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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and larry, with an adventurous trip to work. >> it took me more than an hour. normally it takes me 20 minutes from the west side. my travels brought me several up the hill. and coming down the hill this morning, it was a real nail-biter. it was a sheet of ice. why were the roads so bad with so little snow? a lot of people are asking the question. >> first off, the timing was bad. snow began falling during the morning commute. the additional traffic made it tough for salt trucks to get ahead of the game. there wasn't a lot of snow but there were a lot of problems. >> roads were not good. maxed out 25 miles an hour on 275. it wasn't fun at all. >> nasty out there.
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lot of wreck in the highways. seeing the light pole down >> and things were so rough late morning. this is the drive off grand avenue in east price hill. it was a fishtail kind of morning this is the drive down quebec road which is still snow covered and icy. why so many problems with little snow. >> and streets are cold like that. and when the show comes down like that, it's going to be a little bit more difficult to travel, especially on the hill and things like that. we pay attention to the areas and we try to get to the areas as quick as possible. >> jared bolton with the cincinnati public services, says crews were working 12-hour shifts. even though the trucks were stopped -- >> and snow still possible. >> not looking forward to that. >> plan on staying inside because i'm off.
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>> not a bad idea. hopefully we will dodge that bullet on friday and hopefully the road crews will get ahead of the game next time we have some significant snow. it's smooth sailing in paris avenue. larry davis, local 12 news. >> that's good news. thank you, larry. the cincinnati department of public services needs your help. if you know the troubled spot in your neighborhood. and to relieve the workers sips midnight. they will be hitting the trouble spot during the morning hours. >> snow that caused misery has moved on. >> tim has a look what's in store for the rest of us for no wake weather. >> when the temperature is 10 degrees colder than freezing. the road surface, you will have problems no matter what you do.
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then they go out and plow the streets. the salt has little to do with the snow that initially came fairly quickly this morning. it piled up. and it will cause a problem, surface temperatures 22-23 degrees. one to three inches of snow. officially it will go in the books 2.3 inches, northern kentucky international airport. clouds in the area right now. all of the snow well east of cincinnati. you could see it moving out of the area. we're tracking yet another storm to the west of cincinnati. it's starting to turn in a counterclockwise fashion. this is just a glimmer in my eyes for what it's going to be in about 48 hours from now. it has a lot of developing to do. it has a process of cycle
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already, the national weather watches, and winter storm watch friday into saturday, and southwestern counties. includes adams county, brown county, mason county, pendleton county, grant county and owen county. with this storm development, we will anticipate the highest totals to the southeast of cincinnati. some snow here but maybe not a lot because the gradient is going to be very tight here. you may go from 5-6 inches to southeast to little, if any across northern sections of butler county and northern sections of franklin county. still much to be determined. at this point, certainly the heavier snow totals is 4-plus. temperatures in the 20s right now. winds out of the north. 19 at 10. 18 degrees at midnight. it looks like a chilly night.
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quiet tomorrow. we'll look at the storm genesis and tight gradient of snow, occurring in the tri-state as we get to the day on friday. >> thanks very much, much long time and popular radio dj and his wife are out of their home after a devastating fire. duke hamilton and his wife narrowly escape at the pendleton county home. beyond the duke's radio, known for raising miniature horses and other breeds. the couple and animals are okay. the next few weeks will be difficult. tonight at 11:00, local 12, brad underwood, looks at how their neighbors are helping them through. a judge sends a man to prison for 10 years for providing the drugs that led to a deadly overdose. that sentence comes after a jury convicted austin wells of involuntary manslaughter and
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wells gave patrick what he thought was heroin but was actually cocaine laced by a popular pain killer fentanyl. patrick died of an overdose. stocks took another beating. one point, dow sank more than 500 points. the blue chips did recover some and close down 249 points. oil prices continue to fall because supply is way up and global demand is down. those prices sparked a sell-off. traders are concerned about a cooling economy in china. analysts say they don't know when it will hit bottom. a new candidate steps into the mayor's race.
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covington's >> police hope you could help them find a robber that terrorize add convenience store. the man in the surveillance video held up. and from the camera over the register, appears to keep asking the clerk to give him more money. if you have any information to help police, call crimestoppers.
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familiar old name made the covington mayor's race more interesting. they filed paperwork to challenge incumbent. and it could change the direction the biggest front neighbor. crank shaft epa. braxton brewing, revitalizing the irving core. good stuff but not good enough, says joe meyer who want to revitalize the political career. >> could do a lot better. it is good. it is great. it's not nearly as much as it could be. better strategies. >> meyer serve as state rep and state senator before becoming
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workforce in kentucky. >> that pivotal point, occurred through hard work and additions. did occur overnight and to continue the momentum, we have to stay on the same track. she served three terms as a covington city commissioner they are not young. both are older than the traditional retirement age of 65. far from retirement. meyer lobbied aggressively, to pay for a bridge investment. >> leadership, advocacy, speaking out in northern kentucky, shows a leadership difference, that's meaningful. >> karen, who supports tolls, says the antitoll folks stalled unnecessary projects. >> i think not moving forward on a healthy discussion, productive
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makes northern kentucky look very bad >> lot better than pail ail is brewing in covington. >> and third candidate, matthew winckler didn't return a phone call today. that's on may 17th. to will advance to november's general alex.
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covington mayor is >> simple blood test could figure out if your illness is viral or bacteria. that will make a big difference much scientists have come up with a test, that could distinguish between the two infections.
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treat by antibiotics. viral infections are not affected by the antibiotics. by distinct guishing between, doctors can cut down on the use of antibiotics that has resulted on antibiotics super bugs. >> introduce them on the other effects, on the overall health and puts them on the risk, developing resistant infections later on. duke is trying to create a one hour version critics could use in a couple of years. survey finds, 41 percent of workers took absolutely no vacation last year. one reason for the high number. one in four don't get any vacation from the employer. one in five, they don't take it all because they will be letting
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nfl star from the tri-state forms a bond. the pros kindness is going viral. >> this is a neat story. nine-year-old jackson griffin is a big fan, especially number 59. and he attended zillingdale. video of his encounter is being shared on social media. last week, 4th grader, offered charm. his heathly car made it through the cub scouts pinewood derby. >> are you sure. >> winner. >> how about you sign it? >> >>. >> had the little buy sign it
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she couldn't believe, spent a couple of minutes talking to her son. by the way, linebacker gave jackson a pair of his practice glove as well. said. it was all about the timing, not about the amount of snow. road temperature was 10 degrees below freezing. the salts is not going to do a whole lot. and finally it warmed up and they were going to get the plow out. probably didn't see a lot of plow activity until the roads stopped. there were traffic delays. i thought the morning team did a great job. and bob herzog, jim dalton, i thought they did a great job. very entertaining as well. weather camera, we have some
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no snow to talk about right now. here's your weather story. there's a storm for friday. do not make the assumption, this will drop heavy snow over cincinnati. it may not dump very much in cincinnati whatsoever. don't get fooled by the hype with this friday's storm. because it is trending further and further south. each and every model run. it started to do so last night. it did it this morning and now it's doing it this afternoon. there could be a tight gradient of snow into northern kentucky. what do i mean by that? that means sections of northern kentucky, grant county, pendleton county, could see snow. that could drop off to next to nothing, by the time we get to cincinnati. that's our feeling right now. 21 right now.
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winds out of the north at 6 miles an hour. no snow in the area right now. it's all push to the east leaving us with some cloud cover. i think the clouds will thin tonight. we'll see a little bit of partial sunshine tomorrow or filtered sunshine, as the day goes on. here's the next storm system. it's really going to turn in what to what looks like inland hurricane and snow and weather in the southern side as you get down to florida. you sart to see right here. and that will get stronger and stronger in the course of the next 24 hours. this is what we'll anticipate. with the depicktion, blue is snow. 7:00 tomorrow morning, maybe a little cloud cover, a little bit of sun. 7:00 tomorrow night, no problem. we're in between storm systems. thursday night, maybe a little
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notice friday, 7:00 in the morning. here's the snow and freezing rain. central and southern sections of kentucky. cincinnati, still in cloud cover. that's not snow. as the day goes on, snow moves to the north. the heavy stuff will be south of downtown cincinnati. there's areas to the north of cincinnati at that may not see a flake of snow. so the chance for the highest totals, mazeville, dry ridge, some snow here. blanchester to cincinnati, back to versailles and little if any to the northwest. i have a hunch, push further to the south. cannot guarantee it. i think it will trend further to the south, model runs in the next 24 hours. right now, winter storm watch. adams county, brown county,
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pendleton and owen county. what do we know right now. more snows likely to the southeast. there's a tight gradient going from a lot of snow to nothing right over the area. it will be windy. i think we'll see winds out of the northeast at 10-35 miles an hour. 21 degrees right now. 23 in lexington. wind chills, between 12 and 16 degrees. snowfall down to 18. temperature drops to 14 for an overnight low. here's the planning forecast. 32 on friday. we'll continue to watch that storm as it develops. it is really just developing. into next week as far as 41 degrees. next tuesday and wednesday. perhaps a little bit of cloud cover on tuesday. 36, 36 degrees on wednesday as well.
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it's trending to the south. it has done so in the last 24 hours and continues to do so. we'll see what it does. and we're travelling to d.c., philadelphia, new york, check your travel plans carefully, up to a foot of snow, many locations, mid-atlantic. >> xavier volunteers have to regroup. >> more on the hoyas upset in sports. >> losing at home. lights out in the center, handing the second loss of the entire season. hoyas improve, thanks in long part to the long range shooting. knocked down 10 free pointers. and muskies cut the lead. and 7 straight shot.
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not a great week, top 5, oklahoma, upset on monday. last month, third ranked kansas. xavier losing to the hoyas. >> match-up against the memphis. double overtime from saturday. points. nick in the abc offense this time of the season. >> and maybe you can't score that way anymore. january and february. adjustments, kids have to realize, kids a taking a and b away. you're trying to always improve and adjust the way teens are defending. people trying to take a load on us, interior, so big guys can score. >> playing is nothing compared
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patriot's linebacker helped saved a woman trapped in a burning car when he was kicked out the window. slashed his leg in the process. he played with the steelers with 20 stitches much he said he's ready to go again this week against the broncos. runningback spent the last couple of seasons in the practice squad. bengals will gain about 150 yards. he will sign as an undrafted rookie. it's official, fc cincinnati, playing their home watch, in
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. >> coming a the 11:00, starved and left to die in an alley. one of the abandon dogs in the tri-state. >> fun check at weather. >> drive down to 14 degrees tonight. little bit of sunshine tomorrow.
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