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tv   Our World With Black Enterprise  NBC  November 6, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> welcome to a new edition of our world with black enterprise. i'm your host. is on the wings of love reflecting on the inspiration behind his long successful recording career and our entrepreneur of the week are giving children a brighter smile. we're on a mission to bring diversity inside corporate board rooms and finally november is national adoption month. in our slice of life we highlight an agency making a difference. that's what's happening in our
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welcome back. our all access pass takes us to palm beach gardens florida to one of our premiere events. the black enterprise dpofl and tennis challenge where business leaders take the chance to relax and dance the night away to the music of jeffrey osborne that's still wooing fans with his greatest hits. take a ?? >> should be mine. let's help troy out. >> grew up the youngest of 12 in my family. i had to listen to everything they wanted to listen to before i could play my own stuff. i was into motown back then. my father was always like take that stuff off boy.
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?? >> i do a lot in my show now. i have been for the last 15 years or s it seems like people are craving that 70s music. i mean, it was real music. ?? ??
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>> back in the day with ltd were in the 70s, early 70s, we couldn't put our faces on album covers. they would have a girl on the cover with honey dripping but our faces weren't on the cover. we had records where we had like horses on the front cover. we would never put our faces on the cover because they said they couldn't sell it in middle america so we never got the positioning these kids are getting so it seems like the singers just got pushed away. it all became rap and they're just not developing as singers
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>> today, you don't know what's live. you can go to the shows and don't know if they're singing live anymore there's so much stuff going on. back then the groups were incredible and the music was incredible. i get a lot of requests for the 70s stuff. can't do it all for the show. i have to pick and choose. >> and i also pay tribute to george. he produced every one of my hits on the he meant so much to me that i pay tribute to him in my show and i will every show from here on. >> it's time to party. here we go. ??
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with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. welcome back to our world with black enterprise. many children living below the poverty level go without proper dental care. this week patricia highlights two entrepreneurs using their cutting edge facility to make a difference one smile at a trish. >> that's right paul but this is also a love story of two brilliant minds from woman standing separate backgrounds and together they built a business with one special purpose. it's a cold and rainy day in downtown newark, new jersey. but regardless of weather they're always prepared for another beautiful day at the office. >> the forecast within their 8,000 square foot state of the
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for dr. leslie hargo this is a dream come true. >> i went to dental school here in new jersey. i had an affinity to children. it was a lot of fun for me so when it was time to apply to residency programs i knew for sure that that was what i wanted to specialize in. >> her husband chris had a totally different background with an mba in finance but her imagination lead to a brht idea. >> i was having a discussion with my husband and we just came to the conclusion that wouldn't it be great to have a beautiful state of the art practice but do it in the heart of an urban area so that you can serve all types of people. >> we thought that, you know, having a facility that was state of the art, that had just about everything that you can think of for pediatric denistry was something they should have
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senator brooker helped the city. chris took his elaborate business plan straight to the city officials. before long the loans were approved and by 2009 dental kids was officially open for business. >> in terms of revenues, 2009 we made about $500,000 in revenues. and to move forward to today, we make a little over $2 million in revenues. >> these numbers are even more significant because roughly 80% a state subsidized plan or medicaid which many refuse to accept because of low reimbursement rates. those concerns have not stopped the business from building. >> right now we see anywhere between 50 to 65 patients a day. >> before they even meet the doctors they're meeting the front desk people. they're talking to some on the telephone. when your child is being cared for, they're being cared for by someone that you feel that sense
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>> one of the things we believe is you cannot have a business and community without become part of the community. >> we had the same place now for five or six years. the exact same team. once we were able to do that, it made a huge difference in terms of our turnover which we have zero turnover now and the quality of the work that our staff actually produces for our patients. but we also have aspirations of expanding and our expansion plans we were regional play and we'll open up in midtown manhattan as well as harlem and jersey city. for each of those practices we think they can do just as well from a revenue perspective as newark or even better for the new york city offices. in terms of number of patients, we think that the new york city practices will probably double the number of patients we have purely because of the population density that's there.
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their five lovely daughters, chris and leslie's roles are interchangeable but in the office they learned the importance of staying in their respective lanes. >> one of the things that is really huge in our success is the fact that my husband doesn't have a background in health care and in the office we have very specific functions. the other person cannot decide okay well this is how we're going to deal with this clinically or i wouldn't be able to decide this is how we're going to, you know, negotiate this contract. it didn't work. in the beginning. >> one of the things that we used to hear a lot is oh, you work with your spouse? oh, yeah, that probably isn't too good but it's a lot of fun because -- >> yeah, we actually like each other. >> it's fun. >> congrats. their dental kids will be expanding to more locations. stay tuned. >> thanks trish. up next, a look at why diversity
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welcome back. an invitation to join a corporate board is a great opportunity for any executive. while the number of minorities in the board room is low it's not an impossible dream. black enterprises annual report looks at the truth inside corporate america and those who are making a difference. patricia is report. >> arnold donald sits on two corporate boards. carnival corporation and the bank of america. black enterprise has been watching him and a handful of african americans that serve as directors of major corporations. in it's annual report a study revealed in 2012 that white men held 75% of s&p 500 board seats versus a mere 5.5% for black men
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this year black enterprise counted 182 black directors at 176 corporations versus the year prior with 179 directors at 174 corporations and in 2014, 30% didn't have a single blackboard member. diversity on corporate boards matter. >> that's critical to innovation. it's truly a >> arnold donald's board is charting the course for the largest cruise line industry. >> 60% plus of today's population are women in minorities. 60%. so that the customers of these companies are women and minorities and so to reflect their own markets to have that thinking and diversity of thinking representing their own customers at the top of the corporate pyramid which is the
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>> donald wants to see more african americans on boards. but why stop there. >> definitely hispanic americans. you need asian americans and you need international people on the board. you need people from europe. you need people from china. from asia. so all of that, why? because everybody brings a different perspective. a different set of experiences. a different way of experiencing the world. and for a company to sustain succ a good to have that thought process where they can appreciate the challenges that the management team has and can offer guidance and council. >> the $15 billion cruise giant getting blacks on corporate boards will mean taking action. >> it's requires proactive intervention and the reason is not necessarily because they might be trying to keep african americans out of the boards. it's just that the networks that get established and how people
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instances that there's a very small pool of african american candidates. so for example, a number of those larger corporations will have a criteria that says you have to be a sitting former ceo of a corporation of a certain size. well we all know there haven't been very african american ceos of large publicly traded companies so that kind of criteria will automatically predetermine you're not going to on it. >> donald feels it's the duty of directors to network to make sure they're actively working to bring in new blood. >> hopefully, you know, we can get the action on the boards we're on because the boards we're on were always directors and those directors were often on other boards. so we can plant names. we is suggest people and make introductions and we can do things to get them introduced to a pool of people that are very
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>> and those were great words of wisdom from arnold donald. over the next few weeks we'll continue our coverage of diversity in the board room. >> coming up, recognizing a leading agency dedicating to buying homes for thousands of children. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. mpatibility. ?? now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. becca doesn't know soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully she uses act? restoring? mouthwash with fluoride. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth.
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>> welcome back. for years they placed thousands of children with adoptive
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slice of life. >> roughly 135,000 children are adopted each year in the united states. we honor them and the parents that love them every november with national adoption month. they are discussing ways to get more americans to adopt children that need it most and you'll be surprise who had they are. >> the landscape of adoption is changing. there's infants and toddlers in needs of homes internationally and domestically. we know that the greatest need is for older children and children with special needs and sibling groups to find loving families. >> a career with an adoption agenc than a job. it's personal. >> the mission really resinated with me. knowing that we serve the children having the hardest time
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brother is also adopted with special needs and it felt very close to home to be able to find homes for other children and also showed me how different life would be for kid with special needs that don't have that same support system and have to kind of figure it out on their own. so for me my role is just an opportunity to help more kids like him. >> here in america shortage of african american children that need a loving home. >> we reach out to respective adoptive families in a variety of ways. some people come to us and we speak to perspective adoptive families conferences that serve adoptive parents. church communities. community organizations where people might have an interest in adopting. finding families for the children most in need is a nationwide effort. we have families from all over the country and many from new york city and it's a thing they
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to be a great parent to a child that needs them. >> yet for good or bad, there's a noticeable trend. >> the number of domestic international adoptions declined over the past ten years and that's a good and a bad thing. sometimes it means that the countries have found homes domestically for children that are in need. it might also mean that more birth parents have the resources to parent than they ever have before. it really never gets old. it's so special to see when a family wants to give love to a child who really needs it and we're able to make that connection. it's something that is incredibly rewarding every day and it's what makes working here so special. you don't have to be a super hero to be a parent.
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edition. be sure to visit us at black world. like us on facebook and follow me on twitter. thanks for watching. we'll see you next week. >> it's my pleasure to officially welcome all of you to our black enterprise golf and tennis challenge. this event is about your comfort and recreation. about challenging your skills on the green. and on the court. >> i was wondering why we had
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?? >> we're having a great time. this is the party of the year.
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