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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  March 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ @ coming up on channel 3 news @today, chaos in esters and supporters @gathered at a trump rally @crashed. @the new safety concerns for his @today. @ and big names in town as @candidates make their final @pitch to sway voters. @a look at who is coming to town @just days before the @ plus, investigation. @who is now taking the lead into
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@with up with us at 5:00 a.m. @on this saturday, march 12th. @the middle of march.eve it? @i was walking around yesterday @and people were asking, what @was the date? @and people are going, already @half way through madge. @it's hard to eah, we're flighting. @>> and a gorgeous beginning to @spring. @so far. @>> yeah, a nice stretch. @we will officially get spring @going later on this week but feeling on @the chilly side. @i did notice the temperatures @dropping back into the 30s. @and northeast. @a little bit of a not too much but you will @morning. @some areas are actually feeling @like the 20s. @overall, i think we will start you off @this morning. @and then into midday, plenty of @sunshine. @and that's going to help with @nicely. @of us.
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@planner, we are headed for the s by the @lake side and we should see @some lower 60s in some of the @southern zones there. @is rain in the forecast and i @will detail the timing the @showers. @>> thank you. @ for safety of all the tens @of thousands of people that @have gathered in and @arena, tonight's rally will be @postponed until another date. @memorial. @it broke out at a planned @donald trump rally in chicago fter it was postponed @due to safety concerns. @officials delivered the @announcement to a packed immediate uproar ensued with @punches being thrown, signs @torn and groups yelling at each @other. @it comes after violence between
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@those images out of chicago @bring up questions surrounding @donald trump's visit to @cleveland this is . this as the spotlight is @focused on ohio just daysway @from the primary. @>> i want to thank the public. @>> reporter: donald trump wants @to fill the center with @supporters come saturday at 2 @:00. @that's when he will take the @stage trying to convince you to @vote for him. @but ohio governor john case @sick determined to beat trump @here in his home state. @this gym at the recreation @look different come sunday. @he will hold a town hall @meeting here beginning at 1:00. @the democratic candidates are @fighting hard for ohio too. @bernie sanders visited tolido. @he was in cleveland last week. @>> now they're shutting down a @factory. @>> reporter: hillary rodham @clinton continues her plea for @ohio votes saturday shortly @after trump givers his speech @across town.
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@it's an exciting time for @cleveland and ohio and the @country. @msnbc set upshot in lakewood to @broadcast shows from the center @of the action in unifies @operation of tuesday's primary @election. @>> let me show you how nice it @is to be back in ohio. @the most at stake for governor @kasich. @his shot at the presidency @essentially ends if he can't @win ohio. @>> for information on the @event, times and tickets, you @can go to @and we will have continuing @coverage of all of the events. @tune in tonight at 6:00 and @11:00. @ governor kasich has picked @up another endorsement, the @former congressman has chose on @the rally support for kasich @instead of donald trump. @his own success came from @working with both sides of the @aisle says the presidency is @not a place for job training.
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@something. @and i was there in 1997 when he @wrote the balanced budget act @and balanced the country's @budget for the first time since @the second world war 2. while @the other guys run around @calling the others short and @ugly and all that, john is the @adult in the room. @and i think he would be a great @president. @>> he did not seek re-election @in 2012 because of frustrations @he had with congress. @over the past year, he has @battled cancer. @he tells us he is feeling good @and continues to fight. @ the ohio secretary of state @says he won't appeal a judge's @ruling allowing 17-year-olds to @vote in tuesday's presidential @primary. @his office released a statement @saying he will direct all @county boards of elections to @comply with the court order, in @part because, even if an appeal @was successful on monday, there @wouldn't be enough time to make @proper changes. @the state allows 17-year-olds
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@general election to vote in the @primary but not on ballot @issues. @ we are going to be with you @live all night on tuesday to @report the latest primary @results. @we will have updates in prime @time and tune in for a special @edition at 11:00 as results @continue to come in. @ at least two state agencies @and one federal agency are now @involved into the investigation @that explosion. @construction was put on hold @friday. @sources tell us, inspectors @were checking to make sure the @site is safe. @the sound of thursday's @people's minds. @was. @just this really loud boom @going what was the heck was @that? @>> reporter: how far away would @you say that is? @>> three miles. @>> the state fire marshall is @in charge of the investigation. @federal agencies and osha were
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@ still ahead, we will have @much more news. @we have sleep deprivation @research.
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@ @ welcome back. @it's a big move for a local @kent state is moving forward @with a plan to make the campus @smoke and tobacco free. @if approved, the ban would take @effect on july 1st of 2017. @ and another huge economic @weekend. @the tournament concludes today. @the event brings millions of @dollars for local restaurants, @hotels and entertainment. @the four-day event last year @had a $14 million economic
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@they signed a deal last year to @hole the tournament at the q @through 2023. @ a new retailer has been @announced for the shops. @gordman's announced they have @leased a spot. @they are a discount department @store. @it joins jcpenney and walmart. @they are expected to open this @fall. @ and if you're looking for a @unique lunch or din they are @weekend, look at this right @here, we have a spot for you. @and i hope your stomach is @growling. @it's featuring a burger @dedicated to our own @meteorologist. @it has bacon, cheese, avocado @and egg. @and now this is a direct quote @from greg, when you squeeze the @burger, the yolk breaks, @causing deliciousness to ooze @down through other ingredients @for an amazing flavor and
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@he came up with that @combination. @ well, daylight saving time @begins this weekend. @we lose an hour of sleep. @and it will lead to a lot of @grumpy people but chronic sleep @deprivation can cause @infection, heart disease and @even cancer. @>> reporter: consider this your @heads up to make sure the @company coffee pot is well @stocked monday morning. @a new survey shows nearly 75% @of employees say they yawn @their way through the work day, @often blaming big mistakes on @sleep deprivation. @>> somebody payed the entire @staff twice, somebody deleted @an entire database. @>> reporter: and that's before @losing an hour when daylight @saving time begins this @weekend. @it's not just the company's @bottom line that could suffer, @so could your health. @doctors say when the body
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@immune system suffers. @it makes us more likely to @catch viruses like the flu and @that's not all. @>> sleep deprivation long-term @over the course of a life can @affect heart disease, diabetes @development. @>> reporter: scientists showing @an association between an @ongoing lack of sleep and an @increased risk for breast @cancer. @>> the sleep system that's @evolved over the years is @complicated and we need to @appreciate it. @step back and pay attention to @our bodies and make sure sleep @is a big part of our health. @>> reporter: even though the @alarm will go off an hour @earlier next week, experts say @it should be a wake-up call for @americans to make sleep a @bigger priority. @nbc news. @ just ahead, some new movies @are hitting the big screens @this weekend. @we will tell you how the movies @are stacking up with critic. @ and a parade in akron is @causing some road closures @today.
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@check of the forecast. @>> a chilly start this morning. @i am tracking a lot on our @radar. @look quiet in the meantime but @rain is on the way. @i will let you know what to @expect for tonight and tomorrow @and whether or not it's going
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@ @ all right, get the green @out. @there's a fun event in akron. @the city's st. patrick's day @kicks off today at noon. @it moves northbound on south @main street to bowery street. @this year's parade participates @include the university of akron @football coach, the rubber @duck, irish step dancers and @much more. @we have details at
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@celebrations will cause some @road closures in akron. @we have all of those details. @>> reporter: hi there. @i have a traffic alert for @those in downtown akron. @the st. patrick's day parade is @today between the hours of @11:50 a.m. @and 1:30 p.m. @on south main street. @and now this is between cedar @street and bowery street. @that's where the parade route @will run. @it steps off at noon. @and i talked to the traffic @division of akron police and @they say prepare for road @closures along the parade @route. @here is the major @intersections, west cedar @street, west exchange street @and bowery street. @if you take these routes this @morning, giver yourself extra @time. @and you can check live traffic @conditions on @now back to you.
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@ and of course, st. @patrick's day is ma marker @be cold? @is it going to be seasonably @warm? @so what do you think? @we're going to get the seven- @day but a lot of people are @planning, green sweatshirts or @coats? @>> i can't wear green anything. @>> that's true. @>> i get to miss out on that @lovely color. @but the color for today, @overcast sky, cool temperatures @but there will be some sunshine @through the middle portion of @today. @you can see on satellite and @radar, we are tracking some @moisture but for right now, @most of the state is in the @clear and chilly temperatures @will rebound as we get into the @afternoon because our winds @will become south and @southeasterly and that's going @to help us out warming things @up a bit. @and mainly overcast skies early @this morning but things will be @changing. @we will push in sunshine this @afternoon. @winds have been light and
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@mainly a northerly flow right @now. @notice the chilly start. @but as the day wears on, we @will take on more of a south, @southwesterly flow. @around 5:00, 6:00 this evening, @the cloud cover will return and @temperatures will be quite @comfortable. @we are talking about 50s along @the lake shore and maybe even @the lower 60s to the south and @to the east. @and then the moisture arrives. @i think saturday evening plans @will be fine, even sunday @morning. @mainly scattered showers by @hour. @and as we move through the day @on sunday, that's when we will @see some heavier and steadier @rain start to pop in. @and maybe even some steady @showers where you see the @orange and the yellow moving @through. @but tomorrow's temperature, @mild again, back into the 50s @with the scattered showers, @finally moving out by the time @we get into sunday night and @early on monday morning. @i think the monday morning @commute is going to be fine @with mild temperatures. @but we're still not going to be @out of the woods when it comes
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@couple days. @winds this morning, light and @variable. @we will pull them from the @south and southwest this @afternoon. @not gusting too much but @overall, a chilly night @tonight. @and we are back into the 30s @for most. @and i think we will stick to @close to 40 degrees in town in @the downtown area. @and notice the breeze will @start to pick up as we switch @to a southwesterly wind near 15 @miles per hour. @in all though, it looks like we @will have a seven-day forecast @with a little bit of a @variability to it. @mix of sun and clouds for today @and don't forget to adjust the @clocks tonight into early @sunday morning. @we have to lose an hour of @sleep. @but the rain will move in @tomorrow and we are talking @about maybe a 70% chance of @seeing steady rain move through @and heavy at times. @and for monday and tuesday, @rain chances stick around but @with the temperatures at 65 @degrees by monday afternoon, we @could even see some @thunderstorms. @>> all right. @thank you so much.
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@number one at the box office @but a few films hope to steal @the spotlight. @>> no! @don't open that door! @you're going to get all of us @killed! @something's coming. @>> oh, that gave me the chills. @first, 10 cloverfield lane. @it's getting rave reviews. @it's a drama about a young @woman who wakes up after a @terrible accident and is locked @in a cellar with a doomsday @saving her life. @and another one, the brother's @grimesby. @critics are calling it @offensive with dumb humor. @it revolves around two brothers @trying to stop a terrorist @attack. @on the heels of easter, the @theaters. @it's a fictional take on what
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@the age of 7. there you go. @ it was a very busy week. @we want to get you caught up on @nihad lines you may have @missed. @here's your week in review. @>> let me show you how nice it @is to be back in ohio. @[ applause ] @>> hello, cleveland! @hello, ohio! @>> i love ohio. @i have so many friends in ohio. @it's an amazing place. @and we're going to go have a @lot of fun. @and then what we're going to do @is beat hillary rodham clinton. @we're going to beat her badly. @>> we are going to win the @state of ohio and it will be a @whole new ball game. @>> we are closing the gap in @state after state after state @after state. @>> we see a road to victory. @>> if you win the nomination, @getting back to governor @kasich, would you consider him @as a running mate? @>> i would say the answer is @yes, i certainly would. @>> donald trump made the @statement that he would be glad @the to consider you as a @prospeckive vice presidential @candidate. @>> very kind of him.
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@>> i'm governor of ohio. @i'm either going to be @president or i'm going to @remain as governor of ohio. @>> the republican primary @ballot is very confusing. @some are are saying, my board @of elections told me to fill in @the same candidate in both @places. @others were saying, my board of @elections said i have two votes @and i can split my vote. @>> if you like your candidate @for president, vote for that @candidate's at-large delegates @and that candidate's @congressional district votes. @>> it's the at-large vote that @will determine the candidate? @>> why the hell would anybody @vote for two? @>> republicans do not get two @votes for president. @>> peyton manning is a retired @quarterback. @he made it official in denver. @he retires after 18 year, five- @time mvp, two-time super bowl @winner. @>> i'm going to go on vacation @again after this and going to
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@>> big day in the national @football league. @>> yes, in the national @football league, day one that @you could go out and do some @business and the new brown's @front office decided they would @do no business. @here's who leaving, gibson, the @brown's safety, right tackle. @and with that business going @out the door, johnny manziel is @still inside the door. @eight teams are shopping for a @free agent quarterback and they @don't get the quarterback they @want, the browns are going to @hold on to manziel to see if a @team might call up and say, @hey, we will give you a 7th @round draft choice for manziel. @now let it be noun, the browns @would take anything for him. @he would take a bag of @footballs. @>> once i realized it was @headed for my son, i did @anything i could to deflect it. @>> i looked up because my dad @something but i didn't look up @in time and my dad did this to @block it. @>> the family was at the game
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@today he received a big @surprise, his favorite braves @player is sending him an @autographed jersey. @>> so cute. @ after the break, before @local business is hiring
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@ @ thank you so much for being @with us. @it is a big day. @a big week in northeast ohio. @both donald trump and hillary @rodham clinton will be in town @today. @they both have rallies. @we have the big primary on @tuesday. @st. patrick's day is this @weekend. @there's a lot going on. @and again, we want to get a @look at how that weather is @going to be. @if you're headed out to any of @these events, whether it's @today or later on this week, @olga is in the weather center @and forecasting for us. @hi, olga. @>> good morning everyone. @we have overcast skies starting @off this morning but things @are going to change. @you don't want to leave the
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@sunglasses because things will @start to improve through the @middle of the day. @right now on satellite and @radar, a few high thin clouds @socking us in. @there's moisture on the way. @this afternoon, the cloud cover @will return. @30s. @a couple areas in up ther 20s. @but there's a slight wind chill @degrees. @be prepared for that this @morning. @you want the sunglasses with @you, sunny and milder into the @afternoon but scattered showers @arrive on sunday. @and i'm afraid that's going to @spill into the monday forecast. @in the meantime, enjoy the @above average temperatures as @we head for the middle and @upper 50s today. @>> all right. @thank you so much. @ well, it's a good sign for @the local economy. @sales of new vehicles in @northern ohio soared for the @month of february. @the greater cleveland auto @dealers association reports a @17% jump in sales compared to @last year. @the cleveland auto show gave
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@beat most expectations of only @single digits growth. @the best selling brand in the @area was chevrolet followed by @ford and honda came in third. @ the akron zoo is planning @major upgrades. @the zoo unvailed plans to build @a ferris wheel high enough to @provide a scenic view of @downtown akron. @and they are going to @enevacuate the tiger valley and @red panda exhibits and add more @primates. @construction is expected to @begin next year. @ many places are hiring @seasonal workers. @how would you like to work in a @mansion surrounded by beautiful @landscapes? @we show you what kind of work @is available. @>> reporter: history comes @alive every spring as akron @stan hall and gardens opens for @the season and that means jobs. @>> give tours and host weddings
5:32 am
@we need the manpower to do @that. @>> reporter: staff numbers jump @to nearly 90 at the good i know @year home co-founder. @tours-turn-museum were voted @number one home tour in 2015. @there's a steep learning curve. @>> between our 64,000 square @foot mansion and all the @history tied to the estate and @the property and the gardens, @we want folks that are not @afraid to answer the questions @and that are going to be @helpful. @>> reporter: but it takes more @than tour guides to serve over @135,000 annual visitors. @>> we have gardens and @overlooks. @>> reporter: fulfilling the the @mission of any non-profit is @rewarding. @but it is a job. @>> it's a lot of hard work. @most people, their jobs are @different every day. @when they come in, that's a @great part of working here. @and you know, having to show up
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@when you consider the @environment how beautiful it @is. @>> reporter: in akron, channel @3 news. @>> anyone interested in working @there can apply online. @we have the link on our @website, @ still ahead, johnny be @gone. @johnny manziel is moving on @from cleveland. @who the browns picked up in
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@ @ hi everyone and good @morning. @the dream of wrecking the @league and manziel, it's over. @yesterday finally the day the @browns say good-bye. @it came two days later but @march 11th, 2016 will be @remembered as the end of the @manziel era, short of two years @after he was drafted by the @browns. @they sent out an email short @and sweet.
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@have waived quarterback johnny @manziel. @no other comment, just stats. @what felt like a million @problems off the field. @here's the statement from @manziel yesterday. @he says, i would like to thank @the browns for the opportunity @they gave me nearly two years @ago. @we all hoped that we were @building what could be a @championship team for @cleveland. @i will always remember the @support i received from the @organization, my teammates and @especially the fans. @seems kind of hollow to me. @we move on, as the news became @official yesterday morning, the @front office was in columbus @for ohio state's pro day. @you see the vice president of @player personnel. @hugh jackson was not there. @he was sick. @all 32 teams took part, over @130 nfl representative, 22 @players on the field. @the browns finally added some @free agents yesterday. @they signed the offensive @lineman alvin bailey. @he started three games for @seattle last season.
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@he started 11 games in three @years with houston. @the latest on the 49er's @quarterback. @the browns are willing to deal @their third round pick for him @but the trade is contingent on @restructuring his $19 million a @year contract. @said yesterday morning, he @wants to play for the browns @and hugh jackson. @i say it's about getting out of @san francisco. @also yesterday, the broncos @traded for mark sanchez. @ college basketball. @the akron zips played in a @conference record 11-straight @mac semifinal last night. @tonight, they'll play in the @eighth mac championship game in @the last 10 years. @the zips end the cinderella @ride for the falcons at the q. @they did so by going low. @johnson, the big dog scored 11 @straight points and led the @zips with 23. @he hits the three and he had @15.
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@the zips up by double digits @with four to play. @zips win 80-66. @they play buffalo tonight for a @trip to the ncaa tournament. @ big time tournament quarter @finals yesterday. @ohio state and it's not good @news. @they get beat up badly by the @spartans. @the nice move down low but @valentine had 19 points. @sparty wins big. @ohio state finishes 20-13. @basketball. @the state champion games are @today and wadsworth playing in @the d1 game tonight. @they were down at half-time @down low. @rebounds. @wadsworth wins. @they play tonight at 7:30 for a @state championship. @ finally end on a couple
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@they lost their spring training @game yesterday and back at it @again today. @and he took batting practice so @that's a good sign. @see you later on tonight. @have a great weekend everybody. @>> thank you. @ just ahead, are you headed @out for spring break? @this may be a good year for it. @how this year's travel costs @are stacking up. @ and a deal you have to see @to believe. @we have a pun intended there. @matt granite has a look on how @to save on your next pair of @glasses. @ we are feeling like @springtime this weekend. @we are starting off the morning @with satellite and radar. @clouds in the way but sunshine @will prevail this afternoon. @chilly temperatures. @we will get out of the 30s and @quickly move through the 40s @and 50ss and top out around 60 @degrees later today. @be prepared for clouds later on @tonight. @and i am tracking big changes @bringing moisture to the region @and adding to a soggy work
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@ @ all right. @you know this guy right there. @he has won the lifetime @achievement award, presidents @take his birthday off. @we are talking about the most @interesting man in the world. @well, news broke this week, the @beer maker is retiring him. @the brand was under the radar @until the most interesting man @came around. @but in the nine years, they @nearly tripled its business. @in the last year alone, they @grew 10%, bringing in over $325 @million. @don't worry, executives say @they are going to create a new @interesting man, just a man @that's going to be younger. @i don't know if he can be as @interesting.
5:45 am
@under his belt. @what a brilliant ad campaign. @>> it worked. @>> yeah, sad to see that guy @go. @ well, we have a lot going @on in northeast ohio today, @this weekend and this week. @and so weather always plays a @factor. @>> i think today the weather is @going to cooperate. @anything you want to do @outdoor, on the mild side, @sunshine later. @not too much of a breeze. @we are talking maybe 5, 8 miles @per hour winds for today. @things will change though later @on tonight as the next system @moves in. @it will bring in some moisture @and even crank up the winds @later on in the day. @for right now, satellite and @radar, the immediate area is @quiet but if you look towards @southern missouri, headed up @into the central portion of the @state, all of this is pushing @in on south and southwesterly @wind flow. @and that's what we will have @this afternoon. @the clouds move in first. @the moisture will come in later @on tonight. @for right now though, i think @you will enjoy the start of @your weekend. @saturday looks fantastic. @we have calm to light winds @this morning and on the @variable side.
5:46 am
@southwesterly wind flow will @take over into the afternoon. @and we are headed for a sunny @and milder forecast. @upper 50s to near 60 degrees @for most of us and. @then the scattered rain showers @move on in for tonight and @tomorrow. @and yes, that rain is going to @linger into monday. @there will be a wide range of @temperatures for highs today. @anything by the lake side, @downtown, up, temperatures @should hold in the upper range @50s, just flirting with the 60- @degree mark. @but the southern zones where we @have the southwesterly wind @flow, we could see mid and will @pushing upper 60s. @expecting about 65 for canton @and akron. @and close to 67 across dover. @for most of us though, it will @be a sun-filled afternoon until @about that 5:00 or 6:00 hour. @and even futureview brings in @some of the cloud cover about @the dinner time hour. @temperatures still mild in the @50s. @and we only back down into the @40s overnight. @but by early morning, we see
5:47 am
@move in. @it will be a little bit wet if @you're headed to sunday @services or have social @activities for tomorrow. @and then steady rain through @the afternoon. @and we could see pockets of @heavy rainfall as well. @temperatures tomorrow pushing @for that 60-degree mark as @well. @though some areas will be a @little shy. @and finally we work out all of @the moisture by monday morning. @so most of your monday morning @commute will be dry but rain @opportunities linger in the @extended forecast. @for today what you need to @know, be prepared for the @sunshine and milder @temperatures into the @afternoon. @in fact, tonight is going to be @on the cool side but not as @chilly. @we will stay above freezing as @we head down into the 30s, mid- @and lower 30s. @and then don't forget to change @your clocks tonight as we @spring forward. @we're going to lose that hour @of sleep but tomorrow's sunset @will be at 7:30. @that is going to be a treat. @rain showers last into monday @afternoon. @and we could see some
5:48 am
@we will need that sunshine. @thank you, olga. @ spring break is quickly @approaching. @and many families will take to @the skies. @the transportation security @administration says they are @prepared to screen more than @65.1 million travelers this @spring break season. @the tsa normally screens nearly @2 million passengers daily. @experts recommend arriving up @to three hours prior to @international flights and two @hours before domestic flights. @ well, traveling to a spring @break destination this year is @going to be dramatically @different, even from just a @year ago because lower gas @prices. @a survey found 56% of people @are hitting the road closer to @home, traveling as far as one @tank of gas can drive. @lower fuel costs have many @cheaper airfare. @most popular destinations @include las vegas and florida.
5:49 am
@cost you 80% less if you know @where to shop. @can you believe it? @matt granite joins us with a @perfect price drop. @>> reporter: great to be with @you today. @get ready to save money on @prescription glasses? @take a look at one of my @favorite websites, goggles for @you has all sorts of deals. @you can get two prescription @eye glasses for under $20. @i don't wear glasses so i asked @our floor director, abby, to @test this out. @what do you think? @>> i love this website. @i got three pair, the one i'm @wearing and these two for under @$40. @my old pair, $100. @ridiculous right? @they are a necessity for most @people and they shouldn't be @this much money. @>> reporter: they look amazing @on you. @not a paid product. @what did you think of the ease @of use? @>> all you do is up load a @photo of yourself and you can @see what the glasses will look @like on you and there are @hundreds of different frame, @colors, sizes, they're @fantastic.
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@difference between the $100.07? @>> no, not at all. @>> reporter: on our website, @back to you. @>> thank you. @ do certain foods actually @make you smarter? @after the break, we will show @you three super foods that may
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@ @ thanks for being with us. @new data shows troubling @statistics for american workers @without paid sick leave. @they were four times more @likely to delay or go without @medical care than those with @paid sick leave. @researchers say paid sick leave @prevents workers from spreading @illness to others, especially @in the food service, health @care and child care industries. @ landing a great job and a @great salary could depend on @your height and weight. @a study done by harvard medical @school looked at 120,000 @british citizens.
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@shorter than average earned @about $2,000 less per year than @men taller. @and also women who are @considered overweight took a @$2,000 hit on their annual @salary. @people in the study had similar @resumes and backgrounds and @scientists are questioning @whether it's a self-esteem @issue or if employers @subconsciously discriminate. @ and a preliminary new study @suggest some carbs like those @in white bread and bagels might @increase the risk for lung @cancer. @researchers compared about @2,000 patients with lung cancer @and nearly 2500 others. @those who consumed diets with @the high ingredients were more @likely to develop lung cancer. @still, switching to whole @grains breads and pass to would @have other health benefits as @well. @ there are foods that can @help make you smarter. @our sister station kusa has @bottom line on your personal
5:55 am
@and why they can help you. @>> reporter: specialists say @our brain function. @>> when you give the brain the @proper nutrient, the amino @acid, the right carbs, your @brain connects itself and it @works in a much more efficient @way than if you give it foods @that actually cause you to @crave, cause you to be anxious. @>> reporter: here are some of @the foods that some experts say @we should be eating. @potassium, coconut water and @bananas are high in potassium. @coconut water better than @bananas. @the brain works better when @sugar enters the bloodstream @gradually. @blueberry, fish, sardines and @salmon, they help with @transmission of signals in the
5:56 am
@and while salmon is most @commonningly out thed for omega @three, sardines are better. @and sweet potatoes, they can @help you maintain energy and @day. @>> in fact, eating colorful @food, you're getting vitamin c, @eating healthy meats, b @vitamins. @eating fish, you're getting @omega three fatty acids. @all of these things are @critical for the day-to-day @functioning of your brain. @>> reporter: the doctor says @getting on the right diet means @moods get better, temper gets @food and good food is good @medicine. @for your bottom line, i'm greg @moss. @>> greg, thank you. @ all eyes are on cleveland @this weekend. @we are previewing the huge @political events ahead of @tuesday's presidential @primaries. @ and chaos in chicago. @why protesters and supporters @gathered at a trump rally and
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@ @ it is 6:00 a.m. @on saturday, march 12th. @thank you so much for being up @early with us. @we have so much going on. @you're going to spring ahead @tonight. @enjoy the sleep while you can. @we're going to lose an hour @throughout the week. @and we want to know what the @weather is going to be like. @olga, i woke up and saw frost @on the lawns this morning. @so starting out chilly. @>> it definitely is. @many areas dropped below @freezing early this morning. @we are still on the chilly @side. @so don't be surprised as you @step out the door. @you definitely need that jacket @with you. @i am tracking a shift in the @winds. @right now, calm to light but @you can see the moisture to the @south. @and all of this will push into @the region on the southwesterly


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