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tv   Channel 3 News Today  NBC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this channel 3 newscast is made possible by the calvetta brothers floor show. it's time to fall in love again with your home and now channel 3 news today. right now at 6 they say he is not their president. protests break out across the country and here in over donald trump's election. tiffany. >> reporter: well, lynna the transition begins today. coming up i will let you know what's next for president-elect trump as he makes his way to the white house john. >> and your cleveland cavaliers head to the white house hours after president-elect trump. a very busy day at the white house. hollie are you going? i am staying put and enjoy the
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beautiful day. good morning hope you are doing great. it's thursday weekend is almost here and we are forecasting a much, much brighter day and a warmer day too. although right now it's pretty chilly. we will warm mid-40s at 9, mid- 50s at lunchtime and close to 60 if not even into the low 60s in some spots. breezy conditions winds out of the south southwest today. wind will be pick up about is a to 20 -- 15 to 20 miles an hour sustained. so, that is something to be aware but, the wind from the south is what's driving up the temperatures later. for now not so much. it's 37 right now at hopkins and we have got low 30s further inland akron canton at 34 degrees. lots of clear skies that's going to equal lots of sunshine. 7:10 is when it's up today and as far as winds they are pretty calm considering what we will have going on later at 5 to 10 miles an hour all across the area. we are talking some chilly air
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blast as we get into the first part of the weekend. so we will be -- will we see snow i will let you know he. i said it. you said the northeast ohio curse word. >> wool see if it happens can't wait to see. in terms to of traffic we have one accident reported east of downtown cleveland on east 40 tion on chester avenue other than that we are looking great. normal drive times and again just that one accident it's not really -- it's not real you. so coming up, in about 15 minutes, we will give outdrive times into downtown. give outdrive -- give you the drive times. many city saw protest in response to the election of donald trump. >> thousands of people took to the streets attacking his policies on issues like immigration and gay rights and reproductive rights. here at home protesters marched from cleveland state down to public square. they did cause some disruptions
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movement. >> this video shows protests in los angeles. thousands gathered in downtown l.a. first blocking traffic near city hall. and before moving on to the busy 101 freeway. some motorists were stuck in the cars for hours and 13 people were arrested. several schools across the country also reported students walking out in protests. this was the scene at high school in des moines where trump received 52% of the vote. the district allowed the students to protest saying they haveri many of the protesters are using the hashtag not my president to vent on social media. so we want you to have your voice. we want to know what you think. head over to now to take part in our instant poll. >> are you happy donald trump was leaked willing to give him a chance -- was elected, are you i will to give him a --
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presidential process begins for donald trump today. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live this morning. he is meeting with president obama. >> reporter: he is lien into and john. that meet will go happen around 11 this morning. but let's talk about cleveland in this for a second. it was little more than year ago that the first republican presidential debate right here in cleveland and then just this summer the gop convention here in cleveland where donald trump was nominated. but today, it's all about washington, d.c. that president obama will be briefing president-elect strump -- trump and president obama wants to make sure it's smooth transition just like it was for him 8 years ago. it's no secret that these two have differences so what we see in washington today is going to be very important especially when you talk about steps towards unity in this country. now there's another meeting of the minds happening at the same time today. first lady michelle obama and melania trump will be talking
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and there's also a lot of talk happening right now about who donald trump might have in his cabinet and we are told from members of his team i should say we are learning from members of his team that they have reached out to certain people and they are making those connections right now. really trying to put all of this together. >> all right thank you and as we continue to watch the poll results coming in on how do you feel about donald trump presidency happy he was elected is about 50% right there. we are 43% are saying they my president. so we will keep ion on the numbers. we appreciate you voting and taking part in that. we mentioned it's a busy day at the white house the cleveland cavaliers the world champion cleveland cavaliers will be there. the guest of president obama. this is a tradition with the president and they-- he honors champion was a visit. they will give him a vrsy or
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anniversary or token of appreciation. the coach turned down a visit when he was offered a advice which the lakers and he had signed with the wizards and is very he can sighted to go this time around. it was one year -- excited to go this time around. it was one year ago what charter plane crashed into -- crashed into a akron building no would on the ground was injured. jet slammed into the apartments in the neighborhood on the way to akron fulton airport. last month the ntsb blamed theney of -- litany of failures by the pilot and the private charter company. 7 passengers and two pilots died in the crash. security is being ramped up. the university will hold a forum for students to let them know about safety resources and to listen to their concerns. the school says 7 arrests have been made in connection with recent incidents and more likely suspects have been identified.
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memo to the media when patriots head coach bill belichick givesous a nugget of information, don't press him for more. how he responded yesterday to multiple questions about that letter he sent to trump. >> plus, remember the backlash over starbucks plain red holiday cups? they look a lot different this year. how they got the customers involved this year. hey hollie. >> hi. two weeks until thanksgiving today and we are chatting going to end up milder today. and brighter. we have lots of sunshine in the works for your thursday. it's 7:10 this morning so bring sunglasses you will need them for the commute. we are in the 30 toss near 40 degrees at the -- 30s to near 40 degrees at the moment. we will end up 50s to near 606789 it's going to be bright and really breezy. we will talk about the wind and weekend. we have a live look downtown where visibility is beautiful as can be. coming up on 6:08.
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6:11. and topping your morning news feed a since mattie jury is expected to resume deliberation -- cincinnati jury is second to resume the deliberations of a murder of a police officer. tensing teie feareddubose was going to run him over which is why he fired a single shot but prosecutors says body cam evidence against the officer is overwhelming. the death was one of several that fueled the black lives matter movement. a court hearing is set for columbus man accused of trying to travel to libya to join isis. federal prosecutors say aaron daniels wired 250 dollars to a isis operative and told a undercover informant about
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commit violence on behalf of the terrorist group. he could face 20 years in prison if convicted. brad pitt is cleared of child abuse allegations. the investigation began after allegations that pitt abused his son on a private plane as the family traveled back from france to the u.s. the actor is fighting for joint custody of the couple's 6 children who range in age from 8 to 15. angelina jolie filed for divorce in september and is certainly seeking sole custody. today starbucks rolls out the red holiday cups. remember the backlash they received over the red cups that weren't christmassy enough? well this year there are 13 different versions inspired by designs from customers. starting today anyone who orders a holiday beverage will get one free. the deal is good through monday from 2 to 5 p.m. at participating locations.
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>> no. >> 1882. >> oh. >> no they weren't around it was 1997. >> she is like what. >> 18? >> john needs more sleep. >> we all need more sleep. >> there was a new car in it if she answered the question right but we will send it back to the dealer now. >> match boxcar. >> there's always tomorrow. >> tomorrow is the bonus round. confident? >> can't wait for that one. we are looking at the bus stop forecast. it's chilly so layer it up because we have 30 to near 40 degrees and we will be warming up is the great news. weather headlines includes bright skies and breezy day again and good news with today's weather is that it won't be as cool but we are talking another blast of really chilly air for the first part of the weekend and we will see about that snow. 60 is where we are planning on heading today. bright skies and winds out of the south southwest about 15 to
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an hour sustained is what we have got. looks really nice upper 50s to near 60 all across northeast ohio northern ohio and this stretches clear to sunny. 7:10 sunrise time today. so he it's definitely -- so it's definitely going put that bounce in your step. we have the wind profile and you can see how they increase throughout the course of the morning and into the afternoon. so plan on the breezy conditions. we could end up seeing wind gusts which is the line in pink upward of 20 at times later on a. for now though, it's pretty calm out there. and it's pretty cool. temperatures are 30s, 40s all across the region. i mean, south into the the carolinas we are starting off around 40 degrees this morning. and as we zoom in locally it's a lot of 30s on the temperature map. so make sure to grab the coats. now, we are in to sunshine today. and next on the agenda is another cold front. so as we start tracking here on future view it's clear as can
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into the evening too. skies stay clear as the sun sets he. but then overnight, and into your friday we will go from partly to mostly cloudy skies. we will start to bring in shower chances as that front approaches and it looks like temperatures will top out in the 50s pretty early in the day. and then fall back into the 40s. now if we see some lake-effect developing behind this front, friday night into saturday, it is possible we could see a few snowflakes mixing in just because lows going into 30s. it's not looking that promising right now. chances are pretty small but those of you that are east this is just a little heads up don't be caught off guard if there's couple snowflakes that start off your saturday. then we are into the middle and upper 40s and partly sunny skies is the plan. rebound for sunday is beautiful. sunny as can be. mid-50s and 50s for early next week. it's coming up on 5:16 here's a check of your drive. >> wkyc traffic is brought to
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get a great deal and great deal more at mike bass ford. rise and shine it's thursday. we are almost done with the week thank goodness. and right now, at 6:16 we have a pretty clear commute. we have one accident this east of down down cleveland at chester avenue at east 40th. no road closures or delays and speak of delays no delays here's i-90 at state route 2 whereveryone is getting fine. that drive is 10 minutes into downtown and 11 minutes headed out and 77 looks great and 7 minute drive both north and south between 48 a an --480 and i-90 an from 71, 90 and jennings they are normal drive times from the turnpike on 7113 minutes and from 83 in avon 14 minutes and 480, 5 minute commute and west shore way has a little slowing on clifton
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two minute delay. john and lien into back to you. time for -- lynna now back to you. time for my big eves winners and losers and the biggest losers you would think the boston media would understand how boston belichick works he he confirmed he sent a throart donald trump because they have been friends it's not about politics. but the media kept bocking him trying to get more information out of him. here's what happened. >> your team has been keeping outside distractions on the outside begin the nature of the presidential race. >> seattle. >> you find. >> seattle. >> you find it helpful to talk to players about this. >> seattle. >> did your players talk to you about night seattle. >> concerns about any locker room rancor as a result of this. >> well, i guess they play seattle next. belichick made the statement that is all you are going to get and said see you later. news conference over. that's what they got yesterday.
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check this out the 8th grade girls volleyball is back to back to back champions and the record is perfect 43-0e during the last two sea --43-0 during the last two seasons. the girls are great students as well. >> great. >> by the way they don't play seattle next. if you want to nominate your champion or all morning or tweet them he to me at john wkyc. i think it's rare and i am surprised belichick gave out the statement about the letter e gave like a 30 second statement. >> sure you know i think thosereporters like poking the bear to see. >> i think so too. >> poke, poke. >> it's so fun but who do they play this week. >> seattle. >> it's on nbc sunday night i believe. >> seattle.
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responding to news that donald trump is the next president. hey greg. >> reporter: i made it to hinktown and we are heading down to detroit and will talk about pod cast you may want to listen to on your run if you are tired to listening to music. my picks coming up. >> sound good and we have weather out the window look at this picture in willoughby sun rays sh beautiful taking over at the chagrin river park in willoughby and we have got plenty of sun rays headed our way. 6:19 your time check. hope you are waking up with a
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yesterday morning all the futures on wall street were pointing to big losses for theday and you know they never took off when the opening bell rang yesterday following trump's victory all the major markets finished up 256 points. traders appear to be evaluating the potential economic benefits from trump's plans to cut taxes and spend money on infrastructure putting americans to work and right now the futures on wall street are the dow futures are up 136 points. the news is not good for gm. general motors announces major layoffs at two plants one in lordstown ohio and the other in michigan. third shifts will be suspend in early 2017. move is after gm reported declining interest in the chevy cruze made in lordstown and muscle and sports cars. about 1200 workers will be affected at the lordstown location. weather on run continues
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around downtown cleveland and featuring a pod cast that can help you pass sometime on your morning run breast. let's bring in -- let's bring in greg right now. >> reporter: good morning. i ahead i'd from o-- i made it from ohio city and this is hingestown separating us from ohio city they have got stores and bars and restaurants here at church and west 29th. behind me is an old firehous coffee shop and there are people walk all over the place at 6 in the morning and you should see the foot traffic. great to see the west side of cleveland coming back. we with talking about pod cast you may be tired of listening to music. radio programs that you can listen to on your run. npr have done this well they
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amazing pod cast this thing got me through the election. another one is 99% invisible. from a guy named roman mars and talks about why things are designed the way they are. that sounds geeky i am the geek here but i got to tell you it's going change the way yo building is built a car is built and it's going to let you see the little parts of the larger picture. a really cool pod cast and this is my all time favorite. stuff you should know from the folks that the same company that owns the discovery channel. josh and chuck are the two guys on it and they explain everything. how about landfills? how do mosquitoes work? the latest one, the partial
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where did action figures come from. so you are actually running and learning about something while you are running. hollie you got to check it out. if you are tired of listening to tunes this is the way to go. next stop for me, that's gordon square and it's little way ace way so. >> you -- ways away. >> so you've got to run. it's true for all runners out there or even if you are on a treadmill or stepper it's like sometimes you don't want music and want something different i and -- 30s to start and we will end up at 40s and 50 to near 60 for the high with a lot of sunshine but it will get real breezy again today. abe ware winds out of the south southwest 15 to 20. on the travel map clear skies for now. but we are tracking another cold front. what does it mean for the
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right newt 6:30 welcome -- ri i am john anderson. >> i am lee nay lai. as you wake up -- lynna lai as you wake up this is what we are working on the fbi is turning up the heat into the investigation of the mother a disappeared in late october. roaa al dhannoon was raising a 3-year-old son here. authorities want you to pay special attention to unique tattoos on her left hand. she was last seen at her
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october 16th. american flags were spotted flying upside down outside three schools in oberlin. the photo was taken outside the high school. the school superintendent says it was a prank and the flags were then turned right side up as they realized what happened. he will check surveillance cameras and talking to the school's police officer to figure out what happened. maintenance staff at cedar point ended a two day strike against the amusement park. the union's 76 off the job. a agreement was reached as a -- on a 5-year contract as a result of economic improvements. workers do most of the winter maintenance at the park and arework on the expansion project for the hotel breakers. walked outside the hockey rink and because of the wind it was cooler outside than it was inside last night. >> right. >> so here we go hollie a sign what have's to come. seasonal chill as you wake up today but it will warm up.
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going to be breezy but winds will be out of the south be a southwest. so they will drive the temperatures foe to near 60 for the high. mostly sunny skies all the way through but as john mentioned we are 30s to near 40. 41 downtown. and we are mid to upper 30s at hopkins and some low 30s inland. so you need to kind of go the layered route together today. that's how i would leave the house because the truth is kind of sunshine in the works. 7:10 is when it's up so we are a little while from that. and we have got wind that are currently calm compared to what they will be. 5 to 10 miles an hour sustained at the moment. but they will be building throughout the course of the morning and into the afternoon. let's check the drive see how things are moving along so far this thursday. it's like mini friday. yeah. we are almost there everybody.
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all green pretty much normal drive times n fact here's picture. 77 at arlington road where you can see traffic moving just fine on the north and southbound sides of the highway in akron. those of you who take 77 between arlington and the central interchange 5 minutes headed north 4 minutes head south a-okay there. to the north we are all green both west and east side here's i-480 at warrensville center road where we get busy during the morning. traffic is picking up but we look at drive times between 9 minutes east and 8 minutes west and a-okay. doesn't forget when you hit the roads tune into wtam1100 total traffic. they will have updates for you every ten minutes. john and lynna back to you. >> thank you. a few hours from now, president-elect trump will meet with president obama at the white house. >> tiffany tarpley joins us live and president obama wan it to be a smooth transition. >> reporter: he does and the
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happening today. that meeting at the white house begins at 11 this morning. and president obama says that 8 years ago president bush was gracious to him and he wants to do the same thing for donald trump. now the president-elect will start to receive more extensive classified briefings and this is the same information that is delivered to the president each morning. for the trump administration there are talks about who will be in the cabinet and who will be his trusted advisers as he takes over the ov coming up at 6:50 i will let you know about another meeting of the minds happening at the white house today. and john, we are not talking about the cavs here. >> okay. thank you tiffany. it's almost 6:35. topping your morning news feed 5 people were shot in seattle last night. police are still searching for the shooter. fire officials say two of the five people shot have life- threatening injuries. the shooting did happen as an antitrumpp protest was underway nearr nearby but officials say
6:35 am
-- nearby but officials say they don't appear to be connected to that. developing news out of pennsylvania two police officers were shot in canonsburg at 18 miles southwest of pittsburgh. details sketchy right now. we don't know a lot about this. but we know the officers were responding to a call around 4 a.m. two of them shot according to the report. no word on the officers conditions or if there's a suspect in custody. we have plan from the world's largest retailer. walmart will kick off black friday sales even earlier at 12:01 a.m. therchtion giving day. but those will be online. the in-store door buster deals starts at 6 p.m. turkey day. walmart ordered additional inventory to make up for online sales. target has a similar plan offering online deals thanksgiving day morning and then opening up later that
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in today's this or that the de-- that debate sticking with cable or can youing cord is the best option. >> marty with our sister station in denver is breaking down the cost and convenience so you can decide for yourself. >> reporter: looking to lower your monthly video entertainment bill? there are more options than ever. >> cutting the cord is the way to go. >> hook it up to the digital tv find the right get it. what's neat about this is you get super high definition quality with a lot of the over the air stuff. >> reporter: a streaming devees is a great -- device is a great way to add. >> chrome cast allows you to stream from your device and your android or apple device to your television but there are built if application that is you can access. one of the major things you can do with apple tv is stream from the mac book ipad or iphone.
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applications on it. >> reporter: one thing to remember with all of the streaming devices. >> tough have internet for the devices to work and you have to have wireless internet for the majority of them to work. >> reporter: and now that we are watching more content on the mobile devices, there's a big push for portability with satellite providers too. >> a recent example is hopper go a wi-fi hot spot and you can connect the iphone and iphone to the hopper go and watch the content from the making your home tv experience, well, bigger. >> this is what we call sports bar mode at home. you can see we can watch four shows as the same time on one tv screen. >> reporter: you can save money by cutting the cable or dumping satellite to make your viewing experience more flexible and portable. for this or that week. >> now keep in mind that most of the solutions do involve some up front cost so you may have to spend money to save
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weather on the run. greg dee has great pod cast while you check out the city on foot. now matt. >> reporter: i have the 75% off travel deal for thanksgiving. hollie how is the weather. >> beautiful with your deals. we have sunshine on the way and it's up in minutes at 7:10. we are going to have a bright milder day not as cool around 60 degrees the high. but getting breezy again. we will talk about the winds and the weekend which is close. it's knocking and we could have a snowflake or two before it is through. we are for our instant school closing system so are these guys.>> you are watching
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coming u7 on -- up on 6:42. browns play the ravens tonight on channel 3. so could they get the first win of the season? >> well that's the big question. take part in the instant poll head to now. and watch the results come in and they are coming in and 19% say yes this would be . >> the the browns and ravens had a strange game in week two and browns were ahead 20-0 when the ravens blocked the extra point and returned it for two points and that started baltimore's run of 25 straight points. game included pryor being called for an unsportsmanlike penalty for flipping the ball. we remember that one. so cody kessler gets the start tonight. since the browns are into analytics the latest numbers
6:43 am
come against the bengals in few weeks and it says they've 35% chance of winning that game. but like the game at buffalo they say they've 11% chance of wining that. >> the results here is 17%-- what are you saying yes or no john. >> my pick. >> yes or no john. >> no. my pick is 27-10 rains did you vote for me. >> i voted for you. >> look at that it changed. >> it >> i think the best chance is the sandy -- san diego game. chargers could be eliminated by then. >> christmas eve. >> do they want to play christmas eve. >> in the in cleveland. >> that's week 16 of the nfl season. we will see. >> that's harsh. >> matt you are easy on our eyes. >> when you block my body. >> reporter: i am so excited because two weeks of black
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people will line up to score a deal but thanksgiving one of the busiest travel deal days of the the year who wan a suitcase after thanksgiving. i am hooking you up early with something so durable i will smash it around with a tool in moment. i am hugely in favor of the 10 year warranty durability and look first at the price you will not be paying. when stores feature this they sell it for 09 bucks and it's well reviewed can i beat any store price all thanks couple coupon codes 65 bucks and 10 year warranty and free shipping and i slap this around with our intern casey. >> it spins around and handle and. >> i have a -- rouse i have a sledge hammer. >> for what. >> reporter: we mentioned durability and this is my own personal suitcase but because i trust think want to point out this is not breaking. i am hitting it give it a good
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it's fine. this is durability at its best. good job casey. i can fit four days of clothing in here and i pack like a moreon so you can probably do better depending on what you want to travel with. i don't care whether you buy it most has four wheels and you get 8 which provides just ally the bit more 360 pays through the the airport. you can dodge the 50 to $150 in checked baggage fees. >> yeah. >> reporter: but something like that. >> that's cool thank you. >> just for the record as a guy i. think you do an excellent job of packing. >> reporter: thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> and sledge ham cert canadian -- hammer is that the canadian rubber matlet.
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gotten a viewer e-mail so thank you. >> i've had twit are reactions to that thanks to everyone all 3,000 of you that pointed that out. >> love you matt. hollie loving the sunshine here. >> i know. isn't it nice. it's good to know it's coming and we are minutes away from it at 7:10 sunrise. kids at the bus stop temperatures are 30s to near 40. and we have been around 40 downtown but it's colder inland. let's get a look at headlines we have a lot of sunshine and it's going today. wind will be a huge component. it's calm sustained at 5 to 10 an we are talking chilly weather for the first part of the weekend. will we see snow? i will let you know don't panic is my advice. 60 you should never panic by the way. 60 the high today. lots of sunshine. and we have got 50s to near 60 across northern ohio. it's lovely as can be after yesterday's overcast skies.
6:47 am
for you. now, the winds are still going to be a big part of it. and i think sustained, from about 15 to 20 they will be building throughout the morning and into the afternoon. right now they are calm compared to what they will be. at 5 to 10 miles an hour but they are going to come out of the south and southwest today. and that's going to warm the temperatures. which are currently in the 30s and to near 40 all across the region. and locally, there are plenty of 30s to report. i go to the bu work layered and you can take off a layer or two as it feels better. so much sunshine and from that to another cold front to track for your friday. clear skies through today. we are clear really through the overnight hours. but then tomorrow, we start to notice an increase in cloud cover. and shower chances. in the 50s for highs pretty early and fall back into the 40s rain shower chances i should make that clear. behind the cold front, though, we could see, we could see a little lake-effect snow
6:48 am
saturday. and lows early saturday will be in the 30s. so it's possible those of you east could have rain mixed with wet snow or a flurry early on saturday. chances are minimal otherwise i think it's the typical lake- effect day. upper 40s in the 50s for highs on sunday. and sunday looks really great. with a lot of sun. indiana jones there he is. take a look. hanging out enjoying the fall weather we have been having thanks for this picture. that's a good looking pooch. we have greg dee on the run and did you make it to corden square is my question. >> reporter: i did west 65th all the way from hingetown to west 65th and detroit. traffic is picking up.
6:49 am
are thinking about running this morning, i am talking about the forecast for the runners, good morning everybody. it's a beautiful start to the day. it's perfectly clear and there's a bit of a wind. i have the anemometer attached to the weather advanced mobile and we were getting winds 3 miles an hour downtown and now they are 6 to 7 miles an hour. i know it doesn't seem like a huge difference but it is. it feels cooler temperatures dropped. it's under 42 degrees. it was closer to 44. if you are heading out, long pants and long sleeves. usually i am overdressed for the reports. not today it's good to have longer sleeves and cover up the ears too because the wind has a bite aid southerly wind. if you are running this afternoon the wind will pick up i think gusts to 30 miles an hour and tomorrow just as webbedy so if you don't like
6:50 am
like wind, right now is the time to go before winds really pick up. tomorrow, the temperatures will be much colder so so today may be the day to get longer run in. pretty out here this morning. i've got to run back to the station so here we go. i've got a couple miles to go i will be back at channel 3. >> we don't give you a ride back? >> bye. >> we locked up the van and make him run. not bad. >> run gr all the info before you head out door next in the morning rush. >> let's check in with tiffany. >> reporter: president-elect trump is head to the behight house and coming up i will let
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we start your morning rush with the first steps in a transition of power at the white house today. president obama will meet with president-elect trump. president obama says he wants to make sure it's a smooth si administration. we have been hearing talk about who might be in donald trump's administration like the possibility of former new york mayor rudy giuliani as the attorney general or dr. ben carson as the surgeon general. we will have to wait and see how that plays out but the meet something schedule at 11 this morning and we know first lady michelle obooma will also meet -- obama will meet withmelania trump. and several antitrump protests took place in 7 of the
6:54 am
to protests largely have been peaceful. police allowed them to march through the streets and some major highways. our world champion cavs are also headed to the white house today to be honored by president obama it will be streamed live on white shortly after 2. this visit continues the president's tradition of honoring sports teams for their efforts to give back to their communities. danielle. thank you right now we have a minute north in to downtown cleveland near i-90 but for those old brecksville road is closed west of brecksville road because of a water main break i am tweeting out detours at dani wkyc. >> thanks. we are also ready for sunshine and it's back today. we have got priet breezy conditions the wind will be 15
6:55 am
hour -- perhour south of the south south west -- per hour out of the south southwest. cold front will coolth in 30s- - cool the temperatures30s throughout the day. if we see lake-effect shower activity tomorrow night into early saturday there could be a few snowflakes but chances are small. i am not worried about it so don't be. it would be minimal if anything and we are up to 48 for the high. sunshine and 50s matt. >> reporter: the bonus deal drops in 5 minutes. wait for it a 9.99 way to smarten up the car and tomorrow on channel 3 we will smarten up the wrist something john is wearing that i will find for $33. oh, yes. >> for real. >> you will have to wit and see. watch channel 3 news today starting at 4:30 a.m.
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this. >> you did. >> that's a deal. browns and ravens tonight coverage starts 579:00. is tonight the night? >> right here on channel 3. >> what would be nice-- one would be nice. >> have a great day. >> thanks. >> thanks for watching channel 3 news stake channel 3 news and weather with you wherever you g text wkyc to 25 a 43 now to
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good morning. breaking overnight -- >> we reject the president-elect! >> protests over the election of donald trump erupt coast to coast. thousands marching on trump buildingn has got to go. >> and in chicago, demonstrators blocking traffic in los angeles, oakland and portland, oregon, even burning an effigy of the president-elect in new orleans. white house welcome. president obama and the first lady set to meet with donald and melania trump this morning. once bitter rivals, the president now promising cooperation over the next 71 days. >> we are all now rooting for his success in uniting and


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