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tv   Channel 3 News Saturday  NBC  November 12, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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coming up -- another night of protests in oberlin after police arrest another shoplifting. >> and something that just got easier for shoppers. >> the fabulous food show is also today. we're talking wine and beer, and more. wkyc morning show starts now. thank you so much for being with us at 9:00 on this saturday, november 12th.
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innerbelt bridge. no more orange barrels. >> hallelujah. >> you can see a lot of people happy about that. it's starting out as you can see to be a sunny day but -- >> beautiful. >> this morning i had the foresight to grab my heavier coat. >> yeah. >> what are we in for today? >> gosh, it was really cold earlier this morning. actually some folks woke up to 20s, just a few hours ago. 20s! >> i guess it's year. >> don't worry, if you're not a fan of the really cold air, by the end of next week, like next week at this time we could be talking about temperatures in the 70s. or close to it. if you're going to be heading out on lake erie, if you are perhaps driving on i-90 and you were towards -- you looked into the lake you may have seen some really large waves. here's the good news -- that
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the fact that the winds are beginning to subside so 2 to 4- footers on the lake. temperatures currently up a couple of degrees from last hour in the 30s and lower 40s, closer to the lake. frost was an issue further towards our south. a little more mild towards the lake. dry now, a good-looking day, if you're heading to the fabulous food show. we're there for you live this morning. temperatures around that 50- degree mark for a high today. tomorrow we're even warmer on yo the middle of this upcoming workweek. we'll talk about that and of course we'll talk about just how warm it actually does get by the end of the workweek. i know maureen, you're a fan of the 60s and 70. i think you're going to like this forecast we got, in the next seven days. >> thank you. let's catch up on the updated news from overnight.
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anti-trump protesters continued to rally through the night. protesters gather into the strong with strong police force. while it's not the same violence as thursday night there were reports of vandalism and assault. police had to use flash bangs and tear gas to disperse the crowd. protests in los angeles against the election of donald trump began with 700 people. the crowd grew to some 3,000 who marched to city continued on. at least two people were arrested there. it was one of donald trump's campaign platforms, repealing and replacing obamacare. now trump says he's open to keeping key parts of the law. nbc news has confirmed that during the meeting between president obama and the president-elect the two discussed obamacare. trump says he would consider letting kids stay on parents'
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existing conditions law would stay. a shoplifting incident is sparking protests. the supporters say it's not that simple. john kendrick is looking at what happened in this oberlin store. >> reporter: gibson's food mart and bakery, here since 1885. two days protesters have been part of th not buying the police report that says 19-year-old jonathan aladdin assaulted store employee alan gibson when he tried to stop him from stealing wine. when police pulled up the report says they saw gibson lying on his back with several individuals kneeling over him punching and kicking him and appeared to have a swollen lip and abrasion to arms, wrist and neck. >> he didn't rob anyone. he did not assault anyone. denot threaten to assault anyone. >> reporter: you said you have
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right? how do you know that? >> i know eye witnesses that saw the account and swear that's what happened. >> reporter: aladdin arrested for robbery. two women he was with arrested for assault. flyers handed out tonight called it a "particularly heiness event." >> it's another example of the racial prejudice upheld by gibson's bakery. >> the begin sons are not what they claim to be. >> reporter: trey james works at gibsons, was here when the arrest went down. >> it's a simple story. kid got arrested. >> reporter: some white shoplifters arrested this week as well he points out. >> we're equal opportunity criminal profiler. when you shoplift you get caught and busted. >> reporter: gibson's family supporters side by side with protesters. >> it's a law. you broke the law. you're going to get punished. that's just common sense. they believe they are above the law. >> gibson's customers says they
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a project reconfigured lots 100 additional parking spaces. it took eight months to complete. the west side market lot will be fully open by monday. a day after their visit to the white house, as nba champs the cleveland cavaliers boat the washington wizards 105-94 last night. lebron james became the youngest 27,000 points. during last night's game lebron had 27 points, 10 rebounds, five assists. kevin love finished with 14 point and 16 rebounds. coming up -- dream team boxing. he served time in prison but hear how a local man turned his life around and is inspiring young kids. jasmine is out with the fabulous food show.
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cleveland's largest presentation of fabulous food, fine art, breweries, wineries, restaurants is all under one roof with a wide variety of live demos and hundreds of companies showcasing specialty food, drinks, culinary gadgets. it's all there. jasmine monroe is live at the i.x. center with more on the fabulous food show. have you gotten to sample any of the food yet?
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good friend of mine from youngstown. this is christina, everyone. welcome to wkyc. >> hi! >> reporter: we want to talk about what you have showcased for folks. you've done this show. this is amazing. this is the real deal. >> yeah. we try. it's been a few years since we have done the show. years and years ago, did it for a couple of years. we've come back and it's fantasti shop, for people that don't understand these things are to die for. this is it. how did you get started doing this? >> many years ago i had this crazy idea that -- i used to do all types of cakes, cookies, all that. it got to be too much workings not really fun. so this is really a creation of me and one of my aunts, she says you do this really well. here we are, all my friends
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be rude but we don't like the black licorice flavor. i thought who said they had to be? traditional means maybe there's a rule but we have 90 flavors now. a little something for everyone. >> reporter: if you don't find something you like there's a problem. >> then we can probably make it for you. what's the wildest one you've done? >> probably mountain dew. don't have it today. our most popular is the margareta. >> i like it, it's my sorority color. >> perfect. there's no alcohol but it tastes just as good. that has been our best seller, always was my favorite >> reporter: if you are
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weddings, birthday parties, everything. not just for the fabulous food show. how do we get you? >> the best thing for this area is -- we are on-line, a full web site. you can do all your ordering from us. we ship all over. the big thing is we have no breakage when we ship. we've mastered that. >> reporter: maureen, can you see this? this logo here? look at this. this is her! this is perfect. >> that is one of the cutest logos i've ever >> i think we would be cute as logos. in the meantime we have to try some of the desserts. >> reporter: i'll bring you back some. >> we're stuck this morning from everything you've been doing today. >> reporter: sorry. >> no. we appreciate it. thank you so much. gino thought the possible
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one kid and grew into dream team boxing. don kendrick saw first hand how he planting seeds of hope and watching kids grow strong against the odds. >> 34-year-old gino tone tony dreamt of this, in prison. >> no weakness, man. >> reporter: to mold young lives. now he does that. >> it's a champion. re boxing in akron. >> let them know they got hope. i became a champion. i saw it and got strong. >> reporter: here bring the body and good stuff kind of strong followed. >> my heart and my soul. >> reporter: finding then 8- year-old trevelle fane four years ago in a gym was gino's saving grace. other parents wanted in on how he was transforming him. >> i started with a storefront,
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grew it. >> reporter: gino and his gems. dozens of them, now diamonds in the rough. >> do you see yourself in them? >> all of them. every last one of them. >> reporter: especially in this one. who is his. >> i was just awarded custody of my son who was in a foster home in las vegas. >> reporter: don't you love it, really? a former drug dealer turning the tides making good. >> i just prove that i want to keep it pure teach the kids early what i learned late. that's what dream team boxing is about. >> reporter: it's a good fit. we watched. and wondered. who rescued who? >> they love me. i love them. i want to see them do good. they want to see me do good. we run solely off donations, the program is free. >> reporter: a tutor-mentor volunteer now trying to sell him a bottle of water.
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just boxing. >> reporter: shaw wanted to share in the good stuff growing here and volunteers now molding young minds as an academic tutor. >> i think i can make a difference here. i think i can help some of these kids get to where they want to go. >> we go by the code to show and prove. the community sees we are serious and help out. >> wally smith built the whole boxing bag framework contraption. >> my son was in the streets making bad decisions every night for a year. he then worked out with gino and it saved his life. >> reporter: wally and his now sober son are part of the foundation of this place where happy, productive, grounded lives are taking root. >> i did it to give back. >> it's all good. >> he -- tough, at the end of the day, friends, family and we talk.
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silver regionals. one of my fifth fights. i had no clue what this is. >> reporter: oh, and this little old thing. >> this -- the 2016 super bowl champion. >> reporter: how does it feel to see you earned that? >> it feels great. >> why? >> because it took a lot of hard work to get here. i come here, work hard and don't play around. and i have a good life. >> reporter: all of this started with this. a little guy bad guy took a chance on and built up little lives with big potential ever since. now tony wants to build dream teams up from akron across the country with "dudes like me who came home from prison but share the same heart, show them how investing in kids keeps you focused because it worked for me." this dreamer that became a doer, being the change he wanted to see going straight to
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coming up, thanksgiving is less than two weeks away but some are already shopping for the next holiday. find out whether some shoppers think it's too early. plus, we need a woman who is racing towards success. her story coming up. and michael, we want to know when we head out what kind of temperatures are we going to encounter? >> we'll file this in the good stuff file as well. outside looking great. even in terms of allergies. allergy report looks great. pollen count nice and low. we'll talk about the chance of
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walmart and best buy announced they will open on thanksgiving which like it or not kicks off the holiday season. but is it too early in or manny abraham has more on what shoppers had to say. >> reporter: it's a question that pops up every year. who will open their doors for thanksgiving day shoppers? this year there are still a list holiday shoppers on thanksgiving day. including toys "r" us opening at 5:00. best buy at 5:00. target at 6:00. and kohl's the same. and more stores are following those retailers hoping to cash in on early holiday shopping. >> it's a competitive market during the holiday season. so when your neighbor decides to open up on thanksgiving day, well, chances are you will too. but if a shop closes on
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customer will go next door. there are plenty of stores refusing to open on thursday, like tj maxx, marshals, staples. that is ok with these shoppers. >> shopping can wait until after thanksgiving. >> i usually like to stay home, get the turkey and fix-ins ready for family. >> reporter: and more than 80% of the people we asked on twitter are on their side. saying they will not be shopping on thanksgiving day. but there may be a secret to holiday shopping like starting right now. i'm looking for more sales now with my coupons and everything that is in the paper. >> >> i cannot believe we are talking about holiday shopping. >> i know. to be honest i don't think it's ever too soon to start shopping for the holidays. to be 100 honest i will sometimes start my christmas shopping the day after christmas. you get great sales.
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got it. i was at crocker park last night. they already have the christmas tree up. >> seriously? there yeah. all the christmas decorations are already to be put in place. >> i heard christmas music the other day. it was awesome if you plan on perhaps just finding your zen and trying to find a nice quiet space it's been a really long week for a lot of folks. and again if you want to head out to perhaps one beautiful metroparks in the area, it's going to be an absolutely gorgeous day for it. lots of sunshine in store. by lunchtime temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. highs today around that 50- degree reading. it's a chilly start this morning though so grab those coats before you get out. towards wooster and wayne county. 37 in your neck of the woods. 4 degrees north of freezing in akron and canton at 36. closer to the lake, elyria and
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we stay that way, compliments of high pressure off towards our west. so means two things, not only are we sunny, we stay dry not only today but also tomorrow as the high pressure center works towards the east and firmly implants itself over the buckeye state. a really beautiful weekend to take advantage of as maureen was saying before, there's more parking now at the west side market. if you have not been there before. a great place to check out especially on the weekends. through lunchtime today looks great. akron, i think we see low to mid-40s around lunchtime for you. again the highs today around that 50-degree reading. give or take a few degrees. but this sunshine outside is really going to be the hallmark in the weather department. tonight looks great, first thing tomorrow morning starting your sunday, again kind of chilly so grab ahold of the thicker jackets. and by sunday afternoon
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tomorrow also looking like an excellent day for us. highs today upper 40s, low 50s. notice the wind shift from the north eventually towards the south. it's that southerly component that helps to bring up more warmth tomorrow, sunday. although overnight lows once again in the 30s and some of us hovering around the freezing mark, tomorrow we're in the mid to upper 50s. a lot of sunshine. monday looks great. tuesday will start to increase a few showers. maureen, not a typo. that is 65 degrees you're seeing next friday. >> wow. >> i mentioned it before, i'm being a smidgeon conservative on that by the way. we could be a lot -- a lot of folks in the 70s by this time next week. >> it's always tossup weather. backyard football on thanksgiving is going to be
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>> thank you. this morning sarah introduces us to a akron woman who has a need for speed. check it out. >> when you get in there and start talking about various intricacies of the engine, they are like, oh, wait a minute, she knows what she's talking about. it's fun. >> reporter: fun for cara adams goes pretty fast. >> millions of people watch the indianapolis 500 and and i are responsible for stein for designing those tires. it's a great responsibility i've been given. >> she's been preparing this since her child, during her science teacher mom's neighborhood camps. >> i was blessed to have my mom push science and make it fun. science really to me is fun. engineering is another way of playing with toys for me. >> at the university of akron her toy of choice --
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wheels. >> i have built up a mustang to be the drag racing car. >> reporter: when a job at ridgestone america's motor sports opened up she was the best candidate. how did being a woman impact you when you're in a race car pitch? >> of course it often doesn't exist. it's not as bad as you might think. the first few times i talked to firestone tires today. they would say the firestone tires are fantastic, everything was great. then i thought ok, i need to be able to let them understand i want the technical answer. i would come one very technical surrounding questions like can you tell me about the mid to exit undersevere of the car coming through turn three. that would key them on to knowing she's an engineer, we should talk science to her. >> reporter: now an increasing number of women in the pit and
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the entire race car development team. she says the car doesn't know if it's a man or woman behind the wheel. >> you just won the indy 500! >> people expect results. it doesn't matter what you look like at that point. >> reporter: she never gets far from racing. her hobby, triathlon, like a 73.5 aisle iron man, competing in september. >> i am competitive but sometimes you need to take the wind and sometimes you need to step back and support others. >> reporter: her support comes from her family big race fan. >> he's super helpful and super supportive. of the long weekend hours and everything like that. i'm one of those really rare people that really likes what they are doing. still to come -- why everyone wants to know who this dancing mom is at the warriors
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i'm maureen kyle. time is 9:30. we want you to be caught up on the big three stories of the morning. first shots fired on i-71 friday in an apparent road rage incident. it happened shortly before 1:00 in the afternoon on i-71 southbound between medina and ashland. multiple people reported seeing one male driver and one female driver involved in the fight. one shot was fired hitting the honda civic. a 70-year-old akron woman was driving the car at the time it
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the ohio state highway patrol is now investigating. nationally -- anti-trump protesters continue to flood the streets of major cities around the country. it's the fourth straight night of demonstrations, although not the same violence as thursday night there are reports of vandalism and assault. police did use flash bangs and tear gas in at least two people were arrested in some of the cities. there she is. this golden state warriors fan was not afraid to show off her dance moves. clearly she's not shy about being on camera. in fact the longer she's on camera the more awesome the moves become. do you think she knows she's on camera. don't know. people love this lady who is a former school teacher. she now has millions of views across the web and says she's
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sunday's games. >> she's my inspiration. >> gosh. >> she's going for the gold on that one. >> i love it. i want to be her one day. one of these days -- when i don't have to -- >> right. >> worry about -- crazy facebook messages or -- whatever, i'm going to be the dancing lady at the cavs game. that's my new life goal. >> please. i'll be the person with the video camera recording it. she makes me so happy. moves like that you might need to help keep you nice and warm this morning. i like the transition to weather. speaking of staying warm - >> that's right. especially down towards akron- canton you might want to boston move. 36 degrees there. even colder than that down towards tuskarawas county. 33 dover new philly. closer to the lake though temperatures in the 40s in
9:33 am
calm, visibilities not an issue so fog is not what we're seeing this morning thank goodness. also not seeing rainfall this morning. and not expecting any rainfall throughout the afternoon or evening. meaning a whole lot of sunshine in the forecast. temperatures within the hour at about 45 degrees, lunchtime temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. highs today, around 50 degrees and that is generally where we should be for this time of year. 53 is our normal high fo so a couple of degrees shy of it but again with all the sunshine out there it will feel wonderful. we have another really good- looking day on tap tomorrow on sunday. then as we mentioned before maureen, temperatures back in the 60s by late next week. possibly even edging closer to 70. so i don't know what type of dance moves you need for that but i am all for it. >> those are slow dance moves.
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next week. >> every time i take the sweaters out -- >> put them back. >> thank you. cleveland's largest presentation of fabulous food, fine art, breweries, wineries, restaurants, all under one roof with a wide variety of live demonstrations. jasmine monroe is live with more on the festive event. >> reporter: maureen, this is -- you're going to love this. mo this is natalie and she is here with us this morning talking about her sculpting cakes. and making them look so surreal. first of all good morning to you. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell us all about this and how you got started. >> well, about five years ago i moved to austin and dove into baking. i went to ohio state and have an art background so i took that background, mixed it with baking and started sculpting
9:35 am
>> o. yeah. >> reporter: this is a steak but it's really a cake? it's in the shape of ohio. was that on purpose? >> it was! >> reporter: i mean you did so well. is this something you always thought you would be able to do? >> it took a lot of time to get used to with the material like cake. it melts and shifts and it's -- tricky to work with. i mean i love working with it and it's been fun. >> reporter: this pizza looks keys. it's so real. >> so both of these, i'm going to be teaching this weekend. today i have pizza class at 10:30 and tomorrow at 2:30. and i'm also going to teach the steak cake today and that is 3:00. what is really cool is that everyone gets to make their own. i teach them the techniques, it's fun. >> reporter: people that say there's no way i can do. that do you actually see people walk away with these learning
9:36 am
taking pictures and they were like -- look, it looks like a steak. so cute. you just have to dive in and work hard. >> reporter: really quickly, we're running out of time. i wanted to tell people about your show. it's on food network. >> i've been filming a lot with food network lately. with my husband dave. so you'll be seeing him too. and, yeah, we're really excited about it. thinking sometime during the holidays. >> so that is a sneak peek of what you'll get a chance to and you saw her here first on wkyc. maureen, we can't take this back to the studio but it's nice to look at. >> gosh. so created creative creative. thank you so much. >> sports is next. cavs trying to wear out their welcome in dc by knock off the wizards. highlights coming up. plus the leaves may be piling up outside. why you may not want to rake
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hi everyone. a good trip to dc for the cavaliers thursday. a trip to the white house and last night in the verses center verizon center a victory over the wizards. kevin love had the big victory with the president.
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hoop by kevin love? 14 points and 16 rebounds. another double double. back to lebron, hit this three and becomes the youngest player in nba history to score 27,000 points. cavs down by 12 though in the first half. so we bumped to the third quarter. jr smith with the three. 70-64. cavs hit 17 points, five triples and leading the way. kyrie irving outstanding last night. team high 29 points, one more than john wall. cavs bounce back only loss, win 105-94. that is the final. back home tomorrow as they host charlotte. the browns don't play tomorrow and some would say they didn't play the other night either. i know that is cruel but the reality is the browns now 0-10. they are off this entire weekend. back to practice on monday as they try to get set for the steelers. the frustration building for jackson as he said yesterday in a conference call
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but asked fans to hang in there jackson defended his decision to bench kessler and confident he'll bounce back as starter. it's been tougher for the rookies. >> it's a quick turn around. my first time in a thursday night game and everything happened so fast. at the same time i got prepared better. i got to do a better job of preparing better on the shorter weeks and something to learn from and move forward continue to grow. >> so the browns were in baltimore, cavaliers hanging out in dc. and ohio state hanging out in that area as well. both teams, we start with football. the buckeyes take on maryland today, 3:30 kick. buckeyes favored by 29 1/2 points, coming off the 59 1/2 point win over nebraska to push it 8-1. >> i'm going to take any team
9:42 am
lesser because like i said the big ten is one of the conferences now where you can get beat any time. >> osu opening last night in maryland, annapolis, taking on navy in the veterans classic. cam williams, hits the three, had 23 to lead ohio state. it's ohio state's first meeting with them since 1932. and they went 78-68, 13bling straight season that ohio state victory. akron, penn state. cleveland state, all opening up the season today. i'm dave chudhowsky, have a
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we all know raking your leaves can be a pain but what if i told you there are some good reasons to avoided getting them up this weekend? besides giving your back and even wallet a rest the folks at the national wildlife federation listed several allows many species to survive and helps keep the landfills clear. it also serves as a natural mulch for your yard. there you go. when your spouse says honey, rake the leaves you say look -- >> it's good for the soil. >> i am giving little woodland creatures a place to live this weekend. and we need mulch. >> look at you being the environmentalist doing that.
9:46 am
was in lake county around mentor the other day. the smell of the leaves -- >> i know. >> one of the arboretums is where i was. the smell of the leaves was -- it was wonderful. do you know what i mean? >> it's so fall. >> it's so fall. it kind of puts you in the -- that feeling of fall. >> you want to wear a sweater, drink hot cider. >> and painting a nice picture >> let's prepare for summer to come back at the end of the week. >> yes. get ready for it. 60s, maybe even pushing near 70 by next friday. if you're thinking it's my saturday, finally the waves on the water have dissipated somewhat, 2 to 4-footers compliments of that southwesterly breeze between 10 to 15 knots. today it's a cool sunshine, you're certainly feeling that this morning.
9:47 am
especially towards the latter half of next week. looking for a nice warm-up. for the day today though temperatures this morning kind of chilly. i think after lunchtime we'll finally see temperature in the upper 40s, perhaps even touching low 50s with a lot of sunshine after some of that cloud cover that you're seeing out there now begins to dissipate. temperatures this morning cold, down towards wooster at 37 degrees. akron-canton 36. mid-30s in ashtabula and towards youngstown. as you very well of our lakeshore counties a little warmer as well. so elyria 42. as we are in downtown, dry now and that is the way we stay. high pressure off towards our west, induces what is called substein anyone's, a sinking motion in the atmosphere so when clouds try to grow high pressure squashes them back down so. that is one of the reasons why we're expecting a lot sunshine
9:48 am
as well. here's what it looks like now through noon. calling for more sun, temperatures eventually making it into the upper 40s, low 50s for highs. this afternoon looks great. keep in mind that sun does set kind of early just after 5:00 p.m. then first thing tomorrow morning on your sunday a great- looking start if you're thinking of doing brunch with the friends and family. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening looking good. temperatures today upper 40s and low overnight lows tonight in the 30s. wind knowtation 7-day forecast showing you mid-50s in temperatures sunday and monday. i think by tuesday we'll start to see more clouds and by wednesday a chance for some showers but i mentioned before upper 50s by thursday. 60s by friday. doesn't it get any better than that? >> it's going to be that warm outside and christmas
9:49 am
thanksgiving people putting up holiday decorations. in their t-shirts. >> to be honest, to be fair i know some folks are really looking forward to the nice cool snap of air. we're in ohio. we're northeast ohio. the snow belts. we want snow and want cooler air. >> it will get here. >> not next weekend though. three more major retailers have announced they will be open for shoppers thanksgiving day and have revealed walmart and target will kick off their in-store black friday sales 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. the same as last year. best buy says instore sales begin 5:00 p.m. that day. all three chains will start their on-line black friday sales in the early morning hours on thanksgiving. just in time for the holiday shopping season -- scammers are infiltrating the app store. cybersecurity experts say fake apps are designed to steal your credit card or personal information.
9:50 am
from a retailer like dillards or pan doora. how can you tell us it's fake. experts say if customers are not reviewing the app where views -- or reviewing is all bad stay away. coming up -- what better way to kick off the holidays than with a christmas story themed doughnut? do they look familiar? how they are made, where they
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it's a sweet tribute to a holiday classic. jack frost doughnuts will feature christmas story doughnuts throughout the holidays. we'll learn how it's done this morning. joining us, tracy borky and aaron rodino. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> i want to show everybody the christmas story doughnuts before we attempt to make them. how did you come one the idea? which ones -- what makes them christmas story doughnuts? >> watchi inspired. the main thing that stuck out to me, watching the movie, was the leg lamp, the peach nightmare and the ovaltine. >> i was looking at that. i love the pink bunny ears. show us how to make these. aaron -- do you want to step up and show us? >> yeah. >> this is the pink bunny
9:54 am
>> do they have different flavors? >> it's just white cream that we colored. >> then the doughnuts. >> white icing and pink cream. and we do it kind of like a high cream, what jack frost is known for. >> i know. >> put the little ears on made of fondiant. and dress up a little bit. >> we have to have michael. can he attempt the >> i would love to >> does it matter which doughnut? >> not that one -- yeah. >> squeeze this out. an then looks like there's a few layers on it >> keep going. keep going.
9:55 am
>> we'll bhiks it and toss it on top. >> you say they are available through the holidays. starting today? >> everybody through december 25th. >> awesome. where is your store located? on pearl road, 4960 pearl. you have to decorate with us tonight. >> in cleveland. great. i'm going to do the ovaltine? >> yes. >> looks wonderful. wow. i can smell the sugar. >> maureen told me before it's almost like, it's so much more than a doughnut, it's almost more like a cake. what is your favorite one is? >> the most popular one is our maple bacon, hands down, salt and caramel is another popular one. jelly-filled but there are staples. main flavors change daily. >> nice. maple bacon?
9:56 am
there? >> yes. >> amazing. >> the ovaltine i'm just sticking a limp leg in just for fun. >> it's chocolate. can't go wrong with it. >> this is amazing. you are very popular for doughnuts. what do you think is your best- selling aside from the christmas story doughnuts? which one is the one that everyone comes in for? >> maple bacon, >> thank you so much, ladies. we really appreciate it. feel free to dig in while i do a quick weather segment. >> how many people are watching us from a gym on the treadmill right now? thank you for joining us.
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