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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@likely be out to the western @areas toward the sandusky area. @once he goes by all of the snow . @there are winter weather @advisories north of us but it @is the wind advisory active for @carroll county later evening the vocal overnight in @till 5 am. @>> we are talking about the @rain continuing as we had @through the evening are hanging in @there. @well above freezing so far. @by eight by 8 pm around freezing and all of @us will find temperatures @crashing through the night. @this is about the time the wind @will gust -- wind gusts 40 @miles an hour possible. @snow will come @and at times bursts of heavy @snow possible. @>> temperatures by midnight in @the 20s the @teens and we will see the snow @taper off from west to east @with lingering lake the day tomorrow.
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@snow will add up to 1-2 inches @across northern ohio and maybe @three or 4 inches e or two for most. @>> windy conditions with the ping and the next @round of snow is thursday. @>> we have a lot to talk about @-- i will see you in a rah? @>> the countdown is on to the @polls close on super tuesday @states. @while the stakes are high the @front runner trump decided to @make lly today in @columbus where the voters @aren't even casting ballots. @>> andrew kerensky was there @and explains why @prioritizing ohio. @>> today donald trump was not @in any super tuesday states and @instead opted for kentucky florida. @>> everything was supersized --
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@>> i love you. @>> rnor. @chris christie was by his side. @>> and by the way we are just @warming up>> if you think all fans think again. @>> i am strongly against him @and everything he stands for. @>> you came here to see a @support? @>> yes. @some couldn't @when the republican party was @this undecided. @>> we had a big choice from the @number of candidates and i @think we've heard a lot of t views. @it hasn't been all bad but it @is narrowing down now. @>> with the front runner @proposing drastic changes such @as building a wall with mexico aling obamacare and @eliminating common core while @blaming the economy on @leadership. @>> i will be the greatest jobs @god has ever created.
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@who would never been to a y. @say what you will about to @trump he is getting attention @from people who admit they have @not been paying attention be @>> by the way this space holds @about 5500 and it appears to @>> in columbus, adrew horansky @adrew . @now we are joined by tom beres akes are the highest and @the picture will be present @after today -- these are the @st@primaries in three @>> hillary clinton is expected @to sweep the deep south and @sanders has a chance in @minnesota and massachusetts and @he is in front of the polls in @his own state but something @that hillary and it could run @the table. @>> on the republican side you @can see the states where they @have primaries and a couple of @caucuses. @donald trump is expected to be
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@>> you can see the delicate set @up and awarded so far. @donald trump has the most but @the numbers are fairly @inconsequential in terms of the @nomination. @if you look at the number of @delegates at stake most 600 -- @24% of the total number of @delegates needed to win the @nomination. @again, trump and clinton @expected to be the big winners. @to tell us about three @>> a nbc news poll has dollars @-- donald trump ahead -- bad @news for governor. @kasich of bringing up the rear @-- 6% -- a lot of people will @ask why he is still in the @race. @>> he was hoping to hang in @there until ohio. @>> yes, but people will @question that. @>> that's a lot -- it should be @an interesting night. @>> @ after you -- @>> the medical examiner a
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@trunk as charles barnes -- @abducted by two masked men @monday afternoon. @his car and body were @discovered later. @police are searching for the @masked men. @>> @ the 14-year-old accused of @causing chaos and leaving four @students hurt went in front of @a judge -- he is facing two @counts of attempted murder and @making terrorist threats. @his attorney entered a not @guilty plea today. @the judge ordered the boy @remain in juvenile detention @pending a pretrial hearing next @month. @the 14-year-old opened fire @during lunch at his butler @county school yesterday. @counselors were on the campus @today to help students feel @more comfortable. @>> now an update on a project @going on in accra -- an effort @to improve the city's outdated
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@>> hello -- the city has been @working on this project for a @long time and they have a long @way to go. @20 2027 -- by the time it's all @said and done they hope to @eliminate the overflows and @enhance the quality of the @rivers which will in turn to @get healthier for you and me. @>> you won't hear the trucks @coming -- @>> every day frederick people @wakes up and sees the project. @he understands the need for it @but says the last hike hurt. @>> i have seven kids -- my @water bill is high. @>> between frederick and his @friend justin they have 12 @kids. @>> we needed -- we got to have @it. @>> the waterways renewed @program to restore waterways to @a level that is not been seen @in six generations. @>> we are going to have water @quality we've never had in many @years.
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@director said they completed @two basins in the last six @months with three more to go @and the heavy equipment for the @canal interceptor tunnel @arrives next month. @the prep work progresses for @this tunnel which will hold @25,000,000 gallons of storm @water and sewage. @>> will probably never have a @project this size in the city @of akron. @>> this 1.1 port billion @dollars project remains under @budget with half the money @spent. @>> it is a big and important @project. @>> a project he calls the @necessity and one that the @people that use the system have @to pay for to reap the @benefits. @>> i don't want to today but it @is what it is. @>> the last summer increase was @1.5 years ago. @he said they are not begin @about another increase but it @has to do with negotiations @with the epa and the federal @court. @reporting live from akron -- @alyssa raymond channel 3 news.
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@>> brace your selves for a hike @and route changes on buses and @trains as they make changes to @make up for a $7 million @shortfall. @rta revealed plans to raise @their by $.25 or a combination @of both. @they expressed their @frustration but rta says blame @the lack of funding on a state @level. @>> we need the state to step up @as others do to allow us to @stabilize. @to expand services were needed. @>> rta says the proposed @changes would impact less than @2% of current riders raising @fares would impact everybody -- @this has not been done since @2000 9p @>> a measure to legalize @medical marijuana could be back @on the ballot. @the marijuana policy project
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@large growers of marijuana to @pay a fee of $5000 for a @license and the patients would @be able to get an id to allow @them to buy and grow their own @medical marijuana. @gather more than 3000 @the voters in november. @neighborhood are getting help @with education. @an open house was held for the @brand new union miles had start @to do. @toddlers and their families met @teachers and toward the @classroom and got a jumpstart @on enrolling in the preschool. @it is a joint effort between @the council for economic @opportunity and gla. @both organizations are working @to get more children to enroll @in the early childhood @education. @>> @ it's sad to see what has @happened. @>> that's at 6 -- a beloved @restaurant/bar criminals -- we @will hear more from the owners @that have a strong message for @the community.
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@can't find a way to make @cardboard floor. @>> when the rain will change to @snow -- when we return after
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@ @coming up tonight at 7 30 after @a special hour-long edition of @the nightly news, the role @religion could play in @selecting the nominees and who @is expected to win the latino @vote.
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@groundbreaking bicycle -- how @it could make it easier to @ride. @>> we will see you again at 733 @>> -- 7:30.
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@ @welcome back -- a restaurant in @east cleveland became a crime @scene overnight after the crux @smashed into the pizza shop and
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@>> carly flynn morgan joins us @with a live report. @>> not even seven hours after @the van smashed into the pizza @shop they were open again for @business. @>> we spoke with the owner who @said despite last night crime @they are not going anywhere. @>>.once, not twice, but three @times has someone smashed this @van into this pizza store -- @from the inside and outside. @>> it's sad to see what it @happened. @>> this family has owned this @for 50 years and they have @stayed open to other robberies @and invested in the @neighborhood. @>> we have tried to do our best @-- the man went inside and try @to steal the atm. @>> later you will see the man @run down the street and get @into the vehicle and drive @away. @>> we enjoy eating here --
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@>> people were appalled that @people try to steal from this @business. @>> this is terrible -- a @terrible thing. @>> this is one of several smash @and grab's over the last couple @of months including another one @overnight at a pharmacy on @cleveland's east side. @>> the police chief tells us @they are likely connected. @>> cipriani said it is a @setback. @he opened the store at 11 am as @usual. @>> we had done well -- we don't @plan to go anywhere. @>> if the police tell us they @don't have suspects and they @had not made any arrests. @live in east cleveland carly @flynn morgan. @back to you. @>> that's too bad -- @>> welcome to cleveland, carly. @>> thanks, russ lakewood high @school students tested out @cardboard both this afternoon @-- they help the cardboard boat @regatta.
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@these votes using untreated @brown cardboard and clear tape. @the boat had to hold two @students paddling across the @pool. @>> some more successful. @>> there we go -- the first @casualty. @>> it happens. @>> that the is here -- the @first day of meteorological @spring. @>> doesn't it feel springlike? @>> yes, hanging in there -- it @is nice and warm and we have @rain and now we will flip it @back around -- we technically @are in winter. @>> astronomically speaking -- @will start with the wind speeds @-- this is the forecast and the @wind will pick up. @as we head to the next four @hours or so look at how the @wind picks up and change @direction -- we will have the @northwest wind and it will be a @cold wind and sustained winds @anywhere from 15-25 with gusts @over 30 miles an hour likely up
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@lake shore will likely be the @heaviest heading past the @midnight hour. @you can see the lakeshore area @seeing sustained winds 20-30 @and the gusts around 40 miles @an hour. @further to the south slightly @less as far as the wind gusts @go but as we head into the @early morning all of us should @start to see the high wind @gusts subside. @you will hear the wind tonight @and you will see that the @temperature will drop as the @wind picks up. @the rain will change to snow @later this evening as the cold @air wrap thin and it the @westerly to northwesterly wind @will start to impact things as @far as the temperature change. @>> we are still dealing with @rain -- the temperatures are @well into the 40s and 50s for @the south. @the darker green changing into @yellow is for the heavier rain @showers are. @heading farther east you need @to keep in mind that the radar @beam gets colder and we are @likely seeing a little bit of @snow elevated on their as you
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@-- you see how it is circular @-- the pattern that shows up is @along the beam with -- it looks @like that is probably what is @going. @>> to the west we have breaks @coming in. @people have pledges of dry air @trying to wrap into the system @as well but you can't help seat @for the changeover is to the @west as we go from rain over to @snow. @a small window for freezing @rain but it doesn't look like @it will be significant for us. @what will be significant is not @only the temperatures and the @wind but the abrupt switch to @the white stuff on the ground @-- we are likely to have a @coating by the start of the day @tomorrow. @>> on the backside is dry air @-- once it moves through we @will see some clearing and that @will come our way in the @afternoon. @watch out for the temperatures @because we are likely to only @see temperatures in the 20s as @we head through the day @tomorrow. @keep in mind the wind will be @with us so we are probably @in the low teens.
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@the rain will change to snow -- @i 71 corridor and the west will @be in the snow -- we will get @into the snow showers heading @to the midnight hour -- @bridgers crashing into the 20s @and the wind switches around to @help kick in lake moisture and @we will have lake enhanced snow @showers continuing through the @morning commute. @as of now we don't expect major @impact but keep in mind we have @rain falling down and @temperatures dropping and that @means the possibility of ice @spots especially present @overpasses and also the steps @and porches tomorrow morning. @by afternoon we will see the @snow clear out and see sunshine @-- how much snow? @don't get too excited -- a be @an inch or two -- in the @enhanced areas we may have 3 @inches -- it will be slushy @stuff. @>> temperatures in the 20 @tomorrow -- risk with keeping @the wind chills down and the @forecast brings another round @of snow our way for thursday @with one-4 inches falling.
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@keep in mind it's only one-4 @inches. @>> 20s for friday and by @saturday another round of snow @coming in. @no accumulation potential on @that one. @that projecting yet but we will @keep an eye on that. @late weekend we will clear it @out. @next week looks warm. @>> thanks, betsy. @>> coming up -- baseball is @back as the indians open up @exhibition play this afternoon @against the reds. @>> jimmy at the snow how they @luck -- next. @>> future view is brought to @you by live in. @>>
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@ @spring for meteorologist and @the indians, apparently. @>> it was great to have them @back -- they lost but no @worries -- a get to play the @redskins -- they lost 6-5. @remember they tried to win the @number five spot in the first @inning it was scoreless -- @former indian had a base hit to @right field and they when they @had one-nothing. @second inning the reds were up @1-0 and carlos santana got that @one -- they tied to the game at @1-13 @>> they shot ahead and @cincinnati led 6-2 -- he put @one over the wall in left field @-- a home run. @>> in the eighth inning the
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@bases were loaded and robbie @grossman was robbed -- against @the fence. @the reds won 6-5. @>> they will play again @tomorrow at 3:053 @>> today was the deadline -- if @you were going to put the @franchise tag or the @transitional tag on your free @agents and the browns did not @do that. @was a little surprising -- @there was some talk that they @would put the tag on the safety @and keep them around but they @did not. @these guys are ready to go out @into the free-agent market. @alex mack has until friday at @4:00 to act out of his contract @-- he is expected to do that. @there was a window in his deal @put in there. @mac become a free agent if he @does that although there have @been talks going on about @getting a long-term deal done. @>> we are waiting on josh @gordon to see if he is @reinstated into the nfl -- 60
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@would put it at march 20 -- the @day that the nfl would have to @rule. @he has to meet with the medical @director and pass the test and @meet with the commissioner and @see if everything is okay and @if it is the browns and guys @back. @>> he can do anything he wants @to do -- many catches up with @the mental aspect of the game @-- and the mental aspect of @life -- he will be all-pro @again while he is young enough @to do that. @>> from what i've seen he is @ready to do that -- hopefully @he is. @>> footnotes -- once he gets @the mental aspect down he will @be okay. @>> a big game down at the jar @at the university of akron -- @they take on ohio university @bobcats. @akron leads by one game -- they @beat them earlier this month.
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@title and a number one seed in @the upcoming tournament. @then akron takes on can't at @home friday. @>> congratulations to chuck @kyle the head coach at st. @ignatius -- inducted into the @natural -- national adoration @high school association hall of @fame. @11 state championships and a @better coach he will never @find. @he will be inducted july july 2 @in reno. @congratulations. @>> high school highlights -- @st. thomas aquinas junior guard @jacob paul had 16 points -- @they won in division three over @new middletown springfield. @>> @ great guy. @>> the best. @>> a great teacher and coach. @>> does his daughter or cure? @>> i'm pretty sure. @>> thank you so much. @thank you for watching.
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@tonight at 7:30.>> russ and i @will be back at 11 watching the @super tuesday results. @see you later.
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breaking news tonight. we're minutes from the first poll closures as voters in a dozen states have their say. a dramatic night in the race for president as donald trump and hillary clinton try to pull away from the pack. also tonight, high-stakes showdune as the fight between apple and the fbi moves from the courtroom to congress. new twists in a battle that has major implications on your privacy and national security. living a nightmare. an emotional erin andrews back on the stand describing the daily horror she endures after being secretly taped. what she does when she enters a a wild chase. a kidnapping suspect at large after a police pursuit, kids in


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