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tv   News 6 at 5.30a  CBS  March 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> >> a death investigation in orlando, a man found dead at an apartment complex. police are trying to figure out what happened to him. >> booked to jail and heading to court. a brother and sister accused of stealing money from a girl scout are set to face a judge. how detectives say a facebook post helped lead them to the duo. showers and storms pushing across, making for a wet start. troy is is pin pointing the rain. the accurate forecast seconds away. it is 5:30 on your friday now. i'm bridgett ellison. >> i'm in for david hall. joining us, amy and troy. >> good morning. >> you have been pz busy.
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pushing out. we are drying out. some of the roads will be wet. we'll watch that closely. of course, amy keeping you up to date on what is going on on the roads. as we take you through the weekend. we are looking great. talking about warmer temperatures into the day tomorrow. than today. a cold front moving in. we'll call it a weak cold front. not bringing in a big change in temperatures. there's the rain. most of it is off to the east. in most areas, we see wet roads from the rain we have been pinpointing. quick moving showers, at times they were heavy. for titusville, drying out. i-95 near rockledge. wet roads to deal with. heavier downpours on top of rockledge. orange county, drying out. a sprinkle or two lingering in clermont as well as areas like wind mere. starting off with clouds. the clouds will clear behind this front. we warm with lots of sunshine later on.
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getting up to 79 at 4:00. coming up, we'll take you through the weekend. bike week, that forecast as well as the allergy cast, will any of this rain help us there? we'll let you know. let's check on the roads with amy, checking out all those cameras and checking on issues. what is happening? >> we have a couple of issues. we have something working on central florida parkway right at rocket boulevard. heads up for that. another crash working as well. you can see on the map data. 417 traveling southbound by colonial, minimal delays as you get past it. it is dark out there. it is mostly pushed over to the shoulder. still as you get a few more cars on the roads, a few more issues beginning to show up. that is your check on traffic. back now to you. >> breaking news overnight in orlando. police are right now on the scene of a deadly crash involving a pedestrian.
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on eastbound colonial drive near bennett road close to the fashion square mall. officers say the victim was hit by a truck driving down colonial drive. then another vehicle came and hit the pedestrian a second time. the person was taken to ormc where he died. no word if those drivers will face charges. >> right now, lingering questions after a man is found dead in an orlando apartment complex. >> police have released very few details so far. his body was found around 8:30 on versai drive. that's where we find news 6 reporter mark lehman live. have police said anything about how this man died or any possible suspects yet? >> they are revealing very little information on those fronts. very little information being released at h this time. what i can tell you, they are investigating. less than an hour ago, we watched as csi advance and homicide detectives pulled in to the apartment complex. it appears they are still
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this is what things looked like when our crew arrived last night. this is where the body of a 22-year-old man was found. investigators aren't saying how he was killed but they focus their efforts on one apartment building speaking with neighbors to learn what led to the victim's death. we learned that no one else was injured. as far as the suspect, investigators say they don't have a description, pointing out one will be released one it is obtained. we noticed cameras posted at the entrance and exit at the apartment complex. i'm asking detectives if they were able to get any video from those cameras or if they were even recording at the time. i'll have another update coming up in the next 30 minutes. >> thanks for the update. in a matter of hours, a brother and sister charged with stealing money from a local girl scout will appear in court for the first time since their arrest. investigators in volusia county say the pair was caught on camera stealing the cash from a
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>> detectives say a facebook post helped lead them to the suspect as the community came together to replace that little girl's cookie money. johnny is live right now. what is the girl scout's family saying about the arrest? >> reporter: we did speak with the girl scout's mom and she said she is, quote, happy the community came together to help her daughter out. she said all the money raised, she plans to give it back to the community. >> volusia county investigators say this facebook profile picture led them to 20-year-old nicholas and his sister, 25-year-old ashley winters. they say the duo turned themselves in thursday after stealing from a girl scout selling cookies last weekend. >> it is a shame it happened in the first place. we are glad to have them in custody. >> they say they were on to the two since tuesday after an officer recognized nicholas from a previous arrest.
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the interior of the car on his facebook profile picture to his hyundai santa fe. an anonymous call came in there from a tipster who identified the siblings from these pictures and led investigators to the duo. >> the robbery is what it was. >> he pulled it out of her hand. it was scary for her. she is a 12-year-old kid. he is a grown man. >> we are told the victim and winters' husband also confirmed it was nicholas and his sister in these pictures. >> we are back out live now. necklace and his -- nicholas and his sister are expected to appear before a judge. we'll be in the courtroom when that happens and bring you the latest information on air and online on, powered by news 6. >> i don't knowny, thanks.
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learn how much time she'll expect in jail. she is charged with lying in the investigation in the death of her son. legal experts say she could release new details about her son's death later today. ebron has been sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for the death of little lonzi. barton is facing a maximum of five years in prison. we'll let you know what happens in court this morning. >> a man arrested after his 6-year-old niece accidentally shot herself is now out of jail. eric williams was released on bond last night, hours after he appeared before a judge. williams was arrested on child neglect charges as well as unsafe storage of a firearm and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. his niece was playing in the living room of a home when she picked up a gun and shot herself
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she died at the hospital. investigators say williams did not properly secure and store that gun which was underneath a sofa. he is free on $20,000 bond. >> we are waiting to learn the cause of this bad crash in brevard county. three teens rescued after a truck overturned in a cocoa dutch. it happened yesterday afternoon. troomers say a 14-year-old was in the bed of the truck when it lost control and crashed. two 19-year-olds were in. the teens are expected to be ok. >> turning to volusia county now where there is a big change when it comes to the penalties for being caught with marijuana. deputies will now have the option of finding offenders or sending them to jail. this morning, the orlando sentinel is reporting that the volusia county commissioners unanimously voted to allow $100 citations for small amounts of pot. the citations are up to the
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it applies to people caught on the beach and unincorporated areas of the city. it is set to go into effect april 1. >> you probably already starting hearing and see motorcycles around the area, especially cruising up and down main street. >> that's because today marks the official start of bike week. it is the 75th year for the event which is expected to attract as many as half a million bikers. the department of transportation says drivers will see an increase of motorcycle traffic along i-95 and i-4 this weekend. they are urging drivers to be extra careful, including double-checking blind spots before changing lanes. motorcyclists being told to leave plenty of space between their bikes and other vehicles on the road. pretty loud. >> good thing the rain is moving out. right, troy? >> absolutely. for bike week, looking great.
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forecast. we did deal with wet roads. that has pushed out. still, some of those roads may be wet. if you are up at this early hour, about to get on the bike, i would hold off a little bit if you can. today is great. we'll dry out in the next hour or so. 74 will be the high in daytona beach. saturday in daytona beach, up to 73. 72 on sunday. dry, nice and warm, perfect weather to get out and enjoy those bikes. here's the way it looks right now, across the area with the radar. most of us are dry. we still see the rain moving in through areas of cape canaveral, back to rockledge, down to vieira. a few sprinkles will move into areas like south patrick air force base and melbourne. that will be within the next half-hour. then we are all drying out. watch out for a few puddles on the roads from earlier morning rain. here is the allergy cast. no relief. we have seen this morning, oak and grass both in the high category. the bus stop this afternoon looking good and dry, warming to
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let's check on those roads with amy in the traffic center. amy, what is happening now? >> we still have a light flow of volume. a couple of accidents. this is 417 traveling southbound by colonial drive. we have an accident towards the shoulder area. not causing delays. you'll notice the headlights coming by, only one or two of them. you can get past that easily. a reminder of conditions not perfect so far early this morning. your drive times really not being impacted again. you can see over on i-4 westbound, st. john's to colonial, 19 minutes. eastbound osceola parkway to colonial, same 19 minute trip. at least there, we are right on time. that is your check on traffic for now. back to you. >> 5:41. new developments surrounding florida's back to school sales tax holiday. >> why parents are expected to have fewer days to cash in on those deals. >> a less than graceful exit for the suspected heef.
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was trying to get away with stolen meat. >> lox 2016 comes to florida, donald trump will soon be right here in orlando. up next, where you can see him
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>> election 2016 comes to the sunshine state this weekend. two republicans presidential candidates will be making stops in florida ahead of the state's primary. tomorrow, gop front runner donald trump holding a rally at ucf. it is his first campaign stop since announcing his candidacy last june. the rally had been held at a venue to hold 10,000 people. not everyone is is happy about
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we are told students are planning a peaceful protest across the street from the arena. >> i just don't feel he is someone who deserves to be president of this country that prides itself on diversity and equality. >> doors open for the trump rally at 9:00 with the event starting at noon. ucf urging poerers to get there early since a large crowd is expected. trump's opponent marco rubio will be in jacksonville rallying for support ahead of the march 15 primary. it is free to attend. meanwhile, governor scott is weighing in on the race, who says he will not endorse the candidate. he'll release a statement yesterday saying picking the republican nominee should be the voters' job, not his. >> early voting will begin for thousands of voters across central florida.
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republican and democratic voters able to cast their ballot for the primary in volusia, brevard, marion and sumter county. early voting is already under way if lake and orange county. keep it here. coming up, a look at the latest presidential debate who attacked don donald trump and what he did to fight back. you can get information about the upcoming primary and find our florida voter guide. >> bad news for parents. it seems you could have one less week to take advantage of the back to school tax holiday. a bill called for slashing the sales to bes holiday from 10 -- tax holiday from 10 days. computers would not be included in the sales tax holiday. the bill now goes before the
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>> caught on camera. a not so perfect ending to a store thief's escape from a south carolina wal-mart. this happened in columbia. take a look at the video. police say the man wasn't paying attention. >> he ran right into the s.u.v. you can see the man -- even though he is shaken, he got back up to run away. police are looking for him. they say he got away with $40 worth of heat from the store. >> was it worth it? >> i hope they were at least steak. when most people go to a casino, they are looking to score extra cash. >> one spot in maryland is offering something out of the world. the casino is offering four lucky people an all expense paid trip to space. organizers of the contest are teaming up with a yet to be named company which plans to offer the trips by the end of next year. the concept is getting the stamp of approval from a man who knows
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travel. >> our limits are unreachable because they are always beyond what we have done before. >> that was the great buzz aldrin, the first winner of the contest will be announced tomorrow. >> that's exciting. >> my question is will you get the trip back home? >> you have to pay to return. >> i don't want to be on the first trip. >> let's see how the first couple go and then maybe. >> i'll take a free cruise. >> today, we are looking ahead to the weekend. this is going to be a great weekend. we are going to be a little cooler than we were yesterday by about that much. as we show you what we are seeing outside, look closely at the high definition lens. there are rain drops, just a sprinkle or two in downtown
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out across central florida. most of the rain is pushing through brevard county and then out of here altogether within the next hour which is good news. drizzle to start. most of that is pushing out. it is 65. that's what it feels like with a south-southwest wind. here's the radar, most of us are dry. you can see the rain beginning to push through brevard county but weakening considerably moving over to cocoa beach, back to cape canaveral, points north of there at kennedy space center beginning to dry out as we see some of the rain pushing out to seament we are at 55 in ocala. a cooldown behind this rain. no more rain there. no more rain in volusia county. 63 in daytona beach. bike week begins today. 65 in orlando. it is 65 right now in melbourne. here's a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. >> notice the sky as we take you into time periods. we'll start out with cloud cover.
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only a 20% chance for rain, mainly in far southern brevard county through 8:00. i think there we'll be drying out and looking better at that point. by noon, we are at 75 with clearing skies. more and more sunshine breaking out. 79 by 4:00 today. on the town, mostly clear. 63 as we head into bike week. the forecast starting today, heading out on the bike in the next couple of minutes, there will be wet roads many volusia county. most of the rain is out of here altogether. this afternoon, warm, dry, beautiful. a good bit of sunshine. a high of 74. 73 on saturday. 72 in daytona beach on sunday, as we are dry all weekend for bike week. there's the clouds and rain forecast, sweeping that front out of here. a few clouds on and off through the day. no more rain. looking a-ok for any outdoor plans. 78 in leesburg. 76 in ocala. 73 in palm coast. there's the weekend in red.
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76 on sunday, nice and dry all weekend. look at next week. getting up to 86 by thursday. some areas approaching 90 degrees by the end of the week with no rain. let's check on the roads and head over to amy in the napleton traffic center. >> good morning to you at home. we so far are off to a somewhat damp start. we have a couple of issues. this crash in orlando on central florida parkway near rocket boulevard. part of a lane blocked this morning. it looks like you are able to get past it. a lot of that has to do with the fact that volume is light. not looking too bad weather wise. out on i-95 thrl, this is right around u.s. 192 we'll look at your drive times. eastbound, westbound sides of i-4, you have a very nice ride under way. that's your check on traffic. back to you. >> you most likely heard about
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have breakfast. do you know which foods are the best? >> what a study discovered about the best thing to eat before you head out the door. >> up next a check of the big stories, including a developing one in orlando. a man found dead at an apartment complex. up next, what officers are saying about that murder investigation. we had real people make their own pizzas. they chose the ingredients they wanted. i like the fresh dough. what's bha? pi'm gonna go with the one thatpdoesn't have the acronyms. pget that one without fillers. what are fillers? you guys just made your pizza the way i make my pizza. hey! no ingredients that you can't pronounce and no artificial flavors. and we're proud to announce pour new quality guarantee: plove your pizza, or get anotherpone, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only.
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>> if you are just about to head out, here's a quick check of the headlines of the day. there is breaking news overnight in orlando where a pedestrian is dead after being hit by not one but two cars. it happened along eastbound colonial drive near bennett road. the victim was rushed to ormc pu didn't make it. >> police are investigating a homicide after a man's body is found at an apartment complex. the 22-year-old victim was found at the cypress point apartments.
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other details, only that no one else was hurt in the incident. >> still ahead, the republican candidates vying for the white house go head to head on the debate stage. >> those remaining took plenty of shots at each other. >> donald has a tenuous relationship with the truth. >> you are the lying guy up here. >> a look at who threw the biggest political punches of the night. >> a big change for uber in one city. ahead why altamonte springs officials are planning to team up with the rideary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. mix arugula, fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges. smile and serve. look for fresh from florida products when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida.
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fresh from florida. >> a man is killed in an apartment complex. the search is is on to find the person responsible. >> breathe breathe breathe. >> all right, ted. >> when they are done with yoga, can i ask a question in. >> we have a look at last night's slug fest just ahead. >> first, it is still early but we are already seeing rain across parts of central florida. we are with troy and amy. >> thanks for waking up with us. maybe some of the thunder woke you up this morning. >> we had thunder and lightning.


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