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tv   Today  NBC  November 4, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. that day we know it friday. november 4th, 2016. jenna bush haguer in for kathie lee gifford on this friday. playing a little charlie ex-y ex called after the after-party. >> before the after-party i'm sleeping. >> a great, great show today. first of all, funny man kevin james is here. >> hilarious. >> along with andy garcia. they've teamed up in something that will have you on the edge
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>> so good. also excited because maureen mccormick is here. >> marcia? >> yes, marcia, marcia, marcia! >> iconic marcia brady one of the most iconic shows for me of all-time. >> the last commercial, a little part -- used to wait for the little part. >> usually alice was in the tiny part. >> alice was always in! >> i love thetl lilliana, a fan of pumpkin spice. the surprising ways to work that color into your life. look how little lilliana is -- >> smaller than the pumpkin. definitely smaller than a pumpkin. if you've got a kid in your life, invaluable information from a special young lady here to tell you everything your teen wants you to know, but is afraid to say. it's kind of scary. >> that's kind of good, from the horse's mouth there. and fun with crazy ex-girlfriend star rachel bloom is with us.
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birthday today? >> yes, yes! >> my mother is 70 years old! >> laura bush! yes! party on, laura. >> really does look like she's party wig some confetti. >> at the 92nd y, can you tell. >> yes, yes i. love looking at -- >> wait. that's my mom holding poppy. but look how good my mom looks. >> my looks good. >> this summer. she's 70 years old. she looks so good. >> your mom is gorgeous. does age? >> no. no, no. she doesn't care. she does say she we want to her high school -- that's back in the day. >> which one's you? >> the blondy in her lap. the one that probably forced barbara out of her way to get in her lap. >> are you eating pizza? >> i'm pretty sure my mom wouldn't let us eat pizza in her bed. she likes things neat and clean. >> likes things just so. >> i think about the fact my mom is this really combination of
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know, gracious and sort of an in a quiet way, which i'm not so much in the quiet way, but i just -- everybody was like i always, looked up to your mom, i wanted to bake cookies. my mom has never bake add cookie a day in her life, but sort of comes across that way. >> has that exact vibe in the makeup room. you know she knows what she wants but is always asking questions of everybody. >> i love happy birthday. >> posted a picture on instagram. keep a couple things in mind. 47, gorgeous. posted this with a #loveyourselffirst, healthy body, healthy mind. >> i don't know what to say about this. >> oh, my gosh. >> she looks so beautiful. >> i cannot believe how good she looks. we know she looks great and also -- so fun about her, she's a fun-loving person who seems to
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beauty. >> also roses in the corner of her picture. >> everything is coming up roses for j. lo. i will say, i can imagine getting a couple of my friends together, who -- >> that pose? >> just toe do like -- it's like -- >> love yourself. ? ah, yea, yea ? >> and if i could have, something, you know, really pushing these babies up -- >> maybe down. >> >> everyone's are. >> jot j. lo's! j. lo's aren't down. >> everyone wants to do a real mom calendar with me. >> in that pose? >> also like -- you know? it's just, things can be, like -- for real. >> sticking out. >> for real. >> we can call the calendar for rea that would be good. people would buy it. >> mom in the nude. mom -- in the nude.
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was sort of -- >> yeah. just strategically placing things. cards. >> note cards. >> just like that. >> all right. so, dana carvey was on the "today" show earlier this week. >> you love him. >> so funny. did a million impressions but i didn't realize how many he could do in a row. he was on howard stern and he did 17 impressions like that. so we're going to take a look at a couple of them. >> michael kane as a >> i can't say anymore because i'm only 2 bloody years old. >> paul mccartney on mars. >> we didn't know it would be so red. >> tom brokaw asking where the library is in spanish? >> okay. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> believe it? threw me right out. i'm on deck. live across the street. those at home don't know you're watching a thing called a television. >> not going to do it. education. >> not going do it.
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think -- >> my grandpa loved dana carvey. look at dana carvey. >> loved the impressions? >> sure he didn't always, in retrospect retrospect, loved him. speaks to dana and my grandpa, after losing the election to bill clinton he invited dana to the white house to make the staff lover and make fun of him. not going to do it. wouldn't be prudent -- not very good. that sounds i like the strange combinations. >> by the way, such a testament to your grandfather. >> wanted all the staff who worked really hard and lost an election laugh, and dana carvey came. he's a talented comedian. >> speaks to the climate, how different was. >> not to get into that. >> not to go down that dark path. >> because it's friday. we have light. >> yes, we do. two of our favorite things combined into one. all right.
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it's like -- peanut butter and jelly. >> bruno mars appeared at a lounge, performing a cover of adele's song "all i ask." listen to it and then we'll tell you another surprise about it. ? all i ask is ? >> that's adele. ? this is my last night with you ? >> pretty. >> when is bruno coming in. >> he does ? more than supposed ? >> people are crying and hugging themselves. joann -- joann, please, joann. >> this is important. >> joann, you have to show yourself doing that. >> you have to do it, from this version. >> come on, jo jo. ? all we do ? >> any day, joann ? no! joann. >> supposed to -- >> oh, joann -- [ laughter ] >> all right. now, here's bruno mars sings
10:08 am
? this is my last night with you ? you better hold me like i'm more than just a friend ? give me a memory ? ? i can use ? ooh ? >> oh, my gosh. so bruno mars, by the way, here's your last little bit of information. bruno song with adele. >> see, i was a, a child of the '90s, and i love that kind of, like, boyz ii men, that snap, remember "into the road" by boys positivemen? >> first of all, i love boyz ii men. >> i'm not a great snapper. >> bruno has that throwback. his vibe even now. all right. >> uh-huh. >> if you don't love kellie pickler you're going to love her a little more now. she has a show she does with her husband. she's so fun.
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>> she's authentic. what comes out is totally real. >> she was on my radio show and came on with her husband. has cold. oh, i god a cold, honey, get me the jack. i was like, what? goes in his bag pulled out jack daniels stolen from the hotel. the little ones. >> wasn't stolen. probably purchased. >> they both shoot them down. see? we're good as new! >> anyway, this is -- this is from the show "i love kellie pickler" when she and her husband went >> -- excited. i was a little nervous, not going to lie, thinking about the fact we about to start plummeting to the ground. [ laughter ] from the sky. >> oh! sorry. i'm going to get really excited. we're going jump out of a plane! whew! oh, my god! ready? >> ready, set -- [ screaming ]
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>> whew! [ laughter ] ah! that was so amazing! [ laughter ] that's the most incredible thing i've ever done in my life! thank you so much. >> so cute. >> how adorable? >> i also love that the first thing she did was say thank you so much -- she said, thank you for so much. >> she said, where had se? >> thank you so much. >> can we just see jenna couldn't find a picture. it was the '90s. it wasn't in the '90s. in the 2000s, but when you jump, it is the best thing ever, but you look -- you do it. this is what you look like -- [ laughter ] the wind blows your huge cheeks. >> did you curse? you cursed didn't you, all the way down? >> i didn't say, oh my gosh. >> kevin james and andy garcia teaming up for action and comedy. >> tells us about their new project, right after this. >> why did you jump?
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kevin james is known for "king of kweerns" and then becoming paul blart, the security guard taking higsz job seriously. >> andy garcia known for more serious roles like the casino owner played in the "oceans "trilogy. >> and we had a chance to sit down with them talking about a new original action comedy calmed "true international assassin." >> in it kevin play as would-be author expected to be a real life killer for hire. >> and andy tries to force him into an assassination plot. you got it? here it is. >> drive it. >> nice to meet you. >> you don't have to ghost. >> he is the ghost, juan. he's the ghost. >> he's not the ghost. i want to prove it. i'm going to kill myself.
10:15 am
yeah. it's a comedy. >> hi, guys. good to see you. >> look at this pairing. the two of you. >> the odd couple. >> the first time you worked together? >> worked together, yes, yes, i was excited. once we were able to get our hooks into andy we pulled him in and it gives legitimacy to everything. to get to work with him. >> he's at greatest. >> gravitas. >> yes. >> any convincing, andy, or just want in? >> no. i'm a huge fan of kevin james. we met playing golf and some socially, but of this man. >> who has the better golf game? >> without a doubt. just talking about it. >> who? >> andy by par. >> i dropped to a 7. >> dropped? >> from an 8. >> that's the better way. right? >> had a low round and dropped. >> he's incredible. >> tell us about this film. so you are an author. >> hard to follow the premise. >> it's tough that way, but, yeah. i'm an author, trying to be an author and do a lot of research on international assassins and
10:16 am
know -- they think i know -- because i stumble upon some information, they think i, only a real chacha would know this and then i get abducted and meet the great andy garcia in a far-away land and goes from there and i have to try to convince them i'm no -- >> because he's such a great assassin i want him to assassinate the president of country. >> of course you do. why wouldn't you? >> a lot of stunts i noticed. >> women do them, too. >> oh, gosh. >> are you doing your own? >> a lot of my own, yes. the once i can't do very much, we were -- yes. that's why i brought andy in, and it was tough. we had to take out the beard in a lot of the shots, but -- >> what it's for. >> i'm not good with heights. we in a helicopter, and kind of up in that for a while. >> this chair is difficult.
10:17 am
>> it is a little high. >> are you afraid of heights? >> i'm horrible with heights. i lock up. i can't move. tough to act when you're up there that high, but other than that, it was -- we prepared so much for this movie. we got, you know, honestly, we drilled for like a month beforehand, just working out choreographing the fights. >> people get hurt if you don't. hurt even when you do. >> exactly. >> how about that beard, andy, you were sporting? that was something. quite a thing. >> that was the beginning of it. i kept getting i'll do it, but i have this beard. like six months, and my wife was very happy. >> she wanted it gone? >> wanted it gone. >> yeah. >> bye-bye. >> ever grown one for your wife? >> i did. the kids don't like it much. >> how could complicate a relationship t. is. never looks at good as andy's either. >> shout-out for you at the billy joel concert. singing mouth wide open like a huge fan right there in the garden. >> such an amazing --
10:18 am
greatest guy, and you know, i've gotten to know him and he's just -- fantastic. >> what was the song you were singing? >> what wasn't i singing? it was literally from the get-go of the concert i started. >> all right, kids. >> we're excited for this mother and for your new series, all the best to you on that, too. >> yes. >> i wish i was at that billy joel concert with him. "true memoirs" premieres friday on netflix. >> it's the col >> what is? pumpkin spice. >> and lilliana will show you >> and lilliana will show you (chuckle) ( ?? ) come on, dad. ( ?? ) ? they tell me i'm wrong ? ? to want to stand alongside my, my love ? ? whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ? ? talkin' 'bout my, my love ?
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>> we heard all the sleshty, taylor swift, olivia -- wearing in. >> why. >> autumnal hues makes you feel ready for thanksgiving. right after halloween. >> this is also called burnt orange, where i come from. >> yes it is. >> burnt orange or pumpkin spice. take you how you want it. first up, one of my favorite ways to wear it. like to a throw wrap to style however you want. jennifer, come on out in this. >> wow. >> there she is. >> pretty. >> from unique you already have. even over a wool coat. if you love to wear denim like i do, i think pumpkin spice looks so good with that middle denim, even a really dark denim. add layers making it feel very seasonal. i love the boots, bring out the bun warm tones. under $30. >> sort of like wearing a blank it. you want to be comfy. >> so cute. >> and still looks put together. >> belt it to define your waist as well. >> thanks, hon.
10:23 am
also a huge trend. do pumpkin spice head to toe. >> can you? >> yes. make sure all the shades match. here we have this. you guys, both of the pieces, tops and pants from under 21. unde$20 for each piece. >> jaers. >> yes. >> texture should be different, color the same. >> does this color look good on everybody? >> skin tone matters, but they have gorgeous skin tone. >> yes, also on someone fair. adds a fun level of look at a pop of color on the shoes. from nine west, that fun pewter color. which makes the whole thing pop. >> i love that coat. >> the coat's beautiful. >> and aasis. >> when they want to wear it after the show i know i've done my job. >> i want this. >> i know. this is what i call a blanket scarf, wear it traditionally
10:24 am
scarf from aldo. under $50. i don't like my outfit. three on, look cute. >> or on an airplane, keeping you warm. >> put these gloves on. super cozy. produce great? a headband, beanie or mitten. pumpkin spice booties available at pay less shoes. >> sdand this fit girls with big heads? >> oh it does! >> adorable. >> 100%, can wear anything. >> dawn adorable. >> color pop cosmetics. a pumpkin spice collection. >> how did you could that without a mirror? >> donna's friends with gigi hadid. >> the best day in my life. >> gigi hadid approved and the best thing about color pop, everything is under $10.
10:25 am
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we're here. oh it's try day friday. jenna bush hague sir in for kathie lee. i've sure you've heard that before. we we just do it one more time? >> all: marcia, marcia, marcia! >> playing the in one of the world's most famous families "the brady bunch." >> i can't believe he hit you with a basketball. >> a basketball? thank god it wasn't a basketball. >> a football hurts, too. >> yeah. they all hurt. >> you've come a long way, baby. maureen recently wrapped undancing on "dancing with the stars." we didn't want her to, showing what she could do on the dancing floor. >> maureen, we were rooting for you from the jump.
10:31 am
lots of great, interesting people, but did you realize, like, the ground swell of support had you from your fan . >> i have to tell you when i saw your tweets, and what you said, i was so touched. because i felt like the real underdog. i felt like -- you know, i mean, i just felt very much out of my comfort zone, and to have all of that love and support. it was amazing. >> we always root for an underdog, but also, it was so brave of you to do that. i mean, i know t took a little bit of cajoling. they came back a couple times and wouldn't take no for an answer. >> yeah. no, yeah. it's been my biggest fear to dance. in public. and -- it was -- it was the hardest thing i've ever done, in my life. >> so describe the emotion. you're about to step out on the dance floor right before it's your turn, what's going on inside of you during that time? >> absolute panic. seriously. absolute panic.
10:32 am
i'm like, i don't know any of the steps. don't know if i'm make it through the number. this is scary. it's live. >> yeah. >> and the other thing i think was so awesome is how brave were you to talk about some of the things that you have faced in your life. >> i didn't know. >> addiction. >> we were talking about that. it made us, somehow you empowered people. >> well, thank you. >> talk about what that was like to tell your truth. >> it's wonderful. always wonderful. especially when you think learned things to share with other people to help them get over whatever their addiction, or whatever -- you know, they're going through. so it's wonderful, when you can, you know, share that. >> you were so teeny. i was wondering how many weight you lost during "dancing." everyone drops weight. you were little to start with. so how much does one lose doing this show? >> i was like 115, 116 when i met with the producers, and now i'm like 106.
10:33 am
that since third grade. >> definitely. i remember when i was in sixth grade and was 101 and everyone was in the 90s and i was dying. >> i remember those days. >> crazy what we used to do. >> how do you feel? it makes you -- you're also a stronger, physically a stronger person than when you started? >> i feel incredibly strong right now, physically. mentally. everything. and it feels great because honestly you know, if you do want to lose a little weight, it's really hard to get those you're a certain age. right? so it was great. >> did the other "brady bunch" people watch you? was everyone watching, peter and bobby -- >> well, peter came to the show. >> that's right. peter came. what about -- >> carol came to the show. >> do you prefer to be called by your real names. >> you think? >> when people come up and go marcia, marcia, marcia -- >> not at all.
10:34 am
makes me have fun. >> you are going back, have to dance again? >> i do. >> whats in the finale? everybody comes back and dances? >> we all come back. we all have to dance again, which -- ah -- you know it is painful for me. it's scary. >> when do you start to practice? >> i don't know. they haven't let me know yet, and i asked them. i'm like, you know -- yeah. can i maybe be doing anything? but, no. they let you know everything at the last second. i think purposely. right? to >> we love you, by the way. >> we love you. >> i love you guys. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> you were a childhood star. >> thank you. >> what your children want you to know but are not going to tell you. >> don't let the title fool you. she's quite sane -- we hope. >> starring rachel bloom stops
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are you a parent of a tween or a teen and want to thinking? well, we've got a treasure chest of knowledge right here with us. >> alexis spent years in her bedroom in small town connecticut turning blogging into a full-fledged digital career. >> 19 and a teen influencer and entrepreneur and here to tell you what parents need to know. >> thank you. >> so this sort of -- >> thank you blog? >> a small down blog and i'm here with you guise. >> what were you blogging about?
10:40 am
i really just wanted to inspire young adults to follow their dreams and do what they like. >> break it down into categories. first has to do with independence. >> totally. >> there are tons of helicopter parents. >> yes. >> who we know, understand, don't let you breathe. >> no. >> and this is sort of a new thing. your generation's the first. >> happening a lot with our generation. and what we're trying to show parents is they have to teach their kids, have realistic expectations. inspire them to get outside their box. do what they love, but show them but it's not always obtainable. >> your mother, i'm going meet you and watch you have basketball practice. what do you say? >> mom, be honest, tell me when i'm doing great and respect my privacy. you want them to trust you not run away and rebel against you. >> try to get a scholarship. >> too much pressure. i think kids want their parents to feel -- you want to feel the love, want to know they're involved.
10:41 am
>> don't go overboard. >> a really important one. social media. >> this is totally my area. what i try and tell parents , from a young age teach your kids about the access they have to social media. so them what they see online is not always real. strive to be the best version of yourself. >> how? >> the fitspiration, instagram and twitter is not always real. >> bullying i worry about, online bulis. >> starts with opening up the discussion. start talking to your kids. >> what should we say or tell our kids? >> sit with your kids at the dinner table. scroll through some of the feeds like twitter and instagram. show them pap great perception of what somebody wakes up looking like. this isn't a great realistic expectation and it's okay to be who they are. >> what age do you think kids should have a phone? what do you think? >> i think i got a flip phone at age 12. now i think kids get them at 7? 4?
10:42 am
not 4. >> maybe age 10. >> do academics because, look, we want our kids to get good grades. >> of course. >> sometimes our pressure may not be helping them. >> no. goes back to the helicopter parents. every parent thinks their kid is the greatest! and the best one! but you don't want to set these unrealistic expectations for your kids. >> how do you get your kid to stid? >> sit down with them. show them. look, there's actually fun apps online you can do studying things. online, show them what they should be doing online that's healthy to their health. >> in this generation and your generation an emphasis on academics more than happiness. how should we emphasize academics in way that's reasonable and not put on so much pressure kids crack? >> it's unfortunate these days parents are so pushy. be honest with your kids. tell them when they're going great and when they need a little assistants. maybe a different class they should be taking. don't be so on them.
10:43 am
let them grow and learn. >> okay. money, money, money. a lot of kids have trouble saving and working all of those things. advice? >> do you feel kids should work in high school. >> i started blogging at 12, wasn't making money. when i so parents, for me, young age, teach kids how to balance their money. maybe give a little allowance so there is an idea how to balance money pt minute they can start working inspire them to get a job. inspire them to get an internship. >> they have to work for the es doing something. >> take out the trash! >> exactly. creator of the romantic musical drama "crazy ex-girlfriend." drama "crazy ex-girlfriend." >> rachel bloom is bound to make ?"all you need is love" plays? drama "crazy ex-girlfriend." >> rachel bloom is bound to make my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled. and they know when i'm not so excited and thrilled. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. but i knew.
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rachel bloom burst into the tv scene with "crazy ex-girlfriend" winning a golden globe for best actress for a musical comedy series.
10:49 am
now in its section season rachel's character rebecca led into one of the most-loved musical songs. ? isn't hard to learn ? not taking in what we're saying we're a little bit concerned ? yes, the math of love triangles is as simple as can be ? whichever tom or dick i might pick the center of the triangle is little old me ?? >> yeah! . >> i love that. >> and how awesome are you, by the way? >> well, i'm biased. that whole musical piece is filled with puns. if you're a fan of math puns, get ready. >> congrats on season two, by the way. >> thank you. >> must have felt good to get the call? >> on vacation, turned off my phone. no news will happen. of course, turned my phone back on, it just explodes. >> talk to us about the season.
10:50 am
triangle? didn't you always want two men to love you at the same time? >> i was in a love triangle. >> in real life? >> yes. >> that's great. >> this song is based on the self-indulgent feelings in a moment, oh, two men love me. if you're in a love triangle, i don't want to tip the show, chances are it's not really right with either side of that triangle. >> right, right. >> unless you have some sort of agreement where you're just going to all be together. which is -- rare. it's just -- it's not a great place to be in, in the long run, but it feels good for like a second. >> the short term -- >> everybody's always wanted two known love them at the same time? >> of course. you want that kind of prime's prime's -- primal man. oh, no, am i a horrible person.
10:51 am
>> how are the creative meetings? sitting around coming up with this kind of stuff it must about blast? >> really, really, fun, especially with the musical concept meeting everyone gets involved. in our first episode -- i like that -- i'm in a cactus costume, in the meeting, this next one dressed as a sexy fashion cactus and then so it's just -- we get to say the most random kid growing up? >> yes, yes. >> just sing everything? >> no. >> yes, yes. >> give an example of that, please. >> well, i mean -- the real-life example is, is, there was a school lip-synch contest and everyone did britney spears and i did the original "guys and dolls" broadway cast of a person can develop a cold. not the revival with the prince, mind you.
10:52 am
the children did not appreciate it. i did win third place, because luckily adults were judging. >> i think you should have won first! >> we think so. >> and "fiddler on the roof," maybe? >> no. probably someone who did britney spears or eminem. >> speaking of liplip-synch, yo slied it. >> i did -- my definition, when i think of teenage sexuality, what "teenage dr of the bands in the hall, making out, clearly having sex before any of us, and they were just -- tongues always in mouths. so i wanted to embody the spirit of an oversexed band kid. and then i did a -- a back
10:53 am
>> that's what i did. >> we don't want you to leave that game, time for the -- >> we don't. we love you, though, rach. >> that went by too fast. >> too fast. thank you for coming and going back to l.a. to continue shooting your hot show? >> yes. >> you can get more on the cw. >> back with more of "today" on nbc.
10:55 am
10:56 am
all right. a really fun friday. i want to thank jenna for being here. did you have fun? >> so much fun. >> i love when she's here. >> and sting is here. >> what did you say? >> sting! >> sting is here. oh -- wait. sting is here, and then molly ringwald is also here. >> and singer/songwriters sarah larson is here! have a great weekend. joann likes us to point.
10:57 am
10:58 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? [ cheers ] ?? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ?? now here's wendy! [ cheers ] ?? >> wendy: okay. thank you for watching my show!


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