhl tried to discourage him from playing in the game. stuck with it anyway. >> glad he did. >> that's not a guy you want to make mad.
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