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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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here on nbc. >> a historic night in the presidential race. the molasses 60 minutes or so, ohai was called for donald trump. >> both presidential candidates in york city, results have been trickling in all evening. both candidates and millions of americans waits to hear the final tally. >> we're team coverage on this historic night and those results continue to unfold. >> our team is spread out across northeast ohio and we went to gauge your reaction. you can cast your vote and participate in our interactive
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donald trump has won ohio. that's the news in the last half-hour. when donald trump won the nomination for president of the national convention here in cleveland, his slogan was start here, finish year. trump is projected to win 53% the clintons 42% of ohio's vote. we kick off team coverage tonight. taking an in-depth look at the hillary clinton, 209 electoral votes, donald trump 172. you may think that bodes well for hillary clinton but that is the furthest thing from the truth. some of the states she took for granted like michigan and pennsylvania are very much up for grabs. take a look at the nate silver 538 projection. these are the latest odds. for 9% clinton, 49% trump and perhaps no state carries more
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great state of michigan. this is a situation as we come on the air tonight. it's 48% for trump, 47% clinton, she is 1.1 2 million, a he is 1.1 4 million and assist just under 48% of the votes. it's gone the way of donald trump, who clinton performed well in cuyahoga county but by northern -- more than doubling its that wasn't enough because in some of these he pounded her by 50% or more, even winning in places like hamilton county by 10% or so. it was not enough. final point, with the financial markets are reading. the value of the peso tonight has fallen precipitously and dow futures, 700 point drop since the close of business tonight. that's what things will stand if the market was to open at this moment.
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if you're going to watch to the late-night hours, keep a close eye on the wolverine state. let's check in with donald trump's local rally. >> alyssa riemann is it a bistro for campaign workers have been gathered all night. i would guess they were quite happy there. >> yes. this place erupted in cheers. just about three minutes ago when it was announced trump took florida that, when they said trump took ohio, this place went nuts. cuyahoga county republican party chairman became a sage's mike came on stage and said they gave ohio a standing ovation. this party is just getting started.
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are holding a local watch party tonight. >> we're live at tioga county democratic headquarters with a local clinton camp has been watching results come in. >> it has been such a roller coaster here. for a couple hours, pretty bleak . more than half of the people left around 9 o'clock which -- between nine and 10. futures behind me as clinton was declared projected winner if you make states including california. the people's nerves are up and down. getting reenergized right now as some of those latest announcements, they are upset ohio went to trump but, a lot of these people worked really hard for cuyahoga county and name and that seems to go to clinton. there are some other important democratic races here. center williams won her seat. they are both here, very excited about that but still a
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people on edge of their seats, biting their nails, wondering what's going to happen glued to the screen behind me and we will be here for the long haul. our senior political correspondent here right now with his perspective on how things have gone tonight. >> a number of various surprises. the poles had it as a jump ball. looks like traffic will win by a comfortable margin. the play, a lot of ohio democrats had deflating life in a trump carried in ohio. what does it mean for governor john kasich future plans? we know he is at the bottom of any donald trump christmas card list. senator cheryl brown up for reelection in two years. wearing about how the landscape
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in more strong control and what that would mean for his perspective race. >> he withdrew support for donald trump late in the race. what possibly could trust administration me for him? >> he was able to distance himself but still not make the trump enemies list. he walked a tightrope and was able to peterson away. had very little significant impact on his race. >> that we have ohio and florida calls, with states would we look for now that could be other bill ringers? >> michigan. wisconsin. those are supposedly the hillary firewall.
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the those be the essential states to keep close eye on. florida has been called by one media outlet that that nbc. the state of ohio, a stunning performance tonight by donald trump. >> some of the things we're talking about, there's still a long way to go. ohio republican senator has won reelection tonight. he based, governor ted strickland. his campaign highlighted ohio's economic struggle which saw 350,000 jobs lost wall street concert in office. he spoke at a victory party earlier this evening.>> a commonsense conservative who
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the 45 bills i'm able to write that have become the law of the land. >> strickland conceded before 8 pm. he said in a statement, the result was and what he had help her but he is grateful to have had the opportunity to speak out for hard-working ohioans. >> cleveland schools are suffering a big victory, a renewal of its -- rejoined lively reaction. sounds like a party.>> it is. not a big surprise. 60% voted in favor of issue 108 . this was to maintain what voters agree to four years ago to put millions of dollars into cleveland public schools. that money will stay in place for the next four years. part of the success was there is no new tax hike property taxes and that's how they try
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, the party is wrapping up, had a chance to talk to the mayor earlier tonight as well as cleveland schools ceo saying they're very happy, this is very encouraging and it was a party. >> the income tax increase in cleveland. 51% for the increase of 49% increase from 2% to 2.5% would be the first in the city of cleveland >> more on the race for the white house. we'll check in life with trump and clinton campaign for headquarters. >> results pouring in to see how the count is going. >> did your problems at the polls today? we're taking your calls, complaints and concerns and work to verify everything.
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as we continue our decision 2016 team coverage. a live look with donald trump and hillary clinton rallies in new york. someone standing in front of the trump rally. >> they are blocking our
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many of your votes are still being counted at the cuyahoga county board of elections. >> we are hunkering down for long evening. we are halfway there but there's still a lot of votes they need to be counted. especially in early voting. i turned 29,000 early, that's 13% down it illustrates how things are double checked, triple checked. they make their way to the
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-- >> votes are still being tallied. we're joined live at the summit county board of elections. >> good evening. we are here outside the board of elections office. it looks like some county executives at this point, eileen shapiro will be the summit county executive moving forward. in local races here, additional levies on the balance as well as in talmage. we had a levy their for the school district. they are looking to renovate and construct new buildings for the element tree school.
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ballot. both have passed. they will look at constructing new buildings as well as athletic facilities. they moved to the campus at the high school. >> with a panel of social media gurus on social media all night. >> monica robins night with what the internet is saying. >> the internet is saying quite a lot. >> we have one student who is excited that trump one ohio. >> mac, you sought senator portman who one. what is he saying? >> he's saying he's thankful for everybody's notes and he hopes we're capable of a better
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moment to find common ground. >> let's hope that's accurate. audrey, what do you see? >> on my friends say one state didn't get the memo. you turn the clock back one hour not several years. >> it seems all the haters are out for the >> a lot of my friends are from this county. >> that's what you are seeing. there's hope for those interested in something else here. >> which is in online data service which connects canadians and americans. >> if you want a dating sites to make go find that because a lot of people are talking about leaving the country. be interesting to see in the coming days if any of that holds true. facebook is posting dating sites for canadians. back to you guys. >> that's fascinating.
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this historic election for the >> reassembled a panel of local
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we're going to push pause on election coverage. a lot hi east. we anticipating more scattered rain showers to develop as we head to the latter part of the evening. will be in the form of rain. as far as the commute for tomorrow, it will be windy as well. notably cooler. temperatures in the 40s. we'll try it out temperatures will only make it to about 50 degrees. here's a look at window nation forecast.
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until about midday. will see that backing off from west to east. temperatures are pretty flat. cloudy skies starting to see sun peaks by the time the sunsets just after five. back to near 60 thursday. friday we're still anticipating brain changing to a rain snow mix lingering into a chilly saturday. women are one of the largest and most influentia presidential race. >> all night long with a talk to a panel of diverse group of local leaders. with more on that. >> the word here is shock. even for the these women we spoke with tonight's. they admitted they were trump people but they were public and party people. we start here on the end.
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what? >> my concern is energy independence and security. ohio has done a great job with oil and gas. we need a leader that for will produce a job creating environments and help that growth continued. >> your concern? >> i'm hoping trump surrounds himself with the right people will help make good decisions. it helps we have someone like rob portman who got reelected with such a big margin. way. your concerns and thoughts right now are what? >> the one i want to mention is my concern for our role in the world. with the us will look like now. other countries will the us. we need to keep the peace. we know the rest of the world is watching and they'll be as
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you are concerned that maybe didn't show up as much but your concern moving forward or your hopes? >> my concern moving forward, wilkinson to lead our country shows cultural competency. it's difficult to miss the fact that the majority moving forward are minorities. that cultural confidence piece is so important to make sure to medication is clear and we deliver the message in an ap >> as a strong hillary supporter, i have to say at this point, i will refrain from giving my opinion because i'm not conceding yet. >> former business owner, your hopes? >> we curb over regulation and get back to the economy and national security to keep our
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necessarily voting for hillary but again, now what? >> my hope moving forward, chuck can come in. there are a lot of people scared and nervous. and he can restore that faith that we will in fact be a great country again. my hope is he can bring this country back together. >> you nailed it. >> i hope he was serious when he said he wanted to make america great again. don't let us down. >> these women are such a great representation of northeast ohio. most of them born and raised here. we'll be back after this.
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the headline at this hour, donald trump wins ohio. the race not over yet. overnight here on the bottom of your screen and on have a great night.
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it is 11:30 in the east. as we look at democracy plaza, nbc news projecting that donald trump is the apparent winner in florida. the nbc news projecting donald trump is the appart florida. he appears to be winning it 29 electoral votes. >> as it stands, 49% to 40% clinton. 96% of the vote in florida. we are getting a call on utah projected winner is donald
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let's look at how the votes for down. kalapuya projected for hillary clinton, hawaii for hillary clinton. donald trump the projected winner in idaho. oregon will go to hillary clinton. clinton also the projected winner in washington. truck, the projected winner in north carolina. let's see where the race to 270 stands right now. donald trump wins in iowa. there's the breakdown in iowa.
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220 for trump, 209 for clinton as more and more states are filled in. some big ones still outstanding. we continue to watch and will likely turn this race one way or the other. this is the view at clinton headquarters. long faces at this viewing party in new york. not far from where the truck folks are gathered. >> you see the stunning information as it's been progressing. donald trump winning iowa which was anticipated. this is such a narrow path.
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multiple paths she had a narrow path he had and that was a misjudgment. the focus on the early votes which was clearly misplaced, we're cheering too much weight to the early votes and not counting was still out there.>> there's been a sharp reaction to the news that florida has goneth it's the opposite reaction at the trump headquarters for kate is now. >> it's the opposite reaction. they are chanting usa usa. the mood grows happier by the minutes. a couple hours ago this room was relatively empty as the map looked daunting for donald trump.
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feel donald trump has a good chance of winning. they feel vindicated the donald trump is speaking for them when nobody else was. i met a ton of people who not only say donald trump said what they think, they like that he tells it like it is they would assume that would go in and shake up washington. really give it to washington. someone would cut the red tape, cut through the two sides and get things done. they believe he's somebody who will be able to do things with a suite of his hand. semenko will build a wall he came out and spoke strongly against a lot of things and broken a ton of traditional norms in this country, said things no other candidate could possibly said and survived and
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looking back on this, i would say the moment he didn't call john mccain a war hero, and has poll numbers surged, that should've been an eye-opening moments for everybody in this country that nothing was going to apply to donald trump like it applies to everybody else. we saw this in the primaries. we saw it now during this general election as a poll numbers have stayed tight with hillary clinton despite the various outrageous statements made. despite the controversies despite saying a mexican judge is biased because of his heritage, despite attacking a gold star family. despite saying he could grope women because he was a celebrity . despite multiple women coming out against him and saying he touched her acted inappropriately. he's about all that. the campaign feels they have a


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