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tv   News 6 at Noon  CBS  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> right now at noon, president obama announces the replacement for supreme court scalia. >> this will likely start a bitter battle with republicans. >> reporter: president obama
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>> president obama: after completing this exhaustive process, chief judge merrick brian garland to join the supreme court. >> reporter: 63-year-old merrick graduated from harvard law school. >> he has a long record of highly regarded by conservatives and liberals. >> reporter: if confirmed he will replace antonin scalia. president obama knows with this nomination he'll be facing bitter opposition in congress. almost meetly after scalia's death republican leaders
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next president is sworn in. >> american people will have a voice as they choose the next president. >> reporter: in pushing forward with his nominee, president obama is fulfilling his constitutional duty and called on senators to do their jobs, craig boswell, cbn news. >> breaking at noon, florida governor has just endorsed donald trump for president. crews are checking for hot spots after a fire destroys an iconic cocoa beach mansion. >> reporter: this fire relationshiped through the 10,000 square foot home and because of its value, state fire marshal considers it a crime scene. levelled by a massive fire. crews targeted hot spots in the home covered entirely in wood
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the full extent of the damage came into view. this is drone footage from a neighbor. >> now it is just rubble. >> reporter: five million dollar home once owned by florida today and usa today al newheart who recently passed away. his estate grew room by room. >> he didn't necessarily live on buses and jets and trains and all the books he wrote. this was his home. he made it the way he wanted. >> reporter: name pumpkin center comes from a well known spot where newhearth grew up. >> in halloween, they had a hay bails. >> reporter: a place that left a similar mark on cocoa beach.
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on the beach, you see the house. it is a sad news. >> reporter: people living in the area and those that knew the home, even if the owner refuses to rebuild, the pumpkin center itself won't be forgotten. >> sad story for that community. it is weather time. check out the fog sitting over daytona beach this morning. this is time lapse video. you can see the fog burning off along the coast. it. >> meteorologist troy bridges. >> seeing clouds as well. fog burned off as the sun made a big impact late morning. we did have visibilities down a county. look at this, mix of sun and clouds, west-northwest wind at 12 miles per hour. we are warming to 81. feels like 82 .
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right there in daytona beach 81 melbourne, 81 cape canaveral. getting close to records in spots. yesterday we tied the record in daytona beach of 89 , orlando 89. today 89. record farther off at 94. not likely to reach that. melbourne, 87. daytona beach 86 getting closer to that record of 90 . coming up, dry today. we are going to pinpoint rain chances for tomorrow on through the weekend. talk more about the timing bridgett, david in minutes. >> get all the latest weather store. deadly crash under investigation in orange county this afternoon. >> two died when one lost control of her car in christmas.
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control. driver and passenger died. that crass is still being ns investigated. park at cambridge apartments, two suspects forced their way into the apartment, robbed the man inside and stole his car. as the suspects were leaving they shot and killed the man's dog. the victim was arrested on possession of drugs and a firearm. goal to keep a conversation going about many different community concerns, topics up for discussion, gun safety, neighborhood watch and april's gun buy back and other crime initiatives. anymore ber of representatives.
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low missionary results. gop front runner donald trump won florida and took three of the five states up for grabs, one state, missouri still too close to call. victories meant the end of the road for marco rubio. winner take all state of ohio, top. >> as for hilary clinton, victories in ill illinois, north carolina, ohio and florida. bernie sanders, 3 3%. sanders is not dropping out of the race. computer glitch being blamed nor not sending ballots to some locations and some people got
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we went to the supervisor to get answers for you. >> we know we sent the numbers to the printer with them reverse and got back what we sent to them. we should have done a better job of checking those numbers against our request that we want the to do. >> there was request to extend until 8:00. county officials decided it wasn't necessary. our coverage continues on election headquarters county by county results plus full analysis and row brush fire near the interstate could -- sun rail
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of orange county workers. find out when the metro system will open in dc. results for cocoa, ocala and all
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>> welcome back, workers in and around the nation's capital will have a tougher time getting to the office. metro system in dc completely shut down until tomorrow morning. this is so officials can check out the equipment after a fire on monday. they are looking at 600
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they are at risk of catching fire. they are calling the closure inconvenient but it is necessary. estimated 700,000 passengers use metro monday-friday. expected to reopen at 5:00 a.m. sun rail offering rides to boost ridership. how they are losing riders. >> reporter: increasing business around sun rail stations like this in downtown orlando. ridership struggling. this is the latest effort to increase riders. >> it was a great ride. >> reporter: commissioner ted encouraging people to ride the rails free of charge. one day offer to all 7500 employees cutting down traffic and emissions and booster ridership on sun rail is
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>> that is awesome. >> reporter: number of passengers fluctuated. january saw average of 3300 riders per day. february a boost, still below the original goal before service launched in 2013. >> i think everybody should commute to work, get rid of your cars. >> reporter: passengers will be offered 25% discount. kate adams see these moves as a step to getting results for the commuter rail. >> to me it is worth trying. give it a try. it is definitely worth it. >> reporter: in orlando, mark lehman, news 6. >> drivers being warn to watch out for smoke over the interstate. started near maytown road near
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it has burned 30 acres. no plans to close the interstate. crews will watch for conditions there. very soon thrill seekers will be able to experience what seaworld will be the fastest coaster in orlando. >> fastest roller coaster finally complete. finalized yesterday with a 12,500 pound piece complete with traditional american flag. opens up this summer reaching speeds 73 miles per hour heights of 200 feet. >> yikes, looks high. >> remember that story from earlier? >> yes, we see the buzzards flying by. there are a lot of birds or buzzers flying all around, avoid
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beautiful blue sky breaking through. pinpointing fog. >> more fog. >> that is a beautiful shot at the beach, fog rolling through. >> showed you at the top of the news cast. look at this photo. this is a storm pin app. this is carl from the sola rshg ra. great day for lucy, lab ra doodle to practice. this is our other friend jake lab ra doodle in titusville. we are dealing with allergens oak, bayberry, and grass. we will get rain in here late tomorrow.
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the pollen. also the pine pollen leading to dirty cars, 81 is the temperature in orlando. 81 ocala, villages 82. 81 melbourne. here is a look at the pinpoint accurate forecast. as we take you through the day, 89 by 4:00. record is 94. we won't be anywhere near there. 84 by 6:00 p.m. evening plans, we'll be warm and muggy on into tonight as late 8:00, we are at 73 by 11:00. no rain in the forecast. tomorrow, especially late in the day in our northern counties, closer. that will give chance for rain. this is today, 5:00 p.m. looking good and dry. a lot of sunshine and fog
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fog building through 7:00 a.m. we can't stress it enough. another difficult drive to work early tomorrow. may add time to get there safely and on time. pinpoint a boundary bringing showers by 2:00. still north of our area. by 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, approaching marion county and weakening with scattered showers even through late tomorrow night 11:00, pinpointing a chance of a few showers. early next day. here is what you can expect early tomorrow, mild temperatures mid 60s. patchy fog then we warm to 85 with that 30% coverage of rain through the afternoon and evening. rain chances friday 40% going up to 50% saturday and sunday. sunday will be the first day of spring officially at 12:30 midnight sunday. spring arrives!
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>> troy, thank you. days away from florida's largest country music festival. now through 5:00 p.m., chance to win our grand prize. vip parking to enter for your chance to win, donate to a local charity organization helping provide safe stable housing for our vets. when you give you are entered to win. announce the winner tonight at 11:00. still ahead, best way to quit smoking maybe the hardest. >> quitting cold turkey, those that gradually quit verses those that gave it up. first how stocks are doing on
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>> new study says best way to
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>> apparently cold turkey is the most effective. smokers that quit gradually -- researchers followed two groups and found most struggled regardless, quitting abruptly was more effective. researchers hope the results is more helpful for those looking to give up the habit. orlando magic hoping to get a big win. orlando's bench came up big. jason smith scored 25 points to help the magic win 116-110. hiker came across an amazing discovery. >> area where jesus walked on water. what experts say about its use
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>> hiker made a stunning discovery in israel. >> rare coin found where jesus was to believed to walk on water. this rare 2,000 year coin found in eastern galilee. only one other like this in the world currently sitting at a british museum. shows the face of emperor agustus cesars heir. experts say it was too valuable at the time for everyday use. what a find. >> that is a find. it would be hard to turn that over. >> same thing i was thinking. it is history. that was cool.
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the way of rain tomorrow afternoon not for today. if you are making plans to get outdoors, it is going to be hot. maybe you have to work in this stuff. drink water, up to 89 this afternoon. tomorrow we have a 30% coverage mainly into the afternoon and evening hours. if you are making plans for st. patrick's day. it will come late. 40% coverage friday, 50% saturday and sunday. sunday officially spring at 12:30 a.m. sunday. after midnight saturday into early sunday morning. most of sunday, the first day of spring. >> everything is blooming. it will be
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>> marisa: when the lawyer draws up the papers, all you have to do is sign and then everyone can move on. >> luca: i wouldn' t think of standing in your way, marisa, if that' s what you really want. and if it' s really your idea. >> noah: stalling, luca. >> luca: am i? >> noah: yeah, you are. you' re just standing there thinking about what' s in this divorce for you. >> summer: look, can we just try to be civil about this, you guys? >> luca: no, it' s all right, summer. i' m not offended in the least. your question' s on point. what is in it for me? what? you and marisa get to be married for better or, let' s be honest, for worse, while i' m left with what? >> marisa: well, you could aim for some self-respect. >> luca: oh, i have plenty of that. >> marisa: then how about your


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