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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  February 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@depart from -- sets it apart @from other hotels in the area. @>> plus, one of the all-time @great browns is giving fans a @new reason to celebrate. @we'll catch up with the great @running back greg pruitt and @find out what he's up to today. @ @ good evening, everyone, we @may have reached a record high @today but temps will drop @tonight. @>> jimmy, the big changes @basically mean we're not going @to be spoiled any more and it's @going to be right back to pretty @typical early february @temperatures and even a chance @for snow. @what a day we had today. @we shattered old records and @some of them are the oldest, @1890 the records high previously @set at 57 degrees.
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@they did shatter the old record @in mansfield, today's high in @59. @the rest of us are finding @temperatures falling back @through the 40s and the 30s and @we'll be staying in the 30s @tomorrow. @just for good measure and to @remind you it's early february. @we even have a chance of @snowshowers to come through but @don't look for those to add up @to a whole lot. @temperatures will be dropping @back tonight. @southwesterly winds continue to @be on the brisk side, so the @temperatures won't make it out @of the 20s. @i have details on not only @tomorrow's forecast but we'll @look ahead to the weekend in @just a little bit. @ thanks, betsy. @we are learning new developments @in last month's house explosion, @which happened at north field @inner township. @the medical report shows the
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@his wife and two daughters did @not. @police are investigating the @explosion as a possible @murder-suicide. @ @ 166 days away and remember @it takes thousands of police @officers to ensure safety and @organization at the republican @national convention. @and as of now, it seems we have @a big shortage of police to @staff that convention here in @cleveland. @channel 3's andrew has ran sky @is live downtown to tell us how @many more police officers we @need. @>> reporter: we're just now a @few months off but hearing @disturbing data that we may be @less prepared than we thought. @will cleveland be ready for the @rnc? @tonight's sources tell @channel 3 news that we could be @facing a major shortage when it @comes to police. @the department of homeland @security has recommended 5,000 @officers but sources say only @1800 have committed. @and with only months to go, some
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@bob buckhorn is the mayor of @tampa where the last rnc was @held and said early preparation @is everything and made a big @difference in his city. @>> that year and a half for us @in advance of that convention @was like the training an athlete @would do, you know, in the week @before the game and you play on @game day the way you practice @during the week. @>> reporter: tonight the exact @number of how many police are @committed is still a secret @being closely guarded by the @secret service. @as a city official tells channel @3, that just as other cities @will we. @and officials also tell me with @the feds in control of this, @they do have access to resources @such as the ability to call up @>> thanks, andrew. @ now, plenty of other @projects are on schedule for the @are, nc, including a luxury @hotel. @we got an exclusive look inside @the scofield hotel, which
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@channel 3's brandon simmons @shows us around the boutique. @>> reporter: coming this march, @ohio gets it's first kempton @hotel. @it's called the scofield. @>> right in the hub and walking @distance to major attractions @and arenas and playhouse square. @>> reporter: before moving @inside, there was a complete @remodel of the exterior, @restoring the original facade @from the early 1900s. @beautiful brick that was hidden @behind steel for more than 40 @years. @>> you have this 1901 exterior @brought back to original @condition, clean lines and @modern appeal. @>> reporter: inside, it's @modern, too. @pictures on the walls that offer @a touch of cleveland history and @views of cleveland you can't @find anywhere else. @back down stairs, work continues
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@that will play host to some rnc @guests. @>> we're already sold out for @rnc and we've received a number @of requests for wedding groups, @corporate groups, associations. @>> reporter: the scofield has a @restaurant, 122 guest rooms and @will include 52 luxury @apartments on the top floors. @if you'd like an extended stay. @in cleveland, brandon simmons, @channel 3 news. @ chagrin falls schools will @continue to offer bottled water @to students at gurney @elementary, even though it finds @the water safe. @test results from last week show @that water quality is acceptable @but the district took 20 more @water samples yesterday as a @precaution. @results should be ready in about @a week. @in the meantime, school @officials have taped off water @fountains and they have bottled @water for students. @ here's a great story @tonight, two women in beech wood @with no business background,
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@wellness center they started is @taking off. @nita left and carol kwait start @evidence power partners wellness @services. @they're moving into a bigger @space and they will reopen on @march 1st. @because of their growth, they're @hiring more therapists and @instructors. @both women say it's a dream come @through. @>> it's been beautiful to watch @our dream of working with the @underserved be combined with the @wellness center. @>> and so we're able to bring @them programming and services @that most of us have at our @fingertips, and so that's why @it's a dream come true. @>> well, congratulations to them @both. @and the business allows @customers to speak with the @therapists and take a yoga class @and maybe even get a massage, @all under one roof. @ when we come back on the
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@ohio's top football recruits is @headed south. @just down i-71 to columbus. @why he decided to stay in ohio. @ plus the chef of the world's @best restaurant reveals his @secret to success, and we share @the dishes that made him famous @when we come back.
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@ @ with him, this is one of @the -- well, this is one of the @great days in our area. @it's signing day. @four kids from northeast ohio
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@this is luke farrell, he's a big @tight end from perry high @school, 6'6", 240 pounds, ranked @the no. @7 tight end in the @country and he's on his way to @ohio state. @so is kiera hawkins, he's a @tight end but he's a versatile @offensive player. @he can play a number of @positions. @in fact, he scored 12 touchdowns @last year while rushing for 435 @yards, he's going to columbus. @so is jack walliabon, he's an @offensive lineman from walsh @jesuit high school, 6'4", 285 @pounds. @he's the son of former browns @center, dave walliabon. @and demario mccall, the great @running back from @northridgeville. @the first player in that @school's history to sign to ohio @state. @the u.s. army all american rated @in the top 50 in the country,
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@northeast ohio. @and he joins us here tonight. @along with northridgeville head @congratulations. @we loved watching you when we @would send our cameras out on @friday night to watch you play, @you'd bust a big run, score a @touchdown and look right into @the lens of the camera and give @that's good. @>> i knew you were watching so i @put on a good show. @>> what a great day, huh? @>> thanks for having me down. @today is one of the biggest of @my life, so i feel that -- i got @a lot of attention and a lot of @support and did what i wanted to @do today. @>> got to be a big day for you, @too, coach, you're a big part of @this? @>> it's huge. @being around demario, getting to @be around him for two years and @you know, really helping him @hopefully on the field and in @the classroom and a little bit @in life as well. @it's great for our school. @great for our program. @great for the community.
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@>> wow, look at him go right @there. @off one tackle and there he @goes. @bye bye, demario. @next stop, into the end zone. @what is it like for an ohio kid, @okay, to become an ohio state @buckeye? @that's living the @dream, my friend. @>> yeah, most definitely. @i mean, growing up in the inner @city, growing up in cleveland, @ohio state is -- plenty of my @peers, dream school and it was @mine, too. @so it feels good to be, well, to @be a buckeye now. @>> absolutely. @was it always going to be ohio @state? @because i mean you were @such a well-publicized talent. @i'm sure a lot of schools came @knocking at the door and said @take a look at us or did you @want to always go to ohio state? @>> ohio state always been on my @mind. @that was my dream school. @i knew where i was going to go @from the jump, even though other @people didn't, i always knew. @>> yeah. @now, coach, you've coached him
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@piece of advice as he moves off @the high school field and @goes -- he's not playing for @conference titles in high school @any more. @at ohio state, you're playing @for national championships. @>> keep doing what you've been @doing. @work your butt off. @don't worry about friends and @stuff down there, you got to @worry about yourself, don't sign @any contract, take it easy on @people. @you always want to try to excel. @>> this is great. @your mom is here. @your little sister is here in @studio with us tonight but @they're going to get a chance to @watch you play all the time, @right? @>> yeah. @>> that's a good thing. @was that part of the decision to @stay home? @>> they were -- i mean, i love @my family and i love my peers @and my friends, so knowing that @ohio state was my dream school, @and it's pretty close to home, i @didn't have no other choice, to @be honest. @>> when you watch them in the @last couple of years, last year, @the year before and now they win @the national championship, last @year, they're in the huge games
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@notre dame in the fiesta bowl, @you're saying, boy, next year i @could be there out on that -- @playing that kind of @competition. @>> oh, yeah. @i mean, i sit there and think, @sometimes, like, wow, not too @many kids get this opportunity. @>> you're right. @and always remember that. @>> yeah, yeah. @>> well, listen, stay in touch @with us. @we're really proud of you. @>> thanks, man. @>> coach, congratulations, @because i know the high school @coach is a big part of it. @>> thank you for everything, @it's been one heck of a ride and @it's going to be a pleasure @watching this guy for the next @four years. @>> does this affect your program @now, too? @here's your kids -- @>> yes. @>> one of the guys they played @with? @>> i told them when i first came @in, we were going to use him by @giving him the ball 30 times a @game and when he graduates, @we're going to use him even @more. @>> demario, nice meeting you.
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@>> still to come, plenty of @monkeying around. @why a whole town is dedicated to @teaching monkeys how to juggle, @puzzles. @>> plus, winds of change. @how soon we can expect snow and @ @
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@dedicated to monkey business. @literally, people have been @raising and training monkeys in @this china village for @centuries. @they're hoping for a good @business in 2016 because that's @the chinese zodiac year of the @monkey. @monkey breeding and raising is @illegal across china but the @villagers are an exception. @the animalses learn to bike @ride, acrobatics and even math. @what does it take to run the @best restaurant in the world? @just ask chef peter gosen. @he's belgium's equivalent of our @michael simon and stars on that @country's version of "master @chefs." @critics say his restaurant is @the best. @specialities include white @asparagus endive and fish from @the north sea. @he still watches closely over @the restaurant for lunch and
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@celebrity chefs, this is his @only restaurant. @ now to scotland where strong @storms are causing something @unusual, heavy winds up to 90 @miles an hour have turned a @water fall upside down. @how does it work? @the wind blows @against the water fall's flow @forcing the stream of water to @blow upward or backward. @this video already has 2 million @of views youtube. @>> mr. endive himself. @>> that's lettuce, isn't it? @>> yes, little lettuce. @ we are going to drop back in @the low 30s. @we'll have a few flurry chances
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@temperatures, boy, it's a far @cry from where we were earlier @this afternoon. @got out of the house to come to @work and had to stop for a @couple minutes and enjoy the sun @and temperatures in the 60s. @granted, the wind was going @crazy, but that wind is now @bringing in these cooler @temperatures. @woulder in the upper 30s and low @40s. @don't worry, dover, youngstown, @you, too, will be participating @in the colder temperatures as we @go through the night. @we're not alone in this. @we're on the leading edge of the @cold air that's still to come @and the good news is, we're not @going to get a blast of cold @yet. @there is cold air in the offing @in the seven-day forecast but @that's down the roode a ways. @i mentioned the snowshowers. @you can see how hit or miss the @random flurries are. @but lake erie may provide a @little extra umph for us. @temperatures are going to drop @back into the upper 20s, low 30s @to start the day.
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@snowshowers continue on and off @as we go through the day. @we're not expecting any @accumulation out of this. @as far as the temperatures, i'm @going to hold had the @temperatures in the low 30s. @granted, would elhave a little @bit of variation but it does @look like we'll have a cloudy @day with the scattered @snowshowers. @it will be brisk, winds out of @the west driving that lake @effect to the east, but again, @just a little bit of snow @accumulation. @the rest of your winter nation @seven-day forecast does feature @drier conditions for the day on @friday, which is nice for us. @that will lead us into a @beautiful weekend. @temperatures in the 40s with @mostly cloudy skies. @and then it's back to more @february, with 20s and 30s and @snow chances for next week. @looks like that going to linger @beyond next week. @>> when we come back, we're @going to visit with one of the @all time great browns, greg @pruitt will join us next.
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@we'll do that right after the @break. @ @
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@night owl or early riser is @parts of your dna, so how does @that impact your waistline? @>> tomorrow on channel 3 news @today. @ @ @ @ @ and we're back and it's not @every day i get to catch up with @one of the great browns, one of @the cardiac kids but tonight, @fans of all ages are hanging out @with former browns running back @greg pruitt and they're doing it @over at the haufbrau house. @he was the celebrity keg tapper @for february's beer. @hello, greg pruitt! @ @>> how you doing, jim? @>> i'm doing great. @how did you do tapping that keg? @>> i got it done. @i think it's been a long time @since i've been a rookie but i
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@>> i got to ask you this, it's @national signing day today and @of course your great career was @at oklahoma. @what was it like when you @committed to go to oklahoma? @>> say it again, jim. @>> what was it like when you @made the decision to go to @oklahoma? @>> well, you know, i'm like a @lot of these guys, i wasn't @highly sought-after. @i pretty much went to oklahoma @because my coach said that's @where i was going. @>> all right. @there you go. @tell us this, when do you think @we'll be enjoying winning @football with the browns again? @>> well, i tell you, jim, what's @to @determine football player -- i
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@say if it's not about running @40-yard dashes and lifting @weights and vertical jumps and @the drills they do to determine @if you got a chance of playing @pro football, it's not going to @be -- not going to be very soon. @but i told the people here @tonight that i'm a former player @and now i am a cleveland browns @fan and i think they're the @greatest fans in football, and @nobody more deserving than they @are, so i'm hoping that -- @>> it's soon. @>> they get on the right track. @>> because you know what? @you @experienced one of the great @times when the cardiac kids @turned the town upside down. @>> yes, yes. @>> well, are you having a good @time over there tonight? @it's @always a great, great night over @there at the haufbrau house. @>> yes. @it's the first time here and i @been on a diet and quit drinking @alcohol and i had a taste of
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@i don't know if it's because i @don't drink any more, maybe @that's it, but i feel pretty @good and i only had a couple @sips. @>> greg, thanks for joining us. @>> thank you. @>> all right. @thank you for joining us. @"entertainment tonight "is @coming up next. @have a great night, everybody.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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