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tv   Good Morning Cincinnati Sunday  CBS  March 6, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. >> breaking news alert and the weather authority forecast, this is good morning, cincinnati sunday. live on local 12. >> liz: another big day for presidential candidates. we will tell you who won, which states on super saturday. >> adam: duck and line, the high turn out, leaves the voters stuck in the big time traffic jams. >> reporter: it is the last day for the bath fest and we will give you the list of the events coming up. >> liz: good morning, cincinnati thafrngsz for sharing part of your sunday, you know where she is, she is at something spring.
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happening and i'm adam clements and the forecast that we are looking at today. >> brandon: good and it is going to get as the weekend goes on. >> adam: here is brandon orr with the no wait weather >> brandon: it is going to be warmer and we saw the rain fall and not so much the case and even though it looks like rain, 37 degrees and lots of cloud and it will start to break up at least a little bit later on today, and i think that we will get the peaks of the sunshine and look at the temperatures and now we have the 30s across the area and as i mentioned 37 at fayetteville. and in the 20 and that is a big difference over a short area clouds. we will have the clouds at night and tends to keep the temperature up. and you can see that clearing over there. and that is what dropped them into the upper 20s precision, doppler ch 12 hd, none of the clouds are producing any snow on radar and there is some of that sunshine that we will see later on today. 48 degrees by four, and 49 by
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temperature and we are just closing in on the 50-degree mark today and notice how slowly it falls, and we are not looking at a temperature drop over night tonight and so we have two more dry days and then we will start to see the rain move in and we will tell you how much that we will see, it could cause the minor flooding and that is coming up in ten minutes. >> liz: thank you, it is called super saturday, as the democratic and republican voters went to the polls in several states. >> adam: there were caucuses in kentucky, and maine and nebraska. and craig is live in dc with a look at what voters decided >> ted cruz, kicked off super saturday, with big wins in kansas and maine. >> super tuesday was a night where we won victories all over the country and on super saturday, we are doing the same thing. donald trump took louisiana and kentucky. >> i want to thank the people of louisiana.
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i want to congratulate, ted on maine on kansas and he sh you had do well in maine. because it is very close to canada. >> reporter: but even in the states cruz lost, he came in a close second. >> what we are seeing is the republicans around our campaign. >> reporter: senator marco rubio is looking ahead to march 15th, when his home state of florida votes. >> we are going to win, florida. and you will find out on march 15th how confident we are. >> democrats, voted in three states, louisiana, kansas and nebraska with bernie sanders and hillary clinton, splitting the vote. >> sanders picked up wins in the nebraska and kansas caucuses but clinton won the louisiana primary which has more delegates. boekt candidates are setting their sites on tuesday's primary in michigan. >> i am grateful to everyone who turned out to support us. but now, all eyes are on michigan. michigan. >> reporter: clinton and sanders will square off in a debate in flint, michigan on sunday night.
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washington sgla now this was the first time that kansas held a caucus, polling places were swamped there was just one place to vote for each county, voters were lined up before they opened, the traffic was a mess, the voting location, back and have been in the highway and many of the people are waiting for more than an hour to cast their votes. >> i think that they could have done a better job with this. i think that it should have been, split up like the regular voting. they could have done, other places. that way, everybody would not have had to be in line and mess. >> reporter: surprised at that turn out. the organizers say that the turn expected. there were problems with traffic jams and long waits to vote in the other parts of kentucky too, areas. in ohio, the primary is march 15th and in a ballot that has the potential for confusion, every republican ballot features two boxes for president, one for
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presidential delegate and one for designating a delegate for the voters congressional district, it is a carry over from the time that the ohio vote was divided proportionally, rather than the winner take all method that is used this year, the secretary of state's office says that both boxes will be talleyed, but republicans say that only the at large, vote will actually count. further complicating matters, the ballot still lists eleven, presidential candidates but only four remain in the race right now. >> adam: the cincinnati police have identified a man who was murdered in the west wednesday, 46 ylz, charles weatherers was found, shot and killed inside of a home yesterday morning in the west end, the officers were called to the area around 2:30 in the morning, weathers was pronounced dead shortly at the scene, there is no word on any arrests. >> we are learning new information about a shooting in columbus that left a 7-year-old dead it was reported that a 5-year-old and a 19-year-old were injured in yesterday's shooting. we know that they are in stable condition and after the family
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hospital, they realized a 4-year-old, girl tied to the incident also had been shot. her injuries we are told are minor, the columbus police, arrested an 18-year-old, in connection with the shooting and charged him with murder. >> the metro switches to the spring, service, schedule today and so you will need to watch out to the changes to roots and one of the biggest chances that you will notice are on the express roots, many downtown stops will be altered and also look for route and time adjustments for the queen, city and the harrison, avenue and the glen way crossing buses and the metro has a free, transit app as well. today's is your last day to enjoy the home and garden show, at the duke energy center downtown as well. the place is full of land skapz and interior designs and remodelling and contractors, and full out, more and it all show cases the latest trends. and a special, garden market is
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specializing in what they called, green, living the hours are 10:30 to 6:00. >> adam: the bear cats have a chance to build their ncaa tournament resume as they take on southern methodist university at home for the regular season finale. they need the win after falling on the road. they will be honored in pregame sermonsy tip off at noon and you can watch it right here on local 12 all weekend, many have been celebrating the coming of spring with the food and fear. >> liz: the fox fest is what we are talking about, the german and the brewing heritage, and the local 12, megan moore is live at fox fest haul this morning where they are gearing up for the last days of activities, good morning. >> good morning, guys, that is right. you know, it smells a lot like beer out here. i will say that. so we are already in this spirit
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at box fest and i am here with jackie, busy weekend and you said that thousands of people come out >> today is the last day of box fest and come out and we have 12 different box beers and so it is really that the spring is around the corner. >> could we talk about the history of the beers? so, the box beers, you know, they dates back to the 1800s, and you know, they are higher in content and in calories and so it is just a great, tradition of cincinnati beer and celebrating cincinnati's beer history. >> right. what i love about today, you said that this is going to be kind of a family oriented day. >> yes, more of the german, theemd, music and the people will bewaring the german dress and food and so it is just a different vibe and it is a lot of fun and games here at box fest. >> reporter: the not just here at the box fest hall it extends throughout the neighborhood. >> the restaurants and bars, throughout downtown are celebrating box fest with the different varieties of beers and promotions today.
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here, box olympics is new and i am looking forward to see what this is about. >> you can participate it in this morning, just the fun and games and so we will have the corn hul and the falling and the trivia and everything is inside of the box fest haul. >> what is fouling? >> it is a hybrid of bowling and it is football. >> so and you said that it is complicated? >> it is not as easy as it looks, believe me. >> especially after you have a couple and you will have it --. >> indeed. >> in a little bit, we are going to go inside of the box fest hall and see what is going on in there and when does it kick off eeleven today. >> it is family oriented so there are a lot of games, beer, and a lot of fun and we will send it back to you guys. >> liz: all right, she mentioned the kids stuff is most of that free today. >> reporter: i think that is what she said, there is a lot of games and things for the family to do, it sounds like a lot of fun, especially to wrap up for
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>> liz: good deal, we are glad that the it is not the drinking game. and the box feast, starts at 2:00. new kind of doughnut shop is here in the tri state and we are going to tell you what is special about this newer locations it is in the anderson town ship. just ahead. >> adam: first a girl scout cookie drive through, if that does not get you to tune in, i don't know what will.. change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie.
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>> adam: we are covering more local news now, there is a new spot to go if you want to safety your sweet tooth. >> it is called top this, it is a doughnut bar, it had an opening yesterday. the customers are able to customize, their own cake doughnuts or ice cream with all kinds of toppings and they also have espresso drinks and coffee and all of this. >> we are just having fun with their family and everybody, you know, with he see the little faces the doughnuts and it just makes a special day, i think for everybody. >> liz: the anderson, town ken r center location is the second of three locations to open. one is already open at xavier university, station and another is set to open in fort thomas in late spring. >> adam: you can forget the days
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cookie sales, another has created another option, it is a drive thru, they have set up outside of the school and you can pull up and buy the cookies and you don't have to get out of the car and they will be here until noon until two today. >> liz: in you shop and dine in nor wood you may have noticed that the maxum closed and this week you have a chance to buy the furnishing and the restaurant equipment that is left over. a precaution, screening runs from tomorrow, which is on the east temp er road from ten to four and then an action, runs on tuesday, from eight in the morning to eight at night and we have a link on the website if you would like to find out more information, just go to local >> adam: i used to live down the street, a great ice cream bar. >> liz: xavieo closes out the
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stand as they get ready to go to the big eastern. >> adam: heavy rains in california and we will tell you how much that they are getting and some of the pro- blems it is causing. >> brandon: and we will see the rain in the tri state and we could see the minor flooding problems and we will tell you who has the best chance of
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of seeing the temperatures abo te te techlt >> liz: welcome back. >> adam: in northern california, the rain causing problems, a couple drove around a truck and ended up in the deep water and the man was able to get out and the firefighters pulled him to safety, and that woman trapped and she was under water for 15 minutes and actually enlded up dying, the crew on the scene said that the water accumulated underneath the overpass. >> all of the water runs to the
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that normally keep it clear are pumping but the ditch is full and the water is coming back down over the highway. >>? san francisco, barriers are flooding. it is a serious business there. >> liz: i know that you say that flood sg more dangerous and, more people lose life in it than snow and ice. >> brandon: and that is right, the flood inning california is different, and you remember the wildfires, the vegetation is gone, which usually soaks up the rain fall and it is run off and the debris flows and the mud slides and all of the above. >> liz: they want the rain from the relief from the doubt and just a tough thing. >> brandon: and they are still getting the rain, 2, 3, 4, feet of snow and some of the mountains in california, and you can see it, it is still falling right now, with the storm system moving on shore, and that is what we are talking about, el nino and how they get wet in california, and that is what we are seeing, now, locally and in
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are entering in the break and it is mainly dry, out to the west and we do have the clouds around from time-to-time, now, and nothing is producing any rain fall in the precision, doppler 12, hd and the snow as the temperatures are in the 30s and we mentioned 37 here and 35 in harrison and up to hills boro and up to 33, earlier, 28, and 26, and that is a big difference and that is almost, ten degrees from everyone else and they have the clearing there and the grays and the clouds and we are locked in with them over ohio and much of northern kentucky at least, east. carroll county and we have the clouds around and there is a break before we see the clouds move in from the west, the question is how long will it take the clouds to move out? i have a hundred ch huch it will be stun stubborn. and with the temperatures, climbing into the upper 40s and so the temperatures are going to have a hard time climbing fast,
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and we start to see the piques of sunshine, and the temperature will be close to 50 and if you see a little bit more sunshine, you will make it 50, 51 and if you stay with a lot of the clouds, it may be around, 48 and maybe even 49 degrees and so that is what we are expecting today as the temperatures are up into the upper 40 and to around 50 and more clouds as we go into the evening hours and we are into the 30s across the ohio river valley and this is the warm up that we are waiting for, out in the planes and kansas city, 49 and that is 20 degrees above where they should be this time of year, and so 20 degrees above average and that is warm out there and that is coming on next in line in cincinnati. and so we have the clouds around now and you can feel the computer model takes them out of here fast and i think that they will be subborn and we will hold on to the clouds midday and we will see a few more, fill in and no rain fall and no chance of rain today, and so if you want the outdoor plans it is going to be better than yesterday and even though we will be in the 40s it is warmer than what we were yesterday.
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the green pushing in, and you can see a couple of liert showers, these are going to be drying up as we move into the area and just have a stray sprinkle or in the forecast on monday. don't take your umbrella and that chance is small and we are going to hold on to the clouds and by tuesday, it is in full force and that is what we are saying, these temperatures approach, 70 degrees in some areas, and notice that we are getting a lot of moisture pulling up with the warm weather from the gulf of mexico and a significant amount of moisture and we could see the flooding along the mississippi river valleys and the computer models have backed up and had us pinned down, adding up the total from wednesday to the weekend and now it is looking one to three and if we see the thunderstorms that could cause the minor flooding from time-to-time but the main threat for the rain will be down to arkansas and the mid, mississippi river valley and you will see the headlines later this week about the flooding ongoing and from the mississippi river, valley from these rains and they will not be as heavy,
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inches that is the decent amount of rain from this time of year, temperature around 70 degrees on tuesday and we are in the 60s even next weekend and if we have a planning forecast it is longer than that. >> the mud slides, here, and the columbia, parkway and having all of that run off there and we will have to be concerned about. >> especially by thursday, and that will be the chance. >> it is nice not to have to wear the snow boots. >> you have a point. >> the sbca is opened for adoption today, and just ahead we are going to show you a special dog that needs to get home. >> you got to see him, the unstoppable women of the thomas moore college, ally tell us how many games in a row this
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you are watatcha >> adam: welcome back, 37 right now, brandon says that things are going to warm up and that is going to be a decent day if you had the outdoor plans today, today is the day to get them in. chick-fil-a is encouraging family to ditch their phones when they sit down to eat in the dining room. >> liz: 100 restaurants nationwide, and the employees will bring a basket to the table and everyone is encourage to place the phones on ilent and put them in this cell phone
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ice cream. how do you like that? and the goal is to get the people talking and not watching their phones on social media, it is amazing, i admit. i have been where we are all sitting and dining. and we are all on our phones. >> adam: everybody, yeah, bribely works best. well the sbca is starting the adoption today at noon. >> liz: and kelley has a special dog to show us and in need of a good home. >> today i have would wonderful adopable pets. this is hassle number one, and as you can see hazle is missing and she is missing a leg. but she is getting around, just fine, without it. unfortunately she came to the shelter with what we believe to be gun shot wounds and the vets did everything but could not save the leg. but as a puppy, she is only, 7 months old and getting around great and she is going to just get better as it goes. so she is a $40 adoption fee and
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adopt her at our sharonville location at noon today, very sweet and a puppy and lots of energy and mouthing and chewing on things. so, again, sharonville at noon, along with zoe who is a little bit more distinguished. not so goofy. and zoe's owner unfortunately became ill and could not longer keep her. she is two years old and very fluffy and interested in everything and does not seemed phased by the dog at all and she is $10 fee, and so you can adop either of these great pets at our shor onville location at noon, 11900 con way road. >> liz: thanks so much, kelley, quite a darling dog there. the show down this week over at troubled sewer project. the meeting schedule with the commissioners.
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grieve a local mother and >> adam: remembering a mother and a daughter who were killed in a crash, song and a prayer is helping a community deal. >> liz: show down over a sewer project, the big meeting schedule this week, with county commissioners. >> reporter: we are checking out some of the continental breakfast here at fox fest we have all of the details coming up. >> brandon: it does not look
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good morning, and thank you for joining us. sgla i'm adam clements. >> liz: a check of the weather, here is brandon orr. >> brandon: we are chilly this morning and not as cold as yesterday, five or six degrees warmer than yesterday morning, but noneless into the 30s and still had a lot of clouds around and we didn't see a lot of sunshine yesterday and it is going to take the time, until early this afternoon to get the sunshine here in the tri state at least a little bit. and a lot of us are in the mid to the upper 30s and california is going to be in 38, and mill ford, 35, and 38 and west harrison, and that is about, where it is everywhere, at least rgs east of southeastern indiana where the only ones in the upper 20s because they have the clear skies out there last night. nonetheless even though it looks like rain we don't have anything going on precision, doppler 12
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to pop up today. zero percent chance of rain and the clouds are sitting here and there are the clouds, out in indiana and i think that the clouds are going to be stush born to move on out, and i think that it is going to take until early in the afternoon to see the sunshine move on in. and the upper 40s will be the high temperature today and it will not fall, too fast today and only into the 40s by 9:00 and after today, we have the two days, left and then the heavy rain moves in and we are going to detail, how much rain that you can see and how much rain it will take to cause the flooding issues in the tri state and that is coming up at 8:48. >> this thursday, a mother and 8-year-old daughter were killed in a crash. >> liz: last night the community where they live, came together to breathe. brad was there for the moving ceremony. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing, as the police try to figure out what happened, and what led up to that woman, crossing the center line and
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it, and on this field, close to 200 people came to love and support and to pray for this family. in a circle the group liens hard on its faith using the power of song and prayer, to support each other during the grieving process. some of the crowd knew the mother and daughter killed in thursday's crash and others news the mother mcbride. >> just sad, just sad. >> it makes me happy and it makes me sad at the same time that you know, such a tragedy, because it brings so many people together. >> job alfred grew up with her and considered her and her mother family. >> she took me in. and she always considered her a sister. but you know, it is, it is pretty hard, because i mean that
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she was 30. and so, when i first heard about it, i got, my daughter too. so it is, pretty hard. >> reporter: the driver of the car that hit and killed them is cooperating with the police. no charges have been filed at this time as they await, toxicology reports. in alexandria brad underwood local 12 news. >> liz: and a visitation is planned for tuesday. their funeral services are planned for the following day at main street baptist church. which is in alexandri a >> adam: a man who was indicted for a hit and run, appeared yesterday, he was araiped on ovi, and driving under suspension, in november he crashed into a car that was being driven by an 84-year-old near the ronald reagan highway. he allegedly jumped out of his
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say that he was going 96 miles an hour, at the time. and has been in jail in connection to a hit in run and december and charged with hitting and killing a runner and 57-year-old, and then taking off. the bond is set at $350, for a man accused of badly hurting a baby boy and holding his mother at gun point, the 35-year-old is accused of hitting the 10-month-old head on a wall and dragging the woman by her hair and threatening her with a gun to her head. the woman says that he would not let her leave, somehow she was able to call the police and took a swat team to get royal out of the house. >> liz: there is a big meeting this week, regarding the sewer district and the big rehab project and there has been a lot of tension, due to the allegations of money not being used properly and the city and the county have been butting heads over just who is in charge. and tomorrow, the director is schedule to meet with the hamilton, county commissioners he will need to answer,
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project on track in spite of all this controversy. >> a new club for the older aduments, start this week in parts of hamilton, county, led by the great park, volunteers, monday and wednesday and fridays and will run through november and the first one is at eleven a.m., this thursday and it is designed for those ages 50 and older. >> as we eagerly, await those spring like temperatures, many have already been celebrating the coming of spring, with the brews at box fest that is where we find, megan moore as we gear up for the continental sunday, good morning, megan? >> good morning, adam, like i told you we are now inside of the box fest hall and i am here with steve and you have been involved with this for nine years now. >> i have been fortunate enough to carry on this great, cincinnati tradition. >> and of course we have this and we have it in our hands. >> we are, we are drinking the draft beer and this was originally brewed for the months for the season and this is a hardy beer and it is malty but a
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>> definitely very good. and what it this called. >> the christian dopchlt elbobbing. >> and this one win the award. >> it was the winner at the great american beer festival. >> reporter: there are also, more box beers and one is specifically, bob, and i wish that you were here with us today. we have got to talk about this bacon beer. >> yeah, so they do a smoked bacon beer. and so it is one of the more unique ones and just like the beer styles there are so many different varieties in this and so it is gra great to see the cincinnati sin cincinnati breweries doing these beers. >> a lot of excitement surrounding box fest. >> for 24 years, bringing the people down to the neighborhood with what we are doing at the district of using the heritage as a way to redevelop, the neighborhood and bring the people back here and no better
8:37 am
something that unites everybody and brings the fellowship and everybody around and so it is a great tool do do that. >> today is continue nen shall ental continental. sunday. more family oriented. >> yeah, in preprohibit days, and you go out with your family, and today we have the music and the dancing and the signs and old, collectables and a bunch of games and jenga, and you can go down and actually go in the old breweries and see about the history and so all kinds of things to do today. >> it sounds like it definitely, and we will be back at 11:30, and thank you for being with us this morning, and back at 11:30, you said that the things will kick off around noon. >> yes, around noon and until seven down here at box fest hall. >> you heard the man and come on down to the last day for it, and hopefully, tune in at 11:30 and we will get in on the games, and we will send it to you guys. >> any time that you can add
8:38 am
to have it for breakfast. right? >> absolutely. and that was my thinking. >> okay. >> it is the beer has abacon in it, it is okay for breakfast, right? >> he says, okay. >> you had me at bacon. >> thanks, and we will check in with you at 11:30, and the fox feast, starts at 2:00. >> a fashion, show fund-raiser at maceys tonight, and find out how the event, helps the local boys reach their full potential ahead. >> and first, xavier regular, season over and how the teams are using their final game against, and in a good if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%.
8:39 am
banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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te >> liz: good morning, cincinnati it is 8:40, and just 37 right now, but brandon orr says that it is going to get near 50 today, much nicer and it is warming up for the week. he will have our full forecast coming up m just a moment. right now, we are going to turn to ally and she has the latest now with all of your sports. >> good morning, everyone and i am not sure if it gets easier for the coaches orphans and it is the player's final game on the home floor, and yesterday, xavier's regular, season, and also, senior day and the emotions had me kept in check, and one of the 4 teams that handed them a loss, with the season, and james, far, one of the three seniors recognized yesterday, along with able, and
8:42 am
jumper and leading 3-2, and the far finish and the huge, three to get it back up to double, digits and finished with 15, after the defensive stop and next year, down the floor, travon blew it and three of the 17, and gets within three in the final minute and 15, after a turnover but xavier makes a couple of turnovers and a 26 regular, season wins and up next, we will see the winner, and saint johns next week in new york at the big east, tournament but they will enjoy the win first. >> there have been a lot of xavier basketball teams that have been on the floor and that have been in the cincinnati gardens and that have been at the smith field house and not one of them has played the schedule that this team has played to be 26-4, and the best regular season. and in the history of our program. and i am really, i am really proud of our team. >> we knew that we could, and we were capable of doing something like this, but it is gra it to actually see it done, and on top
8:43 am
while, gentleman imz james and remi and all of the seniors could dell celebrate and everything was for them tonight. >> liz: it makes you feel, warm and fuzzy. the wild cats, playing for the share of the title and the story on saturday, lsu has been taken out of contention for the award and despite having the most double, doubles in college, basketball and the committee is saying that his exclusion from the list, due to the academics but they are good enough to be playing. senior day, a uk, alex honored and made the controversial comments after the game, after the usa and can't touch him without a foul being called and it is one of the 14 assists yesterday, and the third most in kentucky history, and this year, and a little too main game, and murray had 22, and kentucky wins it 94-77 and claim a share of the fcc regular, season title with texas a& m, and osu and
8:44 am
spar tan and msu up early, and no eyes, and valentine had 13 assists to go with the 27 points, and to keep the team in this one and is it a bad hot if it goes in, and osu, in 7, and the valentine to steal and he pulls up and msu wins it, and ohio state has not missed it since the tournament since 2008 and it looks like they are headed that way, unless they win, the tournament and a little kiss good bye. and the thomas men and women on the action, in the ncaa tournament and they beat, last night and last night hosting and the game over, and she had 26 and finished with 27 assists, and temple on the break and she is stripped but abby gets it and added 15, and also, converted 30 of the points last night and off of the turnovers and it was just so unfair, and 92-40, the final
8:45 am
straight wins and that is a look at your sports this morning, and a remainder, if you are not going to go to the uc hoops, at home, today you can see it right here on local 12 at noon. have a great sunday, everyone and we will see you here, tonight from the sports authority. >> liz: thanks so much, ally and we will see you here tonight with an event going on in cincinnati and we have a couple of great people here that run a wonderful program called hearts and minds, good morning to you. tell me a little bit about while you are here today. >> yes, the program is called, hearts and minds and it is sponsoring the fashion show, this evening. at macy's downtown from 5:00 to 8:00 and it is the generate the scholarship funds for our black boys to get them ready for the college career, and typically the medical field. african, american physicians and we are connected with a group of wonderful doctors from mercy hospital and they do a lot of mentoring and exposing the boys to the medical field and this is a way to really, insure their
8:46 am
get the dollars set aside for them and be ready to go to college. >> and i do the medical beat, so i know what you are saying is true, and joining us because you have the great food at this event and we have got to ask you, tell us where you are from and we are all just drooling because we know that you have a great menu. >> yes, in the alabama q, and it is actually my day off, with reached down and told me what he was doing, and i just had to be a part of that. and so i had to bring, it with the fashion show and we will make sure that they have the good food in there. and make sure that we bring in the turkey. and so we will tell the people that so that they can sell the tickets at the door and as part of that, they can enjoy the foods. >> and you can get the food today. >> what is on the menu? >> we have the turkey tips and the mac and cheese. >> and we just need to throw in the green beans and a few things to balance it out. >> okay. >> tell me about why you started to do this? i know that you wanted to raise funds but you really just have a passion for this. >> the passion is that you know,
8:47 am
at the hospital, there is such a need for more black physicians. and i see that, across the community. in different hospitals so there is such a need for off can american physicians. and to get these boys to be thinking about the medical field and we do a lot of the math and science, we do it at the university of cincinnati. through the college of arts and sciences and so that is a way to expose these boys to a college campus and get them to feel like hey, i can belong here. and once that happens, we start mentoring them and saying, hey, look at dr. copper or dr. wilson or dr. roper. all of these doctors who are doing these types of things and doing the medical field is phenomenal for these boys to see. >> liz: i have met most of those physicians and they are great roll models. let's tell you where it is tonight and how we can get in the door. it is being held at >> downtown macy'from five to eight >> and you can get in and see the fashion and have the great
8:48 am
>> yeah and macy's is also providing an extra, 25 percent of already, discounted merchandise and so they will get an extra 20 percent. >> liz: excellent, thank you for your service, may i ask what service? >> army. >> liz: an army brat. thanks for coming in today and thanks for sharing your great food. >> and even better. well, all right. you know, this is -- all right, you guys, thanks for having you here this morning, we will throw it over to adam. for the weather >> adam: hey, brandon yesterday it was kind of nasty out, a different story today. we are going to see the sunshine and warmer in the next couple of days. >> brandon: even warmer in the seven degree forecast and it has been close to 70 degrees and we will hit it again this week and it is here for a while and the acc planning forecast and first the temperatures right now are not as cold as yesterday and at
8:49 am
locations and the airport is 37 and 36 down, and there is cooler weather off, and made it to the upper 20s today especially because they have the clearing over there and they did not have as many clouds and the clouds tend to keep the temperature up a little bit and that is what we saw across the area and you can see that there in the background, the temperature over night, with those clouds? you can see how it does not allow our temperature to drop at all. it has been hovering between, 35, and 37 degrees ever since midnight and that is going to be the case and until we can get the breaks in the clouds and then we will get a little bit of a warming going on and finally get the temperatures up to average for this time of year and which is actually in the upper 40 and so on precision, doppler hd despite of it looking like rain, we have no clouds on the radar, and this is the edge of the clouds and we will talk about the clouds that are in gray and the cloud line is not moving that much and i think
8:50 am
and that is why i think that we should hold on to the clouds at least to the midday and we have the clearing off to the west and another batch of clouds and that is out ahead of a weak storm system that will dry a weak disturbance that will bring in a couple of light sprinkles on monday and this is clearing and trying to move in today and we are going to get a piece of it and i am optimistic about the background and which is a lot of sunshine and i think that we will have more clouds than that, and right around 47 degrees and it does get warmer than that, and the upper 40s to the near 50 degrees and if you see a little bit more sunshine and you will clear out like this image back here and you will make it to 50 degrees and i think that a lot of us will stay in the 40s and right around, 49 degrees today. and so that is the reason why it is warmer here than it is just off towards the west, because they did have some of that clear and look off to the plains and we are talking about the temperatures in the 50s in tulsa and nearly 50 in kansas city, that is warm, and up 20 degrees than average and we will see that move in here shortly, and you can see the computer models
8:51 am
it and we will hold on to the clouds with some peeks of sunshine and it may turn partly cloudy for a couple of hours this afternoon and at least we can see a little bit of sunshine and more clouds, filter in late, today and into the over night hours and then i want you to notice something, as the warm weather moves in, we will see the warm moisture move in and we have the green here on the map moving into southern indiana by around, 10:30 on monday morning and we could see a couple of sprinkles and i don't think that it is going to be much and we will not see much in the way of the messerable rain and i think that it is going to fade out and i think that we are going to be dry and even on tuesday, and after tuesday, that is when it starts to kind of a different story, we will see a lot more moisture move in and we can see the heavy rain event, set up along the mississippi river valley, near louisiana and arkansas 4 to 8 inches of rain and i would not surprised if the rain fall totals exceed, eight inches all the way into next week, and so that is over a four or five day period and that is a lot of rain and we can see the flooding headlines down there
8:52 am
cincinnati the computer model backed off and one to three inches of rain and as ada mentioned earlier and the typical spots that see the mud onned roadways, and columbia parkway and we will have to watch those late next week and nonetheless, the temperatures are warm and also notice the clock, by next weekend, spring forward, liz mings entioned it. >> we will enjoy the next three days while we can.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
the your top >> liz: coming up later this morning, on local 12, on full measure, tackles one of the biggest topics in america today, the southern border and travels to the 272 mile long border between arizona and mexico, with the question of who is really calling the shots? >> we went to arizona and talked to law enforcement, both locally and the federal officials and the residents as well and they told us surprisingly, they think that it is mexico's drug car tells who are controlling the southern border with arizona and decides who comes in from mexico and who does not come in, mainly the drug smugglers have an easy time getting across. >> full measure starts here at eleven. >> liz: and here is a look at this morning's top stories for us. there are mixed results during super saturday.
8:56 am
ted cruz, with wins in maine and donald trump, in louisiana. and bernie sanders, in kansas, but hillary clinton won louisiana they have more delegates there. >> liz: this was the first time that kentucky held a caucus and local voting locations saw a big traffic jams. just the one place to cast the ballots was part of the reason. turn out was more than double, what was expected. and some people said that they were stuck in traffic for more than an hour just trying to get into a voting location. >> adam: today is your last chance to take in box fest celebration of the new spring beers in over the rind. and over the rind will be open from eleven to seven and you can enjoy the olympics are enjoy a feast, tours and german music and dancing and a lot of food down there too. >> i am not a beer drinker but i love it because it means that spring is coming. >> we feel that a little bit today. >> especially next week, when it gets close to 70 degrees and today it will be around, average
8:57 am
day, but a lot warmer than what we have been used to for the past couple of days and so this is the warming trend, and the upper 40s and 48 by 3:00 and i think that we will top out close to 60 degrees and so the clouds that we have around now will break up to some degree, later on today and we will see the peaks of sunshine and we will see more in the coming days, coming up at 11:30, we will talk about the heavy rain coming next week and we have new computer model information coming up and we will give you an up date. >> adam: we hope that you join us at 11:30. >> liz: more news as it breaks. real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning i'm hillary clinton and i her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them-
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you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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