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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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@day in his home state and john kasich taking @the same approach, this morning @at youngstown and . @a lot of the question centers @on how it is the only candidate @on the republican side that @hasn't won a state is the one st potent against @donald trump. @if john kasich can win @tomorrow, and the polling is @looking good, more on that in a perhaps he can build momentum @and build a narrative that will @allow him to come in to a come this @july, and tell the story of why @he, the establishment favorite @who is left over, the only one @with a history @the field is the person they @should really back. @in next few minutes we are @expected to see mitt romney
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@ron not endorsing kasich yet @but telling folks he is on the @campaign stump for kasich and @here to lend his support. @more throughout the westerville, near @columbus, chris tye, channel 3 @news. @ a lot of campaigning takes @place, smine has @more on the story. @>> reporter: that's right, only @hours ago that bernie sanders @was here, inside the civic h all his greater @akron supports speaking on many @things like health care, equal @pay and opportunity for women @and y education. @the vibe was clear, the support @was extremely visible as bernie d old, @floodsed the akron civic @theater. @>> in some polls i have seen 86 @or some odd percent ofsupport bernie @sanders.
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@vision for the country with @free education, being one of @>> i shouldn't have to go in to @debt over trying to get an @education, i think. @my main reason, i k he is honest. @he is genuine. @ @>> reporter: the chance rocked @the room as senator sanders @rattled off the affecting middle class citizens @and what he would do to change @them. @>> he is for our little guys. @we are sick of the one rs getting everything. @>> reporter: gop supporters @came out to speak on how the @rally should not focus on @getting the vote but bring @people together. @>> we may have political we can come @together and we can love each @other, we are saying free hugs. @>> reporter: the sanders today in @ohio, they made their 1 @millionth phone call if ohio,
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@is get out and vote tomorrow. @ @ welcome to channel 3, good @to have you ght, poll numbers @released show hillary golston @taking a 7 point lead over @bernie sanders in ohio. @the numbers part of the @american research @>> same poll is showing good @numbers for ohio governor john @kasich here in the state, @reports there are currently a donald trump @heading in to tomorrow. @. the governor pulling out all @the stops to stop the beres is here to explain @the romney factor and look @ahead to everything tomorrow. @>> well, in his long, long @political rear, golfer john @kasich has never lost a primary @or general election. @ohio voters could change what @happens tomorrow, for him the @republican party and maybe the @country's future.
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@ultimate trump or anti trump @card but only appearing with @one candidate claiming this was @not a endorsement in north @canton but sounded like one. @the poll shows kasich has a @good chance to pull this off. @he has not won any states and @trails in delegates, if he @loses tomorrow he and the stop @trump movement seemingly done. @if he wins, he can start a long @shot more interesting script. @>> you welcome at this guy, @unlike the other people @running, he has a real track @record. @he has the kind of record that @you want in washington, that's @why i'm convinced you are going @to do the right thing tomorrow. @>> when i win tomorrow and send @this forward it's going to send @a positive message to the @world, don't doubt america is @coming back. @i need your vote. @>> kasich predicting victory,
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@win or a humbling defeat. @he won two dozen elections. @we will see if his taking the @high ground approach pays off @if his stay. @he claim he had a home field @advantage here. @we will see if the loyalty goes @both ways with voters. @new poll numbers, who do you @think will win tomorrow? @are we looking at kasich or @trump? @>> i'm thinking, too many @things going in kasich's favor @to bet against him. @campaign has been focusing on @this as the big prize. @i'm thinking the violence if @chicago may have a backlash @affect turning people away from @trump. @kasich has all of ohio's @republican party working the @ground game on his behalf. @i still think ohio at his core @is a main stream middle of the @road state. @cuyahoga county board of @elections about 15% of all the @republican votes cast are being @cast by democrats crossing
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@trump? @>> let's talk about turnout. @what is turnout ition pected to @be tomorrow. @41%. @>> on the democratic race, are @we looking at sanders or @clinton? @>> again i think hillary @here. @bernie sanders has picked up a @lot of support lately. @i wonder how many of his @college aged supporters will @get to the polls. @ohio, reverts to being a more @pragmatic political barometer @state. @hillary golston has a long and @deep history of support here. @i'm thinking she wins more @votes and delegates to add to @her margin and lead over bernie @sanders. @>> a fascinating day. @>> we will be here to recount @it all. @>> a long one. @thank you. @ cleveland will be the @worldwide stage for the @republican nomination to play @out come july, and today, @destination cleveland held the
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@is next for our city on the @rise. @the group met at the public @auditorium to recap the @successes from 2015 and look @ahead to the big year in 2016 @we are expecting. @al roker agrees cleveland is @rising and we should all be @proud. @>> this is a thriving major @metropolis that is seconds to @no one. @it may have been a little @lethargic, maybe bloated, much @like myself back then. @>> frank jackson and @destination cleveland's ceo, @david gilbert, spoke out abe @out the city's success and say @we are be ready for the stage @that's coming. @ it's 12 *6 days until the @rnc kicks off in cleveland. @anxiety continues to rise over @the possibility of a brokered @convention and what it means @for cleveland.
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@destination cleveland's annual @meeting, for a conversation no @one expected to have. @the band is right on cue. @>> reporter: less meeting and @more of a party. @that meeting wrapped up an hour @ago, you are right, @conversations here tonight over @what a brokered convention @could mean, many people are @seeing pluss to it. @there are minuses, too, no one @can place at this point. @nary ty continued over what the @convention can do for cleveland @filling restaurants and hotels @while showing what the city can @offer. @there is concern a lot could @get lost. @should we end up posting a @contested convention instead. @it would mean no candidate got @the delegates for the @nomination. @boiling it down to votes on the @convention floor. @>> am i worried about it? @no. @we will be ready for the @convention brokered or not @brokered and make sure that all @the visitors in cuyahoga county
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@>> reporter: officials down @played the possibility, while @party planners tell channel 3, @they are ready, quote, for all @kinds of contingencies and @expect a nominee. @that maybe wishful thinking. @chuck todd of nbc's meet the @press believes i could be @historic summer. @>> you have no idea. @i thought the possibility of a @contested convention was higher @than ever before. @trump made it more so. @>> reporter: not just the @restaurants and hotels bracing @for bigger crowds but security, @too, concerned if something @goes wrong, the leverage maybe @lost to host something so big @ever again. @and unknown certainly made @people jittery, we may have @seen that today. @a person with the sanders @campaign told us they had to @move an event from cleveland to @akron out of concerns there @could be protests like the ones @we seen at trump rally, people @not wanting to be associated
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@anxious to see what we could @see in cleveland. @ @ we will be live all night @tomorrow to report on the @latest primary results, and @updates and prime time and tune @in for a special edition of @channel 3 news at 11, until @midnight as results continue to @come in. @ update on the cleveland @father accused of taking his @son 13 years ago and raising @him under a new identity. @in court today bobby hernandez @pleaded guilty to kidnapping @and other charges, his 18 year @old son did not attend the @hearing. @the attorney says he will ask @the judge to give him probation @on april 13th. @the prosecutor called the @father's actions cruel, said he @will recommend a longer @sentence. @ next on channel 3 news at @6:00, another political race is @heating up what happened at the @ohio democratic party annual @dinner that's causing some @controversy.
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@afternoon, coming at a price, @tracking heavy rain and @thunderstorms in the area, when @they arrive in your town coming @up. @ thank you, greg. @all eyes on cleveland, national @media outlet that's setting up @shop downtown this week when
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@tomorrow democrats this ohio @will decide on their candidate @for senate to face rob portman @in the fall. @ted psychiatricland against pg @sittenfeld. @he criticized portman for @saying president obama @shouldn't get a pick at a @supreme court justice. @sittenfeld was denied a chance @to talk at the dinners strict @land refuse ed to debate him. @ @ nationality media attention @is certainly on ohio this week, @msnbc set up in lakewood and @today and tomorrow at the urban @farmer restaurant downtown. @that's where we find monica @robins tonight. @>> reporter: hi, sarah. @msnbc, the crew shutdown for @the evening, this is just a @taste of what we are going to
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@descends on cleveland. @we saw the bus go past us. @this afternoon, we caught craig @melvin's broadcast talking @about the race for ohio. @the crew be in town throughout @tomorrow using the makeshift @studio area, encouraging people @to come down and watch, @especially tomorrow afternoon @when chris matthews will be in @the anchor chair. @>> we got a popular two-term @governor who is very candidacy @hinges on how weller he @performs in his own state. @it's not just about kasich. @a lot of folks, if there is @going to be a successful effort @to stop donald trump vings its @going to be here in ohio -- @it's going to be here in ohio. @>> reporter: melvin interviewed @pundits including jeff johnson @and university of akron @professor, david cohen. @tomorrow morning chris jansen
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@from ohio, they are back on the @air at 11:00 a.m., if you are @interested in watchings come @down to the urban farmer @restaurant, encouraging people @to come down and watch the @broadcast. @monica robins, channel 3 news. @ betsy is off tonight. @greg d is the house tonight. @nice weather at least for @today. @>> mild and humid all day, now @we are paying the price for @that with the radar lining up @west and southwest of @cleveland. @take a look at it. @i will tell you, this looks @worse than it is. @this is heavy rain. @we are sendly tracking heavy @downpours and some @thunderstorms, south of @millersburg tonight. @a lot of these not producing @more tan heavy rainm some of @the heavier showers toward @lorain county, over towards @sandusky, lightning and thunder @this evening, nor walk, seeing @additional areas of heavy rain, @tracking those down to the @souths you will see we will cup
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@thunderstorms continue to @affect areas towards 71, also @over towards ashley county, and @ashland, seeing the areas of @downpours, worcester, lorain, @madina in to the activity. @south towards worcester and @millersburg seeing heavy rain @through holmes county. @everything towards the east at @30-35 miles an hour, see if i @can pull off a storm track for @you, for this whole line of @storms. @it's tracking out of lorain @county, in to cleveland, we @will start it off around @forwalk, down to the south, @dragging i out toward @cleveland, dragging it at 30-35 @miles an hour, you see the @arrival times. @around cleveland, after 7:00, @7:30 or so euclid, 7:55. @just before 9:00, coming up on @the warren area. @nothing too strong looking at @the thunderstorms this wayne
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@cloud tops that reached as much @as 20-30,000 feet at times. @we are seeing a little bit of @weakening with the storms as it @continues to push towards the @east and northeast, looks like @the i-77 corridor will be the @area affected next. @70 now akron, canton, 67 @towards worster, in the 5s, @towards mansfield, they have @seen the heavy rain, around the @region. @look at your forecast as we go @through the rest of the @evening, the pes in the 50s at @9:00. @by 11:00, in the low 50s with @the rain starting to calm down, @as we go through the rest of @tonight. @the showers and thunderstorms @clearing as we fothrough the @rest of the afternoon and @evening as the area of low @pressure continues to push @toward the east coast. @bit of a break behind it. @additional showers and @thunderstorms arrive with that @area of low pressure coming up @tomorrow night and a cool down @for a second half of the work @week. @through the rest of the
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@stormy rs heavy rain, gusty @winds, maybe lightning and @thunder k low severe weather @threat. @showers continue through the @late eve in to the overnight. @clearing by tuesday starting @election day with cloudy skies, @breaks in the overcast, and it @will be dry all day. @temperatures south of cleveland @reaching to near 60. @look at the window nation @extended forecast through the @workweek, notice the @temperature trend, starting to @come down, we could see the @opportunity for rain and snow @showers on friday and maybe @even some light snow in the @region for a second half of the @weekend. @>> in like a lamb, out like a @lion, maybe.
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@ @voice of the browns,. @>> we are not making any moves. @we didn't wait going over the @weekend. @because it's the weekend. @they didn't do anything today. @the browns are playing it chose @to the best, the kaepernick @story to the browns, i don't @think that's going to happen or
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@as it was put out at the end of @last week. @the san francisco 49ers put him @on the trademark market and @kaepernick would like to be @traded but i think it's to the @broncos. @we might be a pawn in this @game. @i think kaepernick is going to @try and really force the 49ers @to either trade him or to cut @him and then make him a free @agent and he could go and i @think that would be to the @denver broncos. @that would leave the browns @having to get the quarterback @in the draft which has always @been the plan with the number @two pick. @carson wins, the quarterback @continues to get high praise, @from the great john gruden who @did his quarterback camp, he @said winch is the most nfl @ready quarterbacks have him @going to cleveland at numb 2 in @late print.
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@fer for browns, he -- backer @for the browns, he is going to @go somewhere. @met with the seahawks at the @end of last week, no deal with @the browns, free as a bird and @ready to fly somewhere else. @the steelers take a big hit. @wide receiver, bryant, has been @suspended for the entire year. @he was suspended for the first @four games last year, violation @of the substance abuse program @and done it again, he is going @to appeal and he is also going @to enter rehab. @it has been a very good road @trip for the calves and it can @be a perfect road trip for them @if they win tonight in utah @against the jazz, that came @tips at 10:30, yesterday, the @calves were sensational. @in la, as they knocked off the @clippers by 24 points in the @game, 17 games left to go, @before the start of the mba @playoffs. @akron lost the championship on @saturday night basically at the @buzzer, they go to the nit and
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@tomorrow in columbus. @the zips boarded the bus today. @the coach smiling there but not @happy about the fact his team @had a wonderful season and did @not get an at large bids to the @ncaa. @>> the system is little flawed. @i understand, i'm not trying to @be a come plainer, we had 34rpi @and 6 and 2 against the top @100, you can't dwell on it. @we are fortunate to be able to @play a great state. @the nit is a great tournament. @we are happy to be there but @not exactly what we wanted. @>> reporter: simmons said he is @leaving college after a year @and make himself available to @the draft. @interesting twist to the story. @he plans to sign with lebron @james, and his marketing agency @and his agency to represent @him, rich paul would become his @agents.
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@agency a couple of years ago. @spring training the game going @on now, indians lead over the @rangers 4-zip. @ @nbc nightly news is minutes
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breaking news tonight. under investigation. police weighing charges against donald trump and his campaign and whether they incited a riot at a rally. dramatic developments hours from the polls opening in critical states. race against time. catastrophic flooding destroys thousands of homes. tonight a major emergency effort to save entire towns. american isis surrender. a shocking moment caught on camera in iraq as a virginia man turns himself in. his parents thought he was on vacation. miracle survivor. the 14-year-old girl who squeezed her mother's hand right as they were preparing to say good-bye.


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