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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  March 20, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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mike: billbury went flying on him by the pump-fake. you have to close on under control on him, try to make him the driver. lewis lost it. possession will give it to o.u. buddy getting the sellout crowd fired up.
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[captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.visit] mike: turnaround, you knew it was coming. 5-6 from the floor in the second half. 3-4 for him. carter: we showed you mom, jackie. this is just a couple of minutes ago. jackie is headed somewhere quiet to pray. so that's why we're showing you an empty chair with a jacket because jackie is praying for buddy somewhere in the building. and now buddy's sooners 13 in the second half. one-point edge. mike: about the same time in bakersfield, she did the same thing as well. carter: and it worked out. that's an air ball. second of the game for buddy hield. so billbury on the run, blocked by woodard.
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that one too. mike: that's one on five. i think you need to wait for a little company. billbury on the runout, he could have been better served to runout but they didn't retain possession. carter: into burgess. v.c.u. back on top. so that is eight lead changes. five this half. mike: burgess started for billbury in the first half. now both of them out on the flooring to. it gives you a rebound and some size out there. carter: hield lost it. got a foul called on burgess. mike: fifth team foul so not in the penalty yet. carter: second on burgess.
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they trailed by 14 in the first half. trying to make it back to the sweet 16 since 2011. mike: if you take a one-point lead with seven minutes to go, you sign me up for that right now. this team has made terrific comeback in the second half. carter: woodard is going to reset. buddy left open. don't leave that man wide open. mike: it's an all or nothing play. it's not a defensive play. he gambled. lost and the team gave up the lead. carter: and now, he's at 23. billbury through contact. hield has the rebound and billbury out of frustration, a foul, his fourth. mike: you look up on the
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shoot the gap if you don't come up with that, you might as well be shooting alone in a gym. 4-6 from threes this half now. carter: buddy told us yesterday, one of his motivation rather than focusing on success is just do it again. mike: he didn't want to be one of those guys that did it once in a while or one time. carter: and guess what, buddy's got 25! mike: setting up the drive to the basket. carter: drawing the ire of the v.c.u. bench. mike: his third personal foul. just a blow by burgess. caught right there. nobody could get there. so explosive to the basket.
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trouble and seven first half points, will is forcing a smile right now. mike: v.c.u. fought so hard to get the lead and now you see it expanding. carter: would have taken the roof off. lewis dumps it to alie-cox. that's a travel! mike: it goes from a three-point play to a turnover. carter: tapped assistance had to rip will wade away to keep him from getting a t. mike: i think he did take a little hop though. good call. good overrule. carter: woodard, lob! he finishes it off! mike: it was the correct call
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carter: 7-0 run for oklahoma. back in command. mike: jequan lewis needs to get this team settled down. carter: burgess. into the hands of buddy hield. buddy bumps. lewis is on the floor not. basket. mike: he's going to be shooting fouls. and that was a one-on-five fast break too. there's the look. the great lob. this is on the other end after the travel call. carter: from a travel call on one end, wiping out. sooners extend the lead. did we mention we are in
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carter: and now our degree move of the game. that last bucket for the sooners, dunked down by khadeem lattin, the grandson of david lattin. big daddy, key part of the texas western 1966 championship. they'll be honored at the final four in houston this year. mike: lattin scoring above his average. eight points. only averages five on the year.
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proudly from the bahamas. one of the big tips he got from michael thompson, when you go through the predawn run no cutting over the surf. mike: he went to minnesota. great career there. first pick in the first round. buddy hield trying to walk in his foot steps in the sand. carter: nine to shoot. johnson spinning around spangler. play on. sooners get the loose ball but back to lewis. jequan lewis, the lob. alie-cox finishes it off. v.c.u. back to six. mike: that was a smart play. they had johnson in the corner.
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alie-cox up in the rim. carter: sooners four away from back-to-back sweet 16's. foul away from the ball. that's burgess getting tangled up with hield. mike: 13 of his 18 field goal atemps have been from three -- attempts have been from three. there's the look. they're trying to jam him and keep him from coming off that screen and burgess gets called for the hold. you want to try to influence him to the other side away from the screen. carter: we asked him how do you celebrate as you cut down the nets and you close out the year? he said mom's birthday is the next day. so i'll be celebrating with mom the next day. mike: mom's more important than the national championship what she's done for that family
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carter: lewis hits it from the elbow. mike: this oklahoma team is so explosive, carter, unbelievable. [whistle] carter: foul on o.u. sooners by six. 3:40. [engine revs] [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here. we're gonna setup this lie detector test. if you lie to me, your phone's gonna drop. ah! you would rather post
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carter: the ninth time this year that buddy hield has scored 20 1/2. his sooners lead by six. let's check in with jaime. jaime: the message from coach wade, he said four more minutes. this is the opportunity that we've been waiting for. we've got to play with everything we've got. guys? carter: the sixth tournament trip for v.c.u., common wealth in richmond. the first time this team has gone to the ncaa championship. mike: good answer coming out of the time-out. carter: hield. spinning, pirouetting, finishing.
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threes at this point -- carter: lewis lost it out of bounds. o.u. ball. mike: an unforced error that time but at least it's a dead ball turnover and you have a chance to set your defense. carter: lon kruger said winning an ncaa tournament, it's hard. that's what makes it great. mike: i sense that these guys >> -- were relieved because they're in norman. that crowd on friday really helped relax them. carter: burgess gets the steal. mike: another possession where there are a lot of players standing around and only him dribbling. about another turnover. carter: then lewis kicks it out of bounds. back-to-back turnovers by jequan lewis who has played so well. mike: since the score tied at 57
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points. burgess is trying all that he can to influence where hield is going off that screen. carter: whoa dard off the shot fake. back to buddy hield! mike: you can't -- you can't lose him at this point. you know -- v.c.u. somehow got crossed up on the switch. carter: johnson answers! v.c.u. needed it. five-point game with 2:01. time-out v.c.u. the star is showing up in the closing minutes, buddy hield for o.u.
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carter: tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" and success st. benedict's, a school that's changing lives. followed by "madam secretary" only on cbs. that last bucket from st. benedict's alumn, melvin johnson. mike: hield, seven points in the first half. 27 in the second half. carter: buddy hield has scored the last nine for oklahoma. 19 of the sooner's last 23.
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now, you're going to use some clock to try to go about the 10-second mark. you might see a little more full court trapping by v.c.u. in the last couple of minutes. carter: run two defenders, hield. spangler lost it. and then gilmore stepped out of bounds giving it right back to o.u. mike: nobody more relieved in the building than spangler right now. gilmore just couldn't get a handle on it. carter: checking something at the scorer's table. mike: it's under two minutes that's a reviewable play just to make sure it went off of him. carter: that's two minutes of regulation in overtime. they can go of the monitor. it may be a shot clock issue,
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clock did reset. the question is, did gilmore have possession? mike: you're right. so it would be a change of possession. carter: so if gilmore has possession then you reset the shot clock. they never had it completely, then -- mike: because of the rule change, there was a time when he would have been able to call a time-out in that situation but clearly headed out of bounds and that was not an option. carter: so one of the monitor review situations is a timing mistake. and that's exactly what they're checking on now. that's verne harris and bo verosky. crazy year here in football. indisputable video evidence as it applies to ncaa basketball as
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mike: you know, at this point of the game too, maybe throw a defender and a half for hield to try to get the ball out of his you. he moves so well without the basketball. carter: what's the best chance for v.c.u. to come back with 1:33? mike: i think you've got to press at this point. and try to get turnovers and even a foul. this situation isn't the worst thing in the world because it's one, two points. it's not a three. carter: you're going to have to have some havoc. mike: they're going to say it wasn't a change of possession. carter: bo over to explain to mike gminski that they didn't have possession. so it shouldn't have been a repossession of the shot clock.
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seconds up for oklahoma. mike: that's a huge turnaround. now you have to walk in on hield. switching everything. carter: woodard, left alone. couldn't convert. gilmore, the board. mike: they had him smothered. again, you take your chances with him knocking down the shot. carter: 1:20. alie-cox, another big dunk to pull v.c.u. within three. mike: and they're going to stay in the half court. carter: how remarkable would it be for v.c.u. 13 down at the half playing the sooners in oklahoma city and now one minute to go, it's a three-point game? mike: three guys on hield. carter: who steps up for the woodard, shot fake. into the paint. missed an open lay-up!
7:23 pm
and a foul on melvin johnson. mike: this whole second half they've shut off the offensive glass. oklahoma comes up with an offensive rebound at a great time. carter: so cousins to the line, shooting two. mike: 63%. -- 67%. carter: the sweet 16 begins thursday with the infinti tip-off followed by double-headers on cbs and tbs. one of these teams will be in anaheim. one of two. mike: i still you go for a quick hitting two right now getting into the lane.
7:24 pm
two-possession game. pass. it was a shovel pass and woodard was able to get a hand on it. if you throw a bounce pass that one gets through. here. differ renable 13 -- differential 13. time-out. carter: burgess takes it. burgess on the huge screen. lewis. shot fake. burgess, attacks and a foul on the floor. mike: double bonus. so he'll be shooting two. carter: jordan burgess the older brother of bradford. mike: it ate up a lot of clock. and v.c.u. really bailed out with the foul that time.
7:25 pm
v.c.u. star. number 20. jordan trying to become the second burgess to go get the sweet 16. huge miss. mike: he shoots his free throws stiff leg and it flattens out his shot. kind of the way tim duncan shoots the free throws. carter: johnson and lewis on the v.c.u. bench for now. burgess misses them both. into the hands of the sooners with 25 seconds. still a two-possession game and now the foul is given. but an experienced oklahoma team, they know exactly where to get the ball when it's a foul situation. mike: you talk about buddy hield, he's in the level of elite shooters.
7:26 pm
percentage and the free-point percentage, and he's at 186. carter: rare miss. mike: and things change in the last minute of an ncaa game. carter: seven first half points for buddy hield. 27 in the second half. his motto is stay humble. and he has the right head coach for the job. on kruger who deflects all of the praise. johnson, deep three. gilmore, stickback with 15.2. it is back to a three-point game. can the sooners hang on? right now at at&t, buy the new fr no matter how you hang out, share every minute of it.
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"the good wife" on cbs. mike: if i'm v.c.u. i'm going to put two people on hield. face guard him. deny him the ball at all cost. if you're oklahoma, you want the carter: woodard still on the bench. three-point game. 15.2. mike: a freshman is taking the ball out of bounds in this situation. carter: get it to cousins. into the hands of hield. they avoid the foul in the backcourt. and now brooks gives the foul with 9.1.
7:29 pm
quicker than that. carter: and brooks is fouled out. quicker time on foulouts in college basketball. mike: they used to be time-outs. carter: lewis back into the game. hield to the free-throw line. he has 20 of the last 25, 35 points in the game, amazing. mike: do you doubt him being the national player of the year? i don't think so. carter: and a chance for buddy with 29 half second points. mike: he walked all the way to half court to collect himself and then got all the way to the free-throw line. game.
7:30 pm
carter: lewis has to attack in a hurry. johnson miss the three. oklahoma, back-to-back sweet 16's! from 8-mile rock in the bahamas, to ncaa tournament superstar, 29 points for hield. mike: i would say some prayers were answered in that second half by mr. hield. carter: i'm carter blackburn saying so long from oklahoma city. live games continue on tbs, tnt and trutv. tonight on cbs, "60 minutes."
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> when president obama visits argentina this week, he will be meeting this man, the new president, mauricio macri. as you will see tonight, macri is working hard at changing the mood in the second largest country in latin america? how?
7:36 pm
imagine that. >> i am ready to work. do you agree that we need to work to overcome poverty? we with have to defeat drug trafficking. we have to improve the quality of our democracy. yes, we will show our citizens that what they are demanding is going on, that we work together. >> when i called the president "a black puppet of wall street" i was really talking about the degree to which wall street had a disproportionate amount of influence on his policies as opposed to poor people and working people. >> why use such harsh language with showing no respect for the office of the president? >> i tend to be one who just speaks from my soul, and so what comes out sometimes is rather harsh. >> turn to someone to your right or left, remind them "i love you! i love you!" >> the day begins with a chant
7:37 pm
>> you can be -- >> you can be any good thing you want to be. go and conquer. >> do...go...and...conquer! happy thursday! >> and if you don't see discipline, just watch. >> see your group leader bruce davis has order in the palm of his hand. >> i am steve kroft. >> i am lesley stahl. >> i am bill whitaker. >> i am scott pelley. >> those stories tonight on "60 minutes". >> this portion of "60 minutes" is sponsored by the lincoln motor company and the 2016 lincoln navigator. more room for the things that matter. ld do tacos. we could do some thai. ooo... how 'bout sushi, eh? (dog yawns) no, we're not having barbecue... again.
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>> leslie stahl: there's a lot in the news about a wealthy businessman-turned-presidential candidate with a five-letter last name. but the one we're going to tell you about tonight already won his election, and his last name isn't trump; it's macri. he is the new president of argentina, a surprise, come- from-behind victor who has the eyes of the region and the world on him as he tries to pull his country -- the second largest in latin america -- out of a morass of debt, inflation, and international isolation. this week, president obama will be the first u.s. president in more than a decade to visit argentina, a sign that the u.s. government has high hopes for mauricio macri and his promises to turn his country around. we met mauricio macri just two
7:42 pm
argentina's version of the white house, a pink house, called the casa rosada. he took over a country that had been ruled for eight years by a left wing populist named cristina kirchner who allied argentina with anti-american regimes like iran, venezuela and cuba. >> stahl: here argentina has been in-- in this almost a bloc that takes in almost all of south america. >> mauricio macri: that was-- >> stahl: left-leaning. >> mauricio macri: not anymore. that was, and not anymore. >> stahl: not anymore, because he made a u-turn in his country's foreign policy. in a flash, argentina has become pro-american. macri and vice president biden were all smiles at the world economic forum in davos, switzerland in january, where with the west and foreign investment. he brought one of the men he defeated in the election with him, which impressed the vice president. >> vice president biden: i want the american press to observe something.
7:43 pm
the leader of the opposition with him. that's what we got to do at home. >> macri: i really believe in 21st century. demands that we have to be open, and not putting any more ideological differences in front of the best solutions. >> stahl: he's a pragmatist. trained as an engineer, macri started off an outsider in argentine politics. he is the son of one of the wealthiest men in the country, and worked at first in the family real estate and construction business, once making a deal with that other scion of a real estate empire. i heard that you actually have a relationship with donald trump. >> macri: it's a long story, long away. ( laughs ) >> stahl: it was more than 30 years ago. macri told us his father had invested in a real estate venture in new york city but ran into problems and asked him to arrange a sale, to donald trump.
7:44 pm
moment for me because i was only 24 years old. >> stahl: you negotiated with the guy who says he's the best negotiator in the world? >> macri: he thinks that, yeah. ( laughs ) i don't-i'm not so sure. i'm not so sure. >> stahl: did he win? >> macri: we were in a very weak position. because the-- he was local. having the support of all the banks. but, i could say that we tied. >> stahl: now at 57, he's happily married to fashion designer juliana awada. watching them play with their four-year-old daughter antonia, you can't help but think of the kennedys and camelot, and the comparison has been made in argentina. when macri ran for president, no one thought he would win, partly because of his image as a wealthy businessman unable to connect with the people. but that image was softened by campaigning with his wife and young daughter at his side, and by their openness about their relationship. >> juliana awada: i never imagined i was going to end--
7:45 pm
and when i have the opportunity to met him, i fall completely in love. ( laughs ) >> stahl: that was seven years ago. he'd already been married twice and had older children, as did she. >> macri: i call my best friend. i told him, "i'm going to marry again." "no, come on, you can't do it. ( laughter ) you have just finish a relation two months ago." "no, this is the lady of my life. i want to be with her for the rest of my life, and i'm sure that this is the correct decision." >> stahl: at their wedding the following year, macri revealed a hidden talent. >> macri: i'm a great singer. >> juliana: ah. ( laughs ) >> stahl: you're a great singer? he set out to prove it at their wedding party. he dressed up as his favorite rock star, freddie mercury of the band "queen," complete with a fake moustache, and started serenading juliana. it almost killed him. >> macri: and in the moment i was breathing to sing the-- up
7:46 pm
swallow my moustache. >> stahl: you swallowed the moustache-- he started choking on the freddie mercury moustache. >> macri: it end up here. it didn't go-- it didn't go down. so i spend like-- >> juliana: twenty minutes. >> macri: twenty minutes. >> juliana: half an hour. >> macri: thinking that i was going to die. i couldn't breathe. now is funny, but-- ( laughs ) it was a horrible moment, yeah. >> stahl: you've had a couple of brushes with death, actually. >> macri: no, no. this was quite funny. the other one wasn't so funny. >> stahl: no. the other one happened when he was 32. he was grabbed off the street, and kidnapped. is it true when they kidnapped you, they put you in a coffin? >> macri: yes. to take me to the place. and then in another little bit bigger coffin. it was a box. >> stahl: he was held for 14 days. did you think you'd never live through that? macri: you keep thinking all the-- all day because you are trapped there with nothing to
7:47 pm
die, i'm not going to die. because in many cases, that group of kidnappers killed the victims. >> stahl: but he was released, after his father paid a $6 million ransom. the incident changed the trajectory of macri's life, dramatically. it persuaded him to leave his father's business and set out on his own. first he became president of one of argentina's most popular soccer teams, boca juniors. he then tried his hand at politics. he created his own third party and eventually ran for mayor of buenos aires. on his second attempt, he won. that's when a whole new macri emerged. dancing has become a macri trademark. you're known for this. ( laughs ) >> macri: you know, dancing is
7:48 pm
communicating, no? >> stahl: you know, i've heard it said-- no offense, "dad dancing." >> macri: dad dancing? >> stahl: older man dancing-- >> macri: no, no, no, no. ( laughs ) >> stahl: i've heard that. >> macri: no, no. you have to watch it. ( laughs ) you have to watch my performance. because is advanced dancing. there are so innovating steps. i dream them. first i dream them and then i perform them. ( laughter ) >> stahl: macri got to live out two dreams in december when he danced on the balcony of the presidential palace at his inauguration, after a close, hard-fought election that left the country bitterly divided. even the transition was contentious. breaking tradition, the outgoing president cristina kirchner refused to attend the swearing in. kirchner had been a charismatic leader, in the style of the popular eva peron, who shared
7:49 pm
president juan peron, in the 1940's, and whose legend went all the way to broadway. >> don't cry for me, argentina. >> stahl: the peronist party has dominated argentine politics on and off for the last 70 years. kirchner was a peronist, whose populist economic policies: generous subsidies on things like electricity, high taxes on agricultural exports, burdensome regulations, a bloated bureaucracy, and currency controls, all in combination, crippled the argentine economy. >> alfonso prat-gay: she left an economy that's not been growing for four years now, a stagnant economy. >> stahl: alfonso prat-gay is president macri's minister of finance. >> prat-gay: high inflation. eight years in a row of more than 25% inflation. a significant fiscal deficit. the central bank was running out of reserves. >> stahl: this is what you walked into. >> prat-gay: absolutely. >> stahl: and making matters
7:50 pm
statistics, called indec, had been minimizing the problems. >> prat-gay: the national statistics institute was an institute that was basically lying to us and to the rest of the world. >> macri: they were issuing wrong numbers. >> stahl: fake numbers? >> macri: fake-- >> stahl: phony numbers, just made up statistics? >> macri: exactly. what the president wanted. >> stahl: and it wasn't real-- >> macri: and that's not the way. that's not the way. >> stahl: ( laughs ) no. >> macri: if-- if you have a problem, you have to recognize it and solve it. that-- that's my commitment, no? >> stahl: so do you even know what the inflation rate is? do you even know what the budget >> macri: we are building up the real numbers. >> stahl: even without those precise numbers, he and his team plunged into action, undoing kirchner's legacy. what has heads spinning here is the speed with which they have changed course 180 degrees, in just a matter of weeks. >> stahl: you have cut export taxes dramatically, you've let your currency float, you've cut electrical subsidies. >> macri: yes.
7:51 pm
government workers. you have done so many dramatic, big things. >> macri: well, but we need it. we need it because we need to put our country back to growth. we were trapped with so many rules, that we couldn't move. >> stahl: but he raised eyebrows by making the changes while the peronist-dominated congress was in their summer recess. most if not all of the things you've done, dramatic, big, you did by presidential decree. congress is on recess. you didn't negotiate with them. you didn't consult with them. >> macri: i'm using the constitution. i will always respect my constitution, it's a very good one. >> stahl: but you criticized cristina kirchner for doing that. you said she didn't go through the democratic process. >> macri: lesley, i only criticized her when she did it going over the constitution. >> stahl: you say that, but you've been highly criticized, just making all these decrees. >> macri: well, you know-- at a
7:52 pm
opposition has to criticize something. let them. >> stahl: macri has worked hard at winning over as many in the opposition as possible. he met early on with the two men he ran against as well as all the nation's governors, and since congress has come back, he's shown his political skill by convincing a whole bloc of peronist legislators to work with him. >> macri: i have received all of them, and say, "well, i'm ready to work. do you agree that we need to we have to defeat drug trafficking. we have to improve the quality of our democracy." well, yes. well, let's find in which specific projects we can do it. and we found-- we found, and we are finding that there are ways in which we can cooperate, even though in two years we are going to compete again in an election process. but in the meantime, we will show our citizens that what they are demanding, is going on. that we work together. >> stahl: what a concept: two
7:53 pm
the public seems to like it. macri's approval ratings are over 60%, but it's early. trade unions are threatening strikes, and the only other non- peronist presidents in over 30 years were both forced out of office before the end of their first terms. what's the pressure like on you at this moment? you're doing so much so quickly. >> macri: that we have to do more. ( laughs ) that's the pressure. we are in a very bad starting point, but let me tell you, i'm here running the country because i believe in my people. i have the luck to choose what to do in my life. and i have chosen this because i believe that everybody can do much better than what they are doing now. so i'm trying to do my best. trying to do my best. >> stahl: after we interviewed him, another big development. president macri has settled a multi-billion dollar battle with
7:54 pm
allow argentina, after 15 years, to once again raise financing overseas and help attract foreign investment. >> cbs money watch update brought to you by: >> good evening. the c.e.o.s of nearly a dozen u.s. companies arrived in cuba obama. for the first time iraq exported a shipment of natural gas. and tomorrow apple is expected to unveil an updated ipad and iphone.
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>> stahl: now, cbs' james brown on assignment for "60 minutes." >> james brown: cornel west is a different kind of civil rights leader. his below the radar presence at racial flash-points across america recently, stands in stark contrast to many of the more traditional civil rights leaders and their bright light press conferences. some of the new generation of african american activists seem to be gravitating towards west, a charismatic academic scholar who doesn't lead an organization or have an entourage. cornel west has a message about how poor and disadvantaged americans are being treated today and he can be searingly provocative on matters of race, never more so than when he criticizes president obama. >> cornel west: when i call the president "a black puppet of wall street," i was really talking about the degree to which wall street had a disproportionate amount of influence on his policies as opposed to poor people and working people.
7:59 pm
language with-- showing no respect for the office of the president? >> cornel west: i tend to be one who just speaks from my soul, and so what's-- what comes out sometimes is rather harsh. in that sense i'm very much a part of the tradition of a frederick douglass or a malcolm x who used hyperbolic language at times to bring attention to the state of emergency. so all of that rage and righteous indignation can lead one not to speak politely sometimes. >> brown: eight years ago, cornel west was a fervent supporter of candidate barack obama. today, he blames the president for not doing more on issues like income inequality and racial justice. a product of the turbulent sixties, west has joined protests led by civil rights groups like black lives matter. here in ferguson, missouri, he was one of many arrested for
8:00 pm
the young people who are leading the black lives matter charge, you're all behind them? >> cornel west: oh, very much so. i think that's a marvelous new militancy that has to do with courage, vision. the fundamental challenge always is will their rage be channeled through hatred and revenge or will it be channeled through love and justice. you got to push them toward love and justice. >> brown: why do you think you have that kind of currency with young people? >> cornel west: they know that i take their precious lives seriously. when i go to jail in ferguson and say quite explicitly, "i'm old school, and i want the new school to know that some of us old folk love y'all to death" and they hear that and say, "well, dang, you know, we might not always agree with this brother, but this negro looks like a fighter for justice." >> this is what democracy looks like. justice! >> nyle fort: i think a lot of young people really gravitate


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