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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  March 4, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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@>> how a community is using @sports to help teens battling @cancer. @>> hi russ, are you making @plans for the weekend? @i'll let you know when to @expect rain and snow coming up. @ o.j. @simpson back in the spotlight, @what could the discovery for a @possible discovery of a murder @weapon could mean for his @future, and whether he can be @tried again for the crime. @ @ good evening, i'm russ @mitchell, jimmy is off tonight. @ dramatic video shows the @moment a wrong way sedan hit a @u haul on the belt. @they all survived. @>> reporter: it was another @wrong way highway crash.
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@place this northeast ohio in @the past two months. @tonight a first responder has @an idea on something that @should be considered, @concerned, because if nothing @is done, he believes it will @only happen again. @>> it is video that may serve @as a wakeup call. @odot cameras captured the @moment of impact when tourists @took a u-haul truck. @they're wondering whether @something could have kept that @car from getting that far. @the batallion chief said this @has been 8 wrong way crashes @since september. @they expect spike strips for @those who got on the wrong way. @>> some folks say this @potential solution may be too @much money. @if we were having plane crash @after plane crash, how many @money would be we be spending @that on what's the problem.
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@victims after small plane @crash. @both drivers died when their @cars collided on i71 south on @west 140th and a woman lost her @life on i-80 when a pickup @truck struck her. @they're not sure that the @strips would look, but they're @looking at studies. @>> it's important to note that @in two of those local crashes @including the one that happened @early this morning near the @innerbelt, alcohol was believed @to be a factor, something else @to consider in this too. @ canton police are @investigating the death of a @three-year-old girl as a @homicide. @police responded to a 'em side @this afternoon after the @child's father called 911. @he told the dispatcher that the @child was unconscious. @they're interviewing a suspect, @but have not made any arrests.
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@million. @he'll stay in juvenile @detention for seven days until @jail. @has accused of killing 18-year- @old nick massa last month. @down. @the team made that announcement @earlier today without giving a @reason why. @he joined the team back in @2012. @he was in charge of the team's @business, from stadium @renovations to new uniforms. @he'll step down as team @president at the end of the @month and will stay with the @browns as a consultant until @the end of the year. @ the browns player has been @suspended by four games by the @nfl. @he went through the league's @performance, he arrested bryant @and former teammate, the nfma @sanders, they found marijuana, @prescription drugs and a loaded
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@bryant's court hearing is set @for march 14th. @ we nominate donald, we're @going to spend the spring fall @and summer with the republican @nominee facing a fraud trial. @>> many republicans are @scrambling to block or defeat @donald trump's white house bid. @they're speaking out. @tom got a look at his first @look at local campaign @headquarters. @they're excited and angry. @>> they haven't had grand @opening fan fares, but they had @a store doing business, like a @retired democrat, he says trump @is his guy to get his vote.
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@i believe in hay says. @>> he's frustrated with @democrats and republicans. @>> they're the same, they're @looking for their best @interests and not looking for @the people's best interests. @>> now, a campaign chair, he's @willing to overlook many who @think is unpresidential. @>> is he saying it with kid @gloves, we need to be forceful @to break the stranglehold that @many politicians have on us and @the country. @>> if they jigger him to the @nominations in cleveland. @>> if they go to change the @rules after the american public @has spoken, they do it at their @own risk and peril. @>> it's a movement of the @american people finally getting @their voice. @he is and speaking for the @silent majority. @>> and with the help of gerry
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@a trump primary win in ohio. @tom berry, news channel 3. @ monica robins shows house @they're using the game to @support a team. @>> jacob thought he had the flu @and it became worse. @when he swelled in his abdomen, @what they thought was the flu @was actually cancer. @on wednesday, 160 kids from @several lake county schools @gathered at kirkland high @school that would benefit jacob @and his family. @included in the event were the @football team. @he was grateful for the support @from the community and others @he doesn't know. @>> it's nice that that many @people cared and were willing
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@>> i thought it was amazing, we @couldn't believe like so many @people would come together to @support jacob. @>> jacob will remain in @cleveland clinic fore @children's hospital receiving @intensive chemotherapy. @he'll go through three more @rounds after this. @tumor. @type of cancer. @it's one that responds to be @treatment. @>> we're wishing treatment the @best. @thank you monica. @ coming up, could o.j. @simpson's case be reopened. @the mystery tonight, it could @have been something in the @murder weapon. @the top 50 movies that one guy @says have you to see. @the film buff recommends some @of the best films of the
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into
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an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. @ @ welcome back, a new twist @in the o.j. @simpson murder case. @the weapon was never found, but @l.a. @police say it may, may have @finally surfaced. @the traffic construction @officer found a knife back in @the 1990s, they're talking @about the legal implications of @all of this. @we have the legal implications @of this. @>> this is crazy, let's put it @out on the table right there. @let's get the legalities out of @the way. @let's say, it's a long argument @that this is the knife and
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@>> if it's the nice, it's @conceivable through the federal @system on a civil rights @action, but not likely. @there are so many bridges they @have to cross, and this is so, @so many mistakes here, and if @this is another mistake, it @will be impossible to get a @conviction, double jeopardy @doesn't nullify it. @>> in the for a civil case. @>> he lost that case can he go @at it depend. @>> i don't think they'll be @able to do it again. @if they're able to prove it, @they're going to look at the @officer who withheld it. @let's say for a minute and the @dna identifies someone else, it @may be someone else who had @that. @we may have the trial of the @next century, and to show that @it really wasn't oj. @>> i don't think you can put @too many qualifiers on this.
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@knife, could that officer who @is retired, could he @potentially get in trouble? @>> absolutely. @he may be withholding evidence, @evidence of a crime that was @committed by someone else. @let's say someone else's dna is @on there, and nicole brown's @evidence is on there and this @american is tampering with @evidence and obstruction of @justice. @johnny cochran would tell him @to keep his mouth shut right @now. @he got the knife in 1990s. @so, i think the officer could @be on the line for this one. @>> for the record, one of the @attorneys who represented o.j. @simpson said today this is @ridiculous, forget about it, @it's in the the knife, @whatever. @>> why do you think this case @continues to draw so much @interest in this country? @>> we all remember when that @verdict was read, it had @everything to it.
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@battle, it was -- this is what @started reality television when @you think about it and it @continues. @the show is out now, and that's @running, it just never went @away, many people were invested @in that trial. @there were a lot of knives @turned over the years and if @so, i'd be interested to see @what the charges are. @>> he's in jail now, i wonder @what he thinks. @>> he may put out another book, @you never know. @>> still to come, what if your @career was watching movies and @sharing your opinions of that. @how a local film lover turned @his passion to a job. @we'll tell you his all time @favorite movies. @i wonder if you'll see rain or @snow this weekend. @but, here's the twist.
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@ @ it's time to protect
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@identity theft. @next week is national consumer @protection week. @we'll have a phone bank to @answer your questions, watch @monday night for all of the @details. @ a local man has watched @movies so much he has made of a @career on it. @after sharing his video reviews @on youtube, it's his full-time @job. @he's published a book about his @favorites. @the movies of the 2,000s before @you die. @>> thanks for being here. @>> thank you. @>> when did you first discover @that you loved movies. @>> age 14, it's a demolished @theatre, my mom took me there. @it was down in the akron area @in chapel hill. @i saw a film called signs. @at that moment i knew that's @what i want to do. @movies are art. @they're something created by @groups of people, they're not @mind less entertainment.
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@became things that we could be @inspired on. @>> when did you figure out you @could turn this into a career, @you could make a living doing @this? @>> throughout the majority of @teenage roads i wrote a lot of @reviews on free web hosts, @maybe i should look at this @professionally and really try. @i decided to produce videos of @these reviews, not just writing @a review. @i did it for free on youtube. @at some point i was able to be @successful where i could @partner with youtube and start @making money doing it. @>> we're watching some of your @movies. @now, these are the 2,000s, you @won't find the godfather and @citizen cane? @>> good films. @>> favorite movie? @>> that's a hard question.
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@collateral with tom cruise and @jamie foxx. @this is an underrated movie, @it's a cab job who gets a @hitman and is forced to take @this man around his hits at @night. @500 days of summer is a great @romantic comedy. @these are films a lot of people @haven't seen. @smaller once cache, the french @i don't want to say what the @not is. @i don't want you to know what @it is. @knowing. @left. @connections? @>> the avengers, and captain @america, winter soldier, they @were shot in leveled. @>> anything you're looking at, @any movies, i got to see these,
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@>> there's a new star wars in @december, rowing 1. @>> it's anthology, the new x @men film coming out. @ten clover field lane, it's a @schedule to clover field, the @most exciting thing is i'm @writing another book, a fiction @book soon. @>> this is chris stuckman he @wrote a @book the film buff's @bucket list. @we've got it up there. @thank you and happy moving @going. @>> thank you. @ it could be a good saturday @for catching up on the movies. @>> good evening, everybody. @one day better for the indoor @plans, maybe the movie and the @car show still going on @throughout the weekend. @the other day much better for @outdoor activities. @we'll break it down for you @coming up.
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@there's no storminess headed @our way. @we're rain and snow in @northeast ohio. @plan on the chilly @temperatures. @we're there now, and we'll hold @between 25 and 30 from now, @until saturday morning when @that next storm system arrives @and starts to spring in a whole @mix of precipitation for the @way on saturday. @it's a large system and it @carries snow and rain and the @way it's tracking, first a warm @front moving through, that will @bring in snow showers and snow @flurries, a break between the @two fronts on midday, ahead of @it, temperatures in the 30s and @40s, i think everything starts as rain and as the storm @system moves away, cold air on @the backside of this thing, @it's light snow and snow @showers saturday evening. @it's not about the saturday
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@slick after sunset on saturday. @we're on the cold side of an @active jet stream pattern to @the south this weekend. @it's late saturday night into @sunday, this jet stream starts @to look north and with it. @the cold air goes north and the @milder air down to the south. @it's headed this way. @sunday you'll feel a slight @difference and the big chances @arrive monday and sunday @afternoon. @it's chilly and dry, partly @cloudy skies, and saturday, @we're okay, at 6 and 7, there @may be a slight accumulation @with a couple of these. @temperatures into the upper @toes -- 20s and 30s, it could @the lake. @it transitions to flurries @saturday night. @the whole system clears out @sunday morning. @it starts chilly with a north @wind. @watch the wind arrow switch
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@begin the big warmup as it @heads into the start of next @week. @you. @you're not seeing nothing in @the backyard, a nice warmup for @monday with temperatures in the @upper 50s and it's shining @bright with increasing clouds @with temperatures in the low @60s, sports is coming up soon, @and let's check in with joe who @is at the cleveland auto show. @>> good evening, i'm coming @from the cleveland auto show @which ends on sunday. @you don't want to miss an @opportunity to say hi, and @congratulations to mike for a @new dealership. @people are talking about $15 @million to make that move. @>> it's blending the best with @the old and the best of the @new. @we've been in the chevy @business for 90 years, we're @going into the brand-new state @of the art facility, a location @second to none.
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@and 480 and route 422, it's @easy to get to and time saving. @>> and 13 acres. @>> yeah and we have a ton of @frontage and people will see @the cars when you drive by. @>> if you're coming by the auto @show, stop by and say i had to @this guy. @congratulations.
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@ @. @ we pay tribute to a miracle
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@for a break. @>> i was born that year and it @was an outstanding time. @>> i was busy. @>> the cabs host the wizards @and a special night it will be. @>> they had it the 75 @cavaliers, the cavs and they @win a division, they lost and @it was a great season. @>> a special bond was created @with the city. @>> you know something, those @are some great city. @>> they're like a part of my @family. @that was the beauty of that @basketball team. @>> in addition to that, we were @very good on the basketball @court. @>> we do a great job honoring @the ones that get close.
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@going out of it. @>> that's coming up at 11. @>> he's a great person. @>> he's our guest, and it's @cavaliers. @>> it's not bad. @et up next, we're all back at @11.
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tonight an "e.t." exclusive, marcia clark on the new knife allegedly discovered at o.j.'s estate. >> remarkable development. >> but is it the murder weapon? >> it's possible if there is dna to be discovered, it may have been found. >> what marcia told us what may have been found here at brentwood and clues from this exclusive just uncovered o.j. interview. >> a lot of people got rich. everybody except me. >> what he said just after the trial. then, whitney houston's daughter we breakdown bobbi kristina's autopsy report. just released today.


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