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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  September 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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rrelle >> pryor now at 6:00, the browns fall in their season opener but could we see signs of hope that there could be wins in the future >> then, a day to mourn across the nation. >> and here at home, from the good causes to the
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paying respects 15 years later >> sunny and cooler it was order of the day. how much longer this fall preview will stick around. we come on the air with breaking news, hillary clinton's campaign confirms that she wa with pneumonia on friday. clinton appeared unsteady as she was leafing the remember lance -- leaving the remember lance ceremony this morn -- remembrance this morning. video shows clinton holding a woman's arm walking to the campaign van. doctors have placed her on medication and say she's recovering nicely. she reemerged a short time later smiling and at that point, she looked fine.
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originally said she was similarly overheated it certainly feels like deja vu with the browns. the hue jackson era begins with a season opener much like the browns have experienced since their return to the nfl. that offense was certainly sputtering >> here's the problem, when you look at this game, at first glance you say well is eagles have their quarterback and maybe the browns don't. have, the browns could have had him so here you go. you know the browns inbill city to find -- inability to find a quarterback hurts them and the guy they passed on beats them and looks good doing it for them. carson wentz and the browns don't feel he's a top 20 qb,
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this 19-yard td toss, 7-nothing. he had two touchdowns. rg3 had this pick. eagles up, game changer third quarter, cam irving, high snap, its a safety. they score again. game over, rg3 sacked three times and beat up hard. sprained his left shoulder but he seize hebe the browns lose their 12th strait opening day game. let's hear from the brown's quarterback >> you know, we wanted to get the win and that's all that matters and we came up short today and it started with me. just have to play better, put us in better situations. can't turn the ball over, and you know, we'll work on those little thing to make sure that we can continue to improve reporter: and rg3 needs to work on that silencer on his phone.
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sports tonight coming up later tonight after football night in america. we'll break down this browns loss, the latest one in the book of browns. steve sanders former wide receiver helps me do that, plus, we'll hear from the voice of the browns, jim donovan van his take on the -- and his take on the loss. one thing i want to say, the eagles were only favored by three and a half and i said that surprised me. what did you expect? i mean, i didn't expect the browns to come out and win this game. they have 17 rookies on this team. postgame notes, its the first thing they write, the 17 rookies, its the most by a nfl team in a season opener since 2002. what i'm concerned about is the coaching staff. i'm a huge hue jackson fan but i don't think this was a great debut by him. now we return home and face the ravens. >> how do you make up for that gap with such a young team? >> it's tough. one thing i liked, some of
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and hopefully as you mentioned, there's things to grow on. a locality of mistakes -- lot of mistakes but maybe some things we'll look back and say hey, we saw that in the first game. >> we're seeing the possible, what can happen. >> we'll end on that. >> thanks. we'll see you later in sports. ?[ music ] ?? . >> powerful images across the country today. its now been 15 years since the 9/11 tragedies. among american flag unfurled at the white house today. president obama laid a memorial for the lives lost on this day in 2001. the president says the most enduring memorial is to not let others divide us and that our quote patch work heritage is one of our greatest strengths. . >> in new york city two moments of silence
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north world trade center tours were struck. the first plane struck the north tower at 8:46 in the morning. the second hit the south tower at 9:03. after the moments of silence, the names of the nearly 3,000 killed in the attacks were read. >> here at home, we certainly remember the gravity of 9/11 is an important moment to look back. tributes and memorial services all over town. one of those, a very active with a very inspiring goal. don joins us to explain what went on. dawn kendrick, it was a moving day. reporter: it was,s it's called the [inaudible] attacked here on american soil and heroes rose and for 15 years now, men and women walker, runners have been collectively saying to those veterans and those
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you've had ours. i'll tell you, personally, it was something to see. firefighters from all over crossing the finish line in full equipment running elbow to elbow with alarmings who stand -- all ages two stand together. each runs with a picture of a 9/11 fallen first responder hanging around thalian yard and close -- their lanyard and close to their hearts. they run 3 miles in the name of fallen new york firefighter steven siller who's family started the tunnel to tower foundation. >> steven siller was a new york city firefighter 15 years ago today getting off work in the morning going play golf. heard about the plane hitting the world trade center, tushed his vehicle around,
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scene, was blocked by traffic. grabbed all 60 pounds of gear from his truck and ran from the tunnel to the trade center. hence, the tunnel to tower run was born. reporter: that is a hero. he wasn't even working and he grabbed all of that equipment, rushed into the towers. he's a father of five. another father of five we introduced you to, josh stal back without his legs from an ied and he has a home being built for him in canton thanks to this organization. he crossed the finish line and we'll bring that to you at 11:00. >> the community really rallies around our heroes. downtown at the soldiers and sailors monument, the site of another remembrance today.
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local first responders and their families. the reception, first responders for their work, and it's all about protecting and serving our community which we appreciate ever appreciate. >> a week -- appreciate. >> a weekend fire cancels school for some, we take you there. >> a beautiful day today, the sunshine, the lower humidity. that will set us up for some chilly temperatures overnight. we'll talk about how low those readings
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. it's a scenario we don't like to report, two shooting scenes and three victims. we start on east 86th. a man and woman in their 20s were found shot in the street.
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screams before finding the victims in the street. no word yet on suspects at this hour. police are still investigating. earlier last night around 8:00, an 18 year old shot multiple times on east 116th and putnam. he was taken to the hospital where we found out he later died. police say he was inside of a car when he was shot multiple times. we have the same scenario here on suspects, police are still trying to find these folks. we nt to anyone with kids in akron. they are closed on monday because of a fire that happened last night now, folks there are having to clean up. it was reported around 11:00 p.m. last night. fire crews discovered a little smoke in hall ways and then almost immediately after that, they found where the fire was coming from and were able to put it out. investigators have not said what caused that fire or how bad the
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around the corner and if you ask these cool temps that we're getting, greg dee might tell us what
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?? as life starts moving faster and faster. we need to make a choice. to move faster with it. or to step off every now and then. to marvel at the wonders around us.
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this fall, let's take in a big deep breath of pure michigan. your scenic route begins at . welcome back. it's no surprise to us because we know how great greg is on social media, but guess what. greg is in the 20710 in -- top ten in the country as far as meteorologists and their activity on social media. congratulations. >> thank you. i post a lot. it's one of those things you do when you're working and more often than not, when you're not. i'm
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we've had two meteorologists from channel 3, hollie is the other one and betsy's in there too. >> she came in 27th. >> yeah, we are all very socially active. >> it's a great way for us to get updates and we also love it that you're on top of this cold weather that is moving on in. >> if you like the nicer weather, you're going do be loving the temperatures tomorrow. be tweeting me those temperatures early in the morning because they are going to feel good thanks to these northerly winds. all day today, 5, 10, 15 miles per hour and now they are starting to die down. that's one of the things we look for for the temperatures to really start falling during the overnight. this is a pattern that we're getting into now. our first few sets here of some fall fronts moving by. these fall fronts are going to get these temperatures to start falling here around northeast ohio. those winds will stay light to calm through the overnight. we could see those winds actually turn out of the
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afternoon. take a look at the dew points, they're in the upper 40s and low 50s. that's another ingredient that we look for, dry air. that dry air is going to allow those temperatures to fall as we go through the overnight. temperatures now in the 60s to the low to mid 70s. 67 downtown. those temperatures will be falling quickly. here's your planer for -- planner for the rest of the evening, upper 50s to low 60s by 11:00. if you've got plans for to see a movie, make sure you grab a jacket. tonight, generally mid-50s closer to the lake waters. that fall chill in the air through the overnight. take a look at the big picture and just notice how very little of anything there is around northeast ohio. big area of high pressure to the west of chicago
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if you were smart enough to make take monday off, man what a deal. tomorrow looks absolutely beautiful. take a look at your forecast this evening. we're in the upper 50s to low 60s by 10:00. as we go through the rest of the overnight, temperatures falling back into the upper 40s. look at wooster, upper 40s, 57 downtown. that's part of that warming effect from the lake. as we go through tomorrow, winds start to turn out of and temperatures respond nicely. by noon, we're in the low 70s. notice how there's just not a cloud in the sky as we go through tomorrow afternoon and right into the evening as well. i think 75 to 80 for most of you tomorrow. take a look at your forecast over toward elyria. tomorrows will start off cooler in lorain county. very close to 50 degrees but by the afternoon with all of that sunshine, mid up toker 70s.
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much less in the way of wave action too. i think the waves generally, maybe in the 1 to 2- foot rain and the uv -- range and the uv incidence high. tuesday looks good too. low 80s, showers and thunderstorms move in on wednesday. that's another front moving by. more days in the 70s and our next stormy day after that would be saturday afternoon. a temperature near 80 before we cool off sunday. >> no reason for that forecast. if you like the cool temp, they're coming but they don't hang around long. >> you get a little taste. >> we've got a sports update coming up
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. hi everyone. the more they stay the same. different quarterback, different head coach, still the browns lose another opening game. hue jackson in his first regular season game as brown's head coach. eagles first drive, carson wentz, the browns passed on him so he throws his first touchdown throw against them. calls for a punt
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eagles field goal, 10-nothing. browns go big play. rg3 on the field for the first time since 2014. isaiah crowell, 10 yards in. later, rg3 has this hit picked off. leads to three more and it's 13- 7 at the half philadelphia. first round pick corey coleman hauls in this 58- to a field goal. after an eagles budget, browns with a chance to -- punt, browns with a chance to take the lead and irving snaps it over the head of rg3, its a safety. this is what they do, wentz burns joe hayden to aguilar, it's 22-10 eagles. wentz had two touchdowns. rg three had 196 yards, sacked 3 times and crushed right
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in the game. he has a sprained left shoulder. he says he'll be okay. eagles win 29-10. for more from philly. here's jim donovan van. reporter: hello from philadelphia where another opener has come and gone and gone into the loss column. if you're counting, and we are, they've lost 12 in a row on opening day, 29-10. its the nightmare situation for the browns because the rookie quarterback they opted not to take with the no. 2 trading that pick to the eagles, well, carson wentz played very well in his baptism game goo the nfl with very little -- into the nfl with very little preparation because of fractured ribs in the preseason. robert griffin the third is still not comfortable throwing from the pocket and that was a problem. the major
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appeared the browns had a little momentum and cam irving sailed a snap over the head of rg3. it turned into a safety and when the browns free kicked the ball to the eagles, they turned that into a touchdown. >> i'm very tough on myself because i want my teammates to be able to depend on me, so i definitely take it. but, i can't, i can't, i can't think about that next week. i can't think about that practicing for the next game ns in and we have to go out there and be focused. reporter: there was some good play by young players for the browns. the defense looks ahead of the offense though still on third down, they have to find a way to get off the field and the offense has to find a way to get first downs and stay on the field. time of possession right now for the browns is alarming. teams have the football twice
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you don't have the football and they're hardly scoring at all. so the browns come home next sunday to take on the ravens as they get opening day as another loss for the browns. i'm jim donovan, channel 3 sports. >> better news for the indians as they beat the twins today and that magic number continues to shrink. remembering september 11th in minnesota. carlos santana crushes this one to give the indians a 3-zip lead. he now has 31 home runs this season. three runs more than plenty for kluber has he continues his cy young bid. he now has 200 strikeouts for the third straight here. indians win 7-1. the tigers lose so the indians are seven games up. the magic number is 14 and we'll wrap up the
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coming up on sports tonight. plus, more from jim donovan in philadelphia on the browns and steve sanders, former browns wide receiver joins me to break it all down. bad news in philadelphia, good news in minnesota. >> i don't want to jinx anything but i'm feeling good about the indians. >> i don't think it's a jinx. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here after sunday night football. you know how it is, someone does something nice for you and you feel obligated to do something nice back. maybe your aunt sent you a crocheted scarf, you sent a thank you note... and the crochet just kept on coming. well, at carmax, you don't have to return the favor. they'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from them. because feeling obligated is uncomfortable. and tight. in places it shouldn't be. carmax won't make you feel that way.
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news. new questions about hillary clinton's health after she almost collapses leaving a 9/11 ceremony. her doctor now say she is has pneumonia. tonight a closer look at clinton's medical history and the indications for the campaign. the up roof over comments about donald trump supporters. what both candidates are saying about her choice of words. taking a stand. an entire nfl team locking arms today during the national anthem. the latest call by athletes for social justice. and day of remembrance. 15 years after the 9/11 attack honoring the victims and how one family learned to grieve and to go on. "nbc nightly news"


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