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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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now. >> reporter: thank you. >> you are the best. >> reporter: i love you. >> channel 3 news starts right now. >> this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will be saying i love my windows and now, channel 3 news today. >> reporter: health concerns in lake county with legionnaires disease outbreak what to look for and the symptoms about that as well, coming up lynna. >> all right what is behind the biggest increase in distracted driving deaths in 50 years. >> and a powerful show of unity. kent state basketball players come with up way to bring the crowd together during the national anthem. hey hollie. hi john and good morning we have plenty to talk about starting with fog. by 9 this morning that's going to be burning off and we are in for a warmer sun filled thursday. highs into the 60s today.
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thanks giving plenty to be thankful for around here lately as far as weather is concerned. now, dense fog advisory for all of you really. cleveland akron canton included reports of really low visibility to the south. akron canton worcester -- wooster youngstown and dover we are down to 4 miles from 5 just last check and they will be fluctuating throughout the morning. we have really calm winds and ingredients we need to see fog at least over the next so this is a very early heads up for you commuters. set up outside of that is high pressure building in bringing the sunshine and warmup as it drives the winds from the south today. so, i hope you are ready. it's going to get impressive as keowee close out the week and we will talk -- as we close out the week and then we will talk snow. you see it on the traffic map all of the yeso you cannot ex-- yellow you cannot escape it and soon wool see pink and
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because of it but look at this 71 at 76 in medina county. zero visibility here. you driving in this so i want to make sure you are safe. give yourself extra time but we have normal tribe times green and that means we are not seeingany big delays because of the fog but it's early and look at this picture. 77 at state route 18. john and lynna we will continue to keep our eyes on the fog and making sure that you guys get to where you need to go safely. >> all health concerns in lake county this morning after nearly a dozen cases of legionnaires disease has been reported there. >> will ujek joins us live and several of the cases have been linked to a business there? >> reporter: yeah good morning john. consolidated precision products plant where i am at. there are 11 so far case 3-s linked to a cool -- cases 3 linked to a cooling tower. gentleman that died passed away in july.
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over the summer. last case two weeks ago all those people have now recovered. health department says the company immediately hired a contractor to clean and decontaminate and they tested negative. one person working here at consolidated precision productscontracted the illness and one person at each of the neighboring businesses. eye comes from the bacteria legionella found in water typically warm water hot tubs and cooling towers and decorative fountains not window ac system or cars. pe b shower in the water and most get ill and recover it's a lung infection tricky to diagnose. symptoms are cough shortness of breath muscle aches and headaches. they released a statement saying no legionella bacteria was detected in post cleaning test results. we have kept our employees informed of the activities at the facility and fully cooperating with the federal state and local health
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hospitalization now lake county gets about 8 to 10 cases of this a year. right now they say they will continue to look around at the cases to make sure there's none they missed and if there's any other commonplaces they come from guys. it makes you scared because you don't know what to expect. >> a scary delivery for a pizza driver after she was robbed and threatened on the job. investigators say it happened around 10 tuesday night when the 22-year-old woman was on a delivery. when she arrived, a man forced her to the floor. she was forced into a bedroom but escaped. police are still searching for the man this morning. new information now on the donald trump protests that brought more than a thousand people to the streets of akron late tuesday night. akron police say they made no arrests in that pro-- and that protesters remained peaceful marching from highland square to triangle park. kent state basketball team
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game. moments before hosting mississippi valley state the golden flashes went into the crowd and asked fans of different races to join them during the national anthem. players say it shows a sign of unity in the community. the team plans to keep it going during every home game this season. by the way kent state won the game 93-63. we could get a better idea of what changes the cavaliers might make around the q in the future. a forum on sports stadiumfinancing will be at cleveland heights public library. county executive proposed that syntax money be split between qoiken loans progressivefield and first energy stadium. the cavs stated the team wants to redesign the area around the q and is he can expected to -- expected to ask the county for funding. forum is free and opened to the public the library branch on lee road starts at 7 p.m. after several cases of too much force and some cases deadly city leaders hope a new
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officers and the people they serve. cleveland police the city and justice department are asking a federal judge to approve a new use of force policy which requires officers to try to de- escalate dangerous situations and if force must be used it must be reasonable and proportional to what's happening. also an officer must stop fellow officers from using too much force. a fight against government is often a battle you can't win. but this time ar business owner. tiffany tarpley went looking for answers after the million woman feared she could lose her auction house. >> reporter: longer walks like this could be become more frequent for elizabeth. >> it's sad, sad situation. >> reporter: and her auction house in marketplace customers in vermilion. gravel drive leading up to the property. >> i won't be able to bring in my trucks to load and off load.
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she admets the city -- admits the city owns the drive and lawn out front but she and her late husband owned the building for decades since the 80s. during that time customers have used the drive cars and trucks for easy access just last month she received a letter telling her the process to remove the driveway would begin within 30 days. >> that only will dry -- not only will i be out of business the building will be worthless who d couldn't get to. >> reporter: why could do you think it's happening and why do you think it's happening now. >> that's an interesting question. i am sad to say i don't understand and i don't know. >> reporter: i spoke with the representative from the city and he tells me now the park board has decided to keep that driveway opened because it is a fire lane something they have only recently been made aware of. he also tells me that the
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vehicles parking on that city property. >> tiffany. topping morning news feed at 5:a 8 -- 5:08 one killed and dozen injured in gas explosion in illinois. several buildings were damaged and the search for victims continued into the night. residents were told to avoid the area. the cause of the explosion has not been determined. a former texas teacher who became pregnant by a student pleaded guilty to charge. 24-year-old alexandria vera was accused of having a sexual relationship with a middle school student and became pregnant by the teen and terminateed the pregnancy when questioned about the relationship. she could spend up to 30 years in prison. we are learning more about the man who shot and killed a southwest airlines worker at the oklahoma city worker. turns out he was a former southwest employee. the attack shut down the
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killed himself in his truck and investigators are unsure if the shooter targeted the victimspecifically or just wanted to kill one. troubling findint from the highway traffic safety administration and the first half of the year, highway deaths climbed more than 10% compared to last year and experts say smart phone apps could be to blame. after years deaf kleins, ex-- years of declines it could snapchat while driving. lynna. 35:09 right -- 5:09 right now u. and toys on -- now. and toys on the naughty list what toys to avoid. and greg dee is on the go we will talk to him after the break. hey hollie. >> good thing he is wearing something reflective. that's always a smart option because it's dark at this time but it's foggy. we have got dense fog
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and visibility is low. many of you tweeting and facebooking and instagraming about that. thanks for the reports keep them coming. we will see a lot of sunshine as the fog burns off and warm it up. 65 today. wait until you see tomorrow's high. then we will check snow and that means i alert season is knocking on the door. >> you are watching channel 3
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are we on? yes we are.
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skim milk versus whole milk and that's a debate for many parents but a study shows a connection between drinking higher fat milk and lower body weight in kids. most doctors recommend one or 2% milk for those 2 and older. but new study found a connection between drinking full fat milk and kids who are leaner. researchers suspect that children drinking reduced fat milk feel less full and end up eatingit we want honesty here if you share your credit card account with someone and you have snooped on that other half's spending habits you are not alone. new study by credit finds 17 million credit card holders in the u.s. have spied on the spending habits of someone they share a credit card account with. that's about 20% of those card holders. of those 16% check online while 12%. >> through -- snoop through a
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if that's as the holiday approaches if you are wondering about the the gift that may have been purchased for you. >> let's think about this it's is snooping if you share the account. >> kristin and i have dean if she buys something for me she says don't check the statement on line for a couple weeks i respect that and don't look. >> that's nice you are a good husband. >> i love surprises. >> i know who doesn't. >> what are you ding to surprise me with this weekend hollie. glad because you have -- you going to surprise me with this weekend hollie. >> glass because you have a surprise. 14 degrees two years ago. >> 14. >> in 2014. >> oh. >> polar vortex. anyway we are in the 30s and we will end up much warmer today. the big headline heading out the door is fog be careful of
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your own commutes and it's going to allow a little more time and warm up and we are going to still track snow and cold. we end up in the 60s and end up sunny after the fog burns off this morning. it's going to be a lovely day across northeast ohio but dense fog advisories are in place and this is widespread we have got reports since early and cleveland akron canton visibilities lowest to the south west east this is really all and we are seeing very low visibilities from akron canton and elyria and youngstown and new philadelphia it does improve for downtown but it's still slow considering normally we are 10 miles or so. and see how calms the wind are as we continue with the condition this morning we will have the fog around. now, as we look at the stretch once it does dissipate today we are in for a lot of sunshine
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things up. and it's kind of the start of this huge record breaking warm cell we talk about through tomorrow. i don't think we will break records today because they are in the 70s many tomorrow i think we will. high pressure driving steering those winds out of the south and i will tell you what, it is really going to be noticeable as we head into the afternoon. look at how clear we become by 2:30. lovely as can be. but watch this morning. please be safe on your window nation 7-day forecast. tomorrow is great. we will break records and be putting up christmas lights and giggling because it's 72 degrees. and then 40s on saturday. temperatures fall cold front moves through. the lake-effect john and lynna sets up heading into saturday night and sunday. and i do think we will have accumulation. it's lake-effect so let's be honest winds and conditions and any kind of changes will impact the forecast. those of you not snow belt this
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will have a few inches on the ground and we warm back up heading into next week. danielle is keeping an eye on the fog as we check your drive. >> wkyc traffic is brought to you by mike bass ford get a great deal and a great deal more at mike bass ford. good morning as hollie told you we are seeing fog to the south. this is picture in akron the akron area summit county 277 at lake drive you see the cars going back and forth in the camera but heavy fog so use caution. i am not tracking pretty much green in the area. but the the yellow on the traffic map shows you that most of us are dealing with fog and i am seeing a lot of it on 77 in summit county as well as stark county. here's 77 at u.s. 30a little fog here but as we move north to cleveland 77 and harvard coming into and out of downtown cleveland it looks great. so use caution give yourself extra time. now back to you.
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therun segment but i am so gladthat greg doesn't doo do it saturday nights and sunday mornings because that could be something this weekend. >> right. funny how the the timing works rung around downtown cleveland this morning. hi greg. >> reporter: yeah we made it to the east side this morning. i am by the cleveland museum of art and yeah it's cold but we have lucked-out with the weather on the runs. because it's going to be a beautiful one. we will look at the running forecast in e but i wanted to bring my geek fix and talk about another great device for tailgaters out there. now a couple weeks ago we had a device from verizon so i thought i would keep it fair and do one from at&t if you are tailgating and brave ones will will be there sunday like effect orbit you want this tablet. i love this -- effect, but you
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if you are with at&t a-you may be with direct v because they have nfl sunday ticket if you are a nfl fan you want this and the best part about this at&t tablet is you get the direct tv app on your tablet. you can watch any channel that you want on your tablet for free and a lot of these channels will not actually cost you data so imagine watching your fa favorite shows on the tablet including the games without actually having to worry about data so it's great app for that. here's what the actual direct v app locks like you have shows live streaming click on them and pick the one you want to go to. lots and lots of sports if you are into sports this is the one you want. it is the trek hd2 from at&t. check it out. it may be worth it if you do a
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want to take the expensive cable bill and use it outside of the house i think you get a lot of value out of that too. >> cool stuff. >> that is. >> thank you greg. 5:21. invited from grandma. why one teen may be spending his thanksgiving with another
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in money news this morning the nation's biggest retailers are rolling out the black friday discounts to pay for credit card companies are pushing their own deals. chase is a fire reserve arrival plus and capital one are offering rebates and travel points worth about 600 dollars. analyst say it's a great time to cash in on a new rewards card. >> we are seeing an arms race in the credit card business
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great recession is in the rear view mirror for a lot of folks. people are feeling more comfortable. >> most of the cards require you spend a certain amount in the first three months. sometimes up to 4,000 dollars. there are some drawbacks to these cards. some charge annual fees from 95 to 450 dollars a year and interest rates are also high averaging 24%. analysts say it's best to pay off the baal every month and shop around to make sure you get the best card that you. john. >> and just in time for the holidays a toy safety group released the annual 10 worst toy list the world against toys causing harm says the toys have the potential to cause injuries. now some of the toys include peppy pups bum and bounce body bumpers. war craft doom hammer and peppa pigs muddy family all toys sold in the u.s. meet more than 100
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website now to phoenix war grandma accident -- where a grandma accidently invited the wrong teen and hundreds want to go too. 17-year-old jamal hinton tweeted screen shots of the text messages from an unknown number inviting him to thanksgiving different and texted back who's this and the reply your grandma. he really thought it was grandma and asked the texter to send a selfie and nope he laughed you are not my grandma plate though. wanda is her name and she said of course. that's what grandmas do but he forgot to hide her number. 300,000 people liked the tweet. she ish to change the number but the family thinks it's pretty funny and actually invited jamal and his parents to the home for thanksgiving. i just love that. >> teas a lot of -- that's a lot of thanks and a lot of giving right there. all right.
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that thanksgiving dinner too. >> why not. >> i am crashing hollie's party. >> oh, yeah and look she has the turkey ready for you. >> i do. >> i keep waying for the invite. >> one week away that's how my parents roll anyone is welcomed. that's how it has always been. mike and joanie's house. we have got 60s for highs today but it's foggy right now. that's the headline this morning. visibilities are very low especially inland so it's been decent downtown but if you are akron canton medina talking way under a quarter of a mile. lots of clear skies winds out of the south will really guide our temperatures and looking at forecast highs all across the region, 70 in chicago, 79 st. louis and charlotte is at 72. philly detroit new york city in the low 60s. john and lynna up believable. and then it snows. >> all right. 5:27 right now. a deadly disease in lake county. what officials are saying this
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>> and making his list. donald trump continues to add and drop members from his team. we have the latest in live
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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health concerns here in lake county where 11 cases of legionnaires disease have been reported. three linked right here behind me to the plant here in east lake. the bacteria was discovered in a cooling tower. the gentleman who died passed away in july. health department wouldn't release information about the man only he was 54. several other cases happened back in the summer. last case two weeks ago. all the people have recovered. the health department says the company immediately hired a contractor to clean and decontaminate and testednegative. one person working at consolidated precision products contracted the disease and one
5:32 am
neighboring businesses. several other cases happened frgt away. health department says it could be unrelated to the case here in east lake. coming up here, at of:-- 6:00 we will look closer at some of the symptoms and some of the treatments of legionnaires disease lynna. >> all right thank you. a jury will continue to hear arguments today over whether a cleveland man should get the death penalty for killing three people at a warrensville heights barbershop. jury convicted douglas shine earlier this month for the shooting deaths of the owner and employee and last year and for conspiring to kill a witness. the jury will make a recommendation but it will be a judge who will decide if shine will be put to death or get life in prison without parole. new video after two local attorneys lied to get out of a drunk driving charge. take a look at this. attorney heather wilsey crashed the car after leaving an elyria bar and when she and her passenger kenneth lewis got caught they told police a black man was driving the car.
5:33 am
made him up. both were charged with obstruction wilsey was charged with drunk driving and they will spent 10 days in jail -- spend 10 days in jail. shaker heights high schoolreversed the decision to discipline a student after they received suspension for political social media posts days after the aclu responded saying the punishments violate the student's first amendment rights. according to it is unclear whether the decision is related though letter. an ohio pet food company delivered to donate 100 ponds of pet food for each run -- pounds of pet food for each run the indians scored. they received 2700 pound of pet food. didn't to is there the buddy foundation in-- it didn't stop there the buddy foundation got 2700 pounds of food from the company. >> everybody wins. >> there you go. >> yeah.
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>> hello, hollie. about 5:34 and tracking fog this morning. it will be moving out by 9:00 but we have dense fog advisories through 9 a.m. cleveland akron canton, once the fog dissopated we are in for sunshine and a warmup. highs in the 60s today. we were 50s yesterday. here's advisory and it includes cleave lond akron canton west ciders east ciders the only ones not included is ashtabula county. not to say you but visibility is better further east. look at low how visibilities are inland. akron canton youngstown and dover new fell deaf yeah towards -- philadelphia and decent downtown cleveland. but this is one of those mornings where you're driving along things are great and all of a sudden you run into some and you are slowing down. so you need to allow extra time. calm winds one of the huge reasons we are seeing some so
5:35 am
throughout the day. high pressure and clear skies and that's going to really draw in some warm air as we close out our week. we will talk more about that and get to the snow that we are forecasting. danielle is keeping a close eye on road conditions and the fog is widespread. it's the yellow on the traffic map at 5:35 a.m. the good news is we are not seeing any accidents or major delays because of the fog. but we do want you to be careful so do not turn on the high beams because that light is going to reflect ri at you which can cause problems. here's the picture on state route 8 at the turnpike in boston heights area. as you can see traffic is getting by just fine but low visibility. no delays on state route 8 between akron and mass dona. -- macedonia. and 18ments headed south so again normal drive times. when you hit the roads tune into wtam, 1100 total traffic. back to you. >> thank you. 5:35. and topping the morning news
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officer who shot and killed a st. louis man is facing charges of second degree manslaughter. police say officer ge-- jeronimo yanez pulled over philando castile. the officer shot him 7 times he's reached for his id. a court hearing is scheduled in the case of a man who acknowledged killing three people at a planned parenthood clinic colorado psychiatric treatments since the judge ruled he was not competent to stand trial in the case. today's hearing will be held on his competency evaluation. during previous court hearings he declared him sea of warrior for the babies. three people are hospitalized after a food truck caught fire in washington, d.c. it happened outside the george washington university campus library. 3 food truck employees were
5:37 am
burns two in critical condition but they are expected to survive. no word on what caused the fire. get a look at this video of a baby safe thanks to the quick thinking of his older brother. the baby's mom left the 11- month-old on his changing table and he rolled over and that's when the 9-year-old brother sprang into action and caught him right there. in midair. wow. mom says it was just a that could have been quite a tumble. it's 5:37. still ahead, trump's transition continues. who is making the list and who is being marked off. john. >> and have you seen this? the new tom brady commercial he is not letting the deflategate controversy go just yet. how one of his sponsors gave him a open mism c to go after the -- mic to go after the nfl
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5:40. a top trump adviser says it may be after thanksgiving even mid- december before president-elect trump announces his cabinet choices. >> but this morning we are hearing some new names now under consideration. tracyie potts is live in washington with that information. hi tracie. >> reporter: hey john and lynna good morning a couple meetings
5:41 am
least on schedule japan prime minister is in new york to sit down with the president-elect but also he is scheduled to talk to south carolina's governor who famously opposed him during the campaign. new names are emerging as possible choices for president- elect trump's cabinet. lieutenant general mike flynn national security adviser missouri jim talent as defense secretary and ted cruz as attorney general. >> i am eager can. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley is considered as secretary of state. even though she publicly opposed trump. >> we have a emense a talent. >> reporter: including. >> we discussed the transition. >> where are you going. >> it went well. >> reporter: former new york male giuliani and former u.n. ambassador john bolton. but there may be enough democrats and republicans to block both. >> i don't think you want your chief diplomat to be an advocate for war. >> reporter: vice president-
5:42 am
of the the transition but today -- the transition but today he is meeting with top leaders from both parties even with a republican majority confirmation may not be easy. >> to say the least i think they have another thing they better think twice about that. >> reporter: hillary clinton made the first public appearance since the election urging democrats not to give up. >> please, don't lose heart. don't give up on the share. >> reporter: now back here on capitol hill, the top democrat on the oversight committee is asking for the name of every one that the trump transition team has asked to get security clearances for despite widespread reports the president-elect said he is not requesting clearance for son-in- law and adult children. >> interesting. thanks for the update tracy. appreciate it. tracie. appreciate it.
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a little cannoli to start the day. >> look at little italy it's quiet. >> wake up. >> okay. >> you better wake up. >> we want to eat. >> we do. >> some of the best food in northeast ohio. you've not treated yourself yet and down the street you have got mama santa's and amazing pizza. i am just saying. there's. now. >> hungry. we have got foggy conditions to start the day so get breakfast in and patience because you are going to probably need a little extra time on that drive. big warmup and then cold and snowy weather for the weekend. it's been a very consistent weather week as far as what we have been tracking. we end up in the 60s today and see a lot of sunshine once the fog burns off. and it's going to be really really nice. but right now, we have got a lot of slow downs expected as
5:44 am
of the fog advisory. it goes until 9 a.m. the only one not chute is ash -- not included is ashtabula county. visibilities are at the worst right now inland. akron and canton medina county has been reporting really low visibility through new philadelphia wooster and youngstown and winds super calm and we have everything we need for the fog as we start the day. wee we are expecting it to burn off once we pass 9:00 and we beyond that. and it looks like the really warm temperatures too because of high pressure south wind today, so as those continue to steer northward we will really warm things up. and then the bottom drops out as we track a cold front. and that's going to impact your weekend. here's the window nation 7-day forecast. tomorrow's going to be a record breaker he. and in my opinion we will have a new one to report. so that will be exciting and we get into the cold front
5:45 am
showers initially and it will take until probably late saturday for the lake-effect to start to set up but we expect lakesnow saturday night into sunday and this is your early heads up snow belt because i do think we will have accumulation with us. we will deal and then we willget rid of it heading into next week. highs close to 50 for tuesday and wednesday. scooter and lily hello. 5:45 doggone weather. they are playing in over in avon. sarah sent a picture in aren't they cute. >> they are i am telling you. these doggone weathers are making me want to get a dog. >> it could happen. >> we are having the debate. >> here we go. >> oh, boy. you guys are working on me. well, here we go i am going help you work through the traffic because right now, i mean to the north we are green in terms of drive times and no accidents. same picture to the south but
5:46 am
this dense fog that we are seeing throughout the area and i am seeing a heaviest in medina county 71 at 76 where you can see no visibility here but no accidents and no delays because of this. i want you to use caution as you are traveling this morning. i don't want you to get in an accident. i will continue to tweet out information about the drive atdani wkyc. >> i want to talk about danielle get a dog. at indiana lebron dressed up for the h smith. thompson scored 2 points he didhave 12 rebounds. the scoring came from love and irving. love said after the game he thought it was one of the better efforts with lebron setting -- sitting out. 4-16 without him it's a loss. pacers win 103-93. cavs are 9-2 detroit is here
5:47 am
have been durant versus drake. it was drake night at the raptors game since he seems like the biggest toronto fan. drake gave durant the stair down how did that work? durant scored 30. then after the game durant was doing a live interview when he was interrupted and bumped by drake. >> i think tonight we start off slow and defense picked up and we put on the foul line 40 plus times that's you know -- we put the team on the foul much-- >> this was drake night and he interrupted us. give me a taste of what the trash talk was like and the interactions is like with your buddy there. >> i don't give a damn about drake night. >> durant wins and warriors beat raptors. they are 9-2 same as the cavs. speaking of ongoing battles have you seen the new tom brady commercial where he gets his chance to go after roger
5:48 am
for this one and the week of greatness sale. >> greatness the 5th year. >> who is it possible to get game better. >> makes you want to go to foot locker. >> that's an unfortunate mind set. >> tom brady. >> because something is great doesn't mean anything is going on why can't somethings be great just a question. starts with questions and questions turn into a assumptions and assumption turn into vacations so why would you punish a week of greatness for something that never ha i lost my appetite. >> that vacation was a four week suspension how icy will it be if patriots win and roger goodell has to hand the controversy over -- trophy over to the bob kraft and mvp award to brady. what's that going to look like? lien into nay. >> he is going to -- lynna. >> he is going to snatch it. like give me that thing it's
5:49 am
you have. >> reporter: i hate today's deal lynnai will give it to you i don't care about it. but everyone does. beats deals everyone will be lining up for i have early and insight you won't find anywhere else.
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your turn is coming up. >> thank you. >> start with greg dee. >> reporter: i love greg. >> it's weather on the run this morning. we are running. >> we are greg dee is out about. run greg run. >> reporter: run, run i made it up to partway murray hill. rest of the hill comes up next. we are in little italy on the east side if you are running this morning different than the last several weeks. we have dense fog advisories hollie has been showing you. we have run into zero fog between downtown and the east side. so in the city, things are looking pretty good. now the one issue i have and i am going get my weather sensor
5:53 am
conditions out here in terms of the temperatures and humidity. so i will hook up my sensor and you see the anemometer is spinning and there's a little bit of wind and i run into it in a couple spots. big deal i discovered this morning is the humidity i don't think if -- i don't know if you can see it 72%. it's really humid and if you running it's almost like a disgusting wet cold. make sure you have a jacket you can take off while running and put back on if you because you will get a chill really bad. here's forecast as far as the rest of the area dense fog advisory is up. watch visibility and you are running lights on today and you want reflective layers. do not run near the side of the road. stay on the sidewalks and it's visibility that's low especially signature of sleeveland guys back to you. >> i want to point out for viewers you are running from stop to stop. and it's not like you get a ride and run just the last 10 feet. >> reporter: they won't let the
5:54 am
made me run all the way up here and now they are going to make me run up that hill. >> i am making sure because if you just run 10 feet to the truck then i am in next week. >> reporter: no. >> okay. >> reporter: no. >> all right. >> reporter: i am running up the hill. >> you are going up the hill. nice. that we do need live coverage. thanks greg. we promised every major door buster before black friday and that continues right now with the man. >> the man. >> rt >> hi. >> reporter: i am not-- i like that i am not a fan of today's product line. >> why? >> reporter: into that sounds great. [ music ] >> reporter: the sound is incredible. i think beats are one of the most overpriced products on planet earth but this is not about me, it is about the amaying northeast ohio viewers and beats come in continuously
5:55 am
inside and tell you i can find something that does the same at half the price and you want the same accessories and apple i get it so take a look at your door buster that's going to sell out. when amazon sells what i am going show you on sale, they sell the 230 dollar beats by dre for 183 i beat them by a long shot. >> wow. >> reporter: 129 special edition models free delivery and as i said i will put my personal prejudice aside check out this audio test i did with our intern cody. cody is 40 or 50 feet away. you can hear i am yelling and he is using a microphone on the camera i want you to see this room filling sound really does travel. check this out. [ music ] ? >> reporter: that's the power
5:56 am
buster 50 feet away. i found this for 100 dollars off another cool feature is when you tap the speakers together and i know a lot of people will buy more than one, they sync andwill play the same song my didn't know that. >> reporter: that's incredible. >> i have one. >> reporter: that is really really cool feature of this especially this model if you are asking for headphone prices get on the deal list they will could drop and i will guarantee they will be in stock if you are on my list. >> you like this at 129. >> reporter: at understand. >> better? >> reporter: why people will buy this. >> okay. >> reporter: and i will leave it at that it's going to sell outthough. >> go fast. >> that's a ringing endorsement. 5:56. the day's top stories straight ahead. >> check in with will. >> reporter: good morning lynna. health concerns in lake county this morning after 11 cases confirmed of legionnaires disease. where it was at and the symptoms to know if you or someone you know has contacted -- contracted it john.
5:57 am
and shed those extra pounds. >> and america's got talent auditions are coming to cleveland december 10th. your chance to win your way to the front of the line is coming up in the 6:00 hour. hollie. into thanks a few delays on i alert because the foggy concerns this morning dense fog advisories through 9 a.m. and sunshine and 60s.
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this channel 3 morning newscast is made possible by universal windows direct. you will be saying i love my windows. and now, channel 3 news today. >> reporter: health concerns in lake county this morning after an outbreak of legionnaires disease. 11 confirmed cases coming up the symptoms and what they were all reverted back to all coming up. john. >> all right delivery gone very wrong. what akron police say happened after a pizza delivery driver was robbed and had to escape from a house. >> and using the national anthem to bring people together. kent state basketball players create a surprising moment of unity. hollie. 6:00 sharp thursday one week until thanksgiving and we are tracking really warm weather. but it's very foggy. as you are waking up this morning if you are just tuning


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