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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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torn apart. neighbors say a father living with his two young boys at these apartments on spring road were getting to think something wasn't quite right after hearing a dad overdosed. the family member ran for help. it's pap familiar scene and a fatal one. this 4-year-old called his mother. when help arrived there was nothing anyone could do. the 30-year-old wa a surprise to some who felt he had been keeping things together. >> he seemed like a nice guy. >> a good dad? >> yeah. >> the family had not been living here long, just a few months at most. >> there was sadness for an ending that came too soon. and sadly this is not becoming uncommon, this year we have three times the number of suspected heroin deaths for awful last year and there's still one month to go.
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and the near fatal overdose has two men searching to get clean after some of their worst moments were streamed live on facebook. alyssa raymond spent the day hearing the stories of help and finding help for them. >> this is collected with the people struggling with drug addictions. they saw our story and asked how they and help is what these families could need. >> i almost lost both of them, and you can loot yours too if you haven't already. >> marcus clark is melissa's only son and seeing him drift in and out of consciousness in the front seat of her car broke her heart. >> seeing that video is sickening, i'm getting help for my son. >> michael marcus and their
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the phone trying to get help. >> i will pack up my bags as quickly as possible and just go. >> the money is holding you back. >> the money is holding it back. >> clark not only wants it for myself, but someone else. >> i have a five-year-old daughter and she's one of the reasons i'm doing this, if i don't better myself, i can't do anything to help her. >> they haven't touched heroin since, he admits he's through withdrawals, meanwhile michael isn't. >> no craving, no, the part of that is the surrounding i'm in. i'm not around the people who are talking about it 24/7. >> instead these two life long friends are sitting around talking about something else. unfortunately, or fortunately it took this to change that conversation. >> it was probably one of the scariest moments of my life to think that i almost killed my
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lost many friends from heroin already, so to lose another one, i don't know what i would do. >> i'm so thankful that they are both hear with me today. >> michael will be here monday afternoon marcus is working on getting into a treatment facility. we'll update you on both of their progress, but for now, i'm happy to report that both of them say they've been heroin- free for five days now. reporting live, alyssa ym our team coverage of the heroin epidemic continues. coming up in ten minutes, we are looking at how some of these tragedies are calling for an unlikely ray of hope. it's two years ago when tamir rice was shot and killed by police officers. family and supporters have gathered to remember him. >> the group ended its 12-hour
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they blocked traffic during the evening rush hour in front of the first district police headquarters, take a look at the video we shot around 5:00, they rerouted traffic around them and let them protest here, it ended and few minutes ago like i said. two years after 12-year-old tamir rice was shot and killed. they want to make sure he's not for got ten. police had been called after the boy was scene what turned out to be an air soft gun, they shot him when he reached for when he arrived at the scene. tamir's mother was here. she has a list of demands which includes the firing of two officers involved in her son's death. >> many sleepless nights, when i close my mind i see my son being shot, how am i supposed
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>> tamir's family settled with the cleveland police for $6 million and the protestors say that's not enough. we'll have more coming up at 11:00. it is hard to believe it's been two years. we'll see you at 11:00. thank you. tonight a grieving father is playing for justice after his son's -- league for justice after his son's body was found alexander mullins vigil just wrapped up. >> friends and family have gathered here for alexander lighting candles and showcasing their love. and henry read the letter he wrote about his son. >> this neighborhood lost out this time. >> a father's love for his son written out on a tear stained
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alexander mullins was. >> it's a washington problem and he didn't want payment or something, he just wanted to be treated nice. >> the teen went missing on the way to washington park environmental school friday night. he went home on sunday. >> he's 16 years old. he didn't get to live. the one who did that is evil. i don't believe those children, they're demons. >> alex's stepmother and father said he may not have had the best upbringing, but you couldn't tell he was positive. >> he didn't money and he was a hard worker, he was positive. >> his family are hopeful that police will find his killer. >> this is a big city with a lot of big problems, i'm appreciative for what's been
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[indiscernible] at the vigil, as it comes to an end, the family is urging anyone with alexander's death to, please, come forward. i have alexander's sister, she has a "go fund me" page for alexander, tell folks how they can help out. >> we didn't realize how -- how expensive funerals are you can go to our will be out on our facebook pages everywhere. >> i'm sorry for your loss. thank you. thank you jasmine. it will be a big day in ohio overall. betsy was able to step down to the akron zoo. >> what are you doing down there? >> you may not think akron zoo and windsor is a good combination, you would be wrong, 25 miles of christmas
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we have a special preview on a special reunion of christmas in akron and along with your forecast that's coming up. >> and friends too joining you too, we'll see new a few. >> a gravy warning this thanksgiving, why one major brand is recalling the gravy before the holidays. channel 3 at 6:00, returns after the break. >> i want to show you internet videos. this is crazy. >> that is insane. i would never do that.
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coming up tonight on the news at 7:00, if you're
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have travel apps you'll want to download before you hit the airport, they'll make your life we promise. and the deals that are out there this hour, we'll tell you what to buy now, and what you may want to hold off on when
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we are back again with the continuing coverage of the opioid overdose. this is the country with the most amounts of opioid deaths. >> and we have the unique story of how one family's loss gave life to another and comfort to both. >> on adam shea's 21st birthday he signed donor, characteristic for the young man who was getting his life back after a three-year battle with heroin. six months later a set back had been fatal. >> he had been sober for over a year, and when he used the last time, it was his last time.
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neglect took a devastating toll on her body because she neglected her body. >> one doctor told me i would be dead by 21. >> karen did see to live 21 times. her kidney and pancreas gave out. she needed a transplant to survive n death adam shea answered the call. >> i received a gift of life when i saw see another christmas or birthday or see my son grow up. >> #,000 people are waiting for a life saving organ transplant. in a twist our heroin epidemic is making a differencishes 25% of our donors have died in this manner. >> she got his organs, not because she was first on the
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refused. >> heroin was the problem. >> the drugs are in the system for a short period of time so by the time the transplant takes place they don't have any traces of heroin or any other drug in their system. >> it was the chance adam could have contracted hiv from the last overdose, there was no way to know until 6 months after transplant but karen knew she had to accept adam's gift. they were connected by th >> here i am a recovering addict and i've been brought back to life over and over and over again. the program teaches us that god is doing for us what we can't do for ourselves. >> after a transplant, a grateful karen wanted to meet adam's family and thank them, but she couldn't, not yet. >> i didn't want to disappoint
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died in an overdose was given to another addict. >> on the one year anniversary, she sent a letter, she wanted to give adam a year of sobriety. >> i thought she wasn't grateful and how hard it was for her to wait a year. i'm proud of her and grateful to her that she said yes, and the first time i met her i said thank you, and she was a little taken back i would say thank you made his life have meaning by saying yes. >> marlene and karen per now, like family, adam's gift cured diabetes, it not only allows her to take care of her 10-year- old boy who has autism, her husband is waiting for a heart transplant and her sister needs a liver transplant and her
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we have looked at the complete heroin epidemic. learn how opiates affect the brain and at 7:00, we'll plain support on the heroin epidemic in northeast ohio and how we got here p back to you. that is consumer news for you a recall that could impact your thanksgiving dinner, they've recalled 500 cases of their home style bistro gravy. it could be mislabelled as pork gravy, it contains milk and soy that can be an allergy for some. they have best buy dates of tease 28 and it has a code of mu6f044q, if you believe you have this gravy return it to
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refund. thousands enjoyed thanksgiving a few days early today. thanks to a annual highway tradition in the city, jim brown, hall of famer and several current players helped to feed families at town hall restaurant today. this is the fourth year for feed the need. even the coach tie lieu and steve champion gave their time to serve. well, the chief is out in our hometown tot wild lights go up at the akron zoo. >> how about that, betty you have friends with you as well, i understand. >> reporter: i do if we go this way real quick. i don't know if you can see them, that's man in red and white over there. i think he snuck down, and there's a whole lot of kids of all ages that are taking advantage of the conservation carousel open this morning. we're here to preview wild lights, it's the first time in
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featuring the christmas light collection. 80% less electricity used on 25 miles of light strung throughout the entire zoo. through the rest of the year, friday, saturday and sunday nights from 6 to 9 you can enjoy the lights and the animals with their family. it's going to be a special time in akron which it isn't -- i mean 16 years, i don't remember the last time that this happened. so, it's kind of cool, this is families. it's a perfect size for kids to walk around. temperatures will be fading to the cold during the evening. region wide we're not alone t28 marquette and 32 buffalo. look at the kink in the green out towards kansas and oklahoma, that's ahead of our next storm system. i know this looks big and bad,
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spread out at this point. it will strengthen as it moves northeast that. will have possibly some impacts on the travel forecast for tomorrow. michael will have a preview of that coming up in a moment. hour-by-hour forecast you can see through the evening, it's a beautiful night, we have partly cloudy skies and getting back to the 20s, and it's feeling festive. heading out the door in the roads, it's dry and temperatures are in the 20s and the morning, up around 40 by noon and it's still dry. once we get into the late afternoon and evening we have rain chances and temperatures will be in the low 40s, look at wednesday night after 9pm here comes a good slug of rain. we're not anticipating any snow in all of this. thanksgiving morning scattered showers will be around and as the day goes on those showers
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we have a chance of showers for thanksgiving staying in the 40s, 43 for the day tomorrow and your winter nation forecast, the rain showers railroad moving in, we'll have scattered showers through thanksgiving day and friday. the weekend improves nicely and the next night we will take a roller coaster ride as well. with more on the travel forecast, here's michael. >> put in the good word for the big guy for me too. wednesday into sd see showers, friday however, we're looking better and if your travel plans are taking you around the region, detroit up towards toronto. look how it is getting warm in the south. temperatures thereby the 70s and 80s in florida. on the west coast we'll be wet in seattle.
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there's a big game on saturday i understand? >> i heard that it won't be here in brown state. >> i figured you would know. >> let's start with the one on saturday. it's a special week for many reasons. on saturday regardless what have is at stake, something is always at stake when ohio and michigan play. everything is online, when you
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this cost the buckeyes a chance to contain their own destiny. they arrived in east lansing, with the shoe on saturday, there's no bouncing back, you lose to michigan there's no chance of being in the playoffs. >> every time we played them, last year there was a lot of stake and the second year was a chance to play for the national title, we didn't follow through on it's always big. >> and this game is also amped up a notch for two or three, with meyer versus harbaugh. you this michigan, destroying maryland, the wolverines were 9- 0 at that point. the favorite may be ohio state, they lost to iowa, last year they struggled against indiana and they won. now, they know what they're getting in at the all time
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you, it's a great team, and no question, numerous play makers, a superb time. >> the fighting irish, the ncaa has noted the 21 wins, from the 2012, 2013 football season. notre dame will announce it will appeal the decision. brian kelly plans on being back they report they're on the 7th through the year. >> winners are 5 straight, they are favored 6 and a half point. the bronze are favored to have the first pick in the nfl draft. the 49ers are making them work for you. you would think at 0-11 you would have this thing locked up for now. the 9ers, they call them the west coast browns, the bears
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the cavs are enjoying the four daybreak. lebron james had to give a deposition in a lawsuit involving the former executive billy hunter. they shuled the union for wrongful termination, he's seeking 10.5 million in salary and benefits. he was fired in 2013, and he is one of self players, and he'll start tomorrow. he'll be back ken state loses to may son. they'll face walford they're 3- 2 on the season. now, our high school highlight of the week brought to you biohigh university. patrick ryan. remember he was going one way and came back the other for the touchdown. he went 38 and 31 in overtime, maybe the game of the year st. ignatius will take on liberty
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weekend. >> an incredible game. we'll have the number 1 pick next year. tonight. >> it's quite a battle. chris betsy and dave, back at 7:00. >> the nbc nightly news in just
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tonight, school bus tragedy. the disturbing record of the driver of a school bus that crashed, killing five children. as our investigation reveals, an alarming number of school bus drivers who may be unfit for the job. travel nightmare, the storms that could make things miserable fo this thanksgiving week. about face. the president-elect backs off his promises to investigate hillary clinton and says the law is on his side, when it comes to conflicts of interest. cancer message. the passionate plea from a hollywood star for men to get the test that may have saved his life. and high honors for an extraordinary group of high achievers. a remarkable afternoon at the white house. "nightly news" begins


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