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tv   News 6 at 6 pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> matt: what she thought was a fake cop, turns out to be a real trooper. for days, officers searched for the fake cop, thinking they were looking for a suspect, not a florida trooper. this is news 6 at 6:00, i'm matt austin. >> lisa: and i'm lisa bell. was this traffic stop by the book? >> reporter: yeah, it was actually completely legitimate. it was a traffic stop that was never reported. that's because the f.h.p. trooper who pulled this girl over never called it in. when clermont police were called to calm down this crying driver, they had no way of telling if this person who pulled her over was real or fake.
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i'm just baffled. i've never heard of someone not being able to identify a police officer by their uniform. what is her issue >> >> reporter: she's referring to jessica jones, the 23-year-old pulled over for speeding on the way to her groveland home saturday night. >> he had a flashlight above his left shoulder. i couldn't really see anything, just kind of a brown uniform. >> reporter: but jones says she still wasn't suspicious until the officer said he knew who she was. >> he said, "oh, i think i've seen you around the neighborhood. you're probably a few houses down from where i am." that's when i thought, okay, anybody could say that. >> reporter: the officer let her go but she started crying and that's when witnesses called clermont police to tried to find the person who pulled her over but couldn't. that's because police say the trooper in the unmarked car never called it in. >> so no one knew he was making the traffic stop on his own?
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>> reporter: but she says the trooper of 27 years did not violate any policy. they're not required to call in every traffic stop. what happened if the traffic stop went horribly wrong? >> we have computers in our car that pinpoint our exact location through g.p.s. there's no way every officer could call in every traffic stop. there would be too much radio traffic for f.h.p. >> reporter: i've covered several cases of fake cops. every time, law enforcement says if you feel like someone is suspicious and they're pulling you over, call 911 to verify it. i asked f.h.p. how could anyone do this if all the troopers are not calling it in. hear what she says tonight, coming up at 7:00. >> lisa: breaking news from the supervisor of elections office in orange county. news 6 has learned 1400 poll workers did not get paid for yesterday's work. the elections office says their payroll company messed up, which caused their checks to bounce.
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new checks and will mail them out to workers. if someone needs their check tonight, they can pick it up at the elections office. well, what caused a massive fire at an iconic mansion? tonight fire investigators are still trying to figure that out. >> matt: new video shot by a space coast drone photographer shows the huge home is nothing but a pile of charred woods, all 11 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms burned to the ground. the fire started last night. the the historical home was founded by al newhart. >> it was a place for all the locals. >> matt: it was sold for $4 million just last month. the new owner told florida today he was going to renovate and open the property for weddings. >> lisa: a frantic parent calls
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four others become sick while swimming in a pool. we've now learned there was too much chlorine in the water. it happened yesterday at the waterford east apartments, not far from lake underhill road and alafaya trail. news 6 reporter justin warmoth went to the complex today to get answers. he joins us now live. do we know how this happened? >> reporter: well, the complex here is blaming faulty equipment, according to orange county fire/rescue. we don't have an exact cause, however. we do know that whatever happened caused the chlorine level to nearly double what it's supposed to be. >> i probably won't go in the pool for a while, probably wait it off until i know it's safer. >> reporter: devon hurley was looking forward to taking a dip in her apartment complex's pool on a hot day like today, but that won't be happening. orange county fire/rescue says five kids swimming in the pool yesterday got sick after the chlorine level was twice what it was supposed to be. >> i think it's surprising. i've never heard it happening here before.
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and they need to check it more often. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> all of a sudden they ran out. >> reporter: that was the call for help from one of the kids' parents after they started suffering from symptoms. you can hear the children, ages 4 to 11, coughing and crying in the background of the call. >> they're throwing up. one threw up a little bit of blood in coughing. chest aches, the heart is pounding fast. >> reporter: we watched work being done on the pool from sky 6 this afternoon but hurley says management hasn't told its residents what happened and she doesn't think they will. >> i actually saw some people buy the chlorine today. but i don't think they'll put signs up, to be honest. >> reporter: we've been trying all day to get an updated condition on the kids. at last check, one was still at
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checked out on the scene. if we find out anything new about this investigation, we'll let you know first on >> lisa: thank you. in a highly unusual move, an orange county sheriff's deputy has been charged with contempt of court for something that happened in court. >> matt: the deputy who oversees security at the county's juvenile courthouse is accused of disobeying a judge's order. mike deforest is breaking the story for us. it appears there was a bit of a power struggle going on. >> reporter: it seems that way, matt. sergeant tammy stow with the orange county sheriff's office is responsible for securing at the courthouse but the circuit court judge jennifer harris says she's the ultimate authority within the walls of her own courtroom. last week, their responsibilities collided. orange county sheriff's deputy tammy stow, seen here in video from a decade ago, is now a sergeant, assigned to the juvenile courthouse. today a judge ruled that
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a valid and unambiguous court order when the deputy refused to bring a group of juvenile offenders into this courtroom. last week, judge jennifer harris felt it was talking too long for deputies to escort juveniles into court one at a time. so she ordered the deputies to bring in a group of kids all at once. according to a transcript, three deputies refused. with one telling the judge it was against policy to bring in multiple children at the same time. then their supervisor, sergeant stow, was called in to see the judge. "this is my courtroom. i'm in charge of security," said judge harris. "i want all of the children now in the box." "that's not going to happen," replied sergeant stow. i'm in charge of security, ma'am. the judge found her in contempt of court and ordered sergeant stow to commit 50 hours of community service or pay a $500
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orange county sheriffs officials tell us deputy stow was using the best safety practices by bringing in juveniles one at a time. in her ruling, the judge wrote "a judge has an inherent power and, in fact, obligation, to control his or her own courtroom." >> reporter: judge harris compared the situation to someone walking into a castle and saying no to a king. sheriffs officials say they're trying to resolve this difference of opinion with the court. >> lisa: very interesting. mike deforest reporting for us. thank you. today president obama announced the person who he wants to replace the justice antonin scalia. he has a local connection. the president named merrick garland at the rose garden of the white house.
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influential d.c. circuit of appeals. osha won a battle against seaworld, not allowing trainers in the water with killer whales. the president's nominee to replace scalia once legally battled the late justice's son. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other republicans have vowed to deny garland a hearing. the hunt is on for a great white shark. >> matt: researchers are looking for one off the coast of florida. we'll explain why. and a young girl gets a new arm, thanks to a team of engineers and the community. a great story, coming up. >> tom: those stories are the best, aren't they? >> matt: yeah, they are. >> tom: look at the radar right now. we're tracking smoke plumes to the east. and a little cloud cover in brevard county. i'll pinpoint both of those and
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heat tomorrow when it arrives. see you in a few. >> candace: we're continuing to pinpoint around town for this wednesday evening. we're pinpointing campbell in osceola county near kissimmee. for tonight, temperatures are cooling down into the mid-60's. still staying mostly dry. look what happens as we head into thursday and thursday night
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>> matt: new at 6:00, a girl born without one of her arms gets a pretty sweet surprise today. a charity gave her a bionic arm. >> lisa: ucf is changing the lives of kids by giving them affordable arms. here's more. >> reporter: a ucf business is getting results.
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cheerleader a gift of a lifetime, a new prosthetic arm. she has a new reason to cheer. the 10-year-old, showing off her tumbling skills and her new 3-d printed bionic arm, built by ucf non-profit limitless solutions. >> the limitless solutions team has been so amazing at working with her to make sure they get just the right fit for the arm and to have it do all the things it. it's going to help her so much. >> reporter: the young cheerleader came all the way from texas to get the gift of a lifetime, hand-delivered by the ucf mascot knight row and the ucf cheerleaders. >> it's been a dream to play along with the cheerleaders today. >> reporter: it's a sweet gift. the ice cream shop raised $400 in one day to pay for the new arm. >> it makes your life different and better, even though they don't feel like they have a
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these robotics, they can do more. >> reporter: her mother says she's already an independent person, but the new arm will help with simple everyday activities. >> it's so exciting to see them be in their comfort zone and being able to express themselves and see what it does for their future. >> reporter: the gift taking her life to new heights. >> today they're showing her she can be a part of this and she can achieve anything she wants. >> lisa: and she's now the 15th child to get a 3-d printed bionic arm from limitless solutions. topper's creamery hopes to sponsor a new kid every month. that is incredible. >> matt: they said they raised $400 which normally $400 wouldn't get you anything. but these guys can make one for $400. >> lisa: it's pretty incredible. 15 already and now they want to try to do one a month. >> matt: they want to exponentially grow. cool stuff.
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continues off florida's coast. a research group set sail from jacksonville today to find a male great white. they'll spend two weeks off the northeast florida coast hoping to tag more sharks with g.p.s. devices. three years ago, the group tagged a great white shark named lydia, near jacksonville. not right off our coast in central florida. they also tagged other female sharks. now they want to track a male. you can find out more about their research on their website and follow the paths of their great whites. you might want to check it just before going to the beach. who knows, sometimes they swim down central florida beaches to feed. once in a while, you might want to keep an eye on it. >> lisa: there's not really a lot of information known about great whites. this will add a lot to that. we're staying on top of breaking news right now. elections workers whose paychecks bounced. >> ginger: tonight at 7:00, we'll update you on how orange county is working to help the 1400 poll workers and how to keep something like this from happening again.
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election officials to get results for you. voters were turned away because some polling places ran out of ballots. we're getting answers on how this happened. >> i'm a single guy, never been married, have no kids. that was my girl. >> ginger: that biker is riding solo for the first time in decades. he says someone stole his best friend, spike the parrot. how he hopes you can help bring them back together again, tonight at 7:00. >> matt: such a sad story. thanks, ginger. >> lisa: chief meteorologist tom sorrells is joining us now. >> tom: the rest of us are smoking. look at what's going on tonight. here we go to radar. i'll show you precisely where the sea breeze is. there it is in brevard county. see that line? almost going along the 95 corridor here. right there, there's the sea breeze pushed all the way in temperature readings from dropped. anything. you do see the sea breeze pretty
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here's the smoke plume. the sea breeze is just getting past there and dissipates the smoke plume just a bit. wind speeds bear that out. daytona beach, pinned, wind whooshing in from the west there. it's all good if you're in brevard county. everywhere else, the wind is from the west and we're still super hot. temperature reading at news time right now in sanford, you're down 2 degrees in the last hour to 87. 85 in orlando. look at new smyrna beach, the cape, cocoa beach, 78 and 79. that's where we ought to be for daytime highs. it took the sea breeze to get you there in brevard county. visible satellite tonight showing you the location of the next big change going on. moisture is flowing in from the gulf of mexico and a cold front about right there eventually will get here. what happens on the water vapor image is we see the moisture in the blue from houston to atlanta, georgia tonight, getting a touch of moisture.
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hour by hour. clouds and rain forecast during the overnight, okay, this is patchy fog. first thing tomorrow morning, 8, 9:00, meteorologist troy bridges patchy fog. as the day wears on, the sun beats back in. we make it to the mid-80's and then scattered showers begin to develop to the north here, along the frontal boundary as it sags to about right here and can't push all the way through. by midnight tomorrow night, same drill. friday, 6 a.m., the front is here. more scattered showers develop along that front. it looks like of this model run anyway, they slow down by friday afternoon. overnight low tonight in central florida will be in the mid-60's. that will be cooling off at 65 from partly cloudy to patchy fog developing late. here's tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning, 68 degrees with patchy fog. by noon, 82. daytime high tomorrow, back to 86 degrees. just a few degrees cooler than we are today.
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not a bad day to go celebrate the irish. come friday, 82. and then on saturday, the daytime high is 80. but rain chances are 50%. sunday is so much nicer and cooler with a high of 76. check out monday. >> matt: very nice. we've got to get through the weekend at bay hill. a little dicey. >> ping: mr. palmer said, tom, we want good weather. >> tom: i don't think we'll do that palm sunday storm like we had two years ago. >> ping: i was out there today catching up with adam scott. bright smile.
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>> ping: today at pro am, guess who got paired up with the tour's biggest golfers, johnny damon playing with that man,
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he's won the last two events he's played in. johnny, your poor swing. >> ping: johnny is teeing off now. it should be an interesting day, shouldn't it? >> it should be fun. >> ping: i'm with the nascar guys and they're going to have top picks. adam scott, regardless if he won the last two in florida, we were going to pick him because he's adam scott. >> ping: he's adam scott. >> great golfer and great guy, it's so important what adam has done for this game of golf. >> ping: more tonight at 11:00 with adam scott. it was a who's who of sports today.
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this man, detroit tigers pitcher cy young award winner, justin verlander. this is a little bit more serious because you're playing with some tour players. >> yeah, this is different. you know, i always enjoy the opportunity. i love golf and enjoy the opportunity to come out here and see the best in the world play the game and be here at bay hill with arnold palmer's event. what an experience. i couldn't pass this up. >> ping: do you think i could hit any of his pitches, tom? >> tom: no. >> ping: none of them? >> tom: none. unless he wanted you to. >> ping: it's now time for ping's pop quiz. it all goes with justin verlander. what does his brother actually do for a living? >> lisa: i'm going with c.
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i'm going to go a, because she picked c. >> matt: that was going to be mine. let's go a. let's go a. >> ping: minor leagues. he was with the lakeland tigers last year. it was like a trick question. now, sunday night, this past sunday at 11:00, we brought you a great broadcast for you. we got confetti flying. it's such a huge hit in central florida now. put it on the screen! we're coming back, sunday night! we've got ring ping, all sorts of things, sunday at 11:35 on news 6. unfortunately, my brother, he's not going to be part of the broadcast. >> matt: that's a shame.
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>> lisa: well, if you love this weather, get out an enjoy it. >> tom: temperature reading in orlando is 85. the east coast reading has chilled out along the coast.
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forecast for tomorrow, a high of 86 for st. patrick's day. ra in chances are late in the stay tomorrow and much cooler by sunday. it's going to take thundershowers to get us there. i'll have a new model run coming up at 7:00. scott pelley starts right now. >> remember, you can always get my life. >> pelley: a choice and now a >> i have fulfilled my constitutional duty. now it's time for the nat to do theirs. >> pelley: also tonight... >> hillary, hillary, hillary! >> pelley: the front-runners are tasting victory, but trump has a warning about a challenge to him at the convention. >> i think you'd have riots. >> pelley: an alleged drug addict working in a hospital may have put 3,000 patients at risk of hepatitis and h.i.v.


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