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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> a severe thunderstorm warning remains in effect for brevard county. all part of a weather system that has brought tornado warnings overnight. now we have a report ooch few power outages along the coast. we have live team coverage. >> a mystery in orange county as a mother and heritaged daughter are found dead inside a home. detectives are working to find out what happened there. >> the search intensifies for a missing boater. we begin in the pinpoint weather center. i'm bridgett ellison ellison. >> troy bridges has been here all night long. we are not done yet.
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southern brevard county but i'm glad that we saw this stuff move so fast. >> good news. >> it moved out in time for people to head to work. where the worst of it is in southern brevard county. we are talking about a chance for hail. you can see the line that pushed through very quickly near 50 miles an hour that line moved. individual cells were rotating earlier. we had a tornado warning for the kennedy space center, in that region, until 5:00. right now, a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 5:45. but soon this cell will be moving out to sea and we are out of the woods for the severe threat. for the purple, we saw it pulse up. that's an indication of hail. then two minutes, more of the heavy rain. i know it is on top of you right now. light to moderate rain where we had a tornado warning, meritt
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no longer a warning, no longer any severe weather. we are seeing moderate rain near the kennedy space center. here's the good news, the rain, the storms coming, pushing out to sea. we then warm with lots of sunshine to 74 at noon by 4:00, all the way up to 78 degrees. a beautiful afternoon after a wet start. let's check on the roads. many of them are wet. if you are about to hit them, take it easy. amy is watching that closely. >> thank you very much. we have a lot going on for how early it is. this is the biggest thing. both directions of i-4 east and westbound. we have two left travel lanes taken out. a large crash working there. that is not the only thing going on. there are a couple of other things to be advised about. one lane taken out, 75 northbound right after cortes boulevard this morning. then again, i want to bring you attention to this one, on 417 southbound right after university boulevard. wash watch out for a crash there. >> we continue to follow
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panhandle as a door to door search is going on after a tornado touched down. >> in the past few hours, we learned at least two people have been hurt out there. the worst of the weather hitting the town of century and escambia near the border with alabama. we got video in overnight showing this damage. emergency workers say two homes were destroyed. 30 others were damaged after that tornado touched down. the storms have left an estimated 20,000 people without power. >> storms also hit parts nourn alabama hard. people say it came with little warning. a loud roar. i told my wife. i said, get in the home and get some pillows. we got in the home and covered up. my head swelled up. the ears stocked up. we head the rumble and then like that, it was all gone. >> tense moments.
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escambia will be closed because of the damage there. we are expecting teams to be out getting a closer look at all of the damage. we are dealing with our own rain and storms this morning. heading out early, now is the time to make sure you have our pinpoint weather app downloaded. troy bridges will be pack in minutes with another check of the forecast. so stay tuned. >> a deadly mystery. a mother and daughter found dead. deputies working to figure out what happened to them. their bodies were found inside a home on santa barbara road in the pine hills area of orange county. that's where we find kirsten o'connor this morning. have investigators said anything about how they died? >> no. we really don't have a lot of information from detectives. it is still kind of a mystery. we know they are still looking for clues that could lead them to a suspect. they still aren't telling us much about the two victims, only
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daughter who lived in this quiet neighborhood. >> neighbors are still recovering hours after hearing a mother and daughter were found murdered in a home down the street. >> my sister called me screaming. something happened. >> detectives say the mother and teen lived in the home with a man. they tell us he left early yesterday morning. when he came back around 2:30, he walked in to find the mother and daughter dead and then called 911. deputies are still looking for a suspect. >> this is not a neighborhood that typically has this kind of violent crime. >> detectives are asking people to speak up if they were home yesterday and thought anything was off. >> we are looking for anyone that might have seen or heard anything suspicious tcht two victims died of trauma. >> deputies are still out here in the neighborhood. we are planning to ask them more about their search for the suspect we'll post any updates
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>> coast guard crews have brought in more equipment to try to find a man missing. the man hasn't been seen in more than a day after going fishing. mark lehman is following all of the latest developments. mark, what kind of equipment are we talking about? >> the coast guard says it is going to add a larger boat and a plane to help in the search for this man. he remains missing this morning after he empty boat washed up just over 24 hours ago in indian harbor beach. the coast guard has set up a large search area. it runs from satellite beach north to jetty park. that's roughly a 17-mile stretch. this video from our news partners shows the beach where chamberland's beach was found. investigators were able to locate it after pinging his cell phone which was still on board. what was not found was a life jacket. within the last hour, brevard county got very rough weather
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we'll check with the coast guard this morning to see how those conditions have factored into their search. >> later today, a seminole county volunteer firefighter accused of setting two fires will go before a judge. the 27-year-old travis is is expected to be arraigned on charges of arson. investigators say he set the first fire at the links at 434 on news year's day and returned four days later to set a second fire. at the time they say he was on probation for fraud charges. >> the groveland city council is expected to discuss the possible exoneration of the man men known as the groveland four. the four marion american men were charged with the rape of a teenager in 1994. there was never concrete evidence linking the men to the crime. one man was shot. another was hunted down and
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the fourth man was jailed and died recently in 2012. a proclamation by groveland's mayor calls for the exoneration of these men and calls on governor scott to officially pardon them. >> as fears over zika continues, orange county commissioners are expected to take a closer look at how the county is working to prevent the spread of the virus. during a meeting set for this morning commissioners are expected to talk about the zika threat and the approach to fighting the illness. it comes as another case is confirmed in florida. the total number of cases in florida stands at 21. so far all cases are travel related. >> a special honor for a trooper shot during a traffic stop in brevard county. >> florida highway patrol was awarded with the metal of valor. taylor was shot while doing a traffic stop after being hit in
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he shot back killing the gunman. it was later learned the suspect had a suicide pact with the driver. >> let's turn it to troy bridges. >> we had one tornado warning that expired. we still have a severe thunderstorm warning the worst of the weather is pushing out. you can see the purple out to sea, just away from floridana beach. that was an area with hail. we had hail cores with indication of quarter sized hail with this storm as it moved through. that has moved to sea. there is moderate rain. many roads of palm bay, i-95, melbourne, micco dealing with heavy rain. barefoot boulevard, old dixie highway and micco seeing heavy rain. here's the good news this afternoon, warming to 78 with sunny skies.
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make sure the kids have short sleeves. coming up, we'll talk about drying conditions for the rest of today and how long that will stick around. of course, the upcoming weekend, we are looking ahead at speed week and the big 500. we'll talk more about that forecast and if rain or storms will return. let's check on the roads. most are wet. amy is busy with me watching the roads from the napleton traffic center. >> not quite as busy but a lot going on this morning. we have quite a few accidents. want to give you the highlights of what you need to be aware of. on the beachline, by mile marker 35, a crash working in. it is not the only crash reported. we have quite a few for this hour of the morning. here's one of more impactful ones. i-95 northbound right around cortez boulevard, watch out for one travel lane blocked there. outside, we are finding lightning earlier this morning. a live look at i-95 in cocoa.
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that's your check on traffic. >> 20 minutes before 6:00 now. key hearings involving the sichging of the car depot ship is set to get under way. >> what answers the coast guard is trying to get as they investigate the death of 33 crew members on board. >> the same system that prompted tornado warnings and rain in our area this morning is hammering the eastern seaboard with snow. up next, a look at how residents are coping. >> you are watching news 6 getting results for leesburg and all of central florida on air
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>> a weather alert to parening you as we have been pinpointing severe weather for a good bit of the last couple of hours. big storms moving out to sea. we have an update, brand new information in, the severe thunderstorm warning that was in effect for brevard county has been allowed to expire just a little bit early a couple of minutes back. as most of that severe threat is moving out to sea. still dealing with moderate rain on many of the roadways for mico, back to palm pay. you notice that intense weather where we had hail and wind is moving out. coming up, we'll pinpoint what you can expect for the rest of today. big changes, more sunshine, warming nicely, all that in a few minutes. >> that same storm system bringing showers and storms is blanketing parts of the east coast with ice and snow.
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could see the snow or freezing rain. this is video out of virginia where an estimated six inches of snow is expected to fall before the storm system moves out to sea. in addition to all of the snow, the areas also dealing with icy road conditions and sleet. boston is see sea fog. in chicago, conditions are expected to improve later in the week as the storm system heads out to sea. >> hearings expected to continue surrounding the sinking of el farro. you may remember the ship sank near the bahamas last september, killing all 33 crew members.
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jacksonville left as hurricane joaquin churned offshore. hearings involving the coast guard are rare. the last time was after the bp oil disaster almost six years ago. >> in a matter of hours, police along with mayor buddy dyer will team up for a workshop, this is aimed at improving dialogue between the public. it is being called orlando speaks. it is at 6:30 in the cafeteria of howard middle school t. goal is to increase awareness and also understanding about police practices as well as developing trust between officers and people in the community. >> a brevard county baby who couldn't wait to meet his parents instead of the hospital was born at home. this baby boy was born with the help of his daddy and a very patient 911 operator. >> steven trout was forced to
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wife went into labor and quickly realized there wasn't enough time to make it to the hospital. >> well -- >> how do you feel about that? >> how would my husband feel? with the help of bill matta, he delivered about a minute into the conversation with 911. >> the scariest part was when the baby was out and there was a five second maybe longer period where he wasn't breathing yet. >> that's scary. after clearing the little guy's airway, kalen was just fine. everybody is all smiles there later at the hospital. as for the dispatcher who helped out with the special delivery, we are told he was given a special stork pin which is what operators get who help deliver babies over the phone. >> some music studded stars hit
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>> the show is star steaded, lots of great performances, awards, tributes. everything seemed to go as planned except this. >> the mike sort of went out. it dropped out and then it came back up but it was quiet for a minute. >> we know adelle can sing. she was singing "all i ask". there were sound issues that made it seem offkey. people went on social media complaining. afterwards, those in charge admitted there was a technical glitch. adele when on twitter to say the mike fell to the piano string
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>> she kept going. i'm a fan. i stayed up late watching the radar and watching that, i had one eye on each thing. we'll be clearing out. we'll see sunshine. making plans for this afternoon, it is going to be a nice one. pushing the rain out. those storms have really weakened. no longer are we under any sort of warnings. we had a tornado warning that expired for northern osceola county. it impacted the kennedy space center in brevard county. then it weakened and died out. a severe thunderstorm warning for brevard county as this line developed and pushed off to the east. most of that is pushing to sea. we saw a good deal of that. a good indication that we had hail. mico all seeing rain. it is not staying over the same area.
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soon we'll be drying out. micco, waterway drive, old dixie highway, all these roads are soaked. rain is coming down in these regions. as we take you further. there is grant road, watch out as you hit the roads. many other roads saw rain overnight. there is still light areas of drizzle for st. cloud, up into orange county, lake heart, seeing hunters creek, a sprinkle or two, downtown orlando, a little bit of light rain. temperatures pretty mild to start. we are at 62 right now. cooler up in northwestern zones once that front has pushed further to the south. we'll rebound a bit through the day and warm back up. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> we'll see a lot of sunshine, we'll make it into the 70's as we clear out. already drying out in most spots right now. by 4:00 we'll see a high of 78 degrees.
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evening hours. at 10:00, we are at 62, flirting with 50's overnight. there's the clouds and rain forecast, the white indicating some cloud cover but not much of that. it does burn off and through the afternoon, we see a lot of sunshine, a beautiful day and that sunshine helping to warm us nicely without any rain to deal with. 77 in sanford. 77 in daytona beach. 76 in ocala. and the 80's in brevard county. 82 before that front moves through and cools us down in southern brevard county. here is what to expect for the next three days, dry conditions, the rain is out of here. a high of 75 tomorrow. 72 on thursday. more of that reinforcing cooler air, even though the 70's aren't all that cool. considering the heat we have had to deal with over a few weeks ago, we'll take it. 72 is close to the average. the average is actually 74. we reach that on friday. for the daytona 500, we are
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let's head over to amy mountain napleton traffic center. >> we are quite busy, this is out for the better part of 40 minutes. both sides of i-4 remain impacted by this crash. the crash itself is on the westbound side of the roadway. we have eastbound lanes taken out because of emergency vehicles this morning. watch out for two lanes blocked in either direction, getting through the area. a couple of other crashes as well. here's one of the most impacted, we have another travel lane taken out. hitting the northbound side of i-75 by cortes boulevard. troy has been saying it, a couple of extra minutes, drop the speeds down. back over to you at the desk. >> a favorite is going vegan. >> how ben and jerry's is
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>> if you are heading out the door, here's a check of the big stories we are following. first up, it is the weather. heavy rain and strong storms are finally moving out of central florida. earlier, parts of the area were under a tornado warning. troy has been pinpointing the forecast for hours now. his full forecast is straight ahead at the top of the hour. >> a key deadline for florida voters ahead of election 2016. >> what you need to do by today to make sure you are ready for the state's upcoming primary. >> troopers have a plea to you after a man is hit and killed with his body left on the side of the road. find out what they are asking
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>> wier storms moving out. we are live with troubles left behind. team kovshlg for what you can expect for the rest of your tuesday morning. >> what we learned overnight about a door to door search happening in one community after a tornado touched down. >> there is a major mystery in an orange county neighborhood. we are live after a mother and heritaged daughter are found dead inside their homes. it is now 6:00 a.m. we are so glad you are with us


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