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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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@data was compromised. @and see tina fey on the tonight @show.
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@ calls made to secret @service more on the alleged @threat made to president obama @and a local man behind bars. @ fast track to a good paying uce you to a @cleveland course propelling @students into the tech world. @>> you can get coffee in many @places but a new cafe y delicious, savory and @sweet delights helping felons @get back to work. @ in @and northeast ohio teens @describes her journey to the @stage. > a man in custody tonight @after police say he spent part @of sunday night calling the @secret service saying he wants @to kill the president to than smead now we
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@days and weeks leading up to @the calls. @>> now with the details. er: the caller recently @watching the tv show the west @wing this @west side apartment jonathan @smead lived in with his step @grandmother they discovered @these two books the kennedy @curse and from @a detailed reads on kennedys @final days. @>> a y, the @assassination and stuff like @that. @>>reporter: she says her step @grandson jonathan was @discharged from the navy in @1999, @he was close to last year, @moved here three months ago and @says he was drinking sunday @night when he used joyceand call the
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@president obama. clinton, @wants federal charges not @little state charges. @as of tonight he got his wish. @marshals continue to @investigate. @>> i just don't know what @brought all this on. @i don't really understand why @he is so interested in thisthe assassination remake the @family tells the secret service @he is mentally distraught, @alcoholic and last month @threaten suicide with a gun to @his head and a knife to his @throatdmother, who @you heard from in rpu says, he @is a good boy who has never @quote in in any real trouble. @he is due in court etermine if those @charges of threatening the @president will stick. @ to politics now, @republican presidential @candidate ben carson announced
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@campaign. cially @suspending his campaign just yet @saying he plans to discuss the @next step of the conservative @political action conference in @washington dc on friday. @after super tuesday jump -- @governor john kasich vowing to @continue on the campaign trail. @he spoke to reporters in @michigan today. @kasich says his performance on @super tuesday was better than @anticipated and he is looking @ahead to a win in ohio's primary @in two weeks. @ about $2 million could @benefit taxpayers has gone up @in smoke. @the amount of uncollected fines @for violating ohio's smoking @ban. @wide the state is cracking down @or blowing smoke. @>> it has been nine years since @the smoking ban took effect. @we found violations all over @northeast ohio when the wall was @-- with the law was two and a @half years old. @>> i don't think that is a @reasonable law. @a number of businesses fumed
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@one fine after another. @total fines now in ohio more @than $4 million. @million has been collected. @>> somebody is not doing their @job. @>>reporter: radix question the @state's enforcement but the @state argues they are trying @everything in their toolkit to @collect fines. @went echoes and paid after 75 @days, the ohio health @department brings in extra @muscle. @>> we were not very successful @when we started. @>> look at the fines the state @is leaving on the table. @well over a half million @dollars in northeast ohio @alone. @>> you're not going to hold @people accountable why are we @doing it. the good news @violations are trending down. @some businesses with thousands @in fines found compliance. @this smoke or obey the law by @stepping outside to light up. @but we found others blatantly @ignoring the ban. @>> we come in here we don't
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@>> an employee at skills @assured us know smoking is @allowed inside. @we returned a few days later @and shot this video from the @parking lot. at least six @smokers visible through the @front window for anyone to see. @we also found two lighting up @that harry's down the street. @keep in mind taxpayers me, you, @are getting hurt by this unpaid @debt. @that is because local health @departments, including the one @here in cuyahoga county, pocket @90% of all fines collected in @their jurisdiction. @>> i was sleet we could do a @lot with that money. @we do a lot of public health @good with that money. @>>reporter: suburban middleburg @heights had the largest debt in @all of ohio before it closed. @about $90,000. @a few years ago we found them @thumbing their nose at the lot @even setting out ashtrays. @>> we would walk in. health @inspectors say they were @treated like human punching @backs. @>> smoke blown interfaces,
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@>> the state turned up the heat @on suburban and other @deadbeats. @by going after their liquor @licenses. @>> that gives us much more @leverage. @>>reporter: suburban may not @have paid a fine but without a @liquor license. @>> they are shut down a gone. @>>reporter: medleys used to @give smokers partially filled @water bottles to use as @ashtrays. @they racked up $16,000 in fines @. they are no longer around but @they have been paying off their @debt. @>> it they don't pay they will @lose their liquor license. @>> the ag me talk to that it is @the bar owners who win most @often. @our investigation found the @state try to revoke the liquor @licenses of 42 businesses for @violating the smoking ban. @but only seven, or 16%, @actually lost their licenses. @>> it can be very frustrating @win the attorney general said @it is not uncommon for @bankruptcy and reopen at a @different location under a @different name.
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@candidly admits mostly unpaid @fines will likely remain @unpaid. @ university of akron @students missing get a little @extra cash @in their pockets. @university said today will @refund more than $4 million to @students as part of the fee @that was raised after the state @capped it the previous or. @students making up to $238 for @two to miss -- semesters @depending on the number of @credit hours the student took @and how it was paid. @ big changes coming to the @west side market, it announced @today it will be open on @sundays starting april 3. @however not all the stands plan @to change their schedules. @beginning this month, the city @will consolidate two talking @lots creating more than 100 @additional spaces. @the city says it plans to start @charging for parking but isn't @sure yet how much. @ imagine landing a $50,000 a
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@after just three months of @classes. @the boot camp in downtown @cleveland claims you can do @just that. @with a focus on women and @minorities, this computer @coding program creating @diversity within the tech @industry. @wright when melanie mcghee @found her career at a dead-end @she went back to college. @>> i couldn't go full time. @i had to work to support @myself. @it was dragged out over year. @>> eventually led to a 20 year @career as a successful computer @programmer. @and a lot of requests. @coming up to me saying can you @teach me how to code and it @became apparent very quickly @they felt intimidated asking @male peers. that led her to @design her own curriculum, one @that would be faster and less @costly in college. @students can go full-time for @three months or part time for @six months.
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@coded offers diversity @scholarships to women, @minorities and anyone with a @household income below $47,500. @>> one of the problems for @women and minorities is we @don't feel invited to the @party. i @want people to feel invited @this is for everyone. @>>reporter: she graduated in @december within two months had @a job as a junior developer at @highland, creator of on base. @honestly am excited this is the @best thing i can do right now @for him as well as me. @scholarships and input. @>> we will make recommendations @so they can focus on skills @that employers are seeking. @>> to help people, help women, @help minorities find a great @way to quickly get into a high- @paying career without much @effort is just a no-brainer.
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@starts february 20 night. @for more information on how you @can enroll go to @ coming up first look will @go inside a new bakery and see @how helping some employees @overcome the barriers. @ personal data exposed. @why walmart says information @from thousands of customers has @leaked out. @chilly tonight. @temperatures in the teens and @dawn.
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@ @. @ walmart starting to know @what -- of by online pharmacy @customers of the possible error @that link out personal @information. @the company says prescription @history and other basic @information on a few thousand @online customers might have @been visible to other users. @it happened during a migration @of service last month. @walmart says the site was not @hacked. @ chick-fil-a wants you to @put down your cell phone and @enjoyed attack free meal. @the fast food chain offering @customers nearly 200 restaurants @an area for families to ditch
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@calling it the cell phone coop @anyone able to go an entire @meal without picking up their @phone gets a free ice cream cone @sounds like a deal to me a new @cafe in bakery in cleveland @scene helping people with @criminal records and various @get trained and into the @workforce. @>> a look inside bloom bakery @before it opens one week from @today win 90% of the folks @working here have a felony @record and that can mean @barriers to work but by working @here they can break down those @barriers and have a little @success. @>> samples of food doled out @and bought 10 different @sandwich type five solid @options, espresso, coffee, your @eyes could be drawn to
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@delicacies but train them here @instead. @bloom bakery and cafe staff. @>> i was very depressed i have @been home a year now i think @god everyday -- i thank got @>> all have barriers to work @many have criminal backgrounds. @showed me what i need to do so @i have a job i work and have a @second chance and i really do @want that we met getting into @trouble often means it is tough @getting into work. @prison legal news reports @excellent make up one in every @15 working age people but only @40% of employers said they @would hire someone with a @criminal background. @>> when they see at the first @thing they think as, violent @person but i am not. @the baked good bakery on euclid @avenue about 70% of those in @the program will work there.
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@storefront in public square. @after about a year working they @will be able to go out into the @workforce and get additional @employment. @something people here say is @vital for all of our success. @ the news of an up-and- @coming local sensation her @rendition of goodbye yellow @brick road wowed all four @judges last night today we @caught up with emily keene in @the northeast ohio contestant @on the voice. @ [ music ] . @>> i am not used to this @overnight sort of explosion of @stuff going on. @it is really cool and i am @starting to keep my head on. @. @>> the now 17 -year-old going @forward in the competition, the @talk of the town in her @hometown up with ben.
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@progress on the show and hear @more from her in the coming @weeks. @just want to hear more of her @right now. @>> more from betsy too. @>> no offense betsy. @>> not taken. @>> let's look at what is @happening as far as the @forecasts. @tomorrow morning i'll expected @to be anything as far as @problematic for weather mostly @cloudy, cool temperatures 20s, @pretty typical. @cloudy skies with snow chance @as we head into the afternoon @temperatures tomorrow low to @mid 30s across northern ohio i @don't think it will be that big @of a deal as far as snow coming @in we are right now in the @upper teens and low 20s across @most of the area 28 downtown @cleveland but with winds @backing off temperatures a @little variable here for a @while we are waiting for more @clouds to come in and o's those
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@through the area to the south @of us tomorrow that should help @break up what is left of these @stubborn stubborn stubborn @flurries that continue on we @have seen very light @accumulations today of a fluff @the highest i have seen out @toward montville 2 inches. @it is all relative because lake @effect country that is just a @flake on the ground so to @speak. @i would say a drop in the @bucket that is of course @liquid. @anyhow our storm system passing @south of us you can see snow @showers spreading out across @the southern great lakes these @will continue to push and as we @get into the day tomorrow it is @encountering dry air so we are @expect to see the snow showers @start to ramp up later in the @day rather than earlier can't @rule out a few random flurries @in the midday hours but most @snow showers will hold off @until we get into the evening @and temperatures likely in the @30s. @hour by hour clouds and
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@across the area temperatures @back in the mid- 20s at the @start of the day were to start @up around 30 degrees and by @midday we will see temperatures @climbing to the low and mid 30s @mostly cloudy skies the role. @here come the flurry chances as @we get into the afternoon the @better chances for scattered @snow showers will be evening @and into the overnight hours as @we wrap up tonight and start @the day friday we are expecting @snow showers to be winding down @and we will actually see @clearing by the end of the day @friday. @as far as how much snow again @not a big deal we will just see @the coding in most locations @but if we have to put any @number on it i would say all of @us will be less than 2 inches @that does not look like that @will be hampering travel across @the area tomorrow. @low to mid 30s less than an @inch of accumulation in greater @cleveland about an inch or so @akron, canton and mansfield. @light as far as simulation @standards in northern ohio in @early march.
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@chance of snow showers in the @early part of the day clearing @in the afternoon. @another round of snow coming in @saturday that will likely bring @guests 2 inches or less. @good news too. @late weekend in your seven day @forecast partly cloudy sunday @and 50s and 60s. @a nice swing back into more @springlike weather as we head @into the middle of next week. @>> we like it. @>> @ kids across the country and @here in cleveland celebrated a @birthday today. @>> read across america event @held at the cleveland public @library mount pleasant branch. @kids enjoyed story time, face @painting and snacks. @the event sponsored by wkyc. @ coming up it has been a @week filled with drama involving @cats and lebron takes a quick @trip. @>> what he was doing in miami @the had people scratching their
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@ @. @ after playing three games @in four nights the cavaliers @got a couple days off before @returning to practice tomorrow. @what do the teams start due to @kill time? @lebron james flew to miami with @his family on tuesday in this @morning worked out with the @heat's dwyane wade. @many people probably wondering @why he didn't work out with his @teammates requester he called a @week in miami while recovering @-- recovering from back and @knee injuries in the season. @lebron sent out this cryptic @tweet last night about making a @mistake that caused a stir in @the social media world. @lebron has a history of such @tweets year toward teammates @but we won't know for sure @until he is asked about it @tomorrow at practice.
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@second best in the east chasing @the cavaliers the raptors. a @big night tonight from kyle @lowry, three-pointer there, 32 @for the evening raptors win @104-94 toronto to get games @behind the cavaliers in the @ after in a lost season and @expect turnover on the browns @however they would like to keep @the good players like alex map @for instance he avoided the @final three years with the @browns making him as a @restricted free agent. @at about $24 million left on @the deal, his agent says he @definitely is leaving over the @possibility of returning but @this is the first opportunity @he has had to choose or he will @play next season. @carson wentz on the radar for @the draft coming up in a couple @of months coming off a strong @nfl combine this past weekend @that includes -- posted 291 @better than peyton manning's
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@browns taking winds number two, @other quarter bounds -- cutter @backs the browns are @considering going to the 49ers @at number seven. @former head coach espn analyst @jon gruden had high praise for @the quarterback he said quote @he is a 21 -year-old talent, @the top productive quarterback @i love this kid. @he helped turn the program @around. @he runs an up-tempo no huddle @offense. @they asked a lot of him, he is @special. @go to baseball the tried and @reds in goodyear, arizona for @the second straight day. @reds won the cactus league @opener yesterday 6-fike go. @cody anderson with the start of @the try to day looked pretty @good two scoreless innings, @struck out one. @didn't give it a base hit @either. @breaking ball awfully good @early on. @meanwhile the 5th inning look at @ramirez going there that made a @3- 1 tribe.
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@ninth 4-4 the final. @ tomorrow first pitch @against the reds 3:05 danny @salazar on the hill for the @good guys. @ this weekend in iowa city @the big ten wrestling @championships. @buckeyes not only the defending @big 10 champs also the @defending national champs as @well. @buckeyes currently ranks @seventh in the country at the @moment they won for the first @time in the 95 year history @last year. @the ncaa championships madison @square garden march 17 buckeye @head coach tom ryan has been a @ohio state for 10 years and has @built a powerhouse for the @wrestling program in columbus. @>> we are at the point where @fans could say and supporters @and alumni buckeye nation the @wrestling team has done its job @and with big ten coming up we @have a shot and that is the @plan. @huge dream huge vision and i @think the best is yet to come @as good as things are going. @>> good luck to the bookcases @far as quarterbacks go i think
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@be talking about who is it @going to be the latest on this @player of that player. @plenty to talk about as always. @>> thank you, sir.
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@ @. @ perhaps this time next week @no coats and hats.
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@>> channel three news begins at @4:30 a.m.. @>> have a great night,
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[ ch lause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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