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tv   Getting Results - A News 6 Production  CBS  March 19, 2016 11:35pm-12:04am EDT

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those paris attacks captured. next at 11:00 the charges he is facing and why attorneys believe company be back in france sooner rather than later. and a gunman in convenience store making demands but not for cash. find out what he ended up stealing. >> don't cancel your plans for tomorrow, music festival or arts festival for the invitational a great day but still a chance of rain, especially in the morning and we'll talk about that in a few moments. >> the investigation whoo what brought down a major airmner russia killing everyone on board. details at 11:00.
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web news 6 is always on and roar smartphone and tablet. take us with you. authorities are investigating what led to a devastating passenger jet crash in southern russia early this morning. the crash killed everyone on board, the pilot had reportedly just accepted a job with another airline. a russian security camera captured the final moments of flydubai tlait 981 and all 62 people on board, including 55 passengers, four children and seven crew members died in the violent crash. >> every one in our company is
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>> reporter: while the impact pull ver eyesed the five-year-old boeing 747, they quickly recovered the flight data recorder, it happened two hours after flight was scheduled to arrive in russia, about 600 miles outside moscow. based on flit path data it a peers the plane made an unsuccessful attempt to land and circled for a considerable period of time before making a second attempt. the plan ended up about 800 feet short of the rain which in bad weather that includes rain and strong wind gusts. an american team from the national transportation safety board is a boeing are joining the investigation. cbs news, washington. the four month international manhunt ended yesterday, with the capture of a tp suspect in the deadly paris attacks. today he was charged with participation in terrorist murder.
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the hospital this morning, and later charged, the french president said paris prosecutors will seek the extradition of him to france for trial. his his lawyers say they will fight that but the attorney receipt something of the victims of the terrorist attacks believes the process will happen fairly quickly. >> because it is under european law, it will day less time, which is good. have you to understand families, and they want and need and ask to have an answer, they have a lot of questions. authorities believe he has been hiding there since the flood shed in paris that left 130 people dead. caught on camera, this armed gunman robbed a convenience store and get this, he stole nachos.
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seemingly being chased and he is in fact by the suspect. police say he pulled a gun on a store clerk and confronted him about nachos that he didn't pay for. >> the customer, you need to pay for it. he said i can't pay for it. >> there was fight before police say the suspect took ourt a weapon and fired one shot as the clerk sprinted out the back door and police caught him a short time later after a car chase and he's looking at burglary, assault and weapons charges. danny, this over nachos. maybe he was really hungry? >> danny: don't do the crime if you can't do the time. they caught woman cheese detector. did you enjoy the last day of winter? i'm from up north, and i don't know, it feels like summertime to me.
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afternoon thunderstorms, that we have every single afternoon was very omnipresents today and did not materialize. spring starts in about 45 minutes and at 12. 30, the only thing is, that is the day that you try to put an egg, that sort of thing. >> i know what you are talking about. >> the equinox and equal, and okay. vernal equinox, vain hanging out on the west side coming this way, i can't take the rain out of the forecast, look at this, i want you to see this, this what is is going on this afternoon and this morning, when we were all getting up and ready to go about 9:00, out to the golf tournament, this what is was building and we were taking that out there, okay.
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of waters that coming companies here, and headed in our area, got hit pretty hard in the way they got a lot of rain, rain and fires in the palm bay area. beneficial and we could have used more. lots of areas could have used more. things are quietant cold front will that will help create another chance of rain is back here and it will march its way down overnight throughout the morning and that will give us another shot at rain, and just about any time, about a 50% chance of rain in the fork for us forks overnight. then we will, if you want to know how hot it was, it was about 7, normal is about 78. the amounts of rain that we received today. the winner? melbourne, over an inch of rain. some of the other areas received less than half an inch, less and quarter of an inch and it wasn't that beneficial, but we're happy
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a weather picture for you here. this is from karen to deltona, pretty much looking this way, that looks like a northern winter day. they are over there boating or something. arnold palmer invitational dole. i don't think there is a cancellation but winter park office, let's go and support that, a chance of rain in the early afternoon. let's go to the beach. will need sunscreen and cloud cover, and temperatures are in the 60s, and 70s and this cooler air off to the west wants to plunge down in here and that will kick off a chance of rain, small craft caution and rip current threat for tomorrow. going through the evening, here, indicate something rain possibly up in marion county, and keeping that in the forecast and chance of rain, as late at 4:00 this afternoon, and then on monday,
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in and you will feel the last surge of cool air, upcoming week. temperatures will drop down to the 60s and for city beautiful, 67 for an overnight low with clouds and rain, here is what is going on tomorrow. hour by hour. the forecast brought to you by del air heating and air conditioning. >> 7 there by noon and 77 by four:00, and rain chance is going down.tomorrow night you will enjoy the temperatures. up may get some plans, spring starts in about 45 minutes, and then, look out. people will run amuck. and for the rest of the week, two days. 48, 55. and then, boom, its comes back, big time heat. >> i will say this, this has been the best winter i have ever had. no snow. >> we had a little chill because
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little bit, occasionally. >> a couple of cold days, lirk two. all right. here's tonight's florida lottery drawing. time to live the dream florida, saturday march 19, with
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tonight's winning powerball numbers: probably who one won tonight. you just moved here a couple of months ago and one event that you need to get out to is the arnold palmer invitational. ice tea and lemonade. arnold palmer round three today, this guy keeps his hold on the lead.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> jamie: a few showers today but it did in the spoil anything. hopefully we are rain-free tomorrow. >> kept the team down, too. >> jamie: a beautiful day tomorrow, vai son may, if he continues to play like he has the 28-year-old austrailian should win the arnold palmer invitational, wire-to-wire. meaning he led the whole way. but there are challenges. his ability to play through the
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bunker, chips in for an eagle. and he was paired, and this goes through, that is scoring eagle and he is tying with day for the lead. ztenson with a couple of bogeys. from the fringe, look at this. it will go in by jay sunday tops the leader board at fon 5-under, and david pingalore took it in and he has more. >> ping: after a rainy day day at the bay hill club and lodge, it is quiet but tomorrow afternoon a lot of golf fans out here watching jason day trying to hold off a two-shot lead, entering the final round after a 2-under 70 today. >> tough to sleep on a night like this? >> it can be, definitely can be.
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and all that stuff coming in your head. >> ping: this is right where you want to be, you have had success in this tournament? >> i played well here every year once again i'm in a great position, i was this better position last year, and it didn't come out then and let's see if we can make it happen tomorrow. >> ping: nothing like a final round here at the arnold palmer invitational tomorrow. that is for my pick, the a little wheel pick, ian poulter on the dial, he won't win, so the little wheel, tied for 46-minus 2. nonetheless looking forward to tomorrow, jamie here at the bay hill club and lodge. >> jamie: absolutely. day is the favorite but oppenheim in orlando is making a cinderella run. check out this approach from the
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a four-time all american, what a shot that was, needing some wind, but it doesn't happen. a veteran of smaller tours he made the p.g.a. this year. he is tied for 13th at the arnold palmer. ping caught up to him as well. >> ping: you have to live out the dream, where you played college government and you are playing here. >> very special, to be here and stay at home and sleep in my own bed and play at a p.g.a. tour event, couldn't ask for anything more. pittsburgh if you are looking to pull for tomorrow, this young man, special exemption, i'm hoping you shoot like 59. >> i'll take it, anything in the 6 tease. >> jamie: there is the leader board heading to tomorrow jay dan day two shot lead, and
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the weather cooperates and we have another great round of
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a special edition of news 6 getting results with the investigators. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. good evening and thank you for joining us for a special edition, this half hour about the four of us, your investigators. i'm mike deforest with erica washington and louis bolden. and we are recapping some of our best investigations. no one wants to get ripped off but sometimes it does happen. were here to help you to fix it if it does, erica, most of us have been there, your car won't start or you have been in an accident and you need a tow
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your car, even more, and then won't pay to fix it? >> that is one local woman said happened to her. it is never a great day if you need a tow truck but you expect to have it tan care of without a problem. but a woman whether called us had hundreds of thousands of damage because of damage to her car, and she didn't chose the company herself but the company her roadside assistance plan chose to send her. >> it is my car scraping the pavement. >> reporter: she called the roadside assistance number on her three for one protection plan, metro towing finally arrived after three hours without a flatbed. >> i said i do not want my car pulled and he says ma'am i have towed many, men cars. >> reporter: there was damage a
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inspected the car after the tow. all of that was hitting the pavement. >> reporter: a cracked front bumper and undercarriage shield had to be replaced, nearly a thousand worth of damage. she tried to contact the towing but they never responded. metro towing used to be in jacksonville but recently opened in orlando. and this isn't the first car and owner claim they have damaged. the owner of this kia said they did not strap the back wheels correctly and it fell off the tow truck and totalled the car and they weren't return any of her calls, either. >> i contacted the better business bureau in jacksonville and they have an f rating for failure to respond to complaints. >> reporter: we went to their garage to get answers. you damaged a car, in november. >> what are you talking about?
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>> you have no comment, is that the way you conduct business? wendy says mistakes may happen but it is how you honey it. >> as a company, a business, you caused the damage you should take responsibility for it. hooking up a tow is not as easy as you may think, they attends training and take courses for certification but if you call roadside assistance how can you be sure the company is responsible? >> you don't make that decision, have you to trust in the roadside provider. >> reporter: if you think your car is damaged here's what you should do, document, get the company's name and driver's name and take pictures, and get them to sign the receipt acknowledging the damage. the good news is orlando hyundai did reimburse the cost of the
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longer utilize metro towing. >> is there anything you can do before calling the tow truck? >> this is not a regulated field and you don't have to bely as soon ased and anyone can tow a car. you will want to check with the better business bureau and check reviews anything that you can did to research and make sure that you are as comfortable as you can be and not service provider that you are doing business with because that will make the difference. >> thank you, erica. exposing a local man claiming to be a dog trainer who works with special needs kids. family who's paid this guy thousands say their dogs were not properly trained and may have been abused. and get this, the man isn't and who he says he is. customers know him as ryan thompson, specializing in service animals used by children with disabilities but we discovered that is an alias concealing a very dark past.
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good girl. >> reporter: abbey walton adores her dober man that she named cat for short. the 9-year-old who has down syndrome and is in remission for leukemia needed a trained service and hall. so the family purchased a puppy and took it to kids k9 a dog training school run by ryan thompson, seen here on his company's website. this is what cat looked like when the family sent her to the $3,000 training program. and this is two months later. there are unexplained mark on her face and body. she can no longer wag her tail. >> the vet said it looks like someone took a rubber band to her tail. it is useless at this point. and it will have to be amputate
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bloody sores. >> reporter: they are convinced their dog was abused in thompson's care. he claims to be a certainified dog trainer but when we checked with each of these organizations, they say they have no record of thompson. and we drove to this address on listed on the facebook page. it turns out to be the home of the late brantley rowing club, in the a dog training facility. news 6 learned ryan thompson is robert ryan, a convicted felon with more than a dozen arrests, but he has never been charged with animal abuse he has served prison time for abusing a child and his girlfriend. according to report, he strangled her and kicked her until she was almost unconscious. >> if i knew any of those things i would never sent her there. >> reporter: emily paid more than $500 to sends her german


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