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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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@ now at 11:00 what @justifies deadly force by @police. @ two it county home. @more news coming into our @newsroom. @ a group of protesters took @their frustration to a wholehole 'nother level. @spec we -- @ we have her first look at @whether in 30 seconds. 30 seconds. @ thank you free bingo -- @for being with us. @i am hilary golston. @it has been a chilly day.just because springs starts in @just under one hour, doesn't @mean that it is going it. @>> the calendar is slipping
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@like we are in for somest skies tonight and @moisture moving through. @for now i think it will hold @off on the rain and snow @showers. @that will change going into t now the temperatures are @falling below -- in the 30s @and falling below freezing @into the 20s have a winter remakes @as we rise in the morning. @more coming up. @ ly we can do it, mothers @and fathers and aunts and @uncles and neighbors. @>> this is a debate that's @raging about @the hands of police. @as we continue to talk about @this, the debate is raging on @it as to what goes into the @ultimate choice. @mothers in northeast ohio join nation @coming together to say enough @is enough.
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@tonight -- [ name @indiscernible ] @>> they to die. @that is the general sentiment. @they are @change. @>> [ chanting ] @>> reporter: brandon jones' @motherg onto @the memory of her son was @killed when you're again at @parkland grocery. @police say they saw him at the @front over @was a struggle for key was @shot. @he was unarmed. @>> [ crying ] i just want to @know why my baby is dead. @he was unarmed @posing a threat. @>> reporter: dozens gathered @to support her. @>> killing our kids. miller was @shot and killed by a police @officer nine years ago this @month.
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@>> reporter: @year-old was shot by an @officer responding to a report @of people stealing. @>> everyone may kill, they @want to pass off. @that's not fair to us. @>> reporter: angelo miller's @family was paid to settle a @lawsuit. @[ name indiscernible ] @recently sued the city and the @officer, alleging unnecessary @force. @>> these people are in charge @of this movement. @>> reporter: some people are @from cleveland and others @traveled from chicago and are @going to also go to detroit. @>> we are blanketing the @nation and want to know -- @make sure that mothers now we @are with them. @we don't want anymore @suffering of this injustice. @>> reporter: they stand with @the young -- the mothers of @young men that baby leave were
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@here at true light missionary @church, mothers who have lost @sons at the hands of police @have been sharing their @stories. @ the boys and girls club in @a cleaning -- and a cleveland @clinic are joining forces. @the club on broadway hosted @this event to build trust in @the community. @it was a relaxed environment @for kids to bed -- to meet @police officers and folks from @ems. @down with the first responders @in a way that is casual and @calm and a way to really talk @to people effectively. @>> you will be able to see it @in the statistics, at least
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@to see it in the way people @talk about police. @that is what we are talking @about long-term. @they will talk about the @cleveland clinic positively as @well as police. @>> we started as part of the @cleveland clinic save summer @program. @this one at the boys and girls @club won't be the last one. @ new details out of summit @county developing just before @the newscast. @hudson police now say it looks @like the two people they found @died by murder/suicide. they @died -- they arrived at the @home just earlier today. @they identified them as @stephen bice and his wife @kristi bice. @it looks like stephen shot @kristi and then took his own @life. @ cleveland police are @sorting through an incident @that occurred on e. 149th st. @last night, just down from kim
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@suspects when they ran. @an officer fired his gun at @the dog. @we are not sure if the dog was @hit or injured. @one person was taken into @custody. @ big damage at one @cleveland building this @evening. @a mess caused by a car @slamming into it. @police say the driver lost @control and the car hit the @structure. @no one was inside at the time, @thank goodness. @the building is being @remodeled into a recording @studio. @the driver may have been @suffering from a medical @condition. @ a mom has pleaded not @guilty after being accused of @scalding a four-year-old boy in @ohio. @she faces a child endangering @charge. @she puts her four-year-old @stepson's legs in scalding hot @water the night before he was @found dead.
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@the death has been offered -- @classified as a homicide now. @his mother says she has lost, @never able to hold her son @again. @>> i can't imagine the pain he @went through. @[ crying ] i wasn't there to @protect him. @>> she is due in court again @on march 25. @ police authorities got @someone and lock them up @involved with the case @involving snapchat. @this depicted possible child @abuse. @in agency at a columbus was @notified and maybe arrest. @ some sad news to pass @along, out of lake county, @willowick mayor richard bonde @has passed away. @he was diagnosed with @hodgkin's lymphoma last august @and started treatment right @away. @mayor bonde served as mayor @since 2009. @many are somber.
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@are being given to his @families, along with us. @ the race for the right @house is picking up. @things -- white house is @picking up.
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@ @ welcome back. @anti-trump sentiment has @reached a high level. @donald trump held a campaign @rally as protesters parked @cars in the middle of the road, @chanting anti-trump slogans @and carrying banners.
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@backup. @the protesters dissipated @before any arrests were made. @ this is a 10 carat oak @island -- blue diamond which is @a flawless, fancy, vivid, blue @diamond. @it's expected to be between -- @estimated to be between $25 @million and $30 million. @it's going to be auctioned off @this weekend. @ these wacky waving @inflammable -- inflatable arm @to men are being used to scare @away the sea lines. @the problem is, they don't @seem too interested in the
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@ chances for snow to start @the spring season. @what is headed our way and how @much should we expect? @ channel 3 is proud to be @the media sponsor for the @annual lake county ymca dream @house. the two story colonial @comes fairly for nist and will @be built in concord. @specials are available now. @you can buy five tickets and @get the sixth one for free. @you can win a chevy malibu car. @tickets are available on the @ymca website and tickets will
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@ @ despite temperatures @hovering in the low 30s this @morning, folks are still @taking the arctic plunge. this @is the seventh annual event. @it's not just a test of will. @it is also a fundraiser. @money raised will help out the @american heart association @among others. @an organization that helps @people after intense threats @will also be helped. @hopefully you can keep it from @being too cold. @i don't know if there's any @way you can avoid it.
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@ we are usually about 45 or @48 degrees. @hanging out in the 30s today, @definitely a frigid weekend. @we will continue the cool @trend, not only tonight @dropping into the 20s. @tomorrow's temperatures will @also struggle to reach 40 @degrees. @we will not ring in our @springtime with typical spring @weather. @the clouds are still overhead @but all of the moisture is to @the west and there is no snow @for right now. @i am tracking some changes on @the way. @temperatures will dip down @tonight. @right now 32 four a lever @yeah, ash -- 32 for ashtabula. @goodbye to winter. @we are finally changing our @seasonal calendar over but the @chilly temperatures will @continue into the sunday @forecast. @it also means as moisture
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@drop, we could she -- see some @snow flurries and light @showers. @temperatures will hang out in @the 30s all day long tomorrow. @be sure to plan accordingly. @the city center or downtown @area will see about 29 degrees @tonight. @the moisture will roll-on @through and mostly in the form @of rain but if you will have @snow showers. @there will be less than 1/2 @inch of snow. the temperatures @but for tonight is this. @we will see some rain and @light snow in some of the @southern counties. @we will be in the 30s in most @counties. @hour by hour the cloud cover @doesn't stick around but the @temperatures hover at or below @freezing for most of the @night. @if you are heading out early @for those sunrise services or @if you have errands to run, @keep in mind that by the 7:00 @or 8:00 our we will see the
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@-- and snow falling. @we will see a rain/snow mix as @the temperatures go up. this @is basically in the early @afternoon. in the evening @hours it moves out. @the cloud cover pulls out @overnight in temperatures will @drop again. chilly monday @morning. @the accumulation will be too @much. @we're talking a trace to maybe @1/2 inch for most areas. @on the cool side for sunday @and monday. @by tuesday we will have a @little more sunshine but @cranking up the wind. back @into the 50s and much seasonal @temperatures -- much more @season the wall -- seasonal @temperatures midweek. @we will have thunderstorms @moving in by thursday evening @and friday will be damp and @dreary. @we do like the numbers however. @
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@a little more comfortable @knowing that spring is here. @ up next, one day after @clinching a playoff berth, the @cavaliers had a night to
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@ @ last night the cavaliers @beat the orlando magic to clean
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@tonight they looked anything @but like a playoff team. @it was tied three times early. @kristan thompson gets this @one. @that made it 18-15. @miami outscored the cavaliers @39-19 in the first quarter. @they made it interesting. @it was 30-34 and then the @second half was a blowout. @this made it 90-59. @it wasn't even close. @this was a laugher, 120 2-101. @ @ -- 120 2-101. @ the browns are looking at @an nfl veteran. @robert griffin the third is in @town meeting with browns @officials today.
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@was a good visit between the @former heisman winner and the @browns. @griffin didn't play because of @injuries. @you didn't play the previous @season either. @he threw for over 1000 yards. @we will see about rg iii. @ the cubs are down 1-0 when @the fourth. @it's -- [ name indiscernible ] @is in his customary spot. [ @name indiscernible ] grounded @out to third. @the team is keeping @expectations of when brantley @will return, there's a @possibility he could be in the @opening day lineup against the @red sox and david price on @april 4. were 139 days away @from the opening of the summer
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@as we told you earlier this @week, boxer charles [ name @indiscernible ] had a win on @thursday in the america @qualifier. @friday night t-1 the gold @medal defeating mexico's [ @name indiscernible ] rodriguez @in the needle -- in the @middleweight championship @fight. @it's his fourth straight win. @he won in a unanimous @decision. @he is the first gold medalist @for the west team at the @americas qualifier. @ let's move to high school @hoops. @congratulations for cornerstone @christian academy who won @their first state championship @in columbus this afternoon. @they outscored them 18-6. @cornerstone never looked back. @3rd quarter, at the three, he @-- they led the patriots at 15 @each. @way to go state chance --
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@of his team-high 18 points. @i wish was up by one. @here and then the huskies came @back -- one point here and @then huskies came back and @beat them in the final. @saint jo -- joseph's took off @[ name indiscernible ] watch @this off-balance shot. @that was pretty sweet. @they were down in a half and @the end score was 66-44. @that was a good year for [ @name indiscernible ] even @though they couldn't come home @with the trophy. @>> who knows what's ahead? @>> browns and quarterbacks. @>> thanks a lot. @ thanks for joining us. @saturday night live is next.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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