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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >> the iowa caucuses are over. this morning, one race is still too close to call. we are breaking down all the overnight results and reaction. >> we are waking up to a weather alert. thick fog moves into parts of florida and it could impact your morning ahead. it is now 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday. i'm david hall. >> i'm bridgett ellison. thank you for waking up with us. troy and amy with here. really a day to pay attention because of the fog. >> wooil deal with a lot of fog likely through 10:00 this morning, all of central florida under that dense fog advisory. >> so as we get ready to head out, we'll keep in touch with you about what is going on with the fog. >> here's the way it looks. all of central florida. you see the gray shaded areas dealing with it. here are the visibilities down to a half mile in orange county, down to a quarter mile in a large part of central florida
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ocala and leesburg. look at villages, down to zero. very low visibilities. after 10:00, we'll burn this off. things get better for us. a 20% chance for rain. through the afternoon it is about the heat, getting to record high temperatures. the record is 87 set in 1985. we'll get to 85 by 4:00 today. as early as noon, all the way up to 83. a very warm day. we'll talk about when the cooldown comes. before the cooldown, rain and thunderstorms. we'll detail the timing for that. not so much for today but later in the week. let's head back to amy who is watching the roads from the napleton traffic center. >> watching them closely. visibility won't be perfect. moving along well mainly because there are not a ton of the cars on the roadway. your drive times, really no slowdown issues, northbound and southbound look great. the other thing we have going on is construction.
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exactly the best combination, just use a lot of extra caution. you can see otherwise not a lot going on for right now. it looks like all the areas are clear and on time. i'll send things back to you david and bridgett. >> a scare for a family after a car loses control. if it wasn't for another car in the driveway it could have crashed into the front door. it happened on a1a south of cocoa beach. johnny, you just got an update. what are police saying? >> reporter: bridgett, cocoa beach police tell me that everyone involved in the crash is ok. they tell me the driver, she has been arrested and she is being charged with dui. i want to show you the video. police say both drivers were traveling southbound when the driver of this s.u.v. rear ended
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police say that's when the car that was hit swerved and crashed through the family's fence and then slammed into a car that was parked in the driveway. if it wasn't for the other car that was there, it likely would have smashed into the front of the house. inside the house was a family and a child that was inside the house. once again, police, they are telling me the driver that caused this chaos has been arrested and charged with dui. at this point they have not released her name. i'll touch base. once i get updates, i'll pass that on air and online on powered by news 6. >> thank you, johnny. now to the race for the white house, big drama playing out after the iowa caucus. >> we have warren on the republican side. on the democratic side it is a different story. mark lehman is live breaking down the results in the news room. it was a huge night for a couple of candidates what happened?
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cruz and florida u.s. senator marco rubio. let's look at the results. cruz who had been lagging in the polls came away with a victory at 28%. that's four points ahead of donald trump who had been the front runner many this race. perhaps the biggest surprise was a strong showing for marco rubio coming away with a closer finish at 23%. one point behind donald trump. on the democratic side, it was a different story. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders are separated by just a raiser thin margin, less than half of a percent separates them. right now, that race remains stim too close to call. >> i think the people of iowa have sent a profound message to the political establishment. >> that message resulting in a deadlock. the results too close that two
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from hillary clinton, a stunning change in the polls from a few months ago. >> it is rare we have the opportunity we do now to have a real contest of ideas to rl think hard about what the democratic party stands for. >> on the republican side, a record breaking voter tushout with ted cruz on top. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >> trailing by 4 points, donald trump was probably the most humble in the race. >> i was told by everybody, do not go to iowa, you could never finish even in the top 10. i said but i have friends in iowa, i know a lot of people in iowa. >> another surprise came with marco rubio, riding a late surge finishing third and one point behind trump. >> when i am the nominee, we'll unify this party, we'll unify
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>> some candidates were celebrating monday night, others also exited the race in defeat. former maryland governor martin omali suspended his campaign on monday night. on the republican side, mike huckabee announced he would be exiting the race. >> you can get the full breakdown and any new updates as they come in on look for the story at the top of the home page. >> developing this morning, grief counselors will be at hand at one school after a teacher once named a finalist from teacher of the year was found dead in her home. the bodies of sandra cook and her husband were found yesterday on chap pell drive in melbourne. kirsten is live at rockledge where cook worked as a teacher. we know this is a difficult time for everyone at the school. >> yeah, it is a heart breaking
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teachers, everyone here as they return back. we know grief counselors will be here to help out all of those people, remembering sandra cook. she was a sister, a teacher and a colleague to so many, described as the best and brightest by the brevard county superintendent. the death of sandra cook has left a lot of people shaken. sandra's sister was the one who made the shocking discovery. she went to her home to check on sandra after hearing she missed work. police say she found sandra lying in her bed shot to death. next to her was the body of wayne cook, sandra's estranged husband. sandra had filed for divorce in january. police say no one else was involved in the death. they are not listing a cause of death for either. sandra cook was nominated for teacher of the year in brevard
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she recently posted positive facebook messages. we'll hoe you how people are remembering her specifically the principal here coming up in our next half-hour. i'll send it back to you. >> here's a crime alert as police try to get results and find a man they say tried to rape and threatened to kill a woman. police released this sketch of a man they say offered a ride to a woman friday morning. she was walking on u.s. 192 near bible baptist church. police say once inside the car the man exposed himself and asked for sexual favors. they say she refused and he threatened to stab her with a screwdriver. she was able to get away. if you know who this is in this sketch, call the crime line -- 1-800-423-tips. >> students expected to return to class in one marion county school.
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cell phone video led to fears of a mass shooting. it happened after students brought a confederate flag to school. tensions over that led to a fight. over the weekend things escalated and rumors started flying on social media that there would be more violence. parents say they heard nothing. >> i had several conversations with parents this morning who said, why didn't you call us? that is something we are discussing. >> school leaders say students who miss class work and exams will be able to make up the work. and four students were punished. a 14-year-old student was baker acted after he told police he made threats to shoot up the school as a joke. detectives are currently investigating this case. >> the next step in space flight
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after the skelton of the orion capsule arrived. it was welded together in indiana. teams put it on a cargo plane sauled the superguppy. it splits open so large items like orion can go inside. look at it go. it will undergo system installations for its next test flight. >> yesterday was warm and today we are talking about fog. what is the story with that? >> we have a lot of fog. we'll heat up to near record highs. good thing we have zoomed in really tight here to one of the buildings downtown. the 55 west building. otherwise we wouldn't be able to see it because of the moisture in the atmosphere. the low lying moisture leading to fog. it is 64 degrees from that vantage point. calm winds and a lot of moisture. that is a recipe for fog to develop. we are seeing plenty of it across central florida. a dense fog advisory through 10:00 this morning for all of central florida. look at these three's.
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a quarter of a mile in most of central florida right now. by 7:00 this morning, 67 degrees. a fog alert, careful on the roads. kids will be at the bus stop. watch out for kids standing close to the roadways. by 3:00, we are all the way up to 85. the record is 87 set in 1985. wear short sleeves. we'll talk about rain and a cooldown. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> thank you, troy. it is such a good idea to remind people of the kids that will be outside waiting for the bus this morning. there is a live look outside outside. i wanted to show you the area, the fog was so dense. this is not too far away by narcoossee road. as you can see, that fog, it is going to be a factor. just take it easy. it goes without saying. travel times because it is early, westbound i-4, st. john's river to colonial, only 18 minutes.
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parkway to colonial, 18 minute ride that way as well. that is your check on traffic. i'll send things back to you. >> a florida man in custody after agents find pipe bombs in his house. robbery. a clerk fighting off the crook who is still on the run. >> we continue to follow breaking news, a car loses control and hits a family's home. what police say led to the crash. it is coming up. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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police say this mazda was inteent a fence and parked car. the s.u.v. driver was arrested and charged with dui. >> we are getting a look at tense moments after a clerk fight back. >> surveillance video shows a guy walking into the sugar creek gas station last night. he points a gun at the clerk. after he opens the register, he attacks. he then slams the thief into the counter and starts throwing punches before chasing him out of the store. deputies say the gun that was used was an air soft gun instead of the real thing. >> developing this morning, we have learned the orange county deputy involved in this arrest caught on video have been cleared of using excessive force. this cell phone footage shows deputies arrest arresting reed. reed filed a complaint saying
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dislocating her arm. a new report says the deputies were justified because reed and her friend were resisting arrest. >> a man locked up after agents make a disturbing find at his home. they say he had more than half a dozen pipe bombs. police say michael ramos said he is part of a militia group and he is unhappy with the government. he said he never intended to hurt anyone. eight pipe bombs were found with an ak-47 and bomb making materials. ramos was charminged with possession of explosive devices. >> it may be cold out west but a young snow border is warming hearts with her moves on the slopes. >> this is video going viral. >> she barely knows how to walk but at 14 months, henderson is learning how to shred on her snow board. look at her go.
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the backyard in salt lake city. friday she hits the slopes. >> look at her. >> they say she loves it. >> in a few years, she'll be a pro. >> i would be falling. >> i have done it. it is fun but it is difficult. >> i wonder being low to the ground -- >> she is padded. >> she is very padded. >> today we don't need any padding. it is hot. it is going to get 85, near some record highs. before that, we are dealing with fog. in fact, there is a fog alert to bring you this morning, all of central florida under a dense fog advisory. that is until 10:00 this mornig. here are visibilities, certainly reduced down to a quarter of a mile in most every spot. there will be isolated areas with visibilities down to zero.
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watch out add some time, so you can get where you are going safely and on time. a fog alert until 10:00. central florida. we have a lot of warm air coming in with a south and southwest wind later today out of the south and southeast continuing to bring in sticky air, making it feel even hotter than the actual temperature. sanford. it is 61 at new smyrna beach. here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> look at that guy, the ground hog. we'll check in on him, punxsutawney phil later this morning to see what he thinks. of course, we live in florida and we know it will be warmer than what he predicts. 83 will be the temperature at noon. the average afternoon high temperature is 72. we are going well above it. very close to a record. 85 will be the high by 4:00 today.
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a warm day, only a 20% chance for a few showers into the afternoon today. for tonight, look how mild, near the afternoon high temperature as late as 10:00 tonight. the average high for the day that usually comes around 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon is 72. we'll be at 71 at 10:00 tonight with a 10% chance for showers if you are making evening plans. after 10:00 this morning, we burn the fog off. we see some clouds mixed in with sun and the green indicating a few showers with winds coming in out of the south and southeast a little bit later today. that's why we can't rule out one or two showers into the afternoon. 82 in sanford. 84 in leesburg. 83 in ocala. 80 in melbourne. coastal areas not quite as warm because of the breeze. there's the ground hog. here's what to expect on your rain. a high of 83.
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chance for rain thursday. highs by friday in the mid 60's. rain chances on super bowl sunday back at 40%. stay tuned. we'll keep you up to date planning grilling on the roads. >> thank you very much. so far, definitely fog is a factor this morning. take a live look. this is i-4 by michigan. you have eastbound cars. hose are the ones moving away from you. you can see the fog cover this morning. no reported accidents. a lot of that probably has to do with the hour. still early. your travel speeds doing ok on the roadways. again, the caution, we'll be reminding you to drop the speeds down. that is your check on traffic. i'll send things back to you. >> 5:21 on your tuesday. a proposed change could result in a crackdown on the roads. >> why government agency is pushing for tougher alcohol laws. >> caught on camera, ahead at 5:30, we'll explain the charges a local day care director is
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>> a push to make a major change when it comes to fighting drunk driving. >> states being asked to lower the blood alcohol limit. they want to lower it to.05. the ntsb says it is a way to reduce alcohol related crashes. in the last 15 years one-herred of all highway deaths involved alcohol. >> toys r us and babies r us running a great event. these stores are allowing you to get rid of any baby gear in exchange for new gear. the offer is up at the end of the month. >> time to head outside to find out what is going on on. troy bridges is pinpointing the weather.
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you can see the visibilities in miles right now with the fog pinpointer as we see visibilities in most areas less than a half mile. down to a quarter mile in spots. we'll pinpoint it carefully for you, likely getting worse, closer to 7:00 this morning. bridgett and david, we'll watch it. leave early this morning, we'll be impacted. >> coming up, a flight in north florida turns violent. >> new video shows the scene ahead. plus -- >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >> an upset in iowa, one race is yet to be decided, a full breakdown of the caucus coming up. >> we are staying on top of breaking news after an accident almost sends a car into a home. we are live with what police say caused this crash. you are watching news 6 getting results for all of central
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