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tv   News 6 at 5a  CBS  February 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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run crash. it was part of a busy road that is blocked right now. >> history f is made at the daytona 500. we'll show you this incredible finish. very busy monday. good morning to you, central florida. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm david hall. >> thank you for joining us. >> we are dealing with a problem in orlando. >> thank you for the heads up. >> patches of fog. a warmup as well. we'll talk about that straight ahead. >> two people found dead inside a home. the question -- what happened? that discovery was made in an neighborhood east of courtney avenue. have you heard from investigators yet, kirsten? >> reporter: we have been pressing the sheriff's office
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all they are telling us is it is a death investigation. the fire and rescue teams out here last night let us know who bodies were found inside a home on this street. that started an overnight search and investigation in this neighborhood. we have been talking to neighbors for the last few hours. they have told us a family lives in this house where the death investigation is happening, with a little bit girl. >> it was a wonderful family. the daughter went out and played. they were good people. >> we have asked the sheriff's office about that child. at this point, they are refusing to tell us about her condition. we asked how the investigation started, if a neighbor reported something suspicious. investigators are leaving all those questions unanswered.
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we'll have another update in 30 minutes. >> outside if you are heading out, a pretty nice start to the day. >> troy bridges has the pinpoint forecast. >> cool air in place. a big warmup through the afternoon. we'll get well into the 80's, even though we'll see clouds and rain on the increase for the next couple of days. out the door, ocala is 52. it is 56 at leesburg. 55 in orlando. 58 in daytona beach. it is 56 in melbourne. grab a jacket. make sure the kids have a jacket. look at the warmup. cloudy skies through the afternoon. getting up to 79 at lunchtime. 82 by 4:00 today with only a 20% coverage of rain. a couple of showers. more rain ahead of a front that moves in tomorrow. we'll talk about the timing of that front and the cooldown behind it straight ahead. first, let's check on the roads with amy with breaking traffic news. amy, busy very early. >> thank you, troy. unfortunately, we are starting
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we have this deadly hit and run accident, at least one person has been killed, up to four cars involved. we have the northbound lanes closed right at the intersection of orange blossom trail and americana boulevard. you might want to consider taking john young parkway as your way to get around. that is the biggest issue by far we are dealing with right now. otherwise, your main road travel despite construction, we are still making very good time at this point on a monday morning. >> more on the breaking news. troopers are on the scene of a deadly hit and run. mark lehman just got out there. what do we know so far, mark? >> reporter: bridgett, it is an active investigation along orange blossom trail. you can see the northbound lanes are shut down this morning from what troopers are calling a deadly hit and run crash. you can see all of the debris scattered across those
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we don't want to get too close to one of the cars. we are told the body is going to be removed here shortly, a body of one of the people who died in the crash. we are told it happened a little after 3:00 this morning. according to fhp, four vehicles were involved. we are told one person died here on the scene and troopers say a driver in one of the vehicles took off crash. we are told the driver is in the hospital now being treated for injuries from this accident. along orange blossom trail and americana, still very active investigation at this time as the northbound lanes are shut down. right now, we are about to learn more information from troopers. i just spoke to one of the troopers on the scene. he will give us an update in minutes. as we learn more information, we'll keep you updated throughout the morning.
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county. thanks. >> more breaking news. >> police on the scene after two people were shot. johnny is there live on this monday morning. what have you learned at this point? >> police are giving us very limited information because they themselves, they are trying to piece this together. you can see behind me, still an active police presence on washington street. what we know so far is that they have been out here. they have asked me to move back a little bit -- move back down the street because they found blood on the street. they are trying to piece this together. we were able to get a closer view of what they were looking at. here's that video. police say they got a call about a shooting on washington street at about 2:50 this morning. police tell us two people were transported with gunshot wounds to a nearby hospital. they continue to talk to witnesses about the shooting.
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in the shooting is there talking with police. at this moment, i have been told they possibly may not have been looking for a gunman. they have everyone involved in the shooting. we are back out live. there is there are still a number of questions i have for police such as the conditions of the victims and if the gunman -- what was the purpose behind the shooting. once i get new information, i'll pass the update to you on air and online on powered by news 6. >> johnny, thank you. >> overnight, the search is on for three suspects after a robbery ends with a man shot outside a restaurant. deputies found the victim last might in the parking lot of the restaurant on lancaster road, a couple of blocks away from oakridge high school. the victim was rushed to the hospital and will be ok. the suspect took off before f they arrived.
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get updates. >> they spent the entire weekend draining the water in hopes of finding clues in the case of a missing newborn. so far, there are no signs of this girl known as baby willow. crews spent hours digging and draining the retention pond which is just a short walk from the apartments. detectives say 30-year-old susan richardson may have given birth. richardson won't say what happened. she remains in the orange county jail. anyone with information on the whereabouts of baby willow is asked to call police in orlando. >> a man at the center of the king cobra search will be back in the hot seat. michael kennedy is repealing the decision to revoke his venomous snake license. the snake escaped his home back
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fhp said he failed to house the snake which led to its escape. the hearing is set for 8:45. we'll let you know what happens. >> a mystery developing in brevard county after a man is found dead at the front door of a pharmacy. according to our news partners, the body of a 48-year-old homeless man was found in front of the walgreens near nasa boulevard. police say no obvious signs of trauma were found and the medical examiner is now investigating. >> another chapter in the great american race is on the books. >> this year's daytona 500 had a fantastic finish. >> here they come to the line. line. >> unbelievable! unbelievable!
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daytona 500. he won by just four inches. >> it is amazing, isn't et? >> yes. it has been the most incredible day of my life for sure. i don't ever want to go to sleep. >> you can hear more from danny tonight when he joins david pingalore for the q and a craze. >> what a win. >> my husband was disappointed. he was rooting for dale earnhardt jr. >> the weather was perfect. you can't blame the weather any of the losses or wins. now we'll see changes as we talk about rain chances. tomorrow, even as early as there. orlando. it is cool at 55.
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we are in for a warmup. 56 at the bus stop. all the way up to 82 by 3:00. mostly cloudy skies and warm. short sleeves in order. we'll talk about rain chances into the day tomorrow straight ahead. first let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. what is happening. >> a couple of things, first we are dealing with a hit and run accident which has your northbound lanes closed at the intersection of orange blossom trail. you might want to try taking john young parkway. not far away at all, another crash on west colonial drive over at apopka vineland. it looks like we have one lane on the westbound side blocked. that is passable without too much of an issue. because it is nice and early and speaking of which, on your interstates, scheduled construction is picking up.
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back over to you at the desk. >> still ahead, a major dmrchl airport is stepping up their efforts against zika virus. >> what they are doing to keep travelers safe. plus new developments in the michigan shooting spree. what detectives say happened between one gunman's rampage. >> staying on top of breaking news after two people shot in a local neighborhood. an update on that is next. you are watching news 6 getting results for winter springs, howie and the hills and all of
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>> we are following breaking news in orange county. part of orange blossom trail is shut down because of a crash, four people were involved and one person has died. this is on americana boulevard. the driver took off but is now in custody at the hospital. following breaking news where
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new smyrna beach neighborhood. we know both victims went to the hospital. police aren't telling us if they were searching for any suspects. in just hours, the michigan man arrested in connection to a seven hour shooting spree will be released from court. >> jason bryant faces several murder and weapons charges in the deadly rampage in kalamazoo. detectives say the 45-year-old uber driver picked up passengers between shootings and targeted his victims at random. he gets chills thinking about his encounter with his accused killer. >> it is crazy to think someone could have gone out and done all these horrible things and came in with a straight face like he is going to work. work. >> dalton is a married father of two.
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out a statement saying, quote, we are horrified and heartbroken at this senseless violence. our hearts and prayers are with the families of the victims of the devastating crime and those recovering from injuries. >> grief counselors will be on hand after a weekend shooting that killed a 6-year-old boy. king carter was a first grader at miami-dade school and was caught in cross fire in front of his house. he is one of 60 children shot in the area in the past year and one of 20 killed. >> a 6-year-old and the community is silent. a 6-year-old and the community didn't see anything, in broad open daylight? >> king's family is demanding answers, asking the community to help get results in finding the boy's killer. >> in volusia county, firefighters are trying to figure out what started an
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over the weekend. look at the footage. it tore through this building in dhand. look at those flames. that building is considered a total loss. thankfully no one was injured there. we'll find out if there are new cases on the zika virus. after the first case was reported last friday orlando international airport, crews say they are stepping up efforts to stop the spread of the virus. the fliers encourage over six travelers to bring insect repellent. studies are studying this virus and its possible link to birth defects. >> this morning, a woman in washington is going viral. >> it is after she lit up after
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lady. lady. >> she is a ball of energy. according to washington post, virginia was born in charleston, south carolina in 1909. she has lived through both world wars and the rights movement. she said she never thought she would visit the white house. her dance moves are making waves online. we are not surprised. this video has been shared over 250,000 times. >> it is those dance moves that kept her young. >> she has it going on. >> a youtube video making it clear she wanted to visit the white house. >> she wanted it and it happened. what a story.
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today we are going to talk about a few changes. a bit of a transitional day today. tomorrow, a front moves in. it will bring us more rain. today, more clouds ahead of the front, even a little bit of patchy fog. let's get you out there and show you where the front is, well to our north. around that area of high pressure that brought us nice weather through the weekend, there is a south wind, that south wind continuing to work in warm air. this afternoon, expect the 80's. this is ahead of a front to bring a cooldown later in the week. this morning, a little chilly to start. a warmup through the day. 57 at palm coast. a cool start but here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. notice the sky, more and more clouds.
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or two of sunshine and clouds. 82 at 4:00 with a 20% coverage of rain this afternoon. rain chances increasing to 30% into tonight. not a washout but scattered showers will roll in because we have more moisture working in ahead of the front. we are at 68 by 9:00 tonight. 66 by 11:00. with clouds in place, temperatures won't drop all that much. no need for a jacket heading out on the town. there's the clouds and rain forecast. watch the white, cloud cover in place. there is the clock into the afternoon. the green indicating a few showers. the coverage only at 20% today. then we begin to see a front approach approach. a few showers t front is in place. more south winds working in moisture. through the afternoon, that will give us an increased chance for rain. this is tomorrow, we'll see an increased chance for rain.
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we have awhile to get the yard work done, before we have a washout tuesday and wednesday. today where you live by 3:00, getting up to 81 in the villages. 79 in ocala. 78 at cocoa beach. even though we'll see a 40% coverage of rain, the temperatures will be nearly 10 degrees above the average. there's your wednesday, a 50% coverage of rain. behind the front, we leave the 80's and we are back to 60's. a drastic change this temperatures. expect a lot of sunshine for thursday and friday. saturday it is 67. back up to 70 by next sunday. a few days of rain and then a drastic change in temperatures. let's check on the roads now with amy in the traffic center with major traffic news this morning. >> yeah, unfortunately. if you are just joining us, here's what you have to know heading out the door. two issues in orlando.
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northbound lanes remain closed. not that far away, we have another crash on west colonial at apopka vineland road, one of the westbound lanes were closed. no delays getting past it. it is nice and early. speaking of which, we'll get you outside and take a live look at i-4. construction on the shoulder, right by ivanhoe boulevard. that's your check on traffic for now. bridgett and david, back over to you. >> after two big weekend races, president hopefuls. >> what is ahead.
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>> according to a medical journal that examined nine different studies, researchers
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could lower your risk of developing cirrhosis by 44% but coffee will never balance out the negative effects of excess alcohol. >> russian winters are thoen for being harsh. >> yes, they are. but swimmers have found a way to toughen up for the chilly temperatures. swimmers plunged into the 40 degree water for chess. i don't get it. the group says playing in icy water tests their strength and allows them to build up their stamina and concentration. it didn't last longer than five minutes. >> that's too harsh for me. >> still to come. breaking news out of orange county as troopers are on the scene of a deadly hit and run. >> what we are learning about the driver coming up and breaking overmight in brevard county, two bodies found inside a home there, what neighbors are saying about the victims just ahead. >> first, breaking news coming out of volusia county as police
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we have the latest and a live report coming up next. on this monday morning, you are watching news 6 getting results for parramore and all of central florida on air and on the news 6
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>> breaking overnight in orange county, what detectives are telling us about the search for a suspect. >> a major detour set to go in effect in a few hours. this will last for weeks. good morning, central florida. >> it is monday, 5:30. >> troy and amy are also joining us. >> the weekend is over. it is time to start the work week. we are talking about patchy fog but a warmup before some rain. we'll detail the timing. >> we have more than one issue on the roads unfortunately. >> we'll get back to you in a second. we have breaking news in orange county where highway patrol troopers are on the scene of a


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