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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@ @ we are following two big @breaking news stories. @first, a mass shooting outside @of pittsburgh ends with five @people dead. @coming up, the latest on the @search for two gunmen. @ closer to home, we are @following this one, another @apartment fire in brunswick, @and we will go live to the @scene. @ a wet start to thursday.
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@>> it will be an all day story, @john and lynna. @good morning to you, welcome @into your thursday, and it will @be a soaker as promised. @we have been talking about this @through the week. @scattered showers will be more @steady showers as we head @through the source of the day. @scattered this morning, and by @the time we get to 5:00 and @you're commuting home, @highlighting that particular @time frame because it will be a @moderate rain and more of a @steady rain, and also @temperatures will slip back a @bit and be cooler by the time @we roll around to 5:00, and we @will end up below 50, kind of @middle of the day, and then the @cold front will push through, @and that's going to certainly @change things, and a lot of @moisture to work with, no @question, and it's all moving @up from the south and west, and @generally moving eastward, and @as it does, we do get a closer @view this morning, and that's @what you're waking up to. @overnight while you were in @bed, the rain moved in, and as @far as taking a look at some of @the areas that are still dry, i @mean we don't have much going @on at all as we take a look @further in around wardstown, @and temperatures are mid- to
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@far as commute conditions, i @plan on scattered showers this @evening with the evening rush @being more of rain likely. @danny has more, speaking of @your commute on what to expect, @and the rain always causes @slowdowns. @>> yes, it does. @for those of you leaving, we @will not see any problems on @the roads. @again, we are seeing the rain @moving in the area, and we are @tracking slow traffic, 71 @north, near the west 14th @street as you move into the @innerbelt bridge, and as holly @said, we put the radar on top @of the traffic map, and here's @the picture, and we do have @some wet roads here, and please @use caution as you are @traveling, and again, the drive @time, between 480 and 490, it @remains at 9 minutes. @we are still good to go.
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@fire broke out at another @apartment complex in brunswick @this morning. @will ujek is live from the @scene. @will? @>> reporter: yeah, lynna, @residents are being helped by @red cross after they just @showed up, and we know it's the @second or third floor. @they had to evacuate, but some @residents were let back in. @again the laurel hill @apartments, just 3 miles up the @road from monday's fatal fire. @earlier we spoke to one @resident who spoke about the @panic of getting her and her @child out safely. @>> i have a 4-year-old, and i @was just thinking about it the @other night, you know, and i @mean grab the kids, no clothes, @no nothing, just out of the @building. @>> reporter: yeah. @>> reporter: so again the red @cross is here on the scene,
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@out what they are going to do @with the residents that are @displaced. @we hope to speak with the @officials shortly to figure out @if there was a cause or if any @of them are related. @that's the first thing that @jumps to everyone's mind. @it's so close in proximity and @so close in time, just being 4 @days apart. @>> thank you, will. @ now to pennsylvania for the @other breaking news. @>> five people were killed and @three others were injured in a @shooting last night in @wilsonburg, about 7 miles east @of pittsburgh. @four women and a man were @killed at backyard party, and @police are still searching for @two gunman who according to @authorities barged in from an @alley at the back of the home @and opened fire in an ambush- @style attack. @they don't have anyone in @custody, and we will continue @to follow this story. @ a man with known gang ties @will be sentence for murder. @last january he shot a man
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@nightclub on the cleveland east @side. @he's member of the star boys @gang. @>> deadly violence in cleveland @is expected to be a top issue @in mayor frank jackson's state @of the city address today. @the mayor will deliver his 11th @annual update. @we will live stream the event @on and the wkyc app, @and join in on the conversation @with the state of cle. @the norton city schools is @proposing something that no @other district in northeast @ohio has done. @there will be a school security @levy on tuesday's ballot to @generate $250,000 over 15 @years. @it will only be used for school @security.
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@school security and leftover @dollars to maintain and upgrade @cameras and other types of @equipment we have. @>> if the levy is passed, it @would cost $14 a year for homes @worth $100,000. @ alliant high school will be @closed today because of @bedbugs. @four bedbugs have been found in @the last 4 days. @five ohio cities are on the top @15 cities in the u.s. with the @worst bedbug infestations. @ we have reports of missile @launches coming from north @korea. @the south korea military says @north korea fired two stud
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@last night, despising the @united nations ban imposed. @military drills were started @this week by south korea, and @north korea threatened them for @it. @ the canadians are coming to @the white house. @the president and mrs. obama @will host the dinner in the @east room tonight. @this is the second meeting @between the two leaders. @ oh, wrangler. @the today show puppy with a @purpose is moving on after a @year on the show. @it's his last day. @he will transition to the next @stage of his training to be a @seeing eye dog. @the today show looks back on @his last year to see how much @he has grown, all his @adventures and to celebrate @what comes next. @remember he has ties to @northeast ohio. @his dad, named garth, was
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@whos with guiding eyes for the @blind. @john? @>> he will be put to great use, @too. @ and 6:08 now. @a basketball team keeps winning @on the court, but in the locker @room, during the celebration, @the coach tonights to prove @gymnastics is not his thing. @ an antismoking push from @cvs. @what the drugstores doing to @prevent smoking. @ 6:08, and we have a look at @your forecast. @it's thursday, and the weekend @is almost here. @we are talking about welt @weather for today. @you need your umbrella, wind @coat, and wind breaker, and we @are planning on scattered to @steady rain today. @closings and delays never a @worry for you, and that's the @great news. @speaking of the weekend, we @will track that as we take a @live look outside. @showers outside of many of your @windows, and very similar @weather with the rain coming @down, and it's pretty light at @this point.
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@you definitely need extra time @with your travels today. @let us know how the weather is @where you're waking up.
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@ @ 6:12 right now, and new @overnight, we have learned that @cvs is once again tackling @smoking. @the drugstore chain plans to @spend $60 million over the next @5 years for a antismoking @campaign. @in 2014cvs became the first @national chain to ban @cigarettes from their stores. @they say it cost them $2 @billion in sales.
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@birthday yesterday. @the lowest sales in the last 23 @years. @95% of girls have a barbie. @is there a toy that has ever @had numbers like that? @the company's stock is up 30%. @ definitely not the monster @high girls, but for the most @part, they have done very well. @the brand, the whole company. @>> they are remaking ken, and @we had that story earlier, @making him a brunette. @losing the 6-pack, holly. @>> not all of us guys can have @the 6-pack. @>> like you,. @>> you look amazing. @we all know. @let's put it this way.
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@today, and it's -- we are going @to call it a soaker, and it's @all day. @it's not like it's limited to @this morning's drive, and i @think the umbrellas will be @coming in han difficult the @winds are light. @you can use umbrellas today, @wind breakers and all that. @temperatures are in the 50s, s, @and then we have the cooldown. @yesterday we were 1 degree away @from tieing the high. @upper 50s to low 60s midday, @and scattered showers likely, @and then rain is more moderate @into the afternoon, and we are @getting the kids from school, @headed home tonight, and we are @going to do some zooming all @over the place with rain in @place this morning, and you can @see in and around cleveland, @the east and west suburbs @seeing it's light in intensity @at this point as we get to the @eastside here. @you are seeing the showers, and @the rain is east into geauga @county.
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@we will see that there's @showers all over lorain county, @from lorain to overland, and @further west into sandusky and @norwalk this morning, and into @akron, canton, you're all @dealing with it. @that will be the case @throughout the day, and we will @track, and you can see it's @time. @we get the darker greens and @yellows showing up, and that @indicates the heavier rain, and @that's when you really get into @slowdowns. @it's 3:30 today, and ooze you @are getting the kids to school, @it's pretty much pouring rain @conditions, and as you're @coming home from work, maybe @making dinner later, and it's a @great crockpot soup kind of @night or something like that. @all cozy. @we will see sunshine just in @time for tgif. @it's 50 degrees, and yes,
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@i remind you, the normal high @is 44, and this entire 7-day is @above that we are back above 60 @yay! @upper 60s on sunday, and spring @ahead an hour. @6:16. @here's a check on your drive. @>> wkyc traffic is brought to @you by mike bass ford. @ good morning to you and @thank you for starting your @thursday with us. @as holly said, we are tracking @the rain throughout the region, @and as she said, it's moving in @from the southwest, and it's @moving in, but no big delays on @the highways. @going west, east, and south. @we will show you what to expect @as you hit the roads. @that's just before the @innerbelt bridge, and it clears @once you get to the innerbelt. @>> this is at kennelworth, and @again, wet roads, and use cause @as you're traveling. @that's only anotherring 1 @minute to your drive. @to the east, we are pretty much @clean.
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@here's the picture of 271 at @broadway avenue where the north @highway are okay. @ to the south, for our @friends in the akron-canton @area, we are green and clean, @but we still have the rain. @277-276, this is what it looks @like at the bottom, and again, @we are getting by just fine. @>> dani, thank you. @ 6:17 right now. @time for my biggest winners and @losers in sports. @and one team came through at @the end, and the colts paid up. @this is not the best hand @stand, but i can't do one, so @i'm not calling him out. @the coach celebrating in the @locker room, and he promised to @do a hand stand. @>> okay! @there i will give him credit. @he did it. @ the bulldogs reaching the @ncaa tournament for the 18th
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@ i have to show you this @stephen curry. @oh, that's not file video. @that's last night from 55 feet, @right before the half, and then @he runs off to the locker room. @>> whatever! @>> curry has hit four of these @this year. @36% from half court, better @than most of the league @shooting normal 3-pointers, and @i mean you have to admit, it's @pretty amazing. @>> yeah, whatever. @>> one more time. @lynna wants to cut out of this @video. @>> let's see him dunk the ball. @ what a year for the eagles. @they were district champs, dual @champs, and state champs you. @nine wrestlers placed at state, @and they are seven in the @nation. @congratulations to sainted's. @great, great season there. @>> yes!
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@>> i think i will watch it @again over the next few days. @>> 6:18 right now, and okay, @another spirited debate for the @democratic candidates, and what @they talked about, and why @marco rubio is telling some @pundits to back off. @ 6:19. @ready for weather out your @window? @okay. @bird lovers, you have to look @at this one. @linda took a lot of time to put @this picture together. @a split screen for you, and @it's fabulous vintage. @there are feeders in her @backyard, and she can see all @kinds of varieties. @they are beautiful.
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america what he's done for us. create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content of this advertising. @ @ welcome back.
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@the democrats are in florida @for tonight, and the @republicans were there last @night. @>> marco rubio is talking about @what happens if he doesn't win @his home state, the sunshine @state. @>> we will get the latest from @tracy this morning. @good morning. @>> it must be a possibility @that he doesn't win inside the @rubio campaign, because he's @talking about what will @pubically happen if he doesn't @win on tuesday. @ the democrats were back and @forth at it in miami last @night, and hillary clinton in @the polls, up by 30, but @remember, she was up by double @digits in michigan, and she @lost. @she told supporters last night @she is not taking florida for @granted. @>> reporter: hillary clinton @campaigns in tampa today, @answering questions about her e- @mails, the republican party @suing for more and if she will @be indicted. @>> oh my goodness. @that's not even going to @happen. @i'm not answering that. @>> reporter: immigration a big
6:24 am
@undocumented children pouring @into the u.s. without their @parents. @>> i say welcome those children @into this country, and @secretary clinton said send @them back. @that's the difference. @>> that is not fair about what @i said. @i did say we needed to be very @concerned about little children @coming to this country. @>> reporter: on the other side, @marco rubio pubically @acknowledging. @>> it will not down to florida @for me. @>> against florida's 99 @delegates we have a very @different conversation about @the state of the republican @race. @>> reporter: ted cruz also on @the list. @>> florida is my place. @>> reporter: donald trump so @far ahead in florida, he's @campaigning in north carolina @focusing on isis. @>> we have to knock them out. @[ cheers ] ment.
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@>> reporter: something he is @hoping to do in florida. @ more than a million early @voters in florida, and the @election officials say it could @double by the time the polls @open in florida and ohio next @week. @>> all right, we will see how @accurate the polls will be. @thank you, tracy, we appreciate @it. @ one of the most talked @about things during and after @the democratic debate was the @color of bernie sanders' suit. @you could call it the dress of @2016. @twitter users having a debate @of their own. @some asked if it was brown, and @others saw blue or eggplant and @maybe even olive green. @the sanders' camp did not set @the report straight, but cnn @says it was brown. @on our monitors it looks brown, @but it depends on how your @monitor was set. @>> i'm the worst one. @>> yeah, i'm wearing pink. @>> i can't differentiate the @colors.
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@i don't have the eye for it. @>> especially navy blue and @black. @>> holly, i'm so glad you are @wearing red today. @>> it's peach! @>> oh. @>> salmon. @>> i told you i'm not any good @at that. @ upper 60s midday. @that's where we will top out @today. @50s this time of the day, well @above the normal highs, and we @are planning on rainy weather @throughout your thursday. @make sure you have your @umbrella, and you are going to @need it. @winds are light, and it's not @an issue as far as trying to @hold on to it and that being a @challenge. @on the travel map, there's @plenty of rain, and there's @moisture that is literally @working its way up from the @gulf and streaming towards us, @and it will be an issue that we @have not only this morning, but @into the afternoon and evening @drives, and will and i will be @tracking it hour-by-hour coming @up. @ we know you will, hollie, @thank you so much.
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@after monday's fatal fire this @is just 3 miles down the road. @we will have a complete update @coming up. @>> it's a school used to -- @it's a tool used to cut crime, @but i will let you know what's @being done to try to save the
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@ @ welcome back, everyone.
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@is tracking how long the wet @weather will be sticking @around. @the forecast is in moments. @>> but first, breaking news of @another apartment fire in @brunswick. @right to channel 3's will ujek. @>> reporter: good morning. @it's laurel hills apartments, @just 3 miles for the apartment @fire that occurred on monday @night, that took the life of a @4-year-old girl. @you can see behind me @firefighters are still on scene @o. officials -- on scene. @officials said right when they @got on scene, they didn't see a @confirmation, but we are @waiting to see what happened. @just 3 miles away from monday's @fire. @they evacuated the apartments @for a short period of time, but @residents are going back in. @still a few are out. @redcross are on scene for the @displaced resident, and one @resident spoke to us and
6:32 am
@heard when the fire broke out. @>> i was asleep, and then i @hear banging. @i wake up and i go close to my @door in the hallway, and i hear @a man shouting, fire, get out @of the building, and my first @instinct was to grab the babies @because i didn't know if it was @our building. @i yelled for my husband to grab @the babies, and we were out of @the building. @>> reporter: it was the second @or third floor, and we will @bring you details as it @progresses. @>> frighten morning, will, @thank you. @ hollie is tracking a @soaker. @it looks like the whole state @is in green. @>> pretty much. @>> let's be honest, everyone is @seeing green.
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@and into the afternoon and @evening drives, and getting @steadier and more moderate. @we will top out in the low 60s @today, falling back into the @low 50s later and the rain, as @john and lynna said, it's the @entire entire state. @we are see the rain into akron @and canton this morning. @most of it is light to moderate @in intensity at this morning, @but we are planning on a @moderate to heavy rain, and the @impacts will be through the @day, and not only as you're @leaving this morning but as @you're maybe headed tout lunch @or running errands over the @lunch hour, getting the kids @from school, and coming home @today. @rains are light. @you can use the umbrella. @no problems there. @ we will have slowdowns for @the wet weather. @>> you can see the rain moving @into the area, and there's
6:34 am
@police are responding to two @incidents. @one on the east side. @street. @no road closures because of @this, and there's an accident @reported 490 east at broadway @avenue in cleveland, and we are @seeing slow traffic on 490 east @there, and here's the picture. @we don't see the crash in the @picture, and we do see those @rain showers coming down, and @it is a slick commute, and in @fact, we take a look and put @the weather map on top of the @map, and we are dealing with @the rain in downtown cleveland @and the drive time to east @55th. @, 4 minutes, about a 1-minute @delay, not too much of a @problem for you. @on the jennings between 480 and @490, 4-minute commute, and @that's normal. @a 10 minute drive here, and the @drive times are listed. @ today, the north royalton
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@year-old girlfriend will @arraigned on murder charges. @jeffrey griner shot his @girlfriend. @his lawyer says he was playing @with a gun and it was an @accident. @he originally said it was a @drive by shooting. @and greiner is facing 15 years @to life in prison. @ a man accused of not giving @photos of their special day has @been ordered to pay 2 dozen @victims $27,000, and an @additional 10 couples will @receive the photos freedman @took. @ the ground breaking first @uterus transplant has failed. @the clinic said there were @sudden complications, and the @patient had to have the organ @removed. @the recipient, lindsey, said @she is grateful to the doctors @and doing okay, and she said
6:36 am
@thoughts and prayers, and the @clinic said the setback will @not stop the research, and the @study will continue, but it's @unclear if lindsey can have the @transplant again in the future. @ the ohio health department @is reporting a recent spike in @flu hospitalizations. @more than 200 new cases were @reported in less than a week at @the end of february, and that's @up 93 from earlier in the @month, and this is the first @time the flu cases have spiked @this season, and health @officials say the season @started late, and giving the @vaccine is still important. @ the fate of a relatively @new tool used to cut crime in @canton is uncertain now as city @leaders look to find ways to @balance the budget. @canton news room. @tiffany? @>> reporter: the plan moving @forward is to find ways to get @money from the system, maybe
6:37 am
@the city or applying for grant. @that's what they -- grants. @that's what they are working on @right now. @police believe this is an @effective system. @it helped to cut the shots @fired calls by about 40%. @ @>> reporter: i first told you @about system in november. @sensors are strategically @placed in a 3 square mile area. @a lieutenant with the canton @police department says before @they started using shot-spotter @in the sum ore 2013 gun shots @were so frequent in canton, @people for the most part @stopped calling them in, and @the calls didn't really put @police officers where they
6:38 am
@because of shot-spotter, they @are collecting evidence, @casings, and even audio that @may link it together in the @future. @the contract is up with the @makers of shot-spotter this @spring, and what is next for @the system is unclear right @now. @>> this year there's a new @major and new city council @members. @i will let you know when they @will try to finalize the @budget. @and lynna one person says when @this was first discussed, @residents thought the money @could have been better used. @i will let you know how they @thought it should have been @used. @>> thank you. @ here's your morning news @feed. @ 6:38a group of men attacked @a foreign bus, and that starts @the morning news feed.
6:39 am
@reports are the van was set on @fire. @at least two journalists and @the bus driver were taken to @the hospital. @russia's north border is @heavily muslim but divided @among those who follow the @president and extremists. @ a woman was arrested after @she smuggled a little girl in a @carryon bag, and the child was @spotted by passengers on board @an airfrance flight. @it's not clear how the child @was able to go un detected by @security at the airport. @she has been detained by @police. @ mcdonald's may be making a @change to the all-day breakfast @menu. @the limited menu is the biggest @complaint from customers. @the limited menu right now only @includes breakfast sandwiches
6:40 am
@some are getting the full menu @back. @the company originally said the @full menu would be too much of @a train on operations, and then @they looked at the bottom line @and the sales, and they @decided, hmmmmm, maybe we @should sell everything, @breakfast all day and continue @to make a lot of money. @i think they wanted to test it, @see where it's going. @i think they know where it's @going, and we will get @everything now. @ 6:40, and still to come. @>> coming up next, ways to @save, and matt will tell us @where we can get the best deals @at your favorite stores at your @fingertips. @>> john and lynna, thank you. @we are checking out the longer @commute times today for obvious @reasons, common sense, it's @raining. @we have scattered showers @becoming steady already this @morning. @the temperature in the 50s, @this morning to this evening, @we will be low 60s, and then @dealing with more rain as @you're coming home from work, @as you're getting the kids from @school.
6:41 am
@some tracking to see what is @ahead, and we will see if it @affects the weekend not. @the heavy rain continues into @the south. @25million people facing the @threat of flooding. @here's what they are working on @for this morning. @>> slow-moving storms over the @south over the last 48 hours, @and we have been talking to @residents as they try to @salvage what they can, but many @of them can cannot get back @into their homes.
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@ @ 6:44 right now, and now @looking at the stories trending @online this morning. @one of the guys on pawn stars @is in some big trouble with the @law. @chumlee was arrested during a @raid. @>> this is according to tmz. @las vegas police showed up at @his home with a search warrant @in connection to a sexual @assault case, and he's the @suspect in the case.
6:45 am
@marijuana, meth, and at least @one weapon. @he has been charged on drugs @and weapons charges, but the @assault case is under @investigation. @ remember this story? @this is jeremy niece. @he was nicknamed hot felon. @he was found guilty of gun @possession charges and he @served a year in prison. @he is in talks with modeling @agencies, and some have movie @offers on the table. @i think is that photoshopped? @i don't know if he's the boss. @okay, there you go. @>> second chance right there. @>> okay, well, today we will @show you where your favorite @stores put their deals.
6:46 am
@he settles the deals in today's @ways to save. @>> reporter: great to be with @you. @not all forms of social media @are equal when it comes to @social media. @there's one form on top, but @there's a way to get even @better bargains. @take a look, first the winner, @facebook. @many of the retailers post 30 @percent more of the better @deals to facebook versus @twitter, and snapchat didn't @even come close to twitter. @facebook reigns supreme. @for the best savings, sign up @for the e-mail list of your @favorite store. @stores off their best deals @exclusively to subscribers, and @you can limit your frequency, @and you can even unsubscribe. @but i'm telling you if you want @the best deals, e-mail list is @the best way to go this day and @age, and a link to that and any @article on our website, and @more huge deals coming your @way, back to you. @
6:47 am for that, and that's @where you can find all the @weather you need for today. @kids, you're prepared, everyone @has their umbrellas, and @raincoats are just so fun. @wear them so you can jump in @the puddles. @mom and dad will be upset if @you don't. @58 at hopkins, and so, so close @to the record yesterday. @we hit 72. @a soaker today, and we have @been telling use all week, and @it came together as planned. @cooler tomorrow, moving through @from the front generating the @rain showers, and it's the half @and half weekend. @upper 50s at 9, and low 60s, @the warmest midday, and then @the front will push through, @and we are seeing temperatures @pushing back to the low 50s @this evening that is still @mild, and we have been very @spoiled with numerous days in @the 70s this week. @rain showers coming down, west, @east, south, and it doesn't
6:48 am
@the suburbs are getting hit @right now. @richmond heights into euclid, @and mayfield, hello, you're all @getting the showers over into @ashtabula, and if you're @traveling west, into lorain @county, over to sandusky, it @will all be wet weather. @i think as we get into those @more congested drive times it @will slow down. @akron into canton, and @everybody is dealing with the @showers, and as we track on @futureview, you can see how at @times through today, it's more @darker green than yellow. @and that's the moderate to @heavy rain, and 4:00 today, @busy time. @some of you are coming home @from work, and some of you are @coming home from practice after @school, and it's going to be @pouring. @even into tonight as you are @winding things down, getting @the kids to bed. @on a bright note, we will see @bright skies for friday. @the window for the 7-day. @highs tomorrow around 50, and
6:49 am
@for this day. @it's cooler than we have been. @it will feel different for you. @saturday is looking great. @mid-60s dry through the day. @saturday into sunday, we will @spring ahead an hour and bring @back rain chances. @forecast overall. @6:49, and this is shadow. @such a sweet dog, and kim sent @the picture in. @if i had to guess, shadow is a @>> beautiful. @>> after the break, your @morning rush. @>> let's check in with will. @ good morning, john. @fire crews on the scene in @brunswick where a fire hit just @after 4:00 a.m.
6:52 am
@ @ welcome back to channel 3 @news today. @we begin with breaking news out @of brunswick with another @apartment fire behind me. @you can see it's the laurel @hill apartments down here in @brunswick, 3 miles away from @monday's fatal fire, and the @police chief says there's no @reason to believe they are @connected, purely a @coincidence. @one of the apartments @completely burned out, and one @with water damage and smoke @damage as well. @red cross on the scene, and @they did take place of the 12 @displaced units, and there's @one injuries here. @a smoke inhalation injury,
6:53 am
@they are still on the scene @wrapping things up. @the cause is still under @investigation. @now from the latest from the @pennsylvania shootings @overnight. @ i'm joe holden reporting in @wilkinsburg, pennsylvania. @eight people were shot enjoying @a barbecue. @five of those people are now @dead. @three wounded and being treated @at city hospitals, and as for @leads, there are few. @police say there's believed to @be two gunman who fired from @different angles while these @people were in this backyard, @and police say they tried to @flee back into the house, but @most of them died on the porch @in the backyard, and i'm joe @holden, reporting in @wilkinsburg for abc news. @ it's a relatively new tool @here in canton, used to help @cut crime, but the future of it @is uncertain. @let's show you the numbers.
6:54 am
@about $320,000 for a 3-year @contract, and sensors are @placed throughout the city to @help the officers zero in on @gun fire the system may go if @they don't find alternative @budgeting sources. @the budget will be finalized @march 31st. @some people believe the money @would have been spent better on @actual police officers. @>> all right, tiffany. @ classes at alliant high -- @alliance high school have been @canceled because four bedbugs @were found in 4 days. @ the cavaliers win over the @kings last night. @it was a late game. @kevin love 17, and on and on. @tonight they play the lakers in @l.a.
6:55 am
@lebron and kobe, but will kobe @play? @he has a sore shoulder. @last time, dani. @ an incident to tell you @about. @highway 5 a roll overcrash @reported there between ohio 534 @and state rout 225. @please use caution traveling in @the area, and a 3-minute delay @into town on 77 north, and 71 @north, and 91 from the west. @>> dani, you know the two of us @will be here with you @throughout the today show with @john and lynna to let you know @what to expect. @we will continue to see plenty @of rain all across northeast @ohio and all across ohio is the @truth of the matter. @it's soaker thursday, that's @what we are calling this one. @saturday is looking great. @we bring back rain sunday, as
6:56 am
@trending warmer into next week. @>> don't miss the today show. @it's farewell to wrangler day. @they will have a tribute to @that, and a debate on the @controversial selfies. @>> yeah. @>> we will see you in about 30 @minutes with an update. @have a great day. @ thank you for watching @channel 3 news. @take channel 3 news and weather @with you wherever you go. @text now to download the free @apps. @
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> good morning. breaking news. gun men open fire in an ambush style attack in a backyard party in pittsburgh. right to the point. hillary clinton faces a tough questions about her-mail controversy during last night's heated presidential debate. >> if you had been indicted. >> i'm not answering that question. on the republican side donald trump says he is going for the knockout in winner take all primary in florida and ohio. catastrophic, historic flooding


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