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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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how much will it cost you to get in here tonight? i'll let you know coming up, holly.
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welcome to november. i mean, it's a little chilly right now. i'm not going to deny that. temperatures in the 40s. but for this time of the day we come to you live from progressive field where we are so excited for game six and we are expecting a warm weather day. we've got an overview to start and you're not going to even get over this. wipe that sleep out of your eyes. partly cloudy skies. temperatures in the # 0s all this is how it's going to time out today. at 9:00, 56 degrees. 68 degrees at lunch. i mean, is this november? yep, sure is. normal highs should be mid to upper 50s. record-high for today is 82. we're going to hit 75 at 5:00 this evening and if you're curious about fame six and if you're coming down to progressive field. you better wear some short sleeves. i'm not even kidding. i mean, we're going to hold in
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for that first pitch and through much of the game this evening. dry, partly cloudy. daniel, how is that commute looking so far today if >> the commute is lookening like the indians perfect. let's secure that win tonight so we can be world champions again. now let's be a champion on the commute. 5:02. we're all green pretty much. u.s. 62 westbound as you're approaching 44 as as eastbound. that may be adding a few minutes but nothing to frustrate you. to the north the same picture. looks great. here's a picture on 7 # at 480 where everybody is getting by just fine. that drive from the turnpike to 480, 8 minute commute. that's normal. if you continue on to the 490 interchange it's a 5-minute drive. we are good to go. back to you.
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now the baseball season extends into november. game six of the world series right here at progressive field. right now let's get you the headlines heading into game six. let's start starters. arrieta. he sets the table for andrew milner the bullpen. he was the game two winner here. he kept the indians bat quiet by carrying a no hitter into the sixth hitting. the dh is back and the cubs will welcome kyle back to the lineup.
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85 -- where you win game five at home and 6 and 7 on the road. three time that's happened. it hasn't happened since the 79 pirates. they were the last team to do it. i'm bringing -- what the players and the managers are saying about game six. >> yeah. i think they're probably saying a lot less than we a lot of analyzing. they know if they put it on this big stage and this pedestal then it puts too much emphasis, gets the nerves going and josh tomlin who has been in the situation before, he came out there and pitched a masterful game. he's going to try to do the same thing. as they get ready to go and this shifts back a lot of things shift with t. you mentioned the dh for the
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that extra bat without the lack of defense in the out field that can put others at first and not santana. they can get more speed. you know, they like playing in front of the fans. we saw 7,000 people for -- it's not exactly the home field advantage that he's looking forward to. >> the biggest thing of all is when you're the home team, you hit last. you get to use your bullpen and that's why so many good teams have better records at home. >> reporter: do what they have this postseason. he's been pretty good.
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we apologize. we'll patch that up and head back over there in a little bit. just hours from now, downtown is going to be busy with tens of thousands of people coming in to the ballpark. hey, and done forget there's also a cavs game tonight. tiffany joins us live with more on the excitement downtown and what you can expect today. hey, tiffany. >> reporter: hi. you know with this being game six, a night they series you know there's going to be a lot of people downtown. not only here it inside the stadium but around this area and you might bethinking maybe you're sitting at home and watching this or sitting at this. it would be nice to be inside. i went on stub hub and got a quick check of the prices. if you want to be here and inside of the progressive field the cheapest standing room only just over
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down a little bit from where they were yesterday but if you're feeling a bit fancy you have thousands and thousands of dollars you want to spend, diamond box ticket, $11,000. if you want to spend a night in downtown cleveland, maybe you don't want to drive home most hotels are sold out but the hilton for $650 a night on so bottom line, you're going to be spending a whole lot of money if you want to get here into lena you did say both playing right here at home. parking will be at a premium. last week we saw parking at what $50, $80, $100. could it go up even more tonight? >> that would be a good bet. thanks so muchful we'll see you in a little bit. no need to worry about picking which team to watch later tonight because cavs
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p.m. in fact, gilbert took to twittered yesterday saying he understands your allegiance to all of your cleveland teams so the game will be moved up to 6 p.m. the cavs will be hosting the rockets in the q and after the game gilbert will allow fans to remain inside to watch the world series on the humungotron. it starts tonight at 8 p.m. at progressive field. came out? he could not sleep the night boyfriend the game. he ordered $44 worth of ice cream. wow, now, it appears -- they're helping out his sweet tooth. they delivered a world series survival kit to the team. ten flavors and will give them energy they need to clinch the world series. all of these stories and so
5:09 am fighting the flu over the weekend. time right now 5:09 and just ahead, cleveland missing pennant. find out what happened to the indians pennant the last time they won the world series back in 1948. tribe fever tuesday and we are going to be warming things up. it's going to waken up. temperatures in the 40s. honestly still pretty mild by standards. a look at your specific forecast. partly cloudy skies. 75 winning degrees. that's what we're going with today. it's going to be amazing. i've got your detailed breakdown of not only today but world series game six that's coming up in just
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he wrote in john mccain for president. he also said that kasikh voted straight ticket republican. >> halloween -- some costume inspiration in trevor bower. remember during the alcs when he gut kut his finger on a drone when he start could start game three but ended up that mishap ended up being a hit for fans. here's pictures from twit their fans shared of their bower costume. take a look. costumes included indians gear, a bloody hand and a drone that caused the injury. all right. now we're going to send it back out for holly for a check of the forecast.
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today we have the rally towel. >> good form. >> that could happen. >> that's fabulous. >> how exciting is this? >> this is exciting. we were talking about it. it's hard to believe it's in the 70ss. >> everybody -- right. in between time we're kind of, you know, snuggling and it is -- it's a good number too. still have to dress the kids in moment. we're in the 40s and we will with warming up is the good news. our bus stop kids, it's all rally together. i love the triable apparel. very good. make sure you have a sweatshirt on too. it's november 1st. flip the calendars. what? 75 degrees. unbleivel and we're expecting highs from the low to middle 70s all across northeast ohio as you can see.
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we're already in the low 60s. by 3 this afternoon in the low 70 #-z. as you're picking up the kids from school, how great for recess and just being outdoors in general today. world series game number six. partly cloudy skies. 60s through the entire game. i think we'll be pretty close to 70 actually first pitch. and then probably dropping to about 67. 66 degrees. towarded end of the game. clear to partly clou what we're waking town this morning and it is dry. as we look on futureview and track hour by hour this is #u 30 a.m. we're already well into the 50s at that point . so once the sun's up. things are going to warm up pretty fast. we got the kids out of the south today. that's obviously helps things. 2:30 this afternoon, low to middle 70s. and as we get into this evening, 5:0. still in the 70s. a lot of you coming downtown to maybe get a little
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this evening. east 4th street. so many nice options. that rooftop at the 9 i'm sure. it's going to be beautiful. this is 10:30 tonight. 68 degrees downtown at 10:30 tonight when the game is going on and overnight we're looking at lows pretty mild by the same time tomorrow. 50s to near 06 degrees and another really warm wednesday. with highs into the 70s before we bring rain chances in. late wednesday night and thursday. thursday 5 a.m. we got a soaker on your hands. it's going to be some tricky commuting in a couple of days but we've got a nice middle of the week forecast and hello tribe fever tuesday. 75 degrees the high today. lows tonight upper 50s to # 0s degrees. really, really mild. your seven-day forecast. we're back in the 70s tomorrow. more of a partly sunny skies.
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temperatures go but it will be a rainy day especially early. 50 degrees friday. partly sunny. a really pleasant first weekend of november. upper 50s to near 60. this is the weekend we fall back one hour. let's get a check on the drive. it's 5:18. rise and shine northeast ohio. i believe that we might be celebrating or will be celebrating a so this is where we have a lot of the energy tonight at progressive field as well as at the q. again, cleveland may institute a parking restriction. no parking on prospect avenue starting at noon. that does not stop until 2 a.m. also, huron between ontario and prospect. another boliver.
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east 9th and between superior. so pretty much what it is is you cannot park near progressive field in about a mile out so i don't want you to get ticket. you may want to drive in. if you drive in be prepared to spend a lot of money on parking or take rta for $5. john, back to you. >> reporter: i'll take it. thanks so ch little bit. he's one of the most popular members of the indians team. flighter the mast cot. he's got to get ready for the big game tonight. we'll give you an exclusive look inside his lockerroom coming up. it's been all world series in all of your photos that we've been getting for you. this is a photo at sunday's watch party. you can show off your tribe gear and be on 3 too.
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kids, your pets, your family. all of it using facebook or twitter and the hashtag be on three. we may use them on the air. time is now 5:20.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile.
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her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine.
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from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone and remain true to the constitution. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. but a fun thy thing happened to the indians world series pennant that year. it got lost. owners bill veck held a funeral to secure the world series berth. the team held a burial in the shadow of the old cleefnlt municipal stadium and today first energy stadium home of the browns sits on top of that land.
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someone unearthed it before it was built, construction crews found it and trashed it or it's still there. >> obviously bit back in east -- sobbing and he's got players who were pallbearers for this casket and another gentlemen who's acting as a -- like a priest or the fish i can't and the sporting news is his bible. it was tongue so he wanted to do something i think that would be remembered. >> reporter: so anyone who knows where that 1948 pennant is, is asked to let the team know. please. they really want to add it to the team museum inside progressive field. now, he doesn't have a number on his indians jersey but you could say he's one of the most popular members of the team. we're talking about slider the
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handsome all the time. he gave us an exclusive look inside his lockerroom to show how he's getting reside for the big game tonight. ? [ music ] ? [ music ] ? >> help a fur brother out. [ laughter ] are you ready for the big game? oh my gosh. are you nervous? a little bit?
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that's right. there you go. looking sharp, my man. that's right. any time, buddy. awe. i think that's the first time i heard him say that he's a little nervous. >> well -- >> i guess -- >> did you calm him? >> i sure did. gave him a big hug. he's only human, i mean, monster. >>ry thank you so much, slider. >> he's not high maintenance. >> no. i like that about him. >> he's going to be all around dancing through progressive field tonight. let get a look at your forecast. we'll start with local conditions. it's cool right now. you need coats and your tribe sweatshirts and thing like. that heading into the day we're going to warm up and november 1st today. it really doesn't feel like. maybe candy for breakfast. >> oh. >> from last night, which is
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75 the anticipated high today. travel map looks super clear and i do want to show you the highs which are 70s and 80s nationwide. more or less. it's so warm. 75 later on today. that's unbelievable, holly. all right. coming up, i don't think we should be surprised but outside of ohio the entire baseball world will be cheering for the why? because they want a game seven of this series. but coming up in my take, will they get their wish? we'll talk about it coming up.
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h. >> the big question is the cubs closer chapman? how much does he have in the arm after eight outs in game five. he threw 42 punishes, 15 of them over 100 miles an hours. we'll see what he has. the indians know andrew miller is rested and ready for tonight following josh tomlin as the l? >> yeah, john they're trying to come down from 3-1 devastate. the last team was the kansas city royals in 1985. we haven't just seen that but we have lived it. >> coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win championship against the golden state warriors. they think they have the advantage on mound. the indians feel pretty good as well. two chances to win this at home where they are 58-29
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who pitched a masterful game three. a .176 era. coming up at 6:00 but right now the weather's perfect. let's start playing baseball now, holly. >> reporter: i know. it really is. it's a little cool at the moment but this would actual be normal for this time of the year. thanks so much. good morning to you. happen november 1st. it is tuesday and we are all go tribe mode. let a forecast here from progressive field and it is cool but in a comfy way this morning. we're in the 40s. we will end up 56 degrees by 9:00. 68 at noontime today. 75 the forecasted high. here we go. world series game six and i mentioned those highs in the 70s. we are planning on first pitch pretty close to 70 degrees. upper 60s to near 70 and only
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66 degrees by the 9th inning. partly cloudy skies all the way through. unbleivel. we've got clear to partly cloudy skies this morning. not a drop of rain in sight. we're looking in super shape for the entire day and for your commute, we'll be 40s and partly cloudy skies and talking about -- is this really november? by later on? record by the way 82 for this day. we're going to be close enough. that's for su check on your commute. what to expect. there'll be a lot of congestion coming downtown again this evening. >> a lot of -- good morning. a lot of great con aggression. we like this type of attention on northeast ohio. positive. let's hope we can clinch that win tonight and as we are looking at the traffic map it is an accident-free commute. i am tracking two spots of slow traffic on the map. u.s. 224 eastbound as you are
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medina. that's adding a minute or two to your commute. take a look here at the camera where 71 and 271 meet. you're not seeing anything in this camera. traffic moving just fine. in fact, that drive time on 71 north between 271 and the turnpike of 14 -- a 14- minute commute. that's nots a big delay in that area. when you hit the road, our partners. tiffany, back to you. as you know with all of that traffic heading into downtown cleveland, that congestion you were talking about, parking is going to be at a premium tonight. let's go ahead and show you what things look like during game one and game two last week. i mean, it was difficult to find a parking space for any cheaper than $50.
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could go up tonight being how crucial this game is. now there are people who are looking to cash in on this game. you'll have the street vendors out there like peanuts, of course men and memorabilia. thing like that. you might be on the fence, should you pay to get inside of progressive field tonight? well, lena, coming up i'm going to let you know how much is going to cost you to get in here. st get ready. to pay a pretty penny. too rich for my blood. the world series thus far has been a rating smash on tvs across the country with the appeal of the indians and cubs waiting a combined 176 years for a world series title. according to sports media watch game five of the world series drew in an
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making it the most watched world series game in five years. and through five games of the series, this year's fall classic is the most watched series since 2004. >> now let me ask you, when you're listening to the game and watching some of the national sport shows have you noticed, does it seem like everyone is rooting for the cubs? so we wanted to find out, are indians fans the only es is it cleveland against the world? according to google trends the cubs were the most searched world series team in every state but ohio. they even spiked in general interest about the team. people seem more interested in the players too. the top five searched combined 65 million compared to the top five cleveland 35
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cleveland. he's from ohio but that's all right. jason kitnis is from chicago. grew up a cubs fan and he just- -you know, he wept yard in wrigley. >> exactly. but you know what? here's the deal. we have to deal with this. the cubs will be cheered by the entire baseball world tonight outside we can't debate it. the cubs will be the favorite team tonight. i'll talk about that coming up. will they get their wish for a game seven? it's coming up. your chance to be on three. all we want to see a photo of you and your tribe gear. this is from mike who dressed up brantley.
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t mails last year; radio ight? the fbi kicks throughs hundred of thousands of e-mails of a top clinton aide. sources confirmed the agency is take a preliminary look at the foreign business ties of donald trump's former campaign manager. >> director has discussed investigation involving one candidate it opens the director open to claims of bias if he doesn't discuss o'potential
5:42 am
million in cash from prorussian politicians when trump praised the country's leader vmentd just day before the election has energized the trump campaign. >> i guarantee you there are many, many of the e-mail that we're missing are in there. >> wikileaks revealed the head of the dramatickic party gave them a heads up on debate questions mail controversy doesn't appear to sway voters. clinton's ahead by 6 weeks. the same as last week. >> now, the fbi says they will work as quickly as possible but still, it's not known if they can get through the hundreds of thousands of e-mails and find some significant information or announce they haven't found anything significant before the election on tuesday. >> and you know, tracy, we vice
5:43 am
what are they saying? >> kind of hands off from the white house. the white house spokesman asked about it. they're not support for or criticize if he should have come out while the middle of an investigation. >> all right. live in washington for us this morning. thank you so much. now to the other big story, not only the world series but this weather that we're having. holly, this is phenomenal. just feel ke aligning for us. >> unbelievable. it's a sign, mo. 5:43 right now and welcome back to progressive field. we're right in front of the dugout. there's the beautiful lena. tiffany over there. the players are always toasty even when it is chilly. >> really? >> really. >> this is behind the scenes. it's cool. >> give me a heads up. >> nobody at home -- that's the whole point . reality tv.
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between; right? all right. let's get a look at your feerkt. unbelievably nice. mos mentioning. i love you girls. we are talking tribe town tuesday and a warm day with highs in the mid-70 #-z. 40s now and it's all of northeast ohio that will be bringing about temperatures in the 7 0z today. we're going to jump into the of 0s by 11 a.m. and we plan on 72 degrees at 3:00 and it just keeps going up fr we end up 75 the high. record for today is 82. we're not too far from there. for the game tonight, we will be in the 60s. the entire game. actually close to 70 for first pitch and i think falling to about 67, # 6 degrees toward the end of the game. partly cloudy skies. which is exactly what we have right now. on futureview as we track hour by hour, not a thing going on other than this warm up today. we got that nice wind out of the south and we're
5:45 am
in temperatures. beautiful commuting weather as you're coming downtown. take advantage. you can be walking around the streets, grabbing a little something to eat prior to. you'll barely need a jacket initially and maybe just a really light coat for later on this evening. tomorrow's beginning to be equally warm. i think partly sunny skies before we bring in rain showers for thursday. thursday this same time we'll have a soaker on our hands and some slowdowns and all of the stuff that goes along in the meantime 75 today. so warm, go tribe. tonight's lows will be in the upper 50s to near 60. your window nation 7-day forecast the rain for thursday, at cooler friday, a beautiful looking first weekend in november and don't forget this is the weekend where we fall back one hour. a labradoodle all set in tribe gear. thank you for megan for sending
5:46 am
coming from coming up in our next hour. danny, how's the commute so far today? >> good morning. good morning to all of you. the commute is really pretty quiet this morning. here's the picture. akron area where you see the north and southbound sides getting by just fine. we moved to 77 north because those ramps are closed. it's going to clear. ju but for those of you commuting, need to get around that. waterloo to 77. other than that we're looking great. all green and no accidents. john, back it you. all right. thank you. let talk sports the browns pick up jamie collins from the patriots in a trade. the price was only a third round draft pick. it's a rising linebacker but
5:47 am
collins' contract is up and he wants von miller money. probably won a deal with all of that. not sure they'll be able to keep him after this season. check this out. celebrate the world series. this place is amazing. he built the entire thing including the baseball bar and the memorabilia makes you feel like you' bats from the early 1900, from even before the last cubs world win in 1908. he has ticket stub from the perfect game in 19816789 most of clevelands residents say they were there. i'll show you the entire fan cave on fan cave friday coming up this week. all right. for my take it's no secret that
5:48 am
fan tonightment from a baseball commissioner to fox 26 executives, fans everywhere, they're cheering for the cubs tonight to win and force a game seven in this series. can you imagine the ratings for a game seven with the indians and cubs? but they all may not get their wish. here's why i think they won't get their wish. i think the starters could be a draw tonight between tosm lin and arrieta. this will come down to the bullpen. andrew ready. chapman is coming off a 42- pitch, eight out save in game five. how rested is he with just one travel day off? the thing with chapman is yes, he's speed and he blows pitches by hitters but he throws straight and fast and he loses any of that speed, he's more hitable. and if down, remember the indians have won 11 games in this ballpark in their last at-bat. the dh is back, which i think that's a wash.
5:49 am
he's had three hits in the first two games but also means he can use both santa in a and napley and avoid putting him in left field. to me tonight this game is about bullpens and home field advantage and the indians have both of them. my original pick was indians in seven with kluber pitching game seven but i think we all hope it gets over with tonight. we don't need to push it to seven games. tweet me your thoughts. your thoughts on game six. to hear your thoughts come into this big game tonight. right now let's check in with matt and see what he's got for us. after the break, a different type of smarts. how to make your life smart for under $15.
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this -- i'm going dare converts the light current that's already power your bulb into a smart charge station. take a look at one of thes a seen on tvs. you asked me to test. i don't think there's going to be much to this but i started to understand why it is so well reviewed. for those of you that want to use an e reader or in a dorm room where an outlet is not always right beside you, this contraption which is ideal for
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plug outlet giving you a fast and safe outlet station. it gets you two for under 30 bucks. our intern puts this to the test. >> this lightbulb or any inka descent. you have your usb plug in right there and your on and off switch right there. simply screw it in to your lap, the thing about this product is that your lamp doesn't need to be turned on to charge your twices. all you do is plug cord. and your twice will start charging. the lamp isn't even on right now and aside from charging a phone it can charge an ipad. there you have it. actually works. >> are you surprise in why else would i find a deal on it. this item which you can watch in action on our website is great for a lot of students i think in particular. >> oh, for sure.
5:55 am
i'm sure they don't have outlets where they should be and especially older dorm rooms. this is filed under why didn't i invite this. >> an awesome white elephant gift. actually i could use that there. the only other perk that i found from people only social media is they have lightbulb surveillance cameras. it's a thing. they hide cameras in lightbulbs. >> why have i not thought of this? >> they do this to so these are flying off the shelves for people who have that. they can plug indiscreetly. >> i feel so behind. let's check in with holly. dop, i'm sorry. >> let's talk about game six. the indians have the lead 3- 6789 the cubs say they will the momentum and watched the movie rocky but the indians deliver the
5:56 am
at home? lena? >> reporter: and he's one of the most lovable members of the indians team. slider the mascot and exclusive behind the scenes look at how he's getted ready for tonight's game. >> all right. thanks. this homework is stressful for you. some simple solutions to get it all done without the afterschool battles. sandy? we are overwhelmed with excite because it's the place to be. the and the world series returns to cleveland and with all of that excitement, also return. i i help you prepare after # a.m. holly? >> reporter: it is already the place to be this morning, daniel. i'll tell you what. just feel it. i just want to do this. i need pom-poms, highs in the 70s today. a gorgeous november 1st. two tribe.
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honey nut cheerios
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and real oats. ok that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. were back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy, figures.
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how much it's going to cost you. lena snrks >> and clevelanders love their sports. how cavs owner is making sure


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