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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  August 25, 2016 3:37am-4:08am EDT

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hard, first an explosion and then gunmen rushed in. trapped inside, american faculty and mostly afghan students. >> my wife called me from can dan and i just told her probably i may die here. >> reporter: afghan special forces stormed the campus and american troops also deployed to help. just two weeks ago an american professor at the university and an australian were kidnapped. >> it's outlandish to american university with american professors in downtown kabul. >> reporter: the white house praised the work of afghan security force. >> this underscores a significant challenge but we continue to see skill and professionalism of afghan security force improve. >> reporter: if things were going so well the president last month wouldn't have canceled a planned withdrawal of more than 4,000 u.s. troops. over the past several months, the u.s. military has
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operations. just yesterday the pentagon announced the death of an american soldier there. >> the war in afghanistan has intensiied in a major way over the last several month. now, it's unclear how much longer american personnel can remain teaching in kabul. >> 15 years in. >> 15 years in. >> thank you. to presidential politics now, nbc news has learned hillary clinton will receive her first classified intelligence briefing as a presidential nominee on saturday at an fbi office near her trump is out on the campaign trail contining his new push to appeal to minority voters, a tough sell as polls show him trailing hillary clinton badly with american latinos and african-americans. and what he's saying is proving to be controversial. >> reporter: call him the comeback kid, he hopes.
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today. >> to the hispanic voter, who have been absolutely treated terribly, i say, what do you have to lose? to the african-american parent, you have a right to walk down the street of your city without having your child or yourself shot. >> reporter: his hard line stance on immigration slashing his support among hispanics to historic lows in battleground florida. now, trump recalibrating. >> there certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. >> reporter: the crowd in tampa, mostly white, just like the line for trump's second rally in jackson, mississippi. >> he needs a broader base and the republican party needs a broader base. >> reporter: the city of jackson is 80% african-american but his appeals fell flat with african-american voters? >> i don't take him serious. >> the
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didn't deal with us prior to the election. >> we have a lot to lose if we get the wrong person. >> you should try to get votes from every person across the country and every american. will he be able to erase his statements over the last 13 months? absolutely not. >> reporter: trump is hoing these chunts will help diversify his support. he said his poll numbers among af way up. frankly, lester, that is not true. >> thank you. now to an nbc news investigation into the complex maze of donald trump's finances. as trump continues to resist calls to release his tax, nbc news is taking a hard look at his money trail. cynthia mcfadden has more. >> reporter: donald trump has a thing for debt. >> i'm the king of debt. i love debt.
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"new york times" revealed donald trump liked debt twice as much as his financial forms indicate even though that was more than he was required to reveal under federal election rules. >> what's the bottom line? >> bottom line we found a lot of opaque ties and things hard to explain i think could be of concern to some people if donald trump were elected to the white house. >> reporter: on fox & friends, trump dismissed the time's story showing itw how small his debt load is. >> i have very little debt relative to the assets. i have massive assets. >> reporter: it's those assets raiing questions. first, how rich is he? www.the $11 billion he claims or$3 billion bloomberg reports? second, how much does he owe and to whom? >> i think we would need to know who he owes money to, who he would be accountable to. >> reporter: lawyer, ken gross, has helped democrats and
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financial disclosures. >> no president can be totally free of conflicts of interests particularly if they're wealthy and have a lot of holdings. disclosure would go a long way towards helping. >> reporter: for example the "new york times" reports trump owns 30% of this new york office building with a debt of $950 million. among the lenders, the bank of china and goldman sachs. that captured the attention of the clinton campaign today. >> tell me how he can d sachs and a state owned bank in china that he owes money to them to. >> reporter: the trump campaign hit back telling nbc news today that neither mr. trump nor his company were responsible for the debt associated with the limited partnerships. trump has further dismissed concerns about possible conflicts of interests saying he would put his assets into a blind trust even though he doesn't have to, which means he wouldn't know how
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>> if i become president, i couldn't care less about my company. it's peanuts. i have ivanka and eric and don sitting there. run the company, be involved. i wouldn't care anything but our country, anything. >> actually, to set up a blind trust in the u.s. executive branch is actually quite difficult. your children can't run it as a legal matter. >> reporter: and there's another problem, experts say a blind trust would only trump doesn't know what's in it. so, would he have to say, good-bye trump tower? cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. still ahead tonight, the senator's daughter at the center of a firestorm, how she personally profited while her company hike the price of life saving epee pens 400%. the essential
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tonight, there is a growing anger for a u.s. drug company for riing the price of a life-saving medication by over 400% in the past eight years. millions of americans, especially children we lie on epee -- epipens for a major reaction
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daughter, who has grown. >> the backlash against mylan pharmaceuticals has grown. in 20 taken they charged -- in 2013, they charged $200 and now it is $600 and now >> it's price gouging, no other term for it. morally bankrupt. >> reporter: the price change reflects better product features. the ceo shown here her total composition went from 2 million dollars to $19 million. she is the daughter of west virginia senator joe manchin.
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an mba from west virginia university and later rescinded when investigators determined she had not finished the coursework and invoked controversy when she relocated it where the tax is lower. >> those who portray themselves as inventors of life-saving medication often do real damage to their reputation by being greedy jacking up prices. >> mylan has raised prices on other drugs, too, some by 4 and 500%. tonight, no comment by bresch or senator manchin.
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fans and fellow celebriies are rallying behind "snl" and ghostbuster star leslie jones after she became the victim of a vicious raist hacking attack. this isn't the first time she's been harassed online this summer. >> reporter: after appearing at the olympics in rio,
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hacked. her home page was littered with what appear to be explicit nude photos of the comedian and unconfirmed pictures of her driver's license and passport. this is just the latest episode in a series of disturbing cyber attacks against jones. last month, her twitter account was flooded with hateful and raist tweets. one tweet compared jones to harambe, the gori w saying, i know you only wanted to protect that kid. recently, jones, a cast member of "snl" and ko store of "ghostbusters." >> please welcome back our very good friend, leslie jones. >> reporter: responded to the tweets on late night television. >> i'm used to the insults. that's unfortunate. >> reporter: she tweeted it's so sad most comments sound like they're from ignorant children. >> it appears she was attacks in some
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public figure and vocal. >> reporter: today, fans and celebrities rushed to her side. katy perry with 92 million followers tweeted i stand with leslie and these are sickening, ugly and raist and sexist. attacks leslie is once again, faing head on. rehema ellis, nbc news, new york. have scientists found another earth? astron an earthquake-like planet called b and say it's like our next door neighbor that happens to be 25 trillion miles away, no sense trying to buy sugar. it is by far the closest potential habitable planet ever found outside our
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one would listen to her when she claimed the government owed her tens of thousands of dollars. after years of fighting a homeless woman finally found someone who believed
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right all along. >> reporter: for 20 years, rhonda witter was homeless in the nation's capitol, living in shelters and even calling this street corner home. >> this is where i used to live. >> reporter: now, witter, 80, a divorced mother of four was also stubborn. she knew the federal government owed her lot of money and determined to prove it. your daughter offered to let you live with her in tennessee. you said no, why? >> i didn't wt money and everything due to me. >> reporter: it started when witter lost her job as a machiist and couldn't find work. what was the hardest part for you of being homeless? >> i lost my freedom and independence. >> reporter: when she started receiing social security, the checks didn't add up. >> reporter: you made multiple attempts to social security and said you owe me more money. what happened? >> nothing.
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you? >> they wouldn't respond. >> reporter: she had prove enough to fill three suitcases and found a lawyer. >> she was so organized and so documented i felt confident her case did have merit. >> reporter: after 16 years, witter finally beat the bureaucrats, waiting for her at the bank, almost $100,000. >> it's just 999 all the way across. >> reporter: witter moved into an apartment just last week. her dream now, some new furniture and meeting her great on the government and you won. how does that feel? >> it feels great. >> reporter: an unbreakable woman who finally has a place to call home. kristen welker, nbc news, washington. >> that will do it for us from nbc news. thank you for watching and good night.
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developing overnight, italian rescuers continue their efforts to reach survivors. and the donald lach most vicious attack on hlary clinton to date. >> he is taking a hate movement main stream. he's brought it into his campaign. new details about the deadly attack on the american university in afghanistan. find out what hope solo said that got her suspended for six months and the world's largest aircraft goes down. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us today.
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indiana governor mike pence is back in his home state after a surprise tornado outbreak hit indiana and parts of western ohio. there are reports of more than 30 torpids although an official number has yet to be determined. luckily there are no reports of any deaths or serious injuries. >> it is truly remarkable that -- that there are such a few number of injuries or worse in the wake of this storm given the fact that it struck howard county virtually at shift change in the afternoon in a great manufacturing town and about the time kids were getting out of school. just about the worst possible time. >> dozens of homes and businesses have been destroyed. one tornado was reported to have thrown grain wag gains 500 feet in the air.
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label. one starbucks was blown to the ground. a witness tells nbc affiliate people were trapped but luckily everybody was able to make it out uninjured. bill with the latest on this. >> it doesn't seem to be the same elements we had yesterday afternoon. no longer tornadoic or severe. one of them does include positions of indiana and ohio. combined with the other slight risk area, 7 million people at risk but the tornado risk is much lower today. >> thank you, bill. and happening right now rescuers in italy are racing against time to save victims buried under rubble. the quake has already killed almost 250 people and injured hundreds more. it's affected historic towns across three regions of central
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like before and now after. we'll try to get that video for you. aftershocks complicated rescue efforts and added to the distress but amid the devastation, a miraculous moment. ten-year-old julia was trapped for 17 hours before being found. the italian army is using equipment and sniffer dogs to search for others like her. we're joined now. lucy, what's the situation there. >> reporter: a somber morning on what is now day two of rescue operations. the death toll spiking dramatically overnight as rescue workers pull more bodies from the rubble here. you can see behind me the devastation the earthquake took out. this is a home that's been reduced to a mountain of sand
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deal with. one firefighter telling us it is still an operation for them because these buildings are not structurally sound. the ground still moves around and of course there's the threat of aftershocks. more than 400 of them since this quake hit. for the people here in armistice the focus is on three basic things. who's alive, who's dead and who's missing. of tourists. now people are stuck trying to get word of loved ones where think -- they're dead or alive. thousands have been rendered homeless effectively overnight. officials have set up camp, temporary shelters but what they're going to do is a big question and other questions for the italian government should more have been done. this is an area that is a known fault line for earth quakes.
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the quake was so powerful is it is full of stone ancient buildings that have not been reinforce and a lot of people are going to be asking questions about whether more should have been done to reenforce these buildings. but the foe sus is search and rescue. >> that's immediate concern right now. thank you, lucy. >> this morning security forces remain on alert at the american university after afghanistan after an attack killed 12 and injured at least 40. gunmen stormed the campus detonating a car bomb, firing their weapons and launching grenades. wile no group has claimed responsibility kabul is surrounded by the taliban who has fought education particularly among women. the u.s. was quick to respond. >> we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms. an attack on the university is
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afghanistan. >> this underscores the significant challenge facing the people of afghanistan as it relates to their security situation. >> the u.s. embassy is advising all u.s. citizens to avoid the area. now, the attack comes two weeks after two university staff, one american, one australian were kidnapped begunmen. their where abouts are still unknown. donald trump takes his name calling attacks on hillary >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. >> and clinton hit the billionaire republican right back. >> he is taking a hate movement main stream, he's brought it
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someone who's questioned the citizenship of the first african american president, who has courted white supremacist, who's been sued for housing discrimination against communities of color, who's attacked a judge for his mexican heritage and promised a mass deportation force is someone who is you know, very much bigotry and paranoia. >> check out the look of a woman during his speech. rolling her eyes and looking away during his speech. critics are calling it a disingenuous smoke screen to shore up his white voter base.


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