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tv   Channel 3 News Sunday  NBC  September 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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coming up on channel 3 news today. new information after an off- duty police officer was injured in a down the town fight. plus, the $3 million jackpot for tonight the's queen of hearts drawing grows nearer and nearer. how a rule change could have more people buying tickets. goodni maureen. let's go! the indians have a chance to get it done today. coming up, what needs to happen. plus, what you need to do as fans today. channel 3 news this morning starts right now. thank you so much for being with us at 9:00 a.m.
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there's a live look over downtown the cleveland. the tribe playing today. at progressive field. it's a big game. there's progress i field where they are preparing for and hoping to clinch -- >> praying to clinch. >> yeah, i know that game at 1:10 first pitch. and mike sell here to prepare you -- michael is here to prepare for the day. maybe you're headed to church services of brunch or the game. >> maybe you're on the couch, the windows are open and >> the pumpkin spice everywhere. the muffin with the pumpkin spice coffee. >> it's a great morning out here in northeast ohio, although on the cool side. we ever slowly rebounded. currently in the low and mid- 50s. waking up with us, good morning to you at 51 degrees. 53 in akron, canton. upper 50s in downtown.
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that way throughout the remainder of the sunday but changes are on the way just as soon as tomorrow. notice that from minneapolis, st. paul, down through omaha, nebraska, wichita, kansas, dallas, fort worth, texas, a line of showers and thunderstorms moving towards the east. it gets here first thing on your monday morning. so scattered showers and thunderstorms expected by that point. and you will need the umbrellas. not today though. temperatures by lunchtime, upper 60s ne mid-70s later on this afternoon. we will be more specific on the timing of the showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow's round of rain. plus, maureen, it hurts my heart to say this, but even cooler air is on the way by next week. talking about temperatures for highs only in the mid-60s. >> well -- >> that part is straight head. >> well, jackets out and we will deal with it. >> more coffee and we're good.
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now to an update to a story that we just told you about yesterday morning. police have charged a man accused of injuring an off-duty police officer during an incident in downtown cleveland friday night. brian brach is facing multiple charges including assault on a police officer. the police officer was injured during a fight when he was working security at the bar. the police officer was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. no in our communities. there were seven faye toll overdoses on saturday -- seven fatal overdoses on saturday. but the public is advised to take extreme caution. the cases are undergoing further investigation and testing. donald trump is maintaining
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clinton campaign is getting an extra boost from celebrities. the cast of the former nbc show "west wing" turned out yesterday. >> thank you for your energy and your incredible passion. keep doing what you're doing and do it more. more, more, more. the west wing gave us all a chance to play people that are changing the world. but you guys are really changing the world. th stay engaged here in ohio. vice presidential nominee mike pence will return to ohio on wednesday for a rally. and the candidates' first debate will air right here on channel 3 news tomorrow night. the political battle for the white house begins at 9:00 p.m. who wouldn't want to be $3 million rich senator that's right. -- richer? that's right. the jackpot for the queen of hearts raffle is tonight.
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a little bit so the winner doesn't have to be present to receive the full prize. sky lane bowling says about 10,000 people showed up for the drawings in recent weeks, that's about five times the pop ewe alligators. and here -- population. and here is another way we are hoping to be lucky, after a loss last night, the indians can clinch the al central today. a few things need to happen. fans arehoping that the stars aline and thing that the stars align and we will see a win today. good morning, alyssa raymond. >> reporter: good morning, maureen. the wind has died down. you can see i have my sunglasses on because we have a gorgeous day ahead of us for baseball. celebrations can begin as early as this afternoon. remember, the last home game of the regular season is at 1:10.
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loses, the tribe clinches. and then it's on to detroit and kansas city. last night, more than 32,000 people attended the game. and the indians, how about this fact, 23-10 in front of crowds more than 20,000. so they obviously want you to show up, be loud and stay positive like -- be loud and stay positive like these fans. >> it hurt. but the hope is still alive. cleveland can still do it. we're right there. we're right there. one set back doesn't mean anything for us. we're from cleveland, all we have is hope. >> we'll be fine. we will make it to the play- offs. if we don't choke, we will be good. after the play-offs, that's the main thing. >> reporter: and tickets are still the available. we were checking on the indians' website and you can get the upper deck tickets for $19. but the hot sellers, all sold out for this home game of the regular season. reporting live from outside of progressive field, alyssa raymond, channel 3 news. >> all right.
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fingers crossed today. thank you so much. well, the newly completed eastbound inner belt bridge was the site of a party yesterday because it's the second of two bridges completed the biggest odot project in history. traffic will start flowing again with some lane restrictions starting at 11:00 a.m. this morning. both bridges are expected to be fully opened by the end of october. coming up, unrest continues in charlotte. why the arrest video brings up more questions than some people. plus, how a man risked his
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welcome back. protests continued in charlotte overnight after police released dash and body camera footage showing the deadly encounter between officers and keith scott. it's what protesters demanded for days but police only released portions of the video. the police chief says it's not
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you can hear police officers yelling drop the gun as scott gets out of the car and is seen backing away. >> drop the gun! >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. >> we are left with far more questions than we have answers. >> the laws were violated, i would be -- answers. >> if laws were violated, i would be taking different >> police say they'll have enough resources to the keep the city safe. a 20-year-old man believed to be picture here has been arrested in the shooting at a washington state mall that killed five people. the shooting happened late friday night at a cascade ball in burlington outside of seattle. investigators say he first entered the mall without a weapon and then left but then came back 10 minutes late we are a rifle and opened fire. sources tell our sister station in seattle that it's
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to jump into a river and save a deer. look at this video. heavy rains caused the river to swell and the small deer was no match for the powerful current. so one man with the help of other people tethered himself to a rail and got in the water with a life jacket. they hoisted the deer out of the water, eventually able to set the deer free nearby in some woods. the smithsonian african- american museum hopes people willew now open. three presidents were attendance plus other celebrities and thousands just excited to see the day finally happening. tracie potts reports from the national mall.[ bell tolling ] >> reporter: with the ringing of a historic church bell echoing bells across the nation, america's first black president and the 99-year-old daughter of a slave officially opened the national museum of
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deferred is a dream no longer. >> reporter: for millions of americans of all races but especially for african- americans, those who struggled, those who died, heros who lived to tell the stories, today is the end of a difficult but triumphant journey. >> there was some who said it couldn't happen, who said you can't do it, but we did it! we did it! >> reporter: the common here, american history and the story of african-americans are indestructible. >> it binds us together. to reafirm that all of our are americans. >> reporter: stories knolled words -- >> it is the struggle of a lifetime. >> reporter: and song. ? it's been a longtime coming
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4,000 artifacts from sports legends to slave chains. >> great nations does not hide its history. it faces its flaws and corrects them. [ applause ] >> reporter: all of it brought to life, all essential to america's story. it's a story that people can see and hear and experience for themselves. but not so easily. tickets to get inside and are booked up for weeks. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. coming up, sports is next. dave has more on the possibility of the indians clinching a spot in the play- offs coming up. but first, michael has a check of the weather. >> and it looks great this morning despite it being cool outside. if you're headed out on lake erie, winds from the east at 5 to 10 knots, waves less than two feet. a beautiful day today but big changes are on the way. tomorrow, tracking storms for
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good morning. we're going to start with the indians this morning. it could be a special day at progressive field as they if finish up their three-game series with the white sox. the final home game of the season for the indians. and now the magic number moved down last night and they can clinch the central today but the four-game winning streak
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and it was an ugly loss, in front of a big crowd at progressive field. gave up two runs in the 1 inning. he pitched two innings. the indians were in a 2-0 hole early and the game was lost in the first two innings. based loaded in the 1st and 2nd with no outs and they only got one run. davis with an rbi single but thrown out at 2nd. it's a 2-1 game after last saturday the bullpen was unreal in the win over detroit. and last night it was not. he crushes that ball. 93rd homer of the year, 4-1 sox. they beat the indians 8-1 and the tribe now 90-64. what a game in detroit today. yesterday, hopefully a great game again today. it was amazing. almost two fours hours. the tigers led the royals 4-2
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paulo orlando, two-run double to tie at 4-4. two batters later, clubs this one to right. a three-run homer to give kansas city a 7-4 lead. it's a five-run 9th inning as the royals win by that score and the tigers remain seven back of the indians. so we go to the magic number machine. and we move from three down to two. thanks to the tiger's loss. if the indians won last night, they would just need to win today. th loss. the number moves to one if both teams lose. if the indians win and the tigers win, it stays at two. got all that? you got room for the browns? it is sunday. and that means they are back on the field today in miami to the take on the dolphins and the browns have a new kicker after placing murray on the ir yesterday with a knee injury. they signed cody parky yesterday. and now in his third nfl
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and last year struggled as you see. playing in just three games and to the ir with a groin injury. the eagles waived him during final roster cuts this season. the browns have been making changes at many positions including the most important one. he makes his first start in the nfl today at quarterback. the browns would want say it but they're worried. they don't feel he's ready just yet but you wonder if it's an advantage that he could be mystery to the dolphins. >> told that everyone has a book in the nfl and when you're a rookie, you don't have a book yet. so i don't necessarily how they'll look at it but my first chance to go out there and perform and get my first opportunity to play. college football yesterday. kent state loses at alabama. and akron loses. today could be a big day everyone at progressive field. and we will see what the brown cans do in miami.
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and then after football tonight, don't forget, sports tonight, we wrap it all up. i'm dave chudowsky. have a great day. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. toaster strudel. the honey in honey nut cheerios likes to take its sweet time. [sighs]
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all right. welcome back. look at that face. not mine. >> oh. >> not mine. look who i'm told he willing. i got a chance to meet their puppy charlie when i was at the "today" show on friday. yeah, got a chance to hold charlie, their puppy. >> that's a big puppy. >> yeah. i was telling our floor the camera made charlie look a little bit bigger. >> charlie looks huge. >> i know. he was just like this tiny puppy and he's on the way to being a dog. but so fun to see them. see the puppy. >> and all them. >> yeah, you know, we just hang out all the time. >> right, right. that's cool. because they were in for the rnc. and we have a cute puppy that's goington to be on our
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minutes or so. >> and looks a lot of charlie too. >> she does. and that's like two minutes. today by the way is going to be an awesome day for those headed out to progressive field. this is a potential clincher game for us. taking on of course the chicago white sox. first pitch at 1:10 this afternoon. temperatures by that point had the low 70s with sunshine. so don't forget the sunscreen. and headed to the game, stay well hydrated. and mid-70s through the 9th inning as we walk away with the big win. current temperatures outside in the low mid- and upper 50s. 59 in downtown. and look at the water temperatures when you compare, that's a good 20 degrees warmer. feels like bath water in lake erie, right? winds from the east between 5 to 10 miles per hour so not as gusty as they were yesterday.
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on the way tomorrow to start off the work week. low pressure with the triple point. we call it a triple point because that's why we have the included front which meets the warm front and the cold front. all of that by the way is moving towards the east. and i think that it then makes headway into northeast ohio tomorrow to start off your monday first thing in the morning. so rain and perhaps even a few scattered showers and thunderstorms in the mix. and let's time it all out for you so you can day. now through lunchtime, looks phenomenal. if you're thinking to yourself, you know, it's sunday and i want to perhaps do something out on the back grill or maybe thinking about going out to brunch with friends, and for patio seating and don't forget the sunglasses. this evening looking equally as nice. again, headed to the tribe game this evening during the overnight hours through early tomorrow, however, things begin to change. notice a quick up tick in the
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a.m., looking for scattered showers and perhaps embedded thunderstorms. and we are not expecting any severe weather out in it but a couple thunderstorms that develop could certainly pack a punch. and through lunchtime and points after lunchtime, we see the scattered showers and thunderstorms. and then towards the evening, we begin to wrap things up. rainfall looks like this. i think that we all see some amounts of rain, anywhere between .25 to .50, if not better and a few thunderstorms. low to mid-70s for today under most skies. -- under mostly sunny skies. and window nation seven-day showing 70s not only today but also tomorrow. and the dog days of summer are over, my friends. we fall back into the 60s as we head towards tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and speaking about the dog days of summer, we've got miss
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humane society of greater akron this morning with -- this morning. she is a lab mix. she is probably about 60 pounds or so. >> yeah, good sized. >> yeah, she's going to be the average lab. very active. loves to play with herself. if you give her a toy, she will throw it up in the air. she's very, very smart. she knows sit down and probably a few others and eager more. >> yeah, she does. >> and rides great in the car. she's all shy now. >> getting camera shy. i see you. it's okay. >> she gets along well with most other dogs. and we think she has potential with kids. >> and by the way, an event taking place this upcoming saturday. >> yes. >> october 1st, tell me more. >> yes, our fall in love adoption event. and from 10:00 to 6:00, our hours on saturday, we will have reduced adoption fees so any
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of age is $25. >> perfect. >> anything under six months is under $50. and bunnies, they are all 50% off. >> awesome. and thank you so much for coming in. and of course, you can reach out to our friends at paws ability humane society of greater akron and you can see the contact information. and aisle thinking to myself, the today show has their own special puppy. i feel like we puppy. maybe her. >> maybe. who do you have to talk to for that to happen? i don't know. >> a couple phone calls. >> thank you so much. still to come this morning, kyrie as coach? the basketball show down outside the q. good morning. the indians still have a chance to wrap it up this afternoon. coming up, what needs to happen and how you can be a part of
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honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey, and real oats. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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it is 9:30. take a look inside and progressive field where they are preparing for today's big game. first pitch at 1:05. they have a lot of work to do in the next couple hours. if you're headed to the game, grab a light jacket. and mike sell in with the forecast in just a moment. but first, we want to get
9:31 am
at two right now, even after a loss last night. this afternoon is the final home game of the regular season. and the tribe still has a chance to clinch the al central. channel 3 news' alyssa raymond is live from the corner of ontario. and you have been watching all season to prepare for today's report, right? >> reporter: absolutely. i said i have never watched this many baseball games in my entire life. what an exciting season. and to get it done today, all the indians need to do, obviously, is and the tigers need to lose. like you mentioned the last home game of the regular season is this afternoon at 1:10. and then the tribe heads to detroit and ends the regular season on the final series in kansas city. last night in case you missed it, the indians did lose to the white sox, 8-1. a lot of people weren't thrilled with that and kind of got a little down but remember after today, they still have seven games so the
9:32 am
some fans who spent their saturday night at progressive field remain optimistic. >> no, i still have hope. definitely i have hope. i'm a die hard indians fan. they're my number one team with the browns jumping between second and like fourth or whatever. but i have hope. and everything. and hopefully everything is going to work out. and you know, we will bring home a championship, just like the cavalier s did. >> reporter: just you pack it and get that energy up, they're going to win. it works. it's magic. magic number is two. and the energy will get those. i'm so excited. back to you. here's the wind again. back to new the studio. >> all right. we're going to trust you on those points. we will be watching. thank you so much. and as you saw alyssa struggling because to of the
9:33 am
promised, michael is watching that forecast. and if anybody is headed out the door for anywhere -- >> yeah, it's chilly outside. temperatures this morning in the 40s. we rebounded nicely though. and as alyssa showed us, the wind is out there from the east as well. headed to the game, again, here's what it looks like. calling for sunshine today, first pitch at 1:10 p.m. i think by the 9th inning, temperatures in the mid-70s. all in al at the ball park down at progress i field. just don't forget the sunscreen. let me show what things should look and feel like. our normal high, 70 degrees. so generally on point. we made it to 73 degrees yesterday. a beautiful morning leading to a great lunch break. it's breezy, upper 60s. and highs in the mid-70s. enjoy the sunshine today because showers and thunderstorms on the way tomorrow on monday.
9:34 am
the garden and all that good stuff, they want the rainfall. we call it liquid sunshine. >> yeah, we need it. >> yeah, tracking when that moves in in a second. >> thank you so much. in the race for the white house, bill clinton is making a stop in northeast ohio this week. he will campaign for his wife in cleveland on tuesday which also corresponds with voter registration day. no word yet on when he will be stopping or what time. republican presidential candidate donald trump spoke to supporters yesterday ahead of tomorrow's first presidential debate. trump held a rally at the center coliseum and called himself the candidate for the forgotten voices in this country. trump also took a jab at clinton's running mate virginia senator tim kaine calling him unpopular and the wrong pick.
9:35 am
said maybe that's bad for me, we are just about tied in virginia and we haven't started advertising. and they're spending a fortune. she made the wrong pick. >> and trump criticized hillary rodham clinton for, quote, doing nothing to help women and children despite her platforms for change. back here at home, k yriirving giving back with the first-ever kyrie ir the group is raising awareness and funds for people with developmental disabilities. we got a chance to play on irving's team at the benefit. coming up, it's a company hoping to change the way you feel with athletic gear and it started here in cleveland. we will meet the owners.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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welcome back. it's athletic wear made by athletes and it started here in northeast ohio. joining us this morning is 2 co- founder. -- is the co-founder. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> where did this idea start? >> yeah, my brother and i, my co-founder, we are athletes at heart. he plays football. and throughout the whole process, we became disenchanted
9:39 am
performance of our athletic wear. and we felt like over time it got worse and worse. and i think that goes to guys like lebron and steph curry who get paid a lot of money to promote it. so the brands have had to cut corners and the gear has suffered. for us, we were disappointed in that and decided at some point, we had to do something about it. so took the leap. talked to about 100 athletes last year to get their feedback. and incorporated that to build what we determined to ultimate athletic underwear. >> and tell me about the type of materials and how do you start solving that problem for athletes? >> yeah, you know, you've got to start at square one. and we didn't have a background in it. we have some folks we could leverage who were partners and are experienced. you can see here, we started and spent about two or three months finding the right materials so.
9:40 am
light weight fabric. and that process really evolves into developing the right fit of the garment. and getting right specks from different athletes that determine how the body types differ from somebody else. and building a garment that will confirm to the body. the material that will perform like you expect them to. and wrapping that together with construction right here in the united states with that's been dubbed the king of spandex. so we feel like we have built something that's not only made to perform and fit and feel right but to last the test of time. >> and you were written up and one of the reasons why this story caught our eye, people have business ideas. and they don't know how to get them started. for you, how did you get your idea turned into a business? >> well, for me, it kind of
9:41 am
when i was at reserve and i had an urge to go out and do something on my own. and i was fortunate enough to work in investment banking. which gave me a great skill set to do a lot of things. but after that, i went out and started the business on my own. about four or five years ago. an online gaming company that failed. it didn't work out. but it gave me the knowledge and tools to build upon that in the next phase. and you have to keep swinging the bat, even on something that we can hit a home run with. >> thank you so much. good luck to ammo athletes which probably what we will be wearing. >> hopefully. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. michael, we want to check in with the forecast. >> yeah, you know for folks that want to get a good run in this morning, here's what it looks like. lots of sunshine, temperatures although cool, warming into the low and mid- to upper 60s by lunchtime. and topping out in the mid-70s. and again, this morning, you
9:42 am
and the fleeces towards youngstown. only 53 degrees this morning. there's a breeze out there but don't expect those winds as strong as they were yesterday. and we are also nice and dry. thank goodness. take full advantage of it. by tomorrow, the showers and thunderstorms that are currently off towards our west will continue to race towards the northeast. so if you need to get some outdoor errands done and outdoor work done, perhaps mowing the yard and perh today, a good day to get it done. now through lunchtime, we are sunny side up and even this afternoon, it looks great. and it feels wonderful. a beautiful night ahead of us, however watch how quickly things change. what do they say here in northeast ohio, give it like five minutes and things change. first thing tomorrow morning, more cloud cover and scattered showers and thunderstorms in town first thing in the morning. so grab the umbrellas.
9:43 am
those umbrellas. and even during the drive home from work, i think we will see a few hit and miss showers in the mix. the showers become much more isolated into monday evening. however, lake-effect rain may be an issue on tuesday and wednesday. and mostly sunny, nice and mild, low to mid-70s for highs today with overnight lows in the mid- to upper 50s, low 60s. but again, the window nation seven-day showing the ch on monday. and then as we head towards tuesday and wednesday, we mentioned before, some lake- effect rain in the mix. and obviously you know the reason why, the lake is warmer than the actual air. air temperatures falling into the mid-60s. and you know, i enjoy fleece weather sometimes and by midweek, we will get there. >> yeah, in sweatshirts for sure. >> absolutely. >> thank you. coming up on i-75 minutes
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creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. introducing "unicorn whispers." this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm."
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hello everybody and welcome to seven minutes. the school year is young but it's already been a drama- filled one.
9:47 am
a deal of prescenting a strike. and then the district gets all, ifs. at the same time, cleveland is asking voters to renew a tax levy this november. and we are joined by the ceo of the school district. i know you're not feeling great. thank you for coming in and doing this. >> few moania, thank you. >> how are you feeling? >> i've felt better but we will power through this. >> you've been on the job for year start quite like this one? >> every year has unique starts but this is particularly unique. in some ways, it was the smoothest opening. everything happened the way it was supposed to. buses were on time. kids had schedules. we solved the negotiations and did get resolved. we've had another new report card that was disappointing on many fronts but had some good news.
9:48 am
mentioned good things. third grade reading levels being up, graduation rates. and then a day or two later, the report card comes out and the district gets all fs. 16 of them. when people see that on television and read about it, they say, my goodness, are things that bad? what's the answer to that? >> no, things aren't that bad. and that's why we have to look at the whole report yes, fs. so does every urban district. and most districts saw significant decreases and part is because we are raising the standards and expectations for the kids and because we started behind, we have a longer way to go. but the third grade beat canton, cincinnati and toledo. we have a 17% gain on the graduation rate in five years. a10 dance is up 1.5% in a single year.
9:49 am
and enroll. is up. those are all positive signs on the same document. while we haven't yet net state standards, it doesn't mean we're not making progress. >> and the testing criteria was different. the cleveland dealer a couple days later takes the results and gives the district a 0.0 gpa, the low nest the state. -- lowest in the state. when you see a morale standpoint, what does it do? >> well, i think we're at a point, and not just in cleveland but all of the school districts and particularly those with struggling students where you file under water all the time. and that's really hard to keep people focused on the improvement. s that are happening. our students have a long way to government they start from behind and they have a lot of need. and when you look only at the performance of meeting the
9:50 am
unpack and see what is behind it. see how we're trending. and we are trending positively in many ways and that's where we are staying focused. we were not trending positively for decades and if it took us 20 years to get into the problem, it's not going to take us out in a short period of time. >> when you look at the last four years, four years since the cleveland plan and issue 107 passed. what are you most proud of? a 17% increase in the last five years. maybe the fastest in the state, if not really close. the state average has been about 2%. and also those kids are more college-ready. the higher education compact data shows us that kids who have gone on to college are 10% less likely to need remediation at all. and if they do remediation, they're 15% more likely to pass. more kids are graduating and more ready when they do. >> no one will disagree with
9:51 am
it's not an exact science. when you look back at the five years, everything you would have done differently? >> oh, lots of things. >> biggest one? >> i think the way that when we rolled out the cleveland plan, the way we have evaluation and compensation, i think we would have phased it in more deliberately instead of pulling all triggers at one time. and that the really caused the challenge inside and the district where people who hadn't yet developed the new processes felt unfairly judged. and i think that's one of the things that we have tackled in the new negotiations where we tried to attack, not only was it working but feels more fair to the district and educators. >> and you are asking voters to renew. what do you say to those who say, you're doing a great job but i gave you four years. why should i give you four more? >> exactly where we asked for only four years so people could
9:52 am
year levy or permanent and chose to only and for another four years so if community can continue to hold us accountable and see the progress we have made on reading scores and readiness, on graduation rates, on enroll. increases, if they can continue, i think we have a responsibility not to go back to the old days of saying just make it permanent and let me do my thing but a short period of time to see improvement and if they believe it's sufficient, give us another little time. >> so goes cleveland, so goes the school district and northeast ohio. do you think people in the suburbs who don't have the chance really understand how important it is? >> i think some people do and other people do not. and i think you should expect that actually. but i interact with a lot of people outside of the city of cleveland and the district who talk about their expectations of the district and how important we are to the region. and i work very closely with my colleagues and i know that they
9:53 am
challenges that they are now dealing with are challenges that we have learned how to address and we can be part of the solution. >> and a couple quick things, for people who don't live in the city but want to help you do your job, what can they do? >> the biggest thing is help us tell the whole story. follow our stories on our website, join social media, push them to friends and colleagues and don't let sound bite tell the whole story but follow the progress we are making and the stories of the great things our kids and faculty are doing every da help others know that story. >> and a minute left, what's the toughest part of your job these days? >> i think the toughest part is making culture change. cleveland has had four superintendents in 35 years every one of them had a plan. and i think helping people say this is the new way of doing business and we're going the stay the course and keep at it so that we get results instead of pitching this plan out and starting another one and pitching the superintendent out and getting another one, it's
9:54 am
the organization. >> talking about eric gordan personally, with all this happening, what keeps you going? >> the kids. any time i have a bad day, i just get to a school and spend time with the kids and everything is fine. our future is bright. >> thank you. you tell me it's not contagious. >> i am not. >> best of luck to you. >> thank you. my pleasure, thank you. >> and that is all for this week. i will see you monday at 6:00 on the news and back here next week for seven minutes.
9:55 am
9:56 am
if you are headed outside today and you haveer i didn'ts, you might want to brace yourself. >> yeah, that's right. the mold and weed are high.
9:57 am
70s. by tomorrow, scattered showers and thunderstorms help wash the pollen out of the air but also washing the temperatures. temperatures in the middle 60s by this week. >> feeling like fall. enjoy. be sure to tune back in for channel 3 news at 6:00.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
one day away from perhaps the most watched debate in american history. >> i'm going to be very respectful of her. >> you have to be prepared for wacky stuff that comes at you. >> will they about the moment that determines who will become the next p mike flynn and the hillary clinton chairman both join me live. plus debate prep school. one moment can change everything. >> i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. >> how the presidential candidates plan to knock their opponents off stride. i will talk to two former campaign managers who have been inside the war room before. also, how does a man who says this about donald trump --


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