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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  March 22, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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@. @ we have to run. @>> terror attacks took more @than two dozen lives in buzz @live brussels. @why this attack wasn't a @surprise to dell belgium. @>> what cleveland and akron are @doing to tighten up on security @and prevent a similar attack @here. @>> high temperatures near 06
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@this afternoon. @i'm tracking big rain chances @in our extended forecast. @details coming up. @>> plus rocking mission, a huge @promise by a local non-profit @that's sure to spread smiles @across the country. @>> this is channel 3 news @brought to you by universal win @dose direct. @you'll be saying i love my win @dose. @now channel 3 news at 7:00. @>> good evening, a manhunt is @under way after a coordinated @terror attack in brussels. @at least 34 people have died @and more than 200 are hurt. @brian is live in washington @d.c. to explain how we're @feeling with repercussions of @the attack closer to home. @>> yeah, jim, this is is a blow
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@union and our nate to -- nato @alliance. @it's a wake-up call. @>> we have to run. @>> reporter: the airport and in @parts of brussels remains @closed. @the surveillance video shows @three of the suspected suicide @bomber, one whom is believed to @have survived. @in cuba, president obama was @briefed on the tragedy and @spoke. @here in the states security was @stepped up at airports and @train stations from coast to @coast. @>> this event took place inside @the airport before the security @>> reporter: belgium's @ambassador said they feared an @attack was coming. @>> there were indications. @>> reporter: the presidential
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@candidates offered views for @fight the threat to our @country. @>> this is not a loan wolf. @>> even if we were to build a @tall wall around the entire @continental united states, the @internet would still get over @it. @>> reporter: defense secretary, @ashton carter, said homeland @security is not enough. @>> we want to decelerate the @afeet of isil in iraq and @syria. @that's the parent tumor. @>> are a deadly attack over see @that is hits close to moment. @>> reporter: tonight a senior @counter intelligence official @says the working near richaun @is na the network behind this @attack is the same that carried @out the paris attack in @november. @>> brian, before you gon a day @bike today and what happened in @brussels, the mention of isis @and threat of isis becomes @bigger doesn't it?
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@are yeah, absolutely. @here is the problem. @it's not just isis but i's the @people that isis is trying to @recruit right there in @cleveland, canton, akron, over @the computer, over the @internet. @the problem is not just isis it @sell much. @u.s. officials say they have a @handle on stop the foreign @fighters at the border. @the problem is the loan wolfs. @that is what keeps them awake @here in washington. @>> cleveland is looking at its @own security at the airports @and on public transportation. @we're joined live to look at @some of the safety measure when @you travel. @hi andrew. @are hi jimmy. @9/11 came up several times @today. @tonight there are serious @concern that is what happened @today may have the potential to
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@today we saw just how @vulnerable how airports and @train stations can be. @lasts raises questions on @whether security should be @stepped up even more. @isis warned they may go after @so-called soft targets, places @bombs may be easier to bring @in. @what about here? @tonight officials at hop @continuous say aggressive @measures are in place to @prevent attacks while travelers @say some things may deserve a @closer look. @>> it makes you wish there was @security outside of the check- @in. @>> there are multiple levels of @security at the airport. @some are uniform and some are @not. @that's been in effect for quite @some time. @are today's news was felt @around the local trains too. @officials telling chan the 3
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@protocols in place -- @september 11th. @there will be additional canine @officers here too. @>> i know you talked to other @agencies, andrew. @what are they saying about @safety? @are we spoke with the fdi and @coast guard. @say they if you see something, @say something. @they're in touch with their @colleagues over cease. @the coast guard is telling us @the threat level has not been @raised so ney ear keeping with @business as usual but keeping @an eye on the situation but @seeing no reason to elevate the @level of threat. @thank you andrew. @live at hopkins airport. @the akron-canton airport is
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@they're focused on sidewalk, @ticketing counters, lob @business and parking lots. @>> it's our number one @priority. @we're constantly in discussion @with our security partners to @ensure that you can have a @relaxing experience here. @>> reporter: the akron-canton @airport did not have to ankle @flights because of the attacks @in brussels. @>> 19 kent state students and @two faculty members are in @brussels but they're alt safe. @one posted on social media to @let family and classmates know @they're oh day. @they are scheduled to leave @tomorrow to go to paris. @>> these events can happen any @time anywhere and we need to be @vigilant when traveling so that @you put your sell enough the @best possible position in case
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@something like this happens. @>> the students are scheduled @to come home on monday. @they plan to take private @transportation to the next @destination. @kent students are not the only @ones using social media to let @everyone know they're okay. @facebook wants everyone to use @the safety feature. @safety check uses your location @to determine if you're in a @crisis area . if you have it @will prompt you to know phi @friends you're okay. @you can visit check. @>> it's a busy night a lot . of @an arrest for a duo that's been @floating counter felt cash and @canada's most famous mayor in @years as died. @it's recapped in 77 secs at @7:00.
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@been passing around fake $20 @bills for months. @angel ortiz and auguste @hernandez charged with felony @forgery tonight. @>> we talk about heroine a lot @on the news. @over four days, march 10-14th, @eight people died from heroine @in kai yoga county alone. @ages range 23-616789. @former toronto mayor, rob ford, @has died. @he came to office as a @conservative with a touch. @in 2013 there were allegations @in the toronto star that there @was video showing him smoke @crack. @he died of cancer today at 46.
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@>> lebron james stopped @following twitter yesterday. @help didn't answer questions @about it last night but today @he did tweet about it saying "i @may just join the snap chat @this week. @another way for fans to ride @with me through the journey. @athletes are required to talk @to the media after games, @right? @right. @>> you wonder if the new phase @is going to be, because teams @love their athletes to engage @on social media because it @helps to endear new fans and @sell merchandise, so you wonder @if it's going to be part of @contracts. @>> marshawn lynch, the now @retired running back for the @seal run -- seattle seahawks. @he took massive hits and fines
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@i mean 10, 15, way over @hundreds of thousands of @dollar. @>> you wonder, though, if the @next step is not just the @interviews you do in the locker @rooms but getting online the @locker rooms socially. @ still to come, how a local @couple plans to use their @families. @>> the great way a local @brewery helps to fight cancer @with a beer. @>> you're watching channel 3
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@on days like today and news of @this day, it's especially @important to remember the folks @doing good things for one @another called heros @rocks will build and deliver @rockers for children of fallen @heros. @the co-founders will travel @across the country begin @fieldgoal september and they'll @deliver 19 rockers to families @at fisher houses. @welcome. @these are beautiful. @>> thank you. @>> what a great endeavor and a @mission. @fisher houses. @they're almost like ronald @mcdonald houses for kids to go @and they're located near va @hospitals so soldier whose are @injured and trying to get @better can come stay.
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@for 27 of the 64 across the @country. @>> what made you do this? @what made you say we're all in? @>> it was a promise we made to @the first hero's wife. @>> who was that. @>> may 26, 2011, story of cw2 @christopher thibodeaux. @he was an apache pilot killed @in afghanistan. @we learned he was to be a @father a week later. @we started build the rockers a @short time before that and we @decided we could do something @and we formed heros rock and we @mon nor the fallen heros across @the country. @>> i imagine you do the work, @and these will beautiful, but @do you see the reaction of the @kids when you bring them in? @>> we kind of figured the kids @would love them.
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@portrait of their father on it, @their he oand we try to @encompass their personality and @the kid knows who their parent @is, what they stood for and @that people really cared but @what surprised us most was the @reaction of the family and the @military family because the @people outside the military @family really care. @>> a story we followed here at @channel 3, you delivered a rock @tore the fallen akron police @officer, how did they respond @when you did that? @>> it was overwhelming. @we had planned to start that a @year ago and actually the week @before we were going to start @it, our shop collapsed from the @weight on the snow. @it took us all summer to @rebuild and november 15th we @delivered that on the one year
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@>> can i try this? @this is unbelievable. @this is the dragon one. @will is a kid in us all. @>> that is the patrioticpony. @they have a laser engraved @portrait. @>> we have a lynn toccoa heros @rock web same. @maybe you can pitch in and @help, too. @have a great trip. @that's a wonderful, wonderful @mission that you're on. @>> thank you. @>> still ahead, bees be gone. @the reason the beekeepers @decided to move the bees. @>> plus, when we may see more @rain. @greg is by with the forecast
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@ @. @ all right everybody. @soon you'll be able to buy beer @to help cure cancer. @akron's hopen frog brewery is
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@it goes on sale saturday. @hop pin frog will donate a @dollar for every one sold. @>> a man returned an overdue @library book nearly 50 years @later. @he checked out history of the @crusade in 1967 from the @university of dayton. @phillips left school and joined @the marines. @the book was sent to his @parents' home. @he recently found the book and @sent it back with a note. @the late fee would've been @about $39,509. @they're going to waive it. @>> experts decided to save a @beehive because this hive was @comprised of more than 800 @honey piece. @they vacuumed the bees into a @box and took it apart.
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@the hive was believed toccoa in @the tree for more than a year @and a half. @they have a new home tonight. @everyone went home well. @>> aren't those rockers @beautiful? @>> i miss tis like that. @siting on a horse and make the @horst sounds and imagine ride @the horse instead of the @controllers and the video @games. @>> that's right. @>> what fun is that? @here i go with a clicker. @let's click through forecast. @>> just do it by instinct. @>> good practice for do the @weather. @we have mostly cloudy skies but @rain free this evening. @the showers we saw earlier @moved up to erie, pennsylvania. @61 degrees downtown, 59 oh
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@falling because of the strong @southerly winds. @current gusts in downtown @cleveland, 30 miles per hour. @if you're coming downtown it @may feel cooler than 61 because @of the gusty winds. @49 degrees early in the @morning. @mostly cloudy mild and dry in @the morning hours. @it will stay cloudy. @check out the west and @southwest. @the flow around the area of @high pressure continues to pull @in the cloud cover. @plenty from chicago to des @moines over to kansas city. @that's moving in for tomorrow. @the high is bringing in much @warmer air. @this is followed by a big storm @system. @this area of low pressure @swings on towards the central @plains. @we're going to get a will the @of rain out of this. @thursday we could see maybe @over half an inof of rain in a
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@40s to low 50s tomorrow @morning. @we'll get into the upper 50s to @60s to. @slight chance for a shower. @on your extended forecast, @thursday is the day to watch. @it will be mild. @midday and early afternoon, @maybe a rumble of thunder. @then the temperature just @falls. @we go from 694 thursday @afternoon to 33 on friday @morning with maybe even a @couple of snow showers. @then it looks like we're back @up to 60 on saturday. @ when we come back, day two @of the nfl owners meetings.
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@ @. @ well, you can now buy @tickets in hopes of winning the @dream house this year. @the two story in concord will @come fully furnished. @wkyc is a proud sponsor. @when you buy five tickets you @get a sixth ticket free. @the winner will be announced on @august 14th. @>> opening day coming up, less @than two weeks away. @winds yans take on the red sox @and coverage begins here at @1:00 p.m.. @at 3:00 p.m., indian live and @then we'll get you set for @first pitch a little after 4:00 @and it's all right here. @a full day on april 4th,
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@>> now to the nfl owners @meetings in florida. @a visit with hugh jackson. @he talked about the quarterback @position because the browns @need one. @he said he's confident in the @direction of the team and @especially with the new front @office. @hugh jackson, is a shi brown, @andrew berry and the haslams, @he thinks they've got it going. @>> we want to get this right @but as fast as we has @nothing do with jimmy and @others, just our own @competitiveness. @i like to win. @i'm not going to ever go @backwards. @>> he also elaborated in gloger @terms on rg3 and how interested @he is in see fieldgoal he'd be
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@being cut by the redskins. @the browns wanted to get him @out of college but fouled up @with the st. louis rams. @that's it for us. @entertainment tonight is next. @russ, sarah, greg and i are all @back at 11:00. @>> thanks for watching channel
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. daly: that is how you battle! bigger and better than ever. blake: i'm blown away by the level of talent that are in these battle a lot like watching the grammys. yes! yeah! daly: tonight, the battles come to an end as our coaches must pick their final artistse knockouts. joe: i've fought hard just to be where i'm standing right now, but the battle's not over yet.o out on that stage, i'm going to sing like it's my last song


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