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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati 430  CBS  March 3, 2016 4:25am-5:00am EST

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3 good morning cincinnati. (ad lib to weather) 3 3
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3 time/temp ...ahead at four-30 ...traumatic bus ride ...a mother is appalled with the way a teacher sent her young son home from school ...a nervous first day back ... madison students share what it was like returning to class only a few days after one student opened fire're watching good morning
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3 now at four-30 ...getting back to the way things were teachers and staff tried to make madison students comfortable on their first day back since the shooting there ... 3 continuing her mission ...when you can hit the streets in lauren hill's honor ... 3 weekend of wine.just how many different kinds of vino you'll find at the cincinnati wine festival. 3 good morning good morning cincinnati.thanks for joining us on this thursday.i'm john lomax.and i'm sheila gray.the stories of the day are coming up. first a check of the weather. here's meterologist john gumm.
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3 many people have the victims of monday's school shooting at madison junior senior high in their thoughts.dozens came out to pray for them last night ... they filled the pews at first presbyterian church.. where they prayed, read scripture, and sang hymns. some were searching for peace ... others for answers. 3 "when tragedies like this happen god's heart is the first to break. all we can do is respond. so we wanted to draw people from our community together to have prayer and read scripture." they also prayed for the suspected shooter, james austin hancock. his family released a statement that reads in part, "we are devastated by austin's actions at school on monday. our family has lived in this community our entire lives and we never expected anyone to experience the event that occurred on monday, and we certainly did not expect that one of our family members
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praying for everyone involved, including austin whom we still deeply love." 3 for the first time since the shooting, students returned to class at madison yesterday.and it's a lot to ask of kids, who ran out of school terrified, to walk back into the same building just days after.but that's what they did.local 12's sydney benter talked to students as they left school, to see how it went. 3 (curtis philpot, superintendent, madison local) 02:03:17 "i got a lot of hugs, i got a lot of thank yous, i got a lot of kids that were glad to be back and it seemed very normal today." 02:03:23 one day removed from chaos... the mohawks put on brave faces and returned to school.(noah lehman, freshman)15:07:35 "you never think it could happen to our school--we're so close, but stuff happens :38 not expecting it and gotta move on." 15:07:42that's why so many students and parents felt it was important to go back and try to return to normal... even though normal means something different now. especially for lucas fligour who watched his classmate, austin hancock, pull out a gun at lunch.(lucas fligour (fly-
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so it's obviously really scary seeing someone that you've known for that long just pull out a gun and start shooting your--shooting a couple of your friends." 15:33:04like so many other students... he was apprehensive about heading back.(lucas fligour (fly-ger) 8th grade)15:33:36 "i didn't want to go because i was honestly kind of scared something else was going to happen." 15:33:41madison local school leaders were bound and determined to make the day a smooth transition.parents applauded their decision to open up the school ahead of time to help put students' and parents' minds at ease.(mary ann morris, parent of freshman) 15:30:56 "i'm very proud. not one thing i would change. i have total faith in the system that they're going to have in place." 15:31:04security will undoubtedly be tightened in the coming days at madison.the superintendent says he hasn't ruled out bringing in more officers on a regular basis or getting metal detectors.but he's calling on parents to do their part, too.he's asking gun owners to make sure their weapons are locked up.(curtis philpot, superintendent, madison local)02:02:51 "we've got 1600 kids walking through the doors everyday and they might have one leaving their
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school safety and security and that message is not just madison. that's everywhere." 02:03:01sydney benter local12 news 3 attendence yesterday was about 90 percent. the superintendent says that's normal for this time of year. he says the administration understands that some students still don't feel comfortable returning to school .. so absences will be excused for the remainder of the week. 3 a 77-year old woman is recovering after she was terrorized by a carjacker with a gun in fort mitchell.fort mitchell police say the man pointed a gun at her in the remke store parking lot on dixie highway yesterday afternoon.she got out of the car and the suspect drove off.. she was not hurt.. but it had to be police are looking for surveillance video from nearby businesses. the stolen vehicle is a black, 2002 toyota camry.. with kentucky license plate number is missing the rear hubcap on the driver's side.and the camry has a dent about the size of a softball under the rear license plate. police.
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in more local news ...lauren hill left behind a huge legacy ...she raised enormous amounts of awareness for d-i-p-g, as well as millions of dollars for cancer research.and even though she died last april, she's still inspiring others to follow in her footsteps. newport's italianfest will hold its first lauren hill 5-k spaghetti run on june 11th.the money raised will go to "the cure starts now foundation" which is dedicated to raising money for pediatric brain cancer research. 3 time/temp ...happening this weekend ...the cincinnati international wine festival returns for it's 26th year .... you can sample more than 700 domestic and international wines from more than 100 wineries.the festival includes several events ... dinners, grand tastings, and a charity runs today through saturday, most of it at the duke energy center.and local 12's megan more will have everything you need to know about the festival, and ticket prices, ahead at five on good morning cincinnati. 3
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humiliation ... at four years oldwhy one mother is seeing red with her son's school ... plus ...another g-o-p presidential debate tonight ... there's a growing rift between republicans as candidates get ready to take the stage ...
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3 new this morning ...the texas state trooper indicted in the sandra bland case is now officially off the force ... trooper brian encinia was
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after he was charged with perjury.encinia is accused of lying about bland's arrest last year.the confrontational traffic stop was caught on dashcam video.three days later, the 28-year old woman was found dead in jail.. and it was ruled a suicide. 3 there's renewed hope about finding missing malaysia airlines flight 370. a piece of an airplane washed ashore in of debris found in mozambique appear to show part of the tail section of a boeing 777.australian leaders say the location of the debris matches investigators' theories about where wreckage from the plane would have ended up.flight 370 is the only missing boeing 777 on vanished on march eighth 2014 .. with 239 people on board. 3 a mother in georgia is furious with what happened to her four-year-old son ...and if it happened to your child, you'd probably be fuming too.janet burgo says her son was traumatized, after he had an accident at his elementary school last week.a teacher then sent him home on the bus
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school's principal says a sweatshirt was tied around teh boy's waist to hide his underwear while other clothing was found, but he was put on the bus before that happened. the teacher responsible resigned this week.but burgo thinks she should have been fired.she also thinks other teachers who saw her son without pants should be held accountable. 3 "how do you walk by a school of teachers and get on a bus in your underwear in 40 degree weather?"school leaders say they'll answer that question when the investigation is complete. 3 donald trump will square off just three other contenders tonight at the 11th gop debate in detroit. the billionaire frontrunner has been fending off attacks from mitt romney and other republican rivals.. romney is appearing in salt lake city this morning.. to claim trump is tarnishing the party's brand.. don champion reports from the campaign trail. 3 republican presidential front- runner donald trump is locked in another battle.this time against mitt romney who is expected to blast the billionaire during a speech on
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today.-nat/sot- (facebook video) "i want universal coverage"trump posted this video to his facebook page wednesday night...questioning romney's conservative far, romney has attacked trump over his refusal to release tax returns and failure to immediately disavow kkk leader, david duke. in an open letter- more than 50 prominent republicans also challenged trump, but it could backfire.(sot john dickerson) there's no guarantee. attacks from the establishment could very well make trump stronger. -nat/sot- (from last debate) (sot rubio) so that's the plan? just the lines?in tonight's debate marco rubio is expected to step up attacks on trumpespecially over his newly released healthcare plan that includes repealing obamacare.he's still fighting to become the biggest alternative to the frontrunner. (sot rubio 17:11:00) if we choose donald trump as our nominee we will coming off two wins on super tuesday, ted cruz urged other candidates to drop out of the race.(sot cruz 20:43:53) if you've been supporting ben carson or john kasich or marco rubio all good
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to our teamcarson withdrew from tonights debate.following the results of super tuesdaythe retired neurosurgeon says he sees no path forward to the nomination. don champion cbs news. 3 republican voters in louisiana, kansas, maine and kentucky will weigh in on saturday. on the democratic side -- voters in louisiana, kansas and nebraska will caucus this saturday for hillary clinton or bernie sanders. 3 time/temp ...time/temp ...and we're hearing a lot of people don't even know about kentucky's new nomination process this year.. we've got some help two of these and call me in the morning.the national program using books to step up brain power, next on good
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point,t, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. 3 on the heels of super tuesday, kentucky republicans will cast their votes saturday for president.but it's not primary a move to accomodate rand paul's desire to run for president and re-election to the senate, republicans opted to have a presidential *caucus*.confused?local 12's joe webb says you're not alone. 3 the phones are busy at kentucky county clerks offices this week with questions about the republican presidential caucus this weekend.most people are very, very confused. even people who are politically astute and follow politics don't understand what's going.a lot of people
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is a caucus.even though the caucus is put on by kentucky's republican party...most of the questions are coming to the clerks. they have handouts printed, directing voters to the state republican party's website. there's a link on local-12-dot-com. here's the basic information.if you are a registered republican in kentucky....this is important. if you want to vote to nominate a candidate for president, there is no primary for republicans this year. there's a caucus this saturday from 10 to 4 and you don't vote at your normal polling place. boone county republicans will vote at florence baptist church on mt. zion road.all of kenton county's republicans will vote at summit view school in independence. all campbell county republicans will vote
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school. one polling place in each county. only republicans. democrats will vote in kentucky's primary may 17th. spread the word. most people haven't a clue. is this the first you're hearing about this? yeah. i didn't have any idea about that. that's different. that's interesting. haven't you heard anything about the kentucky republican presidential caucus? no, i haven't. it's this saturday. okay.regular primaries have very low turnout. this could be a new low.based on the volume that we have here it may get 5 percent 6 percent. but not sure it will even hit that least the results should be easy to count. in news. 3 for more information, go to the kentucky republican party's website.we have a link on local12-dot-com.
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now here's bob with a local 12 traffic alert. 3
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3 hundreds of 3 kids in the tri-state got a special prescription for good was a push for better brain power on national read across america day.. also dr. seuss' birthday.local12's liz bonis asked the experts at tri-health about why part of that prescription ... is a good book. {** nat sot open **< 11: 43: 27 would you ,, could you in a car?>{** vo **if you find
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nia who's now nine -- you know the next line:{** nat sot **< 11: 43: 37 i would not,, could not in a car>{** vo **green eggs and ham,, just one of the many books on this mind your mind ,, at trihealths's bethesda family practice in norwood they chose this national read across america day to give kids great medical care,, which mia's twin sister nadaya needed for her fractured ankle --{** sot **< nadaya/ 9 years old/ 11: 55: 35 what were you doing when that happened?? running, and what did you run into?? a wall,it feel better now,, they rap it up for you (nods)>{** vo **and great practical care -- for a healthy future.{** sot ** {** sot **< stand up / kid books at 11: 59:56 the day is actually part of a larger program..which starts when these kids are really little. the goal of course is to encourage brain development and more importantly,, not to fear going to the doctors
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happen here too.>{** sot **< 11: 51: 35 it's called reach out and read (butt to 44 ) and as that we give out a new book at every well child check between 6 months and five years of age.>{** sot **< 11:55: 25 do you have a favorite book? what is it? encyclopedia book.>{** vo ** while the twins could tell you about their top reading picks --{** sot**< nia/ 9 years old 11: 49: 48 it has all the disney stories in it.>{** vo **little harley,, who's just four,, could only explain part of the plot --{** sot ** {** vo ** and just in case you wondered - why the perfect prescription for good health sometimes really is a good book -- remember the ending to green eggs and ham?{** nat sot **< 11:48: 20 i would eat them in a house,, i would eat them with a mouse.>{** vo ** remember, it's try it,, you might like a house,, with a mouse,, here, there,,
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doctors office. 3 we invite your questions for providers at trihealth, just go to local12-dot-com and click on ask the expert. hundreds of offices took part in national reading day.the books are given to offices at cost as part of this program all year long. 3 time/temp's national cold cuts day share your dream sandwich on the local12 facebook page ...a ten year old was able to make a new underwater friend ...we'll
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on good morning cincinnati.3
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it's national cold cuts day!so on facebook, we want to know
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3 we want you to join the conversation -- just *like* the local 12 page on facebook to share your thoughts. 3 3 (show open) 3 now at five.helping witnesses fight their fears.we'll tell you why it's getting easier to come forward with vital information. 3 plus, getting back to normal. hear from students at madison junior/senior high school after their first day back to school. 3 sampling wines all in the name of charity...i'll tell you what you can expect at this year's cincinnati wine festival. 3 good morning.we'll get to those top stories in just a moment.but first we want to start with a first check of your's meterologist john gumm. 3


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