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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  September 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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fall will not be too shabby either. finally new flights, low fairs. a major airline is making its way to cleveland with winter travel opportunities. good evening everyone, thank you for being with us on this wednesday night. right off the top we browns news and memorial for a police officer killed in the line of duty. and chris tie is joining us with today's 77 seconds at 7:00. >> we will get to those but off the top tonight police calling it an accident not child endangerment. a two-year-old falling 11 stories to their death on the east side. that is up first here at 7:00.
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midnight here. anthony had been leaning on a screen. 11 stories up there when he fell and died. police call it all a bad accident. a stunner today about the quality of america's drinking walter. the epa describes the h2o coming out of 200 million faucets as containing dangerously high levels of cancer causing toxins. every water system in northeast ohio expects streetsboro contained the higher toxin count. and eerie and beautiful sight at midnight as officers around our area remembered officer jason gretsgo. police officer gretsgo was killed this a car crash when he swerved to avoid a drunk driver. the husband and father was 32 years old. browns wide receiver gordon is wanted by police after he
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subpoenas. the browns had no comment other than to say they are aware of the situation. gordon remains in the middle of a four-game suspension. and this situation according to the ap says this whole court deal is not going to interfere with any future suspension. so we are keeping an eye on that. but all of a sudden before we come on the air today, more browns news. >> the browns could use josh gordon as early as this sunday. th she had the story first that browns top draft choice rookie wide receiver corey coleman who had an amazing game sunday broke his hand at practice this afternoon. he went down and someone came town on his hand. the browns have now suddenly within the last 5-10 minutes have confirmed that report. they are not saying how long he will be out and now corey
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list of browns injuries as they continue in this regular season that we have now only going to game number three. now the community coming together to remember and honor trooper velez killed in the line of duty. and hillary golston is joining us now. >> reporter: there is a sense of respect in the air. people have come here to say goodbye to say thank you. enforcement and community members. but also family members and friends. even the friends of trooper velez's son. he was a public servant, a friend, a father, a state trooper who protected the public. what he was doing on his last day on earth. >> heartbreak for the family, friends. the whole situation. >> reporter: the situation jarring for the community. state trooper kenneth velez was
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traffic endorsement when investigators say a man high on drugs hit and killed him. >> it was a very sad time for all of us. just to put ourselves in christian shoes nobody can do that, but supporting him through everything. >> reporter: students who play supports with velez's son is doing their best to support a young man who no longer has his father. >> that is a major loss. >> reporter: but so many more in the community have shown up here. the lines the love generous. here to remember this man who began with the state highway patrol in august of 1988. serving honorably. that service now comes to an end. and tomorrow funeral services will be held right here at lorain community college starting at 10:00. there will be a processional to the cemetery and the cemetery service will be private. but for all of those that have decided they want to pay their respects in that way, they can line the route.
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one other note. we decided to stand outside even though it's very full this there just to give people a little bit of respect. a little bit of space as they grieve and say goodbye. >> hilary -- hillary, thanks very much. donald trump getting the backing of some clergy at a cleveland heights church. he is reaching out to the traditll is speaking out about a controversial police shooting. hi tom. >> some may be surprised by his thoughts. he is asking the same question of black voters that he's been asking around the country. asking big city african americans what do you have to lose by giving me a shot? without giving many details of exactly what they have to gain or how they will gain it by voting to him. he raised eyebrows by taking a black lives matters view of
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tulsa. >> let the person that god has raised up in a crucial time is mr. donald trump. >> reporter: speaking to a diverse not just black audience of pastors and trump backers. claiming donald trump is a decent, generous, and caring person. >> i've lost counts how many sometime times the -- how many times the mainstream media has attempted to label mr. donald trump a racist and it's disgraceful. >> reporter: outside an ultraliberal cleveland heights angry about his son's liking immigrants to skittles. >> if you are dancing and sliding and gliding >> reporter: and calling trump a campon. >> he is courageous and bold enough to take on the system.
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for all americans. every single one. our nation is too divided. >> reporter: asking many black voters what do you have to lose? pledging better schools, more jobs, and safe streets. he gave his tulsa police shooting of terrance crutcher. >> that man went to the car hands up, put his hand on the car. to me it looked like he did everything you're supposed to do. >> reporter: and then a closing >> give him the anointing to lead this nation. >> reporter: voters decide which donald trump is real. now trump also vowed to do away with a government measure that keeps churches and other tax exempt groups from supporting or opposing political candidates. >> let's talk about this. he has the support of many police and police groups.
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surprise? >> i think some people found them surprising. considering the audience he was trying to connect with today, perhaps not so much. he did reassert or restate his support for police in general but said many of them are quote, bad, or choke. and do not deserve to be on police departments. >> he keeps coming back to cleveland. >> i was going to say there ought to be a murphy bed here where he can reserve a room for the rest of the campaign. >> i think you are right. no of suspected serial killer sean great. the man police believe is tied to the deaths of five women. the bureau of criminal investigation is now looking at greats -- grates car as a police of evidence. thea seized his car. the landlord from that apartment says police also took several trunks and large plastic containers away from the property as well.
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akron concerning their $1.4 billion sewer reconstruction project. mayor dan announced the cost savings of $30 million for akron. the city will no longer need to run a parallel sewage pipe next to an existing one. they also increase the amount of sewage the akron plant treats. the city raised residential sewer rates by 69% to help pay for that project. akron is working with state and federal officials on options now to >> extend those financing options out. give us zero and 1% interest on some of these and let us pay for it over two generations. this problem didn't generate over the last 20 years. >> for the year, akron has saved $57 million on the project but no word on how soon the reductions will be passed on to residents lowering their sewer rates. now just in time for winter
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has moved from the akron canton airport to cleveland hopkins. you can fly from cleveland to tampa bay, orlando, fort lauderdale, savannah, and myrtle beach. allegiant is also bringing in new flight destinations at low fares. jacksonville, austin, new orleans and phoenix. coming up at 7:00. 800-miles from home, how a woman's dog and determination helped reunit a family pet missin >> plus singing sensations. we're going to tell you about a local singing competition giving northeast ohioans the
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[ music ] if you have ever dreamed of becoming a singing sensation and who hasn't? we have the opportunity for you people from right here in northeast ohio will be showcasing their voice talent in the national singing star competition. and julie matthews a producer with the joins us. this sounds great. >> i have to say that the girl was singing there was the winner but the girl behind her in that video was runner up. not even the winner. who is on broadway. starring in phantom of the opera. these are the opportunities that we line up for some of our
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>> she is going to put you on broadway. how do people get involved in this competition? >> you like to sing, you want to sing? you think you can sing? what you want to do is send them to the open call audition that is this weekend at southeast gears and shares. it's a restaurant with beautiful stage that is right next to the harley davidson dealership. it's saturday and sunday from 12:00 to 6:00. you can show up or to register to sing. it's all ages. all generas of music. here's the thing. you want to do it for fun? just for experience? for the cash prize? for the opportunity to go into a local recording studio in cleveland and do a commercial, sing a jingle. that is fine. you want to do it for a career move?
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kayla, jackie we arranged our producers are in direct contact with the producers from these big tv shows. they got finalists on american idol. yeah. >> there we go. >> that is kayla and jackie. we got byron he's doing legacy. this is show all over the country. he's doing. it's a tribute to the vegas royalty. >> so this competition, i think also what she's saying, people. but also what a great cause. >> i will get that in. . >> rainbow babies. >> we have raised $4.5 million for rainbow babies. but the money we raise here in cleveland goes to rainbow bays and childrens hospital. i want to say the timing of the national singing star competition in cleveland this year couldn't be better because we are submitting talent directly to america's got
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>> okay so once again time and everything. >> this saturday, this sunday from 12:00-6:00 at southeast gears and sheers. this is a restaurant with a beautiful stage right next to the big southeast harley davidson. >> julie, great job. great work. >> thank you. >> all right. see you all on broadway. >> coming up dogging determination and kindness of strangers reunit a girl with friend. >> nothing but sunshine and blue skies to start the official fall season. betsy system cooing up next
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rapper died thursday morning following a single car carlos walker known as shoty low was traveling on a highway around 2:30 in the morning when it happened. police say two other people inside the 2016 audi were injured and transported to a local hospital. the georgia department of transportation reports that the vehicle rolled over and then hit two trees before catching fire. he is perhaps best known for his debut single they know. a missouri woman learned animal control officers picked up a stray saint bernard near
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microchip and brandi cross was determined to find her owner through some facebook sleuthing. she found a family that gave up on finding their missing dog five years ago. >> i started crying. tears started streaming. we have your dog. unbelievable story. five years in the waiting. they had given up on it and no family. isn't that great? betsy is here with a look at the weather. it's fall and also like most of the browns playing a little injured tonight be. [ laughter ] >> arm hurt. >> she had the flu shot today. >> early bird gets the worm here at channel 3. this tough girl. i've got to make a muscle in my pathetic wimpy arm. [ laughter ]
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is your arm stiff? >> not yet. tomorrow i will probably be sore. let's take a look at what is going on. don't worry no ufc fights taking place here. [ laughter ] >> he freaks me out he is a ufc fighter and he is this big teddy bear fighter. 58-63 over night. we have temperatures in the 70s and low 80s still at this if you haven't had a chance to get out and enjoy, do so. mostly clear skies continue to northeast ohio. there are showers and storms. we'll have some of the cloud cover from the showers and storms. tomorrow we will be partly cloudy. as a result with warm air in place and the decorative clouds coming through we will still have a pretty nice day. beautiful start, lots of is up shine. 60s. we'll be in the 80s as we get
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remember our record, our average highs in the low 70s. so we have well surpassed that. southerly breezes 3-8 on the near shore waters with flat waves expected. not great for sailing but fantastic for power boarding. we have window nation forecast that takes us into the mid 80s with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies. as far as friday goes, it looks like it will be a dandy day. friday of course, friday night football games. everybody is out and about. a lot of home coming taking place this weeken saturday fan appreciation bay day. >> is it saturday? and then their last home game is sunday. until the playoffs. >> right. regular season, jim. we have to stipulate. also the akron marathon on saturday. beautiful conditions for the runners. >> all right. 26 starting quarterbacks and counting for the browns since 1999. we'll talk to number 26 who
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(whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh.
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okay the indians are playing the royals right few. the tigers play the twins tonight. that starts at 8:10. the magic number to clench the division is 6. so we will keep you updated on that. the browns take on the 0-2 dolphins. but like the dolphins the browns are 0-2. and the browns have a rookie quarterback going
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quarterback since 1999 and a big opportunity for him coming up this sunday. >> obviously i worked very hard to get here. but you've got to perform now. that's what you are doing in this league. you want performance. you want to play your best. and be at your best on sunday. and for me. >> as we told you at the top of the show and it's been confirme outstanding thrilling number one draft pick corey broke his hand this afternoon at practice. so he is out. we're not sure how long he will be out or if he will require surgery but it is definitely no go for corey coleman coming up this week as the browns since sunday and really if you go back a week ago have had an amazing bad run of injuries. and now their top pick who had
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two touchdowns last sunday is out because of a practice injury. that's it for us. entertainment tonight is next. russ and sarah will be back at 11:00. betsy and i will be with them. have a great night everybody. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the why can't it smell like this all the time
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?? brad and angelina, new bombshells about the split. >> stop acting like this! >> why their divorce could spin completee out of control. >> i feel very sorry for them. >> brad blind sided and battle are their kids in hiding. >> and it had to be -- >> and then "the voice" banks on former child star. >> if you've got it, you've got to use it. >> where they first met these two talent sdmroos plus mark wahlberg faces off with his 13-year-old daughter on live tv. >> you keep misbehaving i'm going to give your behind a slap. >> and mariah carey's "empire" takeover. how she's really shaking things


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