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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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good morning. tragic accident. >> school bus flipped off the roadway. >> a horrific bus crash in tennessee kills five elementary school children. more than two dozen others injured. the 24-year-old driver arrested overni authorities try to figure out exactly what caused the crash. setting his agenda. donald trump posting this video laying out what he plans to do as soon as he takes the oath of office. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle -- putting america first. >> the campaign promises that made the cut, and the ones that may have to wait. hospitalized. kanye west under doctor's care after a week of bizarre
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>> just call me. talk to me like a man! >> his tour abruptly canceled. so what's going on? and speaking out. ben stiller joins us for his first television interview since revealing he beat prostate cancer. the controversial test he credits for saving his life "today," tuesday, november 22nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie like from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it is a tuesday morning. >> yes, it is. all throughout the month of november the guys here on "today" have been giving up shaving not because we think it looks good, but because we are trying to help raise awareness for men's health issues. it is really good to have ben stiller here this morning. he's going to tell his personal story about battling prostate cancer. i think it is going to provide really important information for a lot of people. >> this is the first time he's
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but unfortunately, we start with some really sad news. a terrible school bus crash in tennessee. as we mentioned, five elementary school children were killed. more than two dozen others have been injured. the bus driver was arrested overnight and this morning, the ntsb is sending a team of investigators to determine what exactly caused this accident. nbc's kerry sanders is in chattanooga for us this morning. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: it is a horrific morning here, savannah. as y young students were killed. in addition to that, six are critically injured in this accident. they are still in the hospital this morning. another six are also in the hospital with less critical injuries. a total of 20 more were taken to the hospital and released. this, this morning, as you can see here, there is a small, but growing, memorial of flowers here as this investigation gets under way in one of the worst school bus accidents in this
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roadway. it is on the shoulder. >> reporter: investigators worked through the night looking for answers that would explain why this school bus suddenly flipped on its side smashing into a tree leaving behind a deadly mass of tangled wreckage. >> i can see an arm moving but i don't know if anybody can get to it. >> we have arrested the bus driver of that school bus. >> reporter: late last night, chattanooga's police chief announced the arrest of the 24-year-oldus >> mr. walker is being charged with five counts of vehicular whom identify, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. >> reporter: this morning, witnesses are recalling the horror. >> i seen kids laying in the street. i saw hem pulling kids out of the bus. >> reporter: panicked parents raced to the scene, as rescuers worked furiously to free children. >> reporter: 8-year-old darren griffith was missing a shoe but
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>> the others who was hurt, one of them was bleeding bad and the other of them had passed out. >> reporter: 24 kids were rushed to hospitals. sadly, not all survived. the road was clear and dry and no other vehicles were involved according to authorities. >> certainly speed is being investigated very, very strongly as a factor in this crash. >> reporter: this morning, the children's school administrators bringing in extra staff and counselors to help deal with the pain and grief. >> taking care of the children that are injured is our number one priority. taking care of the families who are looking for, caring for and grieving for children is our second priority. >> reporter: the police chief this morning says a warrant has been issued for the black box data that is on the bus so that that can be examined, along with
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the bus. meantime, as savannah noted at the top here, a team from the national transportation safety board from washington has assembled and is flying here to investigate this accident as well this morning. savannah? >> our hearts are with the families, kerry, thank you so much. we want to turn to politics now as president-elect trump makes his first major comments to the public since the election. he is laying out his policy agenda in a newly released video. so just how realistic is it? starting with nbc white house correspondent kristen welker who is at trump tower this morning. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt. good morning to you. in that video, president-elect trump vows to take a number of actions starting on day one, including some that would reverse president obama's policies on trade and the economy, but just as notable, what wasn't said. president-elect donald trump unconventional as a candidate, breaking with tradition yesterday again.
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releasing a short video of his plans for the first 100 days. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle -- putting america first. >> reporter: trump's predecessor's opting for news conferences within days of winning the white house. but this event was not open to the press. instead, the former reality tv star turning to a familiar medium -- posting the video on social media. >> i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland. >> reporter: mr. trump swift actions in six areas, all by executive order, including withdrawing from the transpacific trade deal, congress never passed the deal so mr. trump can pull out. he also wants to cancel restrictions on american energy, a process that is possible but will involve some time and red tape. trump also saying he will impose a five-year lobbying ban on white officials and a lifetime ban on administration officials lobbying foreign governments. plus -- >> i will direct the department
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abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> reporter: left out of the video, two of mr. trump's biggest campaign promises. bidding a wall and repealing obamacare. his top aides telling nbc news more details are coming soon. >> do the american people deserve to hear from him in a broader format like a press conference? >> and they will. they absolutely will in due course. >> when? >> it doesn't have to happen the first week or two. >> when do you think it will happen? >> soon? why not? >> reporter: meanwhil potential cabinet candidates paraded through trump tower on monday. rick perry eyed for secretary of defense or veterans affairs. a possible pick for ambassador to the u.n., tulsi gabbard. and chris christie tamping down expectations he main join the
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happen six or nine months from now. but what i'm telling you is i intend to be governor until january 18th of 2018. >> reporter: now here at trump tower yesterday, mr. trump held an off-the-record meeting with top tv news executives and anchors, including from nbc news, he was scheduled to hold a similar meeting with the "new york times" today but just moments ago he tweeted, i canceled today's meeting with the failing "new york times" when the terms and conditions of the meeting were last moment. not nice. then in a second tweet he indicated the meeting could be rescheduled. he will hold a number of cabinet related meetings this morning, and then he heads to florida where he'll spend the thanksgiving holiday with his family. matt? savannah? >> all right, kristen welker in new york for us, thank you. some disturbing new video has surfaced of white nationalists meeting this weekend in washington and openly celebrating trump's election. now the president-elect is being asked to respond.
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this growing controversy. hallie, good morning. >> hi, savannah. good morning. we are talking about a gathering of the national policy institute here in washington, a conference now causing controversy for what was said and who it was said about. >> reporter: new video now surfacing of a conference of the alt-right, and conservative extremist movement with ties to white nationalism. at the podium, the self-proclaimed leader of the movement, richard spencer using language similar to what >> for us as europeans, it is only normal again when we are great again. hail trump. hail our people. hail victory. >> reporter: in the crowd, a handful of supporters responding with a straight-arm salute. spencer telling nbc news his words and the crowd's reaction were meant to be what he calls ironic and exuberant. arguing the alt-right isn't a neo-nazi group, that they feel
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also praising the president-elect for, as he says, being good for the movement. in response to the conference in washington, a trump transition spokesman says, president-elect trump has continued to denounce racism of any kind and he was elected because he will be a leader for every american. to think otherwise is a complete misrepresentation of the movement that united americans from all backgrounds. >> we say no to racist hate! >> we don't want a white state! >> reporter: throughout husband campaign trump has denounced his support of racist groups like the kkk. >> i totally disavow the ku klux klan. i totally disavow david duke. >> i said stop it. if it -- if it helps. i will say it -- i'll say it right to the camera. stop it. >> simply saying "stop it" is not enough. >> reporter: richard cohen represents the southern poverty law center which has counted more than 700 reports of hate
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offensive graffiti and racial slurs since election night. a spike it says occurred after president-elect trump won the white house. his top advisors facing more questions now about the president-elect's response. >> he's addressed it many times. he's told people to cut it out. he said that on "60 minutes" in front of 32 million people. >> reporter: one of trump's first west wing appointments, controversial chief strategist steve bannon who ran controversial conservative breitbart saying he intend to make it the platform for the alt-right. cohen concerned about the tone that sets for the president-elect's administration. >> he said he wanted to bind the wounds of division, yet in bannon he's appointed someone who's fanned the flames of division. >> but steve bannon in a recent interview with the "wall street journal" says he has zero tolerance for racist or antisemitic overtones of the alt-right. savannah? >> hallie jackson, thank you. let's bring in nicolle wallace. good to see you.
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white nationalist situation in a second. but let's start with the meeting held in new york yesterday. donald trump inviting media executives and journalists. some of the people in that room i think felt they were about to have some kind of a fresh start. instead, it turned very confrontational with donald trump calling some in the room liars. one person described it as a "blanking firing squad." what happens to a fresh start or is this simply sending a message? >> so donald trump has some legitimate concerns wit media. one is that all of us, myself included, relied on polls that turned out to be flat wrong. so there was a message to be delivered i think that not only his supporters but that even the media could have heard openly and acknowledged that we all relied on polls that turned out not to be true. we did miss some of his support and we did miss some of his supporters. that said, launching a hot war
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as a politician -- he's not just a candidate, he's the leader of this country. this is biting your nose to spite your face. >> he released a video setting out the agenda for his first 100 days or so. lots of presidents have chosen to bypass the media and go through their own channels. what did you make of the videotape, in particular what was in it and what wasn't in it. >> hillary clinton and jeb bush announced their runs for the presidency in a similar video. as a tactic be with it is a good on but again, there will come a point where you want to speak not just to your supporters who are cheered by its efforts to bypass the media. but when you want to speak to the viewers of programs like this. and this again is going to deprive him of access to a lot of americans that he's going to want to reach. >> in terms of speaking to americans, we just saw hallie's report on that gathering of white nationalists in washington over the weekend. we saw that heil trump salute that looks so much like a heil
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what does president-elect trump need to say about that right now to stop that in its tracks? >> we can call it the alt-right and white nationalism. it is white supremacy and there is one answer. it is not only to say they're not with me, it is to denounce it. and in the same way that pressure built on candidate obama to give a speech about race when the conversation in this country about race became very fraught, i think the pressure is building on donald trump to address the subject of between what is plainly white supremacy and his base of support. and if he doesn't, the responsibility will now be on him, if we see some sort of uptick in racial intolerance. this is not really a concern among adults but if you see this kinds of speech spreading to schools, this is squarely on his shoulders. >> nicolle wallace, thank you very much. we turn now to latest on
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early this morning. officials have now lifted all tsunami warnings following the 6.9 magnitude quake. it was actually an aftershock of that massive 2011 earthquake that spawned a deadly tsunami, caused that meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant. after this morning's quake, officials issued a tsunami warning, urged the immediate vac evacuations of more than 2,000 people. no major damage has been reported. the state department is advising u.s. citizens traveling heightened risk of terrorist attacks during the holiday season. the advisory says credible information indicates that isis and al qaeda militants are planning attacks in europe. the department is encouraging travelers to be cautious at holiday festivals and outdoor markets. it is urging americans to avoid large crowds and be vigilant when visiting tourist sites, riding public transportation, and meeting in places of worship. news out of paris this
7:16 am
robbery. it is reminiscent of last month's kim kardashian hold-up. robbers stole jewels and clothes worth more than $5 million after targeting two qatari women. kim kardashian was robbed where she was staying in paris prompt ing the mayor of his city. the houston texans were taking on the oakland raiders in mexico city. a fan with a green laser pointer took aim at osweiler and several other players. stadium security tried to figure out who was responsible. no one was ever caught. after the game osweiler said, having a laser zoomed in on your eyeball definitely affects how you play a game. the raiders won that game, by
7:17 am
>> hope we don't see more of that. al has a fresh check of our weather. >> that's right. and the snow came down. finally starting to end, but look at upstate new york. this is lorraine, new york, upwards of 37 inches of snow. look at this. i mean they got dumped on. oh, "deer," it was quite snowy. you'll have to pay more than "a buck" to get your drive shoveled. >> oh! >> we are looking also at severe weather today from san antonio, all the way up into oklahoma. we expect to see a risk of strong storms, super cells, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes possible. part of a storm system that's dumping snow in the rockies today. ahead of this we are looking at strong storms firing up from st. louis all the way down into louisiana. one to three inches of rain in texas. it is going to dump some snow as well. look at this.
7:18 am
to six inches of snow but generally two to three inches stretching from sioux falls all the way to traverse city,
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>> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thank you so much, al. coming up -- why kanye west has been hospitalized this morning with the rest of his tour abruptly canceled. and cheap versus expensive. on a new "rossen reports," find out if you should really be spending big bucks on wine for
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>> coming up, really super seniors. why some college students are moving in with roommates who definitely will not be carded. that's right. and ben stiller opens up about and ben stiller opens up about his battle with prostate and ben stiller opens up about his battle with prostate this store is unreal. you never know what you'll find. i made my first boyfriend a cake in one of these! how'd that turn out?
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it is 7:30 now on a tuesday morning. it is the 22nd day of november, 2016. it is another blustery, but busy, day out on the plaza. this time of year, we tend to get s that we get all year long. people in town for the parade, the holidays. we'll get outside and say hi to them in just a couple of minutes. here is a look at what's making headlines on a tuesday morning. a tennessee community is in shock, families there are mourning after a bus full of elementary school children crashed in chattanooga and at least five students have been killed. the driver was arrested overnight. he's been charged with multiple counts of vehicular manslaughter and this morning, the ntsb has launched an investigation into the cause of that crash.
7:31 am
agenda for the first 100 days in office through a video on social media. he laid out his plan for reversing many of president obama's policies on the economy, but notably did not mention the fate of obamacare under his administration, or the building of a border wall. and winter weather advisories are in place across upstate new york this morning. commuters are facing whipping winds and white-out conditions in some places. other areas have been hit by more than two already. more is on the way and, yes, the holiday travel rush is about to begin. but we start this half-hour with word that kanye west is waking up in a los angeles hospital where he is now under observation reportedly for exhaustion and stress. this on the heels of a bizarre and abrupt end to a concert over the weekend. >> reporter: kanye west
7:32 am
and forth to a crowd in sacramento. >> i'm going to take his [ bleep ] radio. >> even seemed to take issue with his long-time friends jay-z and beyonce. >> just call me. >> reporter: fans already upset after kanye showed up after an hour late began to boo. after only performing three songs, kanye dropping his mike and walking off >> the show's over. >> people were really mad. i mean for him to leave without giving any type of real performance? it was kind of a slap in the face. >> reporter: the next day west canceled the rest of his nationwide tour. >> it is a shame that it didn't happen. >> reporter: on monday neighbors described seeing an ambulance whisk him away, paramedics only saying they were responding to an undisclosed medical aid request. self-media outlets reporting overnight west is suffering from
7:33 am
first public appearance since she was robbed in paris, flying back from new york to be by her husband's side. meanwhile, no update on the rapper's condition from his representatives. it is not the first time the controversial star has made headlines for his very public outbursts. >> i'm very happy for you. i'm going to let you finish. famously interrupted taylor swift at the vma awards in 2009. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> reporter: last year at the same awards show announcing he's now some who had sworn off being kanye fans after his latest rants are just hoping he's okay. >> is the end of the day, nobody can really understand what kind of pressure that person is under. he is not the first celebrity to have to deal with an extreme amount of pressure. i hope ogets help. >> for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news, today, los angeles. al is joining us now talking about some of the weather the
7:34 am
pacific northwest will see storms that will march across the country and cause more snow and more problems for the rest of the country. one storm coming onshore today, the next one comes on late tomorrow, on into thursday. snow in the mountaintops. we're talking about heavy rain. look at this. some areas, seven inches near the immediate coast. we're looking for rivers to start to rise so flooding could be a problem by the time we get in thanksgiving in the pacific northwest. windy conditions here in the laguardia airport having ground delays and ground stops. we're watching that. sunshine from the great lakes into the gulf coast. severe storms along this front stretching from oklahoma into texas. and again that heavy rain and wind moving into the pacific
7:35 am
>> get that holiday forecast when you need it. go to the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al, you thank you. coming talking turkey and politics. why some families are gearing up for maybe an uncomfortable year at the thanksgiving ta kind drinking game as jeff rossen pulls off a sneaky little experiment. >> reporter: good morning, i'm jeff rossen. coming up, we're throwing a huge wine tasting party. they are drinking out of this fancy bottle with this fancy sounding name but there is something they don't know that could save you big money jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... uhhh... look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops...
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we are back now, 7:39. when it comes to wine and holidays, savannah has a saying,
7:40 am
>> jeff rossen has the question of whether you should splurge on expensive wine. >> he's so generous. he offered to do this taste test and really get involved in the story just in time for your holiday party. >> just in time for you to be pregnant. how is that for timing? thanksgiving is just days away, guys. if you're having family over, you're out buying lots of wine right now. so many of us think that we can taste the difference between expensive wine and the cheap stuff. which is which. can you really? and what if it was wineut box? this morning a little experiment that could save you big money. >> cheers! >> reporter: we are throwing a party. >> red or white? >> white. >> reporter: inviting this group of "today" show viewers to a "rossen reports" wine tasting. >> i'm a wine-o. >> reporter: on the menu today, this fancy looking pinot noir. but here's what these wine lovers don't know. it's really inexpensive wine out of a box.
7:41 am
team got a bunch of empty wine bottles and poured boxed wine into them, complete with fancy looking labels we printed up. we even made up an expensive sounding name in french. in english that's "box of wine." will these partygoers really believe it's high end wine just because it looks fancy? right away the wine is flowing. >> very smooth. >> it tastes like sauvignon blanc. >> one of our guests is branding and marketing expert. >> what's at play here? >> the power of persuasion. you put wine in a fine bottle so they believe that they're drinking a fine bottle of wine. >> when i ask them what they think of this wine, what do you think they're going to say to me? >> they're going to give you an account of how good it is an why. >> what do you guys think? >> i like it. it is a refreshing white. >> it's refreshing. >> yes.
7:42 am
>> would you order this in a restaurant? >> oh, definitely. it is very yummy. >> it has a spice to it. it tastes almost like a spanish argentinean. >> i like it. it is a very cool body but it doesn't linger. >> reporter: the boxed wine works out to $5 a bottle but how much would they pay for it? >> $20. $25. maybe $50. >> reporter: we'll ramp things up and do a ait we took that same boxed wine and poured them into separate glasses. remember, it is the same boxed wine. we test the reds. it is the same boxed wine in both of the white wine glasses. >> tell me which of these wines you like better. dying to know. >> the second one. >> you like that one better? >> why. >> this one has character. >> it's got character. >> yeah. >> wow. >> this one's a little bit
7:43 am
acidic. >> every single person we asked -- >> the first one. >> this one. >> i feel like this is a little bit less sweet. >> picking one wine over the other. >> why? >> it tasted fuller to me. >> remember, it is the exact same boxed wine in both glasses but they all seem so confident. >> this one was a little bit tart compared to this one. >> okay. time to fess up. >> you guys want to know what we've really been up to tonight? so you've enjoyed >> yes! >> here's what you are really drinking. boxed wine. >> yeah! woo! >> oh, my god. >> you're surprised. >> whoa! yes. i mean that tasted amazing. >> there is another surprise. taste test we did, that was the same wine in both. >> what! >> just in time for thanksgiving, go cheap. >> exactly. i'll use your bottle though instead.
7:44 am
>> is exactly. they won't know the difference. >> cheers! >> woo! >> here is another reason to buy boxed wine. it actually lasted longer than bottled wine. it goes six to eight weeks after opening. it's pretty cool. we have a little taste test set up for you now. since you've seen that, our trick is gone. we actually do have a $50 bottle of wine in one of these glasses and the boxed wine in another. is the sauvignon blanc. rossen impersonation. "i'm dying to know what you think." >> we need hoda. that's the only real expert here. >> excuse me. i was an expert. >> you won't be a taste tester. >> that tastes just fine, thank you. >> a little sweet. >> i'm in the process of a taste test. >> what varietial is this? >> sauvignon blanc. >> one of my favorites. >> pick the card up from the one
7:45 am
camera. >> you prefer that one, you prefer that one, and you prefer that one. matt prefers the boxed wine. al prefers expensive. tamron prefers expensive. >> this was a little less sweet. >> i thought it was a little too sweet. >> but have you a mento in your mouth. >> having matt over, go cheap. >> you know what we say? thank you for your >> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, impression backlash. what super model gigi hadid is saying about the reaction to her melania trump impression the other night. up next, traveling for thanksgiving with food in your bag. we're going to tell you what you can carry on and what you'll need to check. back right after this. ? ?
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7:50 am
behind, the tsa guys released some food travel tips. so here are some of the tasty items you can bring on in your carry-on. savannah, here is your list. mashed potatoes, butternut squash. green beans. stuffing. and dressing. cakes and pies. and, the biggest question of them all -- can you travel with a turkey? yes, you can. you can put it in either your checked bag -- which is an interesting choice -- or bring it on your >> is that mashed potatoes uncooked. what does that mean? >> the box. like the kind you put the water in? >> oh. what's that? >> like a box of wine. it is the boxed wine of mashed potatoes. >> i lived on boxed potatoes my whole life. turning now to stop and shop. they conducted a survey asking people who would they most like to have at their thanksgiving dinner. number one on the list, meryl streep. rounding out the top five, people would say they'd like to
7:51 am
damon, ben affleck, tom brady. "the huffington post" did a roundup of what kids are thankful for. "snowmen, daddy and quesadillas." lindsey, 3 years old said, i'm thankful. look very closely here. i'm thankful for our new dishwasher. >> especially on thanksgiving. >> i don't think there rules against if you bring your food on to the carry-on or bring it on to the plane and get a little hungry during the flight, you whip it out. >> it sounded like most of your thanksgiving items were permitted. >> if you have some after-hunger pains, you're in the middle seat, just whip it out and go for it. coming up, ben stiller speaks out in his first television interview after revealing his battle with
7:52 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, ben's battle. in his first television interview since revealing he had prostate cancer, the hollywood star opens up about the test that saved his life, his prognosis and why he is now coming forward to share an important plus, good-bye black november, hello black november as retailers roll out sales all month long, we'll show you how to take advantage of the best deals and discounts online and in stores. and ride-along. "the voice" coaches tell all as they go on a wild tour, "today,"
8:01 am
?? >> mother/daughter bucket list trip from arizona! >> we're the "today's" best fans! woo! >> woo! good morning! >> rise and sunshine, kansas! >> jesus loves new york! woo! ?? good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it is a beautiful morning out on our plaza. deuce, november 22nd. just two days until thanksgiving. coming up, we have two of our most favorite chefs, master chefs and they are whipping up some veggie dishes that we think could actually outshine your turkey on thursday.
8:02 am
they have really thrown the gauntlet down for this one. we also want to take a second to mention a big night for our pal here, charlie, and his raiser, olivia. they were front and center as dylan hosted the light years gala saluting people and organizations whose philanthropy. spirit transforms lives. this year the guide dog foundation and america's vet dogs were honored for their work helping people with vision loss stay charlie, sit. congratulations. olivia, congratulations. >> charlie looks so nice. olivia looks so beautiful. we're so proud. time for "the news at 8." we begin with a deadly school bus accident here in chattanooga, tennessee. i'm kerry sanders where this morning we are learning a little bit plt more about the five young victims. authorities are now telling us that three of them were
8:03 am
in first grade and one of them a kindergartner. >> i can see an arm moving but i don't know if anybody can get to it. >> reporter: this morning investigators are working to reveev the black box in hopes it will provide answers as to why this school bus with 35 elementary school children on board suddenly flipped on its side, smashing into a tree, leaving behind a deadly mass of tangled wreckage. >> school bus flipped off the roadway. it is off side to the shoulder. they believe there is ejections. >> we have arrested the bus >> reporter: overnight chattanooga's police chief announced the arrest of the 24-year-old bus driver. >> johnthony walker is being charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving. >> reporter: witnesses are rlk recalling the horror. >> i saw kids laying in the street. i saw them pulling kids out of the bus. >> the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can
8:04 am
father. and so today the city is praying for these families. >> reporter: 8-year-old dereon griffith was missing his shoe but able to walk away. others, not so lucky. >> there was a kid passed out. >> reporter: the road was clear and dry and no other vehicles were involved, according to authorities. >> certainly speed is being investigated very, very strongly as a factor in this crash. >> reporter: the children's school is re-opening this morning administrators bringing in extra help deal with the pain and grief just two days before the thanksgiving holiday. the police chief says that a warrant has now been issued for the black box on the bus. that will be able to provide some data to help explain what caused this accident, as well as trying to get some video from it the bus, video that was recorded that may also explain why this deadly accident took place. matt? >> kerry sanders in tennessee
8:05 am
turn now to president-elect donald trump and a video released by his transition team from an event that was not open to the press. in the video trump outlines his plans for the first 100 days of his administration. he vows to pull out of the transpacific partnership trade deal, to end some restrictions on energy production, and to begin looking into abuses of visa programs for immigrant workers. he did not mention two big campaign promises, building a wall and revealing obamacare. trump is meeti more potential cabinet picks. coming up, what generation gap? why some college students are now bunking up with senior citizens. and, "the voice" coaches go rogue. carson takes his buddies on an unusual tour for some team bonding. and a little thanksgiving prep. then ben stiller opens up for the first time on television in an exclusive interview about his bout with prostate cancer around the test he says all men there is no typical day.
8:06 am
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for our neighborhood, our town, our home. get up, (all) get together and shop small. major retailers are actually already making their cyber monday discounts available. others have already begun those black friday sales. >> this is all changing the game for nbc's jo ling kent has latest on where the bargains are right now. jo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you guys. you don't have to wait any longer for cyber monday or black friday for get these great deals. major retailers like right here at walmart rolling out their cyber monday deals several days early at the stroke of midnight on friday. other big retailers say you can get your black friday deals right now. all of this changing the game about how you should be shopping this week.
8:10 am
friday. hello, black november. sales rolling out earlier than ever, blanketing the internet and the mall. amazon, walmart, best buy and lowe's offering black friday discounts right now. >> sales are coming earlier and earlier, and i like that because i like to shop early. >> reporter: it is part of a industry wide reaction to a black friday struggle. last year in-store sales were down a whopping 12%. and this year the average american will spend $936 over the holiday season, down from 2015. dozens of major brands debuting sales ahead of schedule, blurring the lines between shopping days. so far, 44% of american adults plan to shop black friday sales. to lure you in, walmart taking the holiday creep to another level moving cyber monday deals up to black friday hoping you will spend early and often. despite all the steals and deals out there, experts say do not buy everything now. >> the way black friday is really changing is that it is
8:11 am
it is these five days of savings. >> reporter: right now experts say is a good time to pick up ties, gift sets, beauty products and cookware. but as those discounts lure you in, hold off on upgrading expensive home appliances until black friday itself. and skip toys on black friday. instead, experts say wait until the second week of december when retailers need to push their inventory. as always, shop online. take advantage of free shipping and returns and sign up for price alerts from your favorite stores. and now, more than ever, retail online for deals while you are in an actual store. >> you're going to see more retailers putting together strategies that kind of converge, both the online shopping and the physical store shopping. >> reporter: getting the best bang for your buck no matter where, when or how you shop. now one more handy tip for you. i know it is getting cold outside, but if you can hold off on buying any sort of winter gear, do that because prices will dive in the new year.
8:12 am
when you are making payments online, buying stuff and shopping online, make sure you use the legit official store sites and apps before but the putting in any debit or credit card information. >> always good advice. >> jo, thank you so much. time for "trending." >> college is expensive. everybody knows that. this fall nyu is going to unveil a program to help students cut those who participants will see their housing costs go up from $14,000 a year to half that. here's the catch. those students instead of living in a dormitory are going to live in the spare bedrooms of local sunni yore citizens. they'll also help out around the house doing light housekeeping, some grocery shopping, a little computer tutoring as well. students and senior citizens will be vetted to make sure they are the right fit for one another. and apparently this has been successful in other schools.
8:13 am
i would love to live with the golden girls. can you imagine? >> it is such a win-win. especially for somebody just -- might be comforting to be with somebody and have somebody to take care of. >> right. >> long overdue. >> except for the computer lessons. that could be frustrating. >> what are the two things you're never supposed to discuss at the dinner table? >> politics and religion. >> sex >> weird dinner table. >> religion and politics, also. it might be a little hard this thanksgiving though. everybody knows we had a divisive election. lot of people are still thinking about it. on twitter, people kind turned to humor to prepare. there is a hashtag for it. survival guide to thanksgiving. one, arrival at table. another person wrote -- needed to reduce the family members coming for thanksgiving so just started talking about the
8:14 am
tomorrow on "today" we'll have an etiquette expert who will actually tell us how to avoid conflict. >> they say if you were on the losing end of this, say do you guys kind of mind if we don't talk it, make it personal instead of speaking about politics in general. >> not feeling well and i have a carving knife so it is not a good idea. let us talk about a "today" show tradition. at least from the past. back invited a marching band into this studio. after some years that tradition faded away. but we brought it back in 1994. students paraded past the studio, right by martha and her cooking set. went on for several more years. then it faded out again. what do you think? should we bring this tradition back? >> yes! >> because tomorrow would be the
8:15 am
thursday. so tomorrow we will have access to marching bands should we bring it back. >> is there any question? >> that would be awesome. >> did you guys love it or -- >> i thought it was fun. >> it was fun to watch. >> al tripped a tuba player one year. >> i wanted that tuba. >> you think -- four thumbs up? >> yes. but i have to say, we have to make it bigger and better. >> maybe we have battle of the bands. >> yeah. >> going in opposite di >> so tomorrow we'll get the guys on it here and ladies and see if we can make it happen. >> love it. cool. let's get to "popstart!." >> first, super model gigi hadid addressing the backlash following her impression of
8:16 am
lady. she posted a handwritten letter saying she actually removed other jokes that went too far saying adding whether or not you choose to see it, what remained was done in good humor and with no bad intent. see went on to say i believe melania understands show business and the ways shows are written and run. i apologize if anyone was offended and i only have the best wishes for our country. she is a nice girl and ended up on politics. she got right up front of it. next up, jennifer lawrence and her message to fans. please respect my privacy. jennifer looking beautiful in the latest issue of "vanity fair." inside she opens up about adjusting to fame and the many fans who she says approach her. she tells the magazine you might think you know me but when you approach me you are a total stranger to me and i'm scared. she also said, if i'm eating dinner and somebody comes up and a flash goes off from someone's iphone camera, i'm really rude
8:17 am
privacy is a full-time job and i work very hard at it. moment of silence? >> i say take the picture. >> but it is nice if they ask. >> oh. it's nice when you say please and thank you to anybody. >> that's what she's opposed to. finally, somebody we know for sure is super nice -- harry connick jr. learning what we already know -- nobody does surprises like al roker. al was on harry's talk show with his wife, jill, and two other daughters, georgia and charlotte. harry was really moved. but then al, the king of surprises, brought out the couple's third daughter, kate, who actually attends school out state and that left harry just an emotional wreck. >> dang, al. dang, al. i can't believe you're here. >> oh, dad. >> i'm sorry. i'm really sorry. i haven't seen you in a while.
8:18 am
y'all have to understand, i do -- everything i do for my family. this is really uncool, al. >> beautiful. i cried. harry show airs weekdays. check your local listings. that is your "popstart!." truly one of the nicest guys. al, you can throw a surprise. >> it was a lot of fun. his first -- his kindergarten crush was on and he remembered it was really cool. >> that is adorable. >> tamron, thank you very much. al, you have a forecast? >> we certainly do. let's do a little travel here as we get ready for thanksgiving. of course, wednesday, tomorrow, being one of the busiest travel days out there. we're going to be looking at problems in detroit, minneapolis, also in chicago and seattle as far as some rough weather. for chicago, light rain, poor visibility, improving at night. but for seattle, heavy rain,
8:19 am
thursday. what about the roads. well, we look for problems along i-80, i-94. i-65 as well. in fact, chicago to nashville, raining with storms clearing later at night. as we move to the west coast, rainy travel through the day with snow over the mountain passes. th >> don't forget, when you leave home, always check us out on sirius xm channel 108.
8:20 am
is size "no save today" has been helping to raise awareness about men's health issues. this morning, it is prostate cancer. according to the american cancer society, 1 in 7 men will get prostate cancer. just last month actor ben stiller revealed that he was diagnosed two years ago and treated successful. he joins us now along with his surgeon, dr. edward schafer, of northwestern university's feinberg school of medicine. good morning to both of yo i was really fortunate that my course of treatment was basically an operation and that was it. >> your status today in terms of cancer is -- >> is. yeah. cancer-free as of today. anybody who's had cancer, you know you just have to keep on checking on it. but i'm really fortunate. >> i mention statistics a second ago, ben. i would imagine when someone tells you those words, you have cancer, statistics don't matter. you feel like the only one who's
8:21 am
i mean it is surreal. it is not something that i was really thinking about. it wasn't on my radar at all. and if it wasn't for this test that we're going to talk about, i don't know if i would have had as easy a course of treatment or the prognosis that i did have. >> were you 48 years old when diagnosed. no family history. no symptoms. >> there was cancer on my father's side but cancer specifically. >> your primary care physician, not dr. schafer, had been administering a psa test for what? about two years? >> yeah. he brought up the test to me and explained what it it was. he said it is just basically a test to see. i guess when the first one came in it was a little high. he said i just want to keep giving you this test every few months, about every four, five, six months to see what happens. >> i hear that story and i say that is your best case argument
8:22 am
know that it's controversial. why? >> it's controversial because prostate cancer is a common cancer, 1 in 7 men will have it but not everybody who gets prostate cancer will die from it. so we have to really better identify those who have a lethal or aggressive cancer from throws that do not. >> okay. so what would be the downside to at least testing? >> well, in my mind there's not a lot of downside for a patient to know their stats and know where they stand. but some would argue that if the test is elevated iay unnecessary biopsies or additional tests which can cause anxiety to the patient. >> when you finally came to the decision to treat this, you opted for removal of the prostate. >> yes. >> there are other options. why did you fall on that option? >> because that's what my doctors recommended. >> i'm listening to my doctor. >> i am not a doctor. but i talked to them and ted told me what he thought.
8:23 am
before i settled on ted and i didn't settle, by the way. >> thanks for that, ben. >> the thing is, it is a whole new world and you have to educate yourself. for me it was learning what the options were. he told me about what he thought the best course of treatment would be for the tumor that i had and so i opted for the operation. >> we hear about this operation and the first thing a guy will tell you on a street or when you're at a cocktail party with that guy is i'm not doing because there's all kinds of side effects. impotence, incontinence. >> there could be side effects. when a man is confronted with cancer it is important to understand what is the best treatment for them. men can have difficulty with their urination and with their sexual function after treatment for prostate cancer. it is not just isolated to surgery. so today we really try to do a better job recommending active treatment for men versus just watching their cancers.
8:24 am
you if you've had to deal with any of the side effects? >> yeah. but i'm doing good. all good. >> yeah? okay. >> read between the thumbs there. >> i settled for the right doctor. no. i mean it's a real thing though. those are all -- when you're confronted with the question of, hey, do you want to live or do you want to make sure that your sex life is the best it can be? i opted for wanting to get rid of the cancer and then see what happens and cool. >> we did a survey with dr. oz as part of this month of men's health. 59% of men we surveyed say they've not discussed the risks and benefits of screening for prostate cancer with their doctor. 54% said they don't know what a psa test even is. what would you say about that? >> that's amazing stat. it is really upsetting to me as a physician and this is what ben and i were really trying to do is talk about this. i think the best and most important step for an individual
8:25 am
or not they should get testing for prostate cancer with their doctor. it is a personal decision. >> you waited a couple years before you came out and told our friend, howard, about this. >> yep. >> so clearly you must have a message for guys out there watching, not only in the month of november when we all get scruffy but every month of the year. >> yeah. i mean for me, it's please talk to your doctor about this, be aware. if it was up to me, i would say every guy should go get tested after the age of 40, history. the test itself is not harmful. it is what can happen after in terms of overtreatment, those questions. but those are all things can you discuss with your doctor. if i hadn't taken this test i wouldn't have known. i don't know when i would have known until it had probably become something that was not going to have the outcome in terms of the treatment that it did have. >> happy you're okay. >> thank you, matt. >> thanks for sharing the story. doctor, great to meet you and thank you very much.
8:26 am
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8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it is the 22nd day of november, 2016. you know what? it is supposed to feel like this two days after there is a chill in the air. a little breezy. we've got a massive crowd. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. wait a minute, savannah. wait a minute. wait a minute. get over there. wait a minute. >> what's the deal here? this is savannah in ninth grade? >> ninth grade. my husband went to high school in tucson with savannah. he was a senior her freshman year. so this year book, this picture's been sitting in my
8:31 am
>> it is clear my hair problems didn't start recently. >> i thought it was one of those promotional videos from "happy days." that was joanie! >> joanie. >> all right. coming up, natalie sits down with oscar winner nicole kidman to talk about her emotional new move called "lion" and also celebrating ten years of marriage with her hubby, urban. >> tell us about chachi! >> we've also got alicia, miley, adam and blake, they're on the loose with carson. he takes them on a wild ride at universal studios and even al makes a cameo. >> that's unreal! >> aw. here you go.
8:32 am
giada delaurentiis and bobby flay cook up some scrumptious side dishes that will make your vegetarian friends happy. >> mr. roker has the forecast. you should probably go do it over there. >> what's that? >> it is from my sorority. that's not me, that's our friend. >> man! >> look at this. e when i guess i was a freshman. we don't need to read what it says. wow. you really came with the archives. >> what is that about a bomb? i'm sorry!
8:33 am
>> announcer: shop small on "today" is created with our sponsor, american express, founding partner of small business saturday. shop small this saturday. so it is small business saturday coming ups it is a reminder to shop at the local stores that make your and our communities great. this morning we want to create our own little main street market. invited a few small businesses to come set up shop. we want to check them out. you are anna bond. your company's rifle paper company. you started in your garage? >> my husband and i seven years ago started.
8:34 am
a great paper really helps. >> it does. this is an address book. that's recipe boxes for all of your cooking. >> thank you. appreciate that. now let's check in with the push cart coffee company. jamie rogers, adam strauss, nice to see you guys. i understand you got started with coffee but i understand you make chocolate chip cookie that will blow my mind. >> it absolutely will. it is my family they just came out of the oven. >> you don't need a bag. >> wow. why is coffee so hot now? >> we like to think coffee helps connect people. that's really what we're about. our coffee we have direct relationships with small farms throughout the world and we are actually promoting small business through our small business. >> those cookies are crazy! man, those are good. thank you so much.
8:35 am
amanda zinc. amanda, how are you? >> good morning. meet theo, our house dog at the salty paw. the salty paw is the seaport's first pet emporium and groom spa. the seaport is downtown. >> i love all the great stuff for your pets. i'm going to grab something for my dog, pepper. these doggie treats. these are fantastic. >> yes. all locally made, al. >> hey, guys, thank you so much we really appreciate it. and tamron's got more from the orange room. hey there, al. all week long we are working with american express to celebrate small businesses. we have something very special in store. here's the scoop. jill martin will be here tomorrow with a small business addition of "steals and deals." with your help we are revealing the deals today a full day early. go to "today's" facebook page and share a photo of yourself
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on this post. if we reach 1,000 likes, we will share jill's steals and deals products with you giving you an extra day to get your shopping list ready. how cool is that? i'll be your shopping buddy if you don't have one. we'll check in next with nicole kidman about her upcoming film
8:37 am
8:38 am
oscar winner nicole kidman is already getting more oscar buzz for her new role in the movie "lion." she plays a mother whose adopted child goes to extraordinary length to find his childhood home and birth mother. >> natalie recently sat down with her to learn more about nicole's experience as an adoptive mother, her
8:39 am
urban, and more. >> i had another family. a mother. a brother. i can still see their faces. >> nicole, this film is so beautiful. already much critical acclaim for it. i imagine for you, it's something you're really proud of. >> i've made so many films in my life. so to have made something that's so emotional but life affirming. i mean it's putting goodness into the world and as much as the film sort of rips your heart out, it also really inspired and feel really good about human beings. >> now as an adoptive mother yourself, i think you've said that this is a role though that you felt it was a love letter to your own children, isabella and connor. is that right? >> yeah. i mean for me, this is about mothering. it is about the essence of what mothering is and unconditional love. and when you see the film and you see -- because she had a
8:40 am
brown-skinned child when she was so young herself in her teenage years. and she made it happen. and i think that. and then the love. the unconditional love that you feel i think is so -- it's really captured in this movie. so, yeah, this is -- but this is not just for adoptive mothers. this is for just mothers. >> i'm from >> dev is phenomenal in this. he's grown up a lot from "slumdog millionaire" which is a role so many of us saw him in. tell me about your interaction with him and what did you admire most in his acting abilities? >> he's just so joyful, for one thing. dev is funny. and he's -- it was interesting because i play the mother to
8:41 am
by an indian boy who's named sonny who spoke no english who is incredible in the movie. then dealing with dev when he's growing up -- my son is growing up and is this big, strapping man, it's so different. but that's a great role. you know? so i got to relate to both of them. but dev is just -- he's easy. he's so easy. >> earlier this year kidman celebrated her tenth wedding country music star, keith urban. >> let's talk about the cmas. you and keith look like you're having so much fun, enjoying the performances. i love -- >> i just love being a part of that community. i have to say, the country music community is such a lovely thing to have been invited in to and to be a part of. and so i speak for both keith and i who has obviously been a part of it for so much longer than me. it is just a lovely place to be able to be a part of. >> are you a country girl at heart now?
8:42 am
>> i love this picture for his birthday, this was sweet. >> oh, don't! that's us being crazy. take it away. >> then there is -- no! >> this little video of the two of you. >> oh, right? >> car pool karaoke. >> yeah. >> what if i cry? >> do you guys do a lot of duets at home? >> we sing in the car a lot. you were privy to that one. but we do. we d ? what if i fall ? ? i won't let you fall ? ? what if i cry ? ? i'll never let you cry ?? >> that's cute. >> i wish i were in the back seat singing along. >> that would be weird. >> i'm dying to see that movie, too. right? >> looks terrific. "lion" opens on friday. coming up next, carson and
8:43 am
talk about what it is like to work with all those stars together. but first, this is "today" on
8:44 am
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29 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. 8:45. we're back, we're heading out west where carson, and his buddies, miley, alicia, adam and blake go on a little road trip. >> we could not resist the chance to stop th >> so, guys, let's start with our two new coaches. how has it been, blake, having two brand-new coaches? we've never had two before. >> it is always exciting to have new coaches. new people to beat makes me happy. makes me happy. you get tired of beasting the same old people over and over again. now i get to see the look of disappoint on two new people's faces. >> how important is it to get a wane, alicia? >> i think honestly, who doesn't love to win. i think the most important thing is that we're leaving the artist
8:46 am
take with them on their journey in life and that they feel like really rewarded for the time we spent together, that they've grown. i think that's -- to me that's the most important thing. of course i would love to whoop blake's booty. >> wow. did you know when you signed up for this show that this sort of chemistry and this sort of risching, all in good fun, would take place? >> people ask me all the time, alicia, you look like you're having a great time. look at me and miley. how great of a time are we ng like every day, new year's. >> but we're so lucky to be together. >> look. that's from the flintstones. you know how old that car is? ? meet the flintstones they're the modern stone age family ?? >> this is actually cooler than i thought. >> hi, everybody. here's the "today" show in universal plaza.
8:47 am
>> hey, al. >> oh, my god. >> we don't always do the tram ride when we're at work on the voice how much fun it is to come to work. >> i'm having a really good time. >> when people say they really fun. >> we're coming up on thanksgiving. let's wrap this thing up. can we just go down and give me one thing you are thankful for this year? >> i'm thankful for new beginnings. >> well put. >> i'm thankful for this show giving my platform, just like even more of a boost than a raise, giving me a mega phone to be able to shed light and positivity. >> how but, alicia?
8:48 am
album, being able to use music to continue to describe what's happening in the world and lift people up. >> adam? >> i'm thankful for -- god, how lucky i am every single day to have an amazing life, have an amazing daughter, amazing wife, love these guys i work with every day. ? dream on dream on ? ? dream on dream on ?? >> i'm also really thankful this tour is almost over. [ laughter ] flintstones" car every day. >> by the way, carson's got his hands full out there. >> goes in with a pistol and a whip. >> catch "the voice" tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. coming up next -- matt has already previewed -- giada and bobby are serving up veggie side dishes that are too tasty to refuse. >> i already devoured a portion
8:49 am
>> good stuff. >> before she leaves she wants
8:50 am
>> announcer: "today" food is brought to you, in part, by country crock.
8:51 am
welcome to crock country. we are back with our special "today food all-star thanksgiving." all month we've paired up some of the biggest names in the food world. today our super chefs are focusing on vegetarian side dishes. >> today -- i just want to mention, this is not a competition which is -- >> yes, it is. >> because if it were a competition, they would lose. >> oh! >> it is on, lauer. >> let's go. talk about ingredients. >> butternut squash lasagna. first i use the lasagna sheets. you don't have to boil them. this makes it really easy. one less pot. almond cookies to give sweetness.
8:52 am
first thing, take an acorn squash. it could be any squash you like. butternut, whatever you want. cut it up. i steam it with a little bit of salt. then it comes out like this. you can put this in here. we're going to puree it. there is the cookies in here. i only put three. they add a little sweetness, little bit of almond flavor. then you take this, you're making calm down. we're going to get to bobby. don't worry. >> ggiada, take your time. >> this takes forever. >> it's not working. let's pretend that's working. >> ends up like this with the cookies. just take a little taste of it alone with the cookies. i think it is quite fantastic. >> it is delicious. >> great. lot better than a raw brussel sprout. >> wow. >> flour, milk, and butter.
8:53 am
little bit of pesto. store-bought to make it nice and green. layer it on the bottom. sounds like your brussels sprouts are burning, fyi. >> maybe because you're taking so long. >> layer this on top. key is to have enough liquid. go let's be fair. you've done the layering. this is what it looks like. >> you add mozzarella and parmesan cheese. they be you pop it in the oven. wait! i just want to say you add t bechamel on top, add the panko, in the oven, 350. >> can you stretch it out anymore? >> very quick tip. cut the pomegranate in half. you just hit it with the back of a wooden spoon and the pomegranate seeds come out. you save a lot of money and time
8:54 am
molasses. >> oh, this is so good! >> thank you goodness for that's amaretto cookies. i'm going to make vinaigrette with red wine vinegar, pomegranate molasses and a little bit of honey. blanch the brussels sprouts. hot water, cook them half-way through. put them in ice water and you shock them. they >> they're gorgeous. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> then i take a very hot sheet pan. in the oven warm the sheet pan, then put it cut side down so you get that nice roasted color on the outside. vinaigrette we just made, pour a little bit on top. sprinkle in the pomegranates. >> those smell fantastic! >> then i make a relish with more pomegranates and a little bit of parsley. put it right on top.
8:55 am
sprout leaves. >> actually looks really pretty together. >> giada's dish, like if you wanted to have a vegetarian entree, that could take the place of the turkey. >> you can make it the day in advance and let it cool and cute it in cubes and it could be your appetizer. >> this is a total crowd pleaser in my house. >> oh, my goodness! wow! >> let's ask the guys downstairs. we have our tasters. >> brussels sprouts are good. >> they are, bobby. >> i will tell you, giada, i stole hoda's top after i ate mine of yours. >> because hoda can't eat cheese. >> this thing is amazing. >> that's delicious. >> brussels sprouts are good. >> it's like cheese and cheese. this is a harder task. >> anybody can slap some pasta and cheese in there.
8:56 am
proving not everybody can. >> this dish makes me thinks about thanksgivings from my childhood. i'm sorry. so emotional.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," giada delaurentiis gets ready to dish with us as our special co-host. oscar winner marion cottilard on her new movie with brad pitt all coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all right, welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, november 22nd, 2016. along with tamron, we have our pal, giada delaurentiis who just slapped bobby flay around with that -- >> i did not! you're going to get me in
9:01 am
it was unbelievable. >> you made a -- >> he already knew he was lost. >> you made the butternut lasagna squash. he brought in a brussel sprout to butternut -- >> he brought a -- you brought a la san ya. he brought a brussel sprout to a la lasagna fight. >> technically the turkey is the main. right? i make the lasagna a day or two in advance. i even bake it off. then i bring it to room temperature, warm it the morning of. i cut it into pieces an serve it pass an appetizer. could be the main as well. >> bobby was here yesterday. >> but he didn't bring in he food. >> what is that that you brought us? >> i am a special foodie who likes to bring you food.
9:02 am
studio? >> i saw him. he left. >> he's out. >> i wonder like we're celebrating our favorite chefs all week long. bobby comes up, nothing. but i knew you would bring it. i knew it. >> i did bring dessert which is something i'll show you how to make later. >> what is this i'm eating? >> it's chocolate lasagna. >> butternut squash -- >> it's my chocolate lasagna. >> what's in it? >> chocolate. >> chocolate. >> what's the rest of thanksgiving like at the delaurentiis household? >> this is my year without my family at thanksgiving. >> what? what happened? >> i don't know. because i guess because i was working. usually i work even thanksgiving morning, then i fly home and i do a whole other thanksgiving. but i don't know, this is my first year i decided, you know what? i'm changing things up. i'm making thanksgiving all the way up and until thanksgiving. i'm going to take a break on that day.
9:03 am
>> i don't actually know yet. >> rent movies? >> i think as we get older -- i've been doing this for a very long time. i thought i'm going to take a break. i don't have my daughter this year. my first year without my daughter on thanksgiving. i thought i'm going to change stuff up. >> would you like to come to our house for thanksgiving? >> that was my way of requesting an invitation. tamron, where's your invitation? >> i was labelle's house. if she did give me a plus-two. i said to patti's friend what do you think her as a hostess gift? she said she likes red wine. i hope she's not watching, i had her a pair of custom made thigh-high boots -- i hope she's not watching but i'm going to take her boots.
9:04 am
>> next year i'm inviting you to my house. i'd like the same gift. thigh-high boots. >> fill them with stuffing. >> that's kind of gross. >> you were saying yesterday, i was so touched by the fact, we leave the show and i think about things after, explaining why you don't do thanksgiving dinner. you tied it in to your own family. >> tell us. >> i'm -- i used to make thanksgiving dinner up until my parents had passed and some families moved away. so -- and to be perfectly honest, you are it is all over. about five years ago, is was very fortunate chef daniel invited us for dinner. >> you keep requesting an invitation every year. >> begging. >> is he coming tomorrow? >> he will be here tomorrow. >> i'll just say al already invited me. is that cool? >> we noticed something about celebrity chefs. bobby has an instagram account for his cat. nacho flay.
9:05 am
nachos. >> you see how the coloring is the same. >> you also have an instagram account. your cat is bella delaurentiis. i can't be in the room with an adult cat. >> it is a very small adult cat. she's a small little cat. >> but still an adult cat. >> she's 2. she's 2. >> what's an adult cat to you? >> like to me any cat over a couple of weeks. you know when they feel like little mushy -- did something terrible happen? >> you know what? this is the gospel truth. it is the horror films. they always make the cat the scary character. the cat breathes your breath at you? >> what show is that? >> it is like a -- come on. this is the one movie you've never seen? the kid is asleep, the cat is over, the breathes the air out of the cat's mouth. >> cat's eye. that's one movie.
9:06 am
of them. >> show of hands. how many people in this studio have seen "cat's eye." >> one -- two. >> it's not the cat that breathed it. it is the troll. >> it is the troll! all this time you've been denigrating cats and it's trolls that you're really upset with! >> no! listen. i love cats. i even adopted a cat some years ago. >> look at my beautiful cat's face. if you see her eyes, these beautiful -- >> i saw a movie look. that's not scary! >> that's cute. >> i can't read what she's thinking. like what a dog -- you get a shake. >> she's thinking you're nuts! that's what she's thinking. >> let's -- okay. all right. >> i'm going to bring her to you some time and i'm going to surprise you with her. think you might love her. she's super white and soft. >> jerry, would you bring in the turkey hat with us?
9:07 am
of our fantastic chefs. these are folks who -- >> is this a trick? >> no. they've sent in questions. for example, christina from lima, ohio, what's your favorite thing to serve on thanksgiving? >> butternut squash lasagna. >> boom. thank you. >> this is libby from new orleans. what's a good kid friendly vegetable to cook? >> kid friendly vegetable. probably broccoli with the cheese sauce. >> anything with chee you're good to go. >> andrea, what's your favorite wine to serve with turkey? had. >> pinot grigio. >> why do you like that? >> nice and crisp. i like white wine. i think it's light. i find that red wine sometimes with turkey -- the sides and the turkey are just so rich. i want something to kind of lift me up, something citrusy or -- prosecco would be good, too.
9:08 am
what's the most challenging part of a thanksgiving meal to cool? >> to cook or to clean? >> i think organization is tough for people so i start organizing way in advance and i use post-its for everything. i pull out all my platters, i decide where everything is going to go. lay the table out in advance. make as much of the food as i can in advance and really make sure that your prep is done and that you know what you have to put in the oven the day of. because that is really what it is. time is everything. lots of chicken brought a la boy this morning we want to get into the christmas spirit. to move things along. >> i'm kind of ready. >> we've got an upcoming full hour of steals and deals on december 2nd. our producer said it was okay to announce this. like it was a state secret. speaking of the holidays, i think we have some pictures of us dressed. >> this is what we were dressed this morning at 5:00 a.m.
9:09 am
>> the fv. but there was no buddy who showed up. >> you look really happy about it. tamron, you look real happy. >> are you actually on this show? >> didn't know she was buddy. >> she's not paying attention. >> her acting didn't sell me. >> wow. nothing says holidays like throwing a colleague under the bus. tree. >> certainlying for a color. last year i did hot pink. the year before i did purple. i am a fake tree kid. i love fake trees. last year i did hot pink. i did black once before. >> oh, god, depressing. >> thank you. i've done purple. i've done all kinds of colors. i am trying -- >> pink. have you done pink? >> pay attention. >> wow.
9:10 am
on this show, other one is dozing off. >> i'm asking you to go to our twitter page, @todayshow. turquoise, lime green or grey. let me know because you're going to pick -- you don't like grey? >> no! grey is depressing. again, it is christmas. why would you have grey or black? >> people at home, 'm talking to you. let me know what you think. then after that we have to do a whole segment on how to find a tree. speaking of christmas, to give away. this is the hottest toy out there. >> you found more? >> that's right. >> you know what this is? >> yes. >> sweeping the nation. >> does it close? >> when you get it, the egg is sealed. then between 20 and 30 -- 20 and 60 minutes after holding it and nurturing it, this little guy pops out. >> this would be perfect for jade instead of a dog for christmas.
9:11 am
and like us and enter the contest. >> facebook page for this, our today show twitter to let me know what color tree. a new cup that promises to keep your coffee hot for two hours. where you can get it after these messages. ok! impaciente! manolo! you're so cold, come in! what's wrong? take off your hat! no's, it's dry... try head and shoulders' dry scalp care it nourishes the scalp 3 surface layers deep to help... ...prevent dryness and keeps you up to 100% flake free now we can cuddle the whole winter!
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9:14 am
at "today" show #today'stake. i'm not a big fan of like needless technology but i think this is kind interesting. >> tell me about it. >> it is from starbucks. it is called the ember. it promises to keep your coffee hot for at least two hours. you press the logo there. you see you get a little temperature down here. >> does it take anyone an hour to drink coffee? >> think you turn it and you can adjust the temperature up or down. >> mine doesn't work. go figure. but if you push ember, see, it is 140. >> we'll test how long it stays. >> that is a neat idea. >> you could use that for soup or other stuff. it's not -- >> how much is it? >> it is not exactly a stocking stuffer. it is $150. >> whoa. >> you just could maybe buy more coffee.
9:15 am
nationwide. >> but if you know someone who loves coffee, this is a great gift. >> you won't get them anything the rest of the year. last night james corden and anna kendrick presented the official soundtrack to "growing up." ? papa don't preach i'm in trouble ? ? but i made up my mind i'm keeping my baby ? ? i'm gonna ? i made it through the wilderness ? ? somehow i made it through ? ? i didn't know lost i was until i found you ? ? like a virgin woo touched for the very first time ?
9:16 am
stumble to the kitchen ? ? pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life ? ? workin' 9 to 5 what a way to make a living ? ? barely getting by it's all taking and no giving ?? >> wow. >> that was amazing. >> it must be so much fun being james corden. >> the entire sketch, 14 songs. james corden. >> yeah, i do. i love my life, too. let's show you what we've got going on as far as your weather is concerned. today another big storm coming into the pacific northwest. snow in the rockies and later on into the upper midwest which will cause some airport delays. staying chilly up through northern plains and pacific northwest. heat continues down through the gulf coast. 70s and 80s. 20s up in northern new england. upstate new york. windy conditions there as well.
9:17 am
stretching from texas into oklahoma with isolated tornadoes possible. heavy showers and thunderstorms moving up into the upper ohio river valley. heavy rain in the pacific northwest. maybe up to seven inches of rain in the pacific >> and that's your latest weather. coming up next, giada's going to save us some time on
9:18 am
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9:21 am
and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. . this morning on "today food," it is crunch time. we are talking chocolate caramel crunch time. just two days until thanksgiving, giada is going to show us a fabulous dessert that you can make today, then refrigerate until the big day. >> absolutely. that's the key to thanksgiving. making things in advance. chocolate. lots of chocolate. dolce le leche. for the crust, graham crackers. butter. melted butter. this is a typical graham cracker
9:22 am
cocoa powder to it. a little bit of salt. then whirl it all together. >> whirl it. >> whirl it. you can obviously whirl it until it becomes sort of crumbling. like that. you make pies, right? >> you know, i don't because i'm never that good at the crust. >> that's so funny. a lot of people get intimidated with making crust and making pies. >> would you c b crust seminar? >> i will. many people say the crust is the thing that throws them off and they just don't want to do. then you just press it together. bake it at 325 or 350 for about eight minutes, let it cool. >> i can tell you that i could just eat the crust. >> so could i. you use actually store bought dolce le leche. i buy my favorite.
9:23 am
dump and stir. >> the old dump and stir. >> i toasted walnuts. chopped chocolate. i do bittersweet chocolate. i like that. but you could do milk chocolate if you want to. orange zest. orange and chocolate work really well together. that's a great combination. again, making something store-bought, doctoring it up, making your flavors all yours. team work makes the dream work. >> i love the orange. >> when i say you just need one or two ingredients to change something that's store-bought and kind of make it special. spread it all out. chill it. then what i like to do at the end after it's chilled -- chill it for a minimum of three hours but you can chill it for days. >> could you put this in the freezer? >> yeah. you could put it in the freezer. for sure. but pull it out and let it sit at room temperature for a while before you serve it. this is what it looks like after
9:24 am
just do whipped cream. you could do cool whip. you could do pretty much anything you want. i like to make my whipped cream but a lot of people don't. there you go. i just shave a little bit chocolate right over the top, then i sprinkle it with a little bit of salt. >> so it is that sea salt caramel -- >> correct. >> that's so popular right now. >> otherwise it could be overly sweet desserts sometimes at when dessert is done, you can have your friends or family or kids do the chocolate over the top. jade loves it. you're done. >> the salted caramel has been going for about eight years now. you know how i remember? the incoming president obama was a big fan of salted caramel. that's how i remember first hearing about it. >> why i would vote for you on my game show. >> you eat that one and we'll eat this one. >> giada, this is fabulous.
9:25 am
recipes, head to tomorrow giada's 1 of 30 chefs for our thanksgiving here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you, you. right down to your skin.
9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
all right. so what would you do if you were faced with a life threatening situation and had only seconds to act? >> that's the premise of a new show from msnbc originals called split second decision. >> "today" national correspondent jeff rossen is the narrator of the series. since we want to help keep you safe a he's going to put us to the test to see how much we know and don't know. >> morning, guys. we have a little game to play. we're going to question you about different split second decisions. i'll give you a multiple choice. if you get it right you move up. then we have a prize at the end for whoever wins. picture the weather is nice outside. you are on a boat and the boat
9:31 am
what is your split second decision? a, help slower passengers off first so they're not trapped. b, dive into the ocean and swim away from the boat. or c, find something sturdy and hold on to it like a table on the boat. >> i'm going to say a? >> going to go with a. >> i'm going to say c. >> none of you are right. you have to make the selfish decision here and jump off the boat and swim away from the boat because if you're holding on to something and the boat turns boat. no one moves. okay. now we're going to talk about fire. you're trapped by a fire. this could happen to a lot of people in hotels this weekend for the holiday. trapped by fire, smoke issen o the upper floor of of the building. should you crawl back through the building, b, call 911 and wait right there for help, or, c, jump and try to cushion your fall. say you are on the fifth story.
9:32 am
floor? >> fifth -- five floors up. >> b. >> that's me. i call b. >> c. >> giada, i'm sorry -- don't move. you guys are right. >> how do you know there is a cushion to jump out? giada, please do not jump out of a building. >> now we're going to talk about battery fires. you've heard a lot about those lithium ion batteries. your battery powered device is on fire. first step is call 911. next move -- extinguisher. b, pour water on it. c, smother with baking soda. >> c. >> fire extinguisher. >> c. >> c? tamron's right. you want to use the fire extinguisher. you cut -- can't put baking soda. >> i keep two fire extinguishers in my house. one toward the kitchen and one
9:33 am
>> now talking about thin ice. lot of thin ice out there. people this week playing on lakes. ice gives way from under. you end up in the icy water. a, kick your legs and move your arms to increase circulation. b, take off your heavy winter clothing to stay afloat, or c, swim to the edge of the ice and pull yourself up slowly. >> c. >> a. >> i'm a >> you're learning. >> i am going to say a. >> you're going to say a? wrong. the answer is -- c. good job, al roker. you want to swim to the edge of the ledge of the ice, pull yourself up and roll yourself -- >> what if the ice is thin? >> jeff, it's going to break. >> you have to keep going to the place where it -- >> keep going to the place where it will briefly support you.
9:34 am
way. >> yes. then roll away. tornadoes are incredibly dapg dangerous. say you survive a tornado. in the aftermath, stay inside your house. b, evacuate the area when the tornado passes. or c, shut off the gas. >> c. >> c. >> yeah. i'm going to go with b. >> al, you were so close. you guys were right. >> can i go two places now? >> yes! >> most people don't know the gas main is to turn off the gas. i would get the heck out. >> gas leak is super, super dangerous. >> one more. >> no more time. >> give me the prizes. >> who won? >> me. >> three-way tie. >> tamron? >> i lost. jeff rossen. i lost. jeff, thank you. >> catch "split second decision"
9:35 am
central on msnbc. those are actually things you can learn that will save your life. >> don't throw my shirt away. up next, the story of a brave young girl and her mom with a lot to be thankful for. we'll be right back. ?? happy thanks for giving! thanks for giving lien the strength to outrun her brother. thanks for giving victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan. and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really... happy thanks for giving! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have.
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e in the body lotion aisle. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine? users. the very people we studied
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more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold?. go to to join the bold percent for the chance to win a trip of a lifetime. this week we're celebrating thanks and giving, sng children's research hospital. >> marlo thomas is the national outreach director for st. jude. good morning, marlo. >> good morning. today's story is one that's going to tug at your heart as we catch up with jordan who is now a healthy teen and a st. jude survivor. here's nbc's janet shamlian. >> reporter: when jordan voucher looks in the mirror each morning, she knows the day is a gift. so does her mother, tracy.
9:40 am
girl. just living life, thriving. >> reporter: but seven years ago a much different thanksgiving week. battling acute leukemia since 15 months old, she'd been through multiple rounds of therapy. but the cancer came back. >> it was just hard for me to walk. to eat anything. i was just so weak. >> reporter: aft t relapse her local doctors said jordan had only weeks to live. there was nothing more they could do. >> today her cancer is gone. >> reporter: this commercial for st. jude children's research hospital, tracy kept seeing it. >> i just remember breaking because at this time my daughter was dying. doctors had given up hope. and i just remember thinking to myself, this is a sign. >> reporter: they called st. jude. what were the odds? the hospital had just started a
9:41 am
procedure that might give jordan a chance. >> so you had a feeling when you arrived there. >> i did. i knew we were in the right place. >> when jordan came, 76% of her bone marrow and her blood were leukemia. >> reporter: doctors at st. jude performed another bone marrow transplant on jordan this time using her father's marrow and white blood cells. the procedure was a success and jordan came back from t of all ironies, the very next year she is with a the girl in the st. jude commercial offering hope to others. >> now i'm in the st. jude commercial. >> in it? you are the star of it. >> what was that like to be in the commercial with jennifer aniston? >> it was really fun. we had could keep going over it because she kept messing up the lines. >> reporter: jordan started high school this year. for those who love her, seeing her like this is almost beyond
9:42 am
except for her growth, stunted by treatments, she is just like her friends. you know, your mom never thought you'd be in high school. >> i never thought i would, either. i still have three more years. and if i can get through that, then i can go to college and be a nurse or be a vet. >> reporter: for now, her passion is a horse named riding makes her feel free when for so much of her young life she was anything but, always tethered to medical equipment. >> really calm and relaxed and feeling like i could do anything i want when i'm on that horse. >> reporter: doctors say her prognosis is excellent. >> her recovery from her leukemia is pretty close to a miracle. >> reporter: her family credits st. jude. >> what's thanksgiving like for your family? >> thanksgiving's huge.
9:43 am
was sent home to die. so every single november we take time and reflect and give thanks that she's here. >> jordan goes back to st. jude once a year for check-ups. like all of our patients, we'll be following her for rest of her life in hour after completion therapy program. >> i was reading this -- overall cure rate thanks to the work of st. jude. why was jordan's case so difficult? >> because infant leukemia only has a 40% chance. there is a break in the dna in utero. so it is very rare, very aggressive and does not respond to chemotherapy so our genome program is working on that. >> i think after 13 years of covering this, it's been that long. at the end of the day don't you think this is really what thanks and giving is all about? >> we have a saying at st. jude.
9:44 am
down and said they couldn't save her. but we did because we had something -- another option that nobody else had which was to use her father's cells. that does two things. it reconstitutes her blood system and it tells the leukemia cells and now she's cured. >> they are such special children. when i went down there it changed my lives. i still make recipes those kids taught me. >> they're living. >> thank you again for just reminding us all. jordan, thank you to you and your family. and your fashion is amazing!
9:45 am
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the new spy thriller "allied" stars brad pitt as a canadian intelligence officer who falls in love with a french resistance fighter played by marion cottilard. it is a drama with breathtaking visuals and amazing costumes. i had a chance to sit down with the oscar costume designer to talk about the film and of course the fashion. >> you are very thorough. >> that's why i am still alive. >> the process and the creation was -- it was so beautiful. >> reporter: set during world war ii, "allied" is a grand film in all senses. >> my wife is not a spy. >> reporter: from the movie's remarkable settings, to its stunning costumes. >> from an actress standpoint,
9:50 am
mindset of your character when you're wearing what she would wear? >> yeah, of course. the costume is very important. it's the skin of the character. >> reporter: in the romantic thriller, brad pitt plays a canadian intelligence officer who's love interest is a french resistance fighter played by marion cottilard. >> i've heard that you don't necessarily love costume fittings, but for this movie, you might have change your mind a little bit? >> it was the first time i would like run to c >> we created everything for the film to give it that lift and to give it that kind of gloss and that -- so it is like a definition. >> reporter: joanna johnston meticulously designed all of "allied's" costumes including
9:51 am
as welling a super elegant. >> reporter: she worked hard to capture its legendary style. the 40s were such a glamorous time for fashion. what was your vision for the movie going into it? >> i think my idea was to keep the glamour in the way they did in hollywood films in the '40s. they kept everybody looking more lovely than maybe they would have in real life. >> reporter: it took months of research which included screening period films and images for inspiration. and all that work with such close attention to detail off on the big screen. >> everything was beautiful. the hat. glasses. shoes. gloves. it was -- >> even the house bath robe was beautiful. >> yeah. yeah. i was like a little girl playing doll with myself. >> reporter: in the end, it's part of the big picture for the audience as they venture on the film's visual and emotional journey. what do you hope people walk out of this movie feeling?
9:52 am
script, what i loved about it was the fact that it was a beautiful love story, first of all. and a very entertaining movie. at the same time, there are themes and questions that are very deep and profound. >> "allied" opens tomorrow. it is a fantastic move. >> great job. so dylan, we've been testing these new starbucks cups. thee promise to keep your coffee we'll tell you if it's working after the break. >> everything is hard to do in long nails. >> oh, that's hot! >> it works. it works. >> scalding. we'll have the results of the temperature. this is "today" on nbc. it's 150. we'll get you one next year.
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we're taking the temperature
9:55 am
140. let's star -- see if starbucks lives up to its reputation. it's 138. '39. '40. that's amazing. but this is two hours. the results of what color of my christmas tree, you guys have picked my tree. >> not grey. >> 51% say 1,200 people voted! come and visit. i know it is small. >> turquoise? can we say a nice thank you to miss giada. >> she's back tomorrow.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> what is it? >> booze day, tuesday, november 22nd, also happens to be national cranberry day. >> a big day in your family a. huge day. the day my procedure addle was born. we are going to celebrate his birthday with my entire family. all on the train. >> all on the train, right now! >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday, brother of mine. >> he's a sweetie.


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