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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  March 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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@ @ now at 11. @cutting costs in @how the cuts could @effect local police and @ty may be spending @federal dollars on the wrong @thing when it comes to @security. @>> oh, my gosh. @ a local singer her spot on the voice. @we'll talk to here.
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@days over the past several. @temperatures are heading up. @we'll have your extented @forecast next at 11. @ good evening. sidents are @following the dollars when it @comes to spending on security @for the national convention. @>> too much money could be wrong thing. @hi, andrew. @>>reporter: they are worried @too much money is going to @prepping for rallies and l. @they want a voice in @two dozen people @said they are milter ly. @>> they brought 25 sets of @armor and other armor.
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@the wrong way innocent @demonstrators could get hurt. @>> we don't need all of this @military >>reporter: this year they are @getting 50 million federal @dollars to beef up security. @what the city @keep and reuse when the rnc @leaves. @that's why people want to it is. @>> we aren't asking for @operational security details. @we are asking for a amount. @>> no one is suggesting the @police shouldn't have tools. @the biggest concern among the @group is we want to know ill do and have. @>>reporter: major frank jackson @refused to take questions on
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@discuss operational security @matters. @these matters are on the @desk with a list of demands. @>>reporter: the consent came up @many times just as @oversight when it comes to the @police. @>> thank you, andrew. @ a historic day in havana. @president obama plans to move @forward with normizing @relations between the u.s. and @cuba. @the white house said the two @leaders spoke about human @rights to the long-standing @u.s. embargo. @afterward they spoke with @supporters. @>> for more than half a century @the site of the president here
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@this is a new day. @ @>> tomorrow he will address @the media. @ new tonight a north field @home involved in an an @explosion has been demolished. @just last week the medical @examiner ruled the incident of @a murder suicide. @ they believe exposure to @nitroagain may be the reason @for a fire. @he was checking the plant when @they found him unresponsive.
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@ in liquor store lorain a @budget cut could be the reason @why senior officers and fire @fighters could lose their job. @>>reporter: the city is facing @an $3.6 million deficit. @they have 10 days to balance @their budget. @they don't have a lot of @options. @the budget has gotten so bad @the mayor is conner -- @considering an ordnance to push @officers and firefighters to @retire by the age of 57. @they lined up on the back wall @when they heard about the @ordnance. @they said they are willing to @make the cuts to be honest with @you they can't support the @early retirement.
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@experienced serviceman. @some will have to retire before @they get their pension. @>> we aren't opposed to @discussing the matters but it @has to be done the right way. @the police chief cut $750,000. @the police department has done @it's part with attempting to @address the budget crisis. @>> right now on a perfectly @good day we can get to anywhere @in the city within five @minutes. @if we shut stations we are @playing russian roulette. @>>reporter: they took the @retirement mandate off the @table but they still could lose @some firefighters. @they may have to layoff 40,000 @employees and furlough @otherrings. @>> it's terrible.
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@councilmember to lay people off @and tell them they don't have @jobs. @we have been slammed with @government funding and the @state of ohio is changing. @local government has killed us. @the stealin' does try is @hurting us big time right now. @when will it come back, i don't @know. @>>reporter: the mayors eyes @were welling up there. @this is really affecting him. @the finance committee will @discuss 40 to balance the @budget. @next monday's meeting they are @hoping to have some thing in @place. @they have to turn in the @balanced budget by march 3 is @1st . reporting now in lorain. @ if you take the rta get @ready to pay more for the ride. @officials say because of cuts @at the state level they will
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@they they are hoping to find @another way to makeup a $75 @million shortfall. @we have details on our website. @ the fbi is trying to delay @a court hearing with apple to @unlike the sups @san bernardino iphone. @an @outside party came forward with @an another method. @they need more time to @determine if this could work @without compromising @data. @ [ music ] @. @ coming up a local singer @goes for the knockout tonight @on the voice.
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@performance and what she did. @ all bets are off for @fantasy sports fans. @why they call time out on two @of the largest fantasy sites. @way.
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@ @ [ music ] @ she's from a town from less @than 100. @how did she @do on the voice? @>>reporter: she had a good not @but not a great night. @emily told me she's mostly into @the beatles had to change her @game tonight because the judges @weren't always kind.
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@>>reporter: her coach i fher @-- pherelle. @her song was explosion. @coaches tough but fair. @emily, in the beginning, she @was weak. @>> she has to be careful. @>> it's the 17-year-old ohio @singer songwriter. @>>reporter: as she told us a @few weeks ago these things are @heading south. @>> we are going live. @i can't believe it. @ [ music ] @ @. @>>reporter: she's more into the @60s ands 70s music. @the judges picked up on her @struggle. @>> i understand this was
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@>> the winner of the battle is @emily. @>> i really thoughthe wasn't @going to pick me. @i'm go grateful. @>> it's stunning. @it @overwhelming. @i'll not used to this. @i'm used to having fans. @i'm not used to this overnight @explosion going on. @>>reporter: maybe you are @sitting in your living room @with a musician upstairs. @she was spotted by a venue @owner that had a connection on @the show. @they passed off her stuff. @ in health news tonight the @fda is thinking about banning
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@powder makes the gloves easier @to take on and off it can be @released in the air carrying @allergies in the air. @synthetic gloves don't have @that allergy risk but the power @could cause respiratory @irritation. @the use of powdered gloves has @declined and there are many @powder freeze options. @ fantasy bets are off @tonight for the time being in @new york. @draft kings and fan dual will @stop taking bets in the state @while they come up with a new @agreement. @the site will did elay their @appeal to september hoping they @will change the law. @as far as know they remain
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@ apple revealed one of their @new tablets today. @the new iphone se has speed and @upgrades. @the new ipad prois @a smaller version orders for @votes can be ordered on thirst. @>>reporter: we'll get a big @change tomorrow. @it will feel like this morning @tomorrow morning. @tomorrow evening will be a @little different. @on your trip home we'll be in @the 50s. @that's 15 to 20 degrees warmer @than today. @there will be more clouds be i
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@the wind will pick up. @we are chilly. @the temperatures try to climb @higher. @these temperatures are as low @as they will get tonight. @that's thanks to a breeze @that's developing around the @region. @it will stay relatively light. @as it winds pick up tomorrow @the temperatures will claim @climb. @those southwest winds will @increase to 10 miles per @hour in the morning. @as far as tuesday afternoon we @are looking good 42 to 58 by @the afternoon. @that's from a combination of @the sunshine and a southerly @breeze will do for you. @it will stick around for a few
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@looking to clear skies tonight @from the mississippi river. @this area of pressure will @continue to shift towards the @east. @we'll be on the northern edge @of the high. @there will be clouds around and @showers to the north. @some of you north of cleveland @and lake county may see a brief @shower or two. @on the backside of that high @the green is here. @that's milder air and it's @coming in along the warm front @that stretches north of the @high pressure. @in is headed our way overnight @into tomorrow. @that will bing the big @temperature change. @moisture and milder weather. @to the west our next storm @system off the west coast. @the system is over portland, @oregon. @this combs in on thursday with @showers first. @likely heavy rain and a @thunderstorm for thursday
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@ending the warm spell. @is future view. @it's not that much colder. @we have windchills at the bus @top tuesday. @by lunchtime 50 and by the @afternoon upper 50s. @headed towards erie there may @be a shower or two. @mild weather sticks around @through wednesday. @heavy rain and maybe a @thunderstorm on thursday. @big drop in the temperature on @friday. @easter weekend we'll be talking @about rain on those easter @bonnets. @>> all right, thank you greg. @ coming up a look at their @winning ways overnight. @jimmy has the highlights next @in sports. @ you can buy a ticket for @this years dream house.
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@ @ the cavs are a winner. @how they beat them was @interesting. @they blew a 19 point lead in @the game and still won by 33. @this time they can claim the @division. @james hasn't been in a good @news since saturday night. @he unfollowed the cavs on @twitter.
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@he had a scoop pass here and @fouled there. @then he showed us he can dunk. @up in the air he goes. @down he combs. @it was a lebron night. @a triple double 41st of his @career. @33 points. @11 rebounds. @11 assists. @take a bow to a standing @ovation. @the cavaliers get their 50th @win of the year. @they lead over the ra raters. @lebron was the talk of the @nfl owner meetings. @josh gore dan thumbs up thumb @down from the nfl. @no word yet if he's reinstated @in the league after being @suspended all of last year. @they said they will rule when @appropriate.
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@if he gets voted back in what @kind of player will they get @back? @what about mentally, will he @follow the rules robert @griffin the third. @there is talk they are working @on a deal from him. @there will other concerns that @he doesn't fit what they need. @he's been injured a number of @times in washington. @he might not be the right fit @for the browns at that @division. @colin kaepernick. @he's still a member of the @49ers. @ joe haggen. @there were reports that he had @a second ankle injury during @the off-season. @he had the first one in this @game at arizona. @he had surgery because of the @second ankle injury and reports
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@at the start of the regular @season. @his agent said, no, not so. @he'll be ready to go by @draining camep -- camp. @our plan is to not trade him. @the team isn't in complete @teardown mode. @spring training today at 6:00. @they were losing to the white @sox. @they were losing 4-2. they @win. @the white sox lead 4-3. kyle @had a two run double geo hit a @two run hom independent are off @tomorrow. @welcome home gorge conwell. @he has big @decisionings before going to @rio. @prom and graduation.
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@he'll come home with. @>> he has a huge crowd. @>> what a year. @>> there is a new king in @cleveland. @ next, we have a sure sign @that spring has arrived. @>> the nations capital in full @bloom. @ here is a deal, how to save @on accessories for your iphone. @ warmer weather is on the @way.
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@ @ it's a site to see at our @nations capital. @the cherry
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@believe they will be at peek @bloom by wednesday. @>> they were given to the u.s. @by japan many years ago. @they last about 4 weeks. @it's a beautiful site. @the weather will be beautiful. @>> yeah. @ news today begins at 4:30 @a.m. @>> have a great night.
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