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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 9, 2016 4:07am-4:37am EST

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age of 90. the search for a suspected shooter was arrested by theervice outside the white house. saying he threw objects over the white house fence. he's accused of shooting pastor 10 times on sunday, in critical condition, just one day after he delivered prayers at a ted cruz rally. servl news outlets in spokane rtedly received letters with flash drives, said to be from the subject. >> once we got the information and realized the scope of really who could be in danger in this case, we alerted everybody. our federal brought in, we were in contact with the secret service. we began to alert anybody who we thought may be in>> the pastor's son says his father is expected to make the full recovery.
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missouri that putn lock down as they skoured. a mexican of killing five people is now in custody. the search began late monday when they found four mena kansas city kansas home and then the man hunt switched to missouri whene was found abandoned. and then they apprehended the they say he was deported in 2004 and reentered at an unknown date. it was a bazar ending to a chase in new mexico. they received reports of a woman reportedly throwing items out of her vehicle.r eventually crashed at an intersection and fled from
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the 51-year-old woman was and charged with multiple counts and there's no word yet on why she was naked. >> it is official. federal meteorologists say thiss the hottest ever for the lower 48 states and alaska and they have their second warmest that is 4.6 degrees above normal. record keeping began in 1895. the warmer temperatures arey blossoms to bloom earlier than expected. they say peek bloom is to occur 13 days ahead of schedule. one confirmed tornadoa mobile home park south of fort worth. at least one death is being blamed on the massive storm nbc meteorologist, bill karins
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>> we're not concerned with hail or damaging winds, we're very he flooding situation in texas, and arkansas. just a ton of rain, lot of they're slow moving thunderstorms. already numerous reports of four to seven inches of and that means there's fire workers out there in their boats. and there's a flash flood where they're saying to get to higher ground. austin is under a flash flood be miserable. and this is going to be like this throughout much of the day. continue. and eventually the rain getso missouri. so, how much additional rain in
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another five to seven inches of all this has to go into the rivers. now a closer look at your day ahead. well, the, isolated severe storm areas in texas and along the gulf coast. and the record highs all the way england. very rare to get to mid to upper 60s in northern new england in march. so, record highs on thend flooding in the south. >> are you sure it's spring? >> it looks like an april map. >> it does. well, dram testimony from hulk hogan in his $100 million trial. and one reporter is thanks his mom: hm, how about...? dad: hey haley, break a leg, huh? girl: that's rude. ing to do fantastic.
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a bill banningnd 19 weeks passed 36-9 in south carolina's state senate. it now goes to the house. the spokesporouson for governoer she would sign the legislation. and hulk hogan is on the stand today. they claim the sex as an entertainer. >> in the privacy of your own home, i'm not hulk hogan. i'm terry. >> and allen savage was covering the train derailment in lifornia when his quick covering cameraman told get out of the way and both he and cameraman are okay.
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business, amazon millionaire said his company, blue originready to begin tested flights and the target for retail flights is 2018, although no for tickets yet. and the annual st. patrick's day survey is out 25 to 34-year-olds are dishing out most at $24 per just ahead, it's march madness time and teens are starting to secure their bids, plus, show time.
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this morning on "today," dressing room deception. the mirrors some stores are using. is it fair? jeff rossen investigates. and south dakota state andnzaga had secured a place in the basketball tournament. and the coach did his best hand front of the team and should probably stick to coaching.
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choose love n-1 compact. welcome back to "early today." besides the life ash flooding in areas of texas, arkansas and louisiana. we have additional severe weather possible. wind damage will be the biggest threat and could see a spin upnado or two, shreveport to batten rouge andy 350ush push to new orleans. and an additional five to seven inches of rain, especially in
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the pictures are going to be a lot of water and damage too. now to entertainment news, comedian amy schumer's memoirficially has an august release date. it's titled "the girl with the lower back tattoo."r and activist emma thompson lit up the in honor of the feminist movement. and fans are going crazy for the news" season six trailer, returning april 24th. e reality star, jillianchaels is engaged.
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kids what they think of the upcoming election. >> rubio, cruz and trump, i think they acted like a bunch of they act like kids in preschool. >> and you should know because you were in preschool four years ago? >>y're fighting over nothing and if they want to do that, they should go to jupiter. >> you don't want to act like you want to become a president like that. >> those are pretty interesting comments. >> you wonder what they absorb ands and they're pretty young and getting the sense of this is unusual. >> this is crazy, yeah. strange politics.and this is
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