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tv   News 6 at 5 pm  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> >> just so you know, i want to help special people in my life. >> new at 5:00, the wait is over. we now know the winners of the powerball drawing. the melbourne beach couple is taking home hundreds of millions of dollars.
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i'm lisa bell. >> glad you're with us. i'm matt austin. the winners came forward and went to tallahassee. justin warmoth has been at florida lottery headquarters in tallahassee all day. it's been a long workday for justin. this couple has to be freaking out about now, right? >> yeah, matt. they're very excited. there's no doubt about that. they say they're also very overwhelmed. you know, that is a whole lot of money. they didn't tell their friends and family about this until about last week. again, the drawing was last month. more than a month ago, in fact. they say coming forward today was just a weight off of their shoulders. >> we didn't believe it. we just kept watching tv, going online, checking and rechecking. >> and they announced the publix in melbourne beach. we said uh-oh. >> they bought just two powerball tickets, a $3 investment. but that's all they needed.
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you're going to do, but when it happened, it all went out of my head. >> meet david and his wife maureen. david is an engineer at northrop grumman grumman. marie, a homemaker. they have lived in melbourne beach since 1991 and often shop at this publix on a1a, the same publix the winning ticket was purchased. >> everybody there was so proud of me. it was very hard not to tell them. >> maureen was the one who bought the ticket, playing the same numbers she plays every time. >> when he brought the ticket to me and said, "are you messing with me? what are you doing?" >> i knew they were my numbers. i ran and looked online and made sure they were correct and wrote them down. >> they claimed their winnings today under nickel 95 trust. the check says $528.7 million, but they wanted the lump sum payment of more than $327 million. while they didn't share many
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do with all that cash, they did say they would be making a few purchases in the coming days. >> he wants to get a new car. >> how about you? >> i really don't know yet. i want to get a massage. >> yeah, i'd like a massage, too, after winning all that money. >> they also said they plan on donating some of that money to the community and to local charities in melbourne beach. i talked to a lot of folks who live out there. they were hoping whoever won would be doing that. it sounds like they will be. they also said they don't plan on moving out of melbourne beach, which is prettyn tallahassee, justin warmoth, news 6. >> if they need help spending, i'm sure quite a few people would love to help. justin warmoth live in tallahassee, thank you. you can learn more about the big winners on our website at, powered by news 6. we've put all the info there. >> and news 6 reporter amanda castro is in brevard county now. we'll hear from a neighbor of those you just saw coming up at 5:30.
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we learned police hauled away a second dumpster in the search for a missing newborn baby girl. >> police launched another big search for the baby. the girl's mom says she gave birth to baby willow and left her on someone's doorstep. but so far, there's been no sign of her. eric sandoval broke the news about the first dumpster today at 4:00. what are you finding out about this latest development? >> well, actually, just within the last few minutes, those orlando police search and rescue crews came out and hauled away the same dumpster that we showed you at 4:00 right here behind me. i asked them if a search dog may have smelled something. they told me they just wanted to bring it in for a thorough investigation. they told me they're going to be hauling away several dumpsters from this apartment complex today. this comes after a really long day for search teams out here and we were following them every step of the way.
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willow bend apartments within the last hour. news 6 caught orlando police towing away only one of the dumpsters here, wrapping it in crime scene tape before hauling it away for inspection. >> we're just expecting the best that the baby is still alive. >> the orlando police sergeant says the baby's condition is still a mystery tonight because her mother isn't telling them everything. 30-year-old susan richardson made her first appearance from jail this morning on charges of child neglect and the judge had to ask her if she was sleeping. >> are you awake? >> is she being cooperative at all? >> she's giving us bits and pieces. we don't know if she's telling the entire story, hence why we're out here searching. >> we followed crews as they searched this complex. they combed this field with search dogs and even searched an area around a retention pond. >> this poor child needs to be found. >> she says the case touched her so deeply, she decided to use her day off to come help. she began by bringing balloons
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>> the community needs to come out and help find this child. pull together on this, no matter where you live in central florida. please come out and help us. >> now, once again, we're following that breaking news here, developing here within the last few minutes. orlando police hauling away a second dumpster, the one right behind me here. they tell me they're going to be hauling away several dumpsters in this apartment complex throughout the evening for a closer inspection of what may be inside. >> coming up at 6:00, we learned more about this baby's mother. see what we found out about her past, coming up at 6:00. for now, we're live in orlando, eric sandoval, news 6. >> we're following more breaking news now. a new case of zika confirmed in central florida. the state department of health tells news 6 the case of the virus has now been reported in brevard county. it is the second zika case in central florida. the other one is in osceola county. 22 people have now tested
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illness across nine counties in florida. we're told all of the cases are travel related and none involve pregnant women. we have what you need to know about the zika virus including travel notices, symptoms and treatment on our website. head to, powered by news 6. >> also developing in brevard county, we've learned what type of car troopers are looking for in a hit-and-run crash that left a man dead. f.h.p. wants to find a light gray jeep cherokee made between 1998 and 2003. it has damaged on the front headlights. troopers tell us a 39-year-old man was hit right there. investigators think he might have laid there for hours before he was found. if you know anything about this, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> a theft turns violent and the whole thing caught on camera. orlando police say this video shows a guy taking four pairs of sunglasses from sunglass hut on
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this is back on february 9th. we're told employees confronted him and that's when he threatened to stab them with a hypodermic needle. he got away with the glasses. if you know who he is, call police. >> a murder suspect caught in lake county. deputies tell us the man was on the run from north carolina. they found him hiding inside an apartment. we're told deputies tracked down damian boyd near tavares earlier this week. police in north carolina say boyd shot and killed a paralyzed man last week and left his body near a bus stop. lake county deputies found a gun that might have been used in the crime and a stolen car. boyd is charged with first-degree murder and robbery. >> a foggy morning gave way to a beautiful afternoon. here's a live look outside over downtown orlando. really could not ask for better weather out there today. we all want to know will these blissful conditions come to an end anytime soon. >> one way to find out real quick.
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meteorologist tom sorrells. is this too good to be true? can we expect this three days in a row? >> why am i here today? i could do this from my house. i could say, hey, it's beautiful. >> it's not going to happen. >> no, it's not going to happen. check out the radar. big rain has moved away from us. visible satellite showing you the clouds pushing to the east. everything is good to go if you're heading out on the town. the daytime highs today back to the 70's. a normal high this time of year would be 74. look at that. there you go. 74 in orlando for the high so far. 76 did it in sanford. 75 in the villages. 71 in daytona beach. the on-the-town forecast for tonight, by 8:00, we're down to 63. by 9 p.m., 61. by 10:00 tonight we'll be at 59. i'll be right back to pinpoint the overnight lows for tonight. we'll look ahead to the weekend. i do have a big stormy time ahead. i'll show you when and where, in minutes. >> thank yu, tom. >> don't forget, you can get breaking weather alerts and live radar anytime on our free news 6
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store. >> a crime tracker alert in palm bay. a store robbed at gunpoint. police want you to get a good look at the guy in this surveillance picture. it's a little tough to see there. this happened at the cumberland farms along port malabar road just before 11:00 last night. we're told he pulled a gun and demanded cash. he stuffed the money into a black backpack and took off. if you know who he is, call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. >> an orange county home goes up in flames. fire officials still want to know what caused this here. cell phone video from a neighbor shows the home on rhythm boulevard in pine hills just covered in flames there. it's a little grainy. you can see it very clearly. we're told the fire spread from the garage to the rest of the house. fire/rescue says no one was inside. we'll let you know as soon as we learn more. >> a big day for pope francis as he wraps up his trip to mexico. today he became the first pope
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>> people on both sides spent the past two months preparing for the holy father's historic visit. the pope arrived to a big greeting in juarez mexico, just across the border from texas. he hosted mass for hundreds of thousands of people there. he took time to offer a prayer to immigrants. last fall, the pope encouraged u.s. lawmakers to be more compassionate toward migrants and refugees. >> some progress now for a local dog found with a gunshot wound. >> next at 5:00, how laila is doing as she continues to recover. and a push to help crime victims get results. how one local police department
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>> we're here live at daytona international speedway where the cars are out there, the cup cars are racing as you can see out there on a beautiful, beautiful afternoon and the good news is the weather is going to shape up to look great. let's pinpoint the weather forecast right down to the speedway for friday's race. we are going to see temperatures continuing to stay nice and mild, into the mid-60's, throughout the evening hours, staying in the upper 50's, low 60's, but the good news is,
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>> a local police department calls it a growing problem. too many cases left unsolved. >> sanford police want to stop the silence and get results. >> sanford police say it's time to speak up and talk about the violent crimes happening in our neighborhoods to get results for families still searching for answers. >> the mic is hot and the problem is obvious. >> we know what the problem is. we're killing each other here in our community. >> investigators with the sanford police department say there are too many cases left open and they need more witnesses to help put violent
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one of those unsolved cases happened back in 2010 when dennis williams was murdered in the castle brewer apartments. after six years, the family needs closure. >> we're hoping with the press conference someone will step up and say something, give leads to look further into the cases myself. >> police say in many unsolved cases, a call to crime line gives them a new lead but witnesses fear retaliation. >> they're not going to tell us who you are. so if you're suspicious of that or something, trust me, any crime line tip i've ever gotten, i've never known who gave the tip. >> sanford city commissioner velma williams says the stop the silence rally is an appeal to the community to stop the fear and make the call. >> we've waited much too long and we talk about black lives matter, they do. and we've got to demonstrate that. >> the police department is putting together an event this weekend to help bring the
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conversation about how to stop the silence. in sanford, kirstin o'connor, news 6. >> thank you. this saturday's event begins at 10 a.m. at the sanford police department. you can find out more about the event by heading to our website at, powered by news 6. >> well, a new war of words between the president and the man hoping to replace him. republican frontrunner donald trump fired back at president obama today. >> this all started yesterday when a reporter asked the president if he believes trump has a good chance of winning the election. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. >> so trump took to twitter to respond to the president. he tweeted, quote, "interesting how president obama so haltingly said i would never be president, this from perhaps the worst
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the latest quinnipiac poll shows trump with a big lead in south carolina over other republican candidates. that state holds its g.o.p. primary this saturday. >> an update now on a dog found in an orange county neighborhood, shot in the face. >> we've learned laila is back with her family. we first told you about this last week. the pit bull was found hurt in someone's yard. that person took her to an emergency clinic. orange county animal services tells news 6 laila is doing fine. still no word on who shot her, but she is recovering well. that is certainly a nice update there. >> yeah, wasn't looking good at first. >> did you get a chance to step outside and enjoy the weather today? >> yeah, it was brief. the babies stay indoors most of the time, but it was nice for a time. we got a nice warm hug waiting for us outside. >> i was surprised when i opened my door and saw the fog out there this morning. >> were you up really early? >> not really early. about 8:30-ish. >> that's right. i got up just before that, and
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>> it lingered for a while. >> it did linger for a while. the day turned out great. tonight shouldn't have that much frost. there shouldn't be a repeat of the fog we had this morning. i'll tell you why in a moment. mostly the wind. right now, the radar is good to go. let's move on. the overnight low this morning was down to 47 in orlando. 50 in leesburg. 41 in ocala and 43 in gainesville. all of these areas we dropped in the 40's and had a whole lot of fog going on this morning. i think the wind will kick up just enough tonight and we won't nearly have the worry we had this morning. after an overnight low of 47, we bounce back in orlando to a daytime high of 74. look at the normals. we're just about there. a normal low is 53. normal high, 74. we were in the ballpark today and nailed that normal daytime high. the record-high on this date is 88. it was great. no super heat like that. daytona beach right now, you are at 64 degrees.
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the northeast at 7:00. melbourne, you're at 68. relative humidity is 56%. and 72 in ocala. 71 in gainesville. palm coast, 64. a bunch of 60's all over brevard county from the cape to cocoa to melbourne to 75 in kissimmee. here's the wind. check this out. 12-mile-an-hour wind right now in ocala. 10 in gainesville. 14 in leesburg. if the wind can hold up nearly that well, if it can hang in there between 5 and 10 miles per hour tonight, that will be a little too breezy for anything to set up the fog. big ridge of high pressure built up during the day today. you can tell by looking at the water vapor the dry air keeps sliding our way. as we roll the dry air at 30,000 feet, we keep the sky clear, which is all good for tonight and even better for tomorrow. this is what satellite and radar will look like by lunchtime tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 70-degree raining, approaching 70 by noontime tomorrow. a little bit of cloud cover won't hurt.
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begin to show up and we start to warm it up back about that much more in time for your weekend. overnight lows tonight, 40's and low 50's. i'm going to call it 46 in the villages and 50 in daytona beach. also leaving it at 54 in orlando under a mostly clear sky. here is your day tomorrow. >> breakfast time, 53. lunchtime, 68. the daytime high tomorrow, just a little bit below where we were today. we're going to top out tomorrow at 72 degrees. low tomorrow night is 52. then on friday, 71. 74 for saturday. 74 for sunday. by monday, we're back to 77 degrees. my next big round of showers is tuesday late. we'll talk more about that as we approach -- >> we'll talk about that. eventually we will. >> sounds good, tom. thank you. >> bye. >> a guy taken down, hauled off to jail over what?
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>> next at 5:00, why federal investigators say they spent years trying to track him down. and our planet like we've never seen it before. what makes these cool pictures from space so unique. >> and ahead at 5:30, we take you to the brevard county store that sold that winning powerball
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in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
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>> they've been calling every five minutes, every 10 minutes. i'm getting tired of it. >> there's no way you can stop that. news 6 learned a big mistake was made. many central floridians phone numbers were wrongly posted online, leading to the unwanted calls. >> tonight at 11:00, we're getting results from those people and how to prevent this from happening to your phone number. >> it sounds like the beginning of every college grad's nightmare. unpaid student loans and the feds in hot pursuit. >> one man says this became a reality because of a forgotten
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paul aker says armed u.s. marshals went to his texas home and arrested him. he got a $1500 loan in 1987, had long forgotten about it. turned out there was a warrant for his arrest since 2012 for not showing up in court. he claims he never got a notice in the mail. he argues federal officials went too far. >> to announce to someone that you owe a debt, not a huge debt, just a debt at any level. it's excessive. >> watch out for the library book fees, too. federal investigators dispute his claims. they say they talked with him before about this. u.s. marshals said he resisted arrest and told them he had a gun. he must pay back the loan and foot the bill for his arrest. >> i'm pretty sure i have unpaid parking tickets from my college campus >> you just said that on tv
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>> they need to replace him with a good photographer. ginger gadsden is joining us now with what's coming up at 5:30. >> coming up, an angry store owner is asking for your help tonight.
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who caused this damage to his store. >> a college student is killed in a shooting near campus in a string of similar crimes
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>> searching for thieves, caught on camera. right next to a police station. >> what burglars stole after


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