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tv   Early Today  NBC  October 3, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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? ? hurricane matthew unleashing winds up to 145 miles per hour. packing torrential rainfall and unleashing devastating flooding. late breaking details just ahead. and more details about donald trump's mp he mocks hillary clinton's past pneumonia. >> and she can't make it 15 feet to her car. give me a break. give me a break. >> breaking overnight. reports that kim kardashian was robbed at gunpoint right inside her paris hotel room. plus "saturday night live" with a ratings smash as the new season kicks off with a bang.
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good monday morning. >> millions are bracing for the most powerful atlantic hurricane in nearly a decade. hurricane matthew a violent storm is barrelling towards jamaica, haiti and cuba. the eye of the storm has yet to make land fall but jamaica already taking the punch with torrential down devastating floods. up to 40 inches of rain are expected in two parts. two people have been killed. airlines are taking heed. many canceling flights in and out of the island. the u.s. taking action by air lifting hundreds from the u.s. station at guantanamo. nbc meteorologist, bill karins is tracking the hurricane for us.
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water. the fresh water flooding and the surge. it's down to 130 miles per hour winds. and it's going to thread the needle in between jamaica and haiti and make land fall tomorrow morning in areas of eastern cuba. at this point there's lot of uncertainty as far as the southeast coast goes. here's the latest from our european computer models. the european model has quota and when we get the new update, i expect them to have this storm even closer to the u.s. southeast coastline. there is breaking news involving kim kardashian. nbc news confirming the tv reality star was held up at gunpoint in her hotel room in paris. >> reporter: frances, good
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kardashian. according to her spokesman, two gunman entered the hotelroom where they were staying. they were dressed as police officers. local media is reporting that the men took millions of dollars worth of jewelry as well as two cell phones. she herself was locked in a bathroom while they carried out this robbery. her husband, kanye west told cot family emergency. ? a woman so heartless ? i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> the kardashian spokesman said that kim was understandably badly shaken but physically unharmed. police are investigating the
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guys. thank you, lucy. well, the latest trump controversy continues as tax experts get a look at the leaked 1995 tax returns as released by the new york times. he could legally avoid federal income taxes for 18 years. >> reporter: a peek inside the secret finances of the republican nominee. three pages of a 1995 tax return trump declared a $915 million loss. a deduction so large it could have allowed him to avoid federal income tax for 18 years. this was his accountant, responsible for auditing casinos and hotels. >> i think it's a big deal because no one has seen the tax returns. so all the sudden they're getting the snippet of the net operating loss.
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that, it's not a big deal. >> reporter: the partial filing mailed to the new york times shining a light on a still unanswered question. >> do you pay federal income tax now? >> reporter: trump refusing to say yes or no then and not denying the content or conclusion of the new york bomb shell now. instead tweeting i know our complex tax laws better than anyone and i'm the only one kwhoo can fix it. >> there's no one who has shown more genius. >> reporter: while team clinton labels him an opportunist and a bad businessman. >> and they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> now daring him for proof,
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us how smart he really is." >> i fight like hell to pay as little as possible. can i say that? often tweet shaming those he says don't pay enough from hedge funders to regular americans. now those regular americans are gearing up to decide if he will works taxes as he has his own. the trump campaign. n. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump's new luxury hotel was vandalized by someone who put "black lives matter" grufeeto on the side pm while at a campaign stop in
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trump mocked clinton for having pneumonia and stumbling during a memorial service. >> here's a woman. she's supposed to fighting all of these different things and she can't make it 15 feet to erhad car. give me a blake it give me a break. an was in battleground, north carolina. she addressed racial unrest. >> i'm a grandmother. and like every grandmother i worry about the safety and security of my grandchildren. but my worries are not the same as black grandmothers. who have different and deeper fears about the world that their grandchildren face. in america everyone should be
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respect for the law. >> and clinton has received arguably her biggest endorsement yet in the swing state. lebron james saying she is a champion for children. and saying there needs to be a unifier and clinton quote is running on the message of hope and unity that we need. with 36 days until the clinton with a slight 2 1/2 percentage over trump. i mean. this man is clearly unfit to be commanderer and chief. he is a bully. >> shut up. >> he started the birther
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hoax presented by china. he hasn't released his tax returns which means he's not that rich. >> wrong. >> not that charitable. >> wrong. >> or has never paid taxes in his life. >> warmer. >> and vice president joe biden will be in another battleground state out of florida. and vice presidential debate, mike pence. and columbians rejected a peace deal aimed at ending a war that saw the deaths of 220 thousand style lives. those voting against the deal claim it was too lenient.
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and while the country's president hassets there is no plan be, today determine the bost path towardspede, for the first time the u.s. team has taken back the ryder cup. the americans were able to hold on for a win asya and president obama tweeting what a win by the u.s.a. proud to see our guys bring the proefy back home. arny is smiling down. and stunning revelations about the daa recorders. bill. >> the lower 48, we have to have a relatively quiet day. and still with the high elbragzs
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of the actual incident. and the passing of jacob hall, the 6-year-old school boy died on saturday in south carolina. he lost 75% of the blood. he underwent surnlical circries. he is one of the yungs victims sense the stpdy hook krajdy his traungest toler. and the u.s. stream court after six 1/2 months, senate republicans are still refusing to hold nominations. and they will hold the first south by south lawn festival.
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this morning we're learning about a timeline for britain's exit from the european union. prime minister may says it will happen by summer of 2019.
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limits on immigration policy a britain priority, britain vote is to leave the eu back in june. deutsche bank is weighing heavily on investors. good monday morning to you. >> reporter: and good monday morning to you as well. hard to believe it's already the final quarter of the year but investors will have to hang tight over christmas because particularly the jobbed weportedment and wondering when or not it will wie into the federal reserves and the cla could be on the table. so, wash that jobs resport on and they'll continue to watch oil prices. and keep an eye on deutsche
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and concern up to a $14 billion settlement they could face, the department of gists. we know deutsche bank executives are due to reach an agreement on that settlement. some reports suggested it could be under 3 million. and deliveries of tesla models nearly same quarter last year. cnbc's nancy. just ahead, lindsey lohan undergoes surgery following a freak boating accident. and the human tower competition. teams compete to build the tallest and most complexatories.
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it jumped about 30% from last year's debut. this time did it for the entire time. >> they were absolutely hilarious. john oliver had fun with a debate night break down last week. >> it all culminating in this amazing aversion. >> i think my strongest asset, temperament. i know how towin. >> it's an incredible segment. if you had looked right in the cack ruand said i am a curien woman, it night have been more toivable and that a claim that dis moves it 183 it's like getting a forehead tattoo that
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