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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  March 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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@ @ people in lake county are a pesky problem. @we are talking to them about @bedbugs in their apartment @building and what is being medy it. @ $50 million being spent on @security for the rn cmany are @calling on transparency for @coming up, what they don't want @the money used for. @ saying no to moviegoers.
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@ @ thanks so much for being up @with us. @we have a story for all of sers. @turns out we are all healthier @for being up early. @i also have it on good @authority today is @of winter. @>> reporter: the last full day @of winter. @spring comes at nday morning. @that is good, it is @encouraging. @>> there is a big however @there. @>> it rmal. @snow showers around today and @tonight and into sunday. @however we will eventually warm @up. @right now 31 degrees it was yesterday at this @time. @winds out of the north @northeast.
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@dew point at 25. @so it is fairly dry air @and again the last full day of @winter below normal @temperatures here, the next @couple of days. e in the way @of accumulation. @a little bit of a dusting on @some of the atures across the area in @the 20s and 30s. @as we take a look at the pattern across @the midwest. @namely indiana and ohio. @you have rain off to the south @of us. @snow showers approaching us. @and we will see around this afternoon. @how long will this cold air @stick around? r you @in just a few. @ more than 60 people are @dead after a passenger jet @crashed while landing in russia @55 passengers and six crew @members were on board the jet @when it crashed. @the
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@from dubai. @weather is being considered as use of the crash. @the plane had to abandon an @initial attempt to land and @then came down after making a @repeat attempt. @ hundreds of protesters @crowded outside trump's rally @in salt lake city. @the clashes between trump @supporters and opponents @quickly escalated. @no word on any arrests so far. @utah primaries are held on @tuesday. @ a group of civil rights @activists are sounding the @alarm surrounding security in @the rnc. @the group is worried $50 @million in federal funding @could mean a more military @triesed police force. @good morning alyssa. @>> reporter: good morning @maureen. @this group wants to know @exactly how this money is going @to be spent.
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@says they will not discuss @operational security matters. @the group is expected to @express their concerns in a @press conference on the steps @of cleveland city hall on @monday at 6:15 in the evening. @the aclu is spearheading the @effort and they think citizens @and council members should vice @president a say in how the @money -- a -- have a say in how @the money is spent. @this lack of transparency from @the mayor's office they are @saying is a concern. @>> in such a climate, we need @much more transparency. @in the consent decree, it @spells out the fact that any @purchases for the police @department should be run @through the community police @commission. @we are still holding to that. @ the 2012 rnc was held in
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@the time said the $50 million @they received went mostly @toward personnel, such as @purchasing bikes. @other officials said what they @learned from this is you need @to deescalate as well as train @your law enforcement on how to @deescalate situations. @maureen, back to you in the @studio. @ this next story may make @your skin crawl. @the lake metropolitan housing @authority is responding to @numerous complaints of bedbugs. @they are admitting the issue @has been ongoing for four years @now. @many residents are elderly, @disabled and don't have option @as to where they live. @some residents invited us to @the washington square @apartments because they don't @feel enough is being done about @their biggest complaint. @>> you can't get rid of them. @you have to almost knock down @building.
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@housing authority has been @working on the problem. @their chief executive officer @said quote we responded @immediately and consulted @experts in the field of bed bug @treatment. @we initially had very few @complaints and we purchased @additional equipment and @provided training for our @workers. @ now to canton where police @issued an arrest warrant for a @man after discovering a body @inside his home. @police executed a search @warrant at the home of lance @levi rankin. @he is wanted on murder charges. @if you have any information on @where rankin may be, call @canton police. @ a northeast ohio man is in @police custody after he was @accused of using an app to lure @a teen from missouri to a @village in stark county. @eric shot well met a teen girl @online and drove all the way to
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@shot well met the victim @through an app called say hi. @the two communicated for @months. @police were tipped off when the @teen was finally able to call @home. @he is charged with kidnapping, @assault and rape. @ foul play is now suspected @in the death of a man whose @body ended up in a landfill @after a country concert. @an 8 month investigation led @fbi to believe someone @incapacitated or killed corey @baron and dumped him into a @trash chute. @he disappeared during the jason @all dean concert in july of @2015. @baron's family is offering a @$10,000 reward for any @information leading to an @arrest and conviction. @ still ahead this morning, a @new movie theater policy has @parents talking. @why a nationwide theater chain @won't allow small children into
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@ plus haunted in cleveland. @see the historic sight on the @west side now being featured in
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@ @ @ the fbi warned vehicles are @becoming increasingly @vulnerable to hacking. @criminals can access both @components that control brakes @and steering. @ ever gotten that feeling @that facebook knows you @personally? @well you aren't too far off @because the social network is @in fact watching and tracking @your moves.
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@watch and click on. @that information is passed @along to facebook advertisers. @this is why you see ads that @seem to taylor specifically to @you. @if that is a little too big @brother you can stop them from @storing your information. @we have listed the ways right @now on @ snapping too many selfies @can cause premature aging. @so says a london blogger @digging into her own habit. @maureen bag decided to have her @face checked for early signs of @aging. @doctors confirmed she was @right, hev, light is emitted @from lake-effecttonnic devices. @some suggest it is as bad as @uva lights and can't be blocked @by sunscreen. @but everything in moderation. @a day. @ it is considered to be the @most haunted house in the u.s. @franklin castle is right here @in cleveland and for the first
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@cable network destination @america went inside to find out @who or what haunts this 19th @sent friday castle. @it is on the corner of west @44th and franklin. @>> i have heard stories the @ghosts have been in the window, @there is a lady that walks @around in there. @i have never seen anything. @>> investigators from @destination america's show @paranormal spent three days @inside. @one is about a mysterious @little girl believed to haunt @the house. @emma died over 100 years ago. @the episode will air again next @friday night. @ the weekend is a prime time @to visit the movies but some @theaters have a new and little @known policy in place that @could affect your viewing @experience.
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@has details. @>> kim's family recent visited @the theater to see dead pool. @>> it is rated r and my husband @said there were a lot of @smaller children there. @>> at regal cinemas, kids @younger than 6 wouldn't have @been allowed in. @the company claims that is to @benefit the adults, saying we @want to make sure there are @minimal interruptions during r- @rated movies. @we best achieve this by @controlling the number of small @children in films. @>> i don't think they should @age. @they wouldn't understand it @anyway so why scar them? @>> with the violence in movies @subjecting your child to. @>> i have girls under the age @of 6, and i would never, i @couldn't imagine. @it is r rated for a region. @>> reporter: a local cinema @manager told us they have @received push back although @almost everyone we talked to @agreed with the age role,
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@>> kit this age shouldn't be @seeing r rated movies, too many @cussing too many more violence @and i don't think it is right. @>> straight from the mouths of @babies. @>> this policy has been in @place about a year. @amc and cinemark theaters have @put in place no 6 after 6:00. @ just ahead, it was a busy @week here in northeast ohio. @we are wrapping up the top @headlines in your weekend @review. @and some changes may affect @your commute this weekend. @what you need to know before @you head out the door. @ spring may be just around @the corner but it still feels @quite a bit like winter out @there. @how long is the cold air going @to stick around? @i'll have the complete forecast @for you in just a bit.
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@ @ channel 3 is a proud media @sponsor. @the two-story colonial comes @fully furnished and will be @built in the concord area. @the special is available right @now where if you buy five @tickets you get the sixth free @give away. @august 14th. @ we also want to get you @may have missed. @here is your week in review. @ thank you from the bottom @of my heart. @something. @we are going to go all the way @to cleveland and secure the @republican nomination.
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@what he is all about they are @going to like him more and @understand he connects the dots @that makes things happen. @>> i think it opens it up for @kasich, especially with marco @rubio dropping out. @he is the only candidate the @party could get behind. @>> this morning trump told @cnn's new day if he doesn't get @his party's nomination if he @doesn't have the delegates he @needs supporters could riot. @>> i think bad things would @happen. @>> i thought the possibility of @a contested convention was @higher this time than ever @before. @>> the only way kasich can win @is if there is a brokered @convention. @he he can go to the delegates @and say i, by far, am the best @candidate. @i'm the only one with the most @experience in government and he @may just have a chance.
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@our supporters across the @country, our campaign has @earned more votes than any @other candidate democrat or @republican. @ people are supporting @hillary clinton, black, white, @young, old. @>> certainly an element of @surprise not just over the @outcome but how early the @decision came down. @would you be willing to throw @your support behind hillary @clinton? @>> no. @>> some confusion over the @republican ballot today. @>> that was definitely @confusing and also @disheartening. @the fact that there was many @candidates on the ballot that @had withdrew that were still on @the ballot. @>> we are just trying to field @phone calls and address the @issue as simply as we can so @voters can move on. @>> reporter: michael o'malley @unwittingly stated the main @reason he will be cuyahoga's @prosecutor starting next year.
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@ dwayne bow was cut today. @if you want to take a little of @one of the all time free agent @busts, he is at the top of the @list. @five catches for 53 yards. @he made $9 million. @you do the math. @it averages $1.8 million a @catch. @ st. patrick's day madness. @i have not been celebrating. @>> i'm on vacation. @>> how did i get out of work. @ and i'm retired. @>> you guys are out of school @today? @>> no. @i'm on vacation. @ at all. @>> how did you get off work? @>> cut the tape. @ we are chatting. @for the first time ever i @didn't make it downtown for the @parade. @and the weather was gorgeous. @it was good to see everybody @else having fun. @i hope you had fun for me.
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@let everybody do that stuff. @i've done it. @>> i'm sure i ate something @green or whatever. @ absolutely. @ well we are looking forward @to what the weekend has in @store. @or are we? @>> last weekend it was daylight @saving time. @st. patrick's day, the primary. @now it is just about spring. @that is going to arrive at @12:30. @overnight tonight sunday @morning it is going to be @spring officially tomorrow. @at this time. @and as you take a look at the @pictures out there, cloudy @skies, beginning to turn @cloudy. @31 is the current temperature. @we will see cool temperatures @continue for the next few days. @it is going to be below normal @temperaturewise. @typically we see 47 for a high @on this date. @you can see there is a big @swirl of low pressure in the @upper levels of the atmosphere @there. @off to the south of us, there @are rain showers. @but as that moves up to the
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@in the form of snow. @and we will see snow showers @around for this afternoon, @overnight tonight, maybe a @dusting, less than an inch i @think during the course of the @night tonight. @as you look at temperatures @compared to 24 hours ago, they @are below what we saw yesterday @at this time and they will be @below normal for the next @couple of days. @as we move through time this @evening, we'll see 30s @throughout most of the area. @cloudy skies, snow showers here @and there, again maybe a @dusting of snow during the @course of tonight into sunday @morning. @we will see the clouds begin to @clear on out for your afternoon @there on sunday into monday. @and when it comes to the total @accumulation of snow, not a @lot. @again looking at less than an @inch of snow generally on the @grassy areas is where you will @probably see most of that snow. @as we take a look at your @window nation 7-day forecast, @38 for the high today, 39 for @sunday.
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@snow showers mixed with rain. @and we'll see 50s for a high @and the chance of a shower on @tuesday, more rain possible @wednesday and temperatures back @up into the 60s for thursday. @and friday. @and a good chance of a @thunderstorm there as we head @toward friday and maybe a gusty @thunderstorm at that. @maureen? @>> headed in the right @direction at least. @ travel changes are in @effect for one rta rail line. @traffic reporter daniel wiggins @has why some of you will need @to add time to your commute. @ we have a traffic alert for @those of you who take rta red @line service on the west side. @your service will be disrupted @today. @here's what's going on. @rta will replace red line @service between tower city and @cleveland hopkins today and
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@you need to give yourself extra @time because those buses run a @little slower than the trains. @i posted all of this on @ after the break, cash for @cookies. @the race is on to sell all the @all the boxes. @how much money local troops get @to keep for each box. @alyssa? @ good morning. @when it comes to security and @the rnc, many are calling for @transparency from the city. @coming up, what some don't want
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@ @ good morning to you. @it is just about 5:30 on this @saturday.
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@march, can you believe it? @it felt very springlike so far @but this weekend, we are in for @one last dose of winter. @i guess for the actual last @full day of winter, kerry @coleman is keeping an eye on it @for us. @last full day we are going to @get kicked in the pants? @>> not too bad. @maybe a little exaggeration @there. @we are going to see snow @showers around today and @overnight tonight. @certainly temperatures are @colder than normal. @31 degrees, that is colder than @it was yesterday at this time. @northeast winds at 9 miles per @hour. @falling barometer and again the @last full day of winter. @winter arrives at 12:30 @overnight tonight. @snow showers around as well. @you can see those temperatures @all on the coolish side, even @for this time of year. @you can see a lot of moisture
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@the north edge of that. @some snow showers, later on @this afternoon. @31 degrees, cloudy skies for @the noon hour and light snow @for the afternoon, very little @accumulation. @i'll absolute long with the @complete forecast. @ we are counting down to the @republican national convention. @a group of civil rights @activists want to make sure @millions of dollars in federal @security money for the rnc gets @used properly. @more on their concerns. @good morning alyssa. @ good morning maureen. @that is how much funding @cleveland got for the rnc. @this group wants to know @exactly how this money is being @used.
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@will not discuss operational @security matters. @the aclu is spearheading the @effort and they think citizens @and council members should have @a say in how the money is spent @and they don't want the police @to buy equipment outside of @what is normal for the @department. @don bryant with the civil and @human rights coalition says the @lack of transparency from the @mayor's office is a concern. @>> the other concerns are what @this is going to be and it may @be intimidating to the public @and it could cause harm. @and i think it is overkill. @i think it is way too much. @cleveland has not shown any @precedence of violent @demonstrations. @>> the 2012 rnc was held in @tampa and the police chief, at @the time, said the $50 million
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@went mostly toward personnel @such as purchasing bikes. @meanwhile, tampa officials also @offered this piece of advice. @that law enforcement in our @area should learn how to @deescalate conflict and all law @enforcement officers agents and @agencies in our area should @learn and be trained how to do @this. @again that press conference is @monday evening around 6:15 and @we'll have more coverage for @you monday evening at 11:00. @back to you in the studio. @ alyssa, thanks for that. @ as the rnc inches closer @and closer renovation projects @continue to take shape. @theaters are getting makeovers. @all theaters except for the @allen theater are rented out @for events during the rnc. @workers are repainting audio @storms and lobbies, redoing @restrooms and enhancing @lighting. @they are paying special @attention to the intricate @details, preserving the
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@>> thomas lynn was a preeminent @architect and we are putting @back one of his original pieces @destroyed in 1964. @it is huge. @what we are doing there is @unprecedented. @>> they are also improving @seats in the balcony and other @works they have not released @details on just yet. @ and changes coming to the @quicken arena. @the roof will be draped with an @led banner promoting the @facility. @the massive sign would be a @huge addition to fly over shots @of downtown. @the hope is the cleveland @planning commission will @approve the sign this week so @it can be done by mid-april. @ it is girl scout cookie @season so what do you think? @in that $4 box, how much of the @money do you think the girl
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@on average about $.70. @ we found these girl scouts @at the south park mall. @>> their goal, 2000 boxes. @once they hit it the troops @pick from several different @prisages we are trying to raise @money to go to the amish @country. @>> the going rate is $4 a box. @how much of that stays with the @troop. @>> $.64. @>> wait. @what? @>> depends on how many cookies @you initially sell. @the more you sell the more you @make off each box. @>> reporter: so you spent $4 on @your box of girl scout cookies. @$1.20 will go toward the cost @of the cookie. @$1 is going toward troop @support. @$.70 on average will go toward @the actual troops. @$.58 are going toward your @programs and camps.
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@and $.15 go toward the @volunteers. @>> reporter: but back to the @$.70 average. @>> our council is one of the @councils that gives the most @back to the girls. @>> reporter: the girl scouts @director of marketing tells us @the other $3.30 still serves @our communities. @>> we want to make sure girl @girls. @decision making, money @management, people skills. @>> a lot of fun for the girls. @they enjoy it. @ if you still want to @support the girl scouts of @northeast ohio, the troops will @stop selling tomorrow, march @20th. @ the cavs are down in @florida this weekend with a @chance to clinch a playoff @spot.
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@ @ the new iphone is about to @be revealed. @we'll tell you how to get the @most money for your old phone. @ spring cleaning, the
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@the ones you need to get rid @of. @ good morning everybody. @the cleveland cavaliers are @grinding through march. @beginning last night five games @in seven games. @they are in orlando looking for @their 14th straight win over @the magic eall smiles before @the game. @and during the game for most of @it too. @here is lebron james on the @baseline. @boy that dunk, pretty good. @18 points for the cavaliers @last night. @he had a game high and career @high, 45 to keep the magic in. @but then irving took over. @26 points to lead the cavaliers @last night. @offensively and defensively @especially from the fourth @quarter. @watch this tip in yeah. @cavaliers a winner. @109-103. @they clinch a playoff spot as @well. @they are in miami tonight to
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@ also high school @basketball. @the semis were yesterday in @columbus for division i and @division 4. garland heights, @ohio state coach there along @with his staff. @a tough night for the bulldogs @of garfield heights. @sean christian hit a three @pointer here, but it wasn't @enough. @westerville south the winner 87- @78. @cornerstone christian and @columbuston. @a big second half from michael @bolt well. @cornerstone christian a winner @73-67. @they will play for their first @state championship today in @columbus. @ the browns headed west
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@head coach jackson and others @met up with quarterback jeffrey @goff. @goff made throws to see what @would happen. @if you are going to play from @the afc north in bad weather, @it kind of goes with the @territory. @here's goff after the workout @yesterday. @>> i have some scheduled. @i couldn't tell you exactly @when. @but there is quite a few. @i will be flying all over the @place probably and doing @workouts here and taking calls @from teams and doing whatever i @need to do. @>> browns cornerback joe hayden @has undergone surgery on his @ankle. @we just found out about this @yesterday but it happened @thursday. @the good news is, he should be @recovered and ready to go at @the start of the regular @season. @ great news for northeast
5:43 am
@qualify for the olympics. @the brush high school graduate @qualified yesterday in @budapest, hungary. @his father called to share the @news. @we are glad he did. @cactus league baseball. @the indians got a lot of @offense. @scored eight runs after a bases @loaded walk and a pitch. @joey butler. @a grand slam. @8 runs in that inning. @they go on to win it by a final @of 10-8. @ meanwhile march madness @will continue today and we'll @have highlights coming up later @on channel 3 sports. @ just ahead, the new chip @credit cards are causing major @issues for users. @matt granite joins us with a @new way to protect your
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@ the calendar says went @soldier on its last leg. @however it is going to feel @wintry, even snow in the @forecast. @i'll tell you all about it here
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@ @ students are busy making @their own robots this weekend. @part of the first robotic @competition. @at buckeye regional. @you can see robots as tall as 6 @feet. @they are compete fog nearly $22 @million in scholarships. @the competition goes through @this afternoon and finalists @will then compete in st. louis @next month. @how cool to see what all those
5:48 am
@>> it makes me feel like such a @slack year how soon do you @think we are going to have perm @robots to mow the lawn and do @things how soon will that @happen? @>> not soon enough. @>> it will happen though. @>> my dishes are calling for a @robot. @ they cook dinner for you. @it will happen though. @one. @>> one of these days. @ let's hope they don't do @the news well. @the weather well. @>> if somebody will right in @what they are going to say. @>> i'm actually a robot. @breaking news. @ let's show you what is @going on here in this area. @and we do have some clouds on @the increase. @temperatures are cool this is @the last little bit of winter. @winter is going to be sticking @around with temperatures below @normal.
5:49 am
@was yesterday at this time and @generally cloudy skies. @north northeast winds bringing @in some of the cool air. @you can see temperatures really @throughout the great lakes @fairly chilly. @knoxville 57. @indianapolis 42. @we are kind of on the cooler @side of things. @through central ohio and beyond @to the north, it is snow we are @going to be seeing and snow @showers today. @not much in the way of @accumulation. @you see the clouds from the @south and the west. @and there are those @temperatures compared to 24 @hours ago. @mansfield 7 below right @downtown compared to what we @saw yesterday. @as we move through the future, @you will see clouds, spots of @snow. @little in the way of @accumulation. @temperatures certainly on the @cool side through overnight @tonight into tomorrow, sunday @morning. @you'll see potentially rain
5:50 am
@us, although for the most part @snow will fall. @what little bit does fall @across the area. @and you'll see, in terms of @what is going to be across @cuyahoga county, total @accumulation not much at all. @the air is fairly dry. @ let's show you the @forecast. @38 degrees for a high. @this afternoon snow showers @possible. @don't worry about any @accumulation. @overnight tonight more light @snow and you could see a little @bit of a dusting there but not @a great deal of precipitation. @spring arrives at 12:30 on @sunday morning. @then the sun will pop out. @your extended forecast 7-day @forecast, sunday, monday not @looking too warm. @temperatures start to rebound @for tuesday and wednesday and @60s as we head toward the end @of the week maureen. @>> thanks kerry. @ just ahead, kohl's is
5:51 am
@that will be shutting down @across the country. @where the stores are and when @they expect to close, coming
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5:54 am
@ @ welcome back. @kohl's announced it would close @18 stores. @half of the affected stores are @in california, three in georgia @and the rest are scattered @across the country, none of @which are in ohio. @they'll all close by june 19th @with the exception of one in @georgia which will close @november 1. @ ebay will send somebody to @your door to professionally @pack your item and ship it for @you. @it will track your shipments @and automatically notify your @buyer. @right now the service is free. @starting june 30th it is going @to cost $5 per pickup. @ uber is testing a way to
5:55 am
@being paid instantly. @the company will allow drivers @to deposit earnings from each @ride into an account. @there won't be fees for the @service which is an effort to @fend off pay day earners @targeting drivers. @ money man matt granite is @here to protect your wallet. @>> great to be with you this @weekend. @radio frequency id thefts @sweeping across northeast ohio @and yes, targeting credit cards @you recently received in the @mail. @take a look at the symbols you @need to watch out for. @if your credit card has one of @these on them, you are likely a @potential victim of radio @frequency id theft. @illegal scanners can be @purchased online and someone @using these takes advantage of @the technology already present @in your cards, where they can @grab your credit card number or
5:56 am
@unless you have one of these @blockers in your wallet. @blockers create a barrier @between and you anyone scare @rig a scanner. @am son sells two similar cards @for 20 bucks. @i doubled what amazon found and @the deal gets you four cards @for under 18 bucks. @these are just as well rated @just as effective and if you @head over to you can @find today's deal and hear from @a recent victim of rfid theft. @i interviewed this mom and her @story, something worth checking @out. @stay protected, stay safe.
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@ with $50 million to spend @on the rnc many are calling for @transparency from the city. @coming up, what some don't want @the money used for.
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@ @ good morning. @it is saturday march 1st. @we are almost all the way @through march. @can you believe it? @it is 6:00 a.m. @and feeling wintry out there @there weekend even though we @are kicking offspring what is @it kerry tomorrow we are @officially kicking offspring @when we are going to see some @snow? @>> snow today and tonight. @not a lot. @just a tiny bit. @temperatures are below average. @spring officially araves @tomorrow morning, 32 degrees @right now. @we bumped up a degree in the @last hour. @northeast winds at 8 miles per @hour and a falling barometer. @and yes, this is the last full @day of winter. @we'll continue with these below


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