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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> channel 3 news starts right now. >> this morning channel 3 newscast is made possible by calvetta floor show time to fall in love again with your home. now channel 3 news today. >> trump protest demonstrations break out nationwide after one of the biggest election surprises in history. tiffany. >> reporter: john the transition begins today. coming up i will let you know what's next for president-elect trump as he makes his way the white house len nay. >> and lordstown layoffs more than a thousand workers will be out of a job with the holidays weeks away. hollie. >> i know -- i know two weeks until thanksgiving it has to be. >> yeah. >> yeah not ready. >> i am ready to eat. we have a good looking day and you are probably ready for sunshine so it's going to
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temperatures warmer with highs close to 60. still breezy and that's the catch. we will have wind out of the southwest today and that's going to warm our temperatures right now it's chilly as you wake up. 30s in most spots and closer to 40 near the lake shore mid-40s at 9. 55 at noon and 60 for highs right now, though, mainly 30s to report as you walk out the door so make sure who layer up the clothing so you can can maybe put the sweat shirt in the book -- book bag same for you going to work. lots of beautiful sunshine. a snap of chilly air on the way speak of the weekend forecast. danielle is keeping an eye on the roadways. sunglasses. love sunglasses especially in november. right now, 5:01 your traffic is looking great. again not too many people out on the roadways. i am not tracking any accidents but you see the red on 271
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remson road use caution in that area but looking at 371 south, and -- 271 south between route 8 and 171. 22 minute commute and that's typically about 17 minute drive so you are seeing a few delays there. john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. a series of anti-trump protest took place in at least 7 of the largest cities. >> these are the images that we are seeing around the country just over 24 hours after the race was called. thousands taking to the streets. the protests have been peaceful. police allowed people to march and even on major highways. >> here at host they marched from cleveland state to public square disrupting traffic and there were some mentions of black lives matter. obviously in the city centers clinton overperformed trump and not surprising this is where we are seeing some angry people. we spoke with one of the protesters about why they felt
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illegal immigrant. i am poor. it affect me really deeply as much as it affects everybody else i can't stand having him as president. >> in new york city they gathered in the light rain. massive crowds peacefully disrupting traffic. they marched for about two miles to gather in front of trump tower. heavy security was there because the president-elect was reportedly upstairs ms part of the reporting was he has begun assembling the team members that are likely to include rudy giuliani and newt gingrich. >> let's go to chicago they marched for many hours zeroing in on the trump tower. protesters marched in the streets of the loop blocking traffic and surrounding cars when they can can. many of the protesters are young many are minorities and they say they are angry by the election results saying they don't believe donald trump will be a president for all americans. >> there are protests out west. this is in l.a.
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seattle. protest continued in some areas until after 3:00 this morning. the los angeles sometimes reports that at least 13 people were arrested on the busy 101 freeway. >> so now we want to hear from you. protesters are using hashtag not my president to vent on socialma -- media. head to now to take part in our instant poll. here's question are you happy donald trump was elected are you willing to give him a chance or do not. >> i president protesters. >> those are some of the results happening live on the bottom of the screen. even with protest the next step in the presidential process begins for donald trump today. tiffany tarpley joins us live this morning and he is meeting with president obama. >> reporter: lien into that's supposed to happen around 11 this morning. if you remember, think about cleveland here as the center of all this. it was more than a year ago we had the first republican presidential debate right here
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had the republican national convention where trump earned the nomination. so here we are now fast forward. he is making his way to washington, d.c. today and president obama says he wants to make sure that it is a smooth transition for president- elect trump just like it was for him 8 years ago. it's no secret the two have differences so what we see in washington will be important especially when you talk about country. there's another meeting of the minds as well happening at the same time. first lady michelle obama and melania trump will discuss a transition as well. and also when it comes to who's going to be leading the country, next year we know there is talk about who's going to be in president-elect trump's cabinet. according to his team they havenames in mind and they are reaching out to people. so this is just some of the things we will be seeing over
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next couple months as well. live in cleveland tiffany tarpley channel 3 news. >> all right thank you. and while in washington, donald trump and mike pence will meet with house speaker paul ryan. politico report the trump pence ryan session is scheduled to take place this afternoon following trump's visit to white house. meeting take place at the capitol hill clop club. trump and ryan clashed repeatedly over trump's more inflammatory comments. cleveland va today to be honored by president obama. the event will be broadcast live on white shortly after 2. the visit continues obama's tradition of honoring sports teams for efforts to give back to the communities. coach liu accepted the rin have i station but he had the chance to go before when he won with the lakers but he turned down the invitation. he signed a contract with the
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many predict major free fall on wall street yesterday following the presidential election. but that was not the case. all the major markets were up including the dow which was up 256 points, traders appeared to be evaluating the potential economic benefits from president-elect trump's plans to cut taxes and spend money on a infrastructure projects that would put americans to work. one note, the futures right now are up on wall street. they are up 127 ts this morning, general motors could lay off more than 2,000 workers at two plants in ohio and michigan. this comes after gm reported -- after reported declining interest. third shifts will be suspend in early 2017a lordstown plant
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>> these things happened throughout the time i worked almost 30 years they cycle around sometimes and sales go down and they allow so much of a field supply before they cut back on the manufacturing. >> a gm spongesman tills tells us some employees may -- spokesman tells us some employees may be moved to other shifts. contractual obligation may determine the shifts. approximately 1200 workers will be impacted at location. one year ago today a charter plane crashed into an akron apartment building killing everyone on board. no one on the ground was injured. the private jet slammed into the apartments in the neighborhood on the way to the akron fulton airport. the ntsb blamed the crash on a lit. ly theney of failures by thepilot and the company. kings western reserve
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crimes. tonight the university will hold a forum for students to let them know about safety resources and to listen to their concerns. the school says 7 arrests have been made in connection with recent incidents and more likely suspects have been identified. you hear about this american flags were spotted upside down outside three schools in oberlin. this photo was taken outside of the high school. the school superintendent david hall says it was a prank and they were turned back as soon as they hall says he will check surveillance cameras and talking to the school's police officer to find out what behind. topping the morning news feed five people were shot in seattle washington wednesday evening. >> right now police are saying it didn't appear to be connected to the protest. police are still searching for the shooter. fire officials say two of the five people shot have life- threatening injuries. the shooting did happen as an
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it doesn't appear to be connected to that. back in ohio a court hearing is set for a columbus man accused of trying to travel to libya to join isis. federal prosecutors say aaron daniels wired 250 dollars to a isis operative and told a undercover informant about wanting to travel overseas and commit violence on behalf of the terrorist group. dune yells could face several years in prison. brad pitt has been re the investigation began after allegation he abused his son on a private plane as they traveled back from france to the u.s. the actor's fighting for joint custody of the couple's 6 children who range in age from 8 to 15. and leila jolie filed for -- angelina jolie is seeking sole custody. if you are thinking about buying a drone for christmas, gopro recalled the carma drone
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the company's recalling all 2500 carma drones. they say a small number lost power during operation leading to a recall to fix them. owners of the drones can return them to to gopro for a full refund. replacements are not being offered. time is 5:11. starbucks red cups return today. the deal the company is offering to ring in the holiday season. >> and weather on the run. greg dee is previewing a new app to help you keep your off running. there he he goes hollie. >> perfect. he is warming up. we have chilly -- he is wake and smiling and love him. 30s right now but we will end up close to 60s. we have a warmer day ahead a brighter day ahead. sunshine is back. it's going to be lovely but breezy we will talk more but we will look live and show you the winds man oh man, still sustained at 15 to 20. out of the southwest today
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we know it's going to get cool eventually. tis november. and that means our instant school closer system. the cited kids -- the kids are raring to go. >> we are -- ready to go. into we are watching
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5:15 right now. it holidays are near. this year's rockefeller center christmas tree will be cut down today in new york. the 94 foot tall norway spruce will be hoisted by two large cranes and make the journey to to new york city scheduled to arrive november 12th after being wrapped with more than 50,000 multicolored led lights and crowned with a star. the tree will be lit on
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broadcast. if you a fan starbucks or holiday themed items today is your super bowl. red holiday cups return to starbucks today. there are 13 different designs of the red cups all inspired by designs from customers. how about that. now to celebrate the arrival customers who buy a holiday beverage will get one free and after the week we have had and no sleep that's not a bad idea. deal is good from today through monday at participating locations from 2 to 5 p.m. i think a lot people might like extra caffeine today. >> i think so. >> look at that. that thing is moving. >> yeah. i mean, the turbines are in full effect because we have breezy weather that will end up 15 to 20 miles an hour sustained throughout thursday but the wind are coming out of the southwest. so that means milder weather is on the way too. 5:16. 38 degrees right now at hopkins and inland south we are seeing 30s we are going with the around 40 east and west because
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30ers to near 40. so -- 30s to near 40. we will look at hid headlines including the sunshine. not as cool today. chilly first part of the weekend. we will see if we can find any snowflakes in there. i know we have been chatting about that throughout the week. nothing of the sort today. it's going to be bright and breezy and wonderful. 60 for the high. which is a bit above where we should be this time of the year. we will see that all across northern ohio very close to of 0 -- 60 degrees and a beautiful rebound from yesterday's cloud cover. and we have got nothing but sunshine and clear skies to report here over the next several hours. but i mentioned the wind and as we look at the profile we expect them out of the southwest throughout the day and generally 15 to 20 all the way through with higher gusts possible. that's the one thing you will probably need the jackets just because of the breezy weather. it's chilly right now. it is seasonally chilly.
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and locally. 2349 sandusky and currently 33 for you in mansfield and we have mid-30sin ravenna and akron and canton and we are planning on all kinds of beautiful sunshine today. high pressure taking over the forecast and it's evident on future view as we track hour by hour throughout the day all we see is really the numbers changing behind me here. with very little cloud cover expected. as we get into tonight we will transition to more partly cloudy skies and we are tracking that next system cloudy skies for your friday. and we will have highs in the 50s pretty early in the day. shower chances rain shower chances to go along with it. and fall back into the 40s through tomorrow afternoon. and then lake-effect showers arepossible. it's not looking like it's going to be a big deal at all. heading into friday night and saturday. but if we see a few, we could view wet snowflake or two mixed in. we are back to lots of sunshine
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are showing off all your fall pictures this week. this one is from bridget mcgee of canal fulton. beautiful and you know what, they have really been spectacular. thanks for taking the time to send them in. keep them coming. 5:19 here's a check your drive. wkyc traffic is brought a you by mike bass ford get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. thursday november 10th i hope you are having a great start to the day. we have a great start to here's a picture on the east shore way i-90 at east 185th street east and westbound lanes getting by a-okay. we are all green here as well as pretty much all green throughout the region you have the green light to travel at your normal speed. when you hit the road tune into wtam, 1100 total traffic. they will have a updates every ten minutes.
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the new feature rolling out that can give back an e-mail
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5:23 right now. ever hit send on an e-mail and regret what you did? be honest? google is rolling out an update to the g-mail mobile app for ios users featuring a undo send button to prevent embarrassing e-mail mistakes it's an option available on android. users will have the option to take book an e-mail within 5 seconds after it has been sent and fix any errors. the update which also features swipeed -- swiped archiving ordeleted is the biggest overhaul so you have to think fast or rethink fast because you have 5 seconds. >> that text message thing could come in handy.
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that said hi sweetie i am out on a walk with dog. wasn't supposed to go to maureen. i could go for a run right now. weather on the run. >> keep on running. >> you better keep on running. >> weather on run continues this morning. >> greg dee is out and about running around downtown cleveland and you know we have gps on you. so, we see you are downtown cleveland. featuring a new app that can helpp you pass sometime on your run. >> reporter: that's gh good morning. weather on the run continues i am across from progressive field and we will run over the lorain avenue bridge and hit up ohio city, hingetown and gordon square but we will start off the geek fix right here in downtown cleveland because many of you may be runners and maybe you aretired of that played out play list you've been listening to. so how about trying pod cast. that's what i will talk about this morning and first i want to show you my favorite app for listening to pod casts.
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here is why i like this app. it's the same app on android ios and this last one. on the web this is a really cool app. first it's great for piending -- finding pod cast a colorful way to find it search by name or genre and it suggest pod cast you may be interested in. really great for playing. allows you to play them like a play list. it down loads them automatically every time a new one comes out and then you play all and it plays one after the next after the next. it's like a pod cast play list. for those of you that don't know what pod cast are they are radio programs for the internet age. my favorite feature about this app in the background. number one, this app allows you to play your pod cast at accelerated speed. maybe 110%. 120% so you get through them faster. it removes silence in the pod cast to compress them and allow
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sinks. that means when you have this app down load on the android device and on the web, they all sync together and when you finish listening to the pod cast on the iphone it syncs with the droid and i can listen to the pod cast on my computer at work just by going to a website. so i can continue to listen even when i am not running and hollie today, a good day for running because it's chilly out here. >> right i knew you would say that. >> reporter: i overdressed for one. it's a chilly one out here this morning. what are we look at for this afternoon long -- looking at for this afternoon, you have to have the long pants and love sleeves and i hope it warms up. it's going to and that applies for you at the bus stop and heading to work. make sure you are dressing in a few layers. greg's got the right idea with the bright yellow jacket if you heading out for a run so everybody can see. it's still dark. of # 0 for the high. so it -- 60 for the high today.
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for now but we are tracking another front that will bring chilly air. we will talk about that coming up. >> all right. we will talk. 5:27 right now. visiting the white house we have the latest on donald trump's trip to the capitol today. >> and because the browns play tonight, fan cave pry is a -- friday is a day earlier. today's fan once signed a two week contract to play quarterback for the browns.
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5:30 in your morning rush a series of anti-trump protest took place in several of the country's largest cities including in cleveland. thousands of people took to the streets in new york chicago and seattle. the groups chanted anti-trump slogans such as not my
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largely peaceful. today the first ?eaps transition of power are happening at the white house. president obama is going meet with president-elect trump at the white house today to talk about the transition and president obama wants to make sure it's smooth one for trump and his administration. we have been hearing talk about who might be a part of that administration. like the possibility of rudy giuliani as the attorney general. or dr. ben carson general. of course we will have to wait and see how that all plays out. the meeting at the white house is set to happen at 11 this morning. >> our cavaliers are headed to the white house to be honored by the president. it will be broadcast live on white shortly after 2. the visit continues mr. obama's tradition of honoring sports teams for efforts to give back to the communities. coach accepted the invitation in june and said as long as jr
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>>i don't know where she is it's out of character for her to leave her 3-year-old son and not have contact with him. >> the fbi is turning up the heat on the investigation into a lakewood mother who disappeared in mid-october. 24-year-old roaa al dhannoon was raising a son here in the u.s. police want you to take particular attention to her oo hand sheep was last seen on october 16th on lakewood drive. hollie. and talking about your forecast which is going to be bright breezy and beautiful and yes, we are chilly as we wake up. temperatures are 30s to near 40 degrees close to the lake shore and we have weil be mid-40s at 9 and mid -- we will weil be mid-40s at -- we will be mid- 40s at 9. nothing but sunshine up a few minutes after 7 and we will look forward to it.
5:33 am
i mentioned, 30s inland and low 30s far enough inland you find 31 in worcester and low 30s in -- wooster and low 30s in mansfield. it's as clear as can be start and it look like we will have plenty of sunshine to look forward to throughout the day. as far as the winds go out of the southwest, and for now we are seeing them sustain from about 5 to 10, calm inland where we have a few reports of patchy fog. but i think this will be changing pretty fast since component. that usually mixes things where we don't see the fog. danielle has been keeping an eye on that and we notice inland is further earlier this morning. yes carroll county right now we are looking at a traffic map and it's quiet commute. so if you are an early commuter, boy, you have a clear drive throughout the region. no accidents and in fact here's picture 77 at 480 and independence. and traffic getting by just
5:34 am
area. here's drive time 77 if you heading from summit county to cuyahoga county between the turnpike and 48 0, 8 minute commute. continuing to the 77, 490 enterchange a 5 minute drive. john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. 5:34. topping your morning news feed before people took to the treat to protest last night students some too young to vote made their voices heard. >> students staged walkouts in several cities during the school day st after donald trump won. this is video students protesting in boulder colorado. berkeley california and seattle washington and des moines iowa. >> after the initial thought of donald trump becoming president sent stocks falling fast, the global markets have not only rebounded but they have bounced back in positive territory. we saw that with the asian markets overnight. nikkei in japan lost over 900 points fog the trump election -- following the trump election decision but this time
5:35 am
that's a game of 7% overnight. the chinese market was also up by 2% and european markets right now are all trading up about a percent and wall street who had a positive day yesterday after all the dow futures were falling finished the day yesterday up 256 points, the dow futures right now are up plus 165. the opening bell is at 9:30 this morning. russian president putin is one of several foreign trump on winning the presidential election. the russian leader says he hopes to work together to improve the currently poor state of relations between the two nations. trump also spoke to mexican president and canadian prime minister after the win. no matter the outcome many americans are simply glad the long presidential campaign is over and need comforting that's where the dogs come in hand --
5:36 am
dogs to capitol hill. staffers felt the stress as the rest of us some more if the person they worked for lost the reelection bid. connecting with pets helps to fight stress and can help people sleep at night. >> very cute. 5:36 right now. time to transition. donald trump will visit the white house later today. tracie potts has more in a live report from washington. >> the fan cave of the week and you will lombardi trophy in the form of a bird bath. then we will go inside with my browns expert of the week and yes, he has a gold post inside. wait until you see the rest of it it's amazing stuff.
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not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress. plus 36 month special financing. know better sleep with sleep number. 5:39. president-elect trump gets the first inside look at his future home and work space and is headed to the white house for a briefing from president obama as the transition begins. >> so tracyie potts has a look ahead to what the meeting might be like. good morning tracie. >> reporter: hi so this could be a little awkward. they have not had the nicest things to say about each other in public but privately the white house says they have not really even spent time together they don't know each other they
5:40 am
president obama likely to talk about the executive orders that he wants to see stay in place. but the trump likely to rollback on day one. >> it's time for us to come together. >> reporter: that begins with the extraordinary image many thought would never happen. billionaire now president-elect donald trump and his wife melania side by side with the obamas i morning for private meeting the president says is transition team has been preparing for for the last year. >> we are now all rooting for his success. and uniting and leading the country. >> reporter: there's lot of work to do. mr. trump has 10 weeks to select a cabinet and hundreds of senior members of his administration. then work begins on his promised agenda with the republican congress. replacing obama care. building the wall and
5:41 am
vacancy on the supreme court. >> this is very exciting. >> reporter: not for everyone. >> not my president. >> reporter: protests have broken out around the country. president-elect trump promising unity. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division we have to get together. >> reporter: preparing to govern a deeply divided nation. and we are seeing the protests not just here york and chicago so far about 16 cities nationwide coast to coast. >> all right probably won't be the last of them either. thanks so much. appreciate it. time is 5:41. beautiful shot. >> yeah. >> a little breezy. it's going to be a great day though. we have clear skies and it's chilly and a seasonal chill. normal low 39 so we are in the vicinity and 53 is the normal
5:42 am
sun is up 7:10 an we will see so much sunshine. chilly weather the first part of the weekend will we see snowflakes? we will talk more about that but are you ready for a beautiful bright day 60 degrees and what a rebound after yesterday. not as cool. temperatures upper 50s to around 60 all across northeast ohio northern ohio it really looks amaying. we have this sunny stretch and that's the plap looks like the winds will be around. so, we are talking breezy john and lynna mentioned it. we will go from 10 to 20-mile- an-hour winds sustained much of the day. the good news is that they are coming out of the southwest. so, it's going to help drive the temperatures up especially in to the afternoon. right now, though, we have a lot of 30s on the map. not only here locally but regionally. as far as south as places like knoxville we are talking temperatures in the upper 30s.
5:43 am
morning. and plenty of those around here too. as we get a look at what's happening on satellite and radar, not much. and once the sun is up it will be prevalent throughout the day. let's talk about that chilly blast on the way for the weekend. first part of it. today's clear and all the way through. even into the evening i think mainly clear skies as the sun sets it will be clear but then overnight into tomorrow, we start to see partly to mostly cloudy skies taking over. this is early tomorrow morning lots of overcast and we will have highs in and then fall back into the 40s. rain shower chances scattered throughout your friday. and then we could get a little lake-effect as we head into friday night and early saturday. chances are pretty small this computer model forecast doesn't pick up on the possibilities. but temperatures will be cold enough saturday morning that if we see any lake-effect showers, there could be a little snow mixing in. and it would be those of you primarily to the east that would be dealing with that.
5:44 am
about that's for sure. and look at the rebound on the window nation 7-day forecast for sunday. right back in the 50s beautiful sunshine and 50s into early next week. it's 5:44 right now. danielle has a check of your drive. how are things moving. moving just fine. we are looking great on the traffic map but we are seeing this yellow patchy fog that hollie is tracking in tuscarawas and carroll county. roadwaee so again no accidents and we also look great to the north. you are seeing a little bit of slow traffic 224 westbound as you are approaching 77 and summit county but other than that we are aokay. back to you. danielle thank you. late night sports the game after steph curry hate record 13, 3-pointers warriors hit 14 in the first half against
5:45 am
curry with 24. curry had to leave believely and returned later and held his brother seth to just 10 points. warriors win by 21 over dallas 116-95. golden state is now 6-2. browns plate ravens could they get the first win of the season? well you can take part in our instant poll just head to now and we want to see your votes and we will want the results come in will win tonight. browns and ravens had a training game in week 2. we have got breaking news. so the browns were ahead 20-0 when the ravens blocked the extra point returned it for two points. that started baltimore's run of 25 straight points. game also included remember this, pryor called for unsportsmanlike penalty there for flipping the ball. kessler starts tonight. since the browns management is
5:46 am
than 35% chance of winning any game this year. that's a little rough. week 10 of the fan caves and we found a vince lombardi trophy here. birds are enjoying it more than anyone. it's a bird bath and in the basement a real goal post belonging to a quarterback who signed a 2-week contract with the browns. wally is my browns expert of the week. wally great, great fan cave. love the browns memorabilia tell me about the football collection. >> 143 footballs from national football league. right behind us is the super bowl autographed balls and i have it separated throughout the man cave itself for a different ball for different reasons. >> there's one football that's very special this one tell me about that. >> that went to vietnam with me. served with me and returned
5:47 am
>> you organize football games over there. >> yes we did. we would play together and play for beer. that was our recreation. and so we would play games against each other. 2 to 3 guys play equally and we thought ended up if you won you won the beer and got back to the barracks and guys love it. >> nfl. >> 19 # 6 and i was with the organization for about two weeks and 's from 1976. >> a quarterback can you play today? >>er is real -- cerebral yes. >> who's going to win. >> the browns that is the only way i can go. and now that they have lost as many as they have we are that much closer to a victory so i think it will be this week. >> a score. >> i think it will be 9 to 7. >> 9 to 7. that's like one of
5:48 am
tough that's why i am anxious to see how they blow it this week. they will have lead late and lose 27-26 ravens. >> talking to a former browns quarterback here. there you go. all right wally i love it this is great stuff and i love the tributes to your idle joe name south -- namath. >> wow. >> we had a great visit and my thanks to wally for the service. he was in law ebb forcement while -- enforcement while serving in vietnam we have more photos and my browns pick for tonight can be found at my facebook page john anderson wkyc. i need to find 6 more fan caves so let me know if you want to see yours on the morning show. >> that was phenomenal. >> great stuff. 143 footballs and almost every super bowl covered. >> the goal post is my favorite. yeah it doesn't go up in the living room. >> if you go up to the living room i don't think they are up
5:49 am
>> there you go wally we are thinking for you. >> yeah. all right. it's 5:49. coming up, ways to save. >> always thinking for us. matt granite what's up. >> reporter: good morning. i have the ultimate thanks giving travel deal. you won't believe what 75% off looks like coming up right
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it's 5:52 time to check in with the runner here on the morning show. >> greg dee are you ru we have our gps on him you are going 6 miles an hour now down to one. >> reporter: i am running across the lor ryne avenue bridge. we are now down i am slowing down so we can actually do the forecast for the runners. i am in ohio city. and it's to bring the weather gadgets -- i had to bring the weather gadgets. i have my anemometer and thermometer. we are measuring the wind because the winds are not that strong. you can see them right there live wind display only about 2
5:53 am
the temperature 43 degrees and it's actually been falling all morning. i got to tell you it feels colder. it's clear out here and the air is very dry. so if you are planning on that morning run, here is what to expect. let's look at that forecast for this morning. i think many of you are in the mid-30s now. today the wind is out of the south and that means any warming from the lake near the lake shore is basically gone. a lot of you right at the lake shore are waking up in the and with that wind, it's not much wind chills in the mid-30s they won't drop off. i have to tell you the wind are going to increase quite a bit. it looks like today a strong wind out of the south really picking up to about 20 miles an hour this afternoon. so a run this morning is better than one in the afternoon. you will be running into a head wind and tomorrow, that wind switches out of the north and just as strong. we are going to have gusts again i think 25, 30 miles an
5:54 am
start to fall. itchi i have long pants and long -- i've got long plants and love sleeves and it was a good choice this morning. i usually overdress because we do some standing around not today. this is the outfit to have. aid little chilly out there guys -- it's a little chilly out there guys. >> thank very much greg. >> keep running. all right we will talk about-- i got the budget here for matt granite's ways to save for the month. fire starter we got that and wood. sledge hammer>> reporter: yes. >> you needed a sledge ha >> reporter: i was told not to use it on the set for the demonstration i had to pretape. >> someone got in trouble. >> reporter: i know again. but it's all to save you money and today, i promise every major black friday door buster before black friday most carry on luggage deals happens after the busiest travel days who wants it after thanksgiving i did a luggage set early october and put a intern inside the
5:55 am
>> reporter: cody is fine. >> he is in rapid city. >> reporter: there's no one herein-- in here today. i want to show you the best carry on that we tested which is not a paid product i don't care whether or not you buy it it's on sale for 89 bucks on black friday but i found it for 64. >> that's no way. >> reporter: that's a brand name -- >> that's a brand name. >> reporter: woo 10-year warranty and it's the most durable as i show you intern casey. >> it spins around very nicely handle and bunchp of zippers. >> reporter: i have a sledge hammer. >> for what? >> reporter: we mentioned durability and i want to point out this is my own personal suitcase but because i trust this, i want to point out that this is not breaking. i am hitting it quick casey give it a slam. it's fine. this is durability at its best.
5:56 am
days worth of clothing unfolded if you don't really pack well. i know-- i am by no moneys a expert packer this will help you dodge the 100 to $1 50 to check back some airlines it's 50 but the other thing i like is that instead of a wheel on each corner you get two. so you have 8 wheels and you can navigate betterlook how light weight. >> no marks on this from thesledge hammer. >> reporter: it's going sell out. i love it. looks good on you lynna. >> she will throw it off a building. the day's top stories are straight ahead. . >> let's check this with tiffany. >> reporter: president-elect trump is literally on his way to the white house. what we can expect today lynna. >> tiffany and market rebound how wall street is handling the news of donald trump's upset 24 hours later. >> all the debate continues
5:57 am
this or that week continues with a look at which tv viewing options give outmost channels for the best price. hollie. 5:57 and we are forecasting a lot of sunshine today. winds are going to be picking up so we have got great skies and breezy weather on the way too. but it won't be as cool. it's great news. we are close to 60 for the high. but we have got chilly air to track.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
this channel 3 newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home and now channel 3 news today. right now at 6 they say he is not their president. protests break out across the country and here in over donald trump's election. tiffany. >> reporter: well, lynna the transition begins today. coming up i will let you know what's next for president-elect trump as he makes his way to the white house john. >> and your cleveland cavaliers head to the white house hours after president-elect trump. a very busy day at the white house. hollie are you going? i am staying put and enjoy the


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