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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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@this is for me. @this is very important thing. @i've hard. @what's his reaction to donald @trump telling channel 3 that he @considered kasich as a possible @vice governor of ohio. @i'm either president or i'm @going to remain as governor of @ohio and finish my job rested in anything @like. @that maybe i should consider @him if i become the nominee. @i think we have a good chance @of getting. @>> how confident is he of @winning his home ou're confident you're @going to get it done next week. i will @win ohio. @it's incumbent on me to make @sure i'm all over the state, @which i will be. @you know, we'll see . @>> can donald trump be delayed. @will there be a brokered @convention.
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@kind of looks like no one will @have enough delegates. @we'll see. @first order of business is the @state of orrow kasich's campaign @goes to illinois. @>> now, kasich will be making @his remarks about his @performance in michigan tonight @he is hoping for a strong @second place finish there to @give him momentum into ohio. @i will have more of my @interview with john ght on channel 3 news at @7:00. @tom beer as, channel 3 news. @>> -- tom berras, channel 3 @>> he said he would consider @kasich as his running mate. @he spoke to john anderson and @lynna lai. @ circling back to a @convention in cleveland, how @would you go about winning the @battle on the i don't want to talk about it @yet.
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@i'm leading by a lot right now. @i think winning ohio is very @impo have a really good @chance of doing that, but it's @a little bit early to talk @about it yet. @most people think it's g to happen. @if it does, i will be talking @to you first. @>> trump will make his way to @cleveland this saturday. @there's a rally planned for @2:00 p.m. @at the to the democratic side. @hillary clinton in town @tonight, her first of two stops @in cleveland this week. @andrew horansky is live outside @with @hi, andrew. @>> hi, russ. @as you know, four states will @be holding primaries today. @the numbers could be coming in clinton is @here. @take a look, though, at the @crowd. @it is numbering well over 100 @people. @people are really continuing to @pour in ould be hard @pressed to find such deep @pocket of supporters anywhere @else in the state with whom to @potentially be celebrating a night in @those states.
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@loyal they are. @they began forming this line @before the doors opened up @they will be waiting another @hour for the doors to open up. @already many here have a sense @of what they want to thinking about @this, russ, for a very long @time. @>> i want to know her views on @social security. @i hear so many of the @candidates saying to get us out @of the money crunch we're in. @they're going to take social @security. @i don't like that. @>> basically the protection of @core principals that drives the @democratic party, things are @starting -- what you're doing @right now. @look at how many places -- the @freedom of the press. @>> i really like that guy's @answer. @anyway, the couple came from @sheffield lake. @for them, this is a last minute @decision. @for many of these people, this @is a last minute decision @there. @'s still time to come down @here. @however, the wait, then, will @continue because we're not @expecting to hear from mrs. @clinton until about 9:00 @tonight.
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@russ, it could be a very big @moment for her as the results @are coming in from the @primaries in the four other @states. @>> andrew horansky downtown. @we'll see you later. @thanks a lot. @ here's what else is @happening. @i want to give you the latest @on the tragic fire last night @that killed a four-year-old @little girl. @it happened in brunswick. @alyssa raymond is there. @have caused that fire. @>> reporter: hi, russ. @fire investigators say they @still don't know exactly what @caused this fire, but they did @say that they know it started @outside on the ground level. @six people were injured and one @four-year-old little girl died. @onewoman who used to baby-sit @for this little girl describes @her as cute and cuddlely. @>> i came home. @i looked at the picture. @that's when i found out. @>> julianna immediately @recognized four-year-old @keegan.
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@>> i'm so heartbroken for them. @i know she was sweet and so @kind. @>> other families share the @heartbreak. @it's a nightmare. @you want to wake up. @it's just so sad. @>> ashley becker lives in the @hickory hill apartments with @her four dougs. @she fears this will happen @again. @>> does your smoke detector @work? @>> no. @>> brunswick assistant fire @chief said they believe smoke @detectors were working, @however, since the building was @built in '74, sprinkler systems @were not required. @>> we don't have any @outstanding fire violations @from the last inspection. @>> as fire investigators try to @determine cause, the community @tries to pick up the pieces. @>> can you say keep them in @your thoughts and prayers. @>> hickory hills released a @statement saying our hearts are @broken and that their main @priority right now is to make @sure their residents get the @help they need. @they said everything was @working properly and that
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@up to date. @meanwhile, in case you're @wondering, the sprinkler @1981. @here, as you can see, this @community is really pulling @together. @monica robbins has more on that @story. @>> thanks, alyssa. @ the donation doors @technically closed at 5:00 p.m. @this evening. @still trickling in. @you can tell just by the @mountain of items out here what @the response has been. @i spoke to some of the @recipients that declined to go @on camera, they're in awe of @the outpouring of support. @>> i went to fix houses last @night. @>> these women have never met @until now. @they've known each other for @years as members of a mom's @facebook page. @so when rachel started posting @about a massive fire at the @hickory hill apartments in @brunswick, they got to work. @>> i'm pulling up in driveways. @>> with my kids, and people are
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@>> she wasn't the only one @collecting. @st. ambrose church turned the @gym into a warehouse. @>> within an hour, we had the @one room full. @>> donations continued to pour @in virtually nonstop throughout @the day. @every necessity, the 24 @families needed it to rebuild @their lives. @it was overwhelming, but not @surprising to volunteers. @>> we're no stranger to @tragedy. @we've lost children many, many @times. @so we knew that the community @would come through. @>> social media connected a @community, but the church @brought them together. @>> the social media can be a @blessing and a curse. @it's definitely been a blessing @in this instance. @>> st. ambrose officials will @meet with the families to @assess their immediate needs @and create care packages for @them. @once the families are settled @again, they will be able to @fill their closets and @cupboards with whatever they @need. @so these volunteers right now @were just sorting through
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@lot of things to another @warehouse location where they @will be distributed later. @while they no longer need those @personal items, they still need @gift cards and monetary @donations. @you can drop those off here at @st. ambrose. @i put their mailing address on @their web story. @also, remember, these are all @for the families. @they will have the additional @needs met immediately within @the next 48 hours. @and then they will be able to @use that money to pick up any @additional items that they @could use. @reporting live in brunswick, @monica robbins, channel 3 news. @>> monica robbins and alyssa @raymond, thank you, both. @ a scary story out of @loraine tonight. @a 6-year-old still in shock @after she was hit by a stray @bullet. @he's back now with more. @brandon? @>> good evening, russ. @as i drove through that @neighborhood earlier today @where the shooting happened, a @number of people told me this @doesn't happen here. @we all know each other.
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@yesterday's shooting didn't @look farm to anyone. @>> amy austin was doing @something she does often, @sitting in her front yard, @enjoying the neighborhood. @normal changed quickly @yesterday evening when a large @fight broke out in front of her @home. @>> one of the guys gets out of @the car and runs up with a gun. @they started shooting. @>> we just heard gunshots. @>> neighbors scrambled to get @to safety as she ran inside one @of the bullets ricocheted off @her steel front door hitting @her 6-year-old granddaughter @who was inside. @>> she was in shock. @it really scared her. @anybody. @she doesn't want to go @anywhere. @>> six-year-old ania suffered @injuries and was scared to come @to the door while i was at the @home. @>> we should haven't to live @like this. @we don't know what it was @about, who it was, nothing. @>> we do know one of the @suspects. @seandale parton was arrested. @the investigation is ongoing
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@the take into custody. @in the meantime, amy has a @message for those involved. @>> you put my granddaughter as @well as the rest of the people @in my house in danger for @senseless acts, and you need to @pay for that. @>> police have not released a @description of the suspects. @they want anyone who knows @anything to call the loraine @detective bureau so we can get @these guys off the street. @>> brandon simmons, thank you. @ a former euclid high @guidance counselor indicted @today on charges she had a @sexual relationship with a @student. @she's charged with four counts @of sexual battery and one count @of tampering with evidence. @smith began an inappropriate @relationship with an 18-year- @old student in december. @the euclid board of education @placed her on leave in january, @and she resigned later on. @>> and still to come tonight, @more concerns about the zika @virus. @new details about how the virus @is spread and how it's @affecting newborns.
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@from the indians home opener. @you can enjoy great food this @evening. @and this weather, how sweet it @is. @right, betsy? @>> we're talking about the @indians home opener. @i'm thinking please, please, @please let the weather be like @this. @temperatures in the 70s this @afternoon there. @'s more to come. @i have details on that straight
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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@ @coming up tonight at 7:00, how @far would you go to save your @dog's life?
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@ @ as work continues to stop @the spread of zika. @the world heatlh organization @says there's increasing @evidence that a spike in birth @defects is caused by zika. @it's still mainly spread by @mosquito bites. @the outbreak was declared a @global emergency. @we're now just 26 days away
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@your taste buds they score a @home run. @the indians have add dantay's @inferno. @fathead's brewery. @while taking in the game, you @will be able to enjoy @sandwiches, pizza, brewskis. @if you can't make it to @progressive, you can see that @game right here on channel 3. @food looks good. @weather looks great. @they could pray the game on @that field and it would be the @middle of spring. @>> it may be uncomfortable for @the fans behind home plate. @they're going to fix that up. @>> it's phenomenal. @everything you saw last year, @al the ads and everything, it's @school board. @it's crazy huge. @we're so excited. @ let's take a look at how @things are fairing. @the radar is going to look @amazing up on that school @board.
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@temperatures are the big story. @72 at hopkins. @71 in mansfield. @we're still not anywhere near @the record highs that were set @back in 2000. @what a beautiful day that was. @local high temperatures did @stretch into the 60s all across @northern ohio. @certainly that's the day. @enjoyed it. @we're sitting well into the 60s @skies. @we'll fade back through the 60s @and upper 50s. @winds will stay on the light @side, but there's still a nice @breeze. @it mixes things up a little @bit. @we'll have partly cloudy to @mostly cloudy skies. @we've got tornado watches down @that way. @this big slug of moisture is @headed northbound. @it will eventually catch up to @us in our forecast. @we still have another solid 24- @hours of dry weather.
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@at least a whole lot of heat @happening across the eastern @half of the country. @that means another warm day for @us tomorrow. @it all starts tomorrow as @temperatures stay on the mild @side. @we'll be in the mid-50s. @a nice breeze out there. @sunrise time coming up at 6:48 @in the morning. @days just get a little bit @longer every day. @as far as the hour-by-hour @forecast through the midnight @hour, we'll fade back into the @50s under partly cloudy skies. @we'll start the day off better. @i think it's going to be a @great start to the day. @clouds increase late morning to @midday. @then we start to see shower @chance as little bit. @as we go through the afternoon, @we're expecting mostly dry @conditions. @can't rule out a rogue shower. @look at the temperatures still @back into the upper 60s. @i'm saying low 70s thanks to @the southwesterly breezes. @through the evening, we'll @continue to hold on to shower @chances. @i think most of the bigger rain @chances will push later @wednesday night. @as we get into thursday as
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@rain showers around. @still not expecting any amounts @of heavy rain in the forecast. @so mostly cloudy skies will be @the rule. @we'll see those clouds @increasing and rain chances @start to arrive in northern @ohio. @just a slight chance. @i think temperatures will make @it in the low 70s. @southwesterly breeze is @expected to continue. @we do have a few changes in the @forecast. @we'll have the boundary coming @in. @if it was going to clear, that @would drop temperatures. @it looks like it was going to @hang out over northern ohio. @not great news for the @forecasting. @it makes it really difficult. @we're looking at rain with @temperature in the 60s. @50s. @that's the cool day as the @boundary sags. @your window nation seven-day @take as turn. @the weekend. @saturday looks dry. @sunday, rain back in the area. @that rain continues into monday @and lingers into tuesday.
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@don't count on that to last @forever, though. @i've heard people saying is @that our last snow? @no. @this is northern ohio. @we have at least one more hit @of snow coming. @>> is it at least a springlike @pattern? @can we go that far? @>> definitely. @we're starting to get the big @whipping going back and forth @where we take big swings. @spring. @>> all right. @we'll take that. @betsy. @thanks a lot. @ coming up, the countdown is @on to part ways with johnny @manziel. @we'll talk about why the team @may take a couple of days @before saying good-bye when we
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@ @jimmy is here. @the johnny watch is under way. @>> yes, it is. @the clock is ticking. @let me just say this. @johnny manziel has definitely @played his last game with the @cleveland browns, but here's @the situation. @the new calendar year and @business year for the nfl hits @tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. @as much as we all anticipate @that at 4:01 the browns will @cut johnny manziel, there's a @but to the story. @they may hold on to him for a @couple of days. @here's the scenario. @if teams are shopping for a @quack and they don't get the @quarterback they want because @he signs with another team, the @browns are going to hold on to @manziel for a couple of days to
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@say, hey, we i'm give you a 7 @7th round draft pick for johnny @manziel. @let it be known they will take @anything for him. @they would take a bag of @footballs for him. @other than that, they will wait @a couple of days and cut him at @that point, but it could still @happen at 4:00 tomorrow. @that, of course, means because @manziel was such a bust, the @browns have to go out and get a @quarterback in the draft. @position to do that at number @two, all the mock draft coming @out right now say that carson @wentz, the kid from north @dakota state and jared goth @will be behind him. @if they went by these experts, @they would draft this kid @rather than goth. @and i feel they like goth more @than they like wentz. @we'll chew that over. @travis benjamin, we could be @saying good-bye to him. @the browns were 80-85% sure @they would get a new deal done @with him.
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@right now houston would like to @get a crack at him. @san diego is also interested in @him. @he hits the market tomorrow. @top of the list for the browns @wide receiver and this wide @receiver, marvin jones. @there could be a problem there. @jones' marketability is even @wider and more attainable right @now because of the news coming @out of detroit today that the @great lions wide receiver, @calvin johnson is officially @retiring at the age of 30. @marvin jones could have a @market that's wide open and @detroit could take a look at @him. @i think the caves are bored. @that's the only excuse for @losing the game last night to @the memphis grizzlies. @after all, they only had 8 @players available and were @missing four starters. @the cavs lost at home no less. @lebron said after the game the @caves are not ready for the @playoffs. @i think they can't wait for the @playoffs and they're bored
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@angeles. @thursday they will take on the @lakers. @they will end the trip on @monday in utah against the @jazz. @spring practice opens for the @buckeyes. @loaded with a lot of talent. @the field. @quarterback. @nick bosa, joey bosa's brother @is on his way. @he's still in high school. @ the seattle mariners lost @today. @our high school highlight of @the week is brought to you by @ohio university. @this was a great game on @saturday night. @over at the center. @st. ignacious, st. ed's, always @a good battle. @st. ignacious won it 58-51. @they will play coming up @tomorrow night. @>> a bag of footballs online @one.
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@though. @>> that's right. @and fully inflated football. @>> fully. @>> that would be the key. @>> of course. @jimmy, thanks a lot. @we thank you so much for @watching. @jimmy and betsy at 7:00. @the nbc nightly news just @minutes away. @i will see you back here at
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tonight, critical night as more americans cast their votes. we have brand new polls. is donald trump losing momentum, and is this a make-or-break moment for bernie sanders? violent storm, a massive system unleashing flash floods, trapping children in their school bus and spotting at least one tornado. 26 million at risk as the threat continues for days. mystery bullet. who fired the shots heard in dramatic new video of an oregon occupier's final moments? why fbi agents are under investigation in the case. carbs and cancer. could some of your favorite foods increase your risk of


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