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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  August 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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revived by paramedics but others -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: ems medical director has been working er for six years. says the opioids epidemic is the worse she has witnessed throughout her career. >> used to see spikes. you would know first of the month or a new dealer came to town. but this is the longest period. >> ankred. >> i have -- akron. >> i have patients brought in for possible over dose. >> reporter: when they are dropped off some are barely responsive and others are just out of it. >> throwing a bucket of ice water on them or throwing them in the shower. >> reporter: wet and aloan
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after the drive flees from the hospital. >> as the care provider we want to do our best to treat them the best way that we can and with more information it will be easier to treat them. >> reporter: i spoke to a lot of doctors today and they press how important it was for drivers to stay with the patients because that information could possibly save that patient's li monroe, channel 3 news. >> incredible. thank you. what is being done to fight the drug problem and get help to those who need it. monica robins. >> reporter: in the last third years the women's recovery center treated 20,000 women with addiction. every day 50 women walk through their doors but soon they will have room for more.
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recovery center are epiiate addicted. -- opiate addicted. they are breaking ground to expand the space. >> it will allow us to double our capacity. >> reporter: they plan to start the new program in six months and work through the construction. >> we will be cutting our waiting list from 4 weeks to 48 hours. >> reporter: it is known that prescription. anyone pickling up a prescription will receive a clear pamphlet educating them on the risks of their medication. >> people didn't know the risks with those medications. so if we could provide them education they could make an informed decision. >> reporter: today ohio received $2 million for opioid misuse and over dose programs.
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improving. they are piloting a study to avoid using opioids for back pain and tomorrow dozens will graduate from drug court. small steps that add up to a lot of hope. monica robins, channel 3 news. details on ways to crack down on misuse of prescription drugs. handing out thousands of special pouches. they help folks get prescription pills safely. you pour it into the bag, seal it and throw it in the trash. here is what else is happening. a thousand kids are in danger of not having access to pre- kindergarten after calls to full funding. how a budget could cut effect the most at risk youngsters in the area. >> reporter: good evening.
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to the classroom but this year the state is making some changes when it comes to pre- schools. a move that will cut budgets and spots for local kids. >> reporter: they announced child care centers in the state can no longer partner with head start. the change would mean $2 million less every year for early learning programs. >> that is horrible to hear. i think they should find somewhere else to pull funding from. >> reporter: right now this pre- school is receiving funds from theitate and the federal government. -- the state and the federal government. the state might consider that a dual payment and decide to pull funding. means one of these spots disappears. it is not just about availability. it will mean a reduction in quality of education and services for a thousand kids in local pre-schools. >> i couldn't afford my son
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to stay home and teach themselves. >> reporter: the change is due to begin saturday, bringing an end to learning as the school year just begins. >> reporter: those against this move are asking the governor to delay implementation so the legislator and the governor can find a county coroner and life bank are being pseudoafter allegations they concealed details. the case involves the mysterious death of a teenager. >> reporter: a year since a healthy and beautiful 17-year- old vanessa webb died in her
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>> reporter: she died at night. by morning her mother's phone began ringing. calls from a doctor at the coroner's office and then from life bank that are recorded. >> words can't express. >> the family's lawyer felt they were taking advantage of a grief-stricken mother. a parent who admitted to being numb and just surviving. life bank still pushed ahead with business. [ indisc fraudulently induced their parent into the recovery of her child's organs. >> she did not know that donating organs would equate to not knowing the cause of death. >> reporter: it accuses the doctor of misrepresenting the facts by saying he performed a full autopsy.
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coroner of releasing the organizens to see if they were -- organs to see if they were usable. the family questions the big money behind organ donations and if financial gain played a role in their child's case. they said absolutely not. >> we do not provide a financial incentive to anybody that we work with. >> reporter: they both comment but life bank cited a medical examiner saying they did nothing wrong. in this case the family felt inadequately counseled and it appears now they will never receive closure. except for asthma she was a healthy teenager who died for an unknown reason. the family will likely never know why. >> thank you. the man accused of gunning
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bars tonight. he pleaded not guilty as the family of the victim looked on. police say he ran a red light hitting the car and his suv flipped several times before he got out and shot her. a judge set bond for $1 million. we know one of the deals in the new contract between cleveland teachers and the for students. the walk out could have come friday. the union will not release details saying it wants to get the deteals to teachers first -- details to teachers first. this morning the united way hosted its pancake flip. 100 volunteers helped for the
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channel 3 news also on hand to pitch in. next at 6:00 p.m. donald trump meets with the president of mexico. a man who once compared him to hitler. details of that and a preview of donald trump's speech tonight. >> we have rain moving through northern ohio. things will be drying out big time for the week to come. a look ahead to cooler, drier temperatures. >> the story
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for a kid the lunch room could be an intimidating place. leaving some to eat alone there. for a sixth grader with autism it has been tough. but yesterday he got an florida state university player noticed him by himself and sat down and eat with him. this photo has gone viral. shared 10,000 times after his mom posted it on facebook. another turn in the race for the white house. donald trump met with the president of mexico. a meeting that has some scratching their heads.
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donald trump speech set for tonight on immigration. >> reporter: donald trump labeled mexico an enemy. after they met donald trump and mexico's president said they discussed illegal immigration, drug trafficking and other issues. >> having a secure border is mutually beneficial. we recognize and respect the right of either country to build a wall to stop the illegal museum of people. mexican president enrique pena nieto compared donald trump to hitler. hillary clinton called the trip an empty photo op. >> trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works.
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was invited too but won't follow in donald trump's foot steps. it brought angry protests. he launched his campaign insulting mexicans. >> i hate him. >> reporter: in phoenix tonight he lays out his revised immigration plan. mexico's president said he is way down, guns and cash fuel violence. he called the meeting open and constructive. donald trump now waiting to see how the visit sit with voters back here and voters waiting to hear what he has to say tonight. >> how big an issue is illegal immigration in ohio? >> reporter: not as big in other states. more so in other states. the most recent information we
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in the number of undocumented immigrants here with 83,000. >> okay. more tonight on channel 3 news at 11:00 p.m. thank you. if you were headed to a county fair wash your hands. two people contracted swine flu. it is very common among pigs and on rare occasions could be transmitted to humans. the seasonal flu. one person was in contacted with a pig and the other in a bar. the transmission is the same. pigs sneeze and cough. if you touch where the virus is and your eyes, nose or mouth it could be spread. wash your hands and don't forget now is the time to get the flu shot. the last day of august. talking flu shots.
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sorry, folks -- >> slow your roll. [ talking at the same time ] >> just around the corner. >> it is. we got the e-mail for our flu shots coming up soon. but as far as the forecast go, just going to enjoy northern ohio the weather will be cooperating. we know it is air show time. outside we have a few showers and a couple rumbles of thunder. most of the rain is south of cleveland. although showers linger, closer view here for you. further south. canton in a bit. thunder around clinton. further south, and further east. east end. you can see this rain just continues to drop south.
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there. we will back it up and move further to the north. to the east into portage county and trumble county, rain showers as well. and southwest, try navigate here. worcester getting in on the rain. that is moving out. as far as the bigger picture goes, the rain is needed. let get rid of that. there we go. [ laughter ] >> get rid of darn thing. temperaturestoday did make it into the low 80s -- temperatures today did make it into the low 80s. rain in some areas but not everybody got the rain. we are from 2 plus to 7 plus inches below average. and speaking of averages. 79 the average high temperature on this date. our month. the last day to tally this. 77.9. average temperature this month
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than the record which was set in 1947. if we go below 72 degrees we will tie the record warmest august. how about that? cold front moving through now. that cold front is pushing the showers and thunderstorms to the south. on the back side of this, cooler air coming in. temperatures tomorrow in the 70s. better news yet. we have dry air coming in. here is the problem with th remember, we have lakeirey here, cool takes lake erie here. cool weather, clouds anding and going -- and going through the day. low 70s. we may have hail with these showers, thunder, and water spouts also going to be a possibility for the day tomorrow. temperatures topping out in the
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days. cooler air settles in. we clear it out and we start to warm it up for the holiday weekend. fantastic holiday weekend forecast. problem is we need the rain. it is a trade off. here is the other part of it. we are going to be sunny and warming up. we had 2690-degree days or hotter -- 26 90-degree days or hotter. >> look at all that sun. >> lots of it. [ talking at the same time ] thank you. coming up, the indians won two straight. look to end the month with a
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and now the window nation sports report. >> the indians go for a sweep tonight against the twins. both games one run winners for the indian. last night they win 5-4. they come from behind to do it. 31 games left to go in the season. the indians made an announcement today. josh tomlin had a rough start last night so they will move him out of the rotation right now. good chance they get the sweep tonight.
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animalic number is -- magic number is 27. >> it is exciting when you are playing those games in september. could mean something big for the city. so, you know, it is going to be a really fun ride in september. hopefully it comes together. late september we are popping champagne. >> that would be great. so far going for his 15th win of the year. back in the conversation. he is 6-0 in his last 9 starts. we told you last night the indians were ready to make a deal and they have the deal now for coco crisp to return to the indians. he will be eligible for the post season. 36-years-old. hitting .234. a 15 year veteran and spent four years with the indians. his former teammate. >> i played with him.
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he is a season veteran. knows what he is doing. great addition to the team. >> this is fun of the tigers are not going away -- fun. the tigers are not going away. win tonight against the white sox. detroit is a walk off winner and sweep the series. the indian's lead is 4 games pending >> the blairs end the season tomorrow night. -- the bears end the season tomorrow night. both 0-3 and hue jackson made the determination the starters play tomorrow night. they need to play. and one guy really needs to play. the rookie cleveland browns rookie wide receiver corey coleman.
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pre-season games. couple times he ran out of his shoes. they have to get him going because they expect good things from him. >> needs to play the game this week. on thursday. and prepare for next week. you know? because, i mean, the intensity and how things are played in the national football league and regular season is different than pre-season. he has big challenges ahead but i think he will be up to the task. >> they will be in. if they do something good they will be out tomorrow starters. they will be in till they do something good. [ talking at the same time ] >> all wearing baseball caps on the sidelines -- [ talking at the same time ] >> the stage was too big for them last week. >> yeah.
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[ talking at the same time ]
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. breaking news tonight. donald trump's surprise visit to mexico, standing side by side with that country's president. is trump backing down on some of his signature promises. he says they didn't even discuss who would pay for the wall. growing triple threat, another named the tropic, hurricane watches in florida millions on high alert. violent flight. passengers injured during severe turbulence, the latest terrifying incident and pilots unable to see it coming. destination unknown. tickets are booked, bags are packed, plans are set, imagine, you're not even told where you're going.


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