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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@audio ] from filing their @taxes and why it could delay
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@ @ record high temperatures @today and big change is @already happening. @what will you be waking up to? @ @ this is how my lifegreyhound bus. @>> a cleveland man speaks out @about the crash that nearly @took his life. @why he says it could have been @prevented. @ irs comp @problem that has shut down the @e-filing system and could hold @up your tax return. at a big @dream. @how big? @we will see next how lebron @james is helping to make @dreams come true. @ news at @11. @ thank you for joining us. @i am sara shookman. @and i am chris [ indiscernible
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@look at this screen. @this was the scene one year @ago today. @>> northeast ohioans were @digging out from up to now in a lot of places. @today it's quite different. @we hit a record high. the big @changes are already happening. @ @>> this @what was a nasty february for @us. @today with record highs being @set, you have to say, what @else is coming going to cool off go in @the meantime it looks like the @records -- 100+ years old @today, they were broken today. @63 hopkins and 59at @mansfield. @the average high is 35. @we shot way past that. @interestingly enough we are in itory. @the temperatures have cooled @back into the midshipman and @upper 30s. @a couple of 40 sagging on. @that won't be for long. @-- 40s hanging on.
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@we have some flurries affect snow showers @but other than that no real @action. @a lot of times this is a @be coming our way. @as far as the forecast, @this is 11 pm. @you can see how the @temperatures trend downward as @we get into the morning hours g hours. @we will start the day in the @low to midshipman 30s. @isolated storms through the @day but it will feel a whole @lot more february tomorrow. @-- @ the cuyahoga county jury @has declared @must play $27 million for life- @changing injuries that a man @suffered in a bus crash. @>> the victims as if the wed its own
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@you may find some of these @injuries disturbing. excelled in judo @at his days of competition are @now over. have a terrible @wreck island 80 west. @we had a greyhound bus -- on @80 west. @we had a @rear-ended a truck work @>> mark ended up crushed @between the two vehicles. @>> i was thinking this is how my life ends, on a @greyhound bus. @>> he was covered in glass and @it took three hours for d from the wreckage. @>> this was my left leg that @was torn off. one leg had to be amputated @in the foot on the other one @was partially amputated. @the lake is disfigure. @>> this is called a @fasciotomy.
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@, shoulder, torn @off eyelid, the aorta slightly @broke away from the heart.ys leave the @driving to him but -- to them @but mark says you may want to @think twice. @their own safety rules require @that three @hours or 150 miles. @>> i saw her doze off before @the accident. @>> she ignored company rules @which are designed to prevent @fatigue. e she was set up @to fail. @row does greyhound had these @rules so that people like her @who don't recognize e are protected @by rules. @she was victimized by the @rules. @>> despite the company rules, @the ceo testified the daughter er can make the @final call. @it's okay that they drive 33
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@>> he said [ indiscernible ] life ruined @because the corporation didn't @find out -- follow their own @safety rules. @>> reporter: it was last month @that a greyhound driver at he was fatigued @before he crashed into safety @barrels on a california @highway flipping the bus on @the site, 2 killed and at @least 8 others hospitalized. @and marks case a cuyahoga @county jury recently ordered @greyhound to pay him $27 @million. @mark says his life has been @hell, brushing his teeth and @getting out of bed are @challenging. @he has even more surgeries @ahead. spirit this was an @accident that wasn't an @accident. @it was going to happen -- @>> this was an accident that @wasn't an accident. @it was going to happen. @it was just a matter of @time.>> reporter: the ceo says @the 150 mile rule is just a @guideline. @they don't discipline drivers @if they don't follow it. @the company is now weighing it
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@ the man who allegedly shot @of dansville police officer is @being held without bond in @jail tonight. @he pleaded not guilty. he @could face the death penalty. @ health emergencies are in @effect tonight in 4 florida @counties due to the zika virus @. we are talking miami-dade, @lee, hillsboro and santa rosa @county in florida. @they are all under this @emergency. @florida has seen at least nine @cases of this miskito borne @illness. @every case -- mosquito borne @illness. @every case has been from @someone who has traveled in @affected countries. @ the irs is having trouble @with computer systems. @it has stopped accepting @electronically filed tax @returns at the moment. @this could affect refunds.
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@it doesn't anticipate major @disruptions. @the irs says some of its @systems will remain out of @service until tomorrow at @least. @ wayne county family is safe @-- saying thanks to a good @samaritan. @>> a man stopped to alert them @after he saw there foreign and @home on fire. @channel 3's hillary wilson @spoke to them i in chippewa -- @live in chippewa. @>> reporter: a family of 4 @used to you -- live here at @this home. @they had no idea what was @going on. @it just so happened that jesse @walker was driving by, @considering the explosive @material, they are so happy he @passed by. @>> they were going to blow. @the ground was on fire coming @up to the propane tank. @>> they were leaning on the @home. @they were right there. @>> he was worried about an @explosive situation yesterday @afternoon.
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@portage road was on fire. @>> they drop to their knees @and they didn't know what to @do. @>> reporter: jesse happened to @be driving by when he saw the @flames. @a mom and kid were upstairs @and had no idea what was going @on. @everyone made it out despite @the roaring fire in the back @of the house. @>> the entire garage was @enveloped in flames. @it started spreading onto the @house. @>> reporter: page lists next- @door and could feel the heat @on her face and see the pain @on the faces of the family who @thankfully got out. @>> i could see the loss in the @mother's face and how @difficult that would have to @be for her. a family who lost @everything. a gofundme account @has been set up.
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@this family. @the community is behind them. @help anybody. @>> reporter: the community @really is behind in. @julie erwin, a family friend, @-- a while ago. @she set up a gofundme account @because of all of the great @things that the family does in @the community. @we have a link on our website @at . where live in @chippewa county channel 3 news. @-- we are live in chippewa @county channel 3 news. @ a dream come true. @see how a local senior living @facility surprised a lifelong @cavs fan with the help of king @james. @ now hiring, home depot @right here in northeast ohio. @ first off,, long as we take @a sneak peek into downtown's @newest hotel. @it is sold out for a long
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@ @ more than 1300 jobs are @coming to northeast ohio. @home depot announced it will @hire seasonal staff in stores @this includes sales, @operations and cashier
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@they are also looking for new @merchandising team members. @go to our website, @foretelling the website to @apply. @ the republican national @convention is five months away. @another new downtown all help @-- hotel is about to open its @doors. @>> this is the schofield hotel @across from the new [ @indiscernible ] on the outside @the original fagade is turn of @the 20th century. @it has been renovated and @cyber a click -- a complete @remodel, the hotel has it @caters to guests who want a @more personal experience. @>> if you want a boutique @feel, with 122 rooms, it's @almost a innkeeper type of @feel. @it allows us to rapper -- wrap @our arms around the guests. @>> they will be busy this @summer. @they are already sold out for @the republican convention. @is expected to open next
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@ asking you shall receive. @sometimes more than you could @ever imagine. @that is what happened when i @local man reached out -- when @a local man reached out to his @favorite athlete. @>> walter robinson has been @beachwood since 2007. @the staff goes out of their @way to show the residents that @there's a better way to age @and they are never too old. @>> reporter: if you ask walter @robinson anything related to @basketball, you will probably @get the same answer. @who was going to win walter? @>> the cavaliers. @>> my father has wanted to see @a cavs game for a long time. @when he found out lebron was @coming back, he was super @excited.>> reporter: his @speech and maneuverability @have been hurt from a stroke
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@the staff at menorah park make @it their mission to fulfill @the resident's -- residence' @wishes. @his wish is -- you guessed it @berky such as going to again. @>> they sent in the letter @thanking him for being a fan, @shoes and a bracelet in @addition to going to the game. @my dad was over the moon. @>> reporter: donors have been @helping since the dream @initiative started in 2002. @>> once we make a dream come @true, we go on to the next @one. @i don't know if lebron will @give up the second shoe @however. @>> reporter: he watched @tonight's game with the shoe @in his lap. @there was only one player that
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@>> lebron. @>> [ laughter ] @>> it doesn't matter what you @ask, he will say lebron @james.>> reporter: in the @meantime menorah park will @continue working on other @james. @there's a woman in the has a @dream to get her own radio @show and another resident who @wants to meet two of the band @members of the beatles. @>> that is cool. @ switching gears to the @weather, betsy kling is here. @i think we were 30 degrees @warmer this afternoon and we @are right now. @>> it has been quite an abrupt @change for us. @we shattered 126-year-old @records. @that doesn't happen every day. @and we are only one day @removed from vermin day. [ @laughter ] @>> there's this day and then @whether persons day -- weather @person's day.
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@>> candy and vacation time and @chocolates, good enough. @scattered flurries will be @around as we get into the @morning rush. @temperatures will be in the @30s. @we will cool off another 5 or @10 degrees from where we are @right now. @it will be relatively steady @throughout the day tomorrow as @far as temperatures go. @we have had an abrupt change. @we made it to the low 60s @early this afternoon and now @we are sitting at about 40 @degrees. temperatures will @continue to tumble back into @the low 30s. @we could even end up with some @upper 20s. @change. @the cold air is off to the @even though it is cooling off, @we won't take a big polar @plunge yet in the forecast. @it does look like things will @even out for us. @as far as the snow, typically @these large storm systems to @produce a lot of snow. @there was a ton of snow mccain
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@planes state -- plains states. @we are getting some lake @effect snow, that's not really @related to the system. @it's semi-related. @we might see lake erie get in @on some of this action @tonight. @it looks like the colder @temperatures will drive the @lake show do -- the lake snow @throughout the entire day @tomorrow. @that is easy to plan on. @snow showers and flurries will @be hit and miss as we go @through the day. @at 5: 30 in the morning, you @can see this and then at 8:30 @you can see the low 20s -- @upper 20s and low 30s. @the snow showers will not be @heavy, we are not expecting a @lot of accumulation.
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@chances to the south as well. @the wind speeds are coming @down overall even though the @temperatures are coming down @as well. @for tomorrow we will be in the @low and mid 30s, flurry chances @around for much of the area, @especially as we head into the @latter part of the day. @then they will become more @scattered. @clouds and sun for friday. @the temperatures will get back @into the upper 30s and 40 @degrees is the anticipated- @saturday. @the seven-day forecast, sunday @increasing clouds, monday, @tuesday, wednesday of next @week, you can see where things @are going. they will go back @down into the basement. @we have a chance for snow @flowers -- snow showers coming @in as well. @it looks like that pattern @will set up and then be with @us for quite a while. @as far as the overall @forecast, it looks like winter @is still firmly in place in @northern ohio. @>> thank you betty. @ coming up, the caps on the @road tonight for the final @time before the all-star break. @ @>> can they keep the winning
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@ @ lebron had two shoes on @tonight, right? @he did give one away earlier @on the show @>> that's very nice but even @with two shoes tonight, it was @not good enough. @the cabs were in great shape @at the half in charlotte that @the second half was another @he five-game winning streak @came to an end. @the hornets got them tonight. @michael gordon's charlotte @hornets were ready to go @tonight. @-- michael jordan's charlotte @hornets or ready to go tonight. @he goes into 16th place. @in nba all-time scoring
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@jeremy lane was a guy for the @hornets a cup them going. @the cabs were outscored in @third quarter by 15 points. @-- the cavaliers were outscored @in third quarter by 15 points. @the cavaliers were -- lose 106- @97. @they will take on the celtics @after the all-star break. @big news, johnny manziel was @approached to find out what @happened last weekend is @future in cleveland. @he said i will not answer @that. @he said if you have any @questions about how the @mavericks are playing, i will @answer those questions. @this was national signing day. @ohio state always does here @but they do well everywhere. @they get a type v -- top five @recruiting class in the @nation. @they hit it big in northeast @ohio.
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@the news at 7:00, to marry him @a call from northridge -- a @u.s. army all-american rated @in the top 50 in the nation as @a player. @he is thrilled to be staying @in ohio and playing for the @buckeyes @>> i love my family and i love @my peers and friends. @knowing that ohio state was my @dream school and it's pretty @close to home, i had no other @choice, to be honest. @>> let's go out to perry high @school where the big tight end @was sitting at the table and @signed on the dotted line. @he became an ohio state by. @luke farrell is thrilled to be @coming -- is thrilled to be @playing for urban meyer. @>> i had a great relationship @with the coaches. @just being there was like @being home. @>> the home of the buffs tight @end hawkins can do a lot of @things. @he will play for the buckeyes @too.
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@he made it official today. @jack [ name indiscernible ] @can you remember that name? @center from -- is dad was a @center. he is moving on to @ohio state is about a. @michigan landed the number 1 @recruit in the country, reshad @gary who made his announcement @live on cnn today. @he had clemson and michigan @right at the altar ready to go @and michigan got the nod. @at st. ignatius, several @signed their letter of intent. @william liam aiken burke, what @a great name and a great @tackle for the fighting irish @of notre dame. @now we go to the defending @state champions, 29th student @athletes sign their letters of
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@this was an add-on, tony butler @will be going to the @cornhuskers. @the safety from clearview high @school, lance billings will @become an iowa hawkeye after @he makes his signature right @there is a multiple time all @ohio selection. @the home of champions, the @benedictine high school @bengals, that's justin layne. @he is a spartan of michigan @state. @he's one of the top receiver @-- wide receiver recruits in @the nation. @what a great day for the @cleveland school district. @here come the [ indiscernible @] 30 kids sign their letters @of intent, 18 from glenville @high school. @they were congratulated by the @great ted [ name indiscernible @]. channel 3 sports is @everywhere. @we also signed on for some @further education. @>> that's a good move.
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@ @ martin scorsese is on @jimmy fallon tonight. @have you seen anything that @you are going to recommend? @>> yes. @>> five thumbs-up @>> frozen, cinderella.
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@there. our next news is at 4: @30 a.m.
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