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tv   News 6 at 11pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking tonight... presidential candidates are dropping out of the race... as the results come in from the iowa caucuses. breaking tonight, presidential candidates are dropping out of the race as the results come in from the iowa caucuses. i'm matt austin, lisa is off tonight. the associated press has ted cruz has come out on top of the republican presidential caucuses in iowa. craig boswell has more iowa reporterses they're leading towards ted cruz and hillary clinton. >> i voted for hillry because i have five granddaughters.
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>> i voted for carson. i like his style. >> turn out is high. crowds doubled and tripled what they expected. >> the goop said it saw record turn out. both republican and democratic caucus sites ran out of registration forms. >> reporter: some voters changed their affiliation on site. >> i don't hear a lot about my kid's future from the republican side, so i switch ed to democrat tonight to support bernie sanders. >> reporter: democrat martin o'malley announced he is suspending his campaign. other candidates have their sites on the next contest. and already trying to win over voters in new hampshire. so former arkansas governor mic huckabee tweeted he is ending his second run for president. florida voters will have to wait until march fifteenth to pick the republican or democratic candidate they want to see run. but there's an important deadline coming up even sooner.
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register to vote in the primaries. tonight a day care director remains in jail. police say she abuse add child in her care and it was caught on camera. now investigators want to know if there were other victims. the cell phone video appears to show that woman hitting one of the kids with toys. and then dropping him, face first on a mat. news 6 shaun chaiyabhat is live at the children's palace day care in claire mont that's closed right? >> reporter: yeah matt, this place is closed and its director is not going to be getting out of jail anytime soon. she was already on probation at the time of this arrest. here. according to this sign, this place is going to remain closed until it reopens with a new owner. >> it's very sad, very disturbing when you watch it. >> reporter: it was so disturbing , the worker that recorded this video turned it
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police arrested the day care director, kimberly reed and note of the allegations of abuse had been ongoing for three weeks. it shows the day care director abusing a four-year-old boy while he rested during nap time. he pummelled him with stuffed animal and picks him up just high and drops him face first. there's also video of her hitting the boy with her hands on his back. >> that is four-year-old child, so chances are, it could have happened to another child maybe possibly younger and we weren't able to catch it on video or the child wasn't able to let anybody know about it. >> reporter: the suspect says this video is not as it seems. she told police this was simply rough play. parents and police disagree. >> it's ridiculous. that's crazy. >> reporter: this mom, toured the day care a month ago and said the place gave her a bad feeling. she's glad she did not bring her daughter here.
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somebody hurt her that way -- i don't know what i'd do. i wouldn't want anybody to bring their kids here now. at all . >> reporter: now, at this point, police say there are no other reports of any other children being abused. but of course, they are asking parents to talk to their kids just in case. always a good idea, shaun chaiyabhat thank you. new tonight, cray vi video back. shows a guy walking into the week. his sfas partially covered. points a gun at the clerk. watch him open the register and seconds later that, clerk jumps on him, tries to disarm the guy. ends up slamming the thief into the countier. there. chase it is guy out the stair. that worker is a veteran that did multiple tours in iraq.
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gun is an air soft begun, not the real thing. tonight a school district is in mourning. a teacher found dead inside her home. sandra cook was a math teacher at rock liege high school and a teacher of the year finalist for brevard county. sahh shell join us now with an investigation in her death. >> she did not show up this morning. her sister went to check on her found her and her estranged husband, 60-year-old rick wane cook shot too death. no one else was involved in the deaths. but investigations are ongoing. court records revealed sandra filed for divorce in early january. but facebook's posts show she was looking forward to better times. one saying i've already decided amazing. the death of sandra comes a se a shock to her high school
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expressing their condo lances and sadness about her tragic death. the rock liege principle saying in a press release, she was one of the finest people to have walk ed the halls of our school. and she will be true truely missed. and a friend writing, i really will never understand why bad things happen to good people. now grief counselors are set up at the high school to help students and coworkers struggling with her death. tough situation. new tonight, an urgent search for a man police say try ed to rape a woman and threatened to kill her. sketch. a man that looked like this offered a ride to a further one-year-old woman this morning. whether he knows ya campus. police say once in the car, the guy exposed himself and asked for sexual favors. they say she refused and he screwdriver.
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but if you know who this is, call crime line. now to an international health emergency. the out brake of the zika virus. tonight news 6's jennifer ortega talks to news officials on how you can protect your family. >> you'll usually see mosquito mosquitos. but experts say the best way is with this. some bug spray. spraying yourself before you walk outside. >> for most people, you might not have any symptoms at all. for some people, a fever, a low grade fever. muscle achesments. >> reporter: doctors say these little guys can carry multiple viruss at a time. cases of zika have been seen in south america and the caribbean. >> it's a human and primate virus and the hockey mosquitos are the vectors.
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been no cases in central florida, it's still a good idea to be checked. down. >> i think myself and all mothers to be are paying attention to. >> it's an irreversible illness, you're born with lacking large parts of your neurological str you cantures. >> reporter: it could vary from less brain tissue, to a smaller sized head. kerry is expecting a baby girl and take s the warnings seriously. >> this is part of your prenatal program and one more thing you have to pay attention to, not only for your own health but the baby. >> reporter: and because florida's warm year round, it's the perfect breeding ground for mosquito born diseases. >> we have to control it by going into neighborhoods, vs. wetlands. it's specifically in neighborhoods and around your house. >> reporter: experts say the
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mosquito, is pool out your standing water. our coverage on the zika virus continues online. we posted what you need to know about the out brake, including who is at risk and what the government is doing. new tonight. death leopard has postponed its tour due to illnd. the rock band was supposed to play at am way but cancelled sing. -he tweeted yesterday, if joe elliot continues to sing without resting his throat for a month, he might do permanent damage. the up and down says tickets will be honored on rescheduled dates which have not been announced. we're just days away from superbowl l and a teen had a pretty close call a. denver broncho team bus was involved in a crash. they say broncho team buss collided with each other during an escort. it happened as the team buss were taking players back to saab
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one of the buss had bumper and windshield damage. web news 6 is your home for superbowl l kick off it's at 6:30 p.m. on sunday. but our coverage will last all day long. it begins a tea 6:00 a.m. catch the late show with steven colbert. we'll keep it right here. we've got you covered on our website. click the standard when it comes to drunk driving maybe changing. fewer drinks could mean a dui. what's changing, coming up. and a flight gets out of control a. shouting match turns into an all out brawl. we're talking head locks, and knees to the groin. tom? in this day and age. hard tubal. here come s the fog,
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half a mile. i'll be right back to pinpoint the fog for your morning commute and talk about the big hate for tomorrow. first we're getting results to headache save you headaches for renting a car a. lot of folks on the hook for damage they didn't cause. now you have an extra layer of protection. how your smart phone could save you. you're watching news 6 and the news 6 app. getting results. for daytona beach shores and all
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tonight's stress relief when it comes to renting a car. a new free app promises to help you prove that scratch or ding on the rental was there before you drove away. news 6 investigators louis shows you how it works to make settling disputes easier. >> reporter: day monois a former enterprise executive turned app cofinder. turning to technology to combat a recurring problem in the rental car industry. >> my problem is dealing with disputes because of antiquated documentation processes. >> reporter: he means using paper forms which is subject to interpretation. >> determining who did it who's responsible and who's going to pay for it is really problematic. >> reporter: enter record 360. a new app that help i don't say
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>> when you spot something like a dent. >> you simply tap it. so if i saw a crepe on the rim, tap that. >> reporter: it captures a screen shot. >> with the circle. and the idea there is to highlight what you're documenting. >> reporter: and then you can add your own notation. >> you're notating some damage. we call that a scratch. this would be damage. there's the video. so again, when you're returning, you have proof that your at your fingertips. >> we also geotag every time and date of transactions. we act as an independent third a party that allows us to validate that exchange. you eliminate the challenge that that may have been an old picture. >> reporter: he says it's a great tool for everyone because it's not just consumers but property owners that may find some relief in the third party documentation. >> the piece of mind. they're not going to be held accountable. >> reporter: here's what you
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scratch or dent. that includes the body, the wheels and the windows. and take a look around inside and a ask an employee to document any damage. if the company hits you up for a bill for damages that you believe are preexisting. ask them to prove it with time stamped photos. those should be taken immediately before you drive the vehicle off the lot and immediately after you return it. louis bold win. if you're asked to pay for damage, find out how many people rented that car between when you dropped it off and the date of the claim. it's worth checking if there are any pictures that would help your case. we posted a link to the app as well as a checklist as well as what to watch out for. that's on our web fab page. whenever i pick audiotape rental car, i want it light speed, i'm trying to get out of there. >> i ran rented a car this weekend.
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>> reporter: you didn't spend much time. chief meteorologist tom sorrells. time to get out the flip-flops and short sleeves. >> one more day. >> reporter: 85? >> we're going to cook. tonight's weather story, with some beautiful shots. take a look back at a couple hours into a sunset. >> reporter: you need a porch swing with that picture. >> it's good stuff. down to or man beach. our man hicks was out. shooting the cloud cover just a bit. look at that palm tree. one more from lair mont with clouds trying to take over. we end it in daytona beach with a reflection of the water. go to your app store right now and download the app. we'll have fog in the morning and makes for beautiful pictures. radar tonight, we don't have any echoes to talk about. we're dry as far as rain in the long time. but the low level moisture will
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right how, visibility looks great. 68 right now in orlando. melbourne 69. up at ocala, 61 . 64 palm coast. 72 new smyrna beach and 66 out at the cape. visibility, there's the problem. come take a look at this. all the fog is building in this way. last time we spoke, we were down to half a mile visibility. now we're up to a tenth of a mile there. but it's going to come and go as the wind brings the fog around. first thing tomorrow morning, please get up and check in with troy troy. he'll have an update on the fog. you may need to add a little bit of extra travel time. satellite and radar showing how clear we are. next big weather maker besides the fog and our heat is this. a big pocket of low pressure in denver. cranking all the way. springing to snow showers all the way to omaha.
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and eventually be a player in our forecast late wednesday into thursday. tomorrow, big moisture and heat pump is on. warm air is going to funnel it all in here. which means today, we hit a high of 82. tomorrow, we're going to 85. by thursday, this cold front is here. wednesday night into thursday. here's how it's going to break out. between now and tomorrow morning, nothing to worry about, really, except the fog. give yourself a little extra time in the morning and check in first thing. by 10 o'clock tomorrow, fog is gone. clouds break. we get some sunshine in here. futurecast is throwing rain in. i don't think we're going to see too much in the way of showers. big news tomorrow is the heat. but here's wednesday, the model's have sped audiotape bit. here's the model at 8 o'clock. so by 8:00 p.m. wednesday into thursday, there comes our rain. where you live tonight, a little overnight lows in the upper 50s.
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clear now, fog lane. here's tomorrow. first thing in the morning, 66 by lunchtime, 78 the daytime high, user, 85 . a normal high of 72. we're crushing that. the record for ground hog day is 87. we're going for 85, tomorrow we'll be so much cooler once that front gets here on thursday. fog is your issue in the morning. meteorologist troy troy will have the details at 5:00. thank you very much. a head lock and the knee to the groin as well as a shouting match. it's not wrestle mania. a flight headed to florida. how it all went down. plus a mom who's son passed away gets to hear her son's heartbeat once again. how a build a bear came into play.
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stores aren't always the best deal, pbut walmart every day low prices, pwell, that could save you some money. orlando, the total amount saved at walmart vs winn dixie was $15.95 in this week's basket - that's 12% including bogos. give walmart every day low prices a try today. you'll be glad you did. >> some serious tension on a florida bound plane a. guy was arrested for assaulting a passenger and a flight attendant. they got this video of arresting joseph charr key on a flight. he's accused of yelling at another passenger and putting that person in a head lock. the person said the 36-year-old assaulted a flight ateep dainty. kneeing them in the groin. he try ed to exit the plain
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they were able to land safe any lie in jacksonville. blood alcohol level. they're asking to lower it from .08 to .05. it's a way to reduce alcohol related crashes. in the last 15 years, 1-third of all high way deaths involve alcohol. it is a moment filled with tiers and hugs. take a look. a woman met with a four-year-old girl that received her son's heart. she got to hear her son's heartbeat once again. >> look it's his heartbeat. it was an emotional meeting from a mother. and inside was a reporting of that donated heartbeating inside the little girl. the girl is thriving. not too long ago she was
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need a a heart transplant. his organs were donated. and on friday, the families med for the first time in phoenix. >> it's hard to describe that she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she's going through her grief. >> the only thing i can think of, i can't save my own son, why not save somebody else's. great perspective. the families have been communicating through presents and drawings of the little girl. but this is the first time they had actually met in person. great story. good moral for the story. >> organ donation is so important. i'll tell you what's happening. magic happening. january was tough. february maybe tougher because the magic star of the month in san antonio tonight. isn't that look good early. but the guy had a lead late. i'll tell you what happened.
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the spurs, the second or third best team in the league who have not lost at home. coming into tonight's game, tim done can sat out. but san antonio did not miss early. spurs come in hot. and causing magic turn overs. the spurs opened up the game with a 14-0 run. scott skills, enough said. magic don't come back. magic down sixth in the second quarter and their rally continues in the third. victor drives in. get s the shot the fall and the magic take a two point lead late nit third quarter. look like the game for the up for grabs, but they have too much talent. the game gets away. spurs win it. going away 107-92. the magic drop to 21-26. it doesn't get much easier on wednesday, they visit oklahoma city. friday night, the home against
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and they win the hawks. and finally one more against the sp you ares. the schedule could be worse, at least they're not playing the carolina panthers. it's cam newton and company destined to be the al time great teams. ohher will peyton manning and the denver bronchos pull an upset. we will find out in just a couple days. news 6 the is your superbowl place this sunday. kick off this sunday outside of san francisco. the games continue to build. especially tonight. you're looking at superbowl opening night in san jose. a pregame party for fans. both teams talk to reporters. all kind of reporters for about an hour. they got the biggest crowd. and the a early question to peyton manning cut right to the chase. will superbowl 50 be right his final game?
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i don't see myself knowing that until after the season. like i said, whatever cliche you want to use, that stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand and kind of just deal with this week. i think he know what is he's going to do. but he doesn't want to put the spotlight squarely on him. finally the great game of weekend. they're broadcasting the solar bare match up. live from the am way theater. >> that's a fantastic name. >> we have to get swamp rabbit jerseys. it's on our cozy station. it's digital channel 6.2. it could be found on several channels. stay tuned to us this week we'll have more details.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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