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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  September 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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eventually we will try out. panda overload. at got more to tell you about these little bundles of cuteness. good evening everyone we will begin with breaking news from the cleveland browns. putting his come back to the active roster on hold for now. once again he will enter rehab. the wide receiver was ready to make his return to the active roster next monday and be able to be with the team next week and presumably go through the week of practice and be eligible to play in the game here in cleveland against the patriots. instead he came out this afternoon and said he needs
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football and he needs to go to an inpatient rehabilitation facility. on twitter after the announcement he said under some pressure and stress recently, had to take a timeout for myself. sometimes you have to do what is best for you. thanks to you the nfl and the browns. here is my take. first of all i should say that the browns support this move. they are not making any comment estimation of what his future is with the team present time. my take is this though. this guy has off the charts ability on the field but for so many years since he came out of college and the browns selected him in the supplemental draft he is off the field more than he is on the field. after all this is his fourth time that he has been suspended. gordon is a pure talent may be one of the great receivers in the nfl but the cleveland browns
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months. they have to decide if this total change of attitude with this positive head coach adding all of these young players discordant fit into that plan. in other words can you wait for gordon time and time again to finally rid himself of this problem at least to the point where he can be productive out on the field in the nfl. i think that is a difficult decision leaning toward the browns saying no. maybe another nfl team really loaded out there but not the cleveland browns. the browns have to go forward. every time that gordon stumbles in his personal life the browns stumble as a team. the browns have been patient and we have all been patient and wish him the best personally. as far as the football business goes for a guy that is off the field more than he is on the field maybe it's time that the browns must move on once and
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a deadly morning commute and new jersey and the latest on the little girl that was assaulted in massillon. a man police say kidnapped and raped the nine-year-old massillon girl this week was there working as a flagger for a road crew. dennis menefee is being held on $1 million bond. he's been extradited to stark county. the girl has been released from family. only one dead in all this mess. 108 injured when this commuters -- commuter train slammed into the rail station this morning. it yet -- the rail car was battered about. the crash occurred during morning rush about 8:30 this morning. it appears it was an accident. shawn grate is linked to the deaths of four women in and around ashland ohio. today he was in court and he
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in ohio has slipped in recent days is coming back. she will be here on monday in a location that has yet to be announced. that is one day before the vice presidential debate that takes place on tuesday. did you see this in minnesota? several european players were practicing for the ryder cup and having trouble making a pet. a man that heckled him pulled onto the putting green and on his first try he made it. >> he made 100 dollars. the british golfer said if you make it you when it. they made a and -- >> from the classic happy gilmore that looks like an outtake. >> there was no bar -- bob parker on the sidelines. the writers cup is tomorrow morning.
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after a a an accident this afternoon. we know the crash involved two motorcycles and two cars. it did not appear that anyone was seriously hurt. a decade-old dream is becoming a reality. just over a year ago metrohealth held a competition for innovative ideas. one of the winning ones would make the lives of spinal cord patients much easier. as senior health correspondent ca nobody could imagine how fast the concept would take off. >> reporter: a bike accident left maria paralyzed. since then she's been part of research at metro where muscular stimulator gives her some use of her hand. biomedical engineer kevin kilgour gets calls from around the country from patients like maria. logistics make it nearly impossible to bring them here for the implant. >> i could build a complicated
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body but i can't get someone from the airport to hear because we can't get transportation. >> reporter: when he shared his idea at a metro competition former highland executive miguel was listening. >> i wrote a check for 500 grand but then i realized it was not enough. >> reporter: he bought property right next to the old brooklyn campus and higher the contractors and is making doctor kilgour's dream a reality. the groundbreaking was just a already the foundation is almost finished. miguel says the doors will open in february. the space will have room for five patients and caregivers who may need to spend three months here for the process. >> this is more than just about the people that we help. it's about the jobs we create in cleveland and the industry that can be created in cleveland. it will become a center of excellence. >> having more people involved means to research can grow.
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down the road. >> reporter: monica robins channel 3 news. friends of former cavs great the thurmond gathered to remember him today. a memorial was held at the summit lake rec center. he died of leukemia back in san francisco in july. he was 74 years old. today former cavs great hostess -- smith recently suffered today. >> it is blurry but i can see you and i can hear you. i heard all of the great things that you had to say about my friend and brother. >> be good -- beautifully said by bingo smith. thurmond was an all-star and a member of one of the 50
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the rec center where the event took place is the same one lebron james played out as a little kid. speaking of lebron single- game cavs tickets are on sale. the home opener is against the new york knicks. that's the night they will raise the championship banner to the rafters and received their rings. have you ever done this? you are at the airport and your flight is delayed or canceled so you take to social media to lash out at does your rant on twitter or facebook really get heard? yes it does. >> reporter: at having thousands of times every day. travelers rant online about an airline because their flight is delayed or they have had a bad experience. >> i don't think they can listen to is because there are so many people who are complaining. >> i do not think that the airlines are listening to the complaints. >> reporter: the fact is
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social media. southwest airline has a team tracking twitter, facebook, and other sites 24 hours a day. when customers spent about a problem southwest reaches out to them. >> the approach is really how can we help. what's going on give us some information and we will see what we can do to straighten this out. >> reporter: social media teams help airlines by rebooking customers are keeping them, by relaying latest information when a problem like in july when southwest canceled over 2000 flights due to a computer outage. even though every major airline track and answer customers online some do it better than others. for example southwest opens -- answers almost half the customers that mention the airline on social media. that is the best in north america. an alaskan -- alaska is the fastest answering within three minutes. that works with airlines with alaska and tracks the industries interaction with
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>> if you know that you can tweet a company and get a response and have your issue resolved literally in minutes than that is a phenomenal experience. if you can do that you will every single time. >> reporter: one more thing experts say you will get a faster response from the airline if your tweet or facebook post is not dripping in anger. a calmer request will get you a quicker response. three months away. a new study finds 34 million adult have already started their holiday shopping. i am not one of them. about 1 million are already done. the report from credit also found that 58% of shoppers still like spending their money in stores. 21% favor computer shopping and 11% make their purchases on their phones. when we come back we remember when. this year's indians team has some great players.
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the greats of yesteryear. where you can pick your favorite cake. was entered a contest for a
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the indians are the central lake division champions after the clinched on monday night in detroit. next week they begin their quest to go to the world series. a long time ago the indians struggled to win. that's why we called on offer -- author scott walker has just come out with a new book. his title was no money, no beer, no pennants.
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>> there was very little fun going on. people were out of work. you cannot drink. money was very scarce. >> and other spots in baseball you had to guys by the name of ruth and gehrig with the yankees that were dominating. >> the yankees one penn after pennant. their attendance was 1 million every year. they were still making money. the other teams were failing. >> the indians are playing at lake park at this time. >> generally the crowds were about 5 to 6000. when the yankees came to town they filled the park. >> what turned it around for the indians? was it a teenager named feller? >> it was 1936 he was 17 years old. he came from a farm. his first full adding he struck out the team guys against st. louis and put them on the map and everyone knew who he was.
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of. -- strikeouts. and the only pitcher to ever throw a no-hitter on opening day. >> we have an autographed ball from willis who is on the cover on the book. he had the distinction of pitching a 500 -- 500th home run to babe ruth. that was his distinction. >> who on the dodgers gave up that's the way he was remembered and he was a great picture -- pitcher. to people in cleveland through that time did they love baseball or did the losing wear them down? >> i think they still loved regardless. people came to the park on special occasions. there was a quarter of three or four or 5000 fans no matter what.
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1932 the contract went to whk and jack rainey became the announcer. he was on the air for about 20 years. >> how do we get your book? >> is available at local bookstores and >> enjoy the playoffs next week. >> i will thank you. when we come back they are cute and cuddly. unique way these giant pandas came into the world.
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are you sick of all the presidential politics business decided to have fun with the upcoming election. marianne donuts is holding an election through the month of october. no republicans or democrats here. it is the doughnut party. you can vote on your favorite doughnut whether it is glazed, or apple fritters. the company is also taking suggestions on its facebook page for a new doughnut to make and the winner gets free donuts for a year.
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been made is sold out. it sold out even before it made its public debut. it can reach top speeds of over 210 miles an hour. this comes to us from just too cute category. 23 giant panda cubs just made their public debut at a research-based where scientists breed the animals. th from 1 to 24 months. there are several sets of twins. improvement in breeding technology is responsible for all of the new babies. there you have it. i was trying to listen to the indians game today. >> know you weren't. >> i listen to the rain delay. that field was underwater. i can't believe they waited for
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opens and according to those there the field was playable but they wanted to wait to see what would happen. they wanted to get all nine innings and. >> so they have to go back monday. >> that might be a possibility. let's talk weather now. upper 50s to near 60 overnight tonight. periodic rain and rumbles. cloudy and breezy otherwise. you can't lp rain that is moving south to north. we are dealing with an upper- level low in the ohio valley and on the eastern side everything circulates counterclockwise. we still have more rain to come but we are dealing with heavy downpours that are backing off along the lake shore but you can see as ago from painesville due south to the northern section of trumbull county we are dealing with heavy showers and heavier rain from south to north coming through.
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and stark county's. we are not done then because we have more moisture moving northward. here is the center of circulation in the ohio valley right here in central portions of kentucky. this will be stagnant and will sit here which means what you see now is what we will be looking at for the day tomorrow. let's go hour by hour. periods of rain to continue as we go through tonight with pockets of heavy rain a possibility. it will be breezy with daybreak temperatures around 60. we will have drive. like we had today that are just kind of damp. more rain and rumble chances will be coming through as we head to the evening. the friday football game will get a soaking. scattered rains and rumbles in your forecast. it will be in the 60s for most of the day. we will start off at the upper 50s. your window nation forecast takes us to 69 in the afternoon
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saturday with scattered rain showers continuing. it will taper off on sunday clearing through the day on monday. next week is back to the mid- 70s with low humidity and lots of sun. >> thursday will hopefully be when the indians play in the playoffs here. still to come we will update you on our top story as browns wide receiver josh gordon is out. jarrell prior may turn out to be the guy for the rest of the
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about a moment ago there was supposed to be baseball for the indians in detroit. they were to finish their four- game series against the tigers today but that was the scene at comerica park. to get along shot a four hours 13 minutes in the came to the conclusion that they were not going to get the game in. the tigers may still need the game and the indians need the game so it is postponed until monday. the tigers are only one game wild-card spot that's why they may have to go back on monday. updating our top story once again browns wide receiver josh gordon will not be back next week. he was eligible to be out on the practice field hopefully to play against the patriots next week. the browns announced with gordon that he needs more assistance with his drug problem and he will enter an
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facility and step away from football. the browns are not commenting. entertainment tonight is coming up next. we will see you here at
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?? ? shocking new revelations in the brangelina divorce battle. >> why what you heard so far is just the tip of the iceberg. >> this wasn't the first incident. there were many, many more. >> why angie was thinking about and how long have they been living separate lives. >> "e.t." first to show you janet jackson's baby bump. now we take you inside her life as an expectant mother at 50. >> plus two hot hunks and two blockbusters. "e.t." is first behind the scenes of affleck's new movie and the new transformers. >> transformers 5, baby.


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