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tv   Channel 3 News at 7  NBC  November 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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paul joining me here at the akron zoo for wild nights. it is awesome. 25 miles of christmas lights at the akron xerox and great miles to go along with it. i'll have full details. >> reporter: all right, betsy. you have your hands full. we'll see you in a second. >> and changing the world for their son a. local couple whose son has autism. see how they learned to overcome his diagnosis and help others at the same time. >> from the station that sees it possible, this is channel 3 news, brought to by universal windows direct. you'll be saying, "i love my windows." now, channel 3 news at 7. good evening. thanks for being with us. i'm chris tye. a toddler left to find his dying father, local celebrities helping to feed the hungry. some of america's most famous faces -- in a way never seen. >> he seemed like the right guy. >> tonight that father is dead
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drug overdose at the family apartment on spring road in cleveland. father's name not yet released. so far, the total suspected overdose deaths in chi hoe bay county has tripled over last year. devil dozens protesting outside cleveland first district headquarters. this marks three years since tamir rice was shot and killed. these protesters want the two officers involved taken off the force. they're also asking for a meeting with u.s. general loretta lynch. jim brown, joe thomas, joe haden, among those helping feed the need today. the organization helps raise money for saint august us tan hunger center to fund their meal program 365 days a year. donations can be made still at townhallfeedtheneed to the dark side of the moon, he has introduced
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presidential medal of freedom today at the white house. also awarded, kareem abdul jabar, ellen degeneres, and "saturday night live" creator, loren michaels. many children are walking into doctors offices with high blood pressure lately. worse, they're walking out without proper treatment. researchers at children's hospital in philadelphia analyzed the records of 400,000 kids with abnormal blood pressure readings. less than a quarter t diagnosed with hyper tension. only 6% got medication. uncontrolled hyper tension in -- can increase the risk for heart disease. prostate cancer affects one in seven men. tonight actor ben stiller is helping to raise awareness after being diagnosed with it last month. stiller was on "the today show" and credit a psa blood test with finding his cancer. screening is controversial, because while prostate cancer is common, not all men will die from it.
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prostate removed. >> the test itself is not harmful. it's what could happen after in terms of overtreatment, those questions, but those are all things you can discuss with your doctor. if i hadn't taken the steps, i wouldn't have known. i don't know when i would have known until it probably become something that was not going to have the out come in terms of the treatment that it did have. >> stiller said he's cancer free, and it's important for men to discuss risk and benefits of treatment with their fission. this could put a holiday package deliveries. 250 pilot for a cardinal airline based in wilmington, ohio, are now on strike, grounding dozens of flights. abx air operates flights for amazon and vh. the pilot contend they are understaffed, forced to work extra days without being properly compensated. speaking of flights, if you are traveling this week, out of say, hopkin's airport, got some advice for you. tomorrow is considered to be one of, if not the
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year. airport officials salines will be long, as they always are on thanksgiving eve. they recommend to arrive at least two hours before your flight. and many people hitting the roads for thanksgiving. so to make your travel experience just as enjoyable as possible, our tech geek has some travel tips and some travel apps you may want to download before you head out the door. here's greg. >> reporter: hi, everyone. i'm greg b.. a special edition this week for travelers. many of you will be traveling for season, so my first three favorite travel apps if you're driving, long distance and short distance, ways. it's the only way to go. it has crowd sourced information. . it has all the great goggle navigation maps in
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going to have extra information. it also includes gas prices. so when you're low on gas on the turnpike, you can found out where the lowest price is just by using the app, and navigate to it right along your route. you've got to have that, not just for the holidays, at any time. if you don't like packing, yes, there's an app for that. it's called pack point. all you do is tell the app where you're going, the date, and what you'll be doing. the app the weather, the location, your activities, and gives you a suggested packing list that you can then share with friends and family, and let them know what to take. and finally, my last favorite, you've heard this before, goggle trims. if you use a gmail address to get all your confirmations, this is the app to download. goggle trips will go in your gmail, pull in your trip information, and then present it to you in one
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no searching for e-mails, no looking. you open the app, and it's all right there. have safe travels this holiday season, everyone. enjoy. >> craig, thanks. happy thanksgiving to you. have you noticed a lot of older cars on the road when you're out and about? well, according to a new study, drivers are holding on to their cars longer than ever before. in fact, a ten-year-old car with 100,000 miles used to be called a beater. not anymore. the average age of a vehicle, the average age is now at an the average age, 11 years for the cars on the road. saving you money, next at 7, we'll tell you what to buy for the holidays and when if you want to keep more money in your wallet. >> plus kids with autism will meet an akron family who's on a mission to change the culture how their child and others are treated. >> with thanksgiving this thursday, two days away, we want to know what you are thankful for this 2016 thanksgiving.
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?? to me the holidays are special,
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out over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley, and i raise honest, simple turkey for honeysuckle white. >> the gravy may be mislabeled as pork gravy. the recalled jars have a code on them. might want to jot this down. mu6fo4. take it back to the store. you'll get a full refund. if you ran to hit the stores after your thanksgiving dinner, might want to listen to this.
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major retailers are making their cyber monday discounts available to you. nbc's jolene kent tells us where the bargains are tonight. >> reporter: good-bye black friday, hello black november. . sales rolling out earlier than ever, blanketing the internet and the mall. amazon, walmart, best buy, and lowe's, offering black friday discounts now. >> sales are coming earlier and earlier. i like that, because i like to shop early. >> reporter: the early bird deals are part of an industry-wide reaction to black friday struggle. last year, in-store sales were down a whopping 12%. this year, the average american will spend $936 over the holiday season, down from 2015. so dozens of major brands debuting sales ahead of schedule, bluring the lines between shopping day. so far, 44% of american adults plan to shop black friday sales. to lure you in, walmart is taking the holiday creep to another level, moving cyber monday deals up to
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spend early and often. despite all the steals and deals out there, experts say do not buy everything now. >> black friday is really changing, is that it's not just one day. it is the five days of savings. >> reporter: right now, experts say it's a good good time to pick up ties, beauty gifts, and cook ware. hold off on upgrading expensive appliances until black friday itself. skip toys on black friday. instead, experts say wait till the second week of to push their inventory. as always, shop online. take advantage of free shipping and returns, and sign up for price alerts from your favorite stores. now, more than ever, retail analysts recommend searching online for deals while you're in an actual store. >> you're going to see more retailers putting together strategies that kind of converge both the online shopping and the physical store shopping. >> reporter: getting the best bang for your buck no matter where, when, or how you
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that. one more tip at 7, avoid buying winter gear until after the holidays, when prices drop even lower. they get a little desperate. when shopping online, make sure the sites and apps you're using are severed and legit before making any payment. good advice. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas inside and outside the jack cleveland casino. this is the annual holidays at the higbee. the building. there are decorations above the gaming table and slot machines, plus custom arch ways with 30,000 twinkling lights. autism in children, a local couple is rising up to help change the world for their son and others affected by that disorder. >> and then betsy is live in akron with a close eye on that radar and what it means for your
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this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that. sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering. >> the island and sister island are celebrating their 35th anniversary of independence. he's not just laying in the
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ball. soccer skills also on display from justin bieber. he played when he was a kid, practiced with some of barcelona's soccer stars. while he did okay dribbling and jug ling the ball, he was not so good at stopping shots. the pop singer is in spain as part of his world music tour. we severed that the lights are out at the old highbee building. let's check in with akron. are the lights on or not the akron zoo? >> reporter: on. and beautiful. first time since 20000 they've had lights at the applicant von zoo. through the end of the year, friday, saturday, and sunday nights, 6 to 9. you can come and enjoy wild lights. the animals are still out. we're here at the picnic places, now the north pole. but the north pole usually doesn't have lions, and right behind toes the lions. i don't know, randy, if you can get a shot. but they look like they're a little sad. a little upset that the
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and they're still sitting outside. they're just kind of looking at us like we're crazy. anyhoo, two of the coolest lions on the planet here at the akron zoo. they are awesome. we have clouds that will be on the increase as we go through the night tonight. it is still rather chilly. an understatement if you've been standing outside for two hours. the temperatures will be in the 20s to start the day tomorrow. look at the little pink and the blue in the plain states. that is a sign there's a little bit of a st begin spreading snow and rain throughout portions of the midwest. we will end up with the rain showers here. now, the planning forecast for the day tomorrow starts us off dry. we'll start to pick up slim shower chances in the early afternoon, better rain chances will be coming after evening. so once we get 5, 6, 7, 8, 9:00, those chances will go up, and will carry chances overnight into the beginning of thanksgiving. there's a look at your window
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through the entire weekend. a few shoppers may have to dodge some raindrops, maybe a mix of snow flakes in there on friday. but by the weekend, things will be drying out for us nicely as temperatures get back in the 50s. we could have another fall coming by about tuesday of next week. so i mean, it's a beautiful evening. it's a great opportunitity to get out here in akron. louie joy's is just around the corner. might have to make a stop there. but i got to tell you, i had -- i had two kids around here somewhere, and i can't en where they are. they literally were like, "see ya, mom." i would show everybody violet and josie all bundled up. they have disappeared. guess i have to go track them down. maybe just randy, my photographer and i -- >> paul's right there. he's got it covered. >> reporter: oh, no. violet could be in with the lions, but that's not the case. they went up the hill to go -- >> excellent.
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we'll meet the bells family of akron, who started a nonprofit to help change the world for their autistic son. >> here's what's coming up tonight on nbc, brought
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picture, and just think how we had no idea what was about to happen and how our lives were going to change and how different we would become. >> reporter: tristan had language. he had nine words, and he regressed. >> reality is, when the neurologies said, "he has autism," you go through situations where you don't get invited to birthday parties. you don't get invited groups. we lost friends, close friends that their typical world we don't fit into it, you know. you just have to understand your life is different, and it can be better. >> first few years of diagnosis, i think i just wanted to find anything i could about autism to learn about it and help my son. >> . >> he is currently using an
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device, because he is nonverbal. anytime you ask him a question, he can do that instantly, just like you or i would do. >> tell everybody what your name is. >> he just always has something interesting and exciting going on. and it's really a blast at bedtime. i feel like -- exactly. i wasn't able to come up with an example to give i love him to death. >> i'm not trying to change my son. i don't want to change him. he's beautiful, amazing, the most beautiful person i ever met. . >> today, we're having an event at the zoo. it's our spooktacular, where
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special trick or treating. >> interacting with a nonprofit with a mission to create a world where all individuals with autism and their families can be accepted and treated equally. >> the main goal is to have families come and just experience a great night of feeling comfortable and judgment-free and having that sense of community that we're here for each other. >> express themselves and be, like, in an to their family, getting an experience that otherwise might not be available to them. >> help other families get to a point in their life where you can feel okay with this diagnosis. avery was diagnosed with autism three weeks ago. this is avery's first event with being around other
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it means a lot. . >> this is a life box. it is to prevent wandering and wandering-related accidents. >> culture city has allowed us to fundraiser the boxes, and we're going to give these away for free. they wander. they leave. . >> nick was, had was very low-functioning, and he had no concept of fear, and he loved the water. we had this creek behind our home where we lived, and he jumped into the water. the current was too strong. he was ripped away from us, and he ended up drowning. that's why this whole thing is really important to me. i lost nick, and i don't want
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through what we went through. . >> even if i don't know it's the diagnosis, even -- >> we're a community. that's what it's all about. it's about accepting each other for whatever differences that you have. . >> the small army of families on the spectrum. amazing story. thanks to the bell family on that. that's going to do it for us for this tuesday night edition of channel 3 news at 7. ''entertainment tonight"
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kanye's breakdown. the kardashians' new crisis tonight. >> i'm going to run. >> kanye west still hospitalized here on a reported psyche hold when his friends and family are telling only "e.t." >> show's over! >> then making aoy prince harry put in the hot seat over his new hollywood girlfriend. what we just learned about a possible honeymoon destination as we sit down with meghan's sister. >> i am so proud -- >> what you never knew about the woman who could become the next princess. >> plus the jennifer aniston's "friends" bombshell, revealing what she absolutely hated about her most famous role. >> i don't mean to say that. >> and tv's most adorable couple is back. 're with chip an joanna


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