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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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demonstrators filled the streets. police arrested the team for shop with thing. demonstrators are calling for a boycott. more protest against the president of black -- elect. some turning violent. in northeast ohio. skip the line, get the fast pass to get your kids photos taken with santa. this is another example of racial presidents.
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second straight night in lorain county. it is all because of a shoplifting incident. >> supporters say it is not that simple. sifting through the different accounts of what happened. >> reporter: two very distinctive voices out here tonight. protesters who are clearly in the majority still out here as they have been most of the day. sa racism. no justice, no peace. and supporters saying justice for who? asking that back and how about for a business defending itself from being robbed. the bakery. for two days, protesters have been part of the landscape
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store employee alan gibson when he tried to stop him from stealing wind. when police pulled up, they said they saw him lying on his back with several injured -- individuals kneeling over him punching and kicking. had a swollen lip and abrasions. >> he did not assault or rob anyone. i have friends who were eyewitnesses and saw the account. they caea happened. >> reporter: he was arrested for robbery. the women for assault. >> this is another example of racial prejudice held by gibson's bakery. >> reporter: he works there and was here when they arrested him. >> simple story, the kid was so shoplifting and was arrested.
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shoplifters were arrested as well. >> we are equal opportunities law enforcers. >> reporter: if you're going to break the law, you are going to get punished. they believe they are above the law. >> they close a few minutes ago. rate up to the end, there were a long line of customers whose a they will end. developing now, third night of anti-trump protesters. including this one in atlanta. they are reporting that protesters were burning american flags. also they took to the streets and other large cities.
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announced his white house transition team. mike pence will leave the group. new drink it -- rudy giuliani, new gingrich. members of the future first family are already on the team. repealing and a placing obamacare. he is open to keeping key parts of the law, and between obama and trump they discussed obamacare. he said they would consider let people stay on their insurance until 26 years of age. and pre-existing conditions. 22 million americans use obamacare. on this veterans day, we are highlighting a special
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charlie foxtrot. we showed you some of the serious problems facing veterans returning from over seas. ptsd, substance abuse often push our veterans into the criminal justice system. here is a solution that will keep them out of jail and said their lives. >> yes or no sir. when i ask you a question, do you understand? >> reporter: the conditng -- boot camp. a drill instructor pushing all the stress buttons. toughness, tested. military trying to repair the
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army special said the job for looking for bombs every day. his year-long mission ied patrol in afghanistan. >> somebody getting blown up, somebody getting hurt. >> reporter: the daily pressure began to take its toll on tom. he survived -- survived the missions but him when he got home with ptsd. he started using heroin. >> i was self-medicating. to quiet my mining -- mind and nightmares. i was doing it for the wrong reasons. but to me, at that time, it was the right reason. >> he is far from alone. one in six veterans are addicted to drugs or alcohol.
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carried to a chopper, the carnage hits home. marine sergeant was a fire team leader in afghanistan. he also tried to drown the night -- noise out with substance abuse. but the booze did not work. >> unloaded the pistol up and got in my car and drove around. i found a parking lot and i was sitting there with it started getting real at that point. >> reporter: he felt he was out of options. a police officer found him just in time. >> i shut my car off and put the hands on the wheel. he said, where's the gun served. assets is over here on the seat. he said i'm going to come around and take the gun did not move. >> he checked and there was around in there. >> reporter: suicide attempts
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>> i don't. >> reporter: this is the frequent court in cleveland. this is where bets are given a chance to get on track. judge michael jackson, a commander from vietnam. you look around the from and most of the support staff our veterans also. >> that shared military experience had fewer recidivism and better citizens. and it works. >> reporter: every former soldier in this program is assigned a mentor who is also a veteran eric --. for each volunteer, the mission is very personal. >> it is very important to me. that they exceed -- succeed.
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>> reporter: in canton, the sounds of drums shook the rafters. in recognition of veterans day. navy veteran led the beat for the staff. in that circle, beating their drums, sergeant miceli and his daughter allie. >> people say reach out and asked for help. you just don't do it. to another, that makes a big difference. >> i have dignity and thank you to people like you i have my life back. i'd like to present this to you. just for some gathered to. i did not know where i would be today if i did not have people like you in my life. >> thank you so much. [ applause ] >> reporter: on the street of cleveland, he is getting his
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one day at a time. >> i thought i'd bring these bridges. but it is nice to have them back. it really is. family, relatives, support groups. friends are starting to come back in my life that i have not interacted with since high school. the real me is back. >> reporter: we want to say thank you for those vets who were brave enough to ar the programs are doing great. they are averaging 96 % helping vets. all wounded vets deserve a chance to heal. those wants may not always be physical. so if you know someone suffering from ptsd, there is help. that is a problem that so many vets do not want to ask. but that is how it happens.
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>> reporter: sadly, no. it is growing. with the course recognizing that the message is getting out there, there is no court over there. but there are vets across the ?? state that are hearing about this and demanding this. the word is spreading around, all of my reports will be online tonight. >> folks are ge is a good thing. hats off to you if you have served our country. >> thank you very much. it is called squad 51. health is just a phone call away. >> how you can get your kids photos with santa without waiting in line. we do not have to wait too
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go through the weekend.
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they provide unconditional
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pets become part of our families. emergency with them, like the rest of our loved ones can be terrifying. there is a new ambulance service and northeast ohio that can help animals and their owners in a crisis. >> we got to check out the unique service started by a cleveland heights. >> reporter: they are the only pet 911 like this. theye and they are doing a lot of good. the owner yolanda, said people have tears in their eyes when they are in an emergency. you want them to get all of the help they need. >> i am here. the stretchers here. and you are right there. >> reporter: it could be your
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>> the minivan is fuel efficient and low maintenance. we have enough space. >> reporter: a minivan turned pet ambulance for enough space for humans in a furry friend. he is the one who started it all. a 16 pound dog named bruiser. he had pancreatitis. his owner rushed him to an emergency vet. >> tears and driving in a panic. i have r before and did not know what to do. >> reporter: she thought there has got to be a better way. >> people have emergencies with their animals all the time, but why is it that no one is not there to help. >> reporter: she's there every day now. >> i was in management for years. >> reporter: patriots and treat. >> we have a full trauma unit. >> reporter: certified by the
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first aid and cpr. prices range from $25 $260. but there is no price too high for the one you love. they are multi-servicing in the first month of operation. most of the trans-ports are routine for elderly folks that cannot get their pets to the vet. but they serve his complete -- complete crisis and more information is available on our website. changing directions. tears -- to the season to make your way to the mall. for an extra fee, south park have a santa fast pass. the kids can go right to the front of the line if you want an appointment.
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the mall. >> what about the time-honored tradition of the meltdown in line? >> [ laughter ] >> for moms and dads, that is where that. the kids and they are there, light i'm having so much fun. it is gi nippy outside. a little christmasy. we do have clear skies in some areas of northern ohio. still clouds hanging around and low clouds courtesy of the lake. that should take the lake affect out of the picture. we will have clouds in the northern side -- sky but that will not hamper things.
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temperatures to talk about. the entire northeast corner of country is very chilly. as we get closer to home, we have the temperatures in the 30s, but combined with the wind the windshield is dropping down below freezing. it feels like 30 degrees in akron. 28 in youngstown. our temperatures are in but they are flirting with freezing. i think our air temperatures will be coming down. northerly winds will continue. the wind is custody. along the lake. so the chill will be more of an impact. i hope folks that are watching us are toasty in their bed. that feels like a great place to be at this point. are wind starts to come around and turns to the southwest.
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in the bite is on for lake erie. the fish are still hitting. as far as tomorrow, we will start you off tomorrow temperatures in the 30s. it as the days go on, more and more sunshine. we have a great stack up as far as the atmosphere goes to bring up sunny conditions. we are only going to be in the mid and upper 40s for afternoon highs. so the chill is the windchill effect will still keep is rather cool, but there you see our temperatures as we go to the date tomorrow and into the evening. partly cloudy to start your saturday, in the 30s but will make it into the mid and upper 40s. once we head into the latter part of the weekend, sunday looks beautiful. plenty of sunshine with upper
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our next chance at rain is just a slim one on wednesday. this is before a big surge in heat comes. it could impact is next weekend. >> that looks fabulous right now. coming up, after a visit to the white house, the cavs are wearing out their welcome in dc
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hello everyone, eight good trip to dc at the cavaliers. kevin love had a big moment yesterday with the president.
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movements. he finishes the deal on the other. how about the strife to the basket by kevin love? beautiful. back to lebron, he hits this 3 and becomes the youngest to score 27,000 points. there's a lot. he hits from 3 70 -- 64. khiry john wall to wizard. cavs bounced back from their only loss this year. 105 -- 90 for the final. next up for the cavaliers, sunday afternoon at home versus charlotte. charlotte comes to town which is two losses. they are 6 and 2. brown's office weekend. will they win a game this
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the frustration is building force you jackson. he asked fans to hang in there. he is confident he will bounce back as the starter. the entire offense takes the blame from last night. >> it is a quick turnaround. it is not my first time playing a thursday night game. at the same time, i got to do a better on a shorter week. and something to learn from and move forward and continue to grow. game changes, brought to you by ohio university. that music means game changers. high school football week. game changers -- here it is. wild back quarterback patrick. and his arm and leg. is is a 4.3 gpa.
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after that, more wildcats just before halftime. look at the game changer with the block right there. robert hot scores 21 -- seven. wildcats win 31 -- 17. football buckeyes in maryland tomorrow at 3: 30. they're coming off a 49 print four carefully or lightly. >> i will take any team for granted or see them as lesser. the big ten is one of the punch is now where you get beat any time. the only few basketball team's opening tonight is in maryland. the veterans classic hits the through the osu wins.
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two teams since 1938. cannot believe college basketball is back. >> at i know it is. >> 4.7 gpa.
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we are up for a beautiful
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-- november. >> college basketball begins his time of year.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeremy renner -- michelle dockery --


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