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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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missing a home. we have information on a woman taken into custody. >> still no winner when it comes iowa. the race between hillary clinton oo close to call. candidates. >> there is a fog alert outside. troy has your pinpoint accurate forecast coming up. >> thanks for joining us. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm david hall. also joining us at the table on good morning. >> good morning. fog tends to complicate things a bit so we'll wait and see. >> likely to see it get worse as we head into 7:00 this morning. there is a dense fog advisory through 10:00 this morning for all of central florida. visibilities reduced likely down to zero in some spots. we'll watch that closely. we'll take you to it and show you visibilities and the dense fog advisory. everyone you see the gray shading, that is the dense fog
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that is every county in central florida. this is a weather alert day. we advise you to leave early so you can get where you are going safely and on time. look at these numbers. these are visibilities in miles, down to a quarter of a mile in most spots. certainly less than a half mile in most areas. there will be some isolated spots where it is difficult to see a few feet in front of you. watch out. a lot of low level moisture in place. we did heat up. today we'll do it all over again. that warm muggy air making it feel even warmer than the actual temperature. you can see the skies into the future, 83 by noon, getting up to 85 by 4:00. the record is 87. we'll only be a couple of degrees away from the record set in 1985. a lot of 85's. we'll talk about rain on the way, thunderstorms a big cooldown. first let's check on the roads and head back to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good morning to you.
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this kind of tells the tale. this happens to be on 417. you can see either direction, fortunately not a lot of cars out there which is kind of contributing to the fact that we don't have any accidents for the time being. drive times looking ok. i'll p saying it all morning. if it is foggy where you are, allow extra stopping distance. so far we are at a normal pace as construction clears out. that's your check on traffic and i'll send it back to you. >> we continue to follow breaking news where a woman was arrested after this bad crash in cocoa beach. this happened in the last few hours on a1a between fourth and fifth streets. police say that suspected drunk driver crashed into another car causing the other driver to lose control, smash through a fence and slam into another car pargd in a driveway. the good news is no one was seriously injured. the woman arrested is now charged with driving under the influence.
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get new information on that story. >> it was a big night in election 2016. one of the races still hasn't been decided. >> we are talking about the iowa caucuses. already it is having a big impact on the race. mark lehman is following the latest updates this morning on this. the democratic race is too close to call. >> the results were so close, two precincts were decided by a coin flip. hillary clinton is in a virtual tie with bernie sanders. less than half a percent in front of sanders. that race remains too close to call. on the republican side, there is a clear winner. it is texas senator ted cruz coming away with the come from behind victory and taking 28% of the vote. donald trump ended with 24%. maybe the biggest surprise of the night was the showing from
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he came away with a close third place at 23%. >> tonight is a victory for iowa. >> a big night for ted cruz. record breaking turnout signals a four point victory over donald >> we finish second. i want to tell you something, i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> enjoying a late surge. marco rubio only trailing trump by one percent. >> we'll 18 fi the party and we'll unify the conservative movement. >> on the democratic side, a virtual tie. hillary clinton and bernie sanders deadlocked in a race too close to call. both addressing their supporters last night. >> i will be standing up for you. i'll keep fighting for you. >> we'll create an economy that
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just the billionaire class. >> as expected, we saw candidates dropping out. former governor martin o'malley suspended his campaign and mike the race. any new updates we get, we'll >> thank you. developing in brevard county, grief counselors at rock ledge after a teacher found dead. sandra cook was a math teacher and once a finalist for teacher of the year. she was found dead inside a home in melbourne yesterday. kirsten joins us live outside. it is just an emotion time for students and teachers there. >> yeah, very emotional time for a lot of people who knew her, the teaching community as a whole. the rockledge principal said sandra cook was one of the finest people to walk through
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she will be truly missed. >> a sister, teacher and colleague, described as the best and brightest. the death of sandra cook has left many shaken. sandra's for went to her home to check on her after hearing sandra missed work. police say they found sandra lying in her bed shot to death. next to her, the body of rick wayne cook, sandra's estranged husband and a gun. family members say sandra has recently separated from her husband, filing for divorce in january. police say no one else was involved in the deaths. as they investigate, they are not releasing an exact cause of death for either person. last week, the veteran educator was honored for her nomination as teacher of the year. one of her recent facebook posts says i have decided 2016 is going to be ridiculously amazing. friends and family are
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facebook page, one saying, i'll never understand why bad things happen to good people. people. police still investigating this. sandra cook was a math teacher here at rockledge for the last three years. grief counselors will be here in a matter of hours to meet with students and her peers. >> such a sad story. thank you. right now, a lake county director was caught on camera abusing a student. she is giving a different story say it was rough housing. the video shows he hitting a 4-year-old as he napped and picking him up and dropping him on the mat. it is hard to watch. reed said she was rough housing with him.
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necessarily agree. >> i have a child and if somebody hurt her that way, i don't know what i would do. >> i wouldn't want anybody to bring their kids here now. >> police say reid is on probation for welfare fraud and theft. at this point she is not accused of hurting other children in the day care. however, parents were told to talk to their children to be sure. >> a man convicted of stabbing a downtown bouncer to death has gotten his sentence released. the district of appeals vacated the 45-year prison term. he was originally sentenced for murder. the court said the charge did not fit the crime. that could reduce his sentence by 15 years. police say he didn't do it out of spice.
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his brother when the stabbing happened. >> last february, 22-year-old christopher todd killed a horse and hurt her owner. deputies say todd got into an argument with a group of riders after one of them used a racial slur. todd then sped off, made a u-turn, headed straight for the riders and their horses. todd will be sentenced at a later day. >> another delay in volusia county when it comes to the school uniform debate. a week after voting to add blue jeans to the list of acceptable clothing, the school board is having second thoughts. according to the journal, board members say they aren't happy with the proposal to add light blue jeans to the policy. they want to go back to the original plan. board members will vote on removing blue jeans during a meeting that happened next week. >> it is 20 minutes before the hour. troy is tracking these visibilities with us and that fog today. >> looking at our cameras, hard to see the buildings in downtown
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in fact, this vantage point is looking worse than it did the last time we checked in. we are seeing moisture out there in the atmosphere. now we are seeing more and more of that building in in the form of fog. this is downtown orlando. it is 64 degrees. plenty of warm muggy air. calm winds. that is part of the recipe needed to get fog going. we are seeing plenty of that across central florida with visibilities down to a quarter of a mile or less. watch out, add some time wherever you are going. leave early so you can get there safely and on time. a fog alert as we'll likely see the dense fog advisory for all of central florida through 10:00 this morning. 67 is the temperature at 7:00 this morning at the bus stop. warming all the way up to 85 later today. kids need short sleeves. that is two degrees short of the record set in 1985. let's go to amy in the traffic center. >> thank you very much. as we all know, any kind of weather issue tends to complicate things for your morning ride. we have one accident to report. i have a feeling it probably
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morning. we have our first one in on central florida parkway by satellite boulevard. you can see a small amount of delay. the road is still passable. just a reminder to use extra caution because this is what we are dealing with, a live look outside at 95. you can see these lanes here, these are the southbound lanes and northbound lanes right over by 192. not a lot going on but a couple of issues beginning to show up. that is your check on traffic. i'll send it back to you. >> a big change could be on the way for specialty license plates. >> an airline passenger is handcuffed and hauled off of a flight. what the fbi said he did to another passenger and flight attendant. >> a world health organization takes a key step when it comes to fighting the zika virus. what they are calling the outbreak affecting thousands of babies around the world. >> you are watching news 6 on this tuesday getting results for ormond beach, ocala and central florida.
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(scal): good day, m'lady! you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >>. >> waking up with us, a fog alert across central florida this tuesday morning as low lying clouds make it tough to see outside and leading to a dense fog advisory. troy will have your pinpoint accurate forecast in three minutes. >> a waiting game in election 2016, right now, we are waiting to learn who took home first place place. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is too close to call with 99% of the counties reporting. election officials are gathering the final votes before declaring a winner.
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latest developments in iowa. he'll have a live update in the next half-hour. >> new developments surrounding the zika organization. it is being called an international emergency. health officials continue to say the biggest risk involves pregnant women and their babies. members of the world health organization are urging expecting moms to consider delaying travel to areas affected by the virus. they are asking pregnant women to protect themselves by wearing repellent. zika has been confirmed in 25 countries with thousands of cases reported. the virus is contracted by mosquitos and can lead to babies being born with underdeveloped brains. >> an outburst on an airplane leads to an arrest and it is caught on camera a. jet blue passenger pulled off a flight at jacksonville international after the fbi said he yelled at another passenger and put that person in a head lock. this is video showing joseph sharky's arrest. the 36-year-old also assaulted
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to calm him down. sharky tried to leave the plane through an exit door. no one was seriously hurt. the fbi says it appears sharky had been drinking during the slurred. >> you can start seeing fewer specialty license plates on cars in the sunshine state. if lawmakers have it their way, several could be on the chopping block. a senate subcommittee approved a bill to raise the number of circulation. under the new bill it would be 4,000. only 3200 of them have an issue. >> we are five days away from super bowl 50. while fans gearing up for all of the action on the football building. >> companies who are paying big
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>> she needs no introduction, here she is. >> this video is from snickers which appears to show marilyn monroe serenading the super bowl on its 50th birthday but something goes hilariously wrong. then there is an ad tweeted out by mountain due which shows some kind of creature which shows a baby and animals. >> so dew hasn't said much about its star. >> ewok. >> we can catch the game on news 6 sunday night. our coverage begins bright and early sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. stay tuned for a special edition at 8:00 a.m. with ginger, julie and candace. news 6 is your home for super bowl 50.
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what am i going to make? my husband told he he wants the cheese dip. >> and then you'll bring in the leftovers for us. >> i'm trying to figure out my sleep schedule for that game. >> i think i'll go without and suck it up. >> i'll dvr it. >> pinpointing fog. a dense fog advisory through 10:00 this morning. it is called news 6 storm pins. we have a lot of fog, be careful. if you are out and about. as we hit roads, here are the visibilities and the dense fog advisory, until 10:00 this morning, likely to see reduced visibilities down to a quarter
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down to zero, most of the rest of central florida. the bus stop forecast looks like this, 7:00 this morning. 67 degrees. watch out for those kids. we warm to 85 by 3:00. that record is 87 set in 1985. right now out the door, we are at 55 in ocala. 64 in orlando. 61 at new smyrna beach. now, here's a look at your pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice as we help you plan the day, the sky seeing a mix of sun and clouds a lot like yesterday. a good bit of high thin clouds. the sun will filter through. we see a 20% chance for rain. we are at 83 as early as noon. once again up to 85 for the high by 4:00. tonight, mild conditions, still 71 at 10:00 with a 10% chance for a couple of showers.
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in from the south and southeast. that's why we can't rule out one or two showers. as we stop the clock, notice the green. the coverage at only 20% this afternoon. 10% tonight. not a lot of rain but a few showers possible because of the moisture in the atmosphere. getting up to 84 in leesburg. 83 in ocala today. 80 in daytona beach. getting up to 80 in cocoa beach and in melbourne. not as hot as inland areas because of the breeze coming in off the ocean waters. today is groundhog day. not worried about what he is going to say. we know what happens. we stay warm. certainly warmer than the rest of the country. 78 on thursday with a 60% chance of rain. a high of 64 on friday. looking dicey. we'll see a 40% chance for rain
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let's check on the roads. >> good morning. we have a couple of things along the roadways. we have added another accident. both in orlando, central florida parkway over by satellite boulevard. we have a crash reported not too far away. we have another crash reported there. use caution and this is the reason why, all that fog troy was talking about. a live look at i-4. westbound lanes to the right side of your screen. you can see definitely some morning. that is your check on traffic back to you. >> still ahead, a possible change aimed at lowering the number of people who drive drunk. >> what one agency wants to do when it comes to the alcohol
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>> this breaking news coming out of brevard county. this is where a car ended up in the front yard of a cocoa beach home after a crash. sending it through a fence and thankfully, amazingly no one was injured. the s.u.v. driver was arrested and charged with dui. >> in iowa, we are still waiting to see which candidate won the caucus. the race is too close to be called. as for the republicans, ted cruz won. marco rubio came in a close third. hundreds of marion county high school students expected to go back to class today. >> ahead we'll tell you what officials said prompted them to go to school.
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>> a car loses control and nearly slams into a family's house. what we learned about who was
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